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I called my dad at work to share some good news, and he was glad but asked me to be brief because he had a meeting in a few minutes. But then he ended up going on a tangent about Downton Abbey, which morphed into a rant about the new Star Trek films. He eventually noticed that there was someone outside his office waiting for the meeting to start. I love my dad. 


sequel to my last bunch of frat au doodles. now we got some lady bros

(in case you don’t hang out around bros, big = big brother/sister and little = little brother/sister. Bigs and littles have like a mentor/student and bff relationship combined. Danse would definitely be freshman Haylen’s big and would protect her at all costs)


“Alright, alright,” Bill replied, laughing, and took the bouquet from Dipper. “We need, like, a vase, right?”

“Yeah. Yep. Okay, I’m just gonna -” Dipper turned to leave, his hands in his pockets and very obviously embarrassed, but Bill stopped him, grabbing his arm.

Before Dipper could give him a look, Bill kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks.”

“Y-yeah, whatever.”

@billdip-week day 4: flowers

they’ve come to terms with certain parts of their relationship, but not everything, and dipper’s still a blushing dork when it comes to romo stuff, and bill thinks its hilarious. mabel was the one who persuaded dipper to get the flowers.

the above quote is from the sb’verse oneshot i’ll be posting on sunday.

if this post gets 500 notes by April 6th I will do an unboxing and review of Sym-Bionic Titan on DVD

I live in the most liberal area of the country and I still have to deal with some dumbass in my French class saying he would rather have Donald Trump in the white house than Bernie Sanders

I love it when there is party in-fighting in American politics. Love it. Doesn’t matter which party. Doesn’t matter which candidate. I enjoy it all. 

Sanders is out of touch with reality! Clinton is a warmonger! Carson has no idea what he’s doing! Rubio and Cruz are robots! Trump is a terrible human being! 

I am far past “anger at the inefficacy of our political system.” I have moved beyond “not caring about anything because nothing ever changes.” I am now comfortably traveling through “amused at the increasing ridiculousness of this all” with brief forays into “dismayed at the American populace’s investment in this circus show.”

I try so hard not to be a cynic, but this election cycle is making it too dang easy. If Kanye runs in 2020, I will probably have a stroke.

I always used to see those posts that said “when racists on here got called out they start reblogging a bunch of poc and black lives matter posts” and like I never believed it, but now I’m witnessing it with my own eyes and its freaking hilarious.


The never ending cycle from hell. I’m starting to think that two drops of blood I had a week and a half ago was me fucking ovulating… which was at CD37. Except my follicle was 20mm at CD12… What the fuck happened in those 25 days?

I really frustrated because if I had a normal 28 day cycle, I would already be in my TWW by now… I could be pregnant already. 

I am going to test again tomorrow, I am 100% sure I am not pregnant, but every time I’m this late I’ll test and then start my period that same day. My uterus things its hilarious to waste pregnancy tests.

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I hope you get a Trump-like candidate vying for leadership in your country. Its hilarious until it happens to you!

That’s gonna be me

Hilary I know for a FACT you didn’t always support Obama so GTFO and stop trying to use him to gain popularity the fact that people don’t see through your thick slimy skin ticks me off more than anything crap that comes out of your month.

That does it, the next debate I’m sending a question to Clinton and it’s going to be so Clinton why is it you were against Obama but all of sudden you’re his best friend now and the second coming of him and you act like you NEVER disagreed with him, why do you keep trying to use him for your own gain?


Clinton why is it you were always against gay marriage but now that it’s legalized you keep talking about how sad it is they can get married but get fired for being gay the next couple of days, and why is it the very second it was legalized the very first thing you did was use it your advantage sending out Hilary for President buttons and cups and plates? You don’t think that seems a little fishy? You want to explain that to me?


Hilary why do you keep disregarding my vote and saying over and over again that you know we’ll support you when you are the nominee and not even trying to win us over or trying too hard basically belittling us by trying to appeal to us with internet memes or emoticons. Why won’t you treat us like the adult voters we are instead of treating us like we’re the after thought and don’t matter?

I got a ton and I’ve about had it with her attitude I’m going to do it. You aren’t the protector of the Obama legacy you lying pos and it’s about time SOMEONE calls you out