if i'm wrong please come and correct me

Ok, i just realized something interesting

You know how the first two stratum bosses from the first Etrian Odyssey, have names based on mythologic figures (Fenrir and Cernunnos, Royalant non-standing since she is never refered to by npcs or any dialogue), but not the later two ones (Corotrangul and Iwaoropenelep)?

That’s because the names come from different sources. The first two were named by the people of Etria, who likely have read about these creatures in books and old literature they somehow recovered. Or maybe by Visil, who has knowledge of the past world, and is person who issues official missions.

But the other two? 

They are named by the forest folk, people who never had any kind of contact with the human culture, thus developed their own dialect and likely these names come from their native language, thus the reason they sound so outlandish. Nobody from Etria ever names these creatures, and both of their names are only known because Kupala mentions them.

I know it sounds silly and kinda obvious, but if Atlus just went and named all of them after mythological creatures, nobody would’ve realized or given it much thought, the fact that they went out of their way to give these creatures an original name makes me realize how much passion goes into these games, and makes me love them even more.

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