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Why can’t you love yourself?
I’m just a useless seventh wheel.

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Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???

IM just gonna say it

pens fans complained all fucking season about how much “Shit” their team put them through when they LITERALLY won the stanley cup last year and their team has SEVERAL elite players on it. i dont see what “shit” their team puts them through when u compare urself to teams like the Avalanche who were snubbed out of the fucking draft lottery and are probably gonna be shit again this year because of it. AND despite all the “STRIFE” the penguins go through they still manage to come out on top. how does that happen 😕🤔 yea it sucks when you’re players get hurt and it’s tough to watch but you’ll still COME OUT ON TOP CLEARLY, when you have so many good fucking players. so you’re in no SPACE to complain. shut the fuck up and enjoy the success without boasting and bashing the teams who have to bUST THEIR ASSES to get a break and ANY recognition from the league. Teams with players like PK Fucking Subban who get called FOOLS for trying to have fun on the damb ice. Teams with players like Leon Draisaitl and Pat Maroon and Cam Talbot who get fucking forgotten and tossed to the side after having a PHENOMENAL season but go UNMENTIONed because of Connor. (which honestly, he did great and it shouldnt be without saying but still you get the point.) Teams with players like OVI AND HOLTBY who get the pressures of “carrying their team” and get called DRAMA QUEENS when they’re mad because they fall short every year because apparently its their sole responsibility to win the cup. Stop acting like you’re above these people, because yea, you have the rings to prove it whatever talent and thats NEAT, but the nerve and disrespect brings you nowhere.

Stop fucking complaining for once in your damb life and be thankful. Teams in this league havent seen a cup. Fans have been waiting DECADES for a cup. 

bts reaction: giving them a kiss on the cheek unexpectedly

(* ^ ω ^) request -  BTS reaction to their crush giving them a kiss on the cheek out of the blue

a/n - pls don’t forget to request a reaction if you’d like one !! :D

kim seokjin - it would prob happen one day out of the blue. you just could not help yourself and decided to just kiss his cheek. and knowing him, he’d be like  (⌒▽⌒)☆ and tease you about it endlessly, even though he is very much dying inside. 

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min yoongi - would definitely be like  ( ̄ヘ ̄) upon it happening. being the very quiet and conservative person he is, he kind of just be taken aback by it and look at you and kind of a ‘….’ manner. but inside he’s like  ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶ DO IT AGAIN

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jung hoseok - the actual embodiment of second hand embarrassment. you two could be sitting and doing work together and you could have been stuck on a problem and after him helping and in the most god damn sweetest way possible, you pressed a kiss on his cheek as a thank you. knowing him, he would be feeling like (* ^ ω ^) while his heart is going like  (((o(*°▽°*)o)))

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kim namjoon - tenses up in his spot. could be writing some lyrics to a new song and since you’ve grown so comfortable with him and your guys’ friendship you’d think a kiss on the cheek would be nothing. spoiler alert, you were wrong. he basically went like  ( ゚,_ゝ`) , but inside he was like  \(〇_o)/what do i do

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park jimin - you know that little nervous laugh he does when he doesn’t know what to say in his v lives? yup. that’s what he would do. just to hear his laugh again, you’d kiss his cheek repeatedly and he’d just sit there giggling while his heart went like   (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)

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kim taehyung  - probably the one to yell ‘AHHHHHHHH’ out loud since he’s the one to express his emotions verbally in that situation. he’d cover his face to hide his very prominent pinkish tint growing on his cheeks, and when you would try to uncover his face gently he’d just become more  (つ≧▽≦)つ HE’S SO CUTE IN THIS GIF IM GONNA FUCKING

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jeon jungkook  - he’d definitely be shocked by it since it happened so suddenly. he’d kindly just look over and give you a kiss on the cheek back, happy that he can be as comfortable with someone as he is with you. but knowing him, he’d dead ass be like  (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ  (*/▽\*)  (◕‿◕)♡ all at once

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really makes me uneasy when people who aren’t traumatized tell you “it’s never gonna happen again” bc:

1. it happens again daily in my head
2. where are you gonna be if it does happen again

it just seems like a very invalidating thing to say that’s all

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okay but why in the FUCK was the episode called "gem harvest" some half-assed 'domestic au' when peridot in catch and release referenced LITERAL "gem harvesting" in the bubble room as something terrifying and fucked up that homeworld does but with no extrapolation on to what it actually is?? i 100% assumed we were gonna get context on that and im still mad lmao

I JUST CHECKED ON THAT EP AND WTF UR RIGHT. i’ll be super mad if they just suddenly decide to bring it up again

i promised a lovely anon some bi trans leo headcanons and what better day than on trans thursday? beware, they are… a bit sad. i got carried away;

1) he figures it out from a relatively young age, mostly because of his “tia”, who keeps referring to him by he/him and using male titles for him (she knew the prophecy about him after all). it always feels right, and after a while, his very smart and amazing mom notices and starts calling him mijo instead of mija without being asked. it makes him happier, though its one of those things he appreciates much, much more later in life

2) thanks to his garbage extended family and the foster care system, his self-esteem and sense of self-worth is shot and he gets a kind of heavy dysphoria he never felt before. any kind of sga he had felt starts to get repressed; real guys like girls, right?? real guys are macho. real guys are cool. leo is small and skinny until he isnt so small and skinny in some parts and it hurts.

3) things get better when he meets piper. piper boosts his confidence and, being trans herself, offers him advice and council he doesnt think he could get anywhere else. he doesnt want it from anywhere else, either - she’s the best kind of friend there is. even if she has the strange and unearthly power to make him give her the good parts of his lunch…. seriously how does she do that…

4) ohhh so THAT’S how she does it… he thinks after a while at camp halfblood. he likes it here - he has something like family, and they just.. accepted him. called him their brother, called him son of hephestus, and he doesnt know how to handle it. it feels… strange. he likes it and he’s afraid od it all at once. he feels like he might have a home here, where he can be himself, be a man the way he was his mother’s mijo, her family, her son. he even thinks the guy who gave him the tour was trans, too. he never wants to leave, but he’s terrified to stay.

5) jason may not have been their friend for real, but he is now. it makes leo feel… guilty. jason is a good-looking guy, which makes leo jealous and… something else. something strange that he hasnt felt since he was little and he had his first crush on that boy he knew… he doesnt want it to happen again, but it does, and he cant help it. jason has pretty blue eyes and a nice laugh and hes the kind of tall and strong that makes you feel safe instead of intimidated. like a cross between superman and captain america. leo sighs to himself as he watches jason and piper slowly grow closer and thinks “and im his sidekick, lieutenant Totally Screwed”

akdhs i’ll have some more soon!!! trans leo is my jam (trans everyone is my jam, gonna rub my trans little hands over everything) so be prepared~

one of the things im so excited about is seing sanas room! just seeing how someone lives is such a glimpse into how they are and who they are. seeing it when its not super cleaned up and ready for guests but just sana herself in her room i love that. im so curious bc she seems so collected and organised will this be shown in her room or will her room be lowkey messy like isaks? will there be nasal spray and an empty coke bottle or will it just be like a tour through studyblr? will the colors match? are there gonna be a lot of colors? or is it all very calm grey and white. will there be photos of the girl squad or does she have paintings in her room? the only thing im certain of is that there wont be a baywatch poster but then again what do i know??


“The summer adventure of these eight children has drawn to an end. But… This does not mean that the Gate will stay closed forever. That’s because this is neither the beginning nor the end of the Chosen Children’s adventures. The Gate to the Digimon World will surely open once again… As long as we keep the memory of the Digimon alive within us.”

Happy Odaiba Day

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Hello! Could you do how the RFA + V & Saeran would react to MC having a really close male friend who occasionally flirts with them?? I'm a huge sucker for them being jealous or worried! Thank you!

hello ! this was a lot of fun to write lol :9 thank you for requesting !


  • he got jealous so easily holy shit
  • you were his princess dammit how many hickies did he need to leave to prove that
  • so when your bff visited, he was already a bit wary, keeping his arm around your waist the entire time
  • especially when he went in for a hug
  • but then he said “you were still as beautiful as ever, honey”
  • yeah…..really beautiful….its almost like…..you could have……….a boyfriend…………..
  • also excuse me ???? youre his honey ?????????
  • when he winked, you giggled, and zen scowled
  • when he called you sexy, you waved him off, and zens arm got tighter
  • sensing zens discomfort you gave him an opening to talk about himself and insisted zen was the sexiest one there
  • it worked
  • until your friend commented on how nice your hips looked
  • heeey mc remember that super important date we had planned for that incredibly expensive restaurant today ?
  • no ?
  • surprise !
  • your friend left, much to zen’s relief, but you were promised a date so youll get a goddamn date
  • you two went out for fish-shaped bread and ate them snuggled on the couch together


  • listen this boy barely knows how to handle a skillet
  • he isn’t sure what to do when he gets jealous
  • he was perfectly fine at first ! i mean, male friends kiss their female friends on the cheek all the time right ?
  • he wouldn’t know he let it slide
  • he went to make snacks for the three of you, and when he came back, your friend had scooted closer and lay and arm around your shoulders
  • yoosung had to remind himself he was holding a glass plate so not to break it
  • “mc! could you help me real quick ?”
  • “oh, if you need help yoosung i can-“
  • “NO no, no no, no i think mc can help me with this perfectly fine, dont bother yourself, youre our guest!”
  • so, you went to the kitchen to help him with whatever he needed, curious about his tone and insistence
  • before you could even say his name, he had you pinned against the counter on the far side of the kitchen, away from the doorway
  • “mc… you know youre mine, right?”
  • you would have said yes, honest, but his lips were on yours and you were fervently making out before you knew it
  • you took… longer than expected to show your friend the door
  • but it happened nonetheless, so yoosung was happy
  • he wasn’t getting away from you now though
  • “yoosung you naughty boy… come finish what you’ve started~”


  • she never really thought she could be jealous when it came to you
  • she never really had to worry about it
  • but that boy, your friend, was just… a bit too close
  • her hand was the only one she ever thought shed see on your waist
  • you didn’t seem to have a problem with it, so she assumed it was all in a friendly matter…
  • but still…
  • she couldn’t shake that nasty feeling in her stomach off
  • “ah, mc… could you come here a moment? i know its your break and all, i just wanted to speak with you…”
  • of course jaehee ! anything for the princess
  • when you made your way around the counter to her, she took your hands in hers and gave you multiple smooches on the lips, each lasting a bit longer than the other until they got a bit… less… suitable for work
  • when she was satisfied with herself, your lips were left slightly pinker and shiny from her lip gloss
  • glancing at her friend, she let you go after that, feeling a bit better

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Me: *staring off into space, completely shocked, trying not to cry*
My friends: are u okay??

Me: *taking a deep breath* Yeah

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i should have told them i was sick last week, they're gonna think this is the way i sing, why is the pianist playing so loud? should i sing louder? i'll sing louder. maybe i should stop and start over. i'm gonna stop and start over. why is the director staring at his crotch? why is that man staring at my resume? don't stare at my resume i made up half of my resume look at me stop looking at that, look at me, no, not at my shoes don't look at my shoes i hate these fucking shoes why did i pick these shoes? why did i pick this song? why did i pick this career? why does this pianist hate me? if i don't get a callback i can go to crate and barrel with mom and buy a couch. not that i want to spend a day with mom but Jamie needs space to write since i'm obviously such a horrible, annoying distraction to him. what's he gonna be like when we have kids? and once again... why am i working so hard?these are the people who cast Russell Crowe in a musical jesus christ, i suck, i suck, i suck, i suck

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So If Aelin and Rowan are mates... and Aelin knew, but didn't tell him...but yet she let him have sex with her and tell her he loved her and blah blah blah... like, doesn't that make Aelin a bit of a bad person. She let this guy be tied to her (even get married) and she didn't tell him

No. He is just as capable (if not more so) of figuring out they’re mates as she is. Dorian and Manon both know, too. And Aedion knows, he just doesn’t know that he knows. He smelt it when he first scented Rowan in the alleyway. Aelin didn’t bring it up because she was protecting him, and herself. He was supposed to have a family with Lyria. Telling him that she, Aelin, is his mate would feel as if she’s ripping that memory away. As if she is discrediting it, or his feelings for Lyria (and their child), as is she’s saying she’s more and Lyria is less. I know that’s not what it means, but that’s what it would feel like. To me anyway, and to me how I read Aelin’s character. She was also protecting herself from him possibly having a negative reaction. She didn’t know if he would have a hard time reconciling how Lyria fits with him versus how Aelin fits with him. He thought she was his mate. That’s a HUGE lie that Maeve worked on him. It would be a HUGE lie to to try to untangle and work through. And at the end of the day, it wasn’t the right time or place for Aelin to do that. 

And honestly, it’s one of the things I agree with her on. I would NEVER want to be in a position to tell the person I loved that they had been lied to in a way that would discredit a memory, or a person, they hold as sacred. She was pregnant with his child when she died. Fae are fussy and territorial and will lay down their lives to protect their family and mates. Rowan has been through a trauma. And I don’t blame Aelin for not telling him, because I sure as fuck would NOT have.

That’s something he would eventually work through on his own and figure out. And it would be better to let him do that in his own time, than to spring it on him. He knows on some level that Aelin is his mate. Everyone can scent it. He can too. His brain was just not putting it together because he was so traumatized by what happened to Lyria and the shame and guilt that came with that. 

Think of it this way: It’s a defense mechanism his brain has put into place to protect him from getting hurt. By not allowing him to put together that they’re mates, his mind is making sure he isn’t vulnerable to what could happen. But once he does accept they’re mates, or realizes it, then he opens himself up/become vulnerable to the possibility of re-experiencing the trauma/what happened with Lyria, which is that he could lose his mate, his family, and the life that should have been his all over again. Sometimes I’m amazed that Rowan even goes outside. That’s enough to make me an anxious agoraphobic who (IM GONNA SAY IT) would beg and plead my loved one never to leave the house and maybe even lock them in with me. (*cough*Tamlin*cough*)

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Any fandom prompt- "she will rise, she will rise. but when she does, I'll surely die"

i revel in taking your angst and refusing to comply

“Dude, this is a bad idea.”

Dude, keep your mouth shut.” Black*Star stuck his tongue out at him, voice pitched in a mocking tone. “This is gonna be awesome.”

Soul eyed the sleeping Maka in front of him with a not insignificant amount of caution. “Not gonna be awesome when you’re missing your testicles, because she will rip them from your body.”

Black*Star winced, hand twitching towards the aforementioned family jewels, but continued with his endeavor. “You worry too much.”

“And you have a goddamn death wish,” Soul hissed back, voice pitched a little too high. “How is this gonna end well?”

Black*Star made a non-committal sound, one that told Soul he hadn’t thought that far. 

“‘Star, what part of you woke up this morning and thought, yeah, drawing dicks on Maka’s face while she’s sleeping will definitely turn out alright?”

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