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Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???

Do you know what my favorite line of dialogue is from Uncharted 4? I’m gonna tell ya:

This shit gets me. Every. Single. Time. It perfectly sums up… Everything. Their entire relationship. Everything they’ve been through and are currently going through. And it’s some subtle foreshadowing (this game does some spectacular foreshadowing and one day I’ll sit down and do a gif set of the best examples of it because damn.) 

Every time this guy blunders his way into some disaster, here comes Elena Fisher at hour zero to save his ass and push him on to achieve his (lbr, crazy) goals. This game is full of damn fine writing and this is my absolute favorite line in the entire goddamn game. This entire scene is so subtle and heartfelt and heart-breaking in its melancholy.

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okay but why in the FUCK was the episode called "gem harvest" some half-assed 'domestic au' when peridot in catch and release referenced LITERAL "gem harvesting" in the bubble room as something terrifying and fucked up that homeworld does but with no extrapolation on to what it actually is?? i 100% assumed we were gonna get context on that and im still mad lmao

I JUST CHECKED ON THAT EP AND WTF UR RIGHT. i’ll be super mad if they just suddenly decide to bring it up again


“The summer adventure of these eight children has drawn to an end. But… This does not mean that the Gate will stay closed forever. That’s because this is neither the beginning nor the end of the Chosen Children’s adventures. The Gate to the Digimon World will surely open once again… As long as we keep the memory of the Digimon alive within us.”

Happy Odaiba Day

We’ll go on an adventure and relive history

So please, please, please won’t you join me

Until the very end


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  • i’ll be posting daily drawings on my twitter (@baraschino), and i’ll post a batch of drawings after each week here on tumblr!
  • all requests are welcome! any character any series! thank you everyone who submits a request, and sorry ahead of time if i don’t pick yours to draw! love you all<33
Deserved It

Pairing- Jimin x reader 

Type- Fluff, Angst

Word count- 1,154

Warnings- Idk, crying?

A/N- (♥ω♥ ) ~♪ Okey dokey yo, this is a thank you from me to you guys for 100 followers!! WOooO. Like I was gonna write a fluff but I think it turned out a little more angsty? Idk? You can be the judge of that…

Anyway like, I’m super grateful tho, like Ive mentioned it before but I ReALly was not expecting this blog to go anywhere when I first uploaded “Tomorrow?” and like I read it back and it makes me cringe but then Im glad it does as that means I have improved. If only my upcoming english exams were on writing fanfictions not essays about Dr Jekyll and shit and random war poems. /(x~x)\

Also, I think I’m gonna count this as my weekly upload because I’m having writers block for Forbidden Fruit again….

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“I deserved it” you breathed out, rubbing one of your hands on your temple while the other rested your phone close to your sore damp cheek.

“Nobody deserved that.” a voice from the other end responded in an insistent tone.

The line went almost silent for a few minutes as neither of you spoke up and only the sound of his calm breathing, and your erratic gasps for air, quietly filled the void. You finally responded after calming down “I’ve never had a friend as loyal as you Jimin…. I-I’m really grateful…” you replied almost in a whisper between sniffles while a shaky smile took over your lips.

“Obviously I am, if I wasn’t, who would you cry to about your issues and who would bring you hot drinks and snacks while you’re crying home alone at half past one in the morning and not expecting any company?” you furrowed your brows, finding his statement fishy, not just cocky.

Seconds later a knock on your door caught your attention.

Ding dong~” the young male added on the other end of the call.

“Jimin! What the hell are you doing!” you shouted in surprise through the phone with no intention of getting up to open the door.

“Open up Y/n~, there’s no heating out in the corridor! My handsies are getting hold and the drinks are getting colder~” he whined teasingly.

You hurriedly wiped at your eyes with the last remaining tissue and then proceeded to try and collect all of the ones that you chucked onto the floor. The knocks grew louder and so did Jimin as he shouted through the letter box while you tried your best to clean like the Flash and make yourself look like less of a mess by quickly combing through your hair with your fingers.

You finally opened the door and a smiley Jimin greeted you on the other side.

“H-hey…Why the hell did you come here so late dumbass?” You questioned, pretending to find his sudden appearance a nuisance although in reality you desperately wished for his comfort and he could tell by the puffiness of your eyes and the way you stood at the door that you were happy about his arrival. He knew you needed someone’s shoulder to cry into.

“I brought your favourites.” He stated as he walked past you and into the living room to place down the bags of snacks and drinks that occupied his hands and you followed close behind him after closing the door.

He slowly turned to face you; the cheerfulness that was on his complexion while he was at the door was now replaced with sympathy. One look and you felt the tears bubble back up, you bit your lip and he wrapped you in a hug as if he was prepared for this situation. His hand smoothed over your head and shoulders over and over while your body began to tremble with each breath. You both stood there in the centre of the room while he rocked you ever so slightly side to side. Your tears began to soak his hoodie and your hands became fists on the soft fabric. Little whimpers escaped your lungs as you were finally letting your emotions go to someone after hours of trying to cope with them by yourself. Not a word was exchanged between the two of you.

What felt like eternity finally passed and your cries became muffled and then eventually became silent altogether as you bathed in Jimins loving warmth. If you weren’t both stood up you would have fallen into a deep sleep already with the beat of his heart becoming more entrancing the more you listened. A deep sigh escaped his mouth and the hot air brushed passed your hair.

“I just want to make sure that you never look back at what happened and blame yourself, you deserve the world and more, not this, not anything that hurts you…”

You silently nodded against his chest and he finally released you from his embrace. His hands held your shoulders one last time before giving you a reassuring smile. He cupped you cheeks and used his thumbs to wipe the remaining tears that were persistent on rolling down your face. Gently, he guided you over to the couch. He sat you down and grabbed the food he had brought and took it over to you before also seating himself down next to you.

A shiver went down your arms as the temperature of the room was nothing compared to the heat that Jimin had provided. You huddled closer to him and he grabbed a blanket before draping it over both of you. As he began to sip his lukewarm drink while handing you yours, he took the remote and turned on a random channel that was airing a movie. What movie it was you couldn’t remember as all you could concentrate on was the way your body rested perfectly against his and how every so often you would catch each other staring, and of course you would blush and shy away each time.

Even your favourite snack seemed bland when you ate it, as the moment you shared with Jimin was more heavenly and spine-tingling than anything you had ever experience and all you were doing was sharing a sentimental moment together by cuddling after manifesting your woeful emotions. Somehow while the movie played and he reached for more food, he managed to slip his hand over your shoulders to bring you as close to him as possible, as if he was scared you would at any moment run away from his grasp. The sound of the TV became a mere muffle in the background.

“If I deserve the world, then you deserve a galaxy” you spoke quietly as your eyelids got heavier and heavier every minute. Little by little your breathing slowed and deepened while your body prepared for a deep sleep. Your consciousness began to waver as the long night was taking its toll on you and beckoning your mind to let go and sleep.

Jimin had noticed you falling asleep and turned the TV off. His arms carefully came away from your shoulders and he began to get up. He froze for a moment when you began to move, but proceeded to carefully lift you up with the blanket when you had settled once more. After making his way over to your bedroom with you nested in is arms, he tenderly placed you under the covers and wrapped you up warmly. His hand lightly grazed your forehead and he brought his head forward just enough to tenderly kiss the same spot. Your body instinctively sighed at the sensation.

Just before he closed the door, he looked back at your tranquil sleeping form and what he said almost came out as a whisper,

“I don’t need a galaxy if I already have you, my universe.” 

 A/N- Hope you enjoyed~ cause I sure did ;)

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“If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”

They’re at tea when he says it and Chise stares at him for a long moment. “Come again?” she manages, once she’s schooled her features into something more closely resembling her usual resting expression.

“If you die, I’m going to kill you,” Elias repeats, calmly, with his usual wide, innocent, bright-eyed expression (the one which only Chise could see).

“I…doesn’t that defeat the purpose?” she asks, slowly.

“Does it?” Elias tips his head back, noise pointing to the ceiling as he ponders it. “I had heard it being said before…it’s meant to express a strong desire to see someone alive and well for a continued period of time, is it not? An idiom?”

Chise struggles not to laugh and fails entirely, covering her mouth with one hand to contain the bulk of her giggles. “I…I don’t think it’s an idiom, exactly, Elias.”

“Oh…” he trails off, tapping the end of his finger against the fine porcelain of his teacup. Sunlight filters in through the window, the broken beams setting alight the floating dust in the capacious sitting room. “All the same, my puppy, I really would prefer it if you remained alive, for a long, long time. Alive…and with me.”

This time, Chise isn’t able to meet his gaze, opting instead to glance at the nearest bookshelf, studying the way the light plays against the worn spines of the many tomes packed within it.

“I…I’d like that too, Elias.”

He makes a satisfied noise behind her, knocking back more of the tea into his mouth. “Good.”

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i need to talk with someone about Shin's outfit in ep 6 when he says goodbye to everyone, omg he looks amazing, i mean he always does but idk there's something about that outfit, sorry if this is weird but I was watching the ep again and i noticed that he looks extra handsome im gonna cry bye

OHHHH yesss I love that outfit too Anon! ^^ Actually, I have a review in the works, as requested by @scarletheartlove, about rating Shin’s outfits (It’s taking some time since I’m also busy and I kinda need to rewatch certain episodes for the outfits lol)! 

But I love how they chose an all black outfit for Shin for that scene because it literally represents Shin “embracing” his death. He was so dead set (pun intended) on dying…. he even wore black for his own funeral, lmao. Setting aside all color symbolism, Goblin has definitely set a trend for long coats which is FABULOUS! Gong Yoo + Long Coats = PERFECTION! (He looks so good in turtle necks too… ugh… plus he’s got a tall and lean figure which goes so well with the fashion in Goblin; A+ to the stylists of Goblin! Wardrobe done right!) Plus, with his very simple and black-elegant outfit, there was a lot of emphasis on Shin’s face… his expressions! This way, we were able to put our attention on every movement of his face while looking at Eun-Tak… gazing at her… slightly smiling at her… and thinking that it might be his last time he will see her. He is the master of facial expressions… I swear he breaks my heart every time at this scene… he’s just looking at Eun-Tak with such softness and gentleness even though he didn’t die T.T

Plus I love how his outfit contrasts with the snow, the scenery, the sword, and with Eun-Tak. Eun-Tak’s outfit is fun, youthful, and bright… while his was dark, gloomy, while also being sophisticated/mature. I just love how they put so much emphasis on colors in this drama… have I told you guys before that I FRIGGIN LOVE SYMBOLISMS!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY’RE USED SO THOROUGHLY AND STRATEGICALLY LIKE IN GOBLIN??? 

And yes… Gong Yoo just looks so handsome in that outfit… T.T he looks good in anything and everything. 

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so of course my boss’s wife ratted me out nd he’s mad bc its unprofessional or w/e even though literally no one has had a problem with it but him and his priss wife

im gonna ask again bc i am that desperate but does anyone have any canon ensemble stars they;d be willing to give to me so i can get this url ive wanted since forever ill do anything. absolutely anything i am a desperate dying man please help me

so i come to the laundrymat once a week to dry my clothes bc my dryers broken right, and today theres this little kid, cant be more than 7 or 8 years old. and he taps on my window as im getting ready to get out of my truck and unload my clothes, tells me my lights are oxidized and he cant fix em for me real cheap.

now i may not know wtf fuck hes talking about but i know a hustle when i see one, i grew up w this shit lmao. but this little boy has charisma! boy cleaned one headlight off as an example real quick, said he can do both for $10.

now i dont have money to get a new dryer and i dont really have money to blow like that, however little $10 is in the long run so i say no. he lowers his price a little and honestly i can appreciate a lil hustler, hes out there doin it omg?? so i gave him the extra dollar bills i have in my wallet and take my clothes inside to do my laundry. little boy runs up to his momma, happy about the money he just made and istg if u dont respect a lil hustler doin what hes gotta do then uve never grown up on the streets or on hard times at all

Next Class

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Part I / Part III

Requested: Yes! By a lovely anonymous and the beautiful 

Prompt: “ You need to make a part 2 for My Tutor! Love your writing!

“ Can you do a My Tutor part 2? Where she doesn’t do well in the exam and she tell him, and Chris think is his fault because he didn’t finish tutoring her?

“  okay so im gonna talk to you again about “my tutor”, what if!!! she doesnt do well in the exam and he thinks he should teach her another lesson (and he does ofc) after that she goes back to the hale loft for a pack night and one of the werewolves is like Y/N WHY DO YOU SMELL LIKE ALLISON’S FATHER and they find out lol i just have ideas sometimes ” 

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Character: Chris Argent

Word Count: 2.472

Warnings: The reader is underage and as you know Chris is way older, so don’t read if you have a problem with that. Also, if you feel unconfortavle with smut, don’t even read. 

Type: Smut

Author’s Note: I changed a bit the whole ‘they find out’ thing, because I don’t want reader to loose Allison’s friendship, due to the fact that her mother died and they are the same age. 

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I was gonna post this later…. But I just saw the news. For those of you that don’t know, mx-bones has now left Tumblr for good due to never ending harassment. Spies being sent out by hateful people to find every little mistake this amazing person made. I wonder if they’re happy now. Celebrating the fall of a human being, who was just trying to live their god damn life.

If Bones does see this…. I’d like to say that I’ve been a huge fan and recently found your blog again. You inspired me and my art style and helped me accept people for who they are, not what they are. I’m sorry that this happened to you, friend. I wish I could’ve talked to you, gotten to know you before your break…. But I’m just too late for now I guess.