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I should really stop getting so personally offended when tv shows/films feature the Overly-Posh-English-Villain™ 

Dammit I am starting to like Mr. Ketch though, if only for the fact that he’s not pretending to be anything other than what he is - a killer, a grunt who follows orders and gets the job done. There’s something tragic about villains who truly believe they’re doing the right thing, but I do also love the twisted nature of villains who fully accept themselves as who they are, and Ketch doesn’t seem the type to adhere to a cause.

There was another post I’ve just read talking about taking on guilt, Mary’s role in Wally’s death, her and Dean feeling guilt over cas nearly dying etc and Ketch makes a really nice opposition to Dean in this regard. He’s even almost like demon!Dean - any remorse or guilt at causing pain to others or killing others just slips away. 

Dean sees it in Ketch and is appalled, despite on multiple occasions having committed such acts himself. When he goes out with Ketch, I wonder if it crosses Dean’s mind at any point that they are in fact similar, and seeing Ketch’s capabilities is reminding Dean how he too has been to such lengths. And what Dean is capable of has always horrified him - the guilt in this case has kept him human, even if it has driven him mad. (Suddenly reminded of that convo I was having about Michael and why he would create a weapon designed to torture, though we probably won’t hear another word about Michael in the show). When Ketch plans to torture the vampire in front of him, Dean stops Ketch, but when Ketch carries Pierce away at the end of the episode he simply swallows and remains silent. He does not feel that this is good.

The shot at the end of the episode with the Impala standing opposite to Mr. Ketch’s bike also reminds me of Jensen’s idea about Dean riding away on a bike by himself at the end of the series. Not that I think this is necessarily going to happen, it just offers a really nice visual metaphor of Dean standing with his family next to the car that represents his family, his soul, whilst opposite is the lone bike. The prospect of freedom, no ties, no guilt. *Note the Impala is also half in and half out of the warehouse, another visual tie to the Winchester’s current relationship with the BMoL. Maybe it’s gonna be more a case of which Winchester will take the bike…

Side note: What does Mr. Ketch plan on doing when all the monsters are wiped out and there’s no one left to kill? Since this seems to be his one motive at the moment…?

JayDick Week: First Date

Summary: 80′s!AU where Jason, your local punk kid, is helplessly infatuated with one confused Dick Grayson, (also contains super lame 80′s slang you have been warned okay bye)

Dick Grayson was a stud, ridiculously attractive in every sense of the word if one excluded the hideous mullet and garish clothes of course. Those weren’t really Jason’s thing. While Dick was all about the new wave in terms of fashion, Jason was still sorta stuck in the mid-70’s punk revolution in his combat boots and ripped jeans. He was one of those kids who liked to get in trouble, make a scene while Dick Grayson was the kind of a guy who turned heads without even trying, sporting those pegged jeans that left little to the imagination, wearing a smile so full of joy and shine it alone could solve world hunger and make anyone weak at the knees.

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As much of an “oh shit” moment this was, I was really hoping my Sith warrior was going to get a really good dig in at Quinn by saying something along the lines of “Look Quinn, this is how you build a murder-droid!” at some point. 

Of course then I’d have to comfort him later; “there there honey it’s not your fault your droids were hilariously underwhelming.”

In all seriousness though, my personal head canon was that it really wasn’t anything to do with him or how he built his droids, it was all the Sith Warrior. Up until the Quinncident, our battles are really just “business as usual”. Sith are taught to channel their passions and anger into their fighting, and while something like the betrayal from Darth Baras was likely very infuriating, it was also somewhat expected. Sith infighting seems to be pretty common in the Empire, and apprentices attempting to oust their master or vice-versa is most definitely nothing new, if not expected at some point. 

But Quinn, however, was something entirely different. From our point of view, he practically begs to be allowed to come with us (going so far as to get down on his knee, listing all of his “qualifications”), tries hard to be of practical use (which he really is), and all the while perpetuates this image of being extremely loyal to both you and the Empire. So when the Quinncident happens, it’s that much of a slap in the face to the Sith Warrior. 

We expected it from Baras at some point. We expected it from everyone we call “allies” in the Sith and we expected it from anyone and anything at the other end of our lightsaber. We did not, however, see it coming from Quinn, and after everything the Sith Warrior and Quinn had gone through together, whether it was a simple respectful Sith Lord/subordinate relationship or a romantic one, it stings. It is a very personal sting, and I don’t think Quinn with all his cold calculations and observations realized just how much this personal sting could effect the warrior, because Sith run purely on passion and anger. 

So, when his droids are rolled out and he’s trying to talk up his reasons for doing it, the Sith Warrior is beginning to boil with rage, confusion, grief, and a lot of other uncontrolled feelings that come with this very personal betrayal. Said feelings are channeled into what is probably a barely controlled fighting style, and suddenly we see the Sith Warrior fighting at 200% of their strength because, well, they’re pissed off. More than they have ever been. Quinn is completely at a loss because naturally he’s never really seen the Sith Warrior fight like this, and I think in the 30 seconds it takes for the warrior to dismantle his droids completely, he realizes in the back of his mind how he’s completely underestimated your emotional strength. 

So really, I personally don’t think the droids being weak had anything to do with Quinn’s abilities or competence, and everything to do with the way our Sith Warrior is feeling. of course this whole thing is likely moot since this fight was probably very harder in previous patches and just got nerfed over the years

Why he did it could probably be traced back to Darth Baras. I know a lot of people see his betrayal as “wtf you chose him over me??” and while I agree that it can come down to that, I think that is seriously over-simplifying how much deep shit Quinn was in. And I think people severely underestimate Darth Baras and his hold on him. For us as the Sith Warrior it’s very easy to say that we’re going to wipe the floor with his face because we’re the main characters, but in-universe, Darth Baras’ shadow towers over everything in the Empire. 

So, upstart new-face apprentice who is apparently very strong with a lightsaber vs established chronic backstabbing Sith Lord who controls everything from the shadows. I think I know whose money the bulk of the Empire’s bet would be on. 

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Warden, how do you celebrate birthdays in the facility??? Because my 'Special Day' is coming up and I would like to have a great day. (I believe Birthday wish are wishes for luck through out the year.)

“I apologize for not getting to you so soon, I hope you don’t mind a belated greeting as well as a picture of me in a party hat.”

“As for celebrating such occasions here in the facility, we never had the time unless it was Mr. Blaire’s or Dr. Trager’s (they’d go on vacation or demand a party be set up) . Helen once attempted to celebrate mine but there’s no specific date on my records unfortunately.”

Friday, I'm In Love. ||Peter & Maria||

The transportation for the party had come on, and like always, Peter was late. He had been busy wrapping Maria’s present. It wasn’t anything fancy, just something he made and something he bought. Realizing he was late, he jumped out the window and hopped on his scooter and tried to fine out where they had gone. The flyer had mentioned some place he wasn’t too familiar with. The building he ended up at had lights and music coming from within. He figured might as well go in and find out.

Luckily, this was the correct place and he headed in with a little nervous about his late arrival. Maria was the first thing that caught his eye, it looked as if she was getting a head start on talking to everyone. He walked up to her and apologized. “Hey Mar, I’m really sorry I got caught up with something and totally forgot about the buses and stuff. But I’m here now and the party looks like it’s going swell. Again, I’m really sorry.” He kissed her on the cheek to make up.

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Hello awesome unnie who does great things!!!! I was wondering if you could do a EXO gif set reaction of watching their girlfriend dance at an African party. Lol I'm African and I was curious to find out. Please and thank you!

Hello over there, I know this is kind of late so I apologize for it, also I want to say sorry if I offended you wih this reaction post but I don’t know anything about the african culter and dances so I had to google it and I saw some videos on youtube!But still hope you’ll like it!

Sehun:Uhu that’s my baby! That’s right she’s my girlfriend and she’s got the moves!

Kai:*gets asked by one of the dancers  to join in * Thanks but no. I still want to be able  to use my legs tomorrow!

Tao:*tells to the person next to him* They should reconsider those outfits.That color is so last season!

Kyungsoo:*starts to play the drums*I can feel the beat runing through my veins……

Chanyeol: All those fast moves makes me so dizzy!I think I’m going to puke!!!

Chen:I hope she won’t use those moves when we’re going out!

Baekhyun:*starts to shout out your name* Hey babe look over here!Do this, do this!It’s a breaker!

Lay: Someone call a doctor, I think she’s having a fit!

Suho:*shows the world his granpa moves*Look babe I can dance just like you!

Kris:*already in his own world feeling the beat run through his body*

Luhan: *gets grabbed by the dancers*Babe I think they are trying to kidnap me! Heeeeelllllllp!

Xiumin:*not paying attention at all*OMG this is so…….goood! You have to tell me how you made this amazing food!