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Liberty Pt.1

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Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

AU: Pirates of the Caribbean Universe

Characters:  Bucky Barnes, Natalia Romanoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Peter Parker

Warnings for this fic: Angst, eventual smut in future chapters (slow burn), running away, profanity, violence.

Word count for this chapter: 1,759 (IM SORRY)

Captain James ‘Bucky’ Barnes was a peculiar man, how he sailed the seas for most of his 27 years. He was born at sea, he would most likely die at sea. All pirates, including those in the farthest corners of the maps, had heard of the infamous Captain. You? You were the governor’s daughter, secretly hoping to be taken out to seas and to be set free.


Why are you looking at me like that, dear?” Your father asked, his face bearing confusion.

Oh, do excuse me father, I was.. day dreaming… may I be excused from the dinner table?” Your father gave you a curt nod as you exited the dining hall. Your father was a Governor, therefore you lived in a luxury house, big enough to fit a whole crew of men, you could wonder the premises for hours, but growing up doing just that deemed you bored, trapped even.

Living in Port Royal gave you barely any benefits, indeed, there were beautiful landscapes to be painted, warm sand beaches to be walked upon, but it wasn’t enough. You wanted to explore further than the village fences, the harbor docks, into the sea that waved at you, tempting you to come closer, closer. You would give anything to be set free of the corsets and the courtship, to be free to roam the ocean as you please, discovering new places and the thrill of being a…nevermind.

You had heard stories of countless pirates, Captain Tony Stark of the Mighty Veronica, a large ship painted crimson and gold, with white sails and cannons filled with such powerful gunpowder one hit from a three barrel could split another vessel in half. From Captain Rogers, an ex-commodore, to Captain Romanoff with co-Captain Barton, better known as the Hawkeye of the seas due to his skills as a perfect shot with a pistol, you had heard extraordinary things from the men that survived on.

As a little girl, you were brought up by the maids in the household as your mother had died during childbirth. You barely left the god-forsaken island, it was very rare to go on even a short voyage with your father and his men, ’having a woman on board is bad luck.’ and only to return empty handed and deprived of proper contact with the outside world.

You were sheltered and innocent, men of the guard pined after for you since you grew a bust and shed your baby fat, you understood the means of their stares after you asked your chambermaid, Marie, what it meant to be a ‘tight little virgin’ as the men would whisper amongst themselves as you walked by. You knew very well what a kiss was, in fact, you had had a kiss indeed, your dear childhood friend Peter Parker had bestowed a secret kiss upon you on your 16th birthday, underneath the main dock, though there was no 'spark’ on your end, therefore you had to tell him that his feelings were unrequited, he never stopped being your friend, though.

You came to know Peter after you had saved his life, he had been thrown overboard from the ship he had been sailing on, alongside his father, had been blown up from the below deck gunpowder barrels.

“Father, look, a boy!” You had gasped, your father had rushed to your side and bellowed man overboard, a team of men upon the vessel had reeled him in and left him under your charge.

He was handsome, to say the least, as your hand brushed his forehead, he grabbed your wrist-

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N, I’m watching over you.” You spoke in a hushed tone.

The boy had coughed out a spluttered 'Peter Parker’ before falling unconscious once more.


Bucky Barnes was many things, wealthy, handsome, 'built like god himself’ as some women would say as he swaggered past them in the night, also a skilled thief nonetheless. But he was a shell of a man, plagued by the things he witnessed whilst sailing the doldrums of the ocean. As he moored his ship by the docks of Port Royal he briefly tipped the manager and his assistant a shilling each to keep their mouths shut about him and his men, and that his name was Captain William Pintel, he had ordered his crew to change the sails to white before they got anywhere near the border of the island the sails to white so they could conceal their identities.

He had come to trade, to drink, and maybe get a little bit of action for the night before being on his way to Haiti. He was a wanted man, he had liberated slaves when he was not supposed to, and that resulted in him becoming branded a pirate. The brand grew on him, and he became exactly what he was called, he had grown tired of trying to be the perfect man of the sea and broke the code instead, he sought trouble wherever he went and that was his way of living.

Though Port Royal was not a large area, it was densely populated and it was guarded heavily, with men walking around the village with their guns and bayonets. Bucky had his head hung low as he made his way through the crowds with one of his men, Sam, a man of colour whom Bucky had freed alongside the rest of the slaves.

He needed a sword.


You looked out of your window to see a dark ship rolling towards Port Royal, you could see the white sails calling to you at your bedroom window. The temptation to leave everything behind was screaming at you, beckoning you to go, liberty was practically screaming your name, bobbing up and down, you needed a disguise, you couldn’t board that bloody ship wearing a dress like this, it would blow your cover.

An idea.

You had hastily run to your kitchen and fetched a satchel and filled it with essentials. you escaped out of your household in seconds towards the blacksmiths, where Peter should be. As you neared the large wooden doors of the building, you peaked through the gap and saw nothing, heard nothing, even. So you pushed open the door, he wasn’t there, you checked in the back room where he stayed; nothing, you rummaged through a small crate and found a pair of trousers and a shirt, you slipped off your dress and underclothes and shoved them under the bed, freeing your hair from its pins and letting it fall loosely on your shoulders and changed into the borrowed clothing..

You left the room feeling a little lighter, but a weight fell onto your shoulders as you realized you needed to tell Peter where you were going, being your best friend, he deserved to know, he didn’t deserve to worry. You grabbed a piece of parchment and a bottle of ink and a quill.


I’m sorry but by the time you read this I will be gone, I’m boarding a ship at the dock and never returning, I plan to find a new life, to branch out and roam the world to no end. I hate to leave you behind, I love you very much- the ship is black with white sails, it has a red star on the side also, if you ever need to find me, look for it.

All my love,


P.s. Please, don’t tell my father.

You could heard the door begin to open and you legged it to the back door, you didn’t know who it was but you prayed to the gods it wasn’t Peter, it was too soon, and it was easy for him to spot you in a crowd, he would catch you instantly, so you ran.


Bucky sauntered into the deserted blacksmiths, he peaked around to see if anyone was in there, but it was silent, he could smell the burnt out coal and could tell it had been deserted for hours, though, he came across a freshly written letter and noticed that his ship was mentioned in said letter. He was aware he was a wanted man, what if this was a trap? What if the company knew he was here? Breadcrumbs, you had accidentally left the first, so he took the affects he needed and ran towards his ship.

A girl upon my ship, this should be interesting… Bucky thought to himself.

As he arrived to the dock he could see the red faced manager run to him, “Captain Pintel!! A girl… has boarded… your ship… Sir!!” He huffed, Bucky pushed him aside and climbed onto his vessel, making sure he was as silent as a mouse.

He looked everywhere, and there was no sign of a girl. None of his crew saw a tresspasser, and begin to move the ship out of the dock on captain’s orders.


You tried to still your breathing as you saw the handsome man search upon his ship for the intruder, you were hiding behind a rum barrell as he neared. You could hear his footsteps come to a halt, thinking he had given up, then you felt yourself being yanked up by the collar of your shirt, being pushed again the wall of the ship. His large hand came up and his fingers wrapped around your throat as the other rested against the sword handle on his belt all you could do was stand there.

He was strong, you dared not to move an inch incase he added pressure to the hand on your throat. You mapped his features; dark hair, full lips, tantalizing blue eyes, you realied who this man was, it was Captain James Barnes, the most wanted man on the map, you knew this because you heard stories around the village, from men and women alike.

Well, well, well, what pretty little thing do we have here?” He smirked, bringing a finger to tease one of your locks, “what’s your name, doll?

Y/N Y/L/N, s-sir.” You spluttered, you brought your hands up to try and pry his one off your throat.

Uh-oh.. the Governor’s daughter, hm? Tsk tsk, oh darling, you’re in for a- you shouldn’t dig your nails into my skin, sweetheart, I saw your little letter in the blacksmiths and I won’t hesitate to take you back sweetheart, or maybe… dump you in the middle of the ocean?” He inhaled and tightened his grip around your throat, and narrowed the proximity between both your faces.

Please- Sir I’ll do anything, please just let me come with you.” You hoped he wouldn’t turn out too bad, if he let you stay, but if he didn’t…

Well, miss Y/L/N, welcome aboard the St. Brooklyn…


A/N SOOOO that was the first chapter i hope you like it if people want me to continue im gonna need hella motivation!



So I decided to do a little collaboration with the beautiful @sketchyy-pencil with using her art as inspiration to write HCS for the cute doggies c: I have her permission to use her art. The drawings are hers and you can find the post HERE with their names HERE

Zen’s Dog: Jun the Siberian Husky

  •  He was hungry for love… hungry for being wanted… hungry for someone to run up to him and welcome him home…. but also… someone to be there for him as a friend…..who looks up to him…. THAT IS WHY HE GOT A DOG.  Dogs are loyal, love you unconditionally, will welcome you home, will look up to you, THEY ARE A MANS/WOMENS BEST FRIEND COME ON. He went to a breeder, and found this dog who was being ignored by everyone else. All of its brother and sisters were playing without him and when hew white dog tried to play with them, they growled at him and he walked away. THE FEELS WERE HIT OKAY. ZEN WAS GETTING THOSE FLASHBACKS AND HE RAN TO THE DOG AND HUGGED HIM SAYING THAT HE WILL BE HIS NEW FATHER. He took the puppy home and educated himself on how to take care of a husky. 
  • Look, Zen becomes the way Jumin is with Elizabeth the 3rd. Zen practices his lines with the dog. He got a little care seat on his motorcycle so the dog can go with him to his special place. You do not fuck with his dog. The dog is like an exact replica of Zen. White fur with Red eyes making all the other dogs want to be him or want to be with him. The dog is really there for Zen in a emotional level. They both know how it is to be ignored and not loved. Okay TBH, Jun rarely gets dog food, he gets meat, chicken, ham, all that good stuff. Zen makes sure he runs the the fat off so he doesn’t get sick D: He makes sure the dog takes frequent ice baths c: He loves to go to the park and play catch with his doggie. They cant be there for long because of fans wanting to take pictures. BEST BELIEVE THIS DOG IS THERE POSING FOR THE PHOTO

Yoosung’s Dog: Rin the Corgi

  • Yoosung was tired of feeling lonely all the time and he decided to do something about it. He decided to join a new club at campus and he decided to join the CORGI APPRECIATION SQAUD club. He always wanted to be apart of a squad so he was an active member c: He started to find appreciation to the breed and decided to get one of his own c: The club gave him directions to this adoption center and thats where he met his best friend RIN THE CORGI :,D Rin was Yoosungs hype dog! Yoosung bought LOL shirts for her and everything. He loVES PLAYING WITH HER TINY LITTLE LEGS!!! HE LIKS TO FLICK IT AND SING TO HER WHILE HE RUBS HER BELLY. SHE BRINGS HIM HAPPINESS. LIKE HE BUYS PAJAMAS FOR HER AND EVERYTHING. REASON TO LIVE. REASON TO DO GOOD IN SCHOOL. SHE IS JUST A GOOD GIRL. LOVES TO HUG. SHE TRIPS SOMETIMES BUT ITS OKAY. YOOSUNG PICKS HER UP AND TAPS HER BUT A BIT. 

Saeran’s Dog: Ciel the Doberman

  • Saeran actually met Ciel in the worst way possible. Ciel was Saerans personal guardian angel.
  • When Rika manipulated Saeran to join Mint Eye, he wasn't “conditioned” yet. He didnt know what Rika meant by that but 2 months later he was locked in the basement with little food and water. Men wearing white robes and black masks came in the basement and hosed down Saeran leaving him soaked and wet. They have him eat special food 3 times a day and thats all he gets. He doesn’t have clothes or a blanket. He just has a mattress and a pillow. He couldn’t believe Saeyoung would trade his freedom for his brother. Rika finally was convincing him that Saeyoung left him to die and that he must be cleansed by the lord. “The enemy is the RFA. The stole my happiness away from me. My main target is my own flesh and blood Saeyoung Choi. Mission? To Kill Him.” That was all he was thinking about when he was holding himself in the night trying to spread warmth throughout his body. Later in the night, he heard rapid footsteps around the basement. He thought it was a rat but he rubbed his eyes to try and see better. His vision cleared a bit and he saw a white puppy hiding behind one of the boxes holding bread in its mouth. The puppy looked at Saeran and ran into one of the empty boxes. Saeran went closer to the pups territory and kneeled down extending its hand so the puppy can know Saeran means no harm. The puppy trusted him and from that day on, the dog shared its stolen meal with Saeran and cuddled with him in the night so they both can stay warm. 
  • However one afternoon, the puppy was hiding in its box waiting for nightfall to sneak out and grab food. The puppies nap was rudely interrupted when Rika and her followers barged into the basement to beat up Saeran because they accused him of stealing food. The three masked men were punching and kicking him leaving Saeran defenseless. The puppy didn’t think twice leaving his hidden box and went to attack the men. The puppy was biting their legs as if they were pieces of meat protecting his friend. Rika saw what was happening and was about to attack the puppy till Saeran interfered and protected his friend. Saeran finally decided to fully join her and her cult if they let him and his friend live like decent beings. Rika agreed knowing the medicine was now taking affect. She gave them a room and Chef to feed them and everything. From that day on, they were eachs other ride or die.

Jihyun/V’s Dog: Angel the Australian Shepard 

  • Angel traveled around the world with V. She is a very loyal and friendly dog. The only problem V had with Angel is that for an odd reason, she hated Rika. Whenever Rika walked into the room, Angel growled and walked away. When Rika tried to cuddle with V, Angel jumped on the couch and sat on his lap demanding attention. Rika hated Angel and Angel hated her. She tried to convince V to get rid of Angel because her excuse was it was “damaging the relationship”. He told her no that he rather lose her than Angel. Angel barked and slept with V while Rika was planning on a thing called Mint Eye. Rika told V about her idea and Angel went and laid on top of V and growled at her. A sun can always disappear but an Angel will always be there.

MC’s Dog: Shin the Dalmatian

  • This dog is legit the worse dog guard ever. Zen convinced MC to get a dog to make sure she is safe and protected. She told Zen she already had a dog and that her name was Shin and that she was your pride and joy. The whole RFA felt better knowing you had a dog there ready to protect its master from any harms way. 
    • V saw the messages and began to freak out thinking the dog could possibly smell the bomb so he just never logged back in LMAO IM SORRY  HE HAS IMPORTANT SHIT TO DO 
  • However, MC didnt tell them that Shin is the most friendliest dog ever. She plays with everyone and loves to play little jokes. MC usually smiled because Shin had the same personality as the person who gave MC the adorable Dalmatian, MC’s grandfather c: Whenever she had to make phone calls or answer emails for the party, Shin was mostly annoyed because she wasn’t getting any attention
    • When MC heard her window shattered she was frighten seeing a white haired man in her home. She knew that was Unknown but before she could say anything, Shin jumped ontop of the man knocking him to the floor. Shin was wagging her tail with a ball in her mouth. Unknown did not expect that reaction. 
      • EXTRA BONUS 
        • Unknown started to play fetch with Shin and joined them for dinner eating spaghetti with them. 

Seven’s Dog: Chip the Shibu Inou 

  • He was inspired to get this dog because he saw a meme on social media about Doge and he wanted one so bad. Screw Elly, if she didnt want or need his love, he was going to give it to someone who needs it. He decided to go to a shelter hoping he can find famous meme breed and after 8 different shelters, he couldn’t find the meme breed D: He was beginning to lose hope but he decided to try one more shelter. When he entered the shelter, he saw a 7 month year old Shibu Inu and he screeched like a little girl. He ran towards their cage and was beginning to baby talk to it. He paid for the papers and everything. He didnt prepare to have a animal in its home, so he fed it honey buddah chips. When the dog stuck his face inside the bag it got stuck and Seven began laughing. He removed the bag from the puppies face and noticed there was a chip on it heads. He decided to call his perfect companion Chip :) Short for Honey Buddha Chips :) The thing he loves the most is named after his love :,D 
  • Seven decided to wear a Shibu Inu costume and slept on the floor with Chip so Chip wouldn’t feel lonely :,) After a couple of days later, he brought chip to sleep with him in his bed because the floor was getting uncomfortable. When Chip started to sleep with Seven, Sevens nightmare started to fade away. The guilt he carried inside his head and heart was being cured by chip, but it didnt mean his episodes stopped. One night Seven was having episodes when he was coding because he thought he saw a code saying “Saeran” in binary and he totally lost it. He fell to the ground crying grabbing his own hair. Chip grabbed a potato and ran to Seven giving the potato to him. He then went on his lap and cuddle him giving of “I’m here, everything will be okay vibes” :)

Jumin’s Dog: King Charles the German Shepard 

  • Jumin only thought about getting a dog because he was getting tired of Saeyoung trying to sneak into his pent house and grab Elizabeth 3rd. 
  • He knew Saeyoung could get past the guards and fuck up the security system easily, so he decided to tell Assistant Kang to look for breeder that has the highest qualifications to breed guard dogs. He finally got the information from Assistant Kang and personally went with Elizabeth 3rd to find the perfect dog to protect Elizabeth. Of course Elizabeth must come along to help him find the perfect dog that is suitable for her taste. He had Elizabeth the 3rd in his arms with security guards around him because he was paranoid a dog might react aggressively seeing a precious feline. 
  • He entered the training camp and noticed how obedient the dogs where, but they already belong to the trainers. The breeder took him to the 1-2 year old dogs who matured enough to be obedient. He walked in the special area and there was this black German Shepard that has been eyeing Jumin and Elizabeth from far away. Jumin didnt notice because he was noticing how Elizabeth the 3rd was feeling a bit nervous. Jumin didnt notice that there was an untrained angry dog on the lose and it was heading towards Elizabeth the 3rd. Elizabeth knew she was in danger and jumped out of her fathers arm and ran for it, she put Forest Gump to shame, she was having her own kitty Vietnam flashbacks. Jumin notice the angry dog about to attack Elizabeth till a black German Shepard who’ve been observing the whole situation decided to attack the other dog and defend Elizabeth. The two dogs were fighting till the owner of the untrained dog got a hold of the rude dog and took him back to his cage for training. Jumin ran quickly to the fierce black German Shepard and notice it had a bite mark around its neck. He noticed Elizabeth 3rd climb onto the back of the dog and licked the battle wound and Jumin fell in love with the dog. He bought the dog right away and he was preparing paperwork to sue the trainer for almost hurting his precious feline. He welcomed King Charles with open arms because it saved his heart, his everything, Elizabeth 3rd. 
    • Jumin left a camera in the penthouse and camped out in his car to see if King Charles can do his job 
      • 1 hour later Seven sneaked in and right when he made it pass the kitchen, King Charles attacked Seven by barking and chasing him off the penthouse. 
        • Jumin trained him to not the hurt the RFA but to scare them LMAO 
          • when he noticed everything on the camera, he bought King Charles a diamond collar. 

Jaehee’s Dog: Mocha the Beagle

  • This precious little Beagle is Jaehees best friend. She is always waiting for Jaehee to come home from a long day of being Jumins slave. She picked up Mocha while she kicked off her shoes and threw her fake as glasses on the couch. She gave Mocha a quick kiss on her adorable forehead and gently flicked her long soft ears. UGH MOCHAS EARS. 
  • Jaehee then went to kitchen and placed Mocha on the chair and began talking to Mocha about her day while making coffee. People may not believe her when she tells them, but Mocha actually responds back by giving different variations of a bark. If she disagrees with something, mostly what Jumin makes her do, Mocha gives a mad bark with a little growl. If she agrees, she barks happily with a little pant. 
  • Jaehee just smiles at her canine thanking the moment she first met Mocha. 
  • *flashback*
  • It was a heavy rainstorm that on particular night and Mr. Han offered to take Jaehee to her apartment because she took a cab to work. She politely agreed and hold and umbrella over Mr. Hans head so he wouldn’t get wet. 
    • Her whole left shoulder was soaking wet but she had to do it for her boss. They were halfway there to the limo but she heard a faint cry. She stopped and Mr. Han got a bit week and looked annoyed. He was tugging her to continue walking but she didnt. She kept looking for the noise and saw a box with a little head poking outside of it. She dragged Mr. Han to the car and pushed him inside and ran back to help the helpless creature. She almost lost her job but she knows Jumin cant find no one better than her. :)
Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.10

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                                                   Part T E N 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 4.5k +

A/N: ahhh im sorry in advanced! this isnt extremely jealous!cal but it is there! i hope you all arent disappointed in me ahaa i really hope ya’ll enjoy this and please get it to 100 notes, as usual ! xx

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

                                                    I M A G I N E 

Dublin, 19:35 P.M. 

The Jeep full of you and the band finally began pulling over by a large home. It was lovely from the outside, seeming lavish with beautiful stone tiles and sugarcane plants. But it was extremely lively with bodies hanging around it, music blasting from the windows, and lights of all sorts beaming out. 

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pairing: daveed diggs x reader

word count: 2200

warnings: swearing, thoughts of sucide, depression

a/n: i wrote this like two months ago and i havent read over it but i thot i should post something anyway okay so i know this is probably the exact same as like 10 billion fics out there and im sorry for being unoriginal but like… there’s never enough fics to make people who are sad feel better. okay? because i love you and agree with everything he says in the fic and you are wonderful and you’re gonna get through this. i love you all, stay safe, and enjoy!!! <3</p>

Text to Lin Miranda Cosgrove, 3:45 am

i cant do shows this week lin im so sorry

Text from Lin Miranda Cosgrove, 5:53 am

What? What’s going on? Is everything alright, Y/N?

Text to Lin Miranda Cosgrove, 5:55 am

i don’t know. i don’t know. ill text you when i get better. i just… cant right now

Text from Lin Miranda Cosgrove, 6:03 am

Please, just tell me what’s going on. Do you need to go to the hospital?

Text to Lin Miranda Cosgrove, 6:08 am

no i am fine i just wouldn’t be able to do the show justice this week. im so sorry lin i love you and the cast very much and i wouldn’t want to let you down

Text from Lin Miranda Cosgrove, 6:18 am

Okay. We… love you too. So so much. Feel better, Y/N, text me when you feel up to it. See you soon.

For the first time that night, you had finally fallen asleep.

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“Baby, I’m on the phone”.

Drabble game. Prompt #16 Im Jaebum: Smut

Requested by my babe @annjaee

He was finally coming home. It had been a long and lonely couple of weeks without him while he toured and you were so anxious to feel him hold you close.

You had spent all day making the apartment ready for his return. It was clean, there were candles lit all around, you even wore his favorite matching set of lingerie. You planned on a long night of passion starting as soon as he walked through the door, to make up for lost time.

You heard him fiddling with the keys before turning the knob and pushing the door open. Your heart pounded with pure excitement.

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Change || Jughead Jones ( Part One )

A/N: So I am not very good at writing but I decided to show Jughead some love in this. I think I’m going to make it a series because I was going to make this a oneshot but it ended up being VERY long. I will be making other Riverdale and/or Harry Potter one shots now though seeing as i’ve been having some motivation for once, I hope at least one of you enjoy this! Also I kind of ‘stole’ the way I did my title from @mrs-jughead-jones check her out she’s great and way better than me at writing hA and I kNOW I ENDED THIS CHAPTER POORLY IM SORRY I’LL MAKE THE NEXT ONE BETTER

Next Part: Pt.2

Warnings: Swearing

( Not really in this chapter but ) Words with quotes and italics like ‘this’ are thoughts


It all happened so suddenly, one day you were all nine year old kids, running around in the playground playing hide-and-seek, no worries in your lives. Then, in the blink of an eye, everyone changed.

 Archie and Jughead had a fallout, Betty became Archie’s number one, and you stayed with Jughead.

Things were extremely rough after Archie left, he had tried to talk to you after everything, but you always snapped and walked away from him. You hated him for how much he hurt Jughead, and even though you felt guilty sometimes when you’d turn him down and walk away, you couldn’t forgive him.

Now you were all in High school, everyone was constantly worried about things. Some about their futures, some about Jason Blossom, and some about friends, you were worrying about all three.

You didn’t really have friends, more like a friend, just one, and it was Jughead. He had been writing about Jason Blossom and on rare occasions decided to ask about your opinion on his writing, or to help him out with some of his other works. 

Obviously you were more than happy to help, always enjoying his work, and his way with words. You walked down the hallways towards your locker, quickly opening it to get your books, when you were interrupted by none other than Jughead himself.

Hearing a cough, you turned to see the familiar smirk he always had when he went to greet you, “why hello, fancy seeing you here” was what came out of his mouth. 

You barely contained a giggle as you replied to him, “well good sir, this is my locker” you said courteously, laughing as he rolled his eyes, “of course, how could I forget?” being his sarcastic response.

You shoved his shoulder as you closed your locker, “Shut up you jerk, how dare you use sarcasm against me” you said, making him once again roll his eyes, but the smirk on his face told you he was, as usual, joking around with you too.

However your lighthearted conversation was brought to an abrupt end as you heard Reggie nearing you with his gang. He laughed as he wrapped an arm around your shoulder, “Wow, how is our local freak doing with his freak girlfriend, hm?” he said obnoxiously, tightening his grip on your shoulder.

You shoved his arm off of you as you turned to him, “listen you shithead. Leave us alone, you can shove a stick up your-””-that’s enough (Y/N)” you were cut off by the principle, who gave you a halfhearted glare.

You groaned in annoyance, grabbing Jughead by the sleeve of his jacket and roughly dragging him with you as you walked away to your next class. Jughead looked at you, slightly laughing, but his gaze grew concerned as he realized you were genuinely upset.

He stopped you and turned you towards him, “Hey-hey, are you okay..?” he asked with concern clearly in his voice. You frowned deeply to yourself as you began thinking out loud, “How dare that little shit do that? Who does he think he is!?” you exclaimed, anger clear in your voice.

Jughead put his arm around your shoulder, “Uh, captain of the football team? Obviously?” he said, snickering to himself, stopping abruptly as you glared at him, looking away and sighing after a few seconds, “I’m serious, Juggie..” you mumbled quietly to yourself.

Jughead frowned, “Look, Reggie and his gang of-well gang of whatever they are, are nothing more than your stereotypical jocks with daddy issues. They’re disasters waiting to happen, don’t sweat it” he said casually, turning to you with a serious look on his face.

You shook your head solemnly, “We can complain more later, we have to get to class before we get in any more trouble, you know how my family gets with the ‘family reputation’ and all” you muttered to yourself, making Jughead even more concerned since he fully knew how strict your family could get.

Both of you hurriedly walked into class, since both of you luckily had the same class for this period, quickly rushing to your usual seats as the lesson began. The discussion wasn’t what you were paying attention to, no. 

You were paying more attention to the bad feeling you had been having for the past few days, concerning Jughead when you didn’t respond like you usually did to his whispers trying to get your attention. You stared out the window deep in thought, and spent the class just wondering what was wrong..

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Wrong Girl

Pairing: Dean x Reader x Sam
Words:   1006
Requested by Anonymous:  Hi I want to know if you could do a oneshot where the reader is human but Sam and dean think she’s a demon and try torture her but realizes she’s human and freaks out and try’s to make it up to her with smut please ??? If you can’t I totally understand but thank you so much P.s I love your blog so much it’s my go to spn 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️ 

Warning: mention of smut

A/N: Sorry it doesn’t have real smut…the smut slump is deep
A/N2: This is not part of the “Our Girl” series.
A/N3: If you want tagged in anything, just let me know.

         You hadn’t been yourself for a few days. The demon had completely taken over, using you to do whatever it wanted. It was on the run from the Winchester’s. You knew of them. You weren’t stupid. You had been a hunter for years.

           As soon as the demon smoked out of you, you were on the ground, trying to recoup from what had happened.

           “Got you, Bitch,” Dean’s deep voice was right above you. You had fallen into a demon trap. You couldn’t move. Not because of the trap, but because your body was in pain from being used by the demon.

           “The demon’s gone,” you said, looking up at him.

           “Right,” he rolled his eyes.

           “I promise,” you said, “It smoked out.”

           “How do you even know what that means?” he growled.

           “I’m a hunter too,” you said, trying to sit up, but your body was so weak. It was hard to do anything.

           “Like we’re going to believe that,” Sam came into the room, “Looks like we have the upper hand here.”

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anonymous asked:

fucking honestly. Look at all the big larrie accounts you trash and see that none of them are saying that about Eleanor. But just focus on the twelvies saying those disgusting things i guess

Larries blaming Eleanor for what happened/saying she deserved it/saying she left Louis alone:


“All I want to say is after this incident I never want to hear Eleanor saying another nasty thing about Louis. She should feel like shit right now for ever bad mouthing him when he just got arrested protecting her. Sorry she got in a fight and they got aggressive with her but it doesn’t take away how she herself said some nasty things about him. Hope she reflects from all this, and hopefully walks away from bearding because this isn’t good for him, stunts are not good for him . It’s too much.”



if she tried to take off she couldn’t have been too pleased if there’s one good thing to come out of this it’s her finally not having that smug self-satisfied look on her face


Basically I don’t think the fall with the pap would have happened if louis hadn’t noticed Eleanor and the girl brawling in the corner. So I think the Eleanor fight was what really spurred on the rest of the events. # thanks Eleanor wtf


#I really think they were random people #who just started filming the fight with the pap #and Eleanor probably said something or tried to block them #and that’s what incited them to attack her


Remember this is different than when Elounor was a thing 2012-2015. Eleanor didn’t have anything going on besides being Louis’ public girlfriend.

Now, she’s got her own public image to think about, her own blog, career and endorsements. She’s keeping that in the back of her mind when she left and didn’t show her face. She didn’t want that associated with her name.

Funny how Louis didn’t get to make that choice for himself in this either.


louis is getting dragged thru hell while she is the one on top again man this is how it always fucking was with them im so mad. # FUCK HER FUCK HER FUCK HER FUCK HER FUCK HER # FUCK HER SILENCE


If you read that TMZ article, it basically implies Eleanor tried to run away whilst Louis got arrested. A person held her there (ie the citizens arrest) for the police. She’s being questioned, not charged in relation to it. It says it all there. Instead of staying with Louis she tried to run away and save herself !!! - Anonymous 

i hate this situation but i’m gonna send the person that held that little swine there a fruit basket


#I dislike that chick so fucking much #hopefully she comes of out this all looking bad and then she fucks off


#what a fucking piece of shit sorry for my language but who tell me who is this person #is she even human ? i’m disgusted


#what kind of girlfriend just fucking leaves in a situation like that #eleanor was like this isn’t in my contract bye


#she can fucking choke for all I care #she’s fucking nasty



Larries turning it into a stunt, as in they truly believe this was all staged:


The fact that they were even in baggage claim alone without a guard or escort from the airport is absurd considering the fact that louis never seems to go to baggage claim any other time. Usually his baggage is brought out before him and loaded into the car.


I feel like security didn’t step in because they thought it was all a part of it and then they realized that it wasn’t at the very end.


The half-hearted attempts to get the paps camera honestly make me wonder if that was part of the plan. Louis has a little “fight” with the pap over the camera and that becomes the story with the added bonus of Eleanor being there. But then some other random girls starting attacking Eleanor and the whole thing just got WAY out of hand.


the first part was likely staged and that’s why nobody is being violent nor actually ‘fighting’, and it looks very choreographed (also louis is literally STARING at the other camera).  he’s wearing a flashy blue jumpsuit so you see him properly and recognise him to follow the whole scene.


This sets up a perfect story line about Briana getting full custody of Freddie because Louis is “unstable”. Which he will fight and then BAM! “You actually are not the father”…

Bring it.
End it.

But please, tell me again how none of the big Larries are saying that about Eleanor? I’m waiting.

A Fool of Mine [6]

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Title: A Fool of Mine
Chapter: 6/?
Pairing: Gaston/Reader
Words: 1,628
Summary: [ Dinner, n stuff. ]
Tags: @17gnomes-in-a-trenchcoat @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli @juggernaut-jones @lost-and-confused-fallen-angel @blackxthexbeast @the7thsilence @leah5684
A/N: THIS CHAPTER IS REALLY SHORT AND IM SORRY AND ALSO I DIDNT REMEMBER THAT ADAM READ BELLE ROMEO AND JULIET IN THE ANIMATED UNTIL AFTER I WROTE THAT PART OK but it’s technically not cheating bc this is based offa the live action and the Human Again scene isn’t even technically a part of the original ;;)))))

The first thing you noticed when you awoke was your pounding headache. You pulled yourself out of bed and glanced at yourself in the mirror - your hair was wild and there were bags under your eyes.

Throwing open the curtains was your biggest mistake. The light hurt your eyes, which certainly didn't help your migraine.

Definitely a hangover.

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i’ll never be your mother’s favourite

Request: “Love your writing!! Can you write a Shawn imagine about him being nervous about meeting your family for the first time and he ends up feeling sick the whole way there but you tell him to just relax and it’s just nerves but once you get there later that night he just continues to feel worse and worse and ends up falling really ill and you feel bad for him and take care of him?? And maybe he’s embarrassed about being sick at your parents house??“

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x reader/female character
Rating: General audience
Words: 1353

John Mayer is playing softly on the radio as they speed past the trees on the side of the highway. Shawn buttons and unbuttons the top button of his shirt in the side view mirror for what feels like the hundredth time. They’re getting closer to her parents’ house and he can feel his stomach turn at the thought of standing in front of them for the first time. He looks hesitantly at the tie in his clammy palms every few seconds.

“Do I have to wear the tie?” he groans. “I feel like I’m already in danger of asphyxiation with this shirt collar.” 

“If I have to wear this dress, you have to wear that tie,” she says, eyeing the piece of silk in his lap. “Besides, it was your idea.” She receives nothing but a pitiful expression in response. “Fine,” she gives in. “But you’re helping me out of this damn thing when we get back home.” She rolls her eyes when she sees the smug smile on his face. “Not like that! This dress is tight as hell and I’m going to need help taking it off.”

“Oh, so no sex?” Shawn smirks at her. She smiles and shakes her head as she puts on the blinker and turns onto a smaller road. 

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dating nct taeyong!1!2!1!!

• taeyong wants love
• taeyong is not afraid to show you that he wants love, well he’s kinda shy about it
• but he wants all the love.
• okok jk, not really, but ok jk.
• taeyong is super nice honestly
• he rests his chin on your shoulders and the top of your head a lot like, watching tv? his chin is resting on your shoulder. cooking? his chin is resting on your head.
• PRETTY RANDOOM BUT he answers all of your questions like, no matter what.
• “…mmmmm…. you look good in red. so. red.”
• he looks so good in like, sleeveless shirts
• he’s so passionate about dancing and he loves it when you love his dancing and he’s just so bashful whenever you talk about his dance skills
• he looks good while dancing in sleeveless shirts and he knows you like it. he. knows.
• he knows most of your weaknesses but sometimes he doesn’t know that the slightest “hand brushing through wet, just showered, hair” action drives you crazy and kills you inside
• “…are you ok????” //the tiny shy laugh he does whenever he’s kinda confused of flustered//
• taeyong is like, lowkey (HIGHKEY VERY) protective over you
• esp w the members
• he won’t even share you w the younger baby rookies
• “jaem-”
• “hyung-”
• “jaemin don’t… don’t touch her” and he whines
• “hyung…hyung i high fived her”
• “i…knew that ok that’s ok.”
• he’s kind of… ok he’s not over protective and stops you from meeting people or hugging people but honestly he’s like “…,,,, why’d u hug that guy there”
• “taeyong that’s my cousin. and he’s 4. 4 years old. and 3 months.”
• “he’s SO CUTE OH MY GOSH THAT’S SO adorable. can we take a selfie w him”
• SUPER- OK IF EXPRESSIONS COULD BE MONOTONE- that’s just, like, a poker face.
• but y'all sometimes use like, really weird filters like dog filters and like, angel demon filters and both of tou are making the best facial expressions ever omg but those are, p r i vate.
• but those selfies are also your…um, phone wallpaper, profile pic for every social media site ever, profile pic on kakao/any messaging app ever, and you post them on social media.
• taeyong posts them on twitter and he’s like “whOOPS. HOW DID THOSE GET ON MY ACC- OH GOSH. but we’re cute, she’s cute ok this is cute aren’t we cute.”
• he brags about you in such a lowkey way to the members. it’s so cute
• “hm who’s this cutie? //looking at a picture of you on his phone//”
• you bicker w yuta and hansol a lot. SO VERY SURPRISINGLY TBH
• “you and taeyong are like, perfect for each other. it’s like a frog and an octopus in love. it’s really beautiful.”
• “…you should be the next world wide drag queen, yuta.”
• “it’s true”
• “shut up hansol”
• hansol and yuta stalk you guys on dates but THEY AIN’T SLICK Y'ALL KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY’RE DOING.
• you guys mess w them on purpose sometimes and it confuses them so much and it’s the funniest thing
• taeyong loves sharing his jackets with you
• you guys buy matching couple snapbacks. yes. it’s cute. you guys are that cute.
• sometimes you guys could just be sitting and talking in the empty practice room and suddenly you guys would just, dance and it’s both really romantic and really… idk it’s really special? and really, fun.
• taeyong is very open about his feelings on special days where you two just stay up talking.
• he cries sometimes talking about his past and his present worries and you comfort him and you feel yourself slightly feeling like you’re about to cry too.
• the pressure of being a leader, of being such a big part of this group, and being such a looked up to figure in this group, really breaks him sometimes but he just tries to think about how such a positive turn his life has taken after he met you, got into this group, got accepted to this company, etc etc.
• aegyo. no need for any more words. just. aegyo.
• you were sick once and like, in bed all day and taeyong felt so bad that he just got you, everything.
• “ok, my baby ok, first off i hope you feel better soon and, i brought you soup, i made your favorite ingredients, and i brought your favorite books, i brought you a teddy bear and i brought you some of my nicest jackets, and, OH. OH YEAH. I GOT YOUR MEDICINE.”
• kissing lee taeyong is either super intense and really hot or super sweet and soft and sensitive and slow
• one time you were like, w hansol, GOD KNOWS WHY BC THAT BOY TEASES YOU LIKE THERES NO TOMORROW, ONLY YOU WOULD KNOW, HE ONLY MESSES WITH YOU, but anyway, you were w hansol bc he’s an old friend of yours
• but you were just sitting at a cafe and just sipping your nice little, iced drinks and just talking about stupid memories from high school gym class, you were in like, 2 classes under him. but he still heard about your embarrassing gym stories. they. were pretty famous.
• and then suddenly this hand just, hit hansol on his back and was like “HANSOL?”
• AND boy was he hot. he had really nice eyes and he looked at you and he was, obviously surprised to see you w hansol bc hansol wasn’t. dating. anyone.
• “um, who’s this?”
• and you smiled and said “im hansol’s old friend”
• “oh, well, it’s nice to meet you!”
• and then, every time hansol met with you, it seemed like taeyong was always with him, and that he somehow always, “happened” to be there.
• and then well, meet and meet, you found out that, wow, lee taeyong is a great guy
• and you guys started talking without hansol, LOL SORRY HANSOL, and you guys, liked it. a lot. taeyong felt like he didn’t have anything to hide from you, and he felt so…comfortable.
• meet after meet, you guys just got a, bit closer, inch by inch, after three meets his hand would be on yours, after five, you guys would be hugging, and after seven, he’d be playing with your hair.
• but he never, asked you out. you know?
• but he probably got some weird lecture from hansol and yuta about how he’s gotta GO FOR IT.
• because one day, as soon as he met you, he seemed anxious and when you said “how was your day?”
• he was like “it was goo- hey you, wanna date? like do you want to be my girlfriend?”
• and gosh you could not stop smiling and you nodded and he smiled and gosh SO CUTE.
• taeyong loves you all the time, but he especially loves you when you bake, or buy him chocolate.
• or chocolate chip cookies. or chocolate flavored macaroons. you know he just really loves chocolate.
• he also just, loves you so much, just, he loves you.
• he loves it when you guys just, embrace each other and snuggle up on each other and watch a movie with a bowl of popcorn.
• he sometimes treats you like you’re 3 i swear- he’s such a grandpa omg but it’s cute you guys are cute
• you’re like an older sister to donghyuck and mark it’s so funny it’s just, damn it’s just really funny.
• you’re so nice to your elders and you’re so polite and taeyong loves that about you, he loves it so much
• he likes it when you don’t necessarily dress up, like doll up, you know? he likes it when you dress up too but he loves your casual outfit. skinny jeans and a shirt, a pair of joggers, trainer pants, everything casual, he loves it.
• he gets super shy and laughs and smiles a lot when you compliment him on his dancing or singing or rapping
• he feeds you a lot like “this is so good try this oh my god”
• he sometimes just stares at you and you look up at him and smile and you’re like “what?”
• “you’re just so pretty”
• but you like it so it doesn’t really matter
• this is super like, this is such a cliché thing but i can totally see taeyong cutely calling you “여보/yeobo” or like making up a really cute petname/nickname for you
• taeyong is one of those boyfriends who like, consistently tells you how beautiful and nice and wonderful and talented and pretty you are, so you don’t feel even the slightest bit insecure.
• because taeyong knows what it feels like to be insecure, not visual wise, but from the way others view him and he doesn’t want the person he loves the most to go through the same thing, and when you first heard him tell you that, that’s when you first realized that this guy is really, a wonderful and kind hearted person who’s been through so much and that he really loves you.
• ok but taeyong is such a sucker for cute babies he really wants kids
• but like, not now ofc, not now, not yet
• the closest thing he has to a child is the other 39 members of nct, yes even the older ones.
• one time you got kind of jealous bc he had this very, intimate acting session in a (future) mv but taeyong kept teasing you and hugging you and being like “nooooo baby you know i love you”
• working out w taeyong. is a thing.
• taeyong could literally go from, PERFECT MAM HE’S WONDERFUL WOW HE’S A GIFT WOW HE’S A 49495959 OUT OF 10. to omg he’s so cute he’s like 3 no jk he’s obviously like 4 months old goodness what a cutie pie gosh you’re so stupid and so cute and so precious im lovin it.
• taeyong cooks for you and he’s always like “can you try this for me?”
• it’s always tasty
• he loves puppies
• puppies are great and you will never see taeyong not gush over puppies when he sees one.
• taeyong once saw you take care of jisung once and gosh you’d be such parent material
• he once saw your little baby niece. he gushed all over her gosh he loved her and he loved you loving her and goODNESS.
• he’s super good with words it makes you just, QUESTION.
• taeyong has nice clothes
• taeyong’s a fashionista, that does not try.
• taeyong is so, TEMPTING SOMETIMES
• k that was so 19+ i can’t believe i did that he’s like 5 noOooOoo
• taeyong has this, laugh, that he does when a joke or something isn’t funny but he doesn’t wanna hurt the other persons feelings and it’s super obvious, and so, funny.
• his eyes also like, shake??? waver???? when he does that laugh and, IT’S SO AWKWARD HAHA
• “if doyoung and i both fell into a lake and was drowning, who’d you save?”
• “you.”
• “i can swim”
• “you.”
• you guys go shopping sometimes but 7/10 times you guys leave empty handed bc you guys are such parents omg you guys are like “I THINK WE NEED THIS BUT WE PROBABLY DON’T AND WE’RE SHORT ON MONEY”
• but the other 3 times you guys either buy food for everyone in the nct dorm or clothes
• “taeyong you’re going to the convenience store that’s 2 minutes away”
• he really wants cute little babies with you
• like he can’t wait for little tiny babies who’s half you and half him to run around the house and play with him
• he’ll be such a good dad
• it took him like, surprisingly a very short time to say “i love you” to you
• he just, said “i love you” the morning after you two talked all of your feelings out which was like, a few weeks after you two became official
• he totally prefers just seeing you in person, but if he can’t, he’ll video chat you
• sometimes it gets, really weird like, johnny comes in the screen and then ten and then they’re dancing and having a contest on who can twerk better and taeyong’s disgusted
• it’s super funny
• or sometimes he’s laying down in the bed in the dark and just smiling and quietly asking you how your day was and how much you mean to him and something funny that happened that day
• you guys go and take walks a lot, you guys love the other members and their crazy, chaotic selves, but sometimes you guys enjoy the quiet, and the breeze, and the crunch of the leaves during the fall.
• you guys sometimes just, go into animal shelters and pet stores and play with the animals
• you better love taeyong
• with all your heart
• i support this relationship yes i do yes
• pls don’t let my support go to waste
• lee taeyong deserves all the love


also this was requested by @yuyukar !!!! (i was working on both hansol and taeyong at once haha) i hope you see this and i hope it’s good haha
I'm Sorry

Characters: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst jungus forgive me i swear im not usually like this

Word Count: 1,472

Yoongi and you were next door neighbors in your run-down apartment building, and the wall between your bedrooms was a lot thinner than expected. Thin enough for him to hear you crying in your bed one day. But would his stubborn, shy and antisocial personality stop him from doing something about it?

Originally posted by imakawaiiwhore

    Stupid people and their stupid expectations. You slammed the door to your small, rundown apartment, making sure to turn and lock the door with angered force. Your eyes welled up with the beginning of a flood of tears. You had worked your ass off to get into the school you were at, spent hours studying every night and yet your grades were below average. What’s worse is that there was absolutely no one you could confide in, seeing as you had moved miles away from your hometown to be here. The other students at school already had you labelled as a loser, and they never failed to show it either. You heaved a breath, at least somewhat relieved that the day had finished and you could go to your bed now. Sluggishly, you made your way through the small place to your bedroom, flopping face-first onto your bed. The room was too cold, like always. You thought you would be used to this by now, would be able to handle the solitude that came with moving to another town to attend the school. But the loneliness that came hand in hand with solitude ended up being much harder to deal with than you could have imagined.

    Rolling onto your back, you stretched your arms out beside you. The ceiling fan spun, a subtle breeze drifting through the room and you watched the blades of the fan turn around. Thinking back, you guessed you weren’t completely alone. Somehow you had managed to have a few conversations with your next door neighbor in the recent past. You were pretty sure that he went to the same school as you, although you had never seen him on campus before. The two of you had exchanged a few hellos once in awhile, and you could tell he wasn’t much of a people person. He was timid, usually listening to music so he could avoid unwanted interactions. But you knew that he was actually a nice guy. On the first day you met, he had shyly smiled at you and said his name was Min Yoongi. Ever since then, you had to admit you had a thing for him, always waiting outside the apartment building to watch him come out of the building and head to the bus stop each morning. Maybe it was creepy, but you were desperate for someone, anyone. You welcomed his presence with open arms. In the chance moments when you’d be caught with him alone in the elevator, you always had a reassuring feeling. Unfortunately, you were always too shy to say anything to him except for the occasional hello, and a few small conversations. The conversations gradually grew longer as time passed and you two even had a few inside jokes with each other now. Your fondness for him grew fast before you even realized it.

    But besides Yoongi, who you only saw very briefly every day, you were completely alone. The extent of your loneliness hit you at that moment, making you curl up on the bed, a heavy weight starting to grow in your chest. Loneliness- it was the worst feeling in the world. It gnawed at you until you felt empty, and all you wanted to do was disappear. The students at school were no help, their faces flashing in your mind. A girl with braids whispering to her friend while eyeing you from the corner of her eye. Seconds later, they both erupted in giggles as you walked away from them. Tears started to run down your cheeks as you brought your hands up to cover your face. It’s unfair, you thought. You pressed your face into the pillow on your bed, trying to muffle the sobs that started escaping from your chest. What do they all have that I don’t? You screamed inside your head. All you wished for was someone to be there with you in that moment. Someone to hold you and tell you it was okay. But there was no one. No one was there for you.

    Yoongi strode into his apartment, the low bass of his music booming into his ears from his headphones. Closing the door behind him, he laid his head back against the hard door and closed his eyes. He had missed you again. Knowing full well what kind of image it would give him if anyone found out, he usually waited for you to get home each day just so he could watch you walk into the apartment building. Sometimes he would follow you through the door a few steps behind, making it seem like a coincidence when he snuck through the elevator doors so he could ride up with you. Although most of the time he ended up regretting it, standing there awkwardly in the tense atmosphere that lined the air; the two of you in a confined space together for the short time it took to climb the levels of the building. He wasn’t a creep, he was just bad at coming out of his shell around people he didn’t know that well. Your shy demeanor endeared him, and even though he didn’t talk to you all that much, you were one of the few people that he didn’t mind being around.

    He opened his eyes, gazing at the floor as he made his way to his room. It had been a long day. Sighing, he grabbed the handle to his door and swiftly swung it open. His thoughts wandered to you. What were you doing at this exact moment? Not thinking about him, that was for sure. He knew it was silly, thinking that you would even have a fleeting thought about the boy next door. He shook his head, shaking away his thoughts. Maybe it was simply better to maintain his distance. Sighing, he walked over to the edge of his bed and sat down, moving to take off his headphones. Lowering his hands, they suddenly froze in midair. Muffled cries reverberated from the wall that his bed stood against. Lifting his head in the direction of the sound, his eyebrows knitted together as he listened. He knew the walls between your apartment and his own were thin, so was it you that he heard crying?

    The headphones dropped from his hands as he slowly rose from his position on the bed. As quietly as he could, he crept over to the wall, leaning his head against it as he heard your sobs continue. Each fleeting sound struck a chord in his chest, and he audibly swallowed, lifting his eyes to stare dumbly at the wall. What could he do? Go over there? He clenched his fists. Stupid. There was no way he was going over to knock on your door only to be yelled at to go away. Or worse yet, completely ignored. Lifting a hand, he gently placed it against the wall in the area he assumed you were closest to. His hand flattened against the cool plaster, clenching slightly every time another sob echoed through the wall. Soon most of his body had leaned up against the surface, yearning to help you. But he knew he couldn’t. You were so close, yet untouchable.

    Yoongi, is all you could think. You had heard his door open, you knew he was home now. Still, your crying continued, unable to be stopped. All of the feelings that had built themselves up within you in the past few weeks were finally all spilling out at once, and it was unbearable. You hugged your pillow, your crying still sounding through your cold, empty room. Maybe another reason why your crying was so prolonged was because a part of you, a very small, ridiculous part of you hoped that Yoongi would hear you. Hoped that he would come and pound on your door, begging you to open up so he could figure out what’s wrong. And the idea of how ridiculous that sounded and how unrealistic it was only weighed into you more. It only caused the sobs to leave your body harder, making you crush the pillow against your face.

    Yoongi’s heart felt like it was going to burst into flames. The crying from your room just wouldn’t stop. Three times he was about to say fuck it, and get up to knock on your door. But the thought scared him. He was scared of what you would do, certain that you would resent him for getting involved, for caring. His hand balled into a fist against the wall, scrunching his eyes shut so hard that they hurt. Jesus, what was he supposed to do? A silent, stray tear made its way down his cheek as he took a deep breath and leaned his forehead against the wall. He exhaled with a single breath as he whispered, “I’m sorry.”

heatherlanntheclever  asked:

Is there any chance of a happy ending for the Lannisters? I know they are awful people but why develop their motivations and give each of them a genuine moment of compassion if they are just going to murder each other? Every other POV gets a moment of truth/redemption why not the children of Tywin/Patriarchy/Aerys and Disability? I'm a bad person myself so I need to believe the Lions can defy themselves and prophesy and overcome their nature or what's the point? Not all of us are born Starks.

Hey! So it’s gonna take me a few minutes to answer your question, but I promise I’m gonna get there.

In one of the other shows I watch, an actor commented on the banality of evil. He said that evil is something commonplace. Given the right circumstances, great acts of evil could be committed by your neighbors, or your friends, or you, or me. Because evil is so easy. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” You needn’t be a monster like Gregor to commit evil; you need only be human. 

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Jerome Valeska x Reader- Don’t be Greedy (Rated M smut)

You’re in Arkham with Jerome, he gets jealous of hearing you using your powers of seduction to get what you want from other inmates, he reminds you that you’re his sweet girl

Warning- Sexual content, Daddy kink, Fingering, masturbation, oral, rough acts, no romance here, M/F, smut

Originally posted by kristieltrips

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i actually don’t totally hate this banner lol anyways
GUYS it finally happened!! i had no idea i would ever reach 1k followers, i’m still in awe, honestly?? why would anyone ever follow me?? anyways, thank you so much guys!! this makes me so happy, and i wanted to thank you all and say that i love each and every one of you!! 💙💙 also everyone in here is a mutual, i messed up with the banner but this is a mutuals appreciation, sorry lol (get ready for some very emo™ stuff under the cut)

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anonymous asked:

Hi crealle-senpai, i'm really disappointed in you. what were you thinking when you promised your readers weekly updates on the DNA parent au? i think many of us are understanding but this doesnt mean we accept all your excuses. If you are angry about this message think about the frustration we felt compared to your anger. Think about it, about how you've let us down. Im sorry for being mean but if this means that you can give us what you promise i'd rather be mean. you've really let me down

Wow. Um. wow… I don’t usually respond to these sort of messages–I usually ignore any sort of negative messages but… Wow. I’m actually kind of hurt by this one.

I’m not sure, but I didn’t really promise anything. I said I could “maybe” do weekly updates, and I never quite promised when those would start.

I AM busy. I DO have responsibilities. And I’m a WORKING adult that is also trying to balance that with doings I like and having time for them. I’m sorry if you don’t accept my excuses. They are excuses. I make excuses. I won’t deny I do, but I won’t deny myself to have them either.

But let us be very clear. I was doing those comics on my FREE time. I was already a working person by the time I was doing them, but I was a fresh graduate and my family situation was different then. My ENTIRE SITUATION was different then.

I love that Baby Eijun got the attention it did. I love that you all love the comics I made and that you feel this strongly about it. I loved making them for you guys.

BUT I ORIGINALLY STARTED MAKING THESE COMICS FOR MYSELF. Because making them made ME happy first and foremost. Because I WASN’T HAPPY back when I started making them.

I was sad, lonely, depressed. I literally went to bed everyday thinking it’d be okay to never wake up again. I woke up everyday crying because I had to get up and be part of the world again without a choice. I was not suicidal, but it didn’t mean I wanted to live.

When you feel like that everyday, you have to have something to cling to no matter how shallow or silly. I clung to my desire to continue reading Diamond no Ace. I would literally tell myself that if I were to die now I’d never get to know what happens next to Eijun.

I clung to that and I brought it over to Tumblr. I made fanart, comics, fanfics, and participated in Secret Santa’s and anthologies. I was never this involved in a fandom before, but I was with this… BECAUSE THE DNA FANDOM BECAME A PLACE WHERE I FELT WANTED. Because I actually felt I had worth here.

I NEEDED to make Baby Eijun then because I felt like it was the only thing in my life making me a person that MEANT SOMETHING.

Pass forward three years later, today, I’m NOT depressed. I LIKE who I am. I am loved and important to my family. I have a baby sister that turned 3 just the other week who I usually help take care of. My mom is busy taking care of her so I’M the one who drives my siblings to school. My dad has some new business ventures and is busy and he trusts me to keep the peace at the house and actually values my opinion on things. My grandpa had a surgery last month and has another on May 2 and I’m the one who was sent to drive him to and from the hospital and just generally be there emotionally for my grandmother.

It makes me TONS busy, but at least I MATTER. I’m VALUED.

This leaves only so much time to do the things I like like playing games, going swimming, watching movies, and drawing other things I like.

I’m in a better place now and I don’t NEED Baby Eijun or the fandom in the way I used to. I don’t feel the NEED to draw him just to please you guys anymore. I’m sorry, but that’s just the truth.

I’m sorry your frustrated. I’m sorry if you’re angry. And I’m sorry if you feel let down. I may not need you guys as I used to, but it doesn’t mean I don’t value you.

I’m not angry. I’m sad, yeah. I hate letting people down. I’m a little angry at myself for having opened my trap in the first place… Replying to this… Telling you guys things I didn’t follow through.

But such negative emotions have no place in my heart anymore. If you’re frustrated, be frustrated. If you’re angry, be angry. You’re allowed to be. But I will not let it affect me no matter how much I’m trying not to cry or how my hands are shaking.

I’m in a happier place now but fighting to not fall back into depression is a fight I have to face everyday. You get used to it. It gets better. It gets easier.

But I don’t need this.

Again, I’m SORRY. I’m sorry for being a worthless human being. I’m sorry I suddenly said all that and that it’s so long. I’m sorry to anyone who had the displeasure of reading all that.

Be frustrated. Be angry. I won’t say I don’t care. I do. But I don’t want to be affected.

I draw comics because it’s fun. This is not fun. Obviously not fun for you either.

Whoever you are, I’m sorry. If you feel this strongly, the comics probably meant something to you. They meant something to me. But it’s just not like the way it was, and this sudden influx of feelings doesn’t help.

I’m getting off Tumblr after this and I’m not logging back in for a while. If anyone wants to reach me or continue seeing some of my art, I will be available on Facebook or Twitter.

Other people on Tumblr have probably had worse experiences receiving messages from Anon’s. Go ahead. Think me a coward. Then I will really say I don’t care. I’m not looking for sympathy or for you to feel bad about whatever.

Social media is supposed to be fun. I see no point in it if it isn’t.

All The Things I Love About You~Sirius

FOr the very patient anon who requested a Hufflepuff x Sirius 

 Im so so so so so sorry that this is so late, I’ve just been super busy. I’m working on the wheelchair request tonight also! Love you,

You were shy, and everyone knew it. It was just how you were wired. You didn’t like speaking up in class, everyone thought you were friendless, and you had a soft, quiet voice and a, in your perspective, a dull personality.

But in truth, you had friends, and you were completely outgoing and yourself when you were with them and you truly weren’t dull, you just didn’t express yourself in the ways others did.

You had been sorted into Hufflepuff on your first night at Hogwarts when you were eleven. Your housemates immediately took you in and made you family. You grew close with some of the girls there and everyone was incredibly friendly.

But now, you were in sixth year and not much had changed, but you had a boyfriend.

The phrase “opposites attract” really applied to you ad Sirius Black.

You were a Hufflepuff, he was a Gryffindor.

You were shy, he was outgoing.

He was a major flirt with a confident attitude and you were insecure in yourself and never made the first move.

You were complete opposites, and before you were together, he found you quite annoying really…

It wasn’t a bad annoying, just a “I don’t understand this creature and I understand all women” kind of annoying.

You two were sat next to each other in transfiguration in fifth year and he was always trying to talk. Professor McGonagall originally moved him to the seat next to yours when he wouldn’t stop talking to James Potter.

She threatened to move the two of them if they didn’t stop talking- they kept talking. So, they were separated. In an attempt to get Sirius to shut up, the Professor put him next to you, who wouldn’t talk and would pay attention no matter what he tried. It worked.

Sirius was the “make friends with everyone” guy, and you were not.

But you two became friends. It started slow. You passed notes, it made you comfortable, you two met in the middle of your wide expanse of differences. Then he asked you out.

He transfigure a goblet into your favorite flowers and spelled it out in sparks in the air. You had to say yes, no matter how embarrassed you were that he made a bit of a scene. Since then, you had been going strong and were deeply in love.

Tonight, you were feeling down. You weren’t feeling yourself and all you wanted to do was cry. Your lovely roommates let you have the room to yourself so you could focus on feeling better without having to worry about prying eyes.

But about halfway through your self hate party, there was a knock on your door.

“Come in.” You said, wiping the tears from your eyes and sniffing.

The door creaked open and revealed Sirius carrying some food from the dinner you missed.

“Hey, love. Want some dinner?”

You looked down and nodded, hoping he wouldn’t see your tear stained cheeks.

He brought your food and sat next to you on the bed, which dipped at the added weight that wasn’t there the moment before.

“You okay, (Y/N)?” He asked as you ate.

“Not really.” You sighed, looking into his grey eyes.

“How ‘bout you finish up eating and we’ll cuddle. That’ll fix it, right?” He smiled.

“Okay.” You said softly, relieved it would be a relaxing night.

You finished your food and laid back with Sirius. His arms were wrapped around you tightly and you were facing each other. He kept talking about Quidditch or something you didn’t actually care about. But then, right as you realized you probably looked very uninterested, he changed the subject.

You heard him saying things he loved about you. Placing a kiss to your forehead every time he said something new.

“I love you.” You whispered, interrupting him in the middle of one of his sentences.

“I love you too, babe.” He flashed a smile and you nuzzled into his neck as he continued rubbing circles in the small of your back and telling you why he loves you.

So im gonna give scene analysis a go because i havent loved an episode this much all season.

So here it goes.

  • Killian quite literally running down hill. Such a good representation of his arc. We got so much angst and this episode is going to be the come down to all of it. The settling. 
  • And just like his past created the the beginning of the climb to this story/arc, it’s interesting that in the scene where he is going downhill it is literally because he’s being chased by what could be seen as symbols of his past. Who he was in the past. (Referring to the lost boys).
  • Lol I love the whole buried Rum line. Very Captain Jack Sparrow-esque
  • I got someone waiting for me at home. The show IS NOT ACCIDENTALLY THROWING OUT THIS TERM A LOT. It’s done with absolute intention. 
  • I don’t know if we will ever get real backstory on Killian and Tiger Lily but his little smirk he has upon saying her name and the era of confidence has me thinking it isn’t anywhere near as bad as everyone speculated.
  • Ah and there’s Captain Floor again. I gotta say they really do love messing with this man’s neck.
  • Nice reference to the fact that Hook is family.
  • I also dig Charming saying that this is REGINA’S curse. He didn’t differentiate in this moment.
  • Ugh the Snowing theme song always chokes me up. I love that there Love is enough to snap her out of this. Always a sucker for TL moments.
  • IT still makes me so giddy that these are real life husband and wife being all romantic on my screen.
  • Okay BF is stunning. Like damn.
  • I laugh at the idea that had Charming not said Emma’s name Rumple could still be living mindlessly in the 21st century Storybrooke Regina made. 
  • Ahh Charms saying “I know Hook is out there doing the same for you,” is so important because she needed to hear it and I think Charms knew that. You can see the instant relief in her face as she embraces him. I think it both calmed her and it also solidified that he wasn’t as mad anymore as maybe she was worried he was.
  • “Skull Rock” nice throw back to the animated version!
  • Killian’s anger and desperate need at having to get back to Emma, the woman he loves, will always get me in the feels.
  • I love that fate comes into play when it means creating the chance to save someone you love. There is so many great moments around this idea, this episode. We have Snowing later sacrificing themselves so Emma can get Killian. Which by fates hands will connect her with the weapon she needs to stop the BF. We also see this same fate come into play when Killian ends up in Neverland with the woman (tiger lily) who has the needed weapon. It’s all connected my friends. 
  • 20:1, “well I feel sorry for those lads, they don’t stand a chance.” Ah that pirate swag. 
  • I love that the FB all share some significance to season 1. I mean the scene where Regina sends Archie and Pongo to the mines is very reminiscent of season 1. It makes you wonder how much of these moments influenced those moments.
  • The field of flowers. Hmm well if Regina’s curse and season 1 evilness = 1 found pink flower. And now we’re seeing hundreds. She must really be a big big bad huh?
  • “NO mother should have to watch their child die,” hmm me thinks someone with a mom on the show might experience just that. SPOILER: my thoughts are Emma but I think she’ll be brought back. 
  • Killian Jones the host of all current hope speeches.
  • And there he goes again, risking himself to ensure his TL get’s what she needs to live. 
  • A single flower. A symbol that there is always hope. There is always something there that will get you through.
  • Okay so the scene with Snowing and young emma is really heart breaking. To me it’s not just a conversation of right vs. wrong. But a moment of just decision making. A hard one. And that’s why it was so important to have both sides of it. One side represented by Charms the other by Snow. It was the same conversation the audience would be having. So it fit well. But this scene was also meant to contrast what is coming next. It was also really nice to see that second chances run in romances. Ayyyee. That rhymed. But seriously Snowing and Captain Swan really do parallel the crap out of each other. The second good byes, the second reunions. Sometimes things happen more than once before they stick. 
  • And his fricken shadow caressed her face and im dead on the floor. I love that it kind of parallels the scene where Charms touched Snows hand and it was enough to just catapult a shift in emotion. 
  • And here we have the scene the FB’s were built for. One of them at least. Snow giving Emma the potion to bring back her love. TO have that happiness. To not have to wait. To do something for herself. EVERYTHING in contrast to what was done when they saw her through that door earlier, comes down to this moment. Snow is making the other choice. And it will pay off.
  • My understanding of that potion by the way, is that the one seeking their true love has to use it. So Im under the impression that everyone who will be mad at Emma for using it cant really be mad anyways? Because Snow has already passed out before she has a chance to use it. 
  • Also can we talk about how Snow knows that to win this battle. To fight this big fight, Killian has to be there. He’s part of what matters most to her and without that she wont be at her strongest. In a way Snow is once again doing what’s right by the people. She’s not only giving her daughter a chance but by letting her get Killian back and allowing her to have that person by her side for that fight, she is also potentially saving the town. 
  • Everything was just so perfect in that second that he saw her face. He was both scared and surprised and relieved at the same time that he saw her. And then not a second later he is warning Tiger Lily to run and again thinking about those other than himself. Here comes the full circle arc guys. I can feel it. 
  • Tiger Lily’s little happy smirk makes me happy. 
  • ALSO can we talk about how the last time they were in Neverland together everything was different. He felt like an orphan and had no family. Emma felt like an orphan. She was running away from him. He was declaring that he would one day win her heart because she’d WANT HIM. And now we have them both, with their families and each other, no where near alone and he has won her heart and she is running towards him and not only does she WANT HIM SHE AGREES TO SPEND ETERNITY WITH HIM BECAUSE SHE NEEDS HIM. THEY NEED EACH OTHER!! *loud screaching*
  • .2 seconds. Count with me. .2 seconds until Killian apologizes and gets right back to where he left off. This is so vital. So important. He’s tired of waiting. He wants to be different and he knows he is. He doesn’t want to waste time thinking about himself. He wants to get that truth of his and that apology out there because that’s what he’s been dying to say to her this entire time. Redemption arc! Redemption arc! You can even see Emma in my mind, taken a bit by surprise. He’s hurting and he doesn’t care. He needs to talk to her and clear the air. This is a clear showcasing of what he’s learned and what he finds important and Emma sees that.
  • He also owns up to the fact that he considered running away. He owns it. He didn’t have to but he did.
  •  The change off is so so good here. Emma’s line of “lets go get you cleaned off” showing where her concern in this moment lies. On his wellbeing. On his feeling whole. And his reluctance because he needs her to know that he loves her. That he wants to marry her. That she will never ever ever be alone and need to worry about him leaving ever again because he will always be with her by her side. (His concerns lying on her wellbeing, and her feeling whole).
  • Second proposal. SECOND FRICKING PROPOSAL. AND IM UGLY CRYING. DEAD AND ALIVE AT THE SAME TIME. My god. The single tear. The fact that they both had a chance to now ask each other. 
  • They’re both so vulnerable and delicate and AWARE of the stakes of life here. And it just guts me in the best kind of way. 
  • And again .2 seconds later he wants to know where her parents are because homeboy is not playing. He’s not messing things up this time. He knows who is important to him and how keeping them means being honest with them and he needs to talk to his bro before anything else. And make sure that the full truth is out there and that he is 100 percent the man he needs and wants and knows he can be and REDEMPTION ARC! REDEMPTION ARC!
  • Ah holding hands while walking to Emma’s parents. 
  • .2 seconds my friends. This is what i’m talking about the closing of a redemption arc. He is wasting no time owning up to everything, making amends for everything. Not only is Killian a vital part in breaking the curse. But he is the first step in making it happen. He is using his ACTIONS in CURRENT TIME to make amends for his ACTIONS of the PAST. All this is on purpose and it’s what makes this such a good redemption arc. I mean seriously who does a redemption arc better than Killian mother f’n Jones. 
  • I loved Killian and Emma’s little smile at Leroy. Especially sense they have a spotted past with him haha.
  • Idk why that little look on Emma and Killian’s face gets me. The one right after Granny takes a sip. It’s like Emma is seeing what he waiting until she was 28 to find her parents really did. It brought these people together. It made this group. These friendships. It was worth something. And Killian is just looking like he is desperately waiting for his bro to resurface. He needs the chance to Look David in the face and own what he did and make sure he knows that he is sorry. 
  • ^^ Point: Colin and Jen are fantastic fricken actors. I will follow their careers until i’m probs dead.
  • I love the whole Season 1 feeling of Snow waking up, only now they are next to each other. Im a sucka for some parallels. 
  • And here’s another contrast point to the FB. This moment. Where they wake up and see what everyone has done for them is to show Snowing and the audience that when you help others they will return the favor. It won’t go unnoticed. 
  • Emma and Killian look so regal laying there haha.
  • Also David rushing to his daughter has my eyes rushing with tears ya feel.
  • Anyone else get a little father daughter feeling when Emma woke up at Charms touch. I could imagine him waking her up for school in the morning as a little girl when I watched this.
  • And CHARMS HAND REACHES TO HELP KILLIAN UP AND IM DEAD. IM ABSOLUTELY DEAD. Like the symbolism. Killian is still down because Charming needs to know how he feels. How he’s sorry. And now Charming is lifting him up and they are eye to eye and here it comes. The man who he inadvertently hurt is the man helping him to his feet. Coming to his hand and his rescue. And Killian is given the chance to finally say what needs to be said and HE TAKES IT. OF COURSE HE DOES. 
  • Can I also holla at the parallel shot (like literally parallel) of Emma and Snow looking at each other right next to Killian and David looking at each other. The newly engaged and the parents. In an actual parallel. I mean can you scream symbolism because I can “SYMBOLISMMM!”
  • Can I also point out that Killian is still scared. It’s not going to hinder him from being the good man we know he is. But he is scared. He tells David that he guesses “Emma didn’t tell [him his] secret.” And this line doesn’t have anything to do with Emma it has to do with Killian thinking there is no way Charms would help him to his feet and ensure his safety if he knew. Because how could he be forgiven so fast. How could something he was so ashamed of and so terrified of acknowledging and scared of knowing yet alone saying be forgiven. This is the bow on the top of a very important package. 
  • I love everything about this scene. Charming saying that Hook is a changed man. Ensuring not only him but the audience. Charming had a lesson this episode about the past. He knows that once was is far away from what now is. And the way he looks at Emma as he says Hook has changed. Ensuring his daughter that all is well. That he is still supporting their marriage and love and happiness and Emma’s knowing look. That look that says “these are my parents and I love them. I love who they are.” Is the best. And i’m in tears again.
  • “No matter what she does you will not face her alone.” This is so important. Because let’s be honest. Of course Emma is scared of the battle. But what has always scared her more than some big bad has been who will be there by her side when this darkness comes (Whether its the darkness of being an orphan or a literal dark one). Emma has her family. She has come full circle too. She isn’t alone and never will be again. 
  • AH Gideon kept a flower alive. You go my dude.
  • Can we also talk about the contrast in family dynamics. Rumples whole family is a mixture of people chosing to love each other and being forced to obey each other in some weird representation of false love. Meanwhile the charms-mills-swan-jones/town is having one big huge family moment. In which people are actively choosing, with their hearts, to be a part of this family that was built out of love and respect and forgiveness and sacrifice. They contrasts are on purpose. And it’s glorious.

Honestly this episode was so good. This is long because I had many feelings. Sorry not sorry. haha. 

Im ded.

Calming Touch ♡

Based on this request 

It started out slowly, the nightmares only came a couple times a month, but then it was happening every night and the only thing that would make you feel safe was his arms around your waist and his breath on your neck.

Word Count: 2,723
Genre: Fluff. I feel like it’s a drabble but it’s probably not? lmao

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