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I'm not sure if you can answer my question or not. Do museums disable firearms before they display them or leave them as is? To put it another way, in a post apocalyptic wasteland, would a museum be a viable source of weapons or other supplies?

Hello there! This is more a question that has to deal with modern law than history and it would  differ from country to country. I know that in Sweden, they have to be deactivated and won’t be easily activated again. [1] I know it varies across Europe. From what I can gather; in Canada the firearms would have to be decommissioned, unloaded and kept under surveillance. [2] In Brisbane, Australia, the conditions are similar. [3]

When it comes to the USA, gun laws vary by state. What museums, generally, deal with are antiques and the laws on what is considered and antique weapon varies, as does the licenses (sometimes no licence is required). Generally these weapons are non-usable. (There is some information to be found here). 

Unfortunately I cannot give a more precise answer. If the federal or state laws in USA demand that the guns displayed at museums are permanently deactivated, that tends to mean you don’t only take away parts but you destroy some of the mechanism. Thus rendering it useless as a weapon.

Overall, it would seem, that weapons at museums are a bad bet as a supply source for functioning firearms. Likewise with ammunition, I would think. Perhaps some things could be of use but, overall, museums display things. A lot of these things are not in usable condition. (Though someone who works at a museum will probably know more about this.)

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[1] (The link is unfortunately in Swedish but I’m including it for good meassure) http://www.riksdagen.se/sv/dokument-lagar/dokument/svensk-forfattningssamling/vapenlag-199667_sfs-1996-67

[2] http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/regulations/SOR-98-210/page-1.html#h-7 & http://saskmuseums.org/blog/entry/firearms-in-the-museum-are-they-safe

[3] https://www.police.qld.gov.au/programs/weaponsLicensing/licenceApplication/storage/Documents/Weapons%20Display%20Guide.pdf

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"Worst AU anon" here, I sent you the curling one with Québécois Yuuri 😂 I love Canada a lot but I didn't think an AU based on aggressive sweeping and yelling would be all that fun and now you've made me want to read it!

LOLOLOL You meant for that to be a bad AU idea?? Omg noooo hahaha I thought that that would be cool!!!! I still know nothing about it lmao but the idea of Yuuri and Victor aggressively sweeping and yelling? Sign me up tbh

that was. an incredibly eventful walk. long story short i tried to climb a mountain but hit a dead end, couldn’t get down because a group of teenage boys had gathered at the bottom of the path i tried to climb, i found some old remains of an abandoned car in the woods, i got two cacti stuck in my leg, i saw a lot of cute dogs, and i stumbled upon a construction site that i didn’t know existed

“Though know I’ll have questions, like how the hell this a-hole came to know I was doing anything when I’ve never met him in my life. You sure are good at keeping secrets, Lau.” Parker sighed, regarding the three with a bit of scorn. He needed their help on this. 

“For now, lay low. Keep police off our heels. If this goes anything like LA, I’m going to need to have a task force getting civilians to safety. Let’s hope we can prevent that, gentlemen.”

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hi i'm a new follower and i've been going through your blog and saw on of your selfies and omg your so pretty... is it okay if I ask for a self introduction or is that too weird? (sorry)


OMYYGOOOOSH Thank you??!!!

Ummmm… Okay I guess we can do this…

Hi! I’m Carol (or CJ). My birthday is on October 4th, and I’m 23, though apparently I don’t look it -_- I’m an INFP (I don’t really know what that means) I have like 7 blogs haha I LOVE COOKIES and also giving hugs! I LOVE TOKOYAMI SO MUCH!! He’s my bird son. I don’t really know what else to say… My favorite season is autumn. Space is neat. Ummmm that’s it I think? If you want to know something else then just ask me x)