if i wouldve made his hair longer it would look bad

Mornings•Calum Chambers

Y/n rolled over on the massive king size bed  she had been fast asleep in, immediately regretting it.  The  brightness of the beating sun was unbearable. Even with her eyes closed It literally felt like it was piercing through her eyelids.  

Y/n squeezed them tighter with a low groan, turning her body away from the nature’s alarm clock.  She was so not ready to get up…but going back to sleep wasnt an option.  Slowly she cracked her eyes open giving them time to adjust to the light. Once her vision cleared, she  was met with a familiar chiseled torso. And just like that her morning grumpiness was the least of her worries. Her hands ran across his bare chest as she looked up to see the blue eyes of  the man she loved for three years staring back.

“It’s about time you woke up,” Calum murmured, a boyish grin pulling at the corners of his lips.

The same grin that had her head over heels from the moment he flashed it to her, her last year of high school. The had met through mutual friends at a party and immediately hit it off. They were both 16 at the time and shared a lot of interests despite aspiring for different things in life. They  were on the same page where it mattered.

Even back then Y/n knew Calum was special, she had fallen for him the moment they met. When they got together a few month later, her feelings for him only intensified. She always wanted to see him win in all aspects of life. She supported him with an undying nature he had previously only seen in family.  

When he made Arsenal’s first team the 2012/2013 season she couldn’t have been more ecstatic for him. How could she not be? He was doing what he loved for the team he loved. And like It should be in a healthy relationship–Calum was very encouraging of Y/n’s dreams as well. He could barely contain his enthusiasm when Y/n was accepted in her transfer to UCL to study psychology. Her dream was to become a child therapist and he was happy to see her moving towards making that happen.They, at just 19, were in love and working towards their goals. Even with obstacles and difficulties they faced life was good.

“How long have you been up?” she croaked out, her voice still raspy with sleep. Calum propped his head on his hand and used his elbow to brace himself. He shrugged, brushing fly away strands of hair out of her face. “A while,”

“Why arent you dressed? Have you just been watching me sleep the whole time?” she scrunched up her face at the thought. He didnt have time to be in bed just gazing at her, he had training. He should’ve been up taking a shower and getting ready since he had been up for ’ a while’.

“You know you love it,” he teased as he continued playing with her hair.

“I really don’t. It’s creepy,” y/n swatted his hand away rolling over to face the opposite wall. His low laughter invaded the space around her. It was different from how he normally sounded, more rough and deep…it was sexy.

She felt the bed shift a bit, letting her know he had closed the space she put between them. she felt him  wrap one arm around her waist and he tugged her closer to him, until her back was on his chest.

“But you love me anyways,” he whispered in her ear, a slight arrogance to his tone. He was so cocky sometimes,but definitely not wrong. Y/n smiled to herself, deciding to mess with him.

“Hmm, I dont know about all that. I don’t know if I can be with a guy who watches me while I sleep. That’s  some stalker type shit, I don’t think I can deal,” she teased,  scooting away to emphasize her point.

Calum however wasnt letting her off so easy; he wrapped both arms around her this time keeping her situated. A smirk pulling his lips upward,  she wanted to play games. Well could do that too. He knew she was super ticklish  and decided to use that to his advantage. He wiggled his fingers against her her sides.

“What were you saying?“he taunted continuing to tickle her,” I’m a what?“

Y/n screamed out in laughter while tying in vain to squirm away from him, “Calum, stoppp,” she squealed. It literally was getting hard to breath how much she was laughing.

“Not until you admit you love me and that it turns you on when I watch you sleep,” he smirked.

“No!” she refused. He tickled her harder, this time actually tickling her skin since her tank top rode up with all her squirming. “Calum,” she whined.

“Say it!” he demanded.


“Say it Y/n,” he demanded again, his fingers digging more into her sides.

“Fine!” she gave in, not being able to take it any longer. “I love it when you watch me sleep,” she gasped.

“And,” he probed as his fingers slowed down.

Y/n gazed up at him, her eyes begging him not to make her say it. He raised his hand over her body again in a threatening manner.


“And it totally turns me on,” she repeated dryly.

“Aww, you can sound a bit more enthusiastic when you say it babe,” he said, feigning hurt as he jabbed his finger into her side.

“Calum,” she warned, swatting his finger away. He gave her a devilish smirk and continued his poking. “Calum, come on, stop,”

“Or you’ll what?” he mocked as he held her close to him and continued his poking.

Y/n getting annoyed now; it was cute for the first couple seconds, now he was just getting on her nerves. He thought it was still a game and she was over it.

“St-stop…Stop!” she yelled. With a hard jab of her elbow, she managed to get him off her and sprang off the bed.

By the look on his face, it was pretty obvious he hadn’t been expecting that. “What the hell is your problem?” he asked, his features now showing slight anger. He couldn’t seriously be mad at her, he was the one who didnt know when to quit. Besides Y/n was such he’s taking worse blows from his teammates.

“I told you to stop,” she said, pushing her hair away from her face.  He wasnt gonna make her feel bad, she made up her mind…until she noticed the quickly bruising the sore red spot in the middle of his chest. How hard had she hit him??

He looked down and rubbed the sore spot, flinching ever so slightly. Y/n immediately felt  worse. She hadn’t meant to hurt him, but she really didn’t like it when he would kerp doing things even after she asked him to stop. He knew that, so it was technically his fault. She shouldnt feel bad at all.

But she did; she dropped her shoulders and released a sigh. She climbed back up on the bed and slowly crawled over to him. “I’m sorry,” she started to say.This time it was Calum’s turn to roll off the bed. “Don’t bother apologizing,” he said, starting to walking into the bathroom within the room they shared.

“Cal….don’t be like that.” She said softly,trailing behind him into the bathroom,“I’m sorry I hit you so hard. I didn’t mean to hurt you,”

“You didnt,"he said flatly before adding,"I was just playing around with you, and you had to take it to another level.”

he rummaged around the cabinet for his razor and shaving cream, the pissed expression not letting up. Y/n wrapped her arms around his torso from behind and rest her cheek against his exposed back. She felt his muscles constrict underneath her. “I  know…I really am sorry. Please forgive me,” she pleaded in a small voice.

He planted his hands on the counter and hung his head low, releasing a deep breath. He stayed still for a few seconds before turning his head to  the side to look back  at her. She craned her neck up at him–he stood a whole foot taller than her at 6”— looking at him with big, apologetic eyes.

Calum sighed turning in her  embrace  so  he faced her and his back was against the counter. She rest her chin on his chest and looked up at him with the same pleading eyes.

"Dont be mad.”

“You know I can’t stay mad at you when you look at me like that,” he said with a groan. Y/n smile then pressed her lips against his chest in an appreciative kiss.  

He let out another groan, one that sounded a lot more like a growl, before dipping his head down and covering her mouth with his lips. She giggled at his eagerness, which made Calum kiss her even harder. He wrapped his arms firmly around her waist, picking her up and turning so he could place her down on the counter he had previously been leaning on.  It worked out  great because she was high enough he didn’t have to break his back leaning down so far to kiss her.

When he pulled away for air, she was smiling widely at him and it made his heart flutter in his chest in an unmanly manner. “What was that for?” she questioned.

“I didn’t get my good morning kiss.“he said matter of factly,” You were too busy abusing me.”

Y/n scoffed; he was definitely not gonna blame the whole sequence of events on her. Hitting him might have been  wrong and she felt bad about it but he was still ultimately the reason it happened.  

“It was your own fault,"she chided.

"Or maybe you’re  just mean."he shot back.

Y/n  blinked before laughing at his childish response, and her laughter only brought a smile to Calum’s face. “Well, maybe if you had stopped poking and tickling me when I told you to, none of that wouldve happened and I would have given you a proper morning greeting,” she replied with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“Is that so?” Calum asked raising an eyebrow.

"Mayy-bee."she shrugged with a devilish smile, absentmindedly trailing her fingers across his skin. Leaving goosebumps in her wake; her sudden teasing nature piqued Calum’s interest.

"maybe you should show me what it would’ve been,” he suggested; responding to her teasing with alittle of his own– he pressed a line of kisses starting at her ear and making his way down her jaw line.

She giggled before placing her small hands on his bare, broad shoulders. “Too late."she grinned,” We have to get ready– you have training, I have class,” she said, pushing gently for him to move. Instead he stayed where he was, and groaned into her shoulder. Oh well.

“Move. ” Y/n ordered and with  one hard shove, she succeeded in pushing Calum far enough so that she could hop down from the counter.

“Where are you going?” He asked, turning to look at her with lust still clouding his eyes. Y/n looked at him like was stupid. It was comical how even the implication of sex made guys so intellectually dumb.  

“I need to get a shower so I can start getting ready,” she said slowly so he could catch every word without a doubt,“so do you.”

His eyes lit up for a second and Y/n  caught what he thought before quickly shooting that down.

“I meant separately, loser.” She clarified. She was planning to use this bathroom, and he could use the other one in the hall.

Calum pouted,“you’re no fun.”

“Oh well.” Y/n said simply,“you can get out now.”

But he didn’t move.

“Let me shower in her too,"he said suddenly. Ugh. They didn’t  have time for this.


“we’ll save ourselves both some time if we showered together…you know help each other out” he suggested, grabbing her wrists and pulling her to him again. Like he thought the closer they were the more like Y/n would agree with him.


“Yeah, because that will really save us time. Come on Calum, i’m not stupid .”she rolled her eyes.

“come on Y/n. I promise I’ll behave, let me shower here. ” he said, his voice husky in her ear. That almost made her cave, but she knew better than to let him have his way. They really couldn’t afford to mess around and thats all a shower with him would lead to. It just wasn’t a good idea.

“Fine,” she sighed. Calum’s smile grew wider on his face and he dipped his head in for another kiss. Y/n, however, brought her hand up and placed it over his mouth.

“You can shower in here. I’ll use the bathroom in the hall.” She took advantage of the fact he was stunned by her words and side stepped him. “But hurry up babe;  dont wanna be late.” With a final wink, she closed the door, leaving her stunned boyfriend behind.

The last thing she heard before heading out the room was him loudly shout  “Tease!”

Can’t stop, won’t stop grooving.

Your name: submit What is this?

“I’m fine Sam, I know you mean well but I need to be alone, okay?” Sam respectfully nodded and moved out of the way for you to pass. To say this hunt was bad is a major understatement, you did burn that wendigo but you lost two innocent lives in the process which you blamed yourself for. If you had gotten there four seconds earlier, then you wouldve been celebrating at some bar instead of wanting to cry and curl up in a ball. Dean walked in shirtless as he started cleaning his wounds, in normal circumstances your jaw would have shattered on the floor with your eyes popping out of your skull but right now you wanted sleep. Dean was about to say something when he saw your upset state but he decided it was best for you to be left alone. 

He knew you were most likely going to call Charlie and seek comfort in her but Dean always wished you came to him sometimes. He wished he held you deep in his arms whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Dean’s thoughts were cut short when Sam obnoxiously coughed notifying his brother that you were clearly upset. Dean knew, but right now you needed time.

You threw your duffel bag on the floor and barely pushed the door in an attempt to close it. You quickly changed into shorts and a tank top before you passed out completely. Too tired to do anything, you pulled out your phone and collapsed onto your comfy bed. Looking at the blaring bright screen you saw you had three new text messages. Two from Charlie and one from another hunter.

From: Charlie The Great

Heyyy Y/N, how’s the hunt going? Kicking balls am I right? Hermoine would be so proud of you right now!! :D

FromCharlie The Great

Hey Y/N, hun I am so sorry. Sam told me about what happened, Y/N you are the most kickass hunter I know (Don’t tell Dean ). Hermoine would still be proud of you, call me if you need some girl time! Remember shake it off ;)

Smiling at the thoughtful messages from your bestfriend you suddenly wanted girl time. Not from Charlie but from a certain T-Swift. With a small smile now on your face, you placed your phone into the speakers with your room absorbing the sick beat of Shake it off.

I stay out too late,
Got nothing in my brain
”  You got up out of your bed and started bobbing your head around.

“YEAH I DON'T” you were now inputting your own lyrics into the song, building up the hype.

That’s what people say, mmm-mmm,
That’s what people say, mmm-mmm”  Your hair was now out of your messy bun and it fell into the luscious Y/H/C locks it is, moving it around it still smelt like your favourite shampoo. You felt the beat flow through your body and you attempted and failed to do a wave. But that still didn’t stop you from doing it two times more. You were so lost in the music that you  didn’t hear the door slightly creak open and you kept going.

After you left Dean wanted to come talk to you and give you his famous “we can’t save everyone” speech but he stopped when he heard that god awful but catchy song. He saw your door was slightly ajar so he opened it further and his heart jumped at the sight.

“But I keep cruising,
Can’t stop, won’t stop moving”
 Your legs were graciously exposed, thanks to your shorts. Your tank top clutched onto your torso and it complimented your body in a way where it made Dean’s mouth water. He saw the breathy chuckles you were releasing which made him only smile even wider, if that were possible.

“It’s like I got this music,
In my mind,
Saying, “It’s gonna be alright.”
You were now shaking your hips, moving them sort of awkwardly left to right. But it didn’t matter, you were having fun.

Your personality was Dean’s favourite part about you, no matter how hard things got you always pulled everyone together. You were the strong one out of the three, you were there glue and everyone knew that. But what Dean noticed and Sam doesnt is the way you crinkle your nose when your laughing or slightly stick out your tongue when you’re focused and concentrating. Dean noticed the way you looked in the morning, your clothes wrinkled and your hair a beautiful mess. Dean noticed the sparks when you touched his hand or when the butterflies attack his stomach when you giggle at one of his jokes. Sam knows his brother his hopelessely in love with you though he remains clueless. 

While Dean was deep in thought, you had now picked up a hair brush and started performing into it. Dean couldn’t hold his giggle in any longer and he broke when you pulled one of your elvis moves , sticking your hip out in the process. Your attention was directed to the door and you see Dean smiling at you, leaning on the door hinge looking beautiful as ever. Thank the lord he was wearing a shirt this time otherwise you would’ve fainted. Feeling the sudden boost of confidence over take your body you pulled Dean into the room making him dance with you. Now or never, right?

“Heart-breakers gonna break, break, break, break, break
And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake”
Dean was grabbing his stomach, breathless from laughing at your hysteric state. You grabbed his hand, forcing him to twirl you as you dramatically carried out your dance moves.

“Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off”
 You were still twirling but you suddenly stopped when Dean softly stared at you with the most sweetest smile he could possibly muster. He was appreciating your laugh, he loved how you two only share intimate moments like these which makes him feel special. He understood how its rare to be happy in this life so in moments like these he cant help but foolishly smile at your rare happiness. Dean wasnt the only one appreciating the other since you began to lose your mind thanks to his eyes. They were so captivating, like glimmering kaleidoscopes of colour. The apple green mixed with the slight hint of hazle made your heart want to leap out of your chest. Though knowing that could actually happen from a case, you tried to keep your organs inside your body.

Dean struggled to breathe and he noticed you were still holding onto him and now slowly melting in his strong arms. His eyes held yours but they slightly and quickly flickered to your lips. He felt you moving in closer and closer until your breaths were now in sync. Nervousness was nothing compared to what you were feeling. Your heart accelerated to the point where you thought you were gonna pass out.

“I, I, I shake it off, I shake it off” Dean saw you smile at the lyrics and instantly your eyes fluttered when he leaned in, slightly tilting his head so his lips touched your soft plump ones with ease. You inhaled his sweet scent of leather while your hands wrapped around his barely exposed neck. Deans thoughts were scrambled all over his mind, he was out of breathe so he slowly pulled away, instantly regretting the lack of warmth coming from you. 

“Wow, Y/N. I never thought I’d say this but thank you, Taylor fricking Swift” Hearing his gravely soft voice your legs felt like they could support you so you held onto to Dean tighter. Another thing Dean now noticed, was how he now loved the way your lips felt on his or how your skin was lightly flushed from the heat. Or how you two fit with eachother, like pieces of a puzzle. Though most importantly Dean now noticed he was now in love with you and he had been for a very long time.

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It was just an ordinairy day at work. A lot of stress was upon you and you have been feeling nothing but for days now. There would be times where your breathing was a little off, but of course you didnt think nothing of it.
Your boyfriend Andy would worry about you but you swore to him that it was nothing. Still, he has been really concerned.
“(Y/N)! can you please stop daydreaming and get back to work!”
Yelled your manager. You worked as a waitress at a diner, the place was very full tonight, which added even more headaches to you. “Sorry..” was the only word you muttered and continued your work.

Later that night you came home to Andy. It was very late, and you were supposed to be dismissed at an earlier time. “Babe!” He yelled relieved and grabbed you pulling you close and holding you in his arms. “Ow…” you cooed. “Why are you home so late? Where have you been? Are you okay?”
“Andy please calm down Im fine..my fucking manager made me stay longer to clean the tables.”
He sighed of frustration and leaned away from you. “And you havent let me kick his ass yet why?”
“Because then I would lose my job.”
Andy sighed once more, “Baby I really wish you wouldnt work so hard, its really affecting you.”
“I dont really have a choice Andy..” you suddenly trailed off and tried to catch your breath a little.
He became very worried instantely.
“(Y/N)?…(Y/N)? You good?”

Your breathing went back to normal as you placed your hand on your chest.
“Yeah…now I am…”
“You still expect me to think that its nothing?”
You shook your head and walked away.
“I really dont think its anything serious.” You tell him.
“You have got to be fucking kidding me (Y/N)!! We need to take you to the hospital or something!”
“Because I lose my breath for a moment?! Thats normal!!”
Andy ran his fingers through his hair. “Not when it happens all the dam time!” He yelled. Your head was starting to pound badly, when Andy yelled his voice was like a lion’s roar, it was so loud. And right at this moment, your anger was building up and your body was responding very well to it.

“Please get off my fucking back!! Its bad enough my manager and all these customers are bitches!! I know whats wrong with me and I know what isnt wrong with me!! Just stop yelling!! Stop fucking screaming!! Just…” there was no way of finishing your sentence. The veins in your wrists began to become tighter and tighter. Your hands became numb the room started spinning like crazy, almost felt like you were on a fast ride in an amusement park.
You tried your hardest to breathe, but your soul almost felt like it was leaving your body, you were having a panic attack.
“(Y/N)!!” You heard Andy shout but you couldnt respond. You were too busy trying to breathe. Immediately your boyfriend took action and grabbed you before you hit the floor. Good thing he had been through situations like this before, so he knew exaclty what to do. He tried to remain calm and cuffed your face.
“Baby look at me, dont look away keep your eyes on me.” He ordered.

Even though you were going crazy you kept your eyes on him. “Okay breathe with me, do what I do.” He says taking deep breaths.
At first you couldnt control it but little by little you managed to breathe slower and open up your numb and tight veins. Andy even managed give you the kiss of life, giving you some of his air.
“There you go…” he mumbled when he saw that you were getting back to normal. “Youre good baby..youre okay.”
“Oh my gosh…” you gasped.
“Shhh, its okay youre fine now.” He helped you up and walked you to the bedroom. He gently sat you down, you tried to get back up but he didnt let you, Andy really wanted you to rest.
He positioned himself on the bed, “Come here beautiful.” He says and pulls you to him. You were laying on your back on him, he kept giving you pecks on your head and moving your hair away from your face.

“Im sorry…” he whispered, resting his head on yours. You even felt a tear wet your hair. You mingled your hand with his and rubbed it. Letting him know that he had nothing to worry about. But he really did get terrified because of what just happend.
“Its okay…” you weakly whispered back.
“Shhh, go to sleep honey, you need sleep.”
“Promise you wont leave me?”
He shook his head and hugged you tighter. “Im not going anywhere..” he assured you. A weak smile formed across your face, “Andy?….”
“Yes sweetheart?…”
You interwined your fingers with his and held his hand tightly.
“Thank you for saving me…if you werent there I dont know what wouldve happend…”
“Its over now..dont think about it…and I will always be there to catch you when you fall (Y/N)…now get some sleep..” he gently says to you.
Slowly your eye lids became very heavy and closed. Now you fell deep asleep with an adorable smile on your face.
Happy to be in the arms of your hero.

(Now thats love :,))

Preference #1 Your Fears.


Storms. Not many things were known to intimidate you. Zayn being the observant boyfriend he is, was well aware of that. So the night the local weather advisory for severe storms interrupts some movie you and Zayn are watching, he is completely and utterly shocked. Your wide eyes are alarmed as they flicker towards the surroundings outside. The black menacing clouds hanging low in the sky, the deadly flashing of the lightning, the turbulant roaring of the wind. You squeezed your eyes shut in hope that when you opened them it would all vanish. But to your utter horror nothing has changed, nothing at all. You whimpered softly clenching your fist so tightly they turned bone white. “Are you okay?” was all Zayn could ask as he took in your shaken form. “I’m afraid of storms.” You didn’t bother beating around the bush as you stared at Zayn with fearful eyes. “You don’t need to be afraid, I’m here now.” Zayn’s arms gently hooked around the back of your legs, lifting you up so that now you were centered in his lap, head nuzzling his neck to hide from the storm. His hands soothingly rubbed circles in your back as he pressed random kisses to your hair, holding you tighter everytime the thunder boomed and whispering sweet nothings to calm you. Little did he know that his simple gestures meant the absolute world to you and filled you with unspeakable love. “I won’t let that storm hurt you, boo. I love you too much to let that happen.”


The Dentist. “Oh y/n. Are you honestly doing this right now?” Your eyes were streched open so far in fear that you couldn’t even manage a simple blink. The dentist was something that had always frightened you since you were a young child. You thought for sure it would pass as you grew older but quite honestly it was only getting worse. It was a wonder Louis got you to go this far, but you’d be damned if he actually got you to go inside the building known as your own personal hell. “Come on, love. You’ve got to go in, it will be over before you know it.” The fact that he was trying to reason with you made you snort and roll your eyes. “You can’t make me go in there, Tomlinson. I refuse.” You watched as his eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched. “Gonna’ make me the bad guy, yeah?” Louis smirked darkly and your heart dropped. It was wrong of you to test Louis, absurd really. Didn’t you know him at all?! You let out a deafening shriek when suddenly your car door was opening and you were being slung over your boyfriends shoulder. “This is injustice! Put. Me. Down.” You slammed your fist on your boyfriends back throwing a mini hissy fit. “Shhh. It’s okay. I’ll be with you the whole time.” You tried to focus on that comment in hope for it to calm the erratic beating of your heart in which it unsuccessfully didn’t. However, to your astonishment as the appointment progressed it wasn’t near as bad as it usually was! Not bad at all. Not with Louis with you at least. Of course, the doctor was agitated with your inability to keep that smile off your face while he tried to work with you but it wasn’t your fault Louis was so funny. When it was finally over Louis wrapped his arms around your shoulders pressing a kiss to your temple. “You aren’t still mad at me are you, love?” You turned on your heels to stare intently into his peircing blue eyes. “Not if you take me out for ice cream.” Louis chuckled leaning down to kiss you. “Of course, only for my favorite girl.”


Speaking in front of people. “I was so afraid, Harry…” Tears were cascading down your face, torment coloring your tone as you spoke of the horrid events that occured today at school. “All I could do was try to swallow the huge lump in my throat that prevented me from speaking. But it wouldn’t go down. I couldn’t speak.” Although Harry wasn’t speaking himself, he was listening intently wondering what he could say to make that beautiful smile on your face appear again. It litteraly felt like a dagger in the heart to be hearing that anguish in your sweet, sweet voice. “I’m so sorry, sweetheart. I wish I could’ve been there to help you through it.” He stroked his long fingers through your long locks knowing that this gesture always seemed to calm you down no matter what was going on. “I wish you could’ve been there too…But your here now and that’s all that really matters.” You and Harry clung together like glue, your limbs in a tangled mess that would probably be an obstacle to escape from knowing the both of you. “The only thing that’s really relevant, right?” Harry chuckled leaning down to kiss your nose making giggles pass your lips. The tiniest things made you forget about everything “I really am sorry you had a bad day, y/n. Is there anything I can do to brighten it up? Make it a tiny bit more enjoyable?” Harry pushed for an answer as you tapped your index finger to your lips searching your mind for an answer. Then a lightbulb went off. “Tell me one of your jokes.” you urged making Harry freeze underneith you. “Are you serious?” Skeptism colored his tone. “Totally serious.” You assured him looking up at him with your bright y/e/c eyes. Even though you hated to admit it, you loved these jokes more than life it’s self. “Okay. Hm. Oh! Okay. I got it. Why couldn’t the flower ride his bike?” His voice was filled with excitement making you giggle at his childishness. “Why?” you asked. “Because it’s pedals fell off.” You snorted both Harry and you laughing at the stupid joke, but it didn’t stop there. No. The rest of the night was spent laughing over the silly jokes and sending out tweets asking for more of the puns. Needless to say, you loved how easily your boyfriend could cheer you up.


The dark. “Liam can you, uh, turn on a light or something maybe?” All the heat in your body from your toes to your hairline seem to gravitate to your cheeks in embarrassment. It was night, a time to sleep, and yet you still wanted some kind of light. You just knew that Liam was going to question you eventually about why you always needed some kind of light on, and for some odd reason you had a feeling that that time was going to come tonight. “Uh, sure, babe.” Liam responded before rolling out of bed sluggishly to switch the hallway light on. Releif rippled throughout your body like a tsunami as the light poured in the room soothing you completely. Liam cocked his eyebrows up in a confused manner studying your actions carefully before crawling back in bed with you. “Hey, babe. I don’t mind, really I don’t, but why is it you always need to have a light on in the house?” ‘Oh here we go’ you thought to yourself before letting out a long exasperated sigh. “Pinky promise you won’t laugh?” You asked biting your lip softly. You weren’t ever a fan of telling people this after your last boyfriend had made a joke about it and always seemed to prank you by switching the lights off while you were in the shower and using it for his own personal entertainment. “I would never laugh at you,” Liam scowled pulling you closer to his chest. “My biggest fear is severe darkness, but for the reason you would think. I’m absolutely terrified of going blind for the most part. To not be able to see some of life’s biggest beauty, my family, my friend, you…I already have bad eyesight as it is.” You begin to get choked up as your voice trailed off. Liam’s heart broke listening to you and suddenly he felt the urge to hold you tighter than he ever has before. “I wish you would’ve told me this before,” Liam murmured caressing your back with his knuckles. “Well now you know,” you muttered into his chest. “And I will spend the rest of my life comforting you no matter what,” he responded. “Pinky swear?” you asked. “Pink swear.” Liam linked his pinky with yours concluding what you had nothing to worry about.


Heights. “Babe. Babe. Babe. Pleaseeee?” Currently Niall was stalking you around the house asking, no, not asking. Litteraly begging for you to accompany him to the new set of One Direction’s latest music video. Supposedly it’s taking place on a giant bridge that overlooked London and on top of that it was located over a huge body of water. Needless to say, just thinking about it’s incredible heigth made your body turn cold and your heart race widly in your chest. You absolutely despised saying no to those big blue eyes that you adored so much, but there was no way in hell you were ever going to be able to experience that without having an enourmous panic attack. “Ye don’t even have a solitary reason t why you can’t come. Is it cause’ you’re afraid of heights or something?” In the gist of taking a large gulp of water you choked a little when he threw his hands in the air guessing exactly what you were feeling. A guilty smile twitched at his lips immediately as he caught sight of your expression, Niall knew that look like the back of his hand. “You are, aren’t ye?” He proposed brushing a strand of hair behind your ear in a loving gesture. “Yeah, a little.” you bit the inside of your cheek trying to fight the red tint that was coloring your face and sighed. “Darlin’ I had no idea! I would’ve quit badgerin’ ye if I wouldve had a clue–” The last thing you wanted was for Niall to feel guilty and you knew you would never hear the end of it if you didn’t put a stop to it so you reached up and firmly pressed your lips to his to shut him up. Instinctively kissing back, the Irish lad wrapped his arms tightly around your waist. You kissed for a few seconds longer before pulling back. “Don’t beat yourself up. It was my fault for not telling you in the first place. I guess my embarrassment got the best of me.” you tried to shrug it off wanting to put closure to the topic for once and for all, and hope to god it woudn’t get brought back up but you knew better. Not just anybody was your boyfriend, Niall was. “So if I did this,” Niall lifted you up bridal style spinning you around slightly,“Would it frighten ye?” The corner of your mouth twitched and you shook your head at your favorite goofball. “No, you can do this anytime you’d like to,” you respond before resting your cheek on his shoulder. “I might take ye up on that offer,”

(Hey guys! This was my first preference. I know it’s kind of shit because, you know, I’m a rookie but I’m sure my writing will develop overtime. I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to give me feedback!)