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Sometimes, I find myself thinking of the things I have lost. The pain makes me stop.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are looking for new SHINee blogs to follow because lots of SHINee blogs have ended up being multifandom or they just don’t post SHINee anymore. I’m planning on posting all the active SHINee blogs together on a text post so if you post only SHINee or mainly SHINee like this post. It would be nice if you guys reblog this so that more shawols can see it! 

Hey everyone! Since I just recently hit 5,000 followers I thought it would be fun to do another tumblr awards! I’m gonna try to keep the amount of winners to 2 per category but knowing me it’ll probably be more lol. Banner credit goes to Dev poorbf


  • Best URL (2)

  • Best Theme (2)
  • Best Original Posts (2)
  • Best Non-Humor Blogs (I’ll split these into sub categories if enough people reblog. Aesthetic, Photo, Health, etc)(2+)
  • Hottest People (2)
  • Nicest Bloggers (2)
  • Best Rising Blogger**** (2)
  • Best Overall (2)
  • Grand Supreme (1)

****Must have less than 250 followers for the rising blogger. Submit a screenshot of your follower count to be considered. I thought this would be cool bc I feel like sometimes the smaller blogs go unnoticed in these awards and idk I just thought it would be a fun addition.


  • Must be following meI’ll check fam

  • Must reblog this post, likes are only counted as bookmarks
  • Must reblog ON OR BEFORE MARCH 21st
  • I’ll post the winners either on the 22nd or the 23rd


hi luvs im almost to 3.5 k so i thought i would do a favs page!! this is what you gotta do to be featured on my favs page 🍯

!!!! please dont delete the text or you’ll be disqualified !!!!


-must me following me!! (i will check)
-reblog this post at least once (likes are only for bookmarking)
-if this doesnt get notes ill pretend it didnt happen

-a spot on my favs page!!
-me as a friend
-maybe even like lil promos and stuff!!
-ill talk to you all the time!!
-ill reblog and like ur selfies and posts!!
-a chance to be penpals with me yaaay

-tag me in your stuff!! i track #peachymom
-talk to me!! reblog my personal posts, or just be active with me
-have a similar blog style!!

follow me on instagram and message me ur username!! ig: gillynotgil

will be choosing 15-20 people depending on how many notes this gets!! also choosing around when i feel this gets enough notes :-)
good luck n have fun!

ok, so i get asked alot what my favorite blogs are, so i’ve decided to make a favorites page/tab. 

to be considered you must

  • be following me
  • reblog this post ATLEAST once (you can like to use as a bookmark but it wont be counted) 

for a higher chance 

  • talk to me (im rlly nice ) 
  • tag a post with #tumblruserfrownful and talk about why you would like to be chosen
  • do something cool or cute for me (idk ) 

perks of being chosen

  • you will receive a spot on my blog under a faves page/tab
  • my friendship (im super cool and nice)
  • a follow if not so already
  • i might also queue off you

i will chose around 10 blogs ( maybe more) when this reaches enough notes

if this doesnt get any notes ill delete it and pretend it never happened (reblog pls)

BALTH IN A BATH: Kisses and… well who cares pedrazar is canon okay?

really shitty fanart because i need this to happen. badly. (please dont remove caption. and yes i know this is shit)