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I hate it so much when I walk past people and they just shout “konnichiwa” (not just because I’m not even Japanese) or “nihao” etc. I think pretty much all East Asians who live in the west have experienced this. this happened to me last night when I was hanging about outside a club with my friend and this man came up to me and said hello to me in Japanese. I looked at him and told him I wasn’t Japanese and and he was like oh okay so nihao then. the issue I have with this is not simply just people assuming my nationality based on my facial features (which is rude and annoying as hell as it is, considering half the time they get it wrong perpetuating the idea that all East Asian people look the same) but also, as my friend said to the guy, “why not just say hello?” the reason is that people still view Asians as “other”. no matter how well we can speak English or how “Western” we dress, no matter how assimilated we are into western society we will always be viewed as some kind of exotic alien species and non-Asian people will always view us that way and remind us that we don’t belong. they don’t say “nihao” to us to try and make us feel at home and welcomed and have a nice conversation with us in Mandarin. they say it because they view us as “no engrish” chinks and make sure that we know we will always be judged based on our race and will never fully belong no matter how hard we try

This is not what i really meant when i said i wanted to see guys in military uniforms.. but while i was looking at some WW2 pics i saw an aviator uniform and.. DAMN IT WOULD TOTALLY FIT ARMIN!

AAnd if you think Armin would’t be the best pilot ever, then ..you are officialy out of my club