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hey! my dash is pretty dead right now, would you share your favorite blogs?

Hi there! I definitely know that feeling of having an empty dash, so sure! :D

Some of my personal favorites are @awsugar, @leathermouthz, @funsghoul, @maygerardneverstopyou, @ghostparachutes, @transfrank, @attentionreader, @spaceboyfrnk, @frankierosghost, etc.. 

I’m sorry if you already follow some of these guys and I wasn’t that big of a help. But, yeah, I hope you’re having a nice day/night. :) 


I have no excuse or much context for this but basically McCree and Fareeha are both Native American and they like to troll Morrison. Based on this scene from “Dance me Outside”.

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I desperately need your help! I reallyyyyyy need to follow more BTS blogs. I only like to follow people who make quality content gifs, edits, gfx, etc. So could you please reccommend me some?

ah i’d be happy to! ^^ all the blogs i follow are lovely, but i’m just gonna name a few favorites that immediately come to mind. definitely check out my blogroll here for more good ones~

gifs/gfx: @ojjeon / @mewchim / @busanie / @bwipsul / @sweaterpawsjimin / @jeonify / @apgujeon / @booptae / @sugutie / @syubprince / @yoongles / @yoonmin / @kths / @taeguk / @chimcheroo / @bangtanbanchan / @jiminsaid / @younas / @cutiehuns / @chimchams / @gotjimin

other: @jeondiary / @daegucrew / @j-cypher / @bts420 / @dearkook / @rapsae / @bfjoonie / @r-m / @jinakin / @bang-tan / @rapsmon

fan art: @ask-bts-stuff / @artofennun / @swagasuga / @shuaitofu

hope this was helpful! ♡

I’d like to follow more Harry Potter or Fbawtft blogs! Like and reblog this post if you post at least 50% hp or Fbawtft content and I’ll probably follow you.

(I follow back from slytherin-teresa)

Thanks guys!

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I need more hockey blogs to follow and I wanna try to make some friends on here since I don’t have really anyone to talk with hockey about so
Reblog if you like:
- NY Rangers
- Toronto Maple Leafs
- Dallas Stars
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- Tampa Bay Lightning
- Or hockey in general
If you reblog I’ll check out your account and hopefully give you a follow!
If you already follow me I would appreciate you reblogging this to spread the word to other hockey blogs, but you do not have to.

pjimns' sixth follow forever

hi! so I’m here with a new follow forever bc I can’t believe I reached 5k in like less than a year of restarting this blog ;;;; thank you lots for following me and I hope we stay together for a long time! ❤️💝💗💖💞💜💘💕💓 I promise you good quality content from now on (jk I can’t but ily)

bolded: mutuals

✧: favs

♡: my faves forever & ever idk what I’d do without u

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for some of you it’s already 2017, but i’m still in 2016 (help) so i wanted to thank every single one of you for being by my side during this weird year, i wouldn’t make it if it wasn’t for all of you. with this lame edit and a few words, i want to thank you for being who you are and make me smile. this follow forever will for my favorites blogs and mutuals, but i love every single one of you. this year i suffer and had fun with one direction and i found out skam and yoi, which made this year so much easier to get through and we made it. this year brought me bad things too but i could make it another year, so somehow this year was good. happy new year and i wish all of you only the best because that’s what you deserve.every single one of you are so special and i’m glad that i found my place here. i hope that 2017 will bring us peace, love and everything that we want. i love you and thank you for being here. and thank you for the 11K followers, it’s insane but thank you for the love and support. i’m just a normal blog but it means a lot to me.

bolded: ultimate favorite/ friends and people that i met that made my year so much better

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Meryl Streep accepts Cecil B. DeMille Award during the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 8, 2017.

reuploaded bc i wasnt happy with the colours and now it’s almost late whatever

🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃  !!!!!! enjoy your 31st october !!!!!  🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃

Red // 1

Red — ft. Oh Sehun

// Contemporary Romance
// Adult Fiction
// Sexual & Explicit Language — it’s mildly smutty later on

A/N: This is my take on a requested CEO!au. I made this a mix of other concepts from the drabble list: “I don’t think I can do this anymore.” “I don’t want to hide this anymore. I’m not some dirty little secret.” 

// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //

‘You’ll be here soon?’

My hand grips onto my phone while sitting in the back seat of the car service. It weaves in and out through traffic as the driver makes it way to Arcola National Public Library. A part of me dreads the end of this drive and a part of me just wants the night to stop here and now right on the chaotic road without having to attend this philanthropy gala. But instead, I focus all of my professional attention onto the call with my stern and clear voice accentuating every word. "Yes, sir. I’ll be there in seven minutes.”

‘Seven. You’re always so exact,’ he chuckles and I can already imagine his laughter; how his head tilts and shakes mildly from side to side. ‘And also—sir? You know I prefer it when you use my name.’

I ingrain his pitch into my head and soul, knowing far well this will be my very last phone conversation with him. “Yes, but you are my boss and I’m your executive assistant, Sehun. Sir is the appropriate form of address.”

‘That may be true but you didn’t say that yesterday night.’

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Danny gets Phantom on the weekends makes sense that the text on my birthday is my trash ship


I already know that I’m late to the party but a LOT of things happened while I made this, including events like my Patreon reaching it’s 6 month anniversary, this blog getting nearer to 2,000 followers, and @therealjacksepticeye reaching 13 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS.

I don’t know about you, but that is beyond amazing.

So basically, this is a little tribute to every single one involved in these events, specially including @pixlpit whose magic sparked an old passion I had with video editing, @furiarossa, @petzemz, @vi0lentquiche, and other Patrons whose tumblr I’m not sure are the right ones, the entire JSE community whose support this last week just blew me away, and of course Jack himself. Last month was incredible, and this is me saying that I am so glad you had fun along the way.

Thank you for being awesome. Don’t stop being awesome. :)

hi my name’s gin and i suck at finding people to follow. if you could do me a favour and like/reblog this if you regularly post any of the following, and tag things at least for blacklist purposes, i’ll check your blog out and maybe follow you!!! i’m pathetically Picky but i promise to at least give your blog the once over

  • the adventure zone
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  • gentlemen bastards
  • elder scrolls
  • dishonored
  • borderlands
  • aes stuff, primarily water/ocean stuff and woods/green places
  • d&d stuff??
  • oc stuff!!
you don’t have to follow me back or w/e of course but i’m Determined to make more Treasured Mutuals™ this year so ur more than welcome to!!
Promise ( Laurens X Reader ) – Happy Trails to Ant and Carleigh!

Yo! So, before we get into this, I wanna apologize to people who request. I’m such an asshole. I take too long and never ever follow the queue, so some of you guys wait two weeks and others wait three months. I’m truly madly deeply sorry. I just like giving you fic as quick as possible, so I don’t stay too long without posting, and that makes me go for whichever prompt my imagination tells me to and I’m not always inspired for the ones on the top of the queue. Truly, I’m so so so sorry.

Secondly, yeah, I was working on a Laf request until like two days ago (I still am and I can tell you it’s gonna be really sorta short, sorry for that), but then I realized something. Anthony Ramos. Nov, 20. *purses lips so won’t start sobbing compulsively* Don’t get me wrong. I am the hugest Anthony stan you’ll ever see and I am so very happy for him. I mean, the guy’s a star. He’s such an inspiration for me and many other kids out there and I’m sure that whatever he does next (he’s hinted he’ll be working on his music AND has been casted on a Netflix series) will blow us all away (too soon). Also, yo, Jordan Fisher!!! I love him!! I seem to adore everyone who puts on the Laurens/Philip costumes including Jose Ramos (especially him he’s my fav along with Ant and I’m not sorry), Thayne Jasperson (cracker boy, I know, I know, but have you ever seen him on Greg’s snap) and Andrew Chappele (I LOVE HIM) and I’m not even sorry.

Anyways. Because of Ant’s leaving, I wanted to do something Laurens-related. Yep, I know I already do lots of Laurens-related stuff, but I couldn’t help it. This idea also gave me a huge help, because I’d just done something on History and was feeling very very Hamiltime-ish. I’m not gonna put the full request here because it’s a huge spoiler, Nonnie says: “Can you do one when reader and Laurens have a thing going on, but he leaves for war.”

Well, anon, here you go! Hope y’all enjoy it yeah you’re gonna die inside!

Word Count: 2.775 (can you believe I actually wrote this amount of words in like two school days when I had to save battery and had a gazillion things to do ‘cause I can’t I felt so inspired it was like being struck by a fucking lightning)

Warnings: war related-stuff, straight Laurens, I think a lil swearing but I’m not entirely sure.

Setting: Hamiltime, during the war

Real quick sidenote: I didn’t have the time to find out how long exactly things took to be done like travelling and mail and shit at Hamiltime, so there’s that. That’s also why the letters are incomplete, not having dates or adresses. Sorry.

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You ran your hand through his curls. His black, shiny and silk-soft curls. Much like everything else when it came to him, they were simply perfect. Everything, from his black curls to the way his hazel eyes beamed when he talked about what he loved, it was all simply perfect. And, now, all this perfection was being put in danger.

“Y/N?” John called quietly, lifting a single eyelid. His head was placed on your lap as you sat underneath a enormous tree, the silver gleam coming from the moon and a candle being your only sort of light. You looked down at him and realized he had a curious expression on. “Are you okay, my dearest?”

You breathed in, only then realizing your cheeks were marked from a few tears. With a single hand, you wiped them away, trying to keep a smiled on even when it broke slightly. “Of course I am, John.”

He raised an eyebrow, stern yet fond. You knew he wasn’t buying it, he knew you better than that. “What is bothering you, love?”

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Imagine having a late night video call with Johnny. The sky is dark, you could already see the moonlight shinning through your curtains. Your lamp and laptop were your only light sources. Laying on your side and placing your head on your pillow, he follows your lead. He looked handsome even if he was wearing his pajamas: black shorts and a branded t-shirt. You two begin to talk about your day, what you did, what you ate and everything else in between. You can feel the tiredness overtake you. You yawn as Johnny talks about what Jaehyun did earlier today, but you tried to fight it as much as you could. You could hear Johnny say something, mumble really before you succumb to your sleepiness.
You wake up and you notice your video call is still on. Johnny is sleeping. He still looks handsome regardless. You see that he sent you something on the chat.
“You know you’re cute when you sleep? Just one of the things I love about you.”
You smiled. You knew you loved this boy too much.