if it wasn't for her and this comic


reapers skin in the new comic is deff phantom of the opera costume from the “masquerade” scene….i don’t think it’s a coincidence

plot of phantom of the opera is literally he’s in love with Christine, watches her, has her, then some dude shows up, she falls in love with the dude, the phantom ends up alone still watching her from afar…

hmmmm………… idk this just seems very familiar but oh I don’t know I have no idea where I’ve seen this before….

marvel moodboard 

The Battle of New York was the end of the world. This, now, is the new world. People are different.

me (2015): boy i sure hope peri gets redeemed im so excited!!!! i think she’ll be like… not quite as cynical and stand-offish but still sorta.. calm for the most part? maybe she’ll be a little bit of a jokester, and a slight bit sheytoon.. perhaps even a tad intimidating at first sight, but overall a Good Gemme!! and i think her lil robot parts are like prosthetics aaa i love

peridot: *loses her limb enhancers and basically her whole character changes from cool but still sorta dorky villain to comic relief*



drew this yesterday half for tdov half because I’ve had this AU in mind for a while, aka the “ALL YOU FAVS ARE TRANS” AU. Trans boys Dipper and Pacifica falling in love. We know Stan would be super accepting and do everything he can to help the kids, and Pacifica’s parents would be homophobic transphobic pieces of shit. Please read the catptions. ♥♥

Today i was going to do the pencil outlines of the new page of PS comic… but @n-s-f-w-sportsbaes and her Part 2 of Mpreg Surprise Victuuri Fic, happened and I totally wrecked my day.

I love you and hate you for that. how? i can’t really explain, just… promise me to keep writing and i might forgive you.


More Pictures of my Artemis Cosplay from MCM Comic Con. Here’s to hoping there will be more of her in Season 3!!! 

MCM London October 2016

Photographer: Colin Roy Eastaugh Photography

Cosplay by: JuliettenotJuliet

spider-man homecoming > wonder woman

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Me again. I won't say that yesterday ended on a happy, throw glitter every where mood. But it wasn't horrible. I survived the negativity my brain wanted to throw at me. I have more crap memories than happy memories, so I stuck to the more recent memories. Yesterday, I chose to think about the first time we took my child to a local comic book convention, and her fascination with costumes. We now have a picture of her with two Deadpools. So that's a good memory, right?

That’s a great memory, and I’m really happy that you shared it with me and yourself. 

And now you have something to build on! The next time your brain tries to give you a hard time, you can focus on the time you told your brain to STFU and instead recalled the time you took your daughter to a con and got pictures with two Deadpools! 

Every little victory is still a victory, and we can stack them up when we need them.

Thanks for checking in. You’re gonna get through this.

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How is Bruce Wayne Jewish?

If my memory serves me correctly, DC released a comics series in which Batman’s first cousin (i.e. his mother’s sister’s daughter) was Jewish on her mother’s side, thus accidentally making Batman technically Jewish by halacha as the son of a Jewish woman. 


FT Angst week Day 4: Bleeding Out/Bandages

But in a sick twist of fate, Lucy Heartfilia did not last long because of extreme magical exhaustion. She developed the same sickness as her mother and passed away in just a year.

Natsu Dragneel now carries two guild marks, one on his right shoulder and another on his right hand.  He proclaims that he could still feel Lucy’s presence whenever he is travelling. He could also smell her scent whenever he gets his motion sickness and he could feel her touch whenever he misses her.

But even if the original team is lacking one member, he believes that it’s just the start of their never-ending adventure. He just needs to do it for her in the meantime before she meets her again someday.

“You better treat me to a lot of food up there, Lucy. You sooo owe me for this.”

i did this in a day and i’m sick omg *wheezes* 

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Since GG is known for spoiling stuff, CP found out that Iris wasn't going to die through him. The producers never had the chance to tell her, because he got to her first. LOL!

I thought you were dishing out false information at first, Anon, since CP legit said this on the day of the finale:

Buuuut, you were not. Lol. Who knows what really went down and in what order, b/c…

You correct. Lol. And it is so comical that it was Grant who told her. Boy can’t keep anything to himself, esp not Candice and esp not westallen-related stuff. He flat out spilled about FP too. It’s ridic, but I love how excited he gets. lol.

No complaints!

Let me tell you something about this scene. Let me analyze this for you. Because there is no scene - not one, not the episode with the date, not the episode with the dance - none of them that compare with this scene and let me explain why; this scene is all but physical, spoken proof that these two characters were in love with each other. And if this is what it all led to, and this is how it ends, then this show wasn’t really a comedy after all.

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"If you ever do a Serra Planeswalker card, can you please commission Rebecca Guay for the art? Her work on the Homelands comic is phenomenal!" "There exists a promotional version of Serra Angel with Rebecca Guay art." The asker wasn't talking about Serra Angel, but Serra herself.

Good point.

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your little comics about Prompto and Aranea so far are so sweet! They are just like big sis and little bro ~ AAAAA!! So cuteeeeee

Thank you so much!!

I have a lot of feelings about this friendship tbh. Didn’t think I would, either! But here I am. I never was the hugest fan of Aranea tbh (when she joined my party after Gladio left, I would summon my weapons right next to her since I thought she was a bad guy and I wanted to dish out what little Justice I could). While I more or less warmed up to her when I realized that she was Nice, it wasn’t until this DLC came out that she really won me over. She’s got that whole tough-on-the-outside, actually-not-that-much-of-an-asshole-after-all-on-the-inside vibe going for her. There’s a difference between being nice and being kind, and Aranea embodies that perfectly.

Like honestly, I said it in the tags of a gif-set with the two of them, but Aranea was exactly who Prompto needed during the events of Episode Prompto. 

She isn’t there to comfort him, or to help him forget about his problems. She forces him to sit (or lie lmfao) down and face his origins, confront his “flaws,” and figure out what the hell he’s going to do next. She presents him with an option that, after spending his whole life bending over backwards to please others, he’d never even really thought about– doing what is best for him, and him alone. 

For someone so sensitive and emotional like Prompto, Aranea’s brand of hard-assery is exactly what he needed to get back up on his feet and move forward with that spring in his step that we all love so much! :)

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that korrasami comic leak wasn't anything major. it was just the kiss. i don't understand why that is a leak. it's not like the plot of the comic will be spoiled by that half a panel picture. or are those guys who say not to leak it implying that the only reason people are going to buy Turf War because Korra and Asami kiss?

It’s not just that, it’s that the artist Irene Koh herself is extremely disappointed that it leaked. I want to respect her wishes. She didn’t have to illustrate the comic yknow.

 And yes, part of the reason people were looking forward to Turf Wars is that Korra and Asami kiss, and if the visual representation is already on the internet, what’s the point of buying it for some people.