if it was you era

You come across a massive machine covered in vegetation, not knowing what it is you turn to your grandfather. He looks at you and tells you it’s a relic from the great war, one of the last remaining artifacts from a bygone era. He proceeds to tell you an all but forgotten past.

PC gamers have it so easy these days - and I don’t even mean that as a “kids these days” grump. It’s legitimately wonderful.

I lived through an era where you could build a top-of-the-line gaming PC, and six months later, not was your video card obsolete, but you couldn’t even upgrade, because the industry standards were so badly in flux that each new generation of video hardware basically required a new motherboard architecture to support it.

And it wasn’t just a matter of performance: if you didn’t have the latest video hardware, the latest games wouldn’t run at all. You literally had to buy a whole new computer twice a year just to be able to play the new releases.

Now? I haven’t upgraded my PC in five years and it’s only now getting to the point that it can’t turn out acceptable performance on this week’s AAA titles.

It makes me wonder how I ever survived the bad old days when the phrase “upgrade treadmill” actually meant something.

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hey could you do a little story of crutchie and dave's first date? or when they first noticed they liked each other? i just saw the tour movie and i NEEED my gays

It was happening again.

Crutchie had walked away for five minutes to use the outhouse and when he got back that new kid was there and that new kid was talking to his best friend.

Crutchie’s steamed.

He thought about whether he should go over and have to talk to Jack with Davey around or if he should ignore them and let Davey steal his best friend. Something moved in his line of sight and he was taken from his thoughts.

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The Girls Crush - James Potter Imagine

Everything can change in a blink of an eye. For you it happend on the first quidditch match of the year. You were the seeker for your house. You were playing against Gryffindor and that meant against James Potter. The most arrogant person you ever met. One of the reasons why you thought you would never start to like him. But on that day you crashed into him and both of you were laying in the hospital wing for days. In these days James and you got to know each other and the worst, you started to like him. Behind his arrogant behaviour was a kind and funny person, who cared for his friends. After the days spent in the hosptial wing you and him were haning out more. And with that you also got to know the rest of his friends. The Marauders. Very interesting people, but none of them were like James.

“Hey Y/N wait up! I have something important to tell you.” “What is it Potter? I am late for my class and you know I hate being late to something.” “I know I know but you need to listen to me. I want you to meet me tonight at the seventh corridor. I need to show you something. Promise me you come and I will let you go to class.” “Of course I am coming. I thought you knew me enough to know I would come.” With that you started to run to your class excited for the night.


At night.

“James ? Where are you ?” “I am here. Now follow me.” With that you and him stared walking towards a wall. Nothing was there but this wall but somehow James got even more excited than you were that morning when he asked you to meet him. “You wont believe me Y/N, when Moony found it I couldnt even believe him. I thought he was shittin me.” With that he started to walk up and down infront of the wall. And out of nowhere a huge door appeared. “It is a magic room, that changes in everything you wish it would be. I really hope you like choice.” With that James opend the door  and inside was a beautiful garden setting like it was out of a movie. It was night and a lot of fairy lights were around a rose garden. In the middle was a dinner table set for two. “I really wanted to ask you out on a date. But I didnt know how. You are so special I knew it needed to be something extraordinary and when Moony found this room I just needed to use it for this. I hope you like it and take my invitation.” He was nervous you could tell, but you were so speechless that you couldnt ease him. “Y/N can you please say something I feel like I am passing out any seconds….. so please help me out here.” “I …. I…. I just dont know what to say. Noone ever made me feel so special…. I am flatterd James and I would love to take this invitaion for dinner.” “ Thank god I was scared you would bail on me.” “Never James I like you to much for this. And now lets eat I am starving.” “Me too. But I need to do one more thing before I bail out myself.” And with that he kissed you with so much passion that you lost your breath. 

You could say this was one of the best, when not THE best night of your life. From there on you went on many more dates and you loved it. Every second of it. He treated you like you were the most important person in his life (even when you Sirius was nearly always there. But you couldnt help but love him like a brother). —– Hey my lovely readers ♡ I hope you liked it a like would help me to figure it out :) Love Chrissisworld ♡

  • my brain: what should you be doing right now, millie?
  • me: finishing off my politics presentation that i have to give tomorrow
  • my brain: and what are you actually doing?
  • me: deleting the fic i had written for day 2 of robron week and writing a completely new one...
  • my brain: and how much do you regret this?
  • me: NOT. AT. ALL.
Remus Lupin x Reader- What’ve You Got There?

Request: Feeling kinda bummy so some Remus angst would be lovely. Maybe where he becomes very snappy and harsh right before the full moon and the reader gets hurt by it bc she just wanted to help but takes it as him not wanting to be around her? Thanks in advance!! ♡♡♡

Warnings: Fighting and angst (but it’s all good in the end we chill)

Word Count: 726

A/N: This is really cute idk ~BB

It was a two day until the next full moon and Remus was getting quick tempered. You and a couple of friends went to Hogsmeade and you thought that it would be nice to bring Remus back some chocolate. You ran up the stairs and knocked on his door.

“Rem?” You waited a few seconds and when you didn’t hear an answer you decided to open the door to see if he was ok. “Remus?” You called as you walked through the doorway. You looked toward his bed to see him lying on his side, blankets and pillows thrown to the floor. You sat down on his bed and touched his arm lightly. “I bought you chocolates.” He shifted to look at you and when he saw your face he looked back towards the wall.

“Go away.” He mumbled, traces of anger in his voice.

“Come on babe, look at me.” You reached out to touch his hair when he turned around abruptly, almost knocking you to the floor.

“I said go away!” He yelled, voice echoing off the walls.

“I just want to-”

“And I just want you to leave but we can’t always have what we want!”

You got up from the bed seeing potential danger in the situation and took a few steps back. “Rem I-I just- I thought I could help.”

“Well you can’t!” He roared, getting off the bed. “You never can! You just make things worse!”

Hot tears stung the back of your eyes as you kept walking backwards away from the man that stood in front of you.

“Calm down! You need to stop Remus!” As you kept walking, your back met with the door and Remus trapped you against it. He leaned in and his eyes met yours. You searched them in hope of finding some regret but there wasn’t, just pure anger and annoyance. He snarled.

“And you need to leave.” He opened the door and you were thrown to the floor, almost falling down the stairs. You propped yourself up on your hands just to see Remus slam the door. You finally broke as you got up, tears running down your face. You ran down the stairs and headed to your room which thankfully was empty so you could cry your eyes out in peace. The next few days were mostly spent trying to ignore Remus because of the fight you had. You caught yourself wondering what you did wrong or why you weren’t good enough one too many times so you thought you could use a day out to yourself. You first went to Hogsmeade but it reminded you too much of him so you left and instead went to a small muggle cafe that your parents used to take you to all the time because you loved the pastries they sold. You were sitting at one of the tables reading and drinking your coffee when you heard footsteps from behind you and a hand on your shoulder. You turned around to see Remus standing there, a hand behind his back and an apologetic look on his face.

“What are you doing here?” You question looking down and shifting uncomfortably under the hand that lay on your arm. He took it off with a sigh and sat down beside you.

“I am so so sorry y/n. I was a total jerk and I shouldn’t have done what I did. It has never been that bad I-” He looked down and started playing with the hem of his shirt. “I don’t know what got into me.” You took his hand that was resting in his lap and intertwined his finger with yours.

“It’s ok Rem. Really is. I know how much trouble you go through.” You shifted your glance to his hand that was still behind his back. “What’ve you got there?” He looked up at you and smiled, taking his hand from behind his torso and putting the familiar shaped box on the table.

“Just the chocolates that you got me. I thought we could share them though I already ate most of them.” You laughed and kissed him on the cheek.

“I don’t mind, love.” A grin appeared across his face as he took one of the chocolates and put it in your mouth.

“I love you so much baby.”

“Love you too Rem.”

Prompt: From Anon: Hey, do you write academy era fics? I’d love one where reader has to take the Kobayashi Maru and is freaking out (she’s also command track) and Bones wants to reassure her but he can’t do much without giving it all away (they were probably sworn to secrecy after the Jim incident so other cadets didn’t know it’s unwinnable?) IDK, maybe some reassurance type fluff or something? ;-) ty! 
Word Count: 1199
Author’s Note: This is my first foray into Academy Era. It was difficult to fit it into the timeline of Jim taking the test the 4th time, and the Narada incident, so I just made sure there was a day of Academy bureaucracy in there between his ‘passing’ and the hearing about it to make sure the reader’s story fit in there too. Enjoy!

“You look like hell, Y/N.” You’d know Leonard’s voice anywhere by now, but this was a new greeting. You turned to see him heading toward you, a concerned look on his face. You shrugged and covered your mouth as you yawned.

“Didn’t Jim take the Kobayashi Maru again yesterday?” You asked. You’d heard there was some controversy surrounding it, but you were so deep into your books studying for your own go at the famed impossible test that you hadn’t bothered trying to figure out the whole sordid tale. You just knew if Jim Kirk was involved, it was likely as sordid as it seemed.

“Uh, yeah.” If Leonard looked evasive, you didn’t really notice it. “Typical Jim. Can’t just accept that no one passes the damn thing.”

“I heard he did though,” you countered. Leonard raised an eyebrow.

“Not sure where you heard that, darlin’,” he evaded answering again. This time you noticed, and stopped walking to face him.

“So he didn’t pass?” You pressed.

“Look, sweetheart, no one passes the damn test. It’s a cheat. The whole point of the damn thing is to -” he trailed off and looked away, rubbing the back of his neck. “I’ve already said too much.”

“Leonard, I test this afternoon, and I barely slept last night,” you counter. “I can’t fail. How did Jim pass?”

“Darlin’, no one on this campus is supposed to pass the damn test, that’s the whole point,” Leonard blurted. He looked around, making sure no one overheard, and pulled you nearer to him, dropping his voice. “It’s unpassable. On purpose. That pointy-eared bastard designed it to be. The whole point is to test your ability to make difficult decisions which will absolutely lead to the death of members of your crew.”

“What?” You screeched, pulling back. Leonard pulled you close and covered your mouth with his hand.

“Calm down!” He hissed. “I’m not going to tell you how the scenario plays out, everyone knows that. The whole point is that you need to make that decision of what is most important - to you, your crew, the crew of the Maru. You make that decision because you’ll be making decisions like that throughout your command career.”

“But I don’t want to play god!” You protested.

“You and me both kid, but sometimes you hand is forced,” he whispered. “And that’s what the damn test is about. Forcing your hand and seeing who you are.”

“But Jim passed,” you pressed. It was all over campus. You couldn’t understand why Leonard was being so evasive.

“I can’t tell you anything about Jim’s most recent attempt. Be assured, the idiot’s failed it at least three times.” He shook his head.

“You can’t tell me or you won’t tell me?” You raised an eyebrow.

“I can’t tell you,” he clarified. “Regulations.”

“Did he cheat?” It took all your power to not shriek the question.


“Oh my god, I can’t do this.” If Jim Kirk was willing cheat on the test, how were you going to make the decision about someone living or dying? You felt panic well up in your chest. Leonard took your shoulders in his hands and made you face him.

“Look at me. Breathe. In. Out. Good girl. Check your schedule,” Leonard said. “My guess is that you won’t be taking the Maru anytime soon. When an unbeatable test is beaten, they tend to go back and fix it. And now I’ve said too much. Damnit.”

“Will you come and sit the test with me? As my first officer? I don’t have a full crew,” you asked, not hearing what he’d said. “You’re always able to calm me down.”

“Y/N, did you hear what I said?” He asked.

“You told me to breathe,” you replied, nodding. He gave you that smirk that told you you’d missed the second half of what he’d tried to tell you. “What?”

“Yeah, I’ll come sit with you, darlin’,” he agreed, shaking his head. “After, you can buy me a drink.”

“Oh I can?” You laughed for the first time that day. He smiled again and nodded.

“There’s my girl,” he said. “And yeah, you can. I’m doing you a favour by sitting in the goddamn test for a second time in as many days. I deserve at least one drink.”

“My dazzling company isn’t enough for you?” You teased. He slipped an arm behind your back and directed you toward the building where the simulation rooms were. As you walked toward the building, your comm buzzed. You decided to wait until you got over to the sim rooms before checking it, as the encounter with Leonard, while helpful, had you a little behind schedule.

“Not today, sweetheart,” he winked, pushing you along.

When you got to the stairs leading to the building, you pulled out your comm, which had buzzed again, and checked your messages. Your brow furrowed and you looked up at Leonard in confusion. “We’re being summoned to a disciplinary hearing,” you informed him. His eyes widened.

“Who is?” He asked.

“The entire student body,” You replied, reading from your comm. “All scheduled attempts at the Kobayashi Maru are being deferred until the issue is resolved.” The relief you felt was overwhelming, but given the nature of your conversation with Leonard, you were a little worried about Jim.

“Let’s go then, sweetheart,” he turned you around and started you back across campus. “I have a feeling you’re still going to need to get me drunk after this.”

“Is drunk McCoy easy to take advantage of?” You teased. He stopped and turned to face you again.

“I would have thought that after agreeing to sit that damn test with you, after sitting it four times with Jim and sitting it twice myself, you would realized that where you are concerned, I’m frighteningly easy to take advantage of. Sober, even,” he retorted. You felt your cheeks colour. It wasn’t exactly a declaration of love, but the usually stoic doctor was looking a little flushed in the cheeks. He turned and continued leading you to the main theatre where the hearing was going to happen, not saying another word.

You stopped and dug your heels in at the entrance to the hall. He turned back, brow crinkled in confusion.

“Let me get this straight, Leonard,” you started. “You’ve sat the Kobayashi Maru six times?”


“You didn’t even hesitate to say yes to helping me,” you countered, surprise evident in your voice.

“No?” He looked frustrated, like you might be the most dense protein on the planet. You leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss on his lips.

“We’ll discuss this more later,” you promised. “But you should go find Jim.”

He looked absolutely stunned, and looked toward the hall and back to you. He pulled you against him roughly and dipped his head. In the few seconds when his lips met yours, the world stopped. Your heart sped up and without even realizing it, your arm snaked up to pull him closer, your fingers tangling in the short hair at the nape of his neck. He broke away. “You damn well better believe we’ll be talking about this later.”


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Jae: 🎤
Jimin: How is he singing wrong when he’s looking at the lyrics..?
Jae: 🎤
Jimin: You’re sharp #

Master posts?

How would you guys feel about a Jongkey masterpost for each era? It wouldn’t be analyzations, but grouping and linking of every jongkey moment that happened throughout the era(s)

I thought this’d be an easy way to reference and go back to past moments that may have been buried ^^