if iris is good i might put this on hold

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I can't wait to see more of the subtle beauty that comes with the writing centered around westallen. And the performance that GG and CP bring to that romantic relationship is really something special. In a way, they had to work with the bare bones of it and although the writers could have fleshed it out more, they did so much with the material they were given. (1/1)

Like in the scene where Barry confesses his love for the first time, he leans in and hugs Iris bc he knows that this might be the last time he gets to hold her like that. That what he tells her might change everything. GGs preemptive heartbreak is all over his face. It’s amazing and I can’t wait to see more esp with Candice. She’s so good at the longing looks too. (2/2)

Yeah knowing that they don’t get a lot of stage direction puts me in awe of those two and what they bring to Barry and Iris. They play off each other so well and that’s just another nod to their chemistry. If anyone else played Iris or if Grant had a different love interest in general, it would not be good to watch and we’ve seen that already with how things went with vanilla pistol. I’m just so excited to see them the rest of the series as B & I’s relationship grows