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body language analysis series;

(1/7) Jeon Jeongguk ;

The way he carries himself; with Jeongguk in particular there’s a big difference between the him off today (YNWA era) and let’s say, Debut era, because he was just lil baby back then. So, he hadn’t yet developed his personality quite as strongly, he was still growing into himself quite a bit.

Jeongguk’s current day body language is the only thing I’ll be addressing because it’s the most relevant and actuate of his adult/developed personality.

Anyways, Jeongguk’s body language is CRISP, oh boy he’s super duper easy to read. This is pretty heavily due to the fact that he’s a physical person in general, less verbal, he tends to rely on physical intent and expressions to communicate his thoughts and feelings. So when/what he’s feeling, it tends to light up like Christmas lights, even if he isn’t saying how he’s feeling verbally, it reflects so super clearly.

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  • warren: takes a beating from nathan and encourages max to drive away from the scene so she's safe
  • warren: is genuinely concerned about kate's wellbeing and alyssa's
  • warren: takes max kissing chloe really well and actually encourages her to go ape with chloe instead of him
  • warren: knocks a friggin gun out of nathan's hand and beats him up for hurting him, max, and kate but still feels guilty about going too far afterwards
  • warren: and doesn't butt into max's and chloe's investigations even though he keeps getting involved accidentally

John Laurens x Reader

Note: Did… did I just write for someone other than Daveed, Oak or Lafayette? Are y’all proud of me? You should be. Aaaaand I did a request? Damn I’m proud of myself. This took way too long to finish and I’m really sorry about that you guys. 

Request: Anonymous asked: Can I request John x reader and reader has some kind of social anxiety? Like I’ve read all of your fics and daaamn girl! They’re awesome!

AU: College

Word Count: 1211

Tagging: @hamiltonsquills (if you want me to stop tagging you in everything you’re welcome to tell me)

Originally posted by papersquared

You take a breath as you push your way through the packed bar. After a week’s worth of convincing you finally agreed to come out tonight to meet you boyfriend John, his friends and the Schuyler’s.

You didn’t really want to come, crowded rooms of any kind always made you uncomfortable but crowded rooms filled with a bunch of drunk college students who don’t understand the meaning of personal space are even worse.

You clench your fists as you move further through the bar, the thick sweat filled air doesn’t help

more quiet area at the back of the bar, where you spot a few members of your group already waiting. Lafayette is reaching over the table, trying to grab his phone from Herc who is holding it up out of his reach, while Peggy laughs at the Frenchman’s attempts.

You were hoping that John would have been there waiting for you, knowing his presence would have put you at ease but for you can’t see him at the table already as you approach.

“Hey Y/N” Hercules calls, looking up as you reach the table. While he’s distracted, Lafayette takes the opportunity to pull his arm down slightly and snatch his phone out of Hercules’s hand.

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I need a bit of help for a friend of mine that is living in Montana. They asked me to help them find a no kill shelter for their cat and kittens. I was having trouble finding info online. I feel like I would be happier if I could get the kitties rehomed instead, but there isn’t much time. This lady will be homeless by the end of this week. I don’t really know what to do. I wasn’t able to do much when she had her gofundme running. She wasn’t able to get the old RV to live in. x____X I just feel really bad.

If anyone knows of a no kill shelter neat Billings or Laurel MT let me know? Also if you know of someone who could temporarily or permanently rehome the kitties that would be even better.

Reblogs would really be appreciated since this is important.

Hate You (Wonho)

Originally posted by wonhontology

Chapter 1

Pairing: Wonho x Reader
Genre: Romance, Fluff?, Angst

“Did they really have to invite all of Monsta X?” I sighed as I scanned the crowd. I had watched them all walk in, looking too cool as always. 

“Why don’t you like Wonho? Please remind me.” Soo Jung, leader of the group, asked curiously as if she didn’t know.

“You know exactly why.” I huffed back at her. I really hate that jerk.

I watched her eyes follow his every move. “No, I  don’t. He is a gorgeous man. It’s a mystery why you don’t like him. Everyone likes him.” she swooned. I seem to have forgotten that everyone is blinded by him other than me.

“He's rude Soo Jung. I can’t stand him. He purposely tries to ruin my life. Every time he smirks I want to punch him right in the-” but sadly my rant was cut short, courtesy of the devil himself.

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Just a casual reminder that despite the impression given by TWP, repeated and numerous historical sources state that everyone who knew Margaret Beaufort, actually knew her, loved her and held her dear. Someone freaking described her as a flower would never lose it’s beauty so as long as there were stars in the sky. 

And she was a philanthropist, not a child killer. And liked jokes, and had her own life away from court and didn’t spend all her days cockblocking. Just FYI, you know. 

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Everyone's always making it that Earth time is faster than space time, and I understand that it like /is/, but what if it wasn't? They come back and its been like, 6 months tops, but to them it's been like, 6 years? They look older, act older, mix in them being so used to it just being them that they can't function properly without the others. While they're so happy to be back, all they wanna do is go away again, and escape the feeling of panic from being so far from the other Paladins 1/?

2/? and so they end up finding their way back to each other and trying to convince the others to leave again, but it hardly takes any convincing because they all want to. They know they should work through their problems, but honestly?? the entire time they were away from each other it felt like they were alone, or that the others were in some sort of danger. they’ve all become dependent on each other for comfort, for family, that back on earth they all just freak out and their families

are terrified because what happened to them? Idk where keith would go, but for some reason i imagine Lance bringing him to his family because he knows Keith never knew “family” and wants to share and Lance’s family is very accepting of their son’s friend. anyway, they all make it back to each other and just sit wherever they are hugging and crying because they’d been so worried, even though they knew they had nothing to worry about, Zarkon was dead, Galrans were but a memory 3/?

but it’s still so fresh and the families are confused and they dont understand, they try to, but they just dont get it you know? and so they contact Allura and Coran and request to return to space, and help more because even though they should stay and work it out with their families, it feels wrong to not help those still being affected by the Galras. theur families dont want them to go, but its easier knowing where they’re going and that they’re going than them just disappearing 4/?

and maybe its selfish but theyre all so relieved to be back together in space that its okay theyre all a little broken, and they always return to earth, this time not gone for 6 months, but about two weeks and it gets easier with time to understand and sometimes the families go with - but rarely, and slowly they become whole by being together, as one big family, their earth families now one with each other too. and maybe it doesnt make sense, but they’re happy. 5/5 sorry for rant but i need this

Okay, you have a slight misunderstanding of how time and space work, but you came to the right girl. First of all, I will explain how space and time work and we can go from there.

What is time?

That’s a great question! Physicists are still pondering it, actually, but in layman’s terms, time is the fourth dimension. At it’s most basic level, time is the rate of change in the universe, and it is constantly changing. Generally, time cannot exist without space (more on this later) and space cannot exist without time. This relationship is called the space-time continuum. Any event that occurs in the universe has to involve both space and time. 

The thing is: time works differently in space. This has to do with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. He discovered the time is, in fact relative. What does this mean? Imagine time is like water travelling through a plastic tube that represents space. Let’s say the tube has bends in it and twists around. When the water flows through that tube it travels at different speeds. Although it should be noted that it only flows in one direction. 

The same thing happens with time in our universe. It flows faster in some places in others. In physics it is called gravitational time dilation. Gravity is a curve in space-time and astronomers regularly observe this phenomenon when they study light moving near a massive object (By massive we are talking large suns, black holes and similarly scaled celestial objects). If a star is large enough, it can even cause a beam of light to curve in what physicists call the gravitational lensing effect.

Cool Time Phenomena 

Okay, I recently read some awesome papers on photons. It has been recently confirmed that photons do not exist in time! This is amazing! They are the only known matter to have this exception. What does that even mean? Well, the instant photons are created, for them is also the instant they are destroyed. But those two events could be thousands, even billion years apart! I don’t know about any of you but this honestly blew my mind. I still can’t stop thinking about it. 

If you’ve ever seen the movie Interstellar you have an inkling about how time can affect a planet near a black hole. Despite a few minor inconsistencies, Interstellar is a fantastic movie, which my space nerd brain cannot recommend enough. But the theory is as follows: since gravity is so intense near a black hole, the closer one gets to the event horizon, the slower time travels. Time flows at a different rate. So while only 15 minutes had passed for the pilots on the planet, something like 8 years had passed for the rest of the universe.

How Does This Apply to Voltron?

Well, first of all in canon, time does not flow differently for alteans vs humans. The only difference is how they keep time, or measure it. So the thing that Allura always says about being asleep for 10,000 years is actually… pretty meaningless. Years depend on a planet’s rotation around their sun. We have no indication of how long that might take. An Altean year could be 2 months of earth time. What I mean is that the differences are not in the flow of time but how they are measured. 

Although it is currently not possible and their is no proof to support such an idea, but it could be interesting to explore a scenario or an alien race who does experience time differently. Or maybe Altean “magic” can alter it for them. Or even how an alien species perceives time, like maybe their neurons are faster so they register things differently so of course they would experience time differently even though it would affect them the same. But those are just ideas for you to explore!

 But with all the space travel the Voltron crew does, I would say it’s highly likely that the paladins have had their mishaps with time. I mean, time wouldn’t technically exist in a wormhole, either, or would be very very skewed (flow a lot slower inside the wormhole). So it would actually most likely be the other way around. A lot of time has passed on earth, more than what they experienced in space. For minimal angst, you could do something like their family members are 5 years older. Moving on up the angst scale, you have siblings 20 years older and their own children are now the paladin’s age. For huge angst, 100 years have passed on earth, their families never got any resolution, and now Lance’s great-great grandnephew is on a quest to discover what happened to him. For maximum angst, 150 years have passed, their families never got any resolution to what happened to them, the world has forgotten and no longer cares about the paladins, and the world also never knows that the paladins saved their planet so they live out their lives as traumatized unsung heroes who never get the recognition they deserve.


Thanks for this ask! You know I am an astrophysics nerd, and I love all things sci-fi! You are free to ask any physics related questions, and all my sci-fi writing tips and physics answers, and explanations on space are in my tag #blue answers, 

love, Blue


Protective Boyfriend <3


Gray x Reader - Fluff

You were at the club with AOMG and Sunghwa hadn't left your side since you got here, you smiled when he held you close and giggled when he glared at other guys. Your boyfriend wasn’t possessive just protective maybe even overprotective, he couldn’t always be by your side because he was busy so he was constantly worried about your well-being. 

You pouted as he took away your drink and substituted it with water, you came here to have fun not be babied you sighed and took a sip of your water giving in because you knew you weren’t going to get your way. Promptly, Jay arrived at the table and told Sungwha that he had to wait outside for Hyukwoo, you watched Sunghwa frown and mutter something to Jay which made him stare at you.

You drew Sunghwa towards you so he could hear you “Just go, I’ll be fine” You muttered.

Sungwha huffed then sighed in defeat, he granted you a smile and kissed your head telling you he would be back quickly before leaving. 

The club was humid and it was becoming hard to bear. You glanced around and watched bodies crash into each other sloppily and observed people became intoxicated, you shook your head and looked towards the door you came through. It wasn't far away, you could probably leave the club in seconds. The AOMG crew weren’t anywhere to be seen, plus, Sungwha wasn’t back yet, you groaned, stood up and clutched your jacket along with your boyfriends, and made a break for the door.

The fresh air hit you and made you feel at ease, there were various people standing outside, however, none of them was your boyfriend. You took your phone out of your jacket pocket and tried calling him but he didn’t answer, feeling the cool air cause goosebumps to appear on your exposed skin, you put your jacket on and held Sunghwas tightly as you were beginning to grow concerned and a little bit scared. It had been 30 minutes and there was still no indication of him, your phone had died 10 minutes ago and you were starting to freeze, your eyes became watery as you yearned to be in your boyfriend’s arms. 

You directed your head towards the club entrance and noticed a familiar figure, a sigh of relief left your lips, you wiped away your tears

“Sungwha!” You called out for him, through the crowd of people.

The boy swung towards your direction and ran to you, he drew you into an embrace and kissed your head “Y/n, I was so worried! Why did you leave?!” He asked question after question with concern all over his face.

You encircled your arms around his torso “I’m sorry I didn't mean to worry you, it was getting too hot in the club and then I couldn’t find any of the crew and you didn’t come back and I was worried and I -” You muttered, feeling upset.

Sungwha soothed you and wiped the tears that had slipped down your cheeks.

“It’s okay, I’m here now" 

a/n I decided to make having an overprotective bf a good thing bc it’s Sungwha and he’s adorable and I love him! anyways, thank you for reading and excuse any mistakes. 

Let's Play: Minecraft-Episode 234 - The World Is Lava Part 2
  • Gavin: Yeah, you'll find a lot of wood bridges.
  • Michael: Yeah.
  • Gavin: Go to Woodbridge.
  • Michael: I'm from Woodbridge!
  • Gavin: I said that in the last episode. I was like man, I wish Michael was here. I wish he wasn't so far away from me-
  • Michael: Yeah,I'm here now.
  • Gavin: -My heart is cold and empty.

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Could you do how Seven would react if, during his route when he's at the apartment and keeps yelling at MC and pushing them away, if the MC wasn't able to take it so well and had a panic attack and cut themselves.

me tbh. But I added a little twist in the end. Btw it is an ambigous ending so you guys choose! also sorry if I made Saeyoung a little OOC
[ Admin IU ] [ TRIGGER WARNING!: Cutting! ] 

Saeyoung pushes MC too far. 

Saeyoung x MC - Abyssopelagic 

(adj.) like or pertaining to the depths of the sea. 

It was another day in Saeyoung’s house and well, he was still pushing MC away saying cruel harsh things. It always felt like a stab in the back for MC as she liked him, found him adorable and she absolutely admires everything about him. But it doesn’t feel right when he actually pushes her away. ‘I thought he cared for me.’  won’t cross her mind.

Saeyoung was on his computer at exactly 12:00 pm and it’s lunch time yet he hadn’t even eaten breakfast, he was so focused on the keyboard and MC was silent and all she could hear was the annoying taps of the keyboard as he fiddled with codes and whatever he was doing. His eyes glued to the keyboard and MC was feeling lonely; watching him type away. She was holding a tray that contained a plate full of food and a glass full of water. She stood there, breathing deeply. Anxious as she was, she gained courage and called out for him. 

“Saeyoung, it’s time to eat.”

No response. Once more, she called out to him, taking steps and going closer to him. “It’s time for you to eat-” 
And he snapped, standing up and the chair legs screeched against the floor and he was facing her with a glare and an annoyed expression plastered on his face. “Oh my god!” He started, slumping his shoulders and rolling his eyes. “Why can’t you understand?! I’m busy!” He yelled out. “Just leave me alone, let me do my job so this can be over with! You are so annoying oh my god! You’re like ‘Saeyoung this! saeyoung that!’ can’t you see?! I’m saving your life from this bomb! I don’t need to eat!” Saeyoung did something MC could never forget. He raised his hand and hit the tray, knocking it over. The glasses fell and it shattered on the floor, his yells were blurred out  Her eyes were fixated on the ground. She was standing in the middle of glass shards. The glass shards represented her heart being shattered into millions of pieces on the floor and his yells turned into small voices that echoed. 

So her feet moved on it’s own, until she was running away from his bunker. It was a hellish hour to finally find a cab to get her back to the apartment and once she was there, she broke down, crying hysterically. She was in the bathtub, her tears also filling the bath tub little by little. Her tears wouldn’t stop running and she can hear her phone ring a lot of times. She would have a lot of missed calls and people messaging her but she couldn’t care less. The water in the bathtub reminded her of how dangerous the ocean can be and her heart was the ocean. Beautiful and dangerous. It both has an abyss, something that can no longer be filled by anyone or anything. In her hands, a blade. She was gripping the blade so badly that it cut her palms. Moving it to her wrists, she was slashing it, cutting the skin of her own. Blood dripped down to the water and it was staining the beautiful blue to a terrifying red. MC felt numb and she felt dizzy, no longer functioning that much and she dropped the blade on the floor. It was cold and blurry and the last thing she heard was the front door opening and two voices scream her name before she blacked out.

MC woke up in a hospital, and the anxious feeling came back and waved over her body. “Miss? You’re awake!” The nurse was cheery and she called the doctors while she sat up in confusion, looking around the hospital room. “Hello, Miss MC, how are you feeling?” The doctor asked, entering the room. 

“I think I’m fine. What happened?” MC asked, clearly in the middle of confusion and panic. “Oh, don’t worry too much. You just slept for two days. Your wrists are fine and we did everything in our willpower to check your health, mentally, physically, emotionally. It seems that your panic attack had you passed out and it’s serious that emotionally, you can’t handle things. Is it because of a trauma?”


“Family problems or school problems?”

“Both, and words were always thrown at me.” As the doctor was about to ask another question, another nurse came in, carrying flowers, chocolates and a letter. “Mr. Han sent you this.” She handed her the letter and MC took it, seeing the stamp of the C&R. Slowly opening it, her mouth suddenly went dry reading this.

[ Letter ] 
Dear MC, 
          By the time that you are reading this, Saeyoung has deleted the app on your phone. We’re sorry that this happened to you and I’m sure Saeyoung is too. We hope you’re doing well as the whole RFA is worried about your condition. Here are some things that Zen suggested I’d buy you and I didn’t go there, sadly as I think you wouldn’t want to face any of us. I paid for the hospital charges and there is a cab waiting for you if ever you discharge and it will take you home. We’re sorry and as an apology, I’m handing out money. There will be cash, yes but it’s all for you. Please, accept my sincere apology. 

                                                                                      Yours Truly, 
                                                                                       Jumin Han.

I’ll post the alternate endings soon lmao. 
Check out our masterlist! 

Alternate ending 1  Alternate ending 2 

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I showed my brother a picture of "Tyren" and I asked him what he thought about Lauren's body language (he's a psychologist) . He said that she stands or sits too far away from him and that , that often shows that she's uncomfortable or not interested . There's no eye contact what so ever . I found this interesting cause he doesn't even know what Tyren is or Camren so there's no way he was biased . Remember that Tyren kiss ? Yeah , her body wasn't turned towards him just her face ....

Well, y’know I ship CAMREN so hard af so when I saw these Tyren stuff I was really furious but it couldn’t be really proven as juz PR. I wanna believe your brotha so bad but I think, the reason why Tyren’s “body language” is distant and fucked up is because Lauren doesn’t “love” him, at least not in the way she is in love with Camila but that doesn’t make Tyren not real, it only makes them a joke. But tell your brotha I like his conclusion.

Of Monsters and Men sentence starters
  • "I spend my night dancing with my own shadow, and it holds me and it never lets me go."
  • "I'm letting go, but I've never felt better."
  • "Hold my hand, I'll walk with you, my dear."
  • "It's killing me to see you this way."
  • "I miss our little talks."
  • "We used to play outside when we were young and full of life and full of love."
  • "You're gone away, I watched you disappear. All that's left is the ghost of you."
  • "Now we're torn apart, there's nothing we can do."
  • "Just let me go we'll meet again soon."
  • "I think I taught you well."
  • "I'll be here to hold your hand 'cause you're my king and I'm your lionheart."
  • "Everything feels so different now."
  • "Just grab a hold of my hand, I will lead you through this wonderland."
  • "I packed my things and ran, far away from all the trouble I had caused."
  • "We were nothing like the rest."
  • "We are far fom home, all alone, but we're so happy."
  • "Are you really going to love me when I'm gone? I fear you won't."
  • "You're staring back at me like I wasn't there."
  • "I'm giving you all."
  • "My beating heart wanting more, but I'll keep it in and keep you out."
  • "Maybe I'm a crook for stealing your heart away, maybe I'm a crook for not caring for it."
  • "I'm a bad, bad, bad, bad person, baby, I know."
  • "These fingertips will never run through your skin."
  • "Those bright blue eyes can only meet mine across the room filled with people that are less important than you."
  • "You love when you know I can't love you."
  • "So I think it's best we both forget before we dwell on it."
  • "Said I could never get there, but I'm already there."
  • "All eyes on me."
  • "I push you away, although I wish you could stay."
  • "So many words left unsaid, but I'm all out of breath."
  • "I am sorry this is always how it goes."
  • "I should eat you up and spit you right out."
  • "I should not care but I don't know how."
  • "I am sorry for the trouble, I suppose."

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Hi for anon honesty hour! Capfuls I get some fic recs please? I really wanna do some soma fan art and I want to 1 show my appreciation for the amazing writers in the fandom and 2 get some ideas cause I've got intense art block right now. Thank you!

heyo! (sorry i’m late btw, against all odds sleep ended up being a thing)

also you are going to get a looooot of recs b/c reading is one of my passions in life and when combined with a fandom i’ve been in for ages it’s safe to say i’ve read a lot, but there’s also a lot i’ve probs missed and i haven’t been as prolific in soma fandom lately, so anything i missed is unintentional and anyone’s free to add on to this! there’s also a lot of stuff in my soma tag so if you want more fics (as well as loads of art) feel free to check that out too!

@lunar–resonance​‘s recent resbangs, Now The Light Falls and Velleity (and also their entire writing tag, found here)

Now The Light Falls Summary: Born with the ability to see ghosts, Maka lives in the shadow of two worlds. She grows up reveling in the ghostly company until tragedy strikes and she vows to never speak to a ghost again. Four years later, Maka is struck by a car and wakes up to find herself bound to a strange boy called Soul, who is confused, sarcastic, and above all, very dead.

Velleity Summary:  Maka gets more than she bargained for when a forced father-daughter day at a local museum traps her in a world where the art exhibits have to come life and are out for her blood. Armed with a scythe, she and a strange boy named Soul traverse the topsy-turvy world in their search for a way home. Ib AU.

Learning Curve by ilarual (very good and one of my old favorites)

Summary: The process of getting from “you” and “me” to “us” is a long, hard, complicated one. A series of vignettes exploring the early days of Soul and Maka’s partnership and the road from strangers to best friends.

The Stand (incomplete but in-progress and so so worth the read b/c it’s glorious)

Summary: “In fact, she already had a plan formulating in her head, and it was time to scrap any trace of Eater from this wall. This wall would belong to her in the end, she was freakin’ sure of it.” Street Art/Tagger AU.

Jaegermeister or how the PPDC learned to stop worrying & drop the bass by Victoriapyrrhi (i remember reading this when it came out and it was v good)

Summary: With the PPDC cutting funding at the behest of GorCo, the corporation funding the Wall of Life, it’s up to Marshal Spirit Albarn to gather his resources-some of the finest minds and pilots on the planet-to make one final assault and neutralize the kaiju menace for good. Pacific Rim AU; For Soul Eater Resbang 2014

The Dire Circus by Raining-down-hearts (warning: feels and lots of ‘em, but is wonderful)

Summary: The circus is in town and strange things are afoot, not the least of which is the sudden disappearance of Maka’s father and horse. When she finds her stolen horse at the circus, her attempt to steal him back goes wrong and a strange red-eyed pianist catches her in the act. Something’s very wrong, her father is still missing, and now she’s trapped in a terrifying new world.

Foolproof by Poisoned Scarlet (a wonderful modern highschool au)

Summary: An AU for Valentine’s Day. “Your choice, Maka. Come with me or go back to class and get yourself waist-deep in THAT train wreck.” / / Soul Evans is smarter than he looks. Maka is none the wiser.

Just a Ring Away by therewithasmile (so cute and fluffy okay)

Summary: AU: Maka loses her cellphone; the white-haired, grumpy-looking movie-rental cashier guy finds it. Fluff, SoMa.

Fenestration by Twin-Lupus (aka fabulousanima) (everything you’ve heard about how amazing and heart-wrenching this fic is is 100% true and i implore you to read it)

Summary: He’s so close, and yet so far. Neighbors AU

thanks for the ask nonnie, I hope this helps and good luck with the art! :D

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Interesting the Dan exclusive didn't spread much... We were upset by it at the time and all. Makes me think the industry and media were aware it wasn't the exact truth... But now the telegraph has already written about it. And I'm guessing it will spread a lot! Very interesting. I think there were negotiations still going on. Maybe that's even why the release date was set to so far away... And it explains why RCA never said anything. And why media also didn't report much on it

Definitely explains RCA’s silence.

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He lost Robin a few weeks ago. He spent every second possible at home and with his mum. Even took her to the premieres, NY and Canada when he wasn't in the U.K. It must be a very hard situation. Plus now tour is about to start far far away. His wrist must have hurt so much. He still gave his all every time and didn't cancel one thing, not due to his wrist nor after Robin. He's a fighter. And I'm sure he's alright. It's a lot at the moment and I hope he gets some rest. ❤️


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I am so glad to finally meet a person who doesn't make a living out of saying ”Rika is a snake“ every single moment of the day. What she did wasn't right, but would you think that if she wasn't that much mentally ill she would do the things she did? Unfortunately, Jihyun didn't realize that all of that could go that far away, and didn't put much press on her, but I don't want to blame him either. Their relationship was toxic because of illness, but behind that, there was the purest form of love.

Hello~ I was kind of surprised to find a non hate ask regarding Rika here. Last time I make any fanart or edit with her, I get a very judgemental hate message lol. I have no saying to the people who hate her, it’s their choice, but it’s really rude to sent hate message to fanartist for drawing her. I have a character I hate to, but I don’t feel the need to announce it to the world, what will it do? It’s not like the game company will erase the character because of it.

Yeah, personally I like a tragic love story, it’s less boring than a usual happy end. So maybe that’s one of the reason why I like their story, on how V never giving up on her; but of course not the toxic part of their relationship. They both deserve a second chance and a happy end like everyone else.

I’m just viewing the positive part, maybe Cheritz wants to convey a message, by using Rika and V, that no matter how ugly our dark side is there will always be someone who loves us and accept us as who we are.

Thank you for sending this ask, it’s nice to know there are people viewing the positive part of them ^^