if it aint an a line forget it

Holding men to their own expectations..

If my vagina supposed to taste like peaches🍑&🍦cream your cum better taste like a strawberry🍓🍌 banana smoothie…

If we dating multiple ppl don’t be mad when other ppl hit my line😎

If you ‘single so you can do what you want’ dont ever forget while you doing you Ima do me..💃💅

If Im 'supposed’ to shave then so are you😌

If you think its cool to fuck one of my friends while we’re dating but not yet in a relationship don’t be mad when I put it on your homie 💁

Ain’t none of that being sad over a dude who aint acting right too many fish in the sea & I got me a brand new fishing pole

some fav heathers things
  • welcome to my school, this aint no high school, this is the thunder dome
  • there is more emotion in the line forget who you are/ unburden your load/ forget in six weeks/ you’ll be back on the road/ than i have felt in my entire life
  • yoU need a jello shot!
  • “how’d you find my address?” is usually played for laughs but let’s think about this. ram’s party happens on sept 1. veronica has just met jd today and he just moved to ohio. jd probably doesn’t know his own address yet and yet not only is veronica sawyer here, she’s crawling through his window for one last hurrah
  • good god! my balls!
  • rhyming period with myriad
  • the march that plays in both “the me inside of me” and “dead gay son” it’s heroic im pumped
  • the dads making out in “dead gay son”
    • okay so the play is set in 1989 and the line is “I’m talking you and me/ in the summer of 83″ so six years ago is when this fishing trip happened
    • ram and kurt were eleven when their dads boinked
    • do you think their moms know. i bet they know.
  • jd’s dad “i need my drawstring pants for this”
  • the end of act one?? when  veronica puts the gun  to her head?? fuck me gently with a chainsaw
  • heather chandler’s ghost being a bitch “ooh what’s in his locker I bet its some ich luge bullets”
  • ram’s ghost in kindergarten boyfriend
  • veroinca open the openthe doOR PLEase
  • @veronica’s mom: im so sorry that was an awful thing u went through
  • pls play the reprise of dead girl walking at my wedding, funeral, and at the births of all my children
  • i have more but this post is getting long
  • bye

nizellebalingit  asked:

Any tips on studying a new language by yourslef?? Im trying to learn french and it aint easy

Study Every.Single.Day. If you leave gaps, you will forget. 

Flash cards are your friend. Your best friend. Use them. Many of them. Review them constantly. If you do not review, you can not retain the knowledge. 

Watch things in the language you are studying. Maybe your favorite movie? Do you have a film you just LOVE and know the lines to? Just watch it. With the subtitles!! You can get a feel for the language, pick out keywords and listen to how they speak. 


I go to my local asian markets, pick up packaging and sound out the hiragana/katakana/kanji. To try and learn. You could buy a book in French and translate it. It’s seriously great practice. You will immediately start to recognize words and understand what they mean because you have seen it and translated it so many times. This is probably my favorite thing to do. 

Try Duolingo. I think last I looked, French was on there!!! It’s a great language app. 

Get Rosetta Stone. Yes, it is pricy. But the microphone feature is key. The majority of learning a language is speaking it. If you don’t know how to pronounce things with a proper dialect then what good is it?? The software is not the be-all-end-all BUT it will help you hear how to say words and also perfect your speaking. It will also help you learn those basic things like je, j’aime, il, elle, ette, es, me ment, parle, etc–also accents like 

  1. the cédille Ç,
  2. the accent aigu é,
  3. the accent circonflexe â, ê, î, ô, û,
  4. the accent grave à, è, ù
  5. and the accent tréma ë, ï, ü.

If you haven’t grasped that already. 

I would also encourage you to find someone close to you who is also learning, or maybe finding someone online you can practice with? I am learning on my own and it is difficult. However, if you have someone to study with it makes it that much better. You can correct each other, teach each other and practice together. Two brains are better than one! 

I hope this helps!!! 

You guys seem to forget that when Nyma tied Lance up to the tree, Lance said, “Woah, this is.. Kinda-” implying that he was going to say something along the lines of “kinky.” BUT!! If Lance wasn’t into it, he would have been scared, or not interested. But nope, he fOR REAL SMIRKED! IT IS LITERALLY CANNON THAT LANCE IS INTO KINKY STUFF!

anonymous asked:

Hello, first of all big fan of your writing :) I am quite bad at the whole "forgive and forget" thing.. when I have an argument with someone and they say something (hurtful) it just keeps going trough my mind and I just have trouble being like "Okay he/she was upset prob didnt mean it" and can stay upset for a bit. ofc not over stupid shit (I aint a psycho). Could you make an blurb/imagine about Niall would handle this? xxx love ya lots

Forgive and forget.  Those two words are spoken with such conviction and ease when someone says them.  However they are the epitome of “easier said than done”…at least they were for me.  I forgave, too quickly most of the time.  I didn’t like conflict but I also didn’t shy away from it.  I was one of those people who kept my mouth shut and my head down until someone said something I considered was over the line and then I was at the ready to argue my point.

But with Niall it was different.  We never fought or at least seldom enough that I could say “we never fought”.  He was laid back and I was laid back.  So the necessity to argue a point never really came up.  It seemed unnecessary to keep anything resembling an argument going we could be talking or laughing or kissing…or fucking.  

So when the argument between us started, it just kind of hit out of nowhere.  I couldn’t even tell you now what started it.  He was watching a golf tournament on TV, I was reading the news on my iPad…his head was laying on my thigh while my fingers gently played in his hair.  Usually nights that started out like that ended up with a steamy fuck against the wall or on the kitchen counter.

I was prone to reading under my breath, something he said annoyed him at first when we started dating but he’d grown used to now.  He said that it calmed him to hear me breathing words out like they were mere whispers on my tongue.  What he failed to mention was that he didn’t always feel that way.

“Babe…”  I heard him say it but I didn’t acknowledge it right away.  I was reading a story about Syrian refugees.

“Hey…”  He said softly.

I didn’t answer again.  I as almost done and it’s rude to interrupt people when they’re reading.  

I felt his finger lift up and turn my chin towards him,

“Little loud over there aren’t we?”  He said, a tiny smile cracked on his face.

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eyyyy netflix got some more shippuden movies up and i am finally getting to catch up on them…i just finished the Will of Fire and few take aways:

  • 500% sure that in the midst of the antagonist declaring war on the world and proclaiming themselves to be the ULTIMATE BEING…orochimaru is just sipping tea in his cave, reading scrolls, and minding his own damn business like “bitch get in line, you aint special”  
  • literally EVERYONE forgets how fucking scary and OP shino can be. like this was the most badass and brutal i’ve ever seen him. literally no flinch or remorse, shino is a ninja not to be messed with
  • hiruko is literally orochimaru’s copycat fanboy and you will never convince me otherwise
  • hiruko’s henchmen def ran a bdsm gig before wanting to take over the world
  • errone cheering that they dodged a huge bullet with preventing another GNW (great ninja war) and obito/tobi is literally in the background like “sup bitches…”
  • on another note (spoilers for ending) when hiruko is death hallucinating he calling errone in the past his friends and literally team hiruzen is like YEAH WE’RE YOUR FRIENDS. orochimaru: old body, who tf this….

anonymous asked:

Forgive me father for i have sinned i was fucking this girl doggy i put my finger in her butt and it felt mushy i pulled it out and there was like brownish greenish poop on my hand at this moment i didn't wanna stop cause i aint nut yet and she woulda been horrified so i just wiped my finger on the side of her white sheets 30 mins down the line i forget and start to eat her ass she says daddy deeper i put my tongue in deep had shit on my tonuge i almost threw up but i kept going :(