if i'm upset at you i don't want to sleep with you no

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what is a class-a -hoe yoo?

basically i…uh…maybe slept around a lot (no shame)

I’m used to memory issues, I’ve had them for a long long time, but they still suck. I’m so afraid of upsetting people even if I’ve warned them before that my memory is horrible. It’s seems like everyone says their memory is bad so when I say it, people kinda go, “it’s okay, me too!” and brush it off. But then later down they line they don’t understand when I can’t remember important things, when I only have two or three small blurry memories of us together over several months worth of hanging out. My worst fear is that they’ll think I don’t care enough about them to bother remembering, and that is usually what happens. I’m lucky that my close friends understand, but it’s hard to make and keep new friends, and it really sucks… I don’t mean to forget and trust me, I desperately want to remember, I’m so sorry I just can’t.

Imagine your favorite character chasing you out into the rain after a huge fight and kissing you passionately and whispering into your ear with a seductive voice, “I’m sorry babe. Let me make it up to you” as they wiggle their eyebrows and drag you inside.