if it is your will

anonymous asked:

Wait, are you still accepting bird fetish questions?

Well, I’m certainly still receiving them

As for accepting them, I would rather trebuchet myself into the sun

scientsphiction  asked:

Hello! I believe I read somewhere that, witches or otherwise magic-users are discouraged from lying or breaking their promises. This is because if they do so, the shock flattens their inner will or faith such that their magic is weakened until they can recover. Have you heard this? Or, do you otherwise know this to be true?

That’s not something I’ve heard before, but it certainly sounds like something that’s in keeping with certain areas of New Age rhetoric.

Personally, I don’t think lies, deception, or broken promises damage our magical abilities in any way whatsoever. The assertion of such sounds dangerously close to the concept of sin weakening a soul until the person asks for absolution for my comfort.

So yeah, if you ask me? Complete bunk. Half of witchcraft is BASED on deception, illusion, and manipulation, for crying out loud.

Acceptable as a return to “competition.” It was good for 4th place in the M50-54, which I was feeling sporty about, but that same time would have been good for 2nd place in the M45-49. Good job, me, for picking a sport where motherfuckers get more competitive as they age. (Wait, actually, that’s exactly right, me.)

Anyway, all goals accomplished including the main one of finishing pain-free. Looking ahead now to some 5-milers and 10k’s, though I concede my 10-mile and half-marathoning days are probably over.