if it meant to be

idea: Pens Holiday Potluck. Geno and Sidney in a corner pressed against each other; Geno’s arms around Sidney’s waist as Sidney feeds him pumpkin pie. Geno is demanding the whipped cream be squeezed directly into his mouth and is trying to coax Sidney into doing so by pressing kisses along his jawline. The baby rookies are horrified with the flirting overload. 

a concept: jongkey going on dates

  • take each other to fancy places
  • always have a surprise ready
  • surprise is a present or the dessert in shape of a heart
  • or Jonghyun making heart-shaped paper garlands
  • Key keeps them all and decorates his room with them
  • they always end up cuddling at home
  • they fake-propose to each other all the time
  • fake-answer the proposal “I will marry you when you learn to use a can-opener”
  • “I will marry you when you tie your shoelaces”
  • “I can’t, I have an appointment”
  • “Sure dear, let’s go to that chapel over there and do it”
  • “I will marry you when that candy ring finally is a real one” key says because they always use toy and candy rings for there fake proposals
  • except Jonghyun reaches into his pocket
  • and takes out a box
  • key is like what 
  • and Jonghyun pops it open
  • he’s proposing for real
  • with a beautiful ring
  • has Jjong been walking around with that ring throughout the last few fake proposals ?
  • just waiting for Key take a comment about the candy ring?
  • but it doesn’t matter because jjong’s on his knees 
  • waiting for an answer
  • so key says yes
  • and they hug and kiss and cry
  • and they announce to the other members they’re engaged
  • but they assume it’s another one of their fake-proposals
  • until several days later when they notice the ring on key’s finger

anonymous asked:

To the social anxiety anon: You can't tell who has social anxiety just from their internet activity. I could talk into a camera alone in my room, but put a crowd in its place and I'd run like hell. You never know what someone is dealing with internally. Would you want someone to discredit your struggles just because they don't think they're real? Unfounded assumptions can be hurtful and rude and maybe you should be more compassionate next time.

(OOC: yes. this.

 I also just want to add that I choose to keep certain things about me private, including my experiences with anxiety/depression. If I do talk about it, I’ll usually say “nervous” instead of “anxiety” because even those terms make me feel uncomfortable…. I hope you guys understand) 


//I haven’t been on too much because HURRRR, Thanksgiving week, which means clients have no school, which also means more work. Hence why I’m still doing memes and Peppy birthday stuff days after.

Here is otherwise a belated Munday, featuring my newly dyed hair, my drab face, Kaesava saying ‘hello!’, and Aran Ryan and his sammich.

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Google Docs wants me to replace “kind of” with “kinda” and “all right” with “alright”.  Google, are you drunk?