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Rude Customer got corrected by tiny Good Customer. A man stopped me while I was picking up the cash from the drink machines and shove a Minnie balloon at me and just "I need that blown up. Right now.". Of course I'm not going to, you don't speak to me that way, told him no and handed it back. Then I hear "Daddy, you didn't ask her." "I did-" "You did it WRONG." His little girl comes up and asks "Ma'am? Could you please blow up my balloon for me since the Balloon Lady isn't there?" She got it.


GUYS. This is a little far fetched but…

What if Mark and Selene were engaged or something? What if that was the reason why were celebrating in the first place? 

It was a bachelor party of sorts.

Where did this thought come from? Well from the pictures in Chapter 2, it seems that Mark, Damien and the Colonel were really close…until Selene came into their lives. All 3 of them were in love with her–as the Colonel said in Chapter 3;

“I trust Selene with all my heart!”

But in the end, she chose Mark. Perhaps it’s why the Colonel was so salty at Mark, and this slightly explains Damien’s eagerness to talk to Selene. But it seems that she and Damien have a bit of a strained relationship.

Idk, it just hit me xD @fear-is-nameless @hufflepufftrax @no-strings-puppet any thoughts?


Obviously, there is a lot of speculation going on about what is going to happen in episode 2x10. There is especially a lot of Malec speculation going on.

These are things we have learned about the episode so far concerning Magnus and Alec (please correct me if any information appears wrong, or if I missed something important):

- So far they have released stills of Malec facing each other, both seemingly very upset.
- The other sets of stills – the ones at Magnus’ apartment and the ones with Raphael – shows absolutely no Alec, and somebody who appears to be Dot on Magnus’ couch (although I am not sure).
- Magnus is shown looking very, very upset (near tears upset) and worried, along with Clary, in the promo pics of them looking at her phone on the balcony.
- The synopsis said that there is going to be an attack on the Institute and that Shadowhunters are going to have to rush to save their loved ones.
- It was said that Matt performed a very heartbreaking scene for this episode.
- It is rumored that there is supposed to be a very emotional Malec scene.
- There is supposed to be some sort of Malec hug around this time

With all of this I have come up with one theory that may fit the bill, but I am nowhere near 100% sure of.
I believe Alec and Magnus will fight, as much as it pains me. I am not sure what their fight is over, it could be something personal (I.e, about their relationship) or it could be over something outside of their relationship that they have differences over. I believe that this fight will not be very pretty and at some point Magnus will either suggest that Alec leave, or Alec storms off on his own, leaving the status of their relationship very clearly unknown.
Considering the synopsis of the episode, it would make sense that Alec storms back to the Institute ultimately getting caught in the middle of the attack on the Institute, and (as much as it breaks my heart) I believe that Alec (possibly Izzy as well) will in fact be kidnapped/held hostage.

Alec will more than likely be tortured by the attackers (how intensely I am not sure) and whatever is done with him will somehow be “broadcasted” to Clary’s phone. The pictures of Magnus looking so horrified and upset being because of whatever has happened/is happening to Alec.
Magnus will also more than likely be even more upset because he’ll blame himself for causing Alec to leave in the first place.

The emotional Malec scene will either be the scene of their fight, or (I hope) will be a cute/heartbreaking renunion scene, and the heartbreaking scene Matt supposedly deliver will probably happen during the Institute attack (or the fight)

Again, I am not 100% sure on any of this at all but this is most logical explanation I could come up with. Please, feel free to correct me on things I’m wrong about, or share your own theories. I am dying here!!!

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Hey! So I was just thinking about it, and please correct me if I'm wrong. But didn't Rhaegar come to King's Landing once before going off to the Battle of the Trident? And if so, why didn't he make sure to see his wife and kids off to Sunspeare then?? Why did he just leave them knowing and seeing with his own eyes the way his father had held them captive??

Yes, he did go to KL before the Trident (like many things about RR, the logistics on this are kind of weird).

There are some things to note here. First of them being that the Trident was the first and only battle of the rebellion that Dorne would take part in. Doran had refused to send aid to the royalists because of Elia’s treatment, but sent Dornishmen to the Trident because he understood that this was an important battle, and that it needed to be won if Elia and her children were to take the throne one day. Another thing to note is that Prince Lewyn appeared to have reservations about taking part in the battle (perhaps he wanted to stay with Elia instead?), but Aerys forced him to command the Dornish troops by reminding him that Elia was a effectively a hostage of the crown. 

To move his family before the conclusion of the battle would have been presumptive. If Rhaegar won the battle, if he killed Robert, it might have turned the tides of the war, or at least pushed the rebel troops farther back. That leaves KL as safe a place as any. Rhaegar and the rest were no doubt hoping to win, perhaps even expecting to, and thus were in no hurry to start moving family to safety.

Another thing to note is that no one was moved from the Red Keep before the Trident. Rhaella and Viserys were also in King’s Landing during the battle. It is not until after the battle that Aerys chose to move his pregnant wife and son to Dragonstone. Elia and her children stayed because Aerys thought Lewyn somehow betrayed him at the Trident, and that by keeping Elia he could keep Dorne loyal. By that point of course, Rhaegar was dead, and could not have moved them if he wanted to.

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Hi! This isn't exactly an autism question, (although the person I'm asking about is on the spectrum as well.) My brother also has a developmental disorder, and when people ask about him, they tend to ask how old he is. I typically say, "well, he is biologically 18, but developmentally, he's around 3 years old." Is than an appropriate way to explain things? (And if not please correct me so I know!) it's just hard to explain to most people and I don't want to do it wrong.

Thank you for coming to the autistic community to find out how best to talk about your brother. It’s great when family members make efforts to be truly supportive of their loved ones. 

Mental ages/developmental ages are generally considered ableist by the disability community, and more specifically the autistic community. If your brother is 18 years old, then he is 18. He has 18 years of lived experience. His abilities do not change the amount of experience he has nor do they make him the equivalent of a 3 year old. 

By saying that your brother is developmentally 3, there is the implication that there are a certain set of skills and abilities that a person must acquire to be a certain age which is ableist against a lot of different people. What abilities make someone a 3 year old? Children all develop at different rates. If you’ve ever been in a room full of 3 year olds, you know that there is a wide range of abilities in these children, even neurotypical, able-bodied children. Developmental stages are meant to be more general guidelines to help notice if a child is developing atypically, rather than being set in stone things that all children of a certain age can do. 

When talking about your brother, it is best to just say that he is 18 years old. Most people you interact with won’t need to know more about your brother than that. For people who do need to know more, be more specific in what you say. For instance, if talking to a caregiver you may need to specify in what ways he is able to take care of himself and which areas he will need help in. Saying he is developmentally 3 relies on a lot of assumptions and is likely to convey incorrect information about your brother. Other people will make assumptions based off that that may not be correct. 

Further, when a disabled person is presented as being mentally a child, they are treated as such. Generally, others will talk to the disabled person as if they are a child which is often condescending. Even if your brother is fully nonverbal, it is likely that he can understand what is being said about him and to him and these kinds of comments can be distressing. 

I recommend checking out Emma’s Hope Book to read about the experiences of a girl who was believed to be “low functioning” and unable to understand what was going on around her. When she finally gained access to AAC, she revealed that she had heard all the things that had been said about her but wasn’t able to defend herself. The blog is very interesting and a great way to get more perspective on the experiences of a nonverbal autistic person. 


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Hi! :) I've been following you and the Mischief Managers for about a year now and I think you're all amazing. I recently got into Yuri!!! On Ice and I want to cosplay as Katsuki Yuuri, but I'm White and don't know if that would be considered cultural appropriation. Please correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I know you're also White and you cosplayed as Yuuri, and from what I've seen you guys are really good about not being racist or appropriating. Do you think I could do the cosplay?

You’re right, I am white and therefore I do not have the right to say defintely what is cultural appropriation and what isn’t, but I do try to listen closely to those affected by such expressions of oppression so that I don’t get it wrong.

By doing that, this is what I have come to understand cultural appropriation as: cultural appropriation is about outsiders - mostly culturally dominant groups such as white people - re-interpreting cultural expressions which are valuable to a certain concurrent and/or historically oppressed culture and shapes the ethnical group’s identity.

Based on that understanding, I don’t believe it’s a problem for me to cosplay Yuuri. If the essence of Yuuri’s entire character was the fact that he is Japanese, I would absolutely hesitate to cosplay him. But it is not, at least I don’t see what makes Yuuri special as rooted in his nationality. So I don’t believe I’m appropriating any culture, besides possibly figure skating-culture, which is not an ethnic culture nor an oppressed one 😂

I would advide you to not try and “look japanese” when cosplaying him, though, because that would be yellowface, which is obviously racist. Just try to look like the fictional character from the anime and focus on what makes him a person, not what makes him japanese.

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I'm sorry if it sounds like a really basic question. Why there can only be two electrons in one atomic orbital? Is that because of Pauli's exclusion principle - because there are only two possibilities of quantum spin angular momentum (½ and -½)? Correct me if I'm wrong, please. And also thank you so much! Your blog means a lot to me. I'm trying to understand stuff on my own and I'm so glad there's a place where I can ask questions. You're doing such an amazing thing. Thank you.

Thanks! And you would be correct! The Pauli exclusion principle states that two identical fermions, such as electrons, can’t occupy the same quantum state at the same time. When it comes to an electron around an atom, there are four numbers that determine the ‘quantum state’; the principal quantum number (potential energy), the azimuthal quantum number (orbital angular momentum), the magnetic quantum number (magnetic moment), and the spin quantum number (intrinsic angular momentum).

Since the spin quantum number of an electron can only be ½ or -½, and an ‘orbital’ is defined by the first three quantum numbers, you can fit at most two electrons in a given orbital.

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Hello! I'm a huge fan of YOI (have been since it came out) but I am utterly confused because I have NO IDEA about the film or when it comes out or how I can watch it in America, and I'm looking for intel via other fans hahaha... just wondering if you had ANY info that could help me out?

I’m so sorry for answering this pretty late. I don’t know when the movie will be released (and anyone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe a date was released). I personally would expect it in 2018 or 2019, but that’s just my guess.  I assume Crunchyroll will release it since Yuri On Ice is licensed under them. I’m sure other websites which anime can be viewed will also have a version of the movie. No real information has been released about the movie since the original  announcement though ^^

Originally posted by catastrophy-cat

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Oh no! I just realized! (Please correct me if I'm wrong?) Does the tag "actuallyautistic" come from or having meaning in line with people who don't believe in self-diagnosis?? I thought it was just to help us autistic ppl find each other rather than just random posts by allistics and/or haters who tag things with autistic or autism. Have I been sending a bad message to other autistic ppl? I didn't mean to! I didn't know! There's alotinvolvedwith and barriersto getting a prodx so I supprtself dx

The #actuallyautistic tag is for both self-diagnosed and professionally diagnosed people per the creator of the tag. It is meant to be inclusive of ALL autistic people. It was created as a way to escape the ableism and Autism Parents™ in the #autism tag. 

You haven’t done anything wrong. You’re all good =)


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i know there are some people saying that yousana is not endgame, but when you think about it there has only been one successful relationship on this show which is evak, and by successful i mean they don't break up etc. (even though it wasn't planned for noorhelm to break up though, but that's not the point) the point is, is that idk I feel like it wouldn't look that great if they had 1 successful relationship and three (noorhelm, eva x jonas etc) on the show who broke up (1/2)

Halla love!

okay so I do kinda disagree with you on the ‘one successful relationship wouldn’t look great thing’ I actually think the opposite. These kids are all in high school and it is very rare for high school relationships to end in happily ever after, and I feel like Julie’s heart has always been set on portraying realistic and relatable teenage stories.

in saying that, my best friend is still with and living together with her high school boyfriend and I can’t see them never not being together tbh. But I feel like they are the evak from my high school. Every other couple from then kinda ended because I mean…it’s high school. You’re so young and still growing and changing and finding who you are.

So I think it would be really unlike skam to have all the couples ending in happily ever after.

But that doesn’t mean I think Yousana won’t happen for that reason. I can still see them being endgame despite there already being a happy couple

no, the reason I think they won’t be endgame is because I don’t think Sana’s story is about her falling for a boy. I think it is so much more than that.

It’s about her finding a way to be a part of both her worlds, her faith and her Norwegian culture mixing into one without her losing a single part of who she is.

I feel like I am not qualified enough to discuss the muslim equation in this so if I make any mistakes here please someone correct me <3

but from what I have read and discussed with my muslim friends, everyone practices their faith differently and have different personal interpretations and beliefs when it comes to Islam. Some choose to date, others don’t. It is all based on the individual. everyone is different. And so then again, I am sure it is upon the individual if they believe in only marrying another muslim or not. But I think it needs to be understood that Yousef not being Muslim is a major deal for Sana and many muslims (not all) but whether your partner is a muslim or not may not seem like a big deal to those of us who aren’t Muslim and don’t understand the significance, but for those who are, it is an incredibly important factor.

I’m sorry I am probably explaining this terribly but the point is, I don’t think it is about how strict Sana’s parents are (her mum keeps telling her she trusts Sana and that’s why her going to parties is not an issue) but more about Sana and her own faith and beliefs. I doubt the issue here will be about her parents forbidding it but more about Sana struggling with her own beliefs.

Finally, I wouldn’t say skam is a ‘happy’ show but a hopeful one. The characters all go through some painful struggles, but they come out of them learning so much more about themselves and accepting who they are. And I strongly believe Sana can have a happy ending without a love interest.

but then after all that there is always going to be a part of me that is hoping i’m wrong because Yousana is adorable.

but yeah I don’t know…I can’t see it ending well :( but we will see my love <3

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Where did people come up with the idea of a trans Hanzo? Not that I'm against it, I'm just interested in the background of it.

I believe the trans Hanzo headcanons arose from transgender fans within the community, since trans representation can be hard to come by in any fandom. Everyone wants to be represented in their favorite shows, movies, video games, and so on, so it’s only normal that they headcanon their favorites as trans. (And transgender fans can correct me if I’m wrong! Please, put me in my place if I step out of line at any time.)

I hope we do get a trans character in Overwatch, that way transgender fans can have some representation like everyone else. That’d make the cast of characters truly diverse and ensure everyone has someone representing them in the game! Besides, the ‘T’ in LGBTQ+ stands for ‘Transgender,’ which means if they plan on adding LGBTQ+ characters, they can always add a transgender one or reveal that one of the existing characters is transgender. 

And I’d also like to encourage everyone to respect trans headcanons they come across in the Overwatch community. Us cis-folk have no right to monitor these headcanons or complain about them, so please do not invade anyone’s space and try telling them they’re somehow wrong. (This isn’t directed at the anon, either; I’ve just seen some folks being transphobic in other parts of the fandom, so I’d like to encourage our followers to remain tolerant and supportive of trans headcanons!)

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Can you please draw more AD!Nagisa-kun? /and someone else, maybe?/

There comes a point in time when you realize that, though your paths and ideals may differ, you’ll always be best friends.

CLASS E ALUMNI: Nagisa and Karma (designs from: 1, 2)

@sakatandao: 悪あがきさせてよ!!!!><ちゃんと野菜食べてるもん!!!

sakata: Let me struggle!!!! ><I’m properly eating my vegetables-mon!!!

[earlier, he tweeted about having to deal with eating vegetables w]

@shima_s2: @sakatandao でーぶ

shima: Faatty

@sakatandao: @shima_s2 志麻さんきらい

sakata: Shima-san I hate you

@shima_s2: @sakatandao 俺はさかたさん好きだよ

shima: I like sakata-san

@sakatandao: @shima_s2 ああああああ俺も好きだー!!!

sakata: Aaaaah I like you tooo!!!

@shima_s2: @sakatandao 明日会えるね♡

shima: We’ll meet each other tomorrow, right ♡

[referring to usss live on 5/2]

@sakatandao: @shima_s2 え"“!!!きょうは!!!?

sakata: Eh””!!! Today is!!!?

@shima_s2: @sakatandao 一緒に寝る?♡

shima: Want to sleep together? ♡

@sakatandao: @shima_s2 いいの!!?やったあああ!!!!

sakata: Is it ok!!? Yaaaay!!!!

@shima_s2: @sakatandao こっちおいでぇー♡

shima: Come over here~♡

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Hi, I am a radical feminist but in response to one of your asks I would like to say that I don't understand how feminism is against femininity? I think feminism is meant to support women 100%. That's if if they are or aren't feminine. Doesn't matter. It's that women deserve to be who they are without persecution due to gender. Correct me if I'm wrong please. This is in no means meant to come across as rude I'm just genuinely curious. Thank you!

Femininity is harmful to women because it entails a specific kind of behaviour which is generally pushing women to be submissive, meek/quiet, compliant, basically not aggressive or have any emotion that would come across as loud or draw any attention to ourselves. Femininity also includes modifying our appearance to what appeals to men. Liberal feminists tend to say “but we do it for ourselves”, but do we really? Where did the idea of the ‘ideal’ woman come from? Magazines, billboards, television, movies, all industries run by men. The images that come from them are projected and put there by men. This image of the ‘ideal’ woman implies that there is a standard we have to meet in order to be considered attractive and therefore worthy of their time. It implies that those that do not strive to be the ideal woman don’t take care of themselves, or are repulsive.
Steps taken by women to become this ‘ideal woman’ include wearing makeup to fit conventional standards of beauty, dressing ourselves to the right degree of sexually attractive enough for men, wearing heels which are actually very harmful to your feet and back all because ~fashion~. 
Consider the idea of a typically sexually attractive woman to men- large bust and butt, flat stomach, thin but not too thin, big lips, long hair. For all of those expectations there are surgeries to “fix” women.
Liposuction, botox, lip injections, breast implants, butt implants, extensions for your hair, now extensions for your eyelashes too! 
Typically femininity is something that (if you think about it) caters to men and their need to dominate and control women. 
Did you know in Lebanon there are loans you can take out specifically to get plastic surgery?

Femininity is harmful because women who do not comply with typical beauty standards are ostracized and shamed. They are made to feel repulsive, and told they are not ‘real’ women. It becomes something compulsory to live. You probably have noticed this yourself. When women and young girls especially are exposed to these standards and images continuously, they believe it is the norm and this impacts their self esteem greatly. If you don’t wear makeup, you aren’t seen as attractive- something increasingly important to be in this superficial society we live in, which eventually goes on to become harsher insults like- you don’t groom yourself, you don’t take care of yourself. Employers actually don’t hire women claiming they aren’t ‘professional’ enough if they don’t wear makeup. Women are insulted and ridiculed because they lack femininity. 

Now capitalism has turned femininity into a game of profit. The beauty industry is thriving because the self esteems of girls are going lower and lower with more unattainable standards of beauty being thrown at them everywhere you look. Advertising is everywhere, from the internet, to television, to billboards. It’s not hard to feel ugly when you don’t comply with their version of beauty.

It also has extremely negative effects on the health of young teens. Eating disorders and body dysphoria plague young girls and even women. Girls and women are constantly weight watching, trying to get to that unattainable idea of perfection that has been created by men.

While right now, femininity is necessary because other wise we wouldn’t be taken seriously, it is also important to raise awareness inform people of how femininity came to be.

It began with this:


which lead to this:

and now women spend thousands of dollars on beauty standards that are physically and emotionally harmful to them. 

Hope that helped!

I highly recommend you read Beauty and Misogyny by Sheila Jeffreys for more an indepth analysis! 

Feminism is meant to liberate women from the patriarchy which encourages these expectations and standards which lead women to believe there is a particular way to be a woman. It includes analyzing how women as a class are oppressed.

You might be talking about liberal feminism which does not analyze why women perform these actions, but rather say anything a woman chooses to do is her choice and hence should be supported in the name of feminism! This however, fails to include gender non conforming women who don’t like the choices they are presented, and also fails to analyze why we only have the choices we have, and whether or not they are harmful to us and/or oppress us and keep us at the bottom of the hierarchy.

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i read your question sent by an anon saying that they were confused about being bi because they felt an 80% attraction towards men, etc, etc. you said that if you feel attraction towards 2 or more genders,you're bi, but isn't attraction to two or more genders, pan? correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't being bi imply attraction to just binary pronouns, i.e., male or female? please let me know :)

the wider bi community defines bisexuality as the attraction to two or more genders, which is why we said that if you feel attraction to two or more genders, you are bi (assuming you identify as such). there’s no limitation on binary genders, and we don’t restrict ourselves to two genders. pansexuality is the attraction to all genders, which yes, overlaps with the definition of bisexuality and means the difference between the two largely comes down to personal comfort and label preference.

every time this comes up, we get more asks about it, and it’s almost always something covered in our FAQ page, so please read that before sending questions on this topic.

The thing yall don’t seem to understand about the First Amendment is that it doesn’t mean you can go around being racist, bigoted assholes saying whatever offensive thing that comes to your mind without any repercussions. It is there to keep you from being arrested for speaking your opinion against the government. Please get that through your heads.

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Okie so I know I'm Native American or apart of the Indigenous people (?) But I don't know how much or what tribe my family comes from. Do you know how to find out?

I’m going to go out on a limb here, Native people please correct me if I am wrong, but if you are not registered with one of the 562 tribes recognized by the US government you are not Native. If you do not know the nation you supposedly belong to and you do not know a direct descendent, you are not Native.
My great-grandmother was Mvskoke Creek and her husband left my grandfather and great-aunt but they are registered as well as my father being registered, but I am not even though I could be. It is not a part of my Culture. It was not how I was raised, I look like a white kid, I was raised a white kid so that is how I identify.

I say all of this because I want to make a very big distinction between some hereditary family anecdotes about having “Indian blood” or whatever and actually being Native. The generational trauma of having your land, language, and culture stolen is not yours if you do not even know of what nation you might come from or where in your family it comes from. So, all of that being said if you are interested in the study of your family you can start with general genealogy and see where that leads you. From there if you find what tribe you come from you can study it academically like the history, the cosmology and the language but no one from that nation owes you anything. Not their words or their traditions. You are not some long-lost relative, you are an outsider so be respectful.

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I personally think that white woman can be included in the natural hair movement.. Though not as severe as the difficulties we go through, white women can feel the same way we do. It's just under different circumstances. No disrespect, but open your eyes. You're blowing this out of proportion. And yes, I'm a proud black woman.


What kind of difficulties do they go through please enlightening me! The most issue I’ve heard white women complain about when it comes to hair its split ends, dead ends, their hair to big curly like Sarah Jessica Parker. If i’m missing something tell me.  White women getting on this team natural what natural are you talking about ma’am? White women hair is the standard of hair beauty, no other races makes fun of their hair! Black girls/women we are the only people correct me if i’m wrong whose hair texture is not acceptable nor fit into society standards. Some of us have to be taught to love our hair,some of spends thousands on weave to fit into this shitty us society where everything about white women seem to be the standard of beauty. So no I do not accept white women team natural alright boo. Us black women who are natural we still look down upon for our and how we wear it. A white girl wakes up today brush hair and go about her business un-bothered, now when I do that I receive several bad looks from both male and female of all races. For black girls its never just hair you know! We get a weave people scream we fake want to be white, we get a perm they scream the same thing, we wear our natural they scream get a perm, cover that nappy head, you need a hot comb and all that shit. White women get weave,perm,braids locks and people praise the hell out this shit but when we do it we get backlash! SO NO TEAM NATURAL IS OUR MOVEMENT AND IT SHOULD STAY THAT WAY.

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Dude, I just realized, we haven't heard yet what the actors had to swear, legally lol, not to talk about! Or did they already tell us? Which means it's coming in the finale which means I can't breathe and am so nervous and anxious for Monday! Please correct me if I'm wrong about the contract thing!

I was thinking about that yesterday. I think it’s about Scott getting turned into a Berserker. Won’t know for sure until next week, but that’s definitely going to effect the character going into next season and it’s something they wanted not spoiled.

Or, with my Sterek Goggles on, it could be a Sterek scene next episode.