if it meant to be

We are made to be together because you can handle me like nobody else.
—  Poets Love Her
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Ladrien June Day 16: Siren pt. 2

“Ladybug you’re under arrest for destroying the city of Paris”

“Adrien, I’m sorry… I promise I’ll get us out of this okay?”


a gifset for every bb9 episode 1.04

You would have me hang a Baroque oil painting of myself like I’m a North Korean dictator. What, no ornate gold frame? Why am I not astride my noble steed, clad in armor?
…We could add a horse?

GRYFFINDORS  LIKE      Jon  Snow,  Arya  Stark,  Jaime  Lannister,  Brienne  of  Tarth,  Ygritte,  Barristan  Selmy,  Robb  Stark,  Wylla  Manderly,  Beric  Dondarion,  Robert  Baratheon,  Gendry  Waters,  Thoros  of  Myr,  Asher  Forrester,  Sandor  Clegane,  Loras  Tyrell.

SLYTHERINS  LIKE      Daenerys  Targaryen,  Cersei  Lannister,  Sansa  Stark,  Petyr  Baelish,  Tywin  Lannister,  Jaqen  H’ghar,  Viserys  Targaryen,  Illyrio  Mopatis,  Ramsay  Snow/Bolton,  Euron  Greyjoy,  Taena  Merryweather,  Daario  Naharis,  Margaery  Tyrell,  Bronn.

HUFFLEPUFFS  LIKE      Samwell  Tarly,  Tommen  Baratheon,  Davos  Seaworth,  Eddard  Stark,  Syrio  Forel,  Aemon  Targaryen,  Gilly,  Jeyne  Westerling,  Catelyn  Stark,  Benjen  Stark,  Shireen  Baratheon,  Jorah  Mormont,  Arys  Oakheart,  Theon  Greyjoy,  Meera  Reed.

RAVENCLAWS  LIKE      Tyrion  Lannister,  Myrcella  Baratheon,  Qyburn,  Varys,  The  High  Sparrow,  Olenna  Redwyne,  Missandei,  Sarella  Sand,  Doran  Martell,  Rhaegar  Targaryen,  Trystane  Martell,  Mance  Rayder,  Willas  Tyrell,  Bran  Stark,  Tyene  Sand.

Fathoms Deep 53. Luke Arnold

When my right eye twitches it’s a sign that I’m irritated.  When listening to this podcast (FD 53) It begins to twitch when the discussion begins about John Silver’s standing when it comes to Madi and Flint status in this pirate world.  There is this feeling that Silver is not a “GIANT”, when actually he’s the biggest one out of all of them.

Silver doesn’t have anything tangible to the eye in the beginning the viewer can hold onto because we are all a part of his story unfolding right before our eyes.  You don’t see it because we are a part of it.  Silver not having a “story to tell” compared to Madi and Flint is minimal thinking.  Look at the entire story and see who John Silver really is.  He is not just a nobody, he is somebody.

Silver is a man who worked his way up from the mail room of a corporation to CEO.  He knows the in’s and out’s of this pirate world more than anyone else.  Flint is a great military man who had training.  Madi is a hand held woman with a support system.  Silver is the only one on the job with no experience.  The one who took the 3 week course and got a A+.  His intellect surpasses everyone else.  He didn’t have people holding his hand until the day came.  He is on the job training right before our eyes.  He’s the biggest GIANT of them all.

This man who was nothing but a con man worked his way up to being in command.  The crew became his men… not Flint’s.  Think about the power that takes and tell me he’s not a Giant in his own right.  We watched the making of Long John Silver.  He is more than a tool for Madi and Flint.  Silver found his true self without anchoring his definition of who he is on an objective.  Madi and Flint can’t define themselves no other way. 

It just irks me when I hear the down play of Silver’s character.  Silver’s problem was that he was wearing a cooks apron when he’s been crowned King.  He finally breaks free the last two episode and puts on the crown alone, that makes him a Giant.  Everyone will tell his story.  He is a story to tell.  I just think people need to step back and look again at who Silver is.  A con man to the captain of The Walrus Crew.  Yes I said it!  Captain.  Only one motherfucker when down with his ship.  One.  We all watched and didn’t even realize it… he made sure everyone else got off safe not to slow others down and went down with his ship.  Ya’ll gone stop disrespecting Silver and recognize.


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Yoo friends

Y’all still seeing my posts?

EDIT it seems to have blocked a lot of Miracles -.- just sent like 20 review requests, maybe if we keep spamming them with those they notice how much crap they did this time xD like, honestly? I mean, I get that they’re not safe for work because the cuteness might make you cry which isn’t suitable for work, but I’m quite sure that’s not what is meant…

You know, I think this is my favorite Magic Anon so far…


TASHIGI: Thank you very much! I don’t think I need a vacation, Smoker-san needs m–

HINA: Oh yes you do. 

TASHIGI: But I have work to d–

HINA: When was the last time you went on vacation?

TASHIGI: Um, euh… never?

HINA: Let’s go to the beach. That’s an order.

TASHIGI: Y-yes, Hina-san!


[ From now on, Tashigi is on vacation. Sorry Smoker! ]