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Fanfiction Recommendations

Most, if not all, are SyaoSaku, some are family/friendship. 

(Beginnings (K+) [One-Shot].Thinking about the way they met has Syaoran worrying over the memory. Sakura finds a way to lift him out of the mood.

Butterfly Kisses  (K) (A bit AU) [One-Shot]Syaoran hates Valentine’s Day. Unless he’s bleeding heavily and stuck in a gym with Kinomoto Sakura, in which case the day doesn’t seem too bad … 

Can They Really be In Love  (T)(AU) [One-shot].The town never believed that these two were together, questioning their motives with every possible explanation. But in reality, it was truly that simple. 

Family Photos (K) [One-Shot]. Syaoran and Sakura are staying in Hong Kong for the winter holidays, and Syaoran’s sisters are determined to embarrass Syaoran one way or the other during their stay!

Gonna Have a Baby (K) [One-Shot].The most harrowing nine months of Syaoran’s life. Sakura Syaoran goopfic. 

Hanami (K) [One-shot]. It has been one week since Syaoran’s returned from Hong Kong, after completing his formalities. After being together, officially, for a year and a half, it is finally time for their first date! S&S 

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Yaaaay, Yoosung day!!! I'm gonna request something our poor floofy baby is gonna have to deal with someday: one of the pets in his care dying/needing to be euthanized. Aaaaaangst~

(。•́︿•̀。) Why do you want to hurt me?

- At first, he refused to believe it. There was a brief moment where the puppy was doing well, where it even managed a playful bark once. He’s dead set on figuring out why it was okay for that brief amount of time- What medicine did they use? Did it get sick with something else??

- So for a couple of nights, he’s running on just coffee and determination, but before he can find a new treatment, he gets the news that it’s not going to make it into the next day.

- On the phone he just sounds exhausted, but when he hangs up he’s looking for you and burying his face against your shoulder. He seems a bit calm, just wrapping his arms around you and squeezing you tight, but he slowly starts shaking, and then he’s outright sobbing

- “What am I going to say to that little girl? I promised her I would- I just. I promised-”

- He doesn’t sleep again that night. He’s trying his best to stop crying, stop being so emotional, but then he imagines the young owner and starts crying again.

- In the morning he’s just a zombie. Two nights worth of bags under his eyes, hand barely holding onto the coffee mug you bought him a few months ago. He doesn’t eat breakfast, but he manages a small smile when you kiss him goodbye.

- And at work he’s stressed. He had a nurse put the puppy down overnight, and he’s just waiting for that little girl and the mother to come in.

- When she does, the mom and the girl take one look at him and realize that the puppy didn’t make it. He can’t even get the words out- He’s never had to explain this situation. All of the animals under his care had lived before this one.

- Of course the girl cries, and it’s hard for him not to either. Especially when she gets mad at him. He just doesn’t know how to handle the situation, and eventually the girls mom takes her away, promising to try and take her somewhere to cheer her up.

- Yoosung gets to sleep that night, but for the next few days he’s depressed. No LOLOL, cute animals, or you can even cheer him up. And for a bit, you get legitimately concerned. 

- Then one day he comes home with a soft smile. When you question it, he tells you about the little girl coming back in. Apparently, the little girl felt pretty bad for getting mad at him and came to apologize. The thing he’s happy the most, though, is that she said it wasn’t his fault. That she knew he tried his best. 

- It’s a bit of a relief that her visit cheers him up, but you secretly try to plan again for this in the future, even if he doesn’t want to accept that it may happen again.


So a bit of an afterthought of MSI since I don’t have a diary and I’ve had this on my mind the whole day so I’ll just write this down here ahaha. You should stop here if you don’t want to read this stupid rant.

Really happy that SKT won, even tho I should be ashamed for going to bed instead of staying up for my babies.

Upset that people on reddit/twitter and especially inven chewing Faker’s ass out for having a couple of bad games. Like he does well the entire spring season, he did really well at semis of msi too, but just because he loses lane a couple of times(but still does great in teamfights), he’s instantly crucified and worst player on skt. While it’s expected that people would go harder on him since he’s the best player in the world, the amount of people jumping on the Faker sucks train at once is ridiculous. It’s hilarious how many people want to see his downfall. Ugh.

Anways, there will be a day when Faker and SKT will fall, it’s inevitable. But I’ll only stop following him the day when he stops trying to stay or be the best. Though I don’t think he’ll ever ^^

I do respect perkz btw. He’ve grown on me since last msi, feels like he matured alot. Outside of his sometimes cocky twitter persona, he seems like a nice guy tbh. I reaaaaaly like the photo of him and faker he just posted. It’s always nice to see players exchange coats/tshirts. 

ALRIGHT now that I’ve gotten that off my chest

I’ve chosen some photos from lol’s flickr that I really liked from yesterday taht I’m posting. BTW YOU SEE THAT PHOTO OF PEANUT AND FAKER? SHIPPABLE MATERIAL RIGHT THERE. Some of the shots are so beautiful i can’t even

TaiYama Week 2017

Day 1: Write about when and why you like Taichi / Yamato. 

I’m late….like always. But that’s okay right? 

Tbh I feel like the reason why I started liking this ship is different than how I feel about them now. But I do remember when I started shipping TaiYama! It was because of fanfiction!

When I first starting exploring fanwork, it was mostly on small fansites or forum boards. So FFnet was a big deal for me. It was the first time I saw a site that had several options of fanfiction for more than just one series. And it was organized! Oh I went nuts. I would just set my filters and read every single fanfic I could. 

I was into a lot of different stuff at the time. But Digimon was one of my go-to favorites. Although….I wasn’t a fan of Taito at first. Even as slash shipping was starting to get popular, and BL got super big. I didn’t like it. Actually, I did whatever I could to avoid them. I didn’t get it. I didn’t like it. Thus I didn’t care for it. 

With FFnet, I was reading every single story that was catching my eye. The only ones I hadn’t read at that point were the TaiYama centric ones.It wasn’t until I was absolutely bored of rereading the fics of my favorite ships that I finally buckled down and read one that was heavy with Taichi/Yamato. And…it was not bad. It was pretty good. 

Good enough to prompt me to read a second one. The second story was good as well, but what really caught my off guard was how different it was. It was almost the exact opposite of the first story I read. When I read the next one, I was again surprised about how different it was from the other two. Even as I read ten more I was reading so many different settings, conflicts, interpretations of the characters and it floored me.

With other pairings I was into at the time, the fics were more or less the same. (The differences between them really boiled down to the author’s voice and writing style) But with Taito fics? There was a lot of variety. It was the first time I read a fic that was entirely platonic instead of romantic. The first time I saw Taichi that wasn’t in a dominant role. Omg, the first time I read Yamachi fic I just covered my mouth and whispered ‘you can do that?’ to myself. Lol, one after the next I kept being thrown in for a spin. 

Above all else, I thought it was interesting. I had consumed a lot of stories with Taichi and another person. But it wasn’t until I read the Taichi x Yamato ones that I really felt…like it pushed the limits of their characters. Not all fics (of course) but there were some stories I came across that made me think about them in a way I hadn’t before. And it just made me wonder what was so special about Taichi and Yamato that brought these kinds of stories up. What about these two prompted people to make stories like these? Why didn’t the same apply for other characters they were involved with. 

And then…I sealed my fate. I watched Digimon Adventure in Japanese. Maybe its because I had 30 pages of gay fanfic fresh in my head. But god damn. The first season of Digimon was really heavy-handed with the Taichi and Yamato interactions. 

I mean, as the show progressed onward, the more I went ‘Oh. That’s why that person wrote a story on that–’ or ‘Oh, that’s kind of like what that one person did in that one fic–’. In the first season they were pushed together pretty damn hard. 

And like, even as I watched 02 in Japanese, I still couldn’t stop thinking about all of the TaiYama moments I saw in the first season. The lack of trust, the misunderstandings. Both of them holding hands in tandem, Yamato looking in the lake and seeing Taichi–Yamato cradling Taichi in his arms while Taichi’s character song is playing in the background. It really might have been my newfound interest in a ship I was just discovering but god damn. I could not stop thinking them! My mind kept wandering about different story ideas I would like to see, and wondering what was possible. Then it got to the point where I wanted to try working it out instead of keeping it in my head. And thus I explored more and wound up getting more invested in it. And then…well I started making my own content about them. 

The thing is though…saying something like ‘Oh TaiYama offers so much variety and different in comparison to other ships’ isn’t really…true. Not anymore at least. After being a fan of the same ship for so many years–you see the repetition. All of the patterns. What’s common and what’s boring. Its just not how I feel about them at least.

That being said. I still manage to get the most excited about these two. My tastes have changed a lot over the years, but somehow I still manage to apply it to these two and stay comfortable with it. I don’t really know how or what, at this point I just kinda do my own thing and I have fun messing around with my friends. Lolol I don’t really have a fancy reason anymore. I’ve liked them for so long, and I still like this ship now. And I don’t think I’m gonna change my mind about them any time soon lol

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Is it bad i found you thrpugh your thesis and now followong because holy hell thats some indeptj anaylsis

omg not at all, I’m actually very flattered! Thank you for following and reading what I’ve posted of my thesis! I don’t know why I’m drawing

maybe I should just rant about Tolkien all day; tumblr can be my classroom

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guess who jumped the bandwagon and started reading percy jackson? i’m only on the 3rd book so he’s not this old yet but i just wanted to draw him older so forgive me if i messed up his older design since i haven’t reached that yet 

ok back to reading

Dear able-bodied people,

Just because I am functioning, does not mean I am well. I can force myself to function when I have no other choice. It does not mean that I am having a good day, that my condition is not as bad as it seems, or that my condition is cured/well controlled. It simply means that I am operating outside of my limits out of necessity.

Just because I am functioning, does not mean I am well.

  • me, a year ago: g/t is my deepest darkest secret.... i can only view terribly rendered giants in icognito mode.... i can never tell anyone, i will be seen as a Freak, no one must know that i am small