if it doesn't kill you she will





[2] quotes: 3x09 - come back to me.


★ Karamel Appreciation Week ★

Day 6 favorite angsty moment

At least once a week my brain does the following:

Plotting Brain: “Ahsoka might then fight that person and kill that person…”

Plot-Check Brain: “No, but Ahsoka doesn’t kill people.”

Plotting Brain: “Oh, you’re right. So if the doesn’t kill people, maybe she has to wrestle with–”

Plot-Check Brain: “Wait! I’ve got an incoming message from memories, let’s see what it is…”

Plotting Brain: “Okay so she might then fight that person and kill that person…”

Nothing kills my desire to read a fic more than the writer retconning Mai into being a nice person. Like???? No?? She literally didn’t give two cents about anyone but herself. She wasn’t ‘confused’ or ‘tricked’ or whatever garbage. She literally did not care. She joined Azula for fun. And there’s no way in hell she ‘loved’ Zuko- she literally signed up to hunt him down as a traitor to the Fire Nation. Because she was bored. wtf why are you trying to make this character empathetic and likeable. She’s not. She’s really not. Stop.

maggie and alex are secretly planning a surprise party for kara, which is why alex uses the excuse that she has a date and can’t celebrate with kara. except, you know, then the whole white martian loose in the DEO thing happens, and suddenly they’re all trying to figure out who’s the martian and they’re trying not to get killed by it. and alex’s phone rings while she’s hiding out in an office, and maggie’s name is on the screen, and alex curses and answers.

“hey babe, where are you? you were supposed to be here with kara half an hour ago. everything’s all ready to go.”

“maggie, i-”

“and have you happened to see j'onn or winn? neither of them have showed yet either, and winn was supposed to bring the cake.”

Stay Safe

Please, please, please stay safe. Sexual abuse culture is horrific, and I completely understand the urge to say “fuck it” and fight you way through but PLEASE stay safe. Stay in groups, keep in contact, just please stay safe.

The older sister of one of my brothers friends was killed yesterday after walking to her car alone after work (She normally walked back with a bartender from the restaurant where she worked, but she decided to leave early).

Please protect yourselves and be proactive - your life is worth the world.


Amara: It’s just this move. What if i’m making a mistake? What I crash and burn? I mean you and dad have helped me so much, with college and now with me living on my own- oh my god, I’ve never actually lived completely by myself before! I won’t have dad to fix the broken sinks, or to kill the spiders, you won’t be there to teach me how to cook anything other than ramen noodles- maybe I shouldn’t do this. I’m not ready. I should just-

Cara: Stop. Stop with the what-ifs. What if a meteor hits our house? What if you get hit by a car as soon as you walk out the front door? What if you get abducted by aliens? Mara, you can’t let your dreams be overpowered by your fears. You’ve come so far to give up now, you and I both know that.

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Wait, in the age swap au, Azulon still wanted Ozai to kill his firstborn? Or he ordered Ozai to kill his son? God Zuko would be 6 yo when his mom left him, his life sucks

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There is something utterly chilling about hearing your eight year old daughter gleefully telling her ten year old brother that their father is going to kill him.  It’s if possible, even worse when she’s telling her six year old brother this instead.  Or in other words, hey look, I made another universe where Zuko’s life is even worse than canon!

for whatever reason don’t imagine an angry Mary telling a 12 years old Neil “if he doesn’t kill you, I will” after he almost got them caught

do not imagine Neil accidentally sharing this with the foxes

do not imagine Neil saying “I never thought I could survive both of them”

just don’t