if it does this again im gonna

so uh


does…anyone here remember me? its been a while.

i promised id remake my blog if i returned here but i didnt wanna remake yet again, & i uh, i kinda missed this place? i mean

this websites toxic as fuck & i dont know if im gonna be around here as much as i used to be over the past years & i am still afraid to be around here due to hate followers & just toxic tumblr culture overall? but i missed my mutuals, i missed the fandoms, i missed the memes.

so i guess im back?

hows….hows it going

i uh, think im gonna try going by a different brand from now on too, instead of ocdamethyst. 

Why can’t you love yourself?
I’m just a useless seventh wheel.

kinda vent kinda not this is a mess


Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???


“The summer adventure of these eight children has drawn to an end. But… This does not mean that the Gate will stay closed forever. That’s because this is neither the beginning nor the end of the Chosen Children’s adventures. The Gate to the Digimon World will surely open once again… As long as we keep the memory of the Digimon alive within us.”

Happy Odaiba Day

luna-sheep  asked:

hey, i really REALLY love your barracuda Jeremy! i'd love to learn more about him or see him more! do you have any head canons you could share about him/the au?


@being-edward-hyde and @stuck-in-the-ghost-zone r also developing the au (hyde was the one w the initial idea im p sure)

ok so headcanons and details under the cut heck yea heck yea

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bts reaction: giving them a kiss on the cheek unexpectedly

(* ^ ω ^) request -  BTS reaction to their crush giving them a kiss on the cheek out of the blue

a/n - pls don’t forget to request a reaction if you’d like one !! :D

kim seokjin - it would prob happen one day out of the blue. you just could not help yourself and decided to just kiss his cheek. and knowing him, he’d be like  (⌒▽⌒)☆ and tease you about it endlessly, even though he is very much dying inside. 

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min yoongi - would definitely be like  ( ̄ヘ ̄) upon it happening. being the very quiet and conservative person he is, he kind of just be taken aback by it and look at you and kind of a ‘….’ manner. but inside he’s like  ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶ DO IT AGAIN

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jung hoseok - the actual embodiment of second hand embarrassment. you two could be sitting and doing work together and you could have been stuck on a problem and after him helping and in the most god damn sweetest way possible, you pressed a kiss on his cheek as a thank you. knowing him, he would be feeling like (* ^ ω ^) while his heart is going like  (((o(*°▽°*)o)))

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kim namjoon - tenses up in his spot. could be writing some lyrics to a new song and since you’ve grown so comfortable with him and your guys’ friendship you’d think a kiss on the cheek would be nothing. spoiler alert, you were wrong. he basically went like  ( ゚,_ゝ`) , but inside he was like  \(〇_o)/what do i do

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park jimin - you know that little nervous laugh he does when he doesn’t know what to say in his v lives? yup. that’s what he would do. just to hear his laugh again, you’d kiss his cheek repeatedly and he’d just sit there giggling while his heart went like   (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)

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kim taehyung  - probably the one to yell ‘AHHHHHHHH’ out loud since he’s the one to express his emotions verbally in that situation. he’d cover his face to hide his very prominent pinkish tint growing on his cheeks, and when you would try to uncover his face gently he’d just become more  (つ≧▽≦)つ HE’S SO CUTE IN THIS GIF IM GONNA FUCKING

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jeon jungkook  - he’d definitely be shocked by it since it happened so suddenly. he’d kindly just look over and give you a kiss on the cheek back, happy that he can be as comfortable with someone as he is with you. but knowing him, he’d dead ass be like  (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ  (*/▽\*)  (◕‿◕)♡ all at once

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hurricanesunny  asked:

//downs entire cup of coffee ok. ok so uh. au where jeremy is a movie (movie!) actor who just landed his first major break as the male lead in a romcom with fellow co-star christine canigula, part-time actress, part-time broadway star, fulltime america's sweetheart. hollywood LOVES jeremiah heere, even if he's a lil overwhelmed by the sudden red carpets and paparazzi swarms. chloe works as head makeup stylist, brooke is in the costuming department, (CONT)


  • i CANNOT BELIEVE michael mell does not know who jeremy heere Is because everybody knows who he is. the hype for the movie (which is named Play Rehearsal because why the fuck not) is A Lot and jeremy gains a dedicated fanbase who watches every episode of an obscure tv show he’s been in, digs up shots of him doing various theatre productions through college, and one (1) shaky hand camera video of jeremy dressed a door in a pre-school play. jeremy is charming and kind and just the perfect amount of shy that makes people fall in love. when he gets signed on for the movie, everybody goes nuts.
  • jeremy is really fucking happy because here he is!! filming a movie!! (MOVIE!!) with christine canigula (CHRISTINE!!). he really is an incredible actor and he and christine have fantastic comedic and romantic chemistry. he loves acting and he loves his job and usual stress/doubts aside, he’s loving working on this film
  • but also ACK the attention is really overwhelming. logically, he knows that it comes with the job, but he went from basically a nobody to Rising Star. jeremy blended in seamlessly throughout his childhood, almost a professional at being a background character you overlook, and now. he’s getting recognized when he goes out to do groceries. he loves his fans so much!!! but also it’s rather nervewracking!! he didnt think he’d start fantasizing about days where he could go out and not get noticed, but here he is. he just wants a donut.
  • when he brings this up to chloe, she tosses him a pair of sunglasses. brooke takes those sunglasses and gives him a pair of much cheaper much less inconspicuous Not Designer sunglasses. jeremy gets the concept and digs out an old faded hoodie from high school and a cap (because he’s watched the scene in ca:tws. it’s incognito time) and makes that his Going Out And God I Hope Nobody Notices Me outfit. despite making it look like an idiot, it actually works. 
  • until michael mell, the dude who doesn’t know who jeremy heere is cuz his media consumption is stuck several years back and even if he was watching movies from the present, isnt the type to give any fuck over hollywood/actor buzz. he’s just a guy who’s lost on the streets somewhere in los angeles and he’s never gonna make it to—oh nvm yo dude can i have some directions
  • it has been SO LONG since somebody’s looked at jeremy and just kinda looked at him like a normal dude. no eye widening. no asking for a picture. this guy just flashes a bright smile that’s totally movie worthy, thanks jeremy, and leaves.
  • thatd be the end of that but they just keep meeting. 
  • jeremy gets a coffee? oh hey it’s lost guy! (this is where michael introduces himself to jeremy. he’s a programmer and he’s a bit new around here and when michael shakes his hand jeremy swears he understands that bit in the script of Play Rehearsal about heartbeats and hitched breaths. jeremy introduces himself as jeremy. jeremy heere. he waits for the pin to drop, for the recognition to come, but it doesnt. michael just quirks an eyebrow and says, “alright then, james bond.”)
  • (they share a table at the coffee shop and end up talking for the entire afternoon)
  • 3am and jeremy’s at the corner store because Snacks and oh god hey it’s michael with a basket full or energy drinks oh god, what are you DOING. they criticize each other’s 3am food choices and it’s so much fun. the cashier stares at jeremy (Jeremy Heere) a little awestruck, but doesnt say anything. michael doesnt notice.
  • they finally exchange numbers when michael literally fucking runs into jeremy while theyre on location for filming and STILL. NOTHING. jeremy doesnt mind anymore and is just happy he’s got a friend who doesnt know or care about celebrity shit.
  • but then of course you cant get out scot free 100% of the time. paparazzi gets a shot of jeremy, in costume, looking dashing, the perfect romcom lead, laughing and smiling at an Unknown Man.

(”He isn’t my boyfriend, oh my god,” Jeremy says into his hands. “I literally just met Michael a few weeks ago. We’re friends. He’s really nice.”

“And you’re telling me,” Jenna says very slowly. “That he has no idea who you are?”

“I mean, he knows I’m Jeremy Heere but he doesn’t know I’m Jeremy Heere.“ Jeremy’s life is so surreal that that sentence can make sense. 

“Was he living under a rock?” Rich asks, disbelieving.

“Under a Gamecube, probably, I don’t know.”)

  • idk how long i wanna push michael not knowing but my point is that jeremy Really Likes michael and totally doesnt wanna scare him off. the jeremy michael knows is nerdy jeremy who likes video games and not celebrity jeremy who makes people swoon with perfect smiles. 
  • so jeremy doesnt Tell him. and michael says just figures that jeremy likes hanging out at really weird times and loves hoodies and caps and sunglasses and always looks over his shoulder because of his anxiety. oh the fun these two will have…



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could you do a halloween/costume party scenario with youngk (a.k.a. brian lol) of day6? throwback to his vampire outfit last year. c;

to celebrate their new release, here’s some halloween!youngk!!

  • youngk has always been popular on campus
  • from good looks, to book smarts, to talent - he’s one of everyone’s favorite guys and you’re no exception, you’ve known him since forever
  • but you also know,,,,,,,the real youngk
  • and you’re talking embarrassing childhood secrets, goofy faces, and 2 am skype calls where youngk does something absolutely silly and makes you swear to never tell anyone
  • which is why when he goes “i want to throw a halloween surprise party!” you’re not in the least bit surprised
  • “how are you going to throw a party, sungjin will freak out if you get the house dirty.”
  • youngk, whose laying down on his stomach in bed frowns on the camera, then looks over his shoulder to see that his roommate jae is fast asleep
  • “ill just bribe him, or get wonpil to take him out and distract him - but c’mon you have to admit a halloween party would be killer!”
  • you look at him for a moment, scrunch up your nose but decide that once youngk wants to do something he really wont let it go
  • “ok, but halloween is like,,,,,,in a week. what about costumes??”
  • youngk shifts, getting up off the bed and using his long body grabs a bag from the top shelf of his closet
  • coming back into the camera’s view he pulls something out 
  • for a second you think it’s some kind of toy but then youngk smiles and you see them - corny, fake vampire teeth
  • you burst out into laughter and youngk motions for you to quiet down
  • “i had to mute you, i don’t want to wake up jae”
  • “jae sleeps like he’s dead”
  • youngk agrees with a small nod, but grins “keep the party a secret till the day before halloween ok? then tell some friends to come over and we’ll have fun!”
  • you promise and tell youngk to go sleep, isn’t his first lecture in like,,,,five hours???
  • youngk gives an unbiased shrug, but you roll your eyes and wish him goodnight anyway
  • the night of halloween,,,you look down at your costume with a small hint of pride. for a last minute ditch effort, it’s good. bloody nurses are always a classic
  • a couple of your friends are with you when you ring the doorbell of youngk’s shared house
  • the outside is decorated with cheap looking plastic pumpkins and a skeleton hangs on the door, but you can hear the loud music and voices from the inside already
  • youngk opens the door, and to your surprise he looks good. like,,,,really good
  • dark eyeliner, blood red lips, hair slicked back and a victorian age shirt covered by a long, black velvet cape - for a second you think, did he plan this costume in advance,,,,,like months in advance
  • but then youngk smiles,,,,,and the mysterious, dark beauty of his costume reminds you of your friend underneath
  • he steps aside and your friends parade inside to join the crowd, a couple of them stop to flirt with youngk and shower compliments
  • all of which he answers politely back, but his eyes turn with excitement to you
  • “sungjin went to visit his family yesterday and won’t be back till after tomorrow night - how lucky?”
  • you shake your head and come inside too, following youngk through the mass and to the kitchen where wonpil, dressed as a mad scientists eggs wizard dowoon to eat three slices of pizza at once
  • leaning against the counter, youngk pours you a drink that you take and sniff before looking up at youngk
  • “sungjin would not approve”
  • “sungjin,,,,,,,isn’t here”
  • the party is,,,,,,,crazy. college students allowed to roam free through a house in costumes and dark lighting has never yielded pretty results
  • which is why you don’t get really mad when some guy dressed up in toliet paper to look like a mummy elbows past you and gets the drink you were holding spilled all over your costume
  • which happens to be covered in blood spatters, but also,,,,,,,is white
  • so whatever doesn’t have red on it,,,,is no basically see-through 
  • and usually, you’d be horrified - but it’s dark and crowded no one can really see or care to see, but the wet stickiness makes you cringe
  • and when you do catch the eye of some creep looking you up and down,,,you decide ok,,,,maybe you are a little bit horrified
  • but then you feel something drape around your shoulder, the velvet fabric of youngk’s vampire cape
  • “pull it around yourself” he leans down to say into your ear, as he turns you away from the prying eyes and leads you up the stairs to the more quieter part of the house
  • after kicking a couple out of his bedroom, youngk tells you to sit down
  • you pull the cape around you and shiver, the wet clothing makes you feel colder
  • “here, change into this.”
  • throwing down a pair of flannel pajama bottoms and one of his old math olympic shirts, youngk takes the cape from you and motions that he won’t look
  • you peel the wet clothes off and change into youngk’s,,,,feeling warmer,,,,but slightly embarrassed
  • “im sorry, you should go back to your party. i can stay up here or sneak out of the windo-”
  • youngk pulls his fake fangs out and shakes his head “it’s fine, someone lodged a noise complaint so jae is gonna shut this thing down in a couple minutes.”
  • he sits down beside you on the bed and you look at him again, in profile he really does look like some kind of vampire prince from years ago
  • regal high cheekbones, mesmerizing eyes, and flawless skin
  • when he moves to look at you, you drop your gaze to the floor and pretend like you didn’t just stare
  • “im always dragging you into these things,,,” he says suddenly and you manage to laugh
  • “it’s fine, you make life fun.” 
  • youngk seems to be taking a long time to collect his thoughts,,,,he seems more nervous than ever before,,,
  • downstairs you hear the music shut off, jae’s loud voice shouts something about campus police showing up unless everyone scatters
  • and you can hear the shuffle of feet, urgent voices till,,,,,,,the party is over
  • jae passes by the door only to say that he’s crashing over at kevin’s
  • and youngk and you slowly realize,,,,you’re alone together in his room
  • “you look,,,,,cute in my clothes”
  • he states,,,,and you think that after all that silence that’s what he says,,,but at the same time,,,,it makes your heart melt
  • and before you think that it’s a bad idea, you lean in and kiss youngk’s cheek
  • he seems shocked,,,but not upset,,,
  • instead he leans forward, hand on the side of your neck as he presses his lips to yours
  • you can taste the flavor of whatever he used on his lips to make  them so red and you fall into it,,,,,into youngk
  • and he pulls you closer, the collar of his costume’s shirt tickles your chin and when you pull back he touches the corner of your lip
  • “my makeup got on you,,,” he chuckles and you wipe at it with your hand before youngk moves in to kiss you again
  • “hey,,,maybe get the makeup off first?” you laugh against his neck, but youngk shakes his head as he hugs you close
  • “i will,,,,but for right now let me have this.”
  • in the morning, you wake up cuddled into youngk’s chest,,,,,
  • but also sungjin is at the door of his room like “i see it was wild last night, youngk would you like to explain?”
  • swallowing, youngk looks to you for support, but you just kiss his nose and shuffle past sungjin telling youngk to call you if he manages to survive sungjin h e l l 

really makes me uneasy when people who aren’t traumatized tell you “it’s never gonna happen again” bc:

1. it happens again daily in my head
2. where are you gonna be if it does happen again

it just seems like a very invalidating thing to say that’s all

IM just gonna say it

pens fans complained all fucking season about how much “Shit” their team put them through when they LITERALLY won the stanley cup last year and their team has SEVERAL elite players on it. i dont see what “shit” their team puts them through when u compare urself to teams like the Avalanche who were snubbed out of the fucking draft lottery and are probably gonna be shit again this year because of it. AND despite all the “STRIFE” the penguins go through they still manage to come out on top. how does that happen 😕🤔 yea it sucks when you’re players get hurt and it’s tough to watch but you’ll still COME OUT ON TOP CLEARLY, when you have so many good fucking players. so you’re in no SPACE to complain. shut the fuck up and enjoy the success without boasting and bashing the teams who have to bUST THEIR ASSES to get a break and ANY recognition from the league. Teams with players like PK Fucking Subban who get called FOOLS for trying to have fun on the damb ice. Teams with players like Leon Draisaitl and Pat Maroon and Cam Talbot who get fucking forgotten and tossed to the side after having a PHENOMENAL season but go UNMENTIONed because of Connor. (which honestly, he did great and it shouldnt be without saying but still you get the point.) Teams with players like OVI AND HOLTBY who get the pressures of “carrying their team” and get called DRAMA QUEENS when they’re mad because they fall short every year because apparently its their sole responsibility to win the cup. Stop acting like you’re above these people, because yea, you have the rings to prove it whatever talent and thats NEAT, but the nerve and disrespect brings you nowhere.

Stop fucking complaining for once in your damb life and be thankful. Teams in this league havent seen a cup. Fans have been waiting DECADES for a cup. 

Better Together [Eggsy Unwin Imagine - Request].

A/N: Hello, my lovelies! Have an Eggsy Unwin imagine! This one is based off two requests, I combined both ideas together, I hope that’s okay? I just loved these two so much:

One was being ‘friends with benefits’, with Eggsy and the other was ‘you have a panic attack and Eggsy comforts you’. 

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader. 

Warnings: Mature. Mentions of sexual activity. NSFW. Please, only read if you’re an adult! 

Disclaimer: Nope, I don’t own Eggsy. And you belong to you. 

P.S: This has been edited and checked, but if there are any mistakes, please forgive me. And enjoy! <3

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It worked for the both of you – you’d agreed no strings attached, no relationship crap, just the two of you being there for each other, it’s not like the two of you had time for all the girlfriend/boyfriend crap, after all, you were both spies and that was the main priority.

And for weeks, it had been going well.

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okay I know it’s been 4 years and BUT I STILL CANT BELIEVE that after all that Jake Ryan and Miley had gone through - he’s in love with her but she hates him, Zombie High, middle school dances, fighting with Lily over him, making him jealous with “senior” who’s only 11, he kisses her, leaves for 6 months, chocolates from the sky, movie premieres, tells the world he’s in love Miley Stewart, rewinding the TV a million times, names a star after her, oh his real name is Leslie, then he’s too arrogant, they break up, he films a movie with a very young selena gomez, miley gets jealous, blue aliens fighting, he’s gonna marry Traci, “it’s a nasal condition!!!”, miley freaks out, nvm “GOTCHA!” it’s a prank show, they date again secretly, she’s torn between him and jesse, chooses him and then in the end……HE CHEATS ON HER?!?!! like what no sorry but it’s so unbelievable, im still fuming to this day.


So apparently people aren’t seeing the absolutely incredible character development this episode showed us. I think people are focusing too much on birdperson not being there or evil Morty or whatever, but… Holy shit.

For one holy fuck does Rick Sanchez love his family (shown especially with Morty this episode). Yes Rick doesn’t exactly listen to Morty well, but he’s very clearly trying his best to do good for him and the rest of the family.

And Beth FINALLY put her family first instead of fearing her father would leave her. We’ve seen Beth show multiple times that she cared less about her family than she seemed to in earlier seasons, and it took time away from Jerry and a trip down memory lane to get that spark back; and to feel confident as as her own person not inherently attached to her father (shown very well subtly too with the ‘clone vs real beth’ bit tbh)

But this is really what was being leading up to this season. Family dynamic was the entire season’s plot. We saw the characters flesh out emotionally and experienced a lot of raw interactions. I could go on for hours about all we learned this season about their family and personal journeys so far.

I personally really, really, really loved that episode and believe if we truly want this show to continue expanding we need to give it time (bird person and evil Morty in the finale episode would seem rushed to me!! I want to prolong and deeply appreciate that bridge when we get to it).


11.9.2017// Guys I am in my 4th semester in med school, isnt it wild? Like I remember getting in and writing it on my tumblr and how sweet and supportive all of you were, and now I am almost done with my second year in med school and let me tell you this has been such a crazy experience, like I love it, but it was not what I expected, ofcourse I would change it for nothing in this world, I got my bestfriends here, I think that I “found myself” even though that sounds so cheesy, but university really is something else… 

I am going through my dailies page which you can find on my site, and I am getting a little emotional actually, looking back at the person I was back then and how much I have grown is so weird. I did take a break from tumblr because I did fail exams and it was very difficult to get into that “study mindset” because this is so different than high school and studying is so different aswell so I set a lot of time aside to try to “learn how to study” all over again, because the methods I used in high school which got me A’s does not work here. 

But!! I am back and I just need tumblr, it is my therapy, it is my source of motivation and I just love it, so this time im gonna be on here for real, and not leave, I promise. Hey maybe I can set up a give away soon? What do you guys want me to give away? Stationary or journals? I have done a couple of journals but we are reaching almost the 100K so maybe the give away should be a little more this time? 

Do you guys follow my studygram? @studyspiration (https://www.instagram.com/studyspiration/).