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Motion Sickness

Bucky Barnes x Shy Reader

Summary: Bucky, reader, and the rest of the Avengers go to a carnival on their night off. 

Word Count: 1,998

Warnings: language, panic attack, carnival rides (?), and fluff. (Let me know if I missed any)

A/N: Hey guys, so this is my first fic lol. I was a little nervous to post it on here… I hope you guys like it. I’d love to hear what you have to say! Thanks for reading. :)

 P.s. this will probs be long bc I’m horrible with getting rid of words lol don’t hate me pls. 

It has been a while since you and the Avengers had a night out all together, so you guys decided to go somewhere. When out for their early morning run, Steve, Bucky, and Sam saw a poster for a carnival that was coming to town during the weekend. 

The three of them thought this would be a great thing to do to get their minds off of the stress works caused recently, with saving the world and all. Out of the three, Bucky was definitely jumping up and down on the inside. It’s been a while since he’s attended one, give or take 70 years. 

Once they shared the news with everyone else, they all agreed with the idea of going. You, on the other hand, were nervous to say the least. Being the one who only played the games in the booths rather than taking risks and trying the big rides, you wondered if this was really the best situation for you. You knew someone was going to drag you on a ride whether you liked it or not, so you really didn’t have a choice. 

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Okay random question: thoughts on p chris/isak ship?

Ooh I love random questions! Send me moooreee! 

Okay so like before Season 3 started, a lot of the skam fandom were speculating Chrisak (I think that’s what it is called) and some were speculating Isak and Eskild. 

I have to admit I kinda was like “oooh interesting” when the idea first came up in season 2. Like damn how scandalous, and what an iconic trope right? The ladies man is actually into dudes? whaaaat. So I mean I wasn’t shipping it but if they were going to make him Isak’s love interest I was kinda open to it? 

But then I finished season 2 and was kinda like “yeah nah I pass” and then season 3 started and evak stole my entire heart and soul and well nothing else compares. For me, personally there is no one better for Isak than Even. He’s the one (sorry I don’t make the rules) 

But I mean I have read a Chrisak fanfic which wasn’t terrible but still, I wasn’t shipping it. I just don’t think he’s the kind of person Isak would love. Not that we got any actual insight into his character though. But I mean I don’t really know what there is to ship? So if anyone has any insight into why you might ship them let me know? I just kinda thought people shipped them because they are both hot haha

  • Doranbolt on GMG Day 3: I'm taking you to prison, Jellal!
  • Doranbolt 3 days later: Ehh, I took Cobra back to prison, but I guess I'll just. Let you go. I mean, I know you broke out of prison and all, and you released Nirvana and ran the Tower of Heaven, but like. You can go. You owe me, though.

This is for that one person following me who always gets REALLY EXCITED when I mention I think Chuxas is hilariterridorable

u know who u are.  keep living that rarepair life, amigo

Inside/Outside: A ShSpesh Clip Meta

I have a whole lot to say about the ShSpesh clip, and maybe I’ll write it all out at some point, but for now there’s one thing in particular I want to focus on: the inside/outside portrayals of John and Sherlock. In this clip with see the distinction between the exterior (outer/observed life) and interior (mind palace/inner thoughts and feelings) of Sherlock’s life as presented via the exterior and interior of 221B Baker Street. 

Let’s start with outside.

Outside Baker Street, Sherlock is well-lit and confident; he projects a calm and competent demeanor as he discusses the conclusion of his last case with Mrs. Hudson and Archie before making his way inside. 

John, meanwhile, is largely hidden behind Sherlock while he’s outside. His presence is still felt, but it is smaller (no height pun intended) than Sherlock’s and somewhat in the background.

The exterior of Baker Street is cold and stark. Despite the large number of people on the street, the area feels isolated. This is John and Sherlock as they are in the outside world; Sherlock is central in these moments, projecting strength and confidence in discussing his work, while John trails just behind, no less bright, but sent to the background. 

Now let’s move inside. 

The Interior of 221B is immediately recognizable as warmer (both literally and color-wise) than the shots in the street outside. The interior is lit softly primarily by candlelight, creating the feeling of comfortable safety that establishes the location as John and Sherlock’s home. But what is really interesting about the move indoors is the shift in the presentation of Sherlock and John. 

Once inside, the Sherlock who was so visible outdoors is suddenly hidden in shadow. The left picture above is just about the most visible Sherlock is inside 221B, and he does not remain that way for long, instead walking in an almost hunched and indrawn manner until he is out of the frame. In the right-hand picture, Sherlock’s face is partially lit by candlelight while the majority of him remains in shadow. Later, Sherlock makes his way upstairs while remaining in entirely in shadow.

Once out of the public eye and in his home, Sherlock loses the confidence he possessed discussing his work outside. He knows how to put up a facade, but once he’s inside, and within himself, he doesn’t. As the creators have said, Sherlock Holme knows about everything but himself. The interior of 221B represents Sherlock’s inner consciousness. Inside his mind, Sherlock is in the dark about himself, hence his shadowed portrayal, particularly as he goes further into the house (his mind). 

John, however, remains well-lit and prominent throughout the indoor shots. Even as he ascends the same stairs Sherlock did, he is clear and bright (sorry my screenshots are blurry; he’s waddling quickly), just as Sherlock’s feelings towards him. Whatever lack of understanding Sherlock has about himself that causes him to be stuck in shadows is not present in John, who remains central, bright, and present in Sherlock’s mind. 

To the outside world, John Watson may be no more than Sherlock Holme’s shadow, but once inside 221B, inside the thoughts and feelings of Sherlock, it is revealed that John is central and vitally important to Sherlock, even as Sherlock himself is cast in shadows.

If one subscribes to the theory that the special is a fever dream/mind palace scene within the modern narrative, moments such as these establish Sherlock’s feelings not only for the audience, but for Sherlock himself as well. By placing John well-lit and largely center-frame throughout the interior scenes, the show is establishing (or reestablishing) the prominence and importance of John in Sherlock’s life, while simultaneously expressing Sherlock’s lack of understanding about himself - he knows John is everything, but not what that means for him or what to do about it. 

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You should do saphael number 38

38  → “You fainted… straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted to get my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Also requested by @santiagolightwood (and another anon) 

Simon knows what alternate universes are. He’s read enough Harry Potter fanfiction set in high school and High School Musical fanfiction set at Hogwarts to be considered an alternate universe expert.

But when he learns these things actually exist in real life, he needs a moment to recompose himself.

And, okay, it’s one thing to know they exist. It is, however, a completely other thing to actually be pushed into one.

Magnus does it to save his life. Shit is going down around them – Valentine and his men at one side and a very angry, very murderous clan at the other one, planning on killing Simon right then and there.

So Magnus opens a Portal and pushes Simon inside.

Simon quite literally falls into the other dimension. One second he’s standing in a dark alley and the next he’s tumbling out onto the road, a car barely able to dodge him in time.

“Hey!” Someone calls out, and great, Simon already managed to get in trouble the very first second he entered another dimension. That has to be a new record.

He turns around to the voice to apologize, but the words die on his lips and his breath hitches in his throat.

Because this, what he’s seeing right now, this isn’t possible.

Raphael is walking towards him. There’s no doubt about that. He has the same leather jacket, the same eyes, the same dark hair. But his hair is curly, for one, and his skin more brown than it can possibly be. And lastly, he’s walking in sunlight.

Like, actually bathing in it.

And Simon wants to scream to get out of the fucking sun because he’s gonna turn into dust and then it hits him that hey, his skin feels warm. So he looks down and he sees his own skin being lit up by the sun and Raphael reaches him and kneels and asks if he’s okay and Simon –

Simon faints.

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yamaguchi tadashi is so important. i’m not even joking like this is a kid whose most defining characteristic is that he’s not the best, but he still tries. like do you know how important that is for people to see?? (for me to see??) yamaguchi has countless insecurities and they don’t let you forget that. his feelings aren’t pushed to the side, but he’s able to work through them. and although his insecurities never go away, he still strives to become better. and you know what?? even after hours and days and weeks and months of hard work, he’s still not that great. but he knows he’s made progress. and he keeps going, he keeps trying. he wants to be able to help, he wants to be strong. and i just love yamaguchi so much i love this kid who’s always trying. i love this kid whose insecurities don’t stop him from trying but they still play a major role in how he thinks and how he plays. yamaguchi’s character development is one of the most realistic and relatable things i’ve seen in a long time & i will defend him till my last dying breath goodbye


If anybody were to come across him, Henry’d make for a pretty odd sight at the moment. The lanky 17-year-old was seated on a rock, huddled over a long piece of paper moving his fingers across it, quietly humming and making noises that are meant to imitate music supposedly.

Of course, it makes slightly more sense if you could see that he’s roughly sketched out the keys of a keyboard on the piece of paper. He’s been practicing something but it was nice out so he really didn’t want to stay inside. Thus, making himself look like an idiot muttering to himself with an improvised not-piano.

Normally i wait until the person has received their commission, but I love this guy too much and want to share.

Commission for yourattacksquid who was gracious enough to let me tackle this after ECCC was over. The little guy is intended to have a particular feather/hair style, but that got a bit understated as I worked the rest of his design.

But hey, now I just want to draw a whole herd of these guys with different bird coloring and different feather “headresses.” :D