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Boy you really don't like Meiko, may I ask why?

1. I hate Hinata clones which she straight up is one.

2. I hate Mary Sue characters which she is literally the definition of.

3. How she has so much more development in this series and background yet I still don’t care about her. Blame that on poor writing which at this point is just forced when it comes to her

4. I’m not a fan of her on a poster. Because in every single movie Meiko has had more if not just as much development as the chosen child the movie is supposed to be centered around. I would have preferred Hikari alone.

5. She overshadows every single one of the characters we grew up watching, there’s no balance right now in the focus. It’s the person/people on the poster + Meiko. She’s always there and it’s getting claustrophobic and annoying. It was barely an episode without her in the Digital World and yet she still manages to show up and be a focus.

6. I will take the 02 kids whom I found annoying at times aside from Ken 100 times over Meiko any day.

That’s why I don’t like her, thanks for the question.

My idea

Hey guys. I would like to tell you about the idea that last bit I thought. So quite often I find a au where Penny and Rob swapped places. I really like this au and I eagerly looking for related images. But I got a different idea. What would happen if Gumball and Rob swapped places? I think it would look something like this: 

Rob would be the main protagonist of the series and we gonna watched his adventures. He’s would be a very close friend of the Watterson family, but always would have trouble remembering the name of the oldest child an Penny’s boyfriend (Gumball), at least when Gumball was not erased, or somewhere on the season 1. His two closest friends would be Darwin and Penny. From Darwin was connected to him almost brotherly bond, and Penny was that his best friend, no romantic overtones. After the Gumball would be regarded as an error and sent to the Void, his relationship with Wattersons even more to be deepened. However, after the episode “The Void”, Gumball would comback to the world, deformed with a deleted memory. However, he’s does hide in his old hause, because he dosen’t remember that he had a family. He retreated to near the Rob house, until Rob found him. However, the Gumball it took a week to recall who he is. And in that time, watched Rob’s life and his relationships with his friends. And when he finally remembered to who he is, and after seeing how Rob, that person who is in some way responsible for his condition, being friend with his family, girlfriend and friends who have forgotten about him, Gumball alone, without any incentives swore revenge.

But Rob does not understand him unaided what he meant, because Gumball would be too busy planning his revenge to explain to him why he hates him. However, after many failed attempts to Rob at the end would help him be an effective villain, including a complete success. Then the story had been going to the same way as in the tv series. However, in the episode “Re-run” Gumball in the end would explain to him why is he hates him. He would tell him about it as every day must pass key for it people who have forgotten about it. That pop just wants to get back with his old life, which had a loving family and a girl. Then again, action was fought by the same way as in the tv series.

I think that Rob as the protagonist would be much more carefree and relaxed than as an antagonist. He would be a lot more intelligent main character, but with a great tendency to indulge emotions and a spur of the moment. Would be also the type who says then thought, which often put him in trouble. I think that often would say the things about which the falls did not speak, and always would say what he thinks, regardless of the situation.

I also think that Gumball would be the same person, but that would not be the main character. However, after escaping from the Void and remember everything, would become more embittered and vengeful. Would become more tenacious and ruthless, at any cost in order to get revenge on Rob. But in the Middle still would have been a nice compassionate person who simply wants to his loved ones remember him. And he would become more serious and mature, by his experiences with the Void.

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So I got tagged from @boopymooplier so here it goes!

Name/Nickname: Anna
Where are you from?: Georgia, USA
Favorite Color: Teal or light blue
Do you like spicy foods?: Yeah, to an extent. Biggest fear: Rejection Top 3 hobbies: Singing/Acting, Drawing, Watching YouTube Do you have any siblings?: I have one younger brother iPhone or Android?: iPhone all the way! Somewhere you’d like to visit: Ireland or Britain What 1 person would you want to meet: Probably Jacksepticeye. He such a cool and nice person! Artist/Band you’d want to see in concert: NatewantstoBattle or Go! Child Favorite Youtubers: Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, KnittingGiantBeanies, Jaiden Animations, TheOddOnesOut, Wiishu, Thomas Sanders Favorite Thing About Yourself: I’m pretty nice to almost anyone I meet and tend to see the best in people. Thing you’re looking forward to: In a week I’m going to New York for spring break and I’m going to see Hamilton!!! And here’s 10 people: @finish909 @thiswulfisbored @markseptic @markbtw @megalunalexi @unofficial-genius @marksandrec @some-youtubes @super-septic-pewdie-plier @b


Daryl broke my heart when asked C@rol why she left. He sounded like a little kid, and he probably was one in that moment. He had regressed to his inner child, the one all childhood abuse survivors have stuck at the back of their brain, revealing his abandonment issues.

When I first started watching the show, I could see the writers doing a romance in season 3, after C@ryl’s relationship was established in season 2. But the ship was nonexistent to me after season 4. C@ryl have been separated for an extended period of time twice (season four into season 5 and the end of season 6 into season 7.) If C@ryl were romantic, being torn apart would have pushed them together, especially if it happened twice. (While Daryl and C@rol were separated briefly in season 3, when it appeared that she had died, I don’t think either of them were in the place for a romantic relationship.) Norman has also compared the pairing to a sibling relationship for years (X). Anyone who was expecting romance in C@ryl 7x10 has intentionally been ignoring the signs.

In regards to Richard, Daryl has always been very protective of his family. Christy also noticed that he only punched Richard once the guy is hellbent on attacking the Saviors. Daryl is on the run from Negan’s forces. It’s self-preservation, as he doesn’t need them looking in the direction of the Kingdom.


Gradence fluff, maybe holiday themed where Graves gives Credence his scarf because Credence looks cold? (Pre-Grindewald, that is).


‘Here kid’ Credence started and flinches away from him - Graves literally ready to give him his coat as well
’M…my mother wouldn’t be ha-happy’ but Graves is already wrapping it around him and the scarf is warm from where its been around Graves neck
Imagine Graves pressing his warm hands to Credence’s cheeks (you know that part in the movie with the face touch and Credence’s stressy eyebrows and face….ugh)
And Graves would just be watching his face because really whats he going to do he cant steal a child off the street, he’s going to have to walk away but BOY he does not want to.
He’s thinking 'I could charm Credence’s jack but uhhm…look at what he’s handing out - that would go down really well’ and he’s set this all up for Grindelgross

Credence would see orig. graves coming and his heart would beat a little faster
'Good day, Credence, how are you?’ he has countless fliers stuffed in his pockets that he’s taken as an excuse to come and check up on him bringing him food
'Where’s your scarf Credence?’
'I’m so sorry, m…mother took it. I can…I can get you another’
Until Credence’s mother spots them - this creepy older man seducing him and Credence allowing it
Maybe she blames Credence for drawing Graves to him
She jelly
The next time Graves come Credence wont look at him and tries to tell him that he cant talk to him anymore, clutching his leaflets in shaking burning hands with the stripes across his palms from the belt.
'What on earth?’

I’ve always felt sorry for Thief King Bakura.

When he was a child, he had to watch the cruel murder of all his friends and family members so that the Millennium items could be created. After that he was all alone. His grief, hatred and loneliness slowly made him go mad. Everything got even worse when Zorc took control of him.

Of course Bakura did some horrible things. Revenge is never a solution, but he didn’t deserve this destiny. It would have been great if only the darkness in his heart was destroyed and he finally found peace.

After all Bakura was a victim as well.

Dear Literatis,

I know after watching the revival, we’re all a little upset with the way things ended.

I am not happy that they have essentially made Logan the “Christopher” of Rory’s life. I’m not happy that their entire relationship was an affair. I’m not happy that it is heavily implied that Rory is not even going to tell Logan that she is having his child. And I’m definitely not happy that Rory didn’t just ask him not to marry Odette… because I actually kind of think that would have solved everything.

But in a way… I am happy. Because even though they made it clear that Rory and Logan are not end game for each other - it was also made clear that they both will always have lasting and meaningful feelings for each other. And they will be tied together permanently by their child. It was closure in a way - albeit it not the best one.

I’m really sorry you didn’t get that.

There was not enough Jess in this revival.

It is BULLSHIT that Jess’ character existed only as a passing wise sage to dish out advice without any autonomy of his own.

It is BULLSHIT that he has spent years pining after Rory when he is intelligent, hot as fuck, and has MADE something of himself.

It is BULLSHIT that he was not at the wedding.

It is BULLSHIT that he and Rory didn’t even share a dance together much less have a meaningful conversation about what they meant to each other.

And it is BULLSHIT that although it’s implied Jess is her “Luke,” we didn’t actually get to see the beginning stages of that play out. The only romantic moment between them happened through a plate of glass.

Jess. Deserved. More.

And I truly wish he would have gotten it.


A Team Logan

“Growing up as a black little girl, watching disney movies without a black princess or an important black character didn’t bother me. I never thought the appearence was a big deal, it’s the personality that matters. Though I do understand some people might need it. I look like Tiana but I didn’t share her personnality. It would have bothered me as a child that others kids would have told me “you play Tiana because you look like her”.”

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You don't need to do this prompt now, but I headcanon that Alex is a really good artist? Like during her childhood, art was her escape from her mother's abuse? So maybe Maggie walks in, sees Alex drawing, and asks to see her art so Alex lets her flip through the pages and she lands on a page of sketches Alex has done of her and Alex explains that "I didn't have a camera, but I do have a good memory so I drew the moments I thought you looked the most beautiful" and Maggie is S H O O K

Precision has always been important to her.

Extremely important.

So when she sketches, it always needs to be as realistic, as alive, as a pencil can make it.

And pencils, she’s discovered, can bring so much life.

When she was a child, her main muse was the ocean, was the crabs she would watch on the jetty, the sandcrabs she’d scoop up in her hands before letting them go each time the surf came crashing onto the shore.

When Kara came into her life, it was Kara. Kara flying, Kara dancing, Kara laughing.

She still draws Kara, and she’s added J’onn and James and Winn to her repertoire.

Her most recent addition – and her most intimate – is Maggie.

Maggie sleeping with the light dripping through the slatted blinds pouring onto her face, her limbs and hair all askew, her lips very slightly smiling, like she’s dreaming something good, something safe, something warm, something happy.

Maggie on her motorcycle, head turned back at a stoplight to look at Alex, her smile radiating through the protection of her helmet.

Maggie under her motorcycle, hands greasy and hair tied up and tongue sticking slightly out of her mouth as she makes her repairs.

Maggie pouring coffee in the morning, sleep and sex still in her eyes, peacefulness in her entire stance, love in her every pore.

Maggie laying on her stomach on Alex’s bed, knees bent, socks half-on, half-off, sprawled out like it’s her own bed – because it is, it is, it is – and reading, her eyes intense, her body transported to whatever fantasy realm she’s reading about this time.

Alex is putting the finishing touches on this last one when Maggie walks in the room, and Alex jumps and slams the book closed. Maggie puts her hands up in surrender and stops in her tracks.

“Hey, Danvers, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you – “

“No, no, it – it’s fine, you’re fine.”

Maggie tilts her head and waits, and Alex stares up at her, considering her, chewing the inside of her cheek, and then she smiles softly, shyly.

“I was drawing.”

Maggie beams and she approaches again, kneeling in front of Alex’s chair and putting her hands on her knees.

“Babe, you never told me you draw.”

Alex smiles and squirms and Maggie knows she’s in love.

“You… wanna see?”

Maggie nods eagerly and she starts at page one, and she gasps as she flips through page after page of beauty, page after page of intimacy. Page after page of the people Alex Danvers loves most, as Alex sees them, as Alex knows them, as Alex feels them.

“Ally,” Maggie sighs, and Alex blushes furiously. “These are beautiful.”

She freezes when she gets to the first drawing of her. Freezes, and stiffens, and Alex splutters.

“I’m sorry if it’s weird, I just… I have a good memory, and I wanted to draw you in the moments you look most beautiful, I’m sorry if it’s weird, I – “

But Maggie is carefully putting Alex’s sketchbook to the side and she’s crawling into Alex’s lap and she’s kissing her, kissing her, kissing her.

“I’m wild about you, Alex Danvers, you know that?”

Alex blushes even harder and Maggie beams and swallows awed tears.


“Yes. Always.”

Baby’s First Beach Trip

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Request - 12) Child’s first trip to the beach.

Pairing - Finn Balor X Female Reader + Daughter

WordCount - 1, 073

Requested By - Anon

Written By - Tacha

Key - Y/D/N - Your daughter’s Name.

Taglist - @i-kneel-for-king-loki @littledeadrottinghood @becca-bear

A/N - If you would like a request from the prompt list Send us the name of the Superstar, the gender of the child and a few numbers.

Finn was excited. Beyond excited. Not only did he have a couple of days off to spend with you and your baby daughter but you were also taking your eight- month-old daughter to the beach for the first time. Whenever Finn got to spend time with you and Y/D/N, he always wanted to create new memories. He loved watching Y/D/N experience something new, the way she stared in awe at whatever she was being introduced to. Y/D/N’s reactions varied from each new thing, sometimes she would giggle, other times she became nervous or scared resulting in her crying. Regardless of her reaction, everything was new to her and watching her discover new things fascinated Finn.

When you and Finn agreed taking Y/D/N would be a nice idea, Finn went out buying her a bucket and spade, a life jacket, cute little flip flops, a swimming costume and her first beach outfit along with a few toys that she could play with while she was at the beach. Your husband had certainly gone overboard. Also, he invited Seth, Sami, Sasha and Bayley to tag along. Finn claimed that he wanted Y/D/N to have a special day. It’s not every day you go to the beach for the first time!

You pulled the car into the perfect spot as you arrived at the beach. Finn’s knee bounced up and down as you cut off the engine. If you hadn’t been convinced that your husband was more excited about going to the beach than your daughter who had fallen asleep on the drive here.

“Love, ya did pack the camera right?” Finn asked as you unbuckled your seatbelt.

“Yes and I packed the extra batteries and the spare camera. Finn, I promise we double checked the car before we left, relax. Y/D/N is going to love the beach once she wakes up.” You smiled as you watched your little girl sleep in your mirror.

“That’s alright love, it gives us the perfect time to pick a spot and set up. Why don’t ya stay in the car with Y/D/N while I find us a spot? I’ll be right back.” Finn pecked your lips gently before getting out of the car the faint sound of the boot opening and the rummaging of bags being lifted out of the car. Twisting your body around you watched your Daughter. Several minutes passed until finally returned to the car.

“Ya ready love. The others are already here.” Getting out of the car, Finn began unbuckling your daughter out of her car seat. The commotion woke her up, her eyes fluttered open and immediately getting grizzly because she had been woken so abruptly.

“I’m sorry Princess, I know Daddy’s mean for waking ya up. But it will be worth it I promise.” Finn bounced Y/D/N to cry and calm her crying a few moments passed and Y/D/N soon settled. After you locked up the car, you and Finn were more than ready to show Y/D/N the beach for the first time.

Finn settled down on the towel holding Y/D/N settling her in his lap, her eyes drifted around the vast scenery, the beautiful scenery, the large ocean nearby. Finn watched her expression in amazement, it was like she was studying everything. Finn unbuckled her cute little sandals that Bayley had purchased for her, he slipped them off as he held her up before gently putting her feet on the sand. Y/D/N was suddenly focused on the new feeling,  she was looking down intently at her feet before she began moving her feet a cute toothless grin appearing as she looked around at the adults who were watching her reactions intently, Y/D/N crouched down, Finn sat her down in front of him. Finn leant forward picking up a handful of sand and sprinkling the sand back onto the ground. Y/D/N watched her Father intently before attempting to mimic his actions.

“Aren’t ya a clever one? Y/N, ya documenting this right?” You smiled at your husband, you had documented Y/D/N first encounter with sand. Her beautiful blue eyes reminded you so much of her Father’s.

“I don’t think you would love me anymore if I didn’t.” Finn turned to look at you a cheeky grin on his face.

“It’s impossible for me not to love ya.” You cheekily snapped a photo of Finn. Hoping the day would continue to run smoothly.

You laughed as you watched Sami and Seth trying to teach Y/D/N how to put sand into the bucket, she wasn’t quite getting it as she rested against Seth’s legs. The amusement on her face was magical, while she didn’t understand most of what they were saying she was still paying attention. You laid back on the towel talking to Bayley and Sasha.

“She’s already so much like Finn. She’s into everything. She’s definitely like you too, the way she looks at people when she’s thinking. How do you think she’s going to react when she sees the ocean for the first time?” Bayley asked as Finn plopped down beside me.

“She’s either going to love it-” You began, Finn lifted your head up so your head could rest on his lap.

“Or she’s going to freak out.” Finn finished for you. He checked his phone, before showing you the time. Y/D/N would be due to have a nap in the next half an hour or so.

“Love, what do ya say about taking Y/D/N down to the ocean now before she falls asleep.” Looking up at Finn, I agreed as he helped me up. Bayley and Sasha followed behind us as Seth picked up Y/D/N. With everyone wanting to see her reaction. Seth stopped near the shoreline. Crouching down, Seth waited for the ocean to retreat back before he holds her near the ocean waiting for the ocean to touch her toes for the first time. Finn had the camera, taking photo’s every now and then. As soon as the water hit her toes she squealed followed by a fit of laughter.  

Finn bent down watching his Daughter her tiny emotions vary. She soon sat on the shore splashing the water before it disappeared again. One of the great things that Finn was learning about being a parent was getting the opportunity to see what it’s like to be completely new to the world. There was still so much for Y/D/N to discover. Next on Finn’s list to show Y/D/N was a lego set….  

{Reaction} EXO’s child coming out to them.

Hi!! 😁 Can you do like a reaction from EXO of their child coming out to them? I am not sure if you have done it before. But, Thank you!!! ☺️ 

Note: Ahh this was a sweet request. This request was very personal to me and I hope you enjoy it a lot. I know I may not have their reactions accurate, I’m not sure how homosexuality is presented in Asia either, so this is purely based off how I see them as people and how I think they would react to something like this. Anyway, please enjoy. Fighting!~

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

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Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol knew something was wrong by the way his child as looking so nervous. As he watched his child nervously stood before him with shaky hands, he could feel his own begin to tremble as his mind wondered to what could possibly cause his child so much anxiety. He hated how uneasy his child looked, so vulnerable and afraid, it made Chanyeol’s heart clench in his on messed up worry and anxiety. But as his child confessed that they were attracted to the same sex, Chanyeol found himself more confused than anything else, his lips smiling as he thinks that was all they were worried about?

Chanyeol: “That is just fine, {child}. Did you really think that it was an issue? It doesn’t change a thing, and all I want is for you to be happy, okay? If you bring home a girl, then that’s fine, if you bring home a boy, that’s also fine. But don’t think you’re going to get away with me not bringing out the baby photos.” *Grinning as he opens his arms up to give his child a hug.*

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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Since Kyungsoo doesn’t have a problem with homosexuality, or anything like that, his reaction wasn’t very eventful. He doesn’t see why his child should feel the need to come out, and it makes him somewhat annoyed that the word is this way, why can’t people love and accept? But at the same time, he is happy for his child, and will do everything to make sure they find ultimate happiness in the end.

Kyungsoo: “I don’t care if you bring home a boy or a girl, if they break your heart, tell them to sleep with one eye open.”

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun would be thrilled when his child opens up about their sexuality. Mainly because he thinks it’s a good thing his child feels confident enough to open up about this kind of thing in the first place. While he is extremely proud of his child and will be supportive all the way through, he would also tease them the same way if they were heterosexual. Basically, he would be the best father in the world and would be supportive whatever his child decided to be or wanted to be with.

Baekhyun: “Now I don’t know much about sex between two-”

{Child}: “Dad!”

Baekhyun: “BUT, if you need anything… lube, protection, anything. You just let me know, okay?”

{Child}: “You’re so embarrassing!”

Oh Sehun

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This usually sassy man would change attitudes completely when it comes to something like this. When he found out that his child was homosexual, he would soften, and he would reassure them that it is perfectly okay with him whatever kind of person that they wanted to be with even if they were a girl or a boy. While being a little bit teasing and sassy, he would make sure that his child knows his sincerity and that he will always be there for them whenever they need to talk or be supported.

Sehun: “Never don’t mind about a thing~” *Literal meme*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Yixing may find the concept a little strange at the beginning. Since he isn’t used to the culture (and often tries to call EXO manly after they show strong affections for one another) he might find it a little bit confusing and may not know how to handle the news at the beginning. He wouldn’t be unsupportive, and he would never criticize his child for feeling this way, he would just need some time to adjust and understand. But when his child brings home their partner for the first time, he falls in love with the couple, and instantly decides that this development isn’t going to change a single thing.

Yixing: “I know I was unsure at the beginning, but now I understand why you love them, and I am happy that you’ve found someone that can make you feel this well. You compliment each other well, I give you my blessing to be with them, not that you needed it anyway.” *Grinning*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Chen was making dinner when his child came out to him, it wasn’t the fact that they were gay that made him drop a pile of hot plates on the floor, it was the fact that his child had been seeing someone for the past few months without him knowing that really startled him.

{child}: “I’m sorry, please don’t be upset.”

Jongdae: “I demand you tell me about them at once and call them over for dinner. I’d like to meet them immediately.”

{child}: “So you’re… not mad?”

Jongdae: “Why would I be mad? Love is love, right? Now come on, I want to meet them so I can finally play the embarrassing father role.”

{child}: “Isn’t that what Uncle Suho is for?”

Jongdae: “Let me live this moment, please!”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok’s reaction was actually pretty underwhelming. Even though his child had taken him out to coffee to reveal the news, Minseok played it off as if it wasn’t anything at all, mainly because he didn’t mind, and didn’t think that his child should be so stressed to tell him something like this. Minseok is very open and accepting, so it doesn’t upset him in the slightest when he finds out this information about his child. If anything, he is happy for them, because he knows that they will eventually find someone to love. He prefers it when his child tells him things like this instead of pretending. The last thing he wants is for his child to be with someone he doesn’t love just to make others around them happy.

{child}: “I’m gay…”

Minseok: “And I’m thirsty, can you get me a black coffee?”

{child}: “Aren’t you upset about this?”

Minseok: “No, why would I be upset? As long as you find someone who is good to you, I will be happy for you.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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When his child first told him about this, he was a little confused about it and seemed a little dismissive. He went on to do some research about it (AKA he asked Kris what he should feel about this) after talking through his worries (he was anxious he wasn’t a good enough father because he doesn’t know how he should support the child) he realised that it wasn’t all that hard, and that he was more proud of his child than ever before for being so bold and speaking his mind. When his child came home that eveing, Tao approached them and gave them a hug, explaining that he was proud of them and that he hopes they will find someone good for them.

Tao: “Remember that I need to make sure they are suitable for you before you can date them.”

{child}: *Laughing* “Of course, Dad.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho doesn’t care if his child is homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual or any other sexuality. He doesn’t care if his child dates someone of the same sex or if they are foreign. As long as his child is happy, then he is too. Suho is literally the most chilled and accepting man and possibly the best man for a father role because he would be the most supportive person on the planet.

{child}: “I just need to tell you that… well, I’m gay.”

Suho: “Hi gay, I’m Dad.”

{child}: “… I hate you so much”

*All joking apart, Suho would be so proud, and would probably cry tears of happiness knowing that his child is finally showing their true identity and are a step closer to finding happiness.”


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Luhan chuckled as his child revealed this new information to him. He looked over at Minseok who was sat beside him and held his hand out, a smirk playing at his lips as he asked for the money he was owed for the bet they made. The child watched in astonishment as Minseok handed the money over and Luhan explained they had made a bet on when the child would finally come clean about their true feelings. This is probably where I should also add that Luhan is chill about it, and proud of them for making this big step.

{child}: “You… knew?”

Luhan: “You think I was born yesterday? I know that ‘we’re studying’ excuse is a lie. Since when did you study?”

{child}: “… okay yeah, fair enough, you got me there.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Kai smiled as his child told him about their sexuality. Even though it isn’t always socially accepted, Kai doesn’t see a problem with it at all. In the moment, he was sat with his child downstairs at 3am with cups of hot tea. He feels a tear run down in emotional happiness and chuckles as his child begins to cry as well. As the two of them sit in an utter moment of true emotion mixed with love and happiness, he reaches over and pulls his child into a hug, reassuring them that he is always going to be proud of them.

Kai: “You were and always will be the best thing that ever happened to me, {child}.”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Since Kris has done a lot of travelling and has many friends over the world, he has seen many different perspectives and lives. So when his child tells him about their sexuality, he is less than bothered by it. Not in a bad way, but it just doesn’t matter to him if his child is gay or not, in his eyes, if his child is happy then he is too and that is all that matters.

Kris: “Angry? Why would I be angry? I think it’s good you’re closer finding your true identity. I hope that one day, you will be able to find someone who will make you very happy.”

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Can I have headcanons over how Ushijima and Ennoshita would take care of their newborns? Thanks!

Ennoshita Chikara

  • He’s been ready for this since high school since he spent the majority of his time watching over Tanaka and Nishinoya. A newborn is easy for him.
  • He’s the type of father who lets his wife stay in bed while he takes care of the crying baby at 2 in the morning. 
  • Every time you look at him, he’s holding the baby. He honestly never wants to let go of his child, he’s just so in love with this being he created with you???
  • Even if the baby doesn’t understand words and blabbers incoherent words, he still likes to read a bedtime story every night. It’s honestly so adorable.

Ushijima Wakatoshi

  • To see this large man holding an infant so delicately is the most precious thing you’ve seen and you’ve made sure to take tons of pictures.
  • He loves this baby with all of his heart, nothing will come close to it (besides you of course). He won’t spoil his kid, but he makes sure to nurture it with love.
  • Sometimes if the baby won’t stop crying, he kind of looks at it panicked and says something along the lines of “I think I broke her/him.” Papa Ushi is a good Ushi.
  • Likes to walk around the farm with the baby in tow, pointing out all of the animals and mimicking the sound they make to go with it. It’s literally the funniest thing you’ve seen.
♡Baby Surprise♡

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Characters: You x Yongguk

Genre: Fluff

Length: 851 words

Summary: Yongguk happens to overhear a conversation where you asking for advice on how to tell him you are expecting.

A/N: I hope you like it anon ^^ Fun fact my brother and his girlfriend is actually expecting a child in May, so I am going to be an aunt soon (doesn’t really have anything to do with the scenario, just felt like sharing it)

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So, I re-read AnoHana and I have to say .. I noticed quite a few similarities between our beloved little Menma (who is part russian) and our beloved russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov 

they both use the Peace sign 

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they both break your heart when they’re crying

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they have a similar way of sleeping

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when they watch their loved ones you can feel the love radiating 

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they’re both enthusiastic 

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they’re sometimes a little too distracted by their mobile devices 

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they are not afraid to show affection towards their loved ones 

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my conclusion: if viktor had a biological daughter she’d probably be like Menma, an inspirational, kind-hearted and caring girl who does everything for the people she loves. 

and now I’m crying

I think I’m going to disagree with this… Let me know what you think.

To me, the difference between a wife, a mother, and a daughter is relevant.
Your mother is your care taker.
Your wife is your equal partner who you usually meet as a fully formed person.

Your daughter is your child.

I have a daughter and I admit I wasn’t AS aware of disparities between the sexes in our society until I started thinking of her future… the challenges she’d face, the expectations she would be held to, the messages that she was seeing in everything from shows she watched to things she heard in the world.

I’m a woman with these thoughts. I’d want my husband, or any farther, to have these same thoughts.
How can we make sure the world is better for our children?
How can I give them the greatest chance at happiness and opportunity?

To me, this isn’t sexism. This isn’t ownership of women. It’s a natural reaction of parenthood.

Can we help teach our boys at a younger age to be more aware of issues regarding gender equality? Yes!
Can we expect men, before they have kids or if they never do, to respect women and treat them as equals? Yes!

But to claim they only care once they’re in charge of one, I feel, is an unfair statement.

a few thoughts after watching series one of the clone wars:

  • obi-wan kenobi holding a small twi’lek child is the single greatest thing to come out of the history of animation.
  • i expect anakin to be obvious, but padmé, you’re supposed to be a politician. how are you so unbelievably transparent. please, just scream to the world that this is your secret jedi husband. fewer people would believe it to be true.
  • i have many feelings about padawans in wartime
  • like seriously how old is ahsoka right now
  • and anakin’s like ‘oh so you got your whole squadron killed? we have no time to gently coach you through this so i’m going to put you in charge of the destruction of aN ENTIRE BLOCKADE SINK OR SWIM SNIPS’
  • (of course she swims because she’s awesome but seriously this is fucked up)
  • (also my post about how rogue one is the only star wars media to fully appreciate death totally holds true, i’m waiting for someone to care about any clone dying, i’M WAITING)
  • slick was totally right about the clones being slaves and i want a few people to have breakdowns about it because this is IMPORTANT (i have heard murmurings about the zygerria arc, holding out for that to bring up the issue again)
  • one day i am going to own a cat called ahsoka, and she is going to be my first date test. if the date correctly squeals that i have a cat named after the best character in star wars, they automatically get a second date
  • i fully expect ahsoka-the-cat to be just as amazing as ahsoka-the-padawan
  • tbh what did we do to deserve ahsoka tano
  • this is now an ahsoka tano fanblog
  • ahsoka tano
living with astro would include
  • cooking dinner for them because they’re so exhausted from practice
  • a lot of hugs from sanha and jinjin
  • movie nights
  • but you’d watch child movies
  • because they’re children
  • “can we get a dog”
  • “no i already have to take care of six”
  • mj would help you with chores
  • but only mj no one else
  • rocky would use the entire living area as his dance room
  • he’d probably start dancing while watching tv
  • sanha would constantly do aegyo to get what he wants
  • aka the house would be full of useless junk
  • and moonbin would be a cute puppy, always yawning and wearing big sweaters
  • eunwoo would be pretty quiet most of the time
  • like you’d forget he’s even there