if i'm crazy or wat

my alpaca boy my cherry tomato my everything my all I love him I love him I love him I love him I love him I love youngmin I love youngmin so much with my entire heart that is bursting with joy I can’t stop smiling and tearing up because I love him so much he was so confident and smily and he just kept talking and he prepared so well and his reaction when he saw the hearts was precious and I couldn’t stop smiling so big I feel so happy i’m so happy and glad youngmin exists I’ve never felt so happy I love youngmin he’s everything his smile is everything his flannel his alpaca dance his prepared print outs his love for the brand new boys his “i cant act cute” that is TOTALLY cute the way he tried so hard to act cute (it worked I was screaming internally) his love for fashion and how he showed a dancing alpaca to open up and how he was talking about bnb as a family he’s the dad and he changes light bulbs!!! and the tomato farm and the light in his eyes and his eyebrow raising and how he kept fixing his bangs and his necklace and his layers and everything I love everything about youngmin I just love youngmin too much to even describe even though I just did I don’t even know what I wrote I just can’t stop smiling and being happy because of youngmin I love youngmin I love him so! much! good morning to everyone, i love im youngmin