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imgur(.)com/a/BdMB5 smiling for the camera, then .. and i can already see people screaming over the boat pics but look at the the rest and who helped sophia out of it in the last ones .. lol

LMFAO! Thank you for the link, nonnie:)

Where should I start? Let’s see.

1) THEY MADE A WHOLE PHOTOSHOOT of Sophia and her shoes (don’t forget about Liam and Paddy lol). Of course it’s the best place to take pics of Liam Payne-the worldwide-known-boybander!

2) Sophia is a nice girl. She deserves the best. Her man MUST treat her like a princess. And there were attempts.

But then…

And Paddy even held her shoes and purse.

Careful, Liam! Everybody wanna steal your girl:))

Liam is a gentleman. I’m not joking. He knows how to treat the love of his life. Oh, and I’m not talking about Sophia.

3) Miserable hand holding.

Or no hand holding at all.

De ja vu. Does somebody know a proper teacher who can tell them how to do it properly?

4) Should we talk about obvious promo of H&M, Topshop, Zara and VB? (And also this). I think not.

They haven’t changed. Same old Sophiam. Liam thinks so too:)

I hope that after 3 days of “no homo promo”, Liam finally deserved quiet time with his family and his fave boy.

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whats all this quioromantic, lithromantic, cupioromantic (ect.) stuff? are there any more like those? i know i spelt them totally wrong, im not familiar with the terms. (please dont queue me if possible, im really curious and trying to figure things out!!) :-)

Quoiromantic - experiences something between romantic and platonic attraction, does not know what romantic attraction feels like and therefore does not know if they experience it, or cannot differentiate between romantic and platonic attraction.

Lithromantic (aka Akoiromantic) - experiences romantic attraction but does not want it reciprocated, does not care if it’s reciprocated, or has the attraction fade if reciprocated.

Cupioromantic - desires romantic relationships or contact despite not experiencing romantic attraction. 

Demiromantic - experiences romantic attraction only if a strong emotional bond is present.

Aroflux - fluctuates between periods of experiencing romantic attraction and not experiencing it.

Recipromantic - experiences romantic attraction only once someone else expresses attraction first.

Grey-aromantic - experiences romantic attraction rarely, only under specific circumstances, or not strongly enough to act on. 

Biromantic - experiences romantic attraction to two or more genders.

Heteroromantic - experiences romantic attraction to one gender not their own.

Homoromantic - experiences romantic attraction to own gender.

Panromantic - experiences romantic attraction regardless of gender

Polyromantic - experiences romantic attraction to multiple, but not all, genders

Aromantic - experiences romantic attraction to no gender.


I’m getting a bit desperate. 

My little sister and I are both attending FullSail University in the fall. Yesterday, we were told by our parents that we would not be recieving any financial aid from them because “by moving out 6 months ago, we decided we were adults.”

The problem is: per government regulations, we don’t qualify for federal grants because our parents make too much money (we are legally dependent to them until we are 24) but they will not donate even a penny of that money to our education. We have applied for scholarships, are taking out direct subsidized loans, private loans, and have even asked family friends for donations. I am taking on a 3rd job, and she is searching for a 2nd job to pay for upcoming expenses.

Both of our educations will cost $60k over 3 years.
Please. Any donation will help, no matter the amount. 

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Step Three: Embrace the Problem

Here is the third and final part to the Best Friend’s Sibling AU. It’s shorter than the other two, but I think it rounds out this story nicely. Thanks to everyone who has read/liked/reblogged/commented on the other parts and shown so much enthusiasm for this ‘verse. 

You can also find the entire series on AO3.

Step One: Admit You Have a Problem

Step Two: Avoid the Problem

Step Three: Embrace the Problem

Your room. During the fireworks.

Felicity reads over the text for what seems like the hundredth time in ten minutes. That means once every six seconds if she’s done the math correctly, and she always does the math correctly. She has this nervous feeling that she somehow read it wrong the first ninety-nine times. Ridiculous, yes, but she can’t really focus on anything else with the stupid fluttering in her stomach that just won’t quit.

Her stomach has been in a near constant knotted state since they first kissed on the beach, and every time their paths have crossed since the knots has pulled a little tighter. This is uncharted territory for Felicity. Not the kissing part because she’s certainly locked lips with a few boys in her time, even had a steady boyfriend her junior year of high school before she realized how much of a loser Cooper really was. No, the uncharted territory is Oliver. He’s older and extremely experienced and has a way of making her feel simultaneously at peace yet completely out of control. She’s not quite sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.

A loud thundering sound startles Felicity from her preoccupation as she quickly looks around to discern the source of the noise. Bright, colorful light from outside draws her attention, and she makes her way over toward the sliding glass door that leads to a small balcony connected to her bedroom. The booming increases in decibel as Felicity steps outside and onto the porch, shivering at the cool seaside breeze that greets her. A handful of sailboats bob up and down with the rise and fall of the sea off the shore, and people are gathered down below on the beach to watch the display of American pride light up the night sky in a brilliant array of colors.

Resting her forearms on the railing of the balcony, Felicity loses herself in the awesome show of power and beauty, finally settling the butterflies that have taken up residence within her. She ooh’s and ah’s with the crowd below, transfixed just as they are.

The moment of peace doesn’t last long when a few minutes into the show, Felicity feels the presence of another person behind her. She knows who it is before she even turns around to acknowledge him, the hairs on her arms standing in awareness as she practically feels the heat of his gaze on her back. Taking a few deep breaths, Felicity slowly shifts her stance so that she’s leaning back against the railing, facing him.



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i am very much tired of all the white counterarguments i've been getting when i show i'm pro-black and about how violence isn't justified against the police because "violence is never the answer!!" but get this, violence landed you the united states; native genocide. violence got you the control and supremacy over east asian countries; japan (hiroshima). violence got you power and money in the middle east for companies. violence gets you that shitty house your grandparents owned since 1862