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James as a sniper

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Black Panther characters as John Mulaney quotes:

T’Challa: You know those types of days where you’re like, this might as well happen?

Shuri: This is so sad, alexa play what’s new pussycat 21 times in a row with 1 it’s not unusual in between.

Okoye: Hey, do you want me to kill that guy for you? Because it sounds like he sucks and I will totally kill that guy for you.

Killmonger: I’ll keep all my emotions right here *gestures at chest* and then one day, I’ll die.

M’Baku: It is 100% easier not to do things than to do them.

Nakia:  I don’t care for these new Nazis and you may quote me on that.

W’Kabi: You have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair.

Agent Ross: I look like I was just sitting in a room in a chair eating saltines for like 28 years and then I walked right out here.

She is…

A Harry Styles imagine

Based on this request:

Hey could you plzz do an imagine of you not feeling well throughout the day and Harry comes hone and is kinda pissed at you for some reason and you suddenly faint while you arguing. After in the hospital he feels so bad and is worried and it ends with fluff

Enjoy! Requests are open!


Ever since you woke up this morning, you’ve been feeling a bit…off. Not the “I’m getting sick” or “something bad is about to happen” kind of off, but there was something that tied a knot in the pit of stomach that has remained there ever since. When you first woke up, you noticed Harry, your boyfriend of almost one and a half year, being gone, even though he was supposed to have few more days off to spend with you before going to do his shows in Australia. You at first hestitated to text him, but you did anyways, asking him where had he gone, but received no reply. Deciding against doing something more or less productive while waiting for Harry to return, hoping he had only ran out to catch some take out, since you had been craving it during the night, even going as far as waking your him up in hopes that he might go and fetch you some, but without a luck. As you tiptoed down the downstairs, the cold floor hitting your bare feet, a sudden feeling of dizziness took over you, making you grip the shelves on the wall next to the stairway, accidentally knocking over a few of Harry’s old childhood pictures, most of them gifted by Robin on his last birthday. Seeing the pictures lying on the floor with shreds of glass around them made you even more dizzy, as Harry had been having a hard time coping with the sad news ever since he passed away. Once you had gained your ability to walk and see straight, you wasted no time in trying to clean the mess up, hoping to fix the broken frames before Harry notices something being out of place, seeing that these were somehow similar to the frames you had recently bought and still had in spare. But the recent mishaps seemed to be following you around as you went, and, as you were picking up the last small pieces of the remaining shreds, a sudden bolt of the door shutting startled you, making you accidentally cut yourself in the palm of your hand. Harry’s heavy boots echoed though the otherwise empty and quiet house, making you inwardly curse to yourself for being so clumsy, knowing a storm is about to hit you.

“(Y/N)! Where are you? I bought some food I thought you might like, to make up fo- what is this?!” He asked in disbelief, at first not noticing you crouched over the broken frames.

“Harry, I-I can explain, I’m so-“

“Sorry? You are sorry?! You broke them!!! With the pictures Robin himself gave me as a present!! How could you be so heartless?? You know how much they mean to me!!” He raged, kicking the bucket full of scraps, sending them flying across the floor. He bent down, trying to pick up the pictures himself, with you trying to help.

“Leave it, you have done enough already” he spat, gripping your wounded hand in order to stop you from even touching them, making pain shoot right through you.

“Harry, I said I’m sorry, it was an accident…” you breathed out, silent tears sliding down your cheeks.

“No. No, (Y/N). Don’t start this. At first you cancel our last night’s plans, because you “just felt like staying in”, even though we were not the only ones going and I had to find a silly excuse as to why, then you wake me up god knows how early just to tell me that you want food, and now this! What is wrong with you?!?” He fumed, but his rant became more distant with time and once again the feeling of dizziness took over you, this time sending you in the depths of darkness, making the shards of glass pierce your skin as your body hit the floor.

Harry’s POV

I was livid. The last few days have been a mess - so much to do, yet so little time. Not to mention the lack of sleep. The making of new music, arranging the new additional tour dates and interviews, making sure I get everything done before I take off to Australia was taking its toll on me. And her. (Y/N). God forgive me for leaving her like this the whole time. I’ve missed her so much, and the thought of me leaving her has been driving me mad. Especially this time, even though I cannot fully understand why. Every minute spent together with her has been leading me to the edge of breaking, either in tears or rage, and this time rage took over. It’s not like she has done anything wrong, no. It’s just that the more time we spend together alone, the more I don’t want to leave, making me consider postponing the tour, to which my management would never agree to. And the fans…

Last night we were supposed to go out for a nice dinner with my team, making it important to actually show up, since I was the one who initially came up with the idea. Having to lie made me angry, not because I could not understand that (Y/N) was not feeling her best, but the fact that she realised that only an hour before the actual meeting, making me look bad infront of important people. Even though I was more than glad to finally get a good night’s sleep, (Y/N) decided otherwise, which is the reason for my cranky mood today, since I had refused to get up, guilt eating me, as I felt her shuffle further away from me, mumbling a “sorry” as she did so. Waking up this morning, however, was when I decided I cannot keep up my behaviour and took a drive to the nearest take out place, knowing very well she would forgive me for being a massive dick. I don’t even want to talk about what happened when I arrived home. Something inside of me just snapped…

Seeing her fall, however, was the worst feeling I’ve felt in a long time. Watching the love of my life fall on top of a layer of scraps that I had initially scattered there in the fit of rage I was having, made me sick in my stomach, and seeing her unconscious and bleeding just about broke my heart. I rushed towards her and craddled her in my arms, shaking her for the dear life, hoping to see her beautiful eyes look up to me, telling me that this was all just a bad dream, and that everything is alright…

Once I took her to the hospital for the doctors to take care of her and find out what caused the fainting, praying to myself that I was not the reason behind it, I couldn’t help but to fear the worst. I kept repeating everything I said to her in my mind, wincing at how rude and unnecessary that was. I couldn’t help but to sob next to her bed, praying for her to wake up and forgive me, to hold me the way I’m holding her now and to tell me that everything is okay. That it will be okay… It will, right?

When the doctor came in, I couldn’t help but to jump up from my chair, asking him to give me the answers I oh so desperately wanted to know.

“Mr.Styles, you have got to calm down. The stitching was done professionally, so the scaring will be little to none with the right precautions taken. The fainting, however, is something I am more concerned about..” the doctor trailed off, making my heart sink.

“Wh-what is it?” I sniffled, not caring about anyone noticing my current state.

“Well, she has been lacking on the intake of vitamins, which, in her case, has lead this far, thus harming her immune system, not to mention the stress, but with the right diet and excercise, they should be fine.”

“I-I’m sorry, did I hear correct? They?”

Oh, yes, they. She is pregnant!

Forget Me Not

A curse full of regrets made with no regrets


  • A poppet or representation of target
  • A jar or container big enough to contain the poppet
  • Rose petals
  • Strips of paper
  • A pen
  • Candles


Pre-make poppet (this is a curse poppet so please make accordingly). On each strip of paper (and there should be a large amount) write “Forget me not.”


  • Have all of your supplies on your workspace.
  • If you usually cast a circle, do so now.
  • Light however many candles you want to. They’re mainly for dramatic effect.
  • Kiss the poppet (sweetly, if you can manage).
  • Now place it into the container. With each line you say, place a strip of the paper you wrote on into the container with it.

Forget me not

Forget me never.

You will regret this mistake

Now and forever.

Cross me once.

Cross me twice.

Now that you have,

You’ll see I’m not so nice.

I whisper to you nothing sweet.

I whisper to you nothing kind.

But you’ll always remember me.

I shan’t fade with time.

You had me once.

You had my favor.

You threw me away.

Now not even the gods can help this be over.

Forget me not.

Forget me never.

You’ll remember me

And regret forever.

  • Once this is done, close and seal the container. I recommend doing something like blowing the buried poppet one last kiss before doing so. It will never be opened again unless you want to break the curse.
  • If you cast a circle, close it now.
  • Put the container somewhere hidden or throw it away. I do not recommend breaking this curse.

This curse has been performed and has worked.

the sun trickled slowly into the room, warming up the dark and gently making its way to settle across sleeping faces. alec’s face scrunched at the assault, trying to block out the warm light and return to pleasant darkness. he shifted his head away, turning closer to the warmth of magnus’ body, his head resting in the crook of magnus’ neck. snuggling somehow further into magnus, alec groaned softly, rubbing his nose against magnus’ skin, enjoying the softness of it and the rich, sweet scent. alec couldn’t resist pressing a sleepy kiss onto magnus’ neck, smiling into it happily.

“mmm, alexander,” magnus hummed, his voice deep and muddled from disuse and sleepiness.

“magnus,” alec mumbled back, pressing another kiss into magnus’ skin, right above his collarbone.

magnus hummed once more but didn’t say anything, his hand coming up to rest on top of alec’s, which was currently lying on magnus’ stomach. magnus caressed the top of alec’s hand with slow, lazy movements of his thumb and alec wondered why the sun even bothered to provide warmth when magnus’ smallest touch infused his entire body with it.

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Sum: Bucky is Jealous of a new avenger that’s spending a little to much time with his girl. they bond over having the same power and Bucky is not pleased.

Warning: mega smut, Slight fighting, jealousy, Fluff

Note: this fic starts off a little shity I think, but hey I’m not the best writer anyway. I just hope you all enjoy it!


I walked through the tower with confidence. I had just got done with training and I felt good. I went up to my room to shower and then i was going to meet up with Bucky. Bucky and I had been dating for about 4 mouths now. we started hanging out more and more when I moved into the tower. I got recruited about 6 months ago. Tony needed/wanted my power for interrogation. I went on my first mission with Steve after training with Natasha a few times. we took down a high up Hydra corporation by interrogating only one of the Hydra Scientists. it was actually really easy. Steve said it was one of the easiest missions he had ever been on and it was all thanks to me. he even had Tony me a party.

 “A toast, For our Newest addition to the team, Y/N. Without you we would probably still be going after those Fucking Nazi pricks.” Tony said raising his glass of Champaign. I blushed hard as every one around looked right at me and raised there glasses and took a drink. I straightened my red silk dress and took a drink of my Champaign with everyone. “Language Tony Jeez.” Steve said Tony rolled his eyes “ get some of my ‘get a super soldier drunk’ mix and you will be cursing up a damn storm Cap.” he replied downing the rest of his drink. “You did good Y/N. I’m happy we found you!” Tony said grabbing my hand and kissing it. I blushed again. As every one began drinking and dancing and having fun a few of the avengers team stayed near me to ask just how we took down a corporation they had been trying to infiltrate for almost a year in a half. they wondered how I got done after just 4 minutes. 

“Well how’d you do it?” Bruce asked. I looked up at him and smiled. I loved talking about my powers. I loved using my powers. “Well I…” I started before Sam cut in. “Bro its the sickest thing. she can control people with her mind.” he said I laughed. “Well I’m no scarlet witch but I can control peoples emotions.” I explained. “Oh really? how?” Bucky asked walking up closer to were I was standing. he bumped shoulders with Steve in a manly hello. I blushed for what seemed like the 5th time tonight. I just couldn’t help myself. this man was gorgeous. I bit my lip before speaking “Well I don’t really know. I just think of the emotion I want to give to the specific person and they experience it. sometimes this purple mist comes from my fingers when I give people strong emotions but that’s basically it.” I said smiling at him showing him my teeth. 

“that is fascinating. are there any emotions you cant cast out. are you restricted? what emotions can you give people?” Bruce asked I knew he was the Hulk but I wondered why he was so interested. “Dude she scared the literal crap out of that Hydra guy. like, he literally Shit himself.”  Steve said laughing. “so much for my language. and your not even drunk. you ass!” a now Drunk Tony said from where he now sat at the bar behind us. 

“What did you do to him?” Bucky asked softly running his hands through his hair. god I would really like to do that. “Well…” I started before drinking the rest of my Champaign. “I did just that. I scared him till he gave us answers. I showed him fear.” I said simply as I walked over to where Tony sat at the bar and took a seat myself. “Can I get Scotch on the rocks with a twist?” I asked the Bar keeper dude. he smiled down at me and nodded and began mixing my drink. “a Scotch girl Huh?” I heard Bucky say as I turned in my chair to face the men that were still kind of crowding me. “What Emotions can you give people?” Clint who had been dancing with Nat asked I guess over hearing our conversation. Natasha also walked up. she already knew everything about my powers when I told her while training. but it made me feel a little better having her next to me. she hopped up on the chair next to mine and nudged me so I would answer. “ well, I can make you happy, sad, pissed. I can make you feel pain and I can even make you feel pleasure.” I said winking at him. he smirked. “Whoa Really?” Sam Asked “you can turn a man on with a literal look?” he asked leaning on the bar next to Nat slurping at what has to me his like 6th drink. I nodded at the clearly drunk man. “Do it. do it to me!” he said. I guess he could tell by the look on my face that I wasn’t into giving a man pleaser after literally just meeting them. a few of them I met the first day here but the other half of them I still haven’t met. Nat told me I only know of the “Core” group. I guess she means like the original avengers but I have yet to meat Thor. he wasn’t here for the Party I guess.

“I mean give me an Emotion! I don’t care witch one I just wanna like…” he didn’t finish. “I’d like to see you in action!” Bucky said and with that I just had to do it. I had to show off for him. “Pain?” I asked Sam. he huffed “Bring it!” he said and Steve walked out in front of him. “Be carful what you wish for. when we went into the secret Hydra building she was literally making men drop to there knees one by one. I didn’t have to take out one person.” he said Sam stepped in front of him. “ I can take it.” he challenged. and with the flick of my wrist he was on the ground, his glass of whatever dark liquor he had in his hand shattered on the floor in front of him. I stopped immediately. 

“Holy SHit!” Clint said hunched over slapping his knee in laughter. Steve and Bucky laughed as well while Bruce’s eyes widened. Sam Shot up to his feet after a minute and when the Bartender handed me my drink he handed Sam a Towle. he ground “ Cant you clean it up man?” he asked the guy. Tony rolled his eyes “you couldn’t take the pain you clean the mess.” he said smiling. 

“Have you ever tried to…” I guess Nat knew what Bucky was going to say because she answered for him. “Yes. if she can take me down she can take you and Steve down.” she said I smiled at her “It just took a few more seconds. and I had to use both hands.” I said Burse’s eyebrows raised. “Two hands?” he asked. I held both of my hands up and pushed powers through my fingers. the purple mist erupting through my finger tips. I wiggled my fingers and all the boys took a step back in Fear? I laughed and put my hands down. “ so you can what Cure depression? how long until the feelings ware off?” he asked. I looked up at him surprised by his question. “I have noticed that if I use the mist the effect stays longer. but my powers are just an elution. I can make you feel strong but you still wont be able to lift a car. I cant actually hurt or cure people. its just a mind trick I guess!” I said. I looked up at Bruce again though curious. does he have depression. does he want to feel happiness again. I lifted my right hand up and pointed Happiness at him. a giant smile formed on his face. “I’m not Depressed Sweetie, but that sure does feel good.” he said put my hand down and bit my lip. “sorry I thought maybe you needed it.” I couldn’t help but wonder what he really wanted from me though.

about 2 months into joining the team and moving myself into the tower Bucky came by my room and asked me out. we have been together ever since. 

My power, I can manipulate other peoples emotion. I could make you feel happy, sad, I could make you feel pleasure, I could give you pain. And to Tony’s advantage I could basically compel people to give up there secrets. I can put the in a trusting mood to make them spill the beans. or scare them enough to give it up. I Loved it. I have never had an issue with my power. 

While continuing training with Natasha, she had Wanda step In a few times when we took breaks from fighting. she would have her enter my mind and let me know what I needed to do to make my powers stronger. after a while I could figure out how to spread my power to multiple people at once instead of just one person at a time. it was amazing how much I have learned and how much more powerful I have gotten in the short time I had been moved into the tower. it was amazing, and on top of everything I was falling in love. 

Bucky is By far the best boyfriend I have ever had and we have only been together for a short time. 4 and a half months. and we were taking things slow…well Bucky was taking things slow. we had a date tonight and I was hoping we could finally have sex. 

Yea, he hasn’t touched me yet. there had been a few times we had been getting a little frisky but he would always shut it down. and even worse he would shut me down in the smoothest ways. we would be kissing and he would pull away and tell me how beautiful he thought I was.  or he would lift me up and sit me down beside him. it all confused me. I was starting to think he didn’t…that maybe….maybe I wasn’t attractive enough for him. maybe I was to over weight or maybe my body just didn’t do it for him. I’ve never even caught him with a boner. Do I turn him on at all? he’s never openly told me he was turned on and he never looked like he was. I didn’t ever wanna use my power on him. I didn’t want to manipulate his feelings for me. I wanted him to want me for me…but maybe he didn’t want me at all. if he did want me though he must be completely torturing himself. Because I know keeping my hands off of him was torturing the absolute FUCK out of me. 

every time I would watch him work out, or he would wear my favorite shirt, or he would wear his Black leather Jacket, or when he bites his lip, or when he’s just standing there. god I get wet just looking at him now he’s holding out on me that much. 

We were only going to watch Deadpool in his room tonight but I wanted to look so could he would have to touch me. I showered, straitened my hair, and even put a little bit of makeup on. I slipped on a pair of my favorite heals on and grabbed a short Skirt I also put on a top that made my Tits look edible. hopefully he will finally cave. because I don’t know if I can take it any more. *Knock Knock* I smiled and rushed to my door. I opened it and looked Bucky up and down. Fuck I thought I looked edible. he wore a grey button down and black jeans. the scruff on his face was perfectly kept and his hair was pulled back in a cute as fuck manbun. “Hey.” I said softly. reaching my hands up over his shoulders and pulling him into a long welcoming kiss. he hummed against my lips. Maybe tonight will be the night. 

About 30 minutes into the movie Bucky leaned over to me and placed his hand on my bare thigh I sighed and scooted closer to him. as I did that my skirt slightly shifted just a little more up ward on my thigh. I smirked in the darkened room. Maybe if I make him a little jealous he will make the first move. “Ryan Reynolds is soo hot.” I said watching the screen. Bucky stiffened for a fraction of a second then laughed slightly. “His whole body is about to burn up. he’s gonna look like a smashed up potato here in a minute.” he said I rolled my eyes. Fuckkkk. what’s plan B? maybe I just need to wait for a sex scene.

the closets I thought I would get to a sex scene was Deadpool jerking off to a fucking unicorn. whatever I’m going for it. I leaned up to run my nose up and down his neck. I ran my hand over the hand he had on my thigh. I kissed his neck softly again and again and took a soft grip on his hand and slowly moved it further up my leg and back down again so he was rubbing my inner thigh. I smiled when he turned to me and returned my kiss. I smiled against his lips as his Metal hand stroked my cheek. the feel of the cool Metal on my face made my cheek tingle. I nipped at his lip making his mouth open and I slowly moved my tongue in his mouth. I rubbed my tongue against him and moaned in his mouth. the grip he had on my thigh got tighter as he leaned into me more. he pushed me down on my back on the couch and fell on top of me. Ohh Yess!!! I hiked my legs up so he would fall in between my legs. my hands roamed over his shoulders and I pulled him down on me further. god his body heat felt good. one of his hands found my hip and the other was on my thigh holding my leg around his waist. Yess yess this is what I need his hot body against mine. his tongue in my mouth fighting with mine. I moaned as my hand ran up his body and into his hair. I gripped his hair tightly and bucked my pelvis against him and moaned again at the slight pressure against my heavily wetting heat. he flinched a little and pulled away from my lips. his hand on my leg loosened as he sat back up. he ran his hand through his hair about to speak when I leaned back up and put the leg he hand his hand on back around his waist but this time I was on top and he was sitting up right so I was straddling his hips. I grabbed his face back in my hands and planted a hot steaming kiss on his lips. I know he was about to say something like we should stop but I couldn’t. I don’t want to. I need to have him. I shoved my tongue back into his mouth and took a tight grip of his hair in my hands. “God!” I moaned in his mouth as I started to grind down on his lap. oh sweet sweet friction. “Fuck!” he said softly  maybe if I make a sexy move he will give in and let me undress him. for once I would like to see him shirtless out side of the towers gym. I grabbed a tight hold on his flesh hand so he couldn’t pull it away from me. I slowly moved it under my skirt and made him run his hand over the cloth covering my needing heat. my wetness has seeped through my purple laced panties and had made my inner thighs moist. I pulled away from him for a minute to look at him. his eyes were wide when I leaned down and nibbled on his ear before softly saying “ you see James, you see how wet you make me.” I moaned in his ear as I made him cup my sex through my underwear and humped against his hand. I kissed down his neck and  ran my other hand down his chest and reached for the bottom of his shirt. I humped against his hand again and slowly started to move his shirt up his chest. I bit and sucked at his neck as I continued to hump his still unmoving hand. why wont he touch me. what more can I do? I whimpered “Bucky… touch me.” I said moving his other hand to my ass and squeezing around the metal so it would grip onto me. I Whimpered again impatiently. his hand was soaking with my hotness and when I finally felt movement it was him pulling his hand out from under my skirt. I whimpered yet again at his rejection. he pulled me off of him and put me back on the couch next to him before standing up. “ill umm… ill be right back.” he said standing and walking into the bathroom. I sulked. he just rejected me. again. What could possibly be wrong with me that he doesn’t want me. the door closed behind him and I felt my face heat up. I put my head in my hands and began to cry. why doesn’t he want me. I mean I know he’s no virgin. why cant I turn him on. even grinding against his pants didn’t create a dent what so ever. It is me. I stood up and ran to his door. I walked out and half sprinted down the hall and to the elevator. I smashed on the button over and over before it finally dinged. I jumped inside and smashed my fist against the ‘close door’ button until the doors finally closed. I kept watch on Bucks door till it was completely out of my site. I backed up against the elevator wall and slid down it and continued to cry. 

when the elevator doors opened on my floor I looked up to see Steve standing there. I stood up and dusted myself of quickly. “Hey, Doll? you okay? why are you crying?” he asked I shook my head and pushed my way past him. “don’t worry about it.” I said starting to make my way to my room. “Y/N Wait. he said grabbing for me. I shifted out of his reach. “Please Steve.” I asked I didn’t wanna talk about it. I just wanted to Cry my eyes out in my shower and clean away my complete and utter humiliation. “ But didn’t you and Buck have a date?” he asked as I finally reached my door. “not any more…” I whispered while turning to open the door. “Wha- Wait Doll.” he said as I stepped through the door. I turned to close it but he was holding the door open with his arm. I just wanted him to leave me alone. I heard the ding of the elevator going off and my eyes widened. did Bucky follow me? I didn’t wanna find out. I grabbed Steve’s collar and yanked him into the room and closed the door. I locked the door tight and turned to Steve. god this is even more humiliating than Bucky’s rejection. “Doll.. Doll hey come here. chill out your okay..” he said I looked up at him as his arms reached out to me. I’m confused by his words till I look down at myself. I’m shaking heavily and I could see tears still falling down my arms. I wanted to roll my eyes at myself. I’m completely hysterical. Steve Shushed me and pulled me into his chest and lifted my body up. he carried me over and sat us down on the couch. I sat next t him with one of his arms around my shoulders. I smushed my face in his neck and cried. 

after a few minutes and when my pulse started finally going down Steve pushed me away a little so he could look at me. “Y/N, What happened with Bucky?” he asked softly moving my hair out of my face. I just shook my head. I didn’t wanna talk about it. or relive my own boyfriend…just not wanting me. I don’t understand. “Doll, just tell me what happened.” he pushed I sighed and looked down. “h-he doesn’t want me…” I said softly and barley audible but his super soldier ears totally heard me. “What? what do you mean. Bucks been crazy about you since he met you.” I shook my head confused by his reply. “Then why doesn’t he want to be with me?” I asked looking at him. “What do you mean? he couldn’t have broken up with you…did he?” he asked shocked I shook my head again at him. “he doesn’t want me…” I sighed again “As in he doesn’t Want me.” I said waving my hand over my body. Realization hit his face. “Oh…oh you mean he didn’t want to sleep with you tonight?” he asked I swallowed and closed my eyes as he continued “well doll I don’t understand. why cry about it. maybe he wasn’t you know… in the mood.” he said I rolled my eyes “Just catch him tomorrow I’m sure he’ll…” I stopped him. “he’s never wanted me Steve.” I explained his eyes squinted and he shook his head in confusion. “What you mean like..” I nodded my head “we haven’t had sex ever.” I confirmed surprise was written all over his face. “What I thought you guys had been…but this doesn’t make any since he talks….okay just tell me what happened tonight?” he asked and I was left to wonder what he meant by ‘he talks’ what dose he talk about? did he tell Steve we slept together when we haven’t? 

I know he asked and a part of me wants to tell him but the other part of me is just to embarrassed. I looked down at my hands. “Doll just tell me. I’m not gonna go around running my mouth about it I promise.” he said I looked back at him “well, I thought maybe I could… like…” God the humiliation goes on “I wanted to try to get him too tonight. Because for once I wanted to….UGHH” I said frustrated slamming my fists in the couch. Steve Sighed from beside me. “So, yall were making out and getting heated…and then what happened?” he asked. “tonight I wanted to push him a little further. I mean we have kissed and gabbed at each other but god I have never even seen him without his shirt of on out side of the gym.” Steve’s eyes widened in surprise yet again and I had to say every time he did that it made me feel worse. because even Bucky’s best friend thought we had been going at it. and the fact that I couldn’t even get my boyfriend to take of his shirt was  fucking pathetic. especially since he was such a play boy in the 40s. witch pissed me off even more because now I’m jealous of a bunch of old ass fucking lady’s that have gotten to fuck him but I cant. “I was doing all I could to turn him on. he just wont… I mean I was on top of his trying to grind down on it and its like it wasn’t even…” he cut me off “I get the picture…what happened though?” he said sweat forming on his forehead. I sighed in irritation “well I grabbed his hand…and I made him touch me… l-like through my.. u-underwear. so he could feel how much he at least turned me on.” I explained. Steve closed his eyes and repositioned his seating on the couch. and I mean come on. I’m turning Steve on but I cant turn Bucky on.“I thought maybe if I could act sexy enough he would finally… well I started grinding down on his hand instead and he just pushed me o-off of him and left the room just leaving me there. he didn’t want to… he didn’t want me… Steve he didn’t even get a boner.” I looked down again realizing something else too. “he didn’t even come after me.” I said as tears started running down my face again. 

After last night I didn’t really feel up to doing much today. but sadly this is my job now and I have to go and train. Steve left my room that night really late and Bucky I haven’t seen since. I just rolled my eyes thinking about everything that happened and made my way to the gym. when inside I immediately locked eyes with Bucky. he looked at me for a moment from were he stood next to Sam. Sam was trying to say something to him but he was completely ignoring him to look at me. he took a step as if he was going to walk over to me. I held my hand up to him stopping his motion. I turned away from him and looked at the ground.

I made my way over to where Natasha and Tony were standing next to some new blonde guy I haven’t met before. I just went over because Natasha is my trainer. well her and Wanda. I needed to know what we were going to be working on today. 

“Hey Y/N perfect timing, this is Nick Clark you are actually going to be training him today.” I looked at her confused “Me? training some one?” I asked she nodded as I looked at Nick. he was a cutie. he smirked down at me as I shook his hand. “I’m Y/N…umm” I looked over at Nat as Nick put my hand down. “What am I training him?” I asked just as Tony turned to look at us. he had a tablet in his hand and he was scribbling something on it while speaking. “Well Y/N, Nick and you have something in common.” he explained I gave him a look. “ you both have the same powers.” Nat finished for him. my eyes widened as I looked up at him again. “Whoa really?” I asked Nick looked down at his hands as they started Misting a deep deep blue color. my eyes widened and my mouth dropped. I smiled up at him and showed him mine. he smiled at me as our hands met each others. “Whoa…” we said in unison. “Can you…” we bother started, speaking together again. we laughed as our hands were still pressed together. “Well you help him out a little today I have a mission I need to prepare for.” Nat said looking to Tony for Direction. he tapped away on his tablet as they walked away from us. 

I looked down at Nick and i’s hands. they were blasting with colors. my fingers tingled against his. Nick was about as Tall as Steve, pretty muscular, and he has these Dark eyes. he’s very handsome and if I didn’t know any better I would think while I was checking him out…he was checking me out. I looked up at him to see him staring at my chest. I blushed as he locked our fingers together. And with a loud Crack we were ripped apart. our bodies smacked on he ground hard. “What the fuckk.” I said looking around. every one in the gyms eyes were on us. Bucky came running over to me. grabbing my hips. “Baby, what happened. are you alright?” he asked I looked over at Nick then to my hands. “Our…our Power.” I said crawling out of Bucky’s arms and standing up. he tried to reach for me again but I pushed away from him. “B-babe” Bucky asked i ignored him. Nick stood up and looked at me “Y/N that was…” Nick started looking at my hands then to my eyes “amazing” we said together. pressing our hands together once again letting the mist surround our hands. 

the day went by with an insane amount of progress. we talked about how we first discovered we could manipulate peoples emotion. I told him that soon he would be able to cast emotions over multiple people at a time. he was ecstatic. we figured out we could direct the big blast of our power out word so we wouldn’t wipe out every time we locked fingers. it was amazing. we could literally throw Purple and blue balls of energy at people. I wondered if I could do that without him though. I wanted to throw my own energy balls at people. I made a mental note to change the name of what we would call that skill instead of ‘energy balls’

Nick and I actually hung out all day after that. we messed with the team by fucking with there emotions and even made Sam Cry. even though that wasn’t the first time I had messed with him before. it was great. I actually almost completely forgot about…Bucky.

I looked down at the floor from where me and Nick sat in the common area. Bucky all day to day tried to get my attention. I just ignored everything. I didn’t want to speak with him. I think Nick noticed when he asked. “So that Big guy with the Metal arm, he your boyfriend?” he asked. I sighed and nodded “yea, we….we are just going through some things.” I said confiding in him. all of a sudden my body felt Calm and relaxed. I sighed loudly and slumped down on the couch I was sitting on. “You know, getting the emotions is almost better then casting them out.” I said he looked at me. I lifted my hand up and gave him happiness. a large smile ran across his face. “Wow….” he said I nodded at him. “I wonder what it would be like too…mhhm” I looked at him “To what?” I asked. he just shook his head. I shook it off. “Soo umm, what happened with you and your boyfriend?” he asked I sighed and spilled every bean I had “ well me and him have been together for months and well… he doesn’t wanna have sex with me. like I know he’s not a virgin and I know he’s got a big dick, so I don’t understand. I tried to push him into but he…completely rejected me.” I told him looking up. I sighed and scooted away from him slightly. “Fuck you, your using your powers.” he smirked. “you caught me.” he said holding his hands up. “I don’t understand, you are like the hottest person I have ever met. I cant think of why he doesn’t want to.” he said I rolled my eyes. “at lest someone thinks so.” I said he gave me a confused look. “at least someone thinks I’m hot. I just wish he would want me.” I explained. 

I mopped all the way to my room. Nick followed close behind me as we made it to my door. I turned to look at him. “I had fun…um I guess training you today. I’m excited to teach you some more and learn more about what we can do together.” I sad his eyebrows twitched as he said “me too.” he said as I opened my door. “ill see you tomorrow okay.” I said dismissing him. he smiled at me and turned to walk down the hall. for a minute I wondered what floor his room was on. the second my door closed all the emotions he gave me to relax vanished and I was back to my sad sulking.  I went and sat down on my couch and thought more about Bucky. Steve told me that I just needed to talk to Bucky about what was going on but I just couldn’t bring myself to do It. I didn’t want my fear to be confirmed. I just sat there and cried. 

after a few seconds my door busted open. the door hit the wall with a loud pop and Bucky stomped towards me. he looked angry but the second he locked eyes with me that anger vanished. I sighed. I really didn’t want to do this right now. “Bucky just go back to your room. I want to be alone!” he shook his head “No, Hell no. you have been ignoring me all fucking day to fuck around with that little Twerp Nick. and now im in here and your crying your eyes out. what the fuck did he do to you?” he asked. I shook my head “he made me feel really good the…” he cut me off what a loud “WHAT? What the Fuck do you mean he made you feel Good?” he asked looking down at me from where he towered over me standing in front of the couch. his veins pulsed in his arm as his anger resurfaced. if I wasn’t so upset right now I would think he looked unbearably sexy. I loved watching Bucky sometimes. especially when he gets angry at people. all of his muscles would bulge and he would just look completely perfect but I couldn’t think about that right now. even more so knowing that he doesn’t have any of these inappropriate thoughts about me. “Buck Chill the Fuck out. he used his powers too….” I was cut off again. “He Gave you fucking Pleaser with his FUCKING POWERS?” he yelled I jumped raising my hands “No Bucky Jesus!” I said scrunching myself in to the couch cushions. “Well them how the fuck else did he ‘Make you feel good’ ? Because I know he better not Have fucking touched you!” he yelled again. I flinched “ Well at least someone would be touching me.” I whispered. looking down. I was about to explain myself when Bucky’s arm went right through my coffee table with a loud Crack. I screeched and pushed myself to the far side of the couch moving myself away from him. the glass from the table went everywhere. “ Bucky god!” I yelled. “you Fucking Cheated on me with that Fucking Slimily piece of …” my eyes widened “BUCKKY” I screamed standing up to grab him almost slipping on the glass. I took a tight grip on each of his arms stilling him “I did Not cheat on you! I cant even believe you would think ….” I shook the thought out of my head “I was very sad about what happened between us yesterday and he filled me with relaxation all day. that Is how he made me feel good.” I said running my hand up his metal arm and reaching for his face. I felt the stubble of his facial hair scratch at the palm of my hand. his face fell “Oh..” he breathed out. I let out a small laugh. I looked around at the coffee table that had shattered. god he’s so strong Scary sexy. “you seen just a tad bit Jealous…” I started. he lifted his hand and held it against the one I held on his face. he closed his eyes and looked down. he sighed guiltily “I just… this morning when you came down to the gym and you didn’t want to greet me, and then you were holding hands with that…Chris Evans wanna be all day. and last night I saw some blonde guy go into your room and then everything today and you didn’t want my help up,…a-and and…” he sighed and I laughed at him. “just a Tad Jealous.” he stated. I smiled at him and leaned up to kiss him. he grabbed my wrists and pulled away from me. what the fuckk. “let me clean this up.” he said walking towards my hall closet for a sweeper. after he finished taking care of the coffee table he pressed his lips to my temple and just left. and I was left there to wonder why, now he wont even kiss me.

the next day was the teams chill day. or game night…well more like drunk game night. once a week every week the gang gets together to get drunk and play games. it used to be movie night, witch used to be game night and…well it was all just an excuse for the whole team to get absolutely hammered together. Bucky and I were sat together on a love seat in front of Clint and Tony who sat across from us on one of the couches. Sam and Bruce were making everyone drinks at the unattended bar and Natasha was hopped up on the counter talking to Wanda and vison in the kitchen.

Bucky and I spent the day pretending nothing at all happened between us. though he still wasn’t showing me any affection at all. now its down to sitting a whole 2 inches away from me. I just rolled my eyes at him and scooted over to lay my head on his shoulder. every one was in there own conversations around us while I traced the line in between where the Metal arm was welded into his skin. he shuttered under my touch and stood up. “I’m gonna grab us a brink.” he said walking all the way to the other side of the room to the bar. I tried to hide the hurt the crossed over my face but I guess I was caught because seconds later my body was filled with light. I looked up to see a concerned looking Nick holding his Blue misty hand up at me. he stood by Steve next to Starks entertainment center. I gave him a smile and turned to look for Bucky. he was in fact at the bar but he was laughing with Sam instead of making a drink. I sighed again. 

“Hey beautiful” Nick said coming over and sitting next to me. I could practically hear Tony’s eyebrows move to the top of his skull. I blushed “Hey.” I said he smiled at me showing off his pearly white teeth. today Nick Spent most of the day hanging out more than training. he was actually a pretty great guy. we did train a little bit by throwing ‘balls of energy’ at Sam as he flew in the air. it was quite fun messing with Sam. just Sam in particular. when we hit his with a relatively big blast he with flying and crashed into the Shield flag pole. we laughed our asses off at he cursed at us. 

“how are you and the Super soldier?” Nick asked me as I stared at my Bucky from across the room. “completely and utterly sexy. its making me miserable.” I said he looked down. “I mean if I was as strong as he is I might have already Forced him too….” I covered my mouth with my hand. “Nick you Ass! Stop using your powers on me.” I said seriously. he’s been doing that to me too. all day. earlier we were in the gym talking and I was watching Bucky work out. Nick told me I was practically drooling and he asked what I was thinking. I didn’t even think before the words spilled out of my mouth. “ that I’d kind of wish I was that punching bag. at least I would be feeling something from him. instead I spend most of my nights masturbating because of his infinite torcher.” He laughed hard at me for like 5 minutes straight and I punched him hard in the chest. 

“Ha but its so funny hearing what you really think.” he said. “well I really think the next time you use your powers on me I’m gonna….” my body went slack. god my bones. its like I couldn’t lift my arms or legs. I felt soo week. “of your gonna what?” he asked laughing. “What are you doing to my girl?” Bucky asked sternly walking up to the loveseat. Nick slid off the love seat and stood on his feet. almost instantly my feelings were back to Normal. “Sorry I was just euumm..” he started but Bucky wasn’t having it. “you know Y/N actually respects other people emotions and doesn’t mess with people. and you being her little trainee should have learned by now that its not okay to mess with peoples emotions.” he said pulling me to my feet. I smiled at that. at least he knows that I wouldn’t go out of my way to change his emotions. even though we would have probably have already been together. Nick huffed “ That coming from you is golden.” he said stepping forward. my eyes widened and there were a few gasps coming form around the room. “and what the fuck is that supposed to mean?” said crossing his arms. “Well you have been messing with your girls emotions since your probably met her.” Nick explained my mouth dropped. what the fuck “Excuse me?” Bucky asked “Well you have got the sexiest girl in the world and your making her feel like and ugly piece of shit.” he replied pointing at me. Bucky stiffened. oh no. “What the….” Bucky started but Nick cut him off “I mean you have got a girl like that and you don’t plow her….” he started if my eyes could get wider they would. “I mean shit you must have the tiniest penis on earth. there cant be any other explanation as to why you just don’t want to have sex with her.” every one gasped again and I heard a slight ‘they haven’t fucked?’ coming from somewhere behind me. in complete shock I brought my hand up to hold onto the clothing that covered my breasts right over my heart. what the fuck. “I mean shit you should just give the girl to me. I can make her feel things she can never think of and just with the snap of my fingers.” he said looking at me. “Don’t you fucking Dar….uuhhhaaaa” I said moaning loud. my body started getting hot fast as my arms reached for something to hold on to. I grabbed a hold of Bucky’s arm as my body started spasming. my eyes clamped shut as a fire was set in my lower region “Fuck Fuck!” I moaned rubbing my legs together. I could feel my panties dampen. Bucky grabbed at my hands as I threw my head back in complete ecstasy. my clit rubbed painfully against my thong as the tightness consumed my belly and another huge wave of pleaser hit me. “Oh My gOD Ueeehhnggggggg i’m Cu…. Bucky I cant stop it I….. AAAHHUUEEEEAW?” I screamed a loud endless moan incoherently as I came hard in the middle of the Avengers tower common area in front of God and everybody. I fell slack and lazy against Bucky’s chest. he was shaking in anger as everyone watched us shocked. after a minute of complete silence I looked up at Bucky. his eyes were on me and his face was as red as fire. he had been there, Bucky, Just watching me come undone. I watched as his jaw clenched “Someone take her!” Bucky said Clint stood up as Nick spoke “Ha, I already did!” in anger Bucky pushed me into Clint’s arms so hard I smacked my head against his hard shoulder. I reached for my head and watched as Bucky stomped towards him. “I am going to FUCKING KILL YOU!” he said as his Metal fist came in contact with Nick’s Stupid face. Nick stammered backward and brought both of his hands up. Bucky stepped forward again and took a solid hold around his neck then all of a sudden dropped to the floor huffing in pain. “Buckyy!” I cried scrambling out of Clint’s Arms. I pushed him away from me and went to Bucky’s aid. I leaned down to him as he gripped at the floor. I looked up at Nick “Stop! Stop!” I yelled standing. he continued to engulf Bucky with intense amounts of pain. “STOP!” I screamed holding my hands up. I stumbled back wards as a Giant ‘energy ball? sonic blast?’ Plasma blast shot out towards Nick. it hit him right in the chest and he flung back a good 15 feet and slapped against the wall and fell to the floor. I turned and looked down at Bucky. I held my hands up to him and my mist covered him in strength and energy. he stood up and looked over at Nick. he stomped towards him and grabbed him by the neck and pulled him up to his feet. I could see Nick’s mist start to try and work again but I kept both of my hands up pointed at Bucky making sure he wouldn’t feel and ounce of pain.

“Bucky Stop!” Steve said grabbing at the Metal hand that was wrapped tightly around Nick’s shrinking neck. Nick dropped the floor gasping for air. Bucky took a deep breath and looked over to Steve. he held his hands up in defense “ ill take care of this Buck. take your girl, get out of here for a while, okay?” he asked almost begging. I grabbed a hold of Buck’s flesh arm and pulled him back as he stared at Nick with glassy eyes. “James…baby come on.” I said pulling him. he turned to look at me with the saddest eyes I had ever seen him wear. it tore my heart out. he closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against mine, his arms pulled my body to his, and he took a deep intake of air. I could feel the air around my face move as he breathed. I wish I knew what he was thinking. I held his face in my hands. “I’m so sorry Bucky…I… I’m so sorry!” I whispered to him. no I defiantly feel like I have cheated. his eyes shot open. “What? Y/N why are you sorry?” he asked taking my hands in his. “I did this…I” he stopped and looked around. everyone’s eyes were on us. he sighed and scooped me up in his arms and carried me down the hall to the elevator. he gave Steve a nod as the elevator doors. he nuzzled his head against mine like a cat and breathed in. is he smelling my hair? I giggled at him. “Why are you sniffing…” he cut me off with a kiss. Whoa where did this extremely sweet Bucky come from? I hummed against his lips. I could feel him smile against my lips. god what’s going on in his head?

When we made it to his room he took me to his bedroom and laid me down on his bed. I have been in his bed before but we haven’t slept of fucked in it. we have fallen asleep together once or twice in the middle of stupid movies but at the end of the night we would always go our separate ways. 

I looked up at him giving him a confused look. he sighed and sat in front of me. he gave me a sad look. I sat up with him and put my hand on his thigh. he twitched slightly but didn’t protest or move it away like he usually does. “ Buck…what are you thinking?” I asked rubbing his thigh with my thumb. his hand lifted and held the hand that was on his thigh. I looked down at our hands and frowned. he’s not gonna make me move it… I he? I don’t want to move it. its not fair that I cant touch him. he didn’t move it he just caressed his fingers against mine. I smiled and looked back up to him. his eyes were on me. he had watched me “I really do make you feel like shit don’t I?” he asked I gave him a look. what? “What?” I asked he sighed and closed his eyes putting his head down. “you…I.. ugghh.” he started I frowned as he struggled coming up with the words. it took him about five minutes to finally get the word out. “Sex.” he said running his hand through his hair. I nodded at him “I know that you want me I just…” I looked down. “you just don’t want me.” I finished for him looking down, discarding my hand from his. God its true. is he gonna break up with me? “What? No! God, you don’t understand…” he started snatching my hand back. What? I’m so confused. I looked up at him frustrated. “Well then What? I have literally been throwing myself at you. you know how hard it is having you as a boyfriend. you’re like Sex on legs and you wont let me touch you!” I sighed and looked down “and then the other night… do you know how humiliating that was?” I whispered sadly. his Metal hand came up to cut my face. “and then you don’t even get turned on. like, why are you even with me if you don’t find me attractive?” I asked finally meeting his eyes. they were wide and his mouth was hanging open. he exhaled and licked his lips. fuck he cant be doing that right now. “Y/N Y/M Y/L I am completely in love with you! I love you so much sometimes its hard to breath. and Y/N your so fucking beautiful. your my best girl, I haven’t ever met someone as perfect and wonderful and… I have lived for a very long time.” my mouth was hanging opened. goosebumps and made there way across my body as he spoke. my heart was on fire. the events from earlier completely forgotten. 

he’s in love!

With me!

“this arm is the problem.” he said softly pointed at it with his other hand. “I don’t wanna hurt you. do you know how easy it would be?” he asked looking at me “all I had to do was tap my arm against the coffee table before it completely shattered to pieces.” he looked down “you were so scared. I could see it in your eyes.” he wouldn’t look at me. “ I could crush you in seconds.” he explained making a fist with the hand. he breathed. “and just earlier, I flung you into Clint…. how easy it is to hurt you. when you had my hand… and you were rubbing yourself on me…fuck it took all the self control I had not to take you across my coffee table the other night. god…” he almost moaned throwing his head back slightly. I was still just a little confused though. “do you have a small dick then or something?” I asked bluntly he shot up a little and laughed “No I don’t. every time you would…” he took a breath and closed his eyes. “when you would get o-on top of me I would tuck my boy in between my legs. I knew if you pressed… p-pressed against it I would..” he looked up at me. he forreal tucks his dick in? what the fuck. I laughed at him. he laughed with me and snickered “you think my dick is small?” he asked I shook my head “I mean I didn’t think so. your a fucking super soldier. its Super dick!” I said he laughed louder and grabbed my hand and held it for a minute while looking at me.

 “ I do Not have a small dick.” he said I was about to ask him to prove it when he placed my hand over his crotch and pressed down. he moaned as my hand rubbed against his Jeans over his….very large penis. “Fuck..” I breathed it was started to get very hot in here. I began running my hand over it again and again feeling the thickness under my fingers. I pushed down slightly and he bucked his hips up and moaned again. I smirked and looked at him. his eyes were closed and his tongue was on his lip threating to hand down. I smiled and leaned in to nip at his lip. his eyes shot open as I got on top of his and pulled his shoulders to me. I need him, Now! I pressed my breasts against his chest and my nipples were hard instantly. I pushed him up against his head board and straddled his waist. “Fuckk!” he said at my quick movements. I bit at his lip again making him shut up. I sank my pelvis down and rubbed up against him. I moaned feeling him press against my core. the sensation was unbelievable. fuck how could he have possibly kept this hidden from me. I grind up and down against it moaning. Finally fuckk. I whimpered as he pushed me away from his slightly. my eyes shot open and I was about to protest but I watched as he slowly and seductively pulled his shirt off. “God in heaven!” I said he laughed as I ran my hands up and down his torso collecting every touch to my memory. I let a finger slide in between his belt then looked up and into his eyes asking for permission. he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. his Metal hand left its place on my hip and grabbed a tight hold on the head board behind his head. I unbuckled his belt and pulled it off of his pants and threw it behind me on the floor and undid the pants. I bit my lip so hard it could fall off. I just wanted to get my mouth around him. I scooted back on the bed and placed my hands on his hips right above his pants and looked up at him again asking if I could pull them off of him. his eyes stayed closed but his head nodded. I smiled and pulled his pants and underwear down his legs and off of his body. “Fuck!” I cursed looking at his large member that had just smacked against his stomach. I let my fingers slowly rake up his leg before holding him softly in my hands he bucked again as I gripped him tight and began pumping him up and down. I leaned down and kisses his knee, he flinched and I started biting down on the skin of his thigh. he moaned loudly as I swiped my tongue up his shaft and slowly wrapped my lips around his tip. he hummed and held his other hand back to hold onto the head board. I smiled and pulled the rest of him deep in my mouth. “Jesus Fuck!” he said I looked up at him. his eyes were finally back on me as I pulled up and popped him out of my mouth and went back down on him letting the tip of his dick reach the back of my throat. he was so big I had to use my other hand to wrap around his base and pull up and down at the same time as my mouth. I watched him through my eyelashes as I sucked him off. god his taste is even good. fuckk I cant do this any more. I pulled him out of my mouth with a pop and pulled away from him. he whimpered and looked up at me as I stood on my knees and pulled my top off. I threw it along with my bra behind me and went to my yogas. I got up off the bed to turn and pull then down my legs with my panties. I looked up at Bucky. he’s so fucking sexy!!! he laid on the bed gloriously naked his arms over his head gripping the head board tight. his lip was in between his lip as he watched my every move. since this is the first time we are seeing each other, I did a little sexy spin for him. I showed off my body and held my hands up to grasp my tits in my hands. I pressed then together and moaned for him. his mouth was hanging open as I crawled back onto the bed towards him. I left a sloppy wet kiss on the tip of his dick and leaned back up to his on his thighs. I sat up on him and looked in his eyes as I slowly sank down on him. we moaned together in unison as he stretched me out. he hit my g-spot without even trying, it stung…it stung soo good. I squeezed my eyes shut and clenched my teeth together as I made myself sit fully down on him. I stayed there for a minute letting the pain pass. I leaned into him, pressing my hands up against his pecks, and kissing his lips. he jumped up a little bit and pushed his lips up against mine harshly he bit at my lip and pulled me to him. I began to slowly lift up and down on him at an extremely slow pace. he growled and bucked his hips against mine egging me on to move faster. I shushed him as we kissed by thrusting my tongue into his mouth. he moaned and rubbed his tongue against mine as I grinded up and down on him just slightly faster. the only sound in the room was my wetness sloshing while I moved against him “you feel so good Y/N!” he moaned in my mouth. I bit his lip as I ran my hand up his chest and his arm. I grabbed against his fingers unlocking them from the bar of the headboard. “I need this.” I said he let go and let me move his hand were I needed it. “Right here, Buck? can you feel how wet I am for you?” I asked leaning my forehead against his finally breaking the kiss. I made him run his hand around my thighs and over my clit. his hand glistened with my glossy insides. fuck I never thought a hand could be sexy before. just his hand. his hands his arms his metal arm. “one of these days I want that hand!” I said moaning and humping against him. he groaned and shook my hand away from him. I looked down confused till he pinched my clit with his thumb and forefinger. I jumped up slightly. “Fuck!” I yelled and he literally made me move down on him faster. I bounced on him and his head flew back as his hand rubbed my clit. “fuck fuck!” I whispered as my body began twitching. he started to fuck up into me hitting my spot over and over. I threw my head back and moaned as my stomach tightened. god this was even better than I imagined. “Fuck Bucky your about to make me cum.”  I said he smirked and fucked into me harder while his hand pinched my clit again. “Shit shit shit!” I said meeting him thrust for thrust over and over. Bucky stopped suddenly and started twitching inside me. fuck… I slammed down on him hard again as hot cum shot through me. I screamed a loud moan as my body spasmed against his. I came hard on him screaming his name so loud it echoed off the walls. both of my hands fell against his chest as Mist covered us up with a Deep Dark shade of Purple. my hips snapped up against his as he continued to buck up into me. my back arched as I came again on him coating his lower half with my juices. I screamed again slamming my hands on him. my body twitched continuously  as my body fell slack against his.

It took me a minute to register where I was when I opened my eyes. I looked around quickly finding Bucky’s sleeping form next to mine. his arms were tight around me as he slept a smile plastered on his face. my heart jumped in my chest. I snuggled closer to him and sucked in a breath. god it smelled like sex in here. sex and Bucky’s musky scent. I pressed my lips into his side and ran my hands over his chest making small circles. I hummed as small goosebumps formed on his skin. I continues to stroke his chest slowly. he groaned “that feels good.” he said softly smiling down at me. he started doing the same against the bare skin of my back. I sighed and twisted my fingers in his chest hair. I can’t believe this man is in love with me. I smiled against his chest giddy. “what?” he asked sweetly pulling hair out of my face with his metal fingers. tingles ran up my spine as he continued to draw shapes on my back. “I’m just Happy and in love!” I said blushing. he smiled huge and kissed the top of my head. “Me too.” he said softly. “my best girl!” he said closing his eyes “Yours!” I agreed.

i can’t stop thinking about that at least once, chidi and eleanor fall in love and realize they’re in the bad place and that they’ve done this before, many times, and have probably been in love before, and are about to be reset again, and

Eleanor whispers to Chidi, “Don’t worry. I’ll find you again.”

and he kisses her like it’s the last thing he’ll ever do, and in a way, it is, because they’re still kissing when Michael snaps his fingers, and

Eleanor is in an unfamiliar room. She is surprisingly calm.

Everything is fine.

For a second, she could swear her lips are tingling.

Butter-Fly (MIDI/Music Box ver.)
Digimon Adventure
Butter-Fly (MIDI/Music Box ver.)
  • Cameron Goodkin: From now on we'll be using codenames. You can address me as Eagle 1. Nina, codename "been there, done that. Kirsten is "currently doing that." Camille is "it happened once in a dream." Linus, codename "if I had to pick a dude." Fisher is Eagle 2.
  • Fisher: Oh, thank god.



You know what’s fun about time zones? You have to wait for most of the fambase to be awake before posting stuff.
You know what’s fun about having a goldfish ’s brain? That you do the drawing then say “I’ll post it this evening” only to forget. For three weeks.
I’m sorry it took so long, and thank you for requesting!

art student charlie

i love the fact charlie loves to draw and i like to imagine he takes art as an a level and just looking completely out of place dressed in his cute cardigans and neatly combed hair surrounded by all the artsy kids who all dress like a charity shop threw up on them.

but like imagine him loosening up and embracing his inner messy art student

-it starts small, just with a few ugly jumpers, similar to what he wore before but instead of just constant blue the colours are horrendous

-then he’s just always covered in paint, its on his hands, on his clothes and on occasion even in his hair matteusz thinks its adorbale

-in fact he kind of just stops giving a fuck about his hair, a levels are stressful he doesn’t have time to comb his hair, he contemplates cutting it but just settles for shoving a beanie on and calls it a day

-he’s constantly drawing people, all the gang have at least one picture of themselves that he drew

-he paints picture of rhodia for quill who doesn’t even say anything when he gives it too her, but cries when she thinks he’s gone, he sees but he doesn’t say anything

-he’d always had someone dress him when he was a prince but now he’s on earth he just dresses how he wants to and its just a small thing that makes hi happy

(i just want my far too put together child to just chill out and be creative, judging from his bedroom he’s already a messy person and he needs to reflect that on the outside)

Niall Horan For Billboard | Digital Painting

As soon as I saw this photo I knew I wanted to paint it, I mean look at this stunning boy! I’ve been working on it for most of the day, I’ve barely left my desk and my eyes are stinging so much but I actually managed to get it done. Its in no way perfect but I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again how do you recreate perfection?? 

Please don’t remove the caption or repost <3

this is kinda a long story

I used to be a DM at hellmart and when I agreed to the promotion, I thought I was getting stationary as it had been vacant for two months already

I was interviewed for stationary and everything, but the day before I was supposed to start I was informed that I would be in toys instead

I was kinda p.o.’d because I’m not a fan of kids and the previous DM didn’t do ANYTHING right, but I needed the money

So I was thrown in after the big summer/spring reset and my ASM not only expected me to immediately be on top of things, but also to fix EVERYTHING in the first week

Needless to say that didnt happen bc topstock was full all the way across the risers, the brand new mods werent set correctly, and everyone knows overnight plugs everything

So she coached me for that, nbd

Fast forward past months of being given 20 of her notes PLUS mine, having to stay after my shift and getting yelled at when I had to take long lunches to get rid of the OT, having my daily game plan get thrown out, being accused of being disrespectful, and being severely understaffed during a peak season

I finally get an associate in the morning only after going to the co manager and waiting weeks, during which I was doing 6 or 7 pallets of freight/day ALONE in addition to faking out my processes bc there was literally NO TIME to do anything other than freight

Then my handheld goes missing bc a manager just passed it off to cap1 and just?? Didnt remember who? It was gone for two weeks and the sporting goods DM and I had to share. I was then coached for losing my equipment and not completing section work or my negatives

I open doored this to my co manager but nothing ever came of it

Then I get sent to a training class and she CALLS ME to ask why I wasnt at work. She insisted that I never told her (which isnt my job) and then told me I was being disrespectful when I forwarded the email that the personnel coordinator ccd, me, her, the co mgr, and store mgr

When I came back from training I saw that the Xmas mods were dropping and asked if I needed to go overnight with the mod team, i told her I needed to know in advance bc I have to work around my family’s schedules, she said no and then called me a week later on my day off to tell me that she never said I didnt have to,and to “quit making things up”

I was supposed to have 2 associates go with me but she never scheduled anyone.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, I applied for another job and was hired the same day. I wanted to quit and wrote out a formal 2 week notice but I was going to wait to give it until the beginning of the next pay period.

I busted my ass getting all my freight and processes done correctly and managed to do a whole aisle of topstock when she came in, on her day off, to bitch at me

Apparently SHE had a note for several days to get some hot wheels display off the steel and on the floor and she had mentioned it to me, but said that she would help me do it because it was a train of 6 different displays and we needed to move all of our holiday displays to another part of the store. The total move would have taken me at least 2 hours and at 3:30 she came in bitching that I didnt get it done

It was never assigned to me and I had been actually doing ALL OF THE STUFF I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO

So we put out the display, move everything, and get done just shy of two hours. Its a little after 5 and I’m getting ready to go when she tells me she needs to walk off all of my notes since I “dont know how to do them”

When I was complaining to a co-worker before I clocked out the asm got in my face and told me never to speak about her the way I did again (said she was crazy, and didnt deserve to be mgmt) and she told my coworker not to get into the middle of it just because I cant be a “good girl” and “do what I’m told”

So I locked my vest, mc40, badge, and discount card in my locker, went to personnel and wrote a 4 sentence email which was basically “today is my last day. Treat your associates better. Please do not contact me further unless there is an issue with my final check. Good luck finding a new toy DM before Xmas.”

TLDR; I literally had the ASM from hell that made me hate my job and I eventually just walked out

“my brain is fuzzy an’… I do good”

is gonna haunt the back of my mind all week

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if this has already been done or not... but could you do the host's reaction if someone was flirting with their S/O? (PS I love you're writing! This is one of my favorite blogs! ^~^)

Thank you so much! It makes me so happy that this blog could even possibly be anyone’s favorite. I hope you like it! (Again, I’m still trying to get back to where I was before so I hope its not as bad as I think it is, I’m sorry!) <3 <3

Tamaki: At first he let it go, thinking that he might just be over reacting as he knows he has a tendency to. Quickly though, the comments and light touches the person placed on your arm snow balled within him. Tamaki’s mood would transform swiftly from tolerance to agitation to pure possessiveness. Tamaki normally isn’t one to try and make a claim over you, but after listening to someone else try to make a move on you, it was too much. With a bright summer he put his arm over your shoulder, resting his chin happily on your shoulder. If that wasn’t enough of a clue for the person flirting with you, he would move to kiss you on the cheek, showing them that they had no chance with you. You were taken.

Kyoya: The second Kyoya heard someone flirting with you, he would try to end it. If the situation allowed he would approach you and the other person calmly, asking you kindly if you would be able to leave the conversation and go with him somewhere. Whether that is the snack table if you are at a casual party or asking you to meet a business partner if you are at a more formal event, it doesn’t matter. If that wouldn’t work he would ask the other person one simple and quick question while resting one hand on the small of your back. “So what were you and my significant other talking about again?”

Hikaru: The very instant Hikaru caught wind of someone flirting with you, he was at your side. His arm wrapped around your waist, fingers drifting playfully on your side. The glare he directed at the person who had just been flirting with you would be sharp enough to cut steel. There would be no doubting that he was not happy, and in all honesty Hikaru didn’t even try to pretend that he wasn’t consumed with jealousy. You were his, it was as simple as that. No one else had any right to try and take you away from him. You. Were. His.

Kaoru: He was conflicted. Kaoru was unsure whether he should make it clear that you were with him right away, or maybe if it would be better just to ignore the person flirting with you. This internal conflict makes him a little slow to the draw when it comes to stopping the other person from flirting with you. He didn’t like to see someone else act like that with you, but he didn’t want to be rude to you… The second the person’s flirting moved from words to touching, that was the moment when Kaoru had enough. Deftly, he pulls you into a back hug, effectively pulling you away from the person.”Can I get you something babe?” He would ask you, giving a pointed look to the person who had just been flirting with you.

Mori: He trusts you, he really does and that is why he doesn’t immediately react to someone else flirting with you. His lack of reaction doesn’t mean he doesn’t notice however. If the person’s way of flirting was throwing in a stray comment every now and then, Mori would be able to suppress the small seed of jealousy that would form in his chest. If the person was actively and unabashedly flirting with you, then he would be forced to show this person who you were with. With a kind smile directed at you, he would wrap his arm around your waist, pulling you close to his side. If that wasn’t enough of a hint for the other person he would carefully interject a story about one of your past dates, being very clear about the fact that his story was from a date that you two had gone on together as a couple.

Hani: One comment was allowed. You were so perfect, everyone had to want you, so he could humor them for that. One comment. Unfortunately for the person flirting with you, they didn’t stop there. As the second remark left their lips, Hani was at your side, fully wrapped around you. “You’re so sweet, you should be the one called ‘Honey’ not me! What do you think about that ____? Can I call my girlfriend ‘Honey’ from now on?” His voice was sweet as he begged you. The glare that he directed the person flirting with you was anything but, however.

Haruhi: There was no avoiding the issue with her. No pretending that she was going to let them continue to flirt with you, and no hints dropped to try to cue them in. She didn’t say anything right away to them, but as the minutes grew longer her face twisted into a grimace. “I’m sorry, but ____ is my significant other. I would appreciate it if you would stop flirting with them. It is making me sort of uncomfortable.” Her voice holding none of the malice that was in her eyes. It was only if the person continued to flirt with you after she asked them politely that she would have a problem.

  • Gavin: Thanks, Dad.
  • The Crew: ...
  • Gavin: Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Jack: You just called Geoff Dad. You just said 'thanks, Dad.'
  • Gavin: What? No I didn't. I said 'thanks, man.'
  • Geoff: Do you see me as a father figure, Gavin?
  • Gavin: No, if anything I see you as a bother figure, 'cause you're always bothering me.
  • Ryan: Hey, show your father some respect!

Am I alone here?

Do you guys ever just eat normally for like 2 weeks or a month? Because since Christmas break I’ve been eating sort of like I did before all of this, just with 800000× the guilt (ie like 1000~ a day). Makes me feel like a faker? But also good because maybe I’m recovering?

But I also do not want to recover? I want to get really bad again. Because then I’ll be losing the weight.

Have any of you guys been through this?