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RTX Sydney RvB Panel Highlights

They’re not giving us anything for 15 yet. What we do know is:

  • It will be a continuation of the last storyline
  • Miles is no longer writer/director, someone who wrote for S14 has been selected
  • Burnie thinks this person “gets” the character’s voices

  • Miles says he’ll never tell what he thinks happened on the Staff of Charon, but the new person can do whatever they like
Season 14 stuff:
  • Miles spent like 80% of the budget on the Mercs Trilogy

  • Niner was supposed to get an episode, got cut for time reasons

  • It was confirmed again that there is audio footage of a drunk recreation of episode 2 somewhere

  • Gus hated filming the live action crossover episode because he had to be up late

  • The official ship name for Sarge/Grif is “Blood Orange”
  • Joel wants Caboose to get laid

  • Burnie wishes he’d been able to do more with Junior

  • Miles can do pretty much every character’s voice
  • They are really sick of people asking them “ever wonder while we’re here”, seriously guys, stop it. 

(video can be found here)


°・*:.。.☆ i’ll thank my lucky stars for that night ☆.。.:*・°

so back in 2012/2013 ish my friend would watch some of Jack’s videos when I was over, but I didn’t really like his stuff back then (I think I actually used to be weirded out by his name and icon lol). I subscribed anyway bc why the hell not and never unsubscribed. last year I guess I saw something on tumblr about him and I went to his blog (i clearly remember being bombarded w green and seeing 8 mil fanart) and I realized “fuck I remember this dude!”. so I looked at some videos and I was immediately hooked. now about a year later I’m so glad I found him again. the past year has been an extremely bumpy road for me, but bc of Jack, its prob been the best year I can remember despite the awful things. he has managed to make me smile every single time I felt like never feeling happy again and just. this channel and community have changed my life for the better and I’m so damn happy about that.

So congrats on 14 million Jack. And here’s to many more milestones I plan to stick around for <3

Ok so i know its been a few weeks since haikyuu season three ended but ive been thinking a lot recently about what Tendou says in the last episode and i dont browse the Haikyuu tag enough to know if anyones talked about it yet so if not im here to talk about it. So in the final episode of season three after Shiratorizawa loses, we get a scene with Tendou saying the following: “Farewell, my paradise” as seen in the photo below.

So when i first heard him say this, of course, being the Tendou fanatic i am, i did get a little emotional. I thought he was talking about all the straight wins that he acquired while attending Shiratorizawa. But this scene truly got me thinking, “why is it so bad that he lost before going to Nationals, when he has gone the past two years?”, then  i realized, he isn’t talking about losing, he’s talking about the safe haven he found at Shiratorizawa, or more specifically, the Shiratorizawa team. In a previous episode we gathered insight and flashbacks of Tendou’s childhood days playing volleyball. When he was just starting out playing volleyball, no one wanted to play with him because he was the weird kid, or a “monster” as they said in one of these flashbacks.

They even go as far as to say he looks like one. For what reason they believe that, i have no clue. I mean, hell, the kid on the right looks like something straight out of a toilet wand commercial but whatever. They leave Tendou alone and exclude them from playing simply because they dont like him. Later in this episode we get to witness a scene where Tendou finally gets to play with the other kids and he wins a point against them. Now going back to the second season for a second, we get to see Tsukki talking to Bokuto and Kuroo about how he has never truly experienced a moment where he loved volleyball. Bokuto then tells Tsukki, “it’s a matter of whether ‘that moment’ exists for you or not…If you experience that moment,…”

…it’ll really get you hooked on volleyball.” In this scene, Tendou truly experiences his blooming love for volleyball, and doesn’t let anyone let him not play and he decides to do his own thing. So, great. He’s gained his love for volleyball and continues playing throughout elementary school despite being bullied by the other kids trying to exclude him. That’s great, but then comes middle school. In middle school, he experiences what it’s like having a coach telling him how to play, instead of coming up with his own play style, saying:

Though this is how he plays and how he feels comfortable playing, he gets scolded for doing it and for playing how he wants. Even though Tendou is later quoted saying “but I’ve scored a lot of points on just my hunch”, his coach continually berates him, saying:

Though this in and of itself is correct, do you really think Tendou cares personally? If he truly cared whether or not he won, wouldn’t you think he would follow his coaches advice? We saw before that he only started playing because he felt good while playing, he felt good when he was able to score a point. That right there doesn’t bother him. He just wants to play volleyball where volleyball is more enjoyable instead of stressful(though throughout season three he was always striving to win more points to win and even playing against the opposing team emotionally). Add another obstacle onto Tendou’s list, a controlling coach. Boom, done. After Tendou walks away, he head towards what looks like a storage closet in the gym, where he overhears his fellow teammates talking about him, saying the following:

Once again, he’s being judged for something that is just a part of him, his personality. He has already experienced this one time before, when he first started volleyball. Tendou, after overhearing the conversation, then walks away, presumably to get away from people who are talking bad about him behind his back. Tendou throughout his volleyball career has had to deal with unhelpful teammates, a coach that tries to control how he plays, and teammates that try excluding him from any club activity. Tendou just deserves a hug can we make a protect Tendou squad? I just love him so much. #ProtectTendou2k17. Anyways back to the subject at hand. After finishing middle school, he then has to choose the high school he wishes to attend. Like most other Japanese students, he probably did some research according to the things he wants to do in future life and, of course, according to his club activities. Assuming Shiratorizawa was already a major powerhouse school before Ushijima went there(i believe it was) Tendou decided to go there not only for his studies but also to pursue volleyball further. When he goes to meet the coach of the volleyball team at Shiratorizawa, he says that he “just want[s] to play volleyball that makes [him] feel good”. I wish i screencaped him saying that but i didn’t unfortunately so you have to deal with me quoting him. After he expresses his feelings about the matter he shows this expression:

This is the expression of someone who has gradually lost their love for something this is a very solemn expression. He feels somewhat embarrassed that he has to express what he wants in such a plain manner to the coach. The person in charge of exposing the teams true potential in matches. He tells this to the coach specifically because he’s already gone through not being able to play the way he wants and having to conform to the ways the coach wants him to. If the coach at Shiratorizawa doesn’t allow him to play how he wants, Tendou most likely would’ve quit volleyball, considering the way he looks and how desperate he acts towards the coach about this matter. You can even tell the difference between how he acts in front of this coach than he did with his old middle school coach. He talked back to his middle school one but over time he gradually caved inward on himself and no longer is the free spirit he once was, all because of how he was treated during his volleyball years. But then the coach responded to him(and i wish i had screencapped this too ughh), “I don’t care, as long as you’re able to win” (more or less).

Can’t you just feel his expression and mood lift? He finally gets to play volleyball the way he desires, the way he loves to play, and on a team where he feels needed. And that’s exactly what happens. Over the course of his next three years at school, he finally gets to play a version of volleyball he loves, a version of volleyball where he always has the upper hand and it’s just overall so beautiful. Then the game against Karasuno happens, and Shiratorizawa loses. As we see in the manga and also in the anime i believe, Tendou says he isn’t going to continue playing volleyball. When he says “farewell, my paradise”, he isnt just referring to their constant win streak. He’s talking about the paradise he found in the Shiratorizawa volleyball team, a paradise where he can play how he wants, a paradise where he’s included in the matches, a paradise that didn’t and couldn’t last forever, and this makes me upset. Tendou is such a complex character and he deserves a lot more love than he gets. I’m not going to be re reading this through so f there are any spelling mistakes i apologize. And remember, #ProtectTendou2k17. Thank you for reading!

*This is heavily inspired by/kind of an AU of Old Man Luke by scarletjedi on AO3, y'all should read it it’s really good*
Okay, so AU where The Force Awakens - age Luke is pulled back in time to sometime during Anakin’s apprenticeship with Obi-Wan (when Anakin’s in his late teens).  They find Luke on a mission and they’re both really confused because Luke’s a Jedi but not in the order???? And when he says his last name is Skywalker, Obi-Wan has a sinking feeling in his stomach because could this man be related to Anakin??? Could he be…his father?? So he quietly gets a paternity test run and the results confirm that Anakin and Luke are father and son, but it doesn’t specify which one is the father.

So now, Obi-Wan is having this mental crisis over whether or not to tell Anakin (he eventually does).  Then Obi-Wan’s struggling with some very unjedi like feelings of anger, because how could this man just abandon Anakin? (Though he knows that if the man used to be a slave, he may not have had much of a choice).  Also, he’s a little jealous because he’s Anakin’s master, and up until now that’s been the closest thing Anakin’s had to a father, and is their relationship going to change? Meanwhile Anakin is having his own internal crisis because what???? He has a father????? He’s old enough to realize that his mother’s claim that he had no father could have been the watered-down, child suitable version of any number of truths, but honestly he’d never really given the subject that much thought (he has enough to worry about with his mother without worrying about an unknown father).  And he has absolutely idea how to feel about this new father - should he love him? Detest him for abandoning him and his mother? Did he even know Anakin existed? Was he a former slave too?  Anakin just has SO MANY QUESTIONS and he’s also so confused, because his mother must have cared for this man if she took his name, right? So why would she lie about his existence? And he’s also confused because he somewhat thinks of Obi-Wan as his father, so he really doesn’t need another one.   Eventually he just bursts into Luke’s room and is like “I know you’re my father” and Luke’s just kinda like “um.  I don’t know how to react to this” and then Anakin storms off and Luke’s like “wait come back” and so Anakin’s freaking out, Obi-Wan’s freaking out, and now Luke’s freaking out.  Eventually, Luke grabs Anakin and is like “So actually you’re MY father” and Anakin’s like “…what…” and even more shenanigans ensue.  

Sorey/Mikleo Is Romantic and Canon, the Cross-Tales Edition

Originally, I was going to wait on doing this until after I’d finished my NG+ play through since I’d spread out my original play through over 6 months (so my memory of mid-game SoreMiku is a little fuzzy, while early game and end game are like, crystal clear, lol), but since I’ve been seeing a few “SoreMiku is platonic” or “they’re just bros” and similar reblogs and comments, I figure now is as good a time as any to write this: SoreMiku is a romantic and canon ship, the cross Tales of Series edition.  Also known as: “And you wonder why a lot of us think SoreMiku is romantic when (insert other couple here) gets to do this.”

Cutting for length (this monster wall of text was nearly 3 pages long in Word), spoilers everywhere for other games:

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um hi? well i don’t know how I should start this? i’m not good with words and especially not with english words (my english is not the yellow from the egg höhöhö)
alright, enough joking for today. okay, I want to say thank you! y'know I’m here for almost 4 years but i wasn’t really active since this last year. i’ve met so many gorgeous people on this fucking website, it’s incredible. thank you for always cheering me up, y'know i wasn’t here the last week and i wasn’t (and still not) OK but i came back and it was like to have my family back?
anyways, as i said, i do this follow forever to say thank you. thank you for almost 1000 followers (there are only 3 missing lol). i never expected to reach this amount??? then thanks to all people who make great edits, to all who said nice things to my stuff I’ve posted (i never experienced something like that before tbh) and especially to all my mutuals!

i love you. don’t forget that!

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A look inside Ken Ichijouji’s phone.
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  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: i've burned to ashes because alex and miles very publicly licked each other. my soul has left my body. i have ascended to a higher plane of existence. i am, in fact, a phoenix, being constantly reborn as the milex romance reaches new levels.
Shit Abled People Say #317

“Bipolar, schizophrenia, it’s all the same, because you’re up and down and talk to voices in your head.” My dad to me, a schizoaffective, talking about my mother who he said was bipolar/schizophrenic (she is neither) <sarcasm>:) :) :) :)</sarcasm>


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Day 20 - Dancing (ha, yeah right)

I originally just wanted to draw them doing some tango.

I dare you to draw your chara sexy

The rules: You draw your chara in a sexy pose,clothes etc

Then you tag the blogs you want to do this dare too.Since i started this stupid ,,dare,, game (i dont regret anything) i’ll start with my chara first:

( its hard to draw mucles ;A; but i tried)

And now i dare : @shybie @askthechara , @sai-shou or @askmercyseries to draw their chara now (pls dont kill me), have fun oAo /


Six Selfies of 2016 <3 I was tagged by: @emcri and @christmas-canary

mostly from the last half of 2016 because I broke my phone in June and lost all my shit, but here’s some of the selfies i feel the prettiest in, grey hair and all, and one beach candid because i live near the coast and just look at that over the shoulder pose. damn.

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