if if were easy

au where bitty becomes a really popular youtuber

and after jack publicly comes out they do the couples yoga challenge for eric’s channel and jack has never been quite this bad at anything in his life, and eric is just like “oh, honey, can you not lift your leg over your head? what about touching your toes? well, at least you can lift me. lord, this just goes to show that if figure skating were easy they would call it hockey.

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Kylux pls with Kylo returning to his Hux after a long time!! 😭 thx

It was easy to forgot they were married. They were separated more often than not, either by Hux’s work or Ren’s missions or both. Ren could be gone for weeks at a time and Hux was too busy to go to bed most nights.

Ren’s wedding band felt hot under his glove as he stormed across the hangar. It had been two standard months since his departure and he was back a few days earlier than expected. His plan was to go straight to his and Hux’s shared quarters, take a hot shower and just crawl into bed. He’d deal with the rest the following day and his report technically wasn’t expecting until after his predicted return.

Their quarters were a goddamn mess. Hux must have forgotten to call a cleaning droid. Ren made a note to do so in the morning. He looked around the room and could see at least five cad mugs scattered about. And food trays and plates. Hux even left his holoscreens on. Ren switched them off before heading to the bedroom.

Hux was in bed. Ren had to do a double take. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen Hux asleep. In their bed no less. He was fully dressed, boots and all, and had his face buried in what looked like one of Ren’s shirts. Ren remembered leaving it out before he left.

Ren crouched down beside the bed and rests his hand on Hux’s hip. “Hux,” he said, giving him a little shake. “Hey, baby, wake up…”

Hux crinkled his nose and tried to bat Ren’s hand away. Ren shook him again. Hux’s eyes scrunched shut tighter and makes an annoyed sound.

“Wake up, come on… you hate it when we have boots on the bed…”

Hux’s eyes blinked open and he squinted in the darkness. He licked his lips. “Ren?”

“Mm. Here let me take your boots off…”

Before he even finished, Hux flung himself at him, looping his arms around his neck in a fiercely tight embrace.

“You’re home.”

Ren exhales and wrapped a strong arm around Hux’s waist, pressing a kiss to his hair. “I’m home, baby.”

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Were Cazadores always meant to be the terrifying menace that players widely ended up regarding them as? It's stated that they regularly compete with Nighstalkers in the Mojave, which makes them sound like equals. However, Nightstalkers always felt less common and generally less threatening. Were the two actually meant to be similarly threatening and feared?

They were always meant to be really bad.  It was weird when we first talked about them on the Bethesda boards.  Even though I said, “Hey, these things are bad news,” no one seemed to actually believe me.  Because insect enemies in Fallout 3 were pretty easy, they assumed that cazadores would also be easy.

I think our intention was to suggest that nightstalkers and cazadores compete for prey, not that they are equally matched in power.

So it was my first session with an already long standing campaign. The party I was joining had the objective of investigating this prince they had been asked to rescue. The DM was more concerned about incorporating my character and the plot twist and crossroads moment they had planned than actually making the session challenging. As such, the quest was absurdly easy. So easy that the characters were all making shit rolls for everything and still got handed the directions to completing the quest on a silver platter. It was literally a matter of walking into a specific room.

That’s when one of the characters decided to slit a guards throat and wound up starting a cluster fuck resulting in 8 dead NPCs, 2 PCs being executed, the party having to beg for my character’s life and only barely succeeding, and a weeping DM who now has to take the shattered pieces of their carefully laid out plot and create a shambling Frankenstein plot so that we can continue.


in the first moments, you’re very unsteady; heart stuck in your throat, every touch is felt through your whole body. your hands have trouble finding a purpose. this amount of energy is something you haven’t felt before. there was a moment last year that you felt some small pool of fluttering energy in your stomach by just being close to a close friend. but this is a stranger. an unknown entity, an unknown situation. so you keep close to yourself, even though he keeps on touching you in small ways. a small bump, the exchange of a joint, the brush of hands. the moment is interrupted by someone else, you disengage just a little. you keep asking yourself if this is the way things should be. you’re unsure. but there has been an ignition. 

two months later, the ignition has become a never-ending fireplace. your heart has traveled back home from your throat, softly singing. it hasn’t been easy, it certainly wasn’t what you were expecting. it’s so much more, so much worse and so so so much better. his touch is not foreign anymore, it’s welcomed with open arms. in that small kitchen that energy you keep feeling in your stomach can be shared with him; it has become deeper, so that when he kisses you, your sides almost melt together, your fingers touching his on the kitchen counter. not quite holding, but softly brushing. and that is enough. you’re not nervous; he makes you calm. so when you get interrupted this time, you don’t shy away. you stay close. as long as he’s right here in this moment, you’re both okay. and that’s all you really need. 

somewhat gentle reminder that one of my verse cop-outs is literally just pidge getting shot into a random timeline via courrupt wormhole so her meeting random people in their youth is 100% possible  o( ❛ᴗ❛ )o

Sansa leaned on the railing, watching the men in the yard. Rather, she was watching one of the men in the yard. His movements were so fluid and agile, it would have been easy to assume that his speed came at the cost of strength. It would be an incorrect assumption. When his blunted sword struck his foe, it rang in the courtyard like bells. He easily knocked men much larger than him into the dirt. He’d then extend a hand to pull them up, pull off his helm, and wipe sweat away from his gorgeous lips, and shake his long hair away from his face with a laugh. When he’d come to her chamber that night, he would still have the taste of salt still on his lips…

“He’s our brother, Sansa.”

Sansa clutched her chest and turned around. Since she’d returned to Winterfell, it seemed as though Arya could sneak up behind her without being seen or heard. It was also not the first time Sansa had the impression that her sister had known her thoughts.

“He might be your brother, Arya. But he’s my cousin, and my bethrothed,” Sansa stated.

“That’s quite the technicality, isn’t it?” Arya commented sarcastically as she joined Sansa at the railing.

One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned over the last year is to listen to your body and not push too hard.. sometimes I am hungrier than usual or I get sleepy, and then feel guilty for eating more or sleeping more. It’s not weakness to take care of yourself- it’s the only way to keep moving and stay sane. I wanted to post this incase any of you were beating yourselves up for missing a workout or sleeping an hour later- go easy on yourself, were people not machines. Love yooou 💙

An Owed Debt- Bucky x May (oc) Chapter 11

Authors Notes: So, I was feeling pretty down about my writing the other day and I decided to release the swarm and it left a trail of angst and violence. …Prepare yourselves.

Notes/Warnings: Omg, so many… I’m sorry.  Terror, angst, use of guns, needles, loss of senses, violence, rage, torture, blood (so much blood), death. If I’ve forgotten anything please let me know and I’ll add it.

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  May was groggy and sore. Her whole body hurt, especially her head. Her bed jumped and her skull banged against the metal that she was strapped to. She opened her eyes to see feet and shins around her, at least 4 sets. And guns. Rifles, decked to the nines with lasers and attachments that did only who knows what. The barrels were pointed down inches from her head and body, easy to get on target should their handlers need them to be.

 May realized, at the next bump, that she wasn’t on a bed or even a table. She was on the floor of a van. Truck? Vehicle. There were no windows, no way to tell what time it was or to catch a glimpse of her surroundings. They were moving her, taking her somewhere else. Had she done something wrong? Where were they going? …How long had they been driving?

 May moaned from hitting another bump, or maybe a pot hole, and a guard poked her with his gun and shouted something in German that sounded threatening. Of course, to May, all of German sounded like a threat. Still, she tried to keep quiet.

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Exid Reaction To You Telling About Family Issues and That They Give You Strength

Solji: She would be so happy to help even if it’s by exid’s music. She would probably give you some advise about how to deal with thing and how to solve things when they get too tough.

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LE: She would be impressed about how strong you were. Dealing with family issues isn’t easy. She would be really flattered to hear that she’s helped you through your toughest times.

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Hani: She would be really touched with your story and would be really happy that she means so much to someone. Likely to cry.

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Hyerin: She would never thought that she meant so much and gave so much strength to someone. And I think that just like Solji, she would try to help you in some way.

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Junghwa: She would be so proud of you. Just like the other members, she would be so happy that she inspired someone to stay strong. She would be so happy, her smile could be seen from the space.

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Tender Love and Care

Pairing: JacksonxYou

Genre: Fluff/Slightly suggestive

A/N: I was in my Jackson feels lately because of the whole ordeal of him being sick and stressed, and now it has even been revealed by Yugyeom that Jackson is anemic… so I felt like writing a little fluffy scenario about my king, and soon it’s also his b-day so yeah. Enjoy~

Jackson had just come back from his last schedule in China and he finally had a little over a week for him to relax and take it easy, and you were determined to make sure he would.

He was still in bed getting some well deserved rest after getting home at 10pm the night before; you were in the kitchen making brunch for him so that he could eat in bed, the clock on the microwave indicating that it was well past 11am.

You shuffled as quietly as you could in the empty kitchen, a few hums escaping your lips now that you were in the best mood possible, happy to have your boyfriend home. You moved expertly with the stove, pots, and other appliances, brewing some of his favorite organic green tea, making eggs, toast, chopping some fresh fruit, and putting in a small bowl of leftover rice with meat, veggies, and kimchi. You knew how long he could go without having a proper meal, and now that you were able to, you wanted to make sure he was properly fed.

When you were done, you placed everything on a tray and carefully carried it to your bedroom where Jackson was still sleeping. You gently pushed open the door that you had left ajar when getting out of the room earlier, the sight of your boyfriend laying on the mattress tugging at your heartstrings. You set the tray down on the nightstand temporarily and admired him: the sun rays that managed to get past the sheer curtains fell on his body creating various luminous patterns, some of them illuminating his now brown again locks. His chest was slowly rising and falling with every breath, an arm slightly plopped over the edge of the bed; soft snores escaped his plump parted lips and the whole scene almost made you giggle out loud. He suddenly scrunched his face and shifted a bit before he resumed his peaceful sleep. How could he be so adorable even when he wasn’t awake?

You sat down gently on the edge of the bed leaning close to his sleeping form to move a few stray hairs out of his face and called his name out softly to wake him up.

“Jack, wake up sweetie~”, you cooed as you caressed his face, but he barely budged. You tried again, only to get the same result.

Alright. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

You got on the bed completely, snuggling him, wrapping your limbs around him and leaving annoying kisses on his face and neck, squirming around and calling him obnoxiously.

“Baaaaaaabe~ Jacksooooonnn~”

He grunted sleepily, trying to recoil from you “Five more minutes, mom”

You chuckled and continued your sweet assault, this time being gentle and loving. His arms came around you to hold you close and snuggle you, his warmth enveloping you pleasantly. You pecked his cute nose and his lips automatically formed a pout asking for the same treatment as his nose. Who were you to deny him? 

“Wake up, honey. I made you food and it’s going to get cold if you just leave it” you told him a breath away from his lips. At that, he cracked open one eye and then the other to glance at you and then the food on the nightstand.

“Good morning”, you smiled at him.

“Good morning indeed”, he replied with his husky voice  a bit raspy from sleep, his good mood on the same wavelength as yours.

He briefly got out of bed to the bathroom before coming back in the room and get back in bed, this time sitting with his back resting against the headboard and grabbed the food tray. The room was now filled with the delicious aromas of the different things you prepared, completely waking Jackson up by the way his eyes twinkled at the sight of the banquet in front of him.

“Thank you for the food, babygirl~” he cooed in his Wang Puppy voice depositing a quick peck on your cheek. Then, he brought his hands together to make a quick prayer as he usually did before eating a meal. Soon after, he started digging in making appreciative noises here and there as he ate.

“Jacks, after you’re done eating you should get ready. I have something planned for you”, you announced. 

“Oh? What is it?”, he asked curiously, his cheeks full of food.

“Well, since you have some time off after two decades of schedules, I was thinking that you should get to have some fun and relax”, you replied as you sat next to him, texting your coworker to remind her about the reservation you made for later that day.

“Oh, I know how I can have some fun”, he said right before setting aside the rice bowl he was holding and pretty much assaulting you.

You barely had the time to register the change in the tone of his voice that you were pinned down on the mattress.

“Yah, Jackson!” you yelped when he got on top of you trapping you with the warm pressure of his muscular body, his teeth and lips nipping at your neck playfully and tickling your skin making you unable to contain your laughter, earning chuckles from him in response.

However, slowly his lips started leaving sweet kisses on your heated skin, his mouth expertly leaving love bites in spots he knew very well you would like.

“Jack…”, you breathed out, feeling yourself turning into jello under him.

“Mmh?”, he hummed close to your ear, his teeth nipping gently at your earlobe. 

“The idea was to get out of bed… not staying in it” you attempted meekly, almost trying to convince yourself more so than him.

“But I missed you~”

“I know, baby and I missed you too. A lot. I wish we could take our time right now, but we have a reservation. The sooner we get done with what I planned for you today, the sooner we can come back and ‘have fun’ “ you explained emphasizing the last two words by wiggling your eyebrows.

“Deal!”, he agreed eagerly before pecking your lips and getting off you and off the bed, directed to the bathroom to take a shower.

You laid there for a bit, a hand resting on your chest feeling the frantic thrumming of your heart in your chest before you got up with a sigh and cleared the tray to bring it to the kitchen to do the dishes.

Forty minutes later, you were both on your way to your first stop: the beauty parlor you worked at. You loved that place because it had everything: spa on the ground floor; skincare clinic, makeup and hair salon on the first and second floor.

“Welcome to- oh, hi!”, your friend Keziah greeted you after she had recognized the both of you walking in. She was the owner of the beauty parlor, but she preferred having more control on the spa and hair salon, leaving you a bit of control over the skincare clinic and makeup salon. But regardless, you both could work in whichever department without a problem.
You had reserved a massage room for Jackson right after him being pampered with some spa treatments.

“Hi there!”

“What’s up?”

“You’re here for your reservation, correct? I have it ready for you guys”, she said putting up the list on her computer screen.

“Yeah. There should be a reservation for the warm water pool, the dry sauna room, and the massage room”, you enumerated making sure everything was set.

“Perfect. You have room 5 for your sauna and room 28 for the massage.”, Keziah said before getting up to hand Jackson a locker key and a pair or slippers. “Here you go. You already know how everything works, right?”

“Yeah, I’m all good”, he confirmed. 

It wasn’t the first time he came to the spa clinic. The Got7 boys went there regularly to get skin treatments during their first year after debut. Now, they didn’t get to come as often due to their increasing popularity and consequently busier schedules, but that was how you and Jackson met. You did his facial treatments from time to time, and then something clicked between you two, and Jackson tried to schedule appointments whenever you worked.

“Ok. I’ll see you in a bit, babe”, you told him before you separated to go to your respective locker rooms. 

You both the required routine before getting in the spa: leave personal belongings in the locker, rinse the body with a quick shower, drink a glass of water, and change into the sauna attire. When you both were done, you met on the other side, the soft melody of nature playing almost unnoticed in the background.

Normally, in South Korea the jjimjilbangs (=bathhouse) were traditionally either just for men or just for women, no mixes; others had spa for both sexes in the same building, but different departments.

That’s why you reserved rooms that were in the private section of the spa, where generally couples went so that you could go in with your boyfriend without a problem and without other people in there.

You guys soaked and basked in the nice warmth of the hot water of the pool first, its magic working wonders on Jackson’s tired and sore muscles; then you immersed quickly in the cold water one. After a bit of rest in the sleeping room, you went in the dry sauna to sweat off some toxins, but didn’t stay a long time not just because it is not good, but because Jackson couldn’t stand the head for a prolonged time. Finally, after a quick cool shower, it was time for the massage.

“Jackson, you can go in room 28 and wait for me there, while I go put my uniform on”, you instructed and he went looking for the designated room.

A few minutes later, you walked into the indicated space, the nice subtle scents for the aromatherapy making the atmosphere welcoming and even more relaxing. The soft nature sounds along with some melodic notes was playing in the background, adding to the whole relaxation experience.
He was waiting for you laying down on his abdomen, slightly propped up on his forearms, his head turning in your direction you when he heard you open the door.

“Good afternoon, sir”, you greeted him jokingly as if he were just another client.

“Good afternoon, miss”, he smirked playing along.

“What can I do for you today?”

“I have been feeling some muscle stiffness and soreness due to lots of exercise and  I think I have overworked myself overall”, he explained putting his hand on his back with a fake expression of discomfort like an elderly person would.

“Awww, I see. That is not good. Well, you came to the right place and person. I will be taking care of you today”, you smiled professionally as you moved to grab an exfoliation glove and preparing the massage oils, along with a few hot stones.

“Yes. Please do take care of me”, his done dropping a few octaves hardly concealing the double meaning of his words as he looked at you biting his lower lip gently.

You smacked his butt playfully and chuckled when he made a little squeal.

“Behave, sir”

After a good massage and skin treatment, you went on a quick date at a local fair where you ate some good street food, admired the lights and stopped at some of the different entertainment installments.

Now, you were back home, cuddling on the couch, wrapped in each other’s arms and in the little cocoon made by a blanket. The movie you were watching was playing on the tv screen as you two were in a tight hug, limbs tangled like wild vines, the tv sounds a forgotten background noise.

Jackson’s head was on your chest, his face occasionally nuzzling in your neck and depositing light pecks on your soft skin, taking in your natural scent. He loved cuddling and cradling you as much as he loved being held in your embrace.

When you come back home, it didn’t take much for you both to find the other’s lips, hands roaming and searching for bare skin after clothes had been discarded in every which way. It wasn’t just sex, it was making love to one another, expressing physically how you felt about the other and how much you had missed each other’s presence, bodies so close as if you were able to become one, love so deep that it met no end.

“See? I kept my promise from this morning, didn’t I?” You teased making him chuckle in response as he remembered how you almost remained in bed that morning.

“Yup, a deal is a deal after all. Thank you for today. I really appreciate what you did for me I appreciate you”, he said seriously, his eyes meeting yours and giving you a loving kiss.

“You are very welcome. You deserve it and much more”, you replied, happy that he was enjoying his time home.

You both stayed in a comfortable silence, simply enjoying each other’s company, hands soothingly caressing skin. His hand movements gradually got slower and slower until they completely stopped. You took a peek at his face, and you him peacefully sleeping, his shoulders and chest slightly rising and falling with his slow, regular breathing. You smiled feeling your heart swell at the sight of him in your arms. If you could keep him like this forever, you would. You wanted him to rest as much as possible and you were pleased he was getting to do so. You brushed a few stray hairs off his face with feather light touches as to not wake him, so that you could keep admiring his beautiful features.

“Sleep well, my love”

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I wouldn't be caught up at this anon's statement about Lauren and your blog if I were you. It's easy to come here anonymously and make shit up without proving it. Maybe she saw your blog because you have a shit ton of followers, but until anon dm you with proofs, don't fall for that. But... 🐸☕️

i doubt she came here tbh 😂😂😂

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6 then and I would totally reply to the message if i knew where it was

Battle Memes || Accepting

6. A drabble about the first time the muse killed someone.


Since this is part of Ethan’s backstory, I figure I should tag you guys. ;D (Edit: Okay, I’ve revised it. Just some minor stuff. Please reblog the revised version.)

The older male standing before Ethan snorted, a withering glare being tossed with all too much ease as he stared him down.

“Are you seriously so stupid as to pick a fight with us, kid? Don’t you know who we are?”

Ethan cocked his head contemplatively, his crimson irises cold and calculating. In a voice that expressed no remorse, he offered, “A bunch of idiots?”

That had the ringleader of this stupid trio burning red with anger. It took all his effort not to snicker in amusement. Riling these “gang” types was all too easy when you were a “stupid” kid. Really, Ethan was only fourteen, but he’d always been smart and resourceful. Many, many street fights have taught him how to hold his own.

It’s not like the dumbasses could see the hard-earned muscle under his hoodie, though.

“You’re gonna pay for that, you little brat,” the ringleader growled, attempting to tower over him in an intimidating way. Another perk of being Ethan was his unusual height. He just seemed to grow and grow. And right now, he was practically matching the height of these—what? Twenty-something-year-old’s? They might be younger, not that he cared. But it made their tactics pretty useless on him.

As the group dispersed and moved to surround him, Ethan hummed a soft tune to himself, sliding into a sense of calm that only overtook him during fights. Unsurprisingly, one of the first to attack was a lackey, trying to catch him off guard from a supposed blind spot. 

Ethan slid out of the way all too easily.

Ethan couldn’t hold in his chuckle as the lackey looked at him with irritation. “Looks like you’re gonna have to try harder.”

And they did.

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‘You & Me (Thanks Aroha)’

Do you remember us from that warm spring day?
We couldn’t hide our awkwardness
It was my first time feeling that way
Everything was so beautiful, especially when I looked at you

When I’m with you, things become sweet
I can’t believe it

I’m your sunflower, you’re my light
I’m happy because we’re looking at the same place
I hope we’ll be together and create our own story
Wanna walk together? On this flower road ahead?

you you you and me and
you you you and thank you
you you you
Our pictures that we’ll draw out together
When I’m tired and struggling, I think of you
I thought of something good, it’s you all

The reason I fell for AROHA, listen up
Problems I thought were easy, you solved for me
You made me strong and came to me sweetly
You make my heart feel so calm

I’ll be good, I’ll give you more love so you’ll be surprised
I’ll give it all to you guys
Let’s be forever, until the end
It’s what we felt when we first met, it’s destiny
Let’s be together, let’s make heaven together

Each moment feels like a movie
I’m getting curious

I’m your sunflower, you’re my light
I’m happy because we’re looking at the same place
I hope we’ll be together and create our own story
Wanna walk together? On this flower road ahead?

Do you remember? The day we first saw each other?
We were so shy back then
When I see you, I feel so happy
Whatever you want, I’ll always be with you

When things get complicated
I’ll sing a song for you

Wanna walk together, one step, two steps, three steps?
I can only be happy if you’re by my side
One step, two steps, three steps, whenever you’re feeling tired
Wanna walk together? On this flower road ahead?

you you you and me and
you you you and thank you
you you you
Our pictures that we’ll draw out together
When I’m tired and struggling, I think of you
I thought of something good, it’s you all

Friendly reminder: I tag my posts as I tag my fanfic. If a character name appears in my meta or if the meta is about that character, I’m tagging it, whether it is friendly to that character or not. If you’re uncomfortable with that, that is what the block button is for. I do what I wish in my posts, and you don’t have to see it. If only things were so easy in real life, am I right?

honestly if you have days where you feel nothing is going well, be proud of how long you’ve been around

you’ve survived through thousands of days throughout your lifetime, including days you felt would never end, days that were fairly easy, and days you thought would be the end of you

you’ve survived even the toughest days and you are currently here, right now– that alone is an accomplishment.

You can survive today too.

[closed] Locked away.


Loki had kept to himself since coming to the asylum, granted it was mostly due to being deaf, none of the other patients could use sign language, and he was fairly certain a lot of them were illiterate, not that it was easy to get a paper and pencil to communicate. The silence and isolation was getting to him, he had been hiding in the bathroom and cut his upper arm, the staff never looked there, he had summoned a blade to use to do it. He was in the process of trying to stop the bleeding when someone entered the bathroom, he was stood at the sink, and of course he didn’t hear the door.


philip shea + textpost meme (a pair piece for my lukas one)