if it doesnt work out with zach

ok but i feel like townsend tries his best to be a good father to zach u know like

  • he takes him out for dinner sometimes even though its really really awkward bc theres nothing for them to talk about?? they have no idea how to deal with each other bc townsend didnt even know zach existed til like 2 days ago
  • he tries taking him to a ball game one time but both of them are ridiculously twitchy about being out in the open for a while after all that shit went down and neither of them really likes baseball anyway
  • one time zach overhears his dad saying to abby how he doesnt know what to do right around zach and everything he does seems to be wrong and zach feels guilty because hes not trying to make things hard for townsend its just that hes struggling too
  • so he tries also like suggesting they go to a football match (given that baseball didnt work) and they kind of enjoy it
  • abby starts coming along sometimes and then suddenly cammie is too and then joe and rachel and its like zach has this whole family now when he didnt use to have anyone
  • hed be lying if he said he didnt tear up just a bit
Zankie stans & Frankie Haters please take a moment to read this.......p.s plz reblog pll need to know all the facts

I’m embarrassed to admit that im on the live feeds all day with no life so i know for a fact how everything went down and id like to explain it to you.

1. Nicole wins HOH (so basically hayden did to) and plans to backdoor frankie.

2. Nicole with hayden make an alliance with derrick and cody called (the rationale)

3. Derrick and cody are playing both sides and aren’t 100% with either the detonators or the rationale.

4. Donny is dethroned making nicole final HOH, backdoor frankie plan still ago, derrick not on board (as seen by his DR on the show) but going along with it.

5. Cristine wins POV, keeping nominations the same, backdoor frankie plan is a no go.

6. Nicole and hayden now target zach to weaken frankie, and get derrick and cody on board. Der & cody both agree that it would appease both alliances cuz cristine wants zach gone to. And they can continue to float between both sides of the house.

7. Der & cody are worried about frankie telling zach if they tell him the target is zach. So derrick being the rat that he is manipulates frankie (in HOH room) into believing zach is playing him and pitting him and cody against eachother and says hes bads for our games hes got to go.

8. Now with the detonators against zach (as seen in frankies DR) he agrees. Next Der & frankie bring it up to caleb (outside at pool table) hes concerned about numbers but again is like ill vote how everyone else is voting.

9. Frankie then told to let hayden and nicole in on it. Not knowing that it was hayden and nicoles idea and that Der & cody have F4 with the rationale.

10. The plan is zach is going home till derrick gets concerned about numbers and gets paranoid from all the lies he and cody started ironically and think hayden and nicole are playing them and want them to vote out all there alliances member’s so they gain the numbers.

11. Der& cody agree (in the bathroon at like 4 am) the morning of eviction that they should keep zach. Caleb then told (wherever), goes and tells christine and frankie (in HN room) that the plan has changed. Cody and derrick join saying hayden and nicole are playing us against each other and they need to keep zach to keep the numbers. Frankie is like a kid on christmas with no chill lol and is so happy even tho he thinks he was played (proof of love if you ask me) Frankie and christine agree to keep zach because he was told about the backdoor plan and that nicole doesn’t trust christine.

12. Jocasta is evicted, then hayden who embarrassingly threw christine and frankie under the bus not realizing Der& cody fucked them over lol

13. Everything is fine till Nicole wins HOH and Der& cody are like FUCK we just sent hayden home what do we do. Terrifed to be on the block at all this season lol are like lets frame frankie and with nicole already distrusting frankie it’ll be easy.

14. Then to cover all bases turned zach against frankie pinning the plot to evit zach all on him (leaving nicole out of it) even tho he wasnt told till 2 days before eviction that there was even a possibility his alliance wanted zach out.

15. And lastly you know about the zankie fallout and fight and all that witch is truly sad because it was all Der& cody.

And for pll wondering why frankie took and the blame is because he doesnt know Der&cody were working with nicole & hayden and thinks he put the seed of evicting zach into there mind (like he was told to do) even tho it was ALREADY there and had no control over the week or who went home. And P.S frankie would never treat zach like how hes been acting “HES DEAD TO ME” “fucking backstabbing piece of shit” frankie felt betrayed but was still sad to see him go. zach actually volunteered to be put on the block so he could throw BOB and frankie can go home.

>>>>Zankie need to makeup and not let Der&Cody ruin there game and friendship cuz lets face it zach is expendable to Der&Cody.

zankie bathroom
zach telling frankie what to say about keeping him.
derrick comes in
frankie says hes going to bed
zach said to talk about him in a positive light.
frankie says hell be fine.
zach says hes never felt better.
zankie talk about working out tomorrow
zankie going to bed. they hug.
frankie says he loves zach
zach says he loves him too. tells frankie not to change.
he says he wont as long as zach doesnt