if i'm not sore tomorrow

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Buff girls are not cute. Freakishly strong girls are not cute. Stop trying to be a guy that's not cute.

I mean, you think I’m buff and freakishly strong?? That’s so sweet 😂😂 This chick is pretty damn cute sometimes 😉 and from the sounds of things, much stronger, cooler, and all around better than your insecure ass 😁💪

I am IN LOVE WITH Matthew Daddario. Watching him get up from that stage after taking a photo with someone, to back on his knees to sign their book and back down and up and making sure no one gets missed and being so incredibly sweet and lovely and saying thank you and giving compliments and always being patient and warm and enthusiastic with everyone… He is just the greatest. He can’t possibly be real. I hope one day I get to meet him because he just seems like the most genuinely wonderful human being ever.