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What Jewish Children Learned From Charlottesville
I thought this generation was free of the anti-Semitism I knew. On Saturday, that changed.
By Nathan Englander

This dirty Jew remembers every penny thrown at him.

The ones thrown from above, as we waited to be picked up from the public pool in my hometown on Long Island, our yarmulkes pinned to wet hair. By then, I was big enough to feel shame for the younger kids, who knew no better than to scurry around, as our local anti-Semites laughed.

I remember walking home from synagogue at my father’s side, in our suits and ties, and seeing a neighbor boy crawling on his hands and knees, surrounded by bullies, this time picking up pennies by force. I remember my father rushing in and righting the boy, and sending those kids scattering.

I remember when, at that same corner, on a different day, those budding neo-Nazis surrounded my sister, and I raced home for help. I remember my parents running back, and my father and mother (all five feet of her) confronting the parents of one of the boys, who then gave him a winking, Trumpian chiding for behavior they didn’t care to condemn. Even if it’s “kids with horns,” they told their son, he should leave other children alone.

If you are someone white who is at all interested in trying to learn more about the trauma of living a childhood as a racialized person, or trying to learn more about how antisemitism affects Jewish people on a basic, human, individual, and emotional level- having come to understand that systemic antisemitism exists and how crucial it is to white supremacists according even to themselves- I think this is an excellent read for you.

I am not Jewish myself, but it absolutely mirrors many of the problems and traumas of childhood as a black person that I experienced myself, and I think it is important, in these dangerous times, that we find all the sources of solidarity that we can, so if you are someone who already experiences racial subjugation every day but who doesn’t know much about antisemitism, I would recommend this to you as well.

Matt Holt’s Road Trip Playlist (that Shiro hates)

-shape of you
-sincerely me
-a heck lot of Disney songs
-the macarena
-a lot of ed sheeran
-so what
-love song
-goat screaming remixes
-making my way downtown song
-eye of the tiger
-don’t stop believing
-all in this together
-tik tok
-the at least one version of the music that plays during rainbow road
-“the one song about closing a goddamn door” “it’s I write sins not tragedies” “that title is both a sin and a tragedy”
-never gonna give you up
-4 jews in a room bitching
-2 player game
-the entire deh soundtrack but in an order that makes him ugly sob
-sincerely me
-pokemon theme

-all star
-tetris theme

-skater boy

-the mario theme


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harry potter au. shiro and keith are both orphans from the war who grew up in the same orphanage and keith always looked up to shiro. so when shiro leaves to go to Hogwarts and obviously is a Gryffindor, Keith wants to be one. except, when he goes there 2 years later, the sorting hat puts him in slytherin. since their parents were killed by them and shiro lost his arm to death eaters (who are almost always slytherins), keith is scared shiro will hate him but shiro just ruffles his hair and says “slytherin is a good house that makes great wizards, too! i can’t wait to play quidditch against you.”

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Dark Cherry + Amimutale! Chara?

Dark cherry is one of the most unfriendly-looking palettes available…which is PERFECT. I was hoping to get to do Chara with this one.

Chara in Animutale can actually mean one of four things, so I drew the most spoiler-free version for this challenge. The colors were really good for them, with a deep red and a chocolate-type brown. They look like they are in their true element, covered in chocolate with ice cream in hand.

(from this ice cream palette challenge!!✨)


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Hey the replacing frank with thomas sanders is not a very good bad pjo idea post because Thomas is white and frank is poc

As poc we definitely understand your concern behind the post- whitewashing is not okay and we don’t condone that. However we thought the meaning was more directed towards Frank having Thomas’ personality rather than about race? If any others could give us their opinions about this that would be appreciated because we aren’t exactly sure if that was the meaning of the post

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Hello! So perhaps I'm not grasping it or looking too into it but what did Dany mean when she was talking about Jon calling her Dany and her being like 'last person who called me that was my brother someone you wouldn't want to keep company with?'

Dany was just trying to make a lighthearted comment because she was feeling Super Emotional and needed to distract herself from Feeling Things.

All she meant by that comment was that nobody has called her Dany since her brother and she reminisces over how big of a piece of shit he was. Who knows, maybe Jon will be able to make the nickname leave nicer memories in her mind next season. :^)

I felt I needed to say this-

I really love how we’re all enjoying these little subtle things Jack does, myself included, and how we all start making theories everywhere, even more so today with the thumbnail for “ REALITY IS A GLITCH | Observer - Part 1 “ since a lot of us can see Anti in the eye, and with what all Jack said. But I like how there’s those handful of people that try to like..I’m not sure what the word would be. I guess it would be ‘down’ us? When someone mentions things in the comments of videos full of Anti-vibes, even though Jack pretty much literally said it himself, and acknowledged it.  Let people enjoy it, guys. Don’t be that one person in the small crowd just because you find it “cringy” or something. I literally see these types of comments everywhere on YT. We all love being set on fire, and coming up with stuff. Who cares if it’s over for now or not yet close to Halloween? Let us enjoy it, be it in comments, tumblr or any other site. Don’t complain when people mention Anti related stuff, even when Jack did it himself too.  Now I’m not saying that you aren’t allowed to want it to be saved for Halloween or not allowed to have your own opinions, cause I’m excited to see what happens then too, but don’t try to ruin the fun for those who come up with theories and all that, even in video comments, and just ignore the comments made about it. :)