if it gets rough it's time to get rough

does anybody have any advice on how to focus on creative work when every time you check the news, there’s a new political crisis surfacing with new terrible implications?

i’ve spent basically the whole month fighting to keep my head above water and finish my paying work, calling my senators and signal boosting when i can, only to wind up mentally and emotionally wiped by like 7 pm.

how do you create when your brain is in perpetual panic mode? how do i convince myself that i should use my energy to write a sci-fi podcast and to edit a YA rom-com about fake dating when it feels like my entire country is on fire, and will probably somehow be on worse fire tomorrow?

guys HELL YEAH im graduating tomorrow the skies are clearing my skin is glowing GOTTA GET BACK ON THE GRIND I flake on this blog so much lol 

I promise to actually make quality updates and make new content as soon as grad hype dies down and summer break starts


jesse’s hands are calloused and his palms are rough, but genji remembers every touch being so gentle that he never even noticed how rough those hands were. he remembers five warm fingers sneaking up the back of his shirt and resting between his shoulder blades; he remembers a scratchy palm cradling his jaw while he laughed at a joke jesse told; he remembers falling asleep with both of jesse’s hands holding him close to the rhythmic beat of his heart.

things are different now, but genji still feels that warmth when jesse ends a bone-crushing hug with a kiss so soft it makes genji’s chest ache.

I love watching kid shows because even though I’m a teenager they still help me. They break friendship and love down to their simplest and purest forms. When people get older, they often forget the most basic ways to treat others with kindness because they are so caught up in what other people think of them and how other people think they should act. Kids shows give great lessons and I don’t think I’ll ever stop watching them.

Semi-Hiatus / Hiatus for the next two weeks ! (6/5/17 —– 6/16/17)

(( Midterms didn’t go so well for me, so I’m going to be staying away from Tumblr this week so that I can study. Next week is finals week for me, so I’ll be on hiatus then, too. I’ll try to keep the queued replies going and I’ll try to keep responding to ooc messages, but I can’t guarantee any real activity for the next two weeks. ^^; )) 

(( I just posted a plotting call and a starter meme, though, so that new and old followers alike can have a chance to interact more with Katsuie once I’m on summer break. ^^ I will be volunteering to work in a lab this summer —– but my hours haven’t been set yet, so I’m not sure how busy I’ll be. But I still feel like I’ll be able to be more productive here, since I won’t be stressed out from classes. XD Anyhow, I hope that you all have a great day / night, and I can’t wait to interact with you all more once school is over ! ^^ ))


chu learns how to gif: bo/dyson in 3x03

BSD Novel: Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (Chapter 4, Part 1)

Apologies for the delay on this. The week’s been really busy for me, so updates on these might be slower than I’d expected, but I wanted to get this chapter rolling first. Chapter 4 is slightly longer than the rest, so I’ll be estimating around 11 or 12 parts for this chapter.

Let me just take this moment to warn you for violence and general pain and suffering for the entire chapter, just in case you weren’t already aware what you were getting into. Without further ado.

Please thank @nakaharachuyaa @mlntyoonqi @bananasaurr!! Best proofreaders I could ask for.

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I have a very low tolerance for bs and looking-to-start-crap anon messages right now, like… death anniversary of my dad on the 11th, 3rd death anniversary of my great-grandmother on the 10th, and my girlfriend’s grandmother passed away a few days ago, there’s arguably a lot of stress in our household atm, so I have neither the patience nor energy for drama and nonsense, let me be a whiny anxious ball on my little corner of the internet and if you don’t like it, no one’s making you stay

*Anakin is getting lectured by Obi-Wan*

Anakin: Obi-Wan you’re so salty

Obi-Wan: You know what salt looks like?

Anakin: *is confused* what?

Obi-Wan: …Sand

photo creds to @obli-wan-kenobli

When your mum makes you go into the hospital and find the ward on your own and you have to ask where the fucking stairs are because you have no clue where you’re going

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Asil, its been awhile, but i wanted to start drawing again. I Really need some tips, do you have some to give me?

Puh… Well, I`m not the best at giving tips really but I guess I have some reminders?

  1. Start rough. Just draw circles and lines, think of the pose you want.
  2. When you`re done with the rough, get a new paper/layer and draw it again. Most of the time it will look a lot better!
  3. Don`t get into details from the beginning, like perfecting the head and then starting to draw a body around it, it will never look good unless you have a lot of practise.
  4. Don`t make the lines stiff, use your wrist! Nothing is sadder than a stiff posture
  5. Use references! They are helpful and not “cheats” as many want to make you believe.
  6. Have fun, because it`s not a competition. Every drawing is a good drawing in my opinion.

Hope it helps a bit!

  • Vic: Can't believe Rebecca's doing everything she can not to get pregnant and she still gets up the duff. Mind you, felt proper rough again this morning.
  • Aaron: What, pregnant kind-of rough?
  • Vic: Can't be.
  • Aaron: How do you know?
  • Vic: My ovulation chart says it's the wrong time of the month.
  • Aaron: I don't wanna know what one of them is, do I?
  • Vic: Oh, right, I've got this app on my phhone and it lets me check anytime. (checks her phone) I don't believe it. It says I'm out by a whole week.
  • Aaron: Hang on... Does that mean?
  • Vic: I could be pregnant! Oh, my God, Aaron! (hugs him)
  • Aaron: Whoa, Vic, Vic! Vic! Shouldn't you be telling this to Adam?
  • Vic: No, no, no, I can't. Not until I'm sure.
  • Aaron: Isn't that what pregnancy tests are for?
  • Vic: Yes, but I gave my last one to Rebecca.
  • Aaron: Just go into town and get another one.
  • Vic: I'm too frightened.


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But you have 2 days off a week for art.

Yeah, I so very much hear this. I feel lucky if I can string 3-4 hours together in a row to work on art. Usually it’s less. (on the very very rarest of occasions it might be more.)

Right?  On the bright side, if people see your art and don’t realize how long it takes, you’re making it look easy.  My teachers tell me that’s the goal.  But on the downside, if you make it look easy, no one respects how long this shit takes to do.

Star Wars Force Awakens in a nutshell.