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ferrari || shawn mendes

a/n: the longest imagine I’ve ever written - here ya go! [a re-upload, here’s why]
synopsis: bad boy shawn’s got a sport’s car based surprised for her
warnings: smut - nsfw, all that

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Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet Part 2

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Part 1

Paring: Steve X Reader

Synopsis:  You’re Chief Hopper’s Niece, just moved to Hawkins from Philadelphia to finish your senior year and help with Jane. This is what insues…

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Authors Note: If you want to be tagged, let me know. I am willing to do up to 15 tags to start. Follow for more updates and please leave feedback! I love hearing it! I have a lot of ideas for this story, so let me know if you really want more!

                                        PART 2

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Why didn’t Kabiri make Gwyn blood oath to take care of Mosk and Eran? Is the life debt more powerful than that? (alsoholyshitkabirisback)

Because Gwyn wouldn’t blood oath that. He doesn’t owe anyone a blood oath, he owes a life debt. (Also Kabiri doesn’t care if Mosk dies, and he can’t use his powers to interfere in ways that specific for fae that aren’t fire fae anyway. He sort of outlines how it works to Eran - it’s one of the reasons why Kabiri first interferes on behalf of Ifir, and then his second debt is for Eran. He’s specifically using his debts to help fire fae. Even if Kabiri gave one shit about Mosk (he doesn’t), he still couldn’t use the life debt that way, or even force a blood oath.)

When the life debt is called, Gwyn must pay it back. He’s obligated. He can’t turn Kabiri away (which he wanted to do), he can’t say no outright (which he wanted to do) and he can’t say ‘that’s unreasonable’ because it’s not. Mostly, claming a life debt has to discharge the debt, and a blood oath doesn’t discharge a debt, it holds that promise over someone’s head for the rest of their lives. (Which is why people don’t claim debts by enforcing blood oaths, the two don’t really mix - with the exception of Lludd breaking everything about fae lore he could to force Gwyn to blood oath for him - blood oaths must be voluntarily entered into. They can be negotiated and ultimately they can be refused).

The life debt is the most powerful form of fae debt.

The blood oath isn’t a form of debt at all. It’s a fae oath. It’s a pledge that you will do your best to promise something to someone else and if it has the word ‘blood’ in front of it in the fae world, you can die for not upholding it. But you have to choose it. (Lludd forcing Gwyn into it, is - along with Gwyn’s age - a big reason why he didn’t actually die when he broke his in the first place). 

I mean you can die from both (refusing the first, breaking the second). But any fae can theoretically refuse a suggestion that they blood oath (and Fenwrel does in COFT, with some disgust that she was even asked to in the first place). No fae can refuse a reasonable life debt being claimed, unless they are being asked to die. Gwyn negotiated the debt as much as he could, but ultimately, he did what Kabiri claimed.

But yeah Kabiri doesn’t care about Mosk. Kabiri doesn’t think Mosk is all that important anyway, in the same way that up until now, Gwyn hasn’t given a single shit about Eran either, lol. Everyone has different pieces of the puzzle that they care about more.

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In A little lost, what happens next and does Obi keep wearing makeup after Padme's little experiment on his lips got him such a great reaction out of Anakin?

Carefully dragging the black liner beneath his eye, Obi-Wan cheated by using a bit of extra Force power to keep his hand steady. Honestly Padme had made this look so easy but it wasn’t when you were unsteady on the hands.

Though then again she did have ample of training from being the Queen of Naboo, not to mention a Senator, fixing and correcting her makeup all the time or doing some of it on her own.

Adding a bit of pink blush to his cheeks and then the same soft creamy nude color Padme had found fitting for him, Obi-Wan drew back to stare at himself in the mirror with a satisfied look. His lashes look longer thanks to the mascara, the eye shadow was making them look bigger with the pink tint to his cheek making him look… well almost endearing if Obi-Wan could say that about himself.

And there was something about his lips…



Pouting his lips a bit, Obi-Wan felt himself turn bright red beneath the blush before shaking his head with a little shy laugh and rubbing the back of his neck.

He should wash it all off, it was all rather silly and he might have gone a bit heavy on the makeup, obviously everyone was going to notice that he was wearing what felt like a ton of fancy paint on his face.

“Hey Obi-Wan have you seen my tu-” The door opened to Anakin standing there shirtless, staring at Obi-Wan in surprise with his mouth slightly open. “Tunic…” He finished meekly, staring at the other in entrancement. “Your face…” The knight mumbled, stepping into the fresher.

Blushing dark beneath the blush, Obi-Wan rubbed the back of his neck. “Y-You seemed to like it the last time so Padme gave me some to try out. I’m not sure what I think about it thou-” Anakin cupped the others chin, rubbing his thumb just below the now colored lips of his boyfriend. “…Do you… like it this time too?” Obi-Wan whispered.

“…You look beautiful.” Anakin murmured. “I’ve never seem your eyes like this… they look like they’re… popping at me and your blushing and…” He laughed a bit, leaning in slowly. “And your lips look like.” He swallowed heavily. “I wanna ravage you. You look like I should ravage you.” With that he grasped Obi-Wan by the thighs and lifted him up on the counter, grinning when Obi-Wan let out an eager moan.

“Oh please.” The redhead whispered, reaching in and pulling the shirtless man against him to kiss deep. ‘Karking stars, I’m going to need to get Padme to teach me how to apply this stuff. I’m getting all the best of Anakin’s reactions.’ He hummed against the others lips before he stopped thinking as Anakin’s hands invaded his clothes, one cool and one warm hand eagerly brushed pale freckled skin.

He could feel that lipstick had been dragged from his lips and down his cheek to his neck, Anakin biting down and sucking to create lovebites. As Obi-Wan dug his nails into the others golden skin. “Oh Ani~” He whined quietly, rolling his hips to rub against the other, feeling the eager build of an erection against his own.

As the two got hot and heavy in their quarters in the fresher, they were unaware of Mace Windu with a team of Jedi heading to the Rotunda to confront Sheev Palpatine, Anakin’s comm flashing with a message from the Chancellor to never be answered as he was distracted by the warm skin of his porcelain skinned lover.

Someone should come over to my house and make a big spicy dinner (& handmade sushi!) with me, have a couple of drinks and talk about our favorite fucked up crimes, watch a shitty horror movie (like really, really shitty, have you seen Zombie Ass Toilet of the Dead????), then we’ll play a game of yugioh (don’t worry, I’ll teach you! It’s so easy, but I won’t let you win because I’m rude), then we’ll get dressed up for no reason, and learn kpop dances for fun (even if you aren’t into kpop, this is a blast, I swear on my life), and then we can cuddle, and pet my cats til we pass tf out.

Jeff Skinner - FaceTime Surprise

requested: yes or no

in a long distance relationship w/ Jeff Skinner and they have to FaceTime all the time but he surprises the reader???

a/n: I seriously love skinny like he is just so cute so I had a lot of fun writing this. I kinda got carried away so I added a little bit more to your request, I hope that was okay. Y/H/S = your home state

summary: You’re in a long distance relationship and Jeff surprises.

warnings: your usual cussing 

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Being in a long distance relationship is sometimes hard but if you’re with the right person it can be easy. You had met Jeff while you were on vacation in Florida. You and a friend were in Tampa, when you made her go to a hockey game with you. You were a huge hockey fan so going to game even though your favorite team wasn’t playing was still exciting. You were standing by the glass, watching them warm up when you had made eye contact with Jeff. He gave you that cute innocent smile and you pretty much were putty in his hands. Through out the game you would catch him looking at you. After the game you and your fired were walking out of the arena when someone tapped you on the shoulder and handed you Jeff’s number. You had never been so happy in your life. You texted him that night and he asked you to meet him the next day. You hit it off and the rest was history. 

Your one year anniversary was coming up and neither you or Jeff could fly out to see each other. Jeff had a hockey game and you had to stay back in y/h/s to finish up a huge project due at work. To say you were disappointed was an understatement but you understood. Throughout your relationship you would FaceTime each other, take turns flying out to see each other, and if a game was close you would go to it, no matter how long you had to drive. 

You were sitting at your kitchen table working on your project when you started to get a FaceTime call from Jeff. You smiled and pressed the green button.

“Hey babe!” you gave him a giant smile. 

Jeff returned the smile and said “Hey baby girl! What are you up too?”

You gave him a heavy sigh, “I’m working on this project. It is literally taking me forever. I’m scared I’m not gonna get it done in time.” You smiled sadly at the screen. When you noticed Jeff was outside. “Jeff are you outside?” you laughed

He laughed, “Yeah I wanted to take a walk and since miss you so much I wanted to talk to you.” 

You felt like complete shit at that moment. You haven’t been watching his games due to being busy with work, but you would catch highlights. You knew he had a game coming up but you honestly didn’t know where and when it was. You had decided once this project was done, you were visiting Jeff, you missed him way to much.

“Well I miss you ten times more.” You both cared on with your conversations, telling each other about your day and week. You had your phone propped up on you computer screen so you could continue to work, when your door bell rang. You excused yourself from Jeff to answer it. You were confused at who could be at your door. You didn’t know of anybody coming over. You walked to the door and opened it. 

Jeff your preciously, cute boyfriend was standing at your door with a bouquet of your favorite flowers, with a huge ass smile. You were shocked but jumped into your boyfriends arms. 

“Holy shit what are you doing here!?” Jeff began laughing and wrapped his arms around your waist. He buried his face into your neck and said something but it was muffled so you didn’t hear him. 

You stepped back, “What did you say, I didn’t hear you.” 

He smiled and grabbed your waist to keep you close. “I said that I missed you to much and I had to come see you.” 

You started to tear up. You grabbed his face and gave him the most passionate kiss you could give. You both came back from air and put your foreheads together. 

“I missed you so much Jeff. I love you!” you said. 

“I missed and love you more.” he smiled.

You let go of each other and walked into your house. You were determined to get this project done asap. You looked at Jeff and said, “I have to finish this project, I am determined to get it done tonight. So we can have more time together. How long are you staying?” 

“Well I’ll be right here with you. I’m staying until Thursday, then I have to be back at practice for the game on Saturday.” 

You nodded and sat down to work. Jeff sat with you through the whole thing. He complained occasionally and begged you for a cuddle break which didn’t take you long to agree. Sooner than you actually thought you were done with the project. You looked at Jeff and saw him asleep with his head on his arms. You smiled and took a picture of him. You got up and started rubbing his back to try and wake him up. 

“Jeff, I’m done with my project, you can cuddle me to death now.” You’ve never seen Jeff’s head pop up so fast. He grabbed you and carried you to the bed room. He threw you on the bed with a giggle. He jumped right in after you and pulled you into his body. You were laying with your head on his chest, and he was drawing random shaped on your back. You looked up and him and gave his chin a kiss. 

“I’m really glad you surprised me. I was actually thinking about visiting you when my project was done but you beat me to it.” you laughed 

He looked down at you and smiled, “Well why don’t you come home with me? Take a week off from work and stay with me.” 

You thought about it. “I’ll call my boss tomorrow and ask for a week off.” 

Jeff gave you a huge smile and kissed your lips. “I actually have a better idea.” You looked at him confused. “Why don’t you come live with me?” 

You looked at him stunned, making sure he wasn’t messing with you. You sat up and so did he. Jeff had a nervous look on your face, scared you were going to laugh in his face and say no.

“A-are you sure, I mean, what about my job?” you stuttered 

“Yes I’m sure. Quit your job and you can try and find one in North Carolina. I want to be able to come home to you after practice. I want to wake up to your beautiful face every morning. I want to fall asleep with you in my arms. I love you so much. So y/n will you please move in with me?”

By the end of his speech you were almost in tears. You grabbed his face and kissed him with so much passion.

“Is that a yes?” You nodded and kissed him again. You both went to sleep with smiles on your face.

The next morning you called your boos and gave her your two weeks notice and emailed her your finished project. You smiled at Jeff after your phone call ended. In two weeks you would be living with the love of your life. Nothing could ruin your happiness. You walked over to Jeff and cuddled up with him on the coach. You were so ready to do this every night. 

y’all I seriously love Jeff Skinner. seriously look at the cute face. I hope this wasn’t to shitty. I hope you enjoy!!

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What are your thoughts on the chupacabra sightings that ended in people blaming the Mexican hairless dog for the attacks? Do you think it’s possible since it is a little know dog breed and is slowly going extinct.

I’ve not heard of any Mexican Hairless Dogs being blamed for Chupacabra sightings.

Typically those sightings are coyotes with mange. In cases of mange, the animal afflicted is usually so weak because of its condition, it will go after easy prey - livestock. When people claim their chickens were killed by a Chupacabra, it can be safely assumed that a mangey coyote did the killings. When you see photographs of Chupacabras, it’s usually a coyote. When you see someone has captured a Chupacabra, it’s usually a coyote. 


I️ had a great pace run yesterday and a fantastic long run today! Taking a step back from training and adding an extra rest day is just what I️ needed. I’ve also been making sure to go to bed longer and sleep a little later. I’ve upped my carbs too. My easy runs have all been at a 10:00 pace. Plus the weather has been amazing!

Last night, the baby woke up around midnight, ate, then slept until I️ woke up. Perfect five plus hours of sleep. Then it was a nice 54 degrees out when I️ started running. I️ did an 8.5 mile loop around base twice. It was perfect because I️ got to stop at the rv and feed the baby, refill my water, and use the bathroom.

I️ felt strong the whole time. Yes there were points where I️ was tired, but it was easy to work through. The miles really did seem to fly by. I️ took breaks when I️ need to fuel. I️ listened to some funny podcasts. Side note-listening to my dad wrote a porno is dangerous while running. I️ was laughing so hard, I️ had to stop to catch my breath.

My heart rate was perfect the whole run, I️ only had a side cramp once. I️ worked really hard on not pushing to go too fast. I️ just felt so great the whole time! I’ve been using hammer gels. They are so easy on my stomach! They only have two grams of sugar which really helps.

My big girls were outside when I was finishing up so they ran the last .1 with me. It was the perfect ending.

Proposals five ways

3. In a foreign country

“God, I love having rich friends,” Heath sighed, more to himself than to Zane. He took a sip of the wine in his hand, dark red and rich, and he almost moaned. “I really, really do.”

David had bought the villa in Mykonos a couple of years ago, using it as both a vacation home and another source of income. For non-friends, nights at the villa- which housed a full-time housekeeper/chef- went for over $2,000. Zane and Heath, of course, stayed for free.

Zane had surprised Heath with the trip to Greece three days ago, barging into the bedroom and telling Heath to pack his bags right away. They could do these things in their line of business, and change of scenery would probably even be good for their views.

Getting to Mykonos wasn’t easy, and when they finally arrived they were exhausted. Fortunately, their chef Alessa had greeted them with plates of bread and cheese and olives and then shooed them off to shower and bed. They had spent the next two days in awe of their surroundings- the sparkling white villa with modern furnishings and appliances, the infinity pool which seemed to spill right into the Aegean. Their bedroom had a balcony with big French doors, and Alessa delivered breakfast and coffee to them every morning while they sat in plush white chairs with a view of the sea.

After a truly succulent lamb dinner and a dip in the pool, Zane and Heath were back on the balcony. A cool breeze was blowing, making the early summer night just the perfect temperature. The air was a little salty and smelled a lot like the jasmine flowers Alessa had painstakingly planted anywhere she could fit them.

Zane and Heath had spent all day exploring the island, and they were happy to finally be in their own space in their comfy clothes. Heath was leaning against the railing, the wine making him pleasantly loose. He was content. He was the happiest he had ever been. And it wasn’t just because of this. Everything had been going well for them, from their jobs to their friends to their families, and he felt so blessed he could burst.

He felt Zane wrap his arms around his waist and Heath leaned back, letting Zane press kisses onto his neck and rock them gently back and forth. “Are you having a good time?” Zane asked gently.

Heath set his wine glass on the railing and spun in Zane’s arms, wrapping his arms around his neck. “That’s a stupid question.”

Zane chuckled. “I guess you’re right.”

“I know it’s David’s villa, but I also know it took a lot of needling on your part to get us in. Thank you,” Heath said. He gave Zane a couple of pecks on the lips. “Everything is perfect. There’s no way things could get any better than this.”

“You wanna bet on that?” Zane asked. He looked especially handsome after a few days in the sun, drinking wine and eating good food. 

“Sure,” Heath said cheekily. “I’m always up for a good wager.”

“Alright,” Zane replied. Heath didn’t know if it was mischief or moonlight, but Zane’s eyes were bright with life. “If you’re right, and I can’t make this trip better, then you get to roast me on Twitter.”

“I do that anyway,” Heath pointed out with a grin.

“Okay, Twitter and Insta. And for five minutes in your next vlog.”

“Deal,” Heath said. He raised an eyebrow. “And if you win?”

Zane pressed his lips against Heath’s ear. “You have to stay with me forever.”

“Well, that escalated quickly,” Heath laughed. “But I accept. Do your best.”

“Close your eyes,” Zane whispered, and Heath rolled his eyes at Zane’s dramatics but he did what he was told.

He felt Zane pull away. He wondered if Zane was just going to leave him on the balcony with his eyes closed like an idiot. But he heard Zane clear his throat, and soon after, “Open your eyes.”

Heath opened his eyes, expecting some sort of lame joke that would definitely make Zane lose the bet.

But instead, Zane was on one knee in front of him, a ring in his hand.

“I’m sorry I waited so long. You should have gotten this years ago,” Zane said earnestly, looking up at Heath with nothing but pure affection. “Marry me?”

It was unbelievable that the same man who’d asked him to make six second videos on this “cool new app” over a decade ago was the man in front of him now. They’d grown up so much. They’d found their paths, and each other. And just when Heath thought things couldn’t get any better…

…they did.

“Of course I will.” Heath held out his shaking hand, and Zane slid the ring on his finger. Zane stood up so fast his head spun, and he crushed his lips against Heath’s, holding him so tight that there was no way Heath could ever leave.

When they finally parted, Heath wiped his eyes and looked at Zane ruefully. “I think you won the bet.”

“You have to stay with me forever.”

Heath buried his face in Zane’s neck. “I’d love to.”

“Alessa, get the champagne!” Zane called out joyfully. “He said yes!”

“Coming, Mr. Zane!” Heath heard her call back from downstairs.

They celebrated with their tiny Greek chef on the balcony until the wee hours of the morning, Facetiming parents and friends and blowing up social media with their news. But Heath’s favorite post was the one on Zane’s Snapchat- a picture of Heath’s left hand with the words “Zeath confirmed” written across it.

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pt 2 of the stozier where richie has an anxiety attack in the arcade??

// sorry this is bad I’m still kinda out of it from surgery //

Once they left the arcade, Stan took Richie home while the others went on with their plans for the day. No one asked why Richie had panicked- Stan shaking his head and mouthing ‘drop it’ had stopped them, and allowed Richie to stay silent afterwards. He was still shaking by the time they got to Stan’s house, but it reduced to a quiver when his jeans and dirty t-shirt were exchanged for pajama pants and one of Stan’s shirts after a shower.

“What happened, Rich?” Stan asks as he drags his fingers through Richie’s damp curls in an effort to untangle them. “We were at the prize counter, I told you before we split up.”

“I f-forgot, and- and I came out, and- I didn’t know where y-you were-”

“Easy, Bill,” he teases.

Richie smiles weakly. “I’m sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry about. I should’ve made sure you were able to see one of us when you came out.”

It’s stupid, unnecessary, something no one but Richie would need. He feels bad that it’s even something Stan should have to worry about, but at the same time, he’s grateful that it’ll happen. Being by himself is never easy, and when he gets it into his head that he’s been forgotten, or left behind on purpose- it’s just a downward spiral until Stan can help him pull himself out.

“You’ll be okay,” Stan says softly, pressing a kiss to Richie’s forehead. “You’ll be fine, Rich.”




philip shea + textpost meme (a pair piece for my lukas one) 

the signs as sunny episodes
  • aries: mac day
  • taurus: mac fights gay marriage
  • gemini: the gang tries desperately to win an award
  • cancer: mac and dennis break up
  • leo: the nightman cometh
  • virgo: the gang gets analyzed
  • libra: the gang dines out
  • scorpio: the d.e.n.n.i.s. system
  • sagittarius: the gang gets trapped
  • capricorn: the gang recycles their trash
  • aquarius: flowers for charlie
  • pisces: the gang goes to the jersey shore