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Yes, I asked Stefán if the person doing the duet with Glanni in “Aleinn um Jólin” was Sportacus, as some people are denying it, mostly because singer was different from the one who usually dubs Magnus. And he literally confirms that it’s Sportacus in the duet. He even claimed that he was unaware of the confusion.

I bet this makes all you happy.

It made me REALLY damn happy.

(I literally stayed up until 1 am for this)

The Date- Sidney Crosby (Mom and Dad Part Three

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Ok you guys will be happy to know Mom and Dad is going to be a mini series of FIVE parts! Everyone save the hug tackles for the end XD I’m going to work them into the schedule somehow, but I haven’t figured it out yet with respect for everyone’s imagines so bear with me! On to part three! Enjoy!

Warning: None

Anon Request: Please do a part three to the mom and dad one. It makes me so happy. You’re amazing love!


And: Would you make another part to mom and dad? maybe like a miniseries? thank you!!


              The date didn’t end up exactly how you and Sid both imagined it would go, but it wasn’t bad in your opinion.

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I just got my Sangwoo phone case from Redbubble and I'm patiently waiting on the day someone sees it and gives me that, "Holy shit they like Killing Stalking", look on their face.

ok wait you bought a sangwoo phone case

Berlin FilmBall, November 1929. Such guests included Conrad Veidt, Marlene Dietrich, Joseph von Sternberg, Lilian Harvey and Brigitte Helm.

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Would you write a hc about jimin always giving compliments, welcoming his members when they're back etc. but the members don't do these to Jimin so jimin gets real sad and is really quiet for weeks and doesn't do these stuff anymore, he's just like a ghost with them. Angst please (if you need it you can also make a happy end) ;;

+ “Welcome back Yoongi Hyung!”

+ “Ah, Namjoon Hyung made another amazing song!”

+ “Hoseok Hyung your dance is awesome as always!”

+ “Seokjin Hyung welcome back! Can I help you with dinner?”

+ “Kookie your voice is so cool!”

+ “Tae is so handsome!”

+ Jimin smiles happily at the smile his members give him.

+ It’s so easy for Jimin to give a bright greeting and or give a compliment.

+ But after a year Jimin slowly realized how none of the other members did the same to him.

+ Jimin slowly started to be quite and he sadly realized how the others didn’t notice.

+ Soon enough Jimin just close himself off, hiding in his room or just sleeping in the car.

+ “This song is good, right?” Namjoon says smiling at Jimin who was on his phone. Jimin just shrugs before getting up to leave the room towards his bed.

+ The members all share looks before looking back at Jimin door.

+ Hoseok frowns as he looks at Jimin who was staring at his phone. Jimin looks so sad and sick.

+ “Jimin is acting weird.” “He is…” “he looks bad… Like I dont think I’ve seen him smile for over a month now.” “A month?” “He hasn’t really talked to us for a while too, he use to always talk.”

+ Taehyung climbs into Jimin’s bed that night, startling Jimin. “Why are you here?” “Are you ok Jimin? You seem so off.”

+ Jimin scoffs before facing away from Taehyung and pulling the covers over him.

+ Taehyung frowns as he goes under the covers to grab Jimin from behind “hey, please talk to me.” “…its dumb.” “What is?”

+ Jimin starts sniffling as he turns towards Taehyung. “It’s really dumb. I’m so dumb Taehyung ah.” “What’s wrong?”

+ Jimin tears fall. “It’s just, I never get greeted or get complimented. But I did it all the time to everyone else. I just..” “felt uncared for.”

+ Taehyung crys as he holds Jimin close to him. They both are crying.

+ Suddenly they felt weight on them and the sound of Hoseok crying. Soon enough the rest of BTS climbs into the bed trying to come in contact with Jimin.

+ “I’m so sorry!” “How could we not notice.” “We’re horrible, I’m horrible. Please forgive me!” “You’re so perfect, we’re idiots.”

+ Jimin sobs as his members snuggle him.

+ “You all suck. But I love you.”

i'm so fucking emo right now but monsta x really deserves the world and more

y'all, monsta x really deserves their first win??? they have been nothing but dedicated to their careers and making monbebes happy and they are a group with so much fucking potential, with bomb-ass songs and lit as fuck choreography for their dances so can we please do everything we can in our abilities to help them get their first win pleasE you’re not even doing this for me, but for the 7 boys who deserve the world and more??? 

it’s one thing to preach about helping them get their first win and it’s another to actually do something??? 

and i’m sorry if i’m coming off very aggressive but don’t use the excuse that you don’t know how to navigate your way through korean sites because there are tutorials everywhere??? if you’re not financially able to help out with the purchasing of melon/naver passes or physical albums IT IS OK IT IS ABSOLUTELY FINE DO NOT BRING YOURSELF DOWN BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU ARENT ABLE TO DO 

but please monbebes, do everything you can in your power that doesn’t put you in a predicament, stream their music video, pre-vote for them for music shows, those are things that each and everyone of us can contribute at least a teensy bit and you may think that your view or your vote will not make a difference but it will because if you are thinking in that way, so are thousands of other monbebes and collectively, it is a lot of views and votes that we are losing!! 

if you need help with anything in regards to tutorials and shit, there are so many monbebes who have put up tutorials to help you with many different aspects which would contribute to their first win AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND THAT YOU HAVE THOUSANDS OF OTHER MONBEBES WHO ARE IN THIS JOURNEY ALONGSIDE YOURSELF 

monsta x is a group that genuinely cares for and loves their fans so can we please please please get that first win for them?

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I hate to spring this up on you while you're on your trip (or any time really) but did you ever struggle with finding your style? I look at it and it's just so full of life an emotion even in the simplest of doodles. I love seeing everything you draw, really, your drawings put me on a rollercoaster of emotions! But at the same time, seeing them breaks my soul a little because I feel like I'll never be able to create something as lively, or just as beautiful as what you make.

aaww noo please don’t feel bad about this.

Listen. I don’t talk much about my struggle with art here because I do my best to keep my blog happy. 

The gloomy me preffers just to fade away everytime art gets hard ^^. But believe me when I say that most artists are always in search of perfection, in search of improvement, in search of a style !! Sometimes it’s a frustrating search. 

I do always look at other artist’s styles and feel the frustration, they are so amazing, their work so clean and dynamic, the lines so soft, etc… and what do I do about all of this? I WORK, hahaha yes!! The only way is just keep working! your favs should be an inspiration… not a let down.

Don’t be afraid of trying other artists styles or take them as reference because a style is a mixture of all that you learn trough practice and it also contains the best of your favourite and most inspiring works, the ones that you slowly adapt to your own likes and needs. I am not afraid to admit that I tried to imitate some manga artists at first and now I see the remains of it on my works. 

It takes time dear, I’ve been creating digital art for 7 years and now, only now!!, after so long I can say I think I have a style that isn’t even consistent hahaha!. Don’t worry, and don’t give up please :)

Topi’s Daily Card #943:  Cruel Entertainment

This card just screams flavor and the color pie of black.  Two players essentially swap turns, and for seven mana being able to have two players mindslaver each other seems pretty great.  You could do this with you and one player, but where’s the fun in that when you can make two opponents fight?  Having two people try to work out each other’s turns and screw each other over as much as possible is a strong likelihood with this card, and the best part with this is that this spell is recurrable, allowing you to keep messing with people’s turns if you have the engine.  Personally I wouldn’t be happy to have this card played against me, but I definitely see the glee in being able to have two people dance for your amusement.

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I don't want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, so I'd like to ask you: is it alright if I ship Leo and Kay? If you'd prefer me not to, I won't! Just, they're honestly just so cute; their interactions make me so happy?? Anyway, sorry for asking something so odd. But I wanted your permission... that's kind of weird, isn't it...? Haha, sorry again.

if it makes you happy and you wanna ship them you’re 110% allowed to! thank you so much for asking and I’m glad these two lift your spirits!

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Do you have any recommendations for wlw content? Movies, books, youtubers, music, etc

Ohh okay yes! I’m gonna organize this and make it all nice! These are some of my favorites and most of them are happy and positive.. I may add to this as I think of others though, these are just off the top of my head.. I hope there’s some you haven’t heard of!

  • Saving Face
  • I Can’t Think Straight
  • All About E
  • Yes or No
  • Imagine Me & You
  • D.E.B.S.
Books (I’ve only ready a couple, but they were pretty fun and good! I also have a goodreads list of wlw books I want to read but haven’t yet here)

  • The Abyss Surrounds Us
  • Of Fire and Stars


Music (okay i have a few wlw playlists on 8tracks here and here but these are some of my fave wlw artists)

  • Be Steadwell
  • Hayley Kiyoko
  • Mary Lambert
  • Halsey

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My boyfriend & I can't stop fighting. I love him so much, but we are both unhappy. I just want our old love back... I don't know what to do.

try to go on more romantic dates or spend some quality time together so u guys fall back in love. or whenever u start feeling a fight coming just back down or tell him that u dont wanna fight anymore. but sometimes things have changed 2 much to go back to how they were u know? if u guys r both unhappy and everything that you’ve tried to do to resolve things hasn’t worked, then maybe u two shouldn’t be together. u both deserve someone who makes u happy ,, sometimes love jst isn’t enough anymore

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holy shit I love all your hc's alot? (If you want to) Im kinda curious and wanna know more about Japanese Roy and Iranian Elrics??? (I'm glad someone else noticed how Xerxes is lines up so well with it, bless) ahh ty in advance!!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  I’m trying to post them more bc they make me happy and this fandom needs all the love and content it can get. ;)  Sooo… TONIGHT’S HC IS ABOUT ROY AND ED AND THEIR HERITAGES!

My headcanons differ, actually, between modern AUs and Amestris for Roy.  Since we don’t get a mention of any Japanese equivalent (minus, I think, one line where Breda mentions the origins of Shogi) but we do have Xing, I actually headcanon him as half-Xingese because he’s drawn, IMO, similarly to the Xingese characters (and also, canon needs less white dudes) on his mom’s side.  She was one of Chris’s girls, and Chris’s brother went and knocked her up, so Chris agreed to raise him because she got attached ok.

However, in modern AUs, I actually go with Chris and her brother as being part Japanese as an homage to the origins of the manga. ;)  For Roy (as opposed to the Elrics) I don’t see him as being super, super into his heritage; I imagine he probably picked up the language because he wanted to and learned some about it but he’s cool where he is.

….I do have some AUs where he lives in Japan and has dual citizenship and is a model, tho, so ymmv.

AS FOR THE ELRICS.  Pls consider Iranian Hohenheim and Jewish Trisha!!!  Ed isn’t really into any of the religion at…. all, though the Elric household was definitely not one that contained pork.  Hohenheim isn’t really practicing either, but Trisha raised them with religion and even though Ed didn’t take to it, Al definitely did and actually pulls from both sides of his family.  (Also!!!  Ed and Al having bar mitzvahs???  please????)

Hohenheim actually immigrated from Iran and I looove Trisha being a UN ambassador, so she’s a polyglot, and Ed and Al definitely know at LEAST Farsi and possibly a couple other languages.

Not Japanese.  Roy alternately insults and flirts with Ed in Japanese and it drives Ed up the wall and Roy loves it.  Not that Ed doesn’t do the exact same thing.

(Unfortunately, Al DOES understand what Ed is saying in Farsi so his shriek of horror is enough for Roy to figure out how inappropriate that last comment just was)

you're complaining about how the CW "is trying to make supergirl more like the comics and the other shows" like lol Supergirl IS A character of DC COMICS and its part of the arrowverse and it won't hurt you if you read one, there actually pretty good, so please stop saying nonsense arguments like this

Don’t be shook but there is actually a part of the fandom that are fans of the comics and we are happy of what they’re doing lol

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You know what I love and hate about your writing? It's so intense. So if something is meant to be funny, it's actually hilarious. And if something is meant to be sad, well there's a reason I'm sobbing into my pillow trying to type this while not making too much noise.

While I don’t do this with the humour, I absolutely purposely try to make the intense sad or tearfully happy moments worse.

I’ve even sent a chapter to a beta and said “Did you cry?” And when she said, “Yes. I’ve been sobbing for twenty minutes,” I replied, “Good. Help me figure out how to make it worse.” LOL! 

If I want something in my fic to be tear-jerking, I’ll write it until I cry myself, and I rarely ever cry, so when that happens, I know it’s ready.

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Rules: Tag nine people you want to get to know better.

How old are you? 29

Current Job/Dream Job? Engineering assistant I guess. Dream job? Pilot.

What are you talented at? Drawing.

What is a big goal you are working towards(or have already achieved)? Working towards being actually happy and doing what I want to do.

What are your aesthetics? Mountains, cabins, flowers, animals, guns, jeeps

Do you collect anything? Foreign coins

What is a topic you are always up for talking about? Weather, guns, movies, the ocean

What’s a pet peeve of yours? People who don’t use their turn signal, Prius drivers mostly because a majority of the ones I’ve seen are awful, people who lead others on

Good advice to give? Do what makes you happy and don’t care what anyone thinks about what makes you happy.

Recommend three songs.
Led Zeppelin- The Battle of Evermore
Bleeding Through - Salvation Never Found
Kaleo - Broken Bones

I’ll tag… @mountain–miss @americansweetpea @accidentallypatriotic @bubbalicious28 @russdom @guactactical @lastgunfighterballad @scottishwinds @anybodyandsomebody (sorry if you’ve done this already!)

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I really enjoy reading your tweets about BTS. They just make me squeal so much, especially when you point out all the tiny details that I failed to catch. I also habour this intense want to fangirl with you but I'm too scared to approach you.

i don’t even pay this much attention to detail in my reports LMFAO thankyou nonny always happy to fangirl together!!!! feel free to tweet me anytime or hmu on kakaotalk there’s really no need to be shy!

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When you get this, respond with five things that make you happy. Then send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously

This ask is always so cute to do, so fun to do!! I’ve done this one recently, ok let’s see I don’t want to be repetitive hahaha<3 (thank you)

- Nice people

- coffee and blankets

-swimming in the sea

- dancing alone in my room (yeah I do it u////u)

- wearing cute dresses (that sounds a bit too materialistic but I like dresses even though I don’t wear them much ^^,)

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I made my best friend laugh. It doesn't seem like much but she's been depressed for awhile, and her doctor even wanted to put her on these weird zombie pills and we really haven't been able to help or do anything for her so it's sucked but today, I made her laugh, her amazingly wonderful laugh that makes your heart smile, It's been three months since I heard that laugh so today, when I heard it, it seemed to make things better. That's my weird/happy/unexpected thing to happen.

This is beautiful, I’m so happy she has you <3 A smile or a laugh is huge and I hope it’s a sign things will get better. I’m sending so many hugs to both of you <3

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about that anon and the fanchants and stuff, you can't expect all of them to know the fanchants or how to say them properly; it's one thing to know the language and learn the fanchants, but to not speak korean and learn fanchants is hard... i mean i don't know about them but i could really feel the excitement in the room

umm okay but. i’m going to the 24k concert in moscow in a week and the russian fan page uploaded the fanchants in korean, romanization and cyrillization for us to learn them?? it’s not that hard if you actually take time to sit down and learn it