if i would have colored his eyes red he would seriously look like a vampire right now

Diabolik lovers Lunatic parade Ayato Sakamaki [Care For Vampire] ~translation★traducción~

This translation was made by @vampiretsuki

*Knock Knock*

*Opens the door*

Ayato: Chichinashi, you’re late!

Ayato: The grand Ore-sama is suffering from a stomach-ache, and even so, why did take so long!!?

Ayato: Ha! …So? Did you ask Reiji for the medicine?

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Neighbors 3.0

AN: am I really making another sequel to Neighbors? Yes I am. I am unapologetic about it. ((If you haven’t read the first two, they are on my ffnet account))


Neighbors 3.0

“I need for you to be completely honest with me,” asked Hinata, from the bathroom.

Sasuke was currently eating cereal on the bed. It was Sunday and Temari was a genius for deciding that the shop should closed. They were overworking and needed mandatory days off.

“Mm,” he grunted, flipping through the channels.

His wife came out the bathroom and placed her hands on her hips. Her entire face was red with embarrassment he hadn’t caused. “Do…do my, um, do my,” she looked down at her breast. “Do…they look bigger to you?”

“Do they feel bigger to you?” He asked, slowly. He wasn’t in the mood to pick his unconscious wife off the floor.

“Y-yeah,” she looked at them again. “I’m not sure though…”

“Mm…” he shrugged.

Hinata went to sit on the bed. Sasuke lifted a brow when she just kept staring at him. He sighed and put the television on mute. “What do you-”

“Feedback,” she quickly interrupted.

“Feedback? On what? Them?” He motioned to her chest. They were already full anyway, how would she even know?

“Yes! I’m concerned.” She squeaked.

It was times like this when Hinata was being completely irrational that Sasuke thought back to the moment they met and how she was locked out of her apartment and how he should have let her freeze. He closed his eyes and thought about a way to diffuse this ticking time bomb.

“Is this some new foreplay you read about?” He smirked.

Her mouth practically dropped at the words. Her face lit up as if she was the most innocent soul on the planet. “You’re mean,” she concluded after three years of being married to him.

“You knew that,” he replied, drinking the remaining milk out the bowl. The Uchiha male got up and took it to the kitchen with his wife trailing behind him.

“Sasuke,” she called.

“Yes?” He placed the bowl in the sink.

“You still love me?”

He looked back at her as if she had literally lost her mind. He rubbed his temples and drew out a long sigh, “You caught me,” he stood at the skin. “I want a divorce.”

“Sasuke!” Hinata huffed upon seeing him smirk.

“Why would you even ask me that?”

Hinata wrapped her arms around him and placed her head at his back. “I like hearing you say it.” She confessed.

Sasuke finished washing the few dishes in the sink before drying his hands. “If I knew you’ll be this much trouble I’d let you freeze in that hallway.”

“But you didn’t…”

He tapped her arms to release him, the Uchiha male turned around to his loving, crazy paranoid wife. She was rubbing her arms and averted eye contact. Sasuke took her shoulders, “What’s really going on?”

She took a deep breath and took his hand before leading him to the couch. She positioned him right in front of it and took a deep breath and, “I’m - pregnant.”

Four seconds passed and Uchiha Sasuke sat down or rather collapsed. “Really?” He asked.

“Yeah…” she smiled lightly upon his eyes widened, searching for any doubt.


“Sasuke,” she strained. He took her hips and pulled the woman on him. His thumbs made little circles at her hips. He was staring at her stomach, when he wasn’t satisfied he lifted her shirt. “Sasuke!” She blushed pushing it back down.

He lifted his eyes to her. “Did you seriously just hide your stomach from me?”

She blinked a few times and huffed. “Warn me first, it’s a reflex…”

He looked at her through narrowed eyes. “After three years…You can see why I say the things I do, right?”

Hinata wrapped her arms around his neck. “You’re just mean.”

“You’re pregnant,” he told her.

“Are you happy?” She asked softly.

“Depends…” he rubbed her thighs. “How can I be so sure it’s mine if you’re scared of showing me your stomach?”

“Sasuke, you startled me!” She huffed. “…and I know you’re joking but you’re hurting my feelings.”

His smirk even out into a serious face. He held his wife closer. “I am happy. I am,” he leaned forward and kissed her. “I apologize.”

She traced one of the many tattoos on his shoulder. “…are you?” Opal eyes focused on onyx ones. “Seriously…”

He nodded as she cupped his face. “I am, princess.” He told her. She smiled, grabbing his chin and gently bringing him to kiss her. “I’ve always wanted this,” he said in a hushed tone.

She nodded. “Me too, me too.”

He looked down at her stomach again. “Can I lift your shirt?” He asked.

She pressed her lips to his. “Just take it off.” He nodded against her touch. “…it all off.” She could feel him smirk against her lips.

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It was Very Very Nice to Meet You

Sorry this is going up so late, I just could not figure out what to write! The setting comes from the fact that on my college campus, it seems like there’s always a blood drive happening. This isn’t my best work, but I could not get this prompt to work with me for love or money. So ah, sorry for that! And happy RobRae week!

“Um. Please don’t vomit on me.”

Dick blinked at the deadpan voice, looking up from where he’d been determinedly staring at shoes. At some point in the last ten minutes of breathing exercises, the chair opposite from him had been filled. His eyes caught for a second on the eye catching, bright purple hair it’s occupant sported, before registering what had been said.

“I’m not going to vomit.” He said, slightly confused. The girl across from him raised an eyebrow, as if silently calling bullshit. “And also, you’re like five feet away from me.” He pointed out.

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Caller Number 9

Summary: Because let’s face it, your girlfriends won’t tell you when the boy of your dreams isn’t interested. So what’s left? Calling the late night radio show host known as Min Suga is a good option right? He’ll tell you how it is and ruin you while fixing your love life. Counterproductive? Definitely.

Chapter 1-16

Chapter 17: Please Check the Number and Try Again

Y/n loves sweaters, she loves when they’re oversized, sleeves draping over her fingertips, the loose knit ones, hoodies, fleecy ones, the ones that keep her warm and happy. Yet despite her endless adoration for comfort, here she sits, perched on her bed and staring down the pile of black as if it’s the vilest thing in the world. In her mind it might as well be, considering it belongs to none other than Min Yoongi. It smells faintly of his spicy cologne and something so sincerely him, it makes her frown. It’s dangerously comforting.

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Summary:  Donna visits Dean at the Bunker.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Donna Hanscum

Word Count: 1752

Warnings: One of the characters has a panic attack, fluff

Author’s Notes: Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing Movie Night Challenge. My movie was The Untouchables. Thank you @mamapeterson for answering my questions and your invaluable help.

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“What the hell are you doing here?

Usually the Bennett witch’s Saturdays were quite peaceful relaxing. She was enjoying an anfternoon read until she heard a knock on the door. She wasn’t expecting any company. Her friends knew her Saturdays were sacred. So who could it be?

The question was clearly answered seeing the uninvited guest sitting on her porch swing. A Mikaelson.

“What? No happy tears of joy or a hug for an old friend?”

“No.” Bonnie said plainly. “What do you want?”

Klaus stood from the porch swing to stand in front of the Bennett beauty. “You know this hostility -”

“What do you want, Klaus?” The witch was becoming quickly annoyed. She didn’t want him here, in her space, in her life, none of them. She was done dealing with the Mikaelson family. “I’m won’t ask again.”

The playful grin on the hybrid’s face disappeared instantly. He stared down at his black boots only inches away from Bonnie’s bare feet. All the sudden he felt nervous being in front of her. He didn’t know what to say to her. Correction- he knew what to say, he just didn’t know how to ask it. With the way their relationship ended, how could he dare fix his mouth to ask for a favor.

Bonnie was angry with him and his siblings. She was rightfully just for her wroth and spite with them. What they did was unforgivable but it was the only way to keep their little witch safe. 

“I know…” Klaus started. “I know I have no right to stand here in front of you.”

“You don’t.” Bonnie agreed harshly. 

“”I understand.” He nodded. “I understand.” He repeated again as he finally found the nerve to look at Bonnie in the eyes unwavering. “But I need your help.”

Klaus watched the annoyance drain from Bonnie’s face and contorted into unadulterated hatred. His dead heart plummeted to his stomach, soaking up its acidity. This was a bad idea.

Though Bonnie was shaking with rage, she was able to keep her voice leveled. “I want you off my porch, Klaus.”

“Bonnie, please! It’s E -”

“I want you off my porch…now.” Her lips begin to tremble and her hand on the doorknob was aching from how tightly she was holding onto it. “I want you off my porch…and I don’t ever want to see you or anyone from your family ever again.” Bonnie stood behind the door. “Let this be the last time we see each other.”

Without waiting for his answer, the Bennett closed the door in Klaus’ face. Her back slouched against the door trying to calm her breathing. She inhaled and exhaled slowly through her nose. The steady practice she found wasn’t working since she could still feel the hybrid presence outside her door still on her porch.

“Go away, Klaus.”

“Bonnie, you have to listen to me.”


“If you really wanted me off your porch, I would have been already flying across your lawn by now.” He leaned close into the door as if he was whispering in the witch’s ear. “And if you hated me as much as you think you do, I would have met my final death soon as I stepped a foot on your stone pathway.”

Klaus hurriedly leaned away from the door as it suddenly swung open with a furious Bennett witch filling the doorway with her murderous aura. The Original took in the eerie malachite eyes glow as black veins protruding around her face and neck. He knew then that this was probably a bad idea.

“The only reason you’re not incinerated to ash beneath my feet is because your daughter would be fatherless!” Bonnie stepped out her house and a wave of magic slammed into Klaus full force. He stumbled backwards feeling the copious amount of power from the tiny witch. This was definitely a bad idea. “I care for Hope and as much it sickens me that she have a manipulative and heartless prick of a father like you, I would never take you away from her.”

Witch and hybrid stared intensely at each other both seething with anger. Klaus was the first to break the deafening silence.

“I know my family and I hurt you and you want nothing to do with us…” He took a much needed breath. “But I ask you as my friend…” Klaus carefully placed his hands on her shoulders. Bonnie was tense but she not remove his hand. “…as my sister…help me bring Elijah home.”

Bonnie stared at Klaus closely. He was sincere she could tell and that made it hurt even worse. She definitely didn’t need this. “Why?” Bonnie questioned. “Why me? I’m sure you have other witch’s at your disposal.” She sneered. 

“We do.” Klaus admitted. “And we tried and none of them could find him.”

“Why? Is there another witch cloaking him?” What kind of mess they get themselves into now. 

“Yes.” Bonnie arched her brow waiting for him to continue. “Tristan and his sister -”

“You mean your psycho red headed lover?” 

“His sister, “ Klaus grimaced. “Dug up some elder witch from who knows where and rooted us in the compound while Elijah went to talk to Tristan about the whereabouts of Lucien’s witch.”

Bonnie remember fleetingly about the Originals first children along with the special witch of Lucian. She met her once and she didn’t like the wench. Something about her rubbed Bonnie the wrong way. 

“What’s so special about Lucien’s witch?” Klaus was about to answer until Bonnie held up her hand to stop him. “On second thought, I don’t want to know.” Klaus frowned hearing the void of emotions laced in her voice. “So, Tristan and Aurora have Elijah somewhere where he is magically cloaked and you need me to find him.”

“I thought to give it a try. Since you are his -”

“Do you really want to finish that sentence?” Her malachite colored irises rotated left creating four small gold-like petals around her pupils. Klaus remained silently watching the majestic irises rotate right making the petals disappear.

“I would appreciate your help.”

“Yeah? Well, I would have appreciated if you didn’t ruin my Saturday with your Mikaelson nonsense.”

Klaus only shrugged unashamed. “I would have called, but we both know that’s not particularly my style.” A small smile tugged at his lips.

Bonnie returned the small smirk knowing what he said was true. The smile to Klaus’ disappointment didn’t last long as he wanted. He missed it. The smirk disappeared at the same time of her monstrous guise reverting back to her normal appearance.

“I will help you find, Elijah.” She turned away from Klaus back in her house.

“Thank you.”

When Bonnie was inside the warmth of her home, she glanced her shoulder, eyes distant and cold. The look startled the hybrid. Looking closely he could see the hurt and ire for he is his family shining through. Though she was helping Klaus save his brother, it didn’t mean everything was okay between them. Things would never be the same. He knew this, but he couldn’t help but hope.

“After I find Elijah, all contact between me and the Mikaelsons will cease.” She said said seriously. “Don’t ever come back here, Klaus. Not to say hi or sure as hell not to ask for a favor.” Klaus stood letting her words wash over him. “If you do…I’ll ignore the fact I’ll be breaking a little girl’s heart.”


The flight from Portland to New Orleans was uneventful. Clear skies all the way through. When Bonnie stepped off the plane, she immediately felt the connection to NOLA strum to life again. It was a wild rush and fire in her veins. While in the cab, her face was planted on the window. She forgotten how colorful it was and how the music serenaded every corner of every street. She missed her home.

However, soon as the cab pulled up to the Mikaelson compound she felt her rage churn again inside her. This wasn’t home. This was her grave. Walking inside her rage only grew being in their space. Why did she come back?

“Bonnie …”

The Bennett witch turned around facing the female Mikaelson. “Freya.”

The witch came from around the table to stand in front of Bonnie. “How um…how are you?” Freya was beside herself. She missed Bonnie terribly. It was good to see her sister again. “I heard you moved to Portland.”

“I did.” Bonnie looked around the living space then back at Freya. “Where are we setting up?”

Freya inwardly flinched from Bonnie’s curt tone but grinned anyway. She had to remind herself she had no right to be hurt. “Follow me.”

Bonnie followed Freya into the study where Hayley holding Hope, Klaus, Marcel, Kol with Davina by his side, and Finn. The air escaped Bonnie seeing her once family standing in front of her. It felt odd and maddening.

Bonnie opened her mouth to speak but ended up being gathered in the young hybrid’s arms.

“I missed you." 

Bonnie heard her ex-friend voice break mid-way. Awkwardly she hugged her back. She honestly didn’t know how to feel. Correction - she knew she was beginning to feel overwhelmed.

Over Hayley’s shoulder she saw Davina coming towards them with a smile on her face and hope in her young eyes. "Hi, Bonnie.”

The witch frowned. “Hello, Davina.” Bonnie wiggled to let herself loose from Hayley’s grip. 

Hayley pulled herself away as she wiped her tears away. “I thought you would be riding with Klaus.”


Hayley deflated a bit but didn’t let feeling unwelcome by her friend bother her. “Thank you for doing this, Bonnie. Even though you didn’t have to -”

“I know.” Bonnie moved past Hayley and the hybrid swore she felt a cold chill come from her.

Davina stared at the witch’s back. “Bonnie -”

“I need a map and a blade.”

Davina bit her lip. She needed to say this. “Bonnie, I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry. I’m so s -”

“I need a map,” She interrupted the young witch. “And a blade." 

Davina, without another word, left out the study to get the supplies. She returned with the items a few minutes later. She placed the map on the table and the blade beside it. 

Marcel reached for her hand and brought her to his side. The vampires in room could hear the Claire witch sniffling while she was away. She was hurt and yet again, they had no right to feel hurt. None of them did.

Klaus, Freya, Finn, and Kol stood around the table watching the Bennett witch work. 

She cut her finger with the blade and let droplets of her blood hit the old parchment paper. She held her hand over the map and began to chant. Soon as the spell emptied from her mouth, she could feel the other witch counterattack against her. Good thing it wasn’t going to work.

Bonnie’s lips moved quicker saying the incantation. Ebony veins crawled over face and neck spreading all the way to her neck, shoulders, and back until it covered her whole body. Eyes were the color of malachite and her sclera bled pitch black. The witch was turning into a different being before their eyes. 

The first time they seen this particular creature was two years ago. Bonnie was in a fit of rage and was aiming to kill each and every Mikaelson that night, but the cry of Hope waking up from her nap stopped the witch from doing so. Two years Bonnie kept away from them. How could they blame her? They made her into the creature she was now.

Magic pulsed around them and tightened around their bodies in a vice grip. The lights flickered in and out. Walls and floors creaked under pressure from the wave of magic.

Suddenly, everything became quiet.

Bonnie leaned over the table seeing the blood on the map unmoved over the location of the compound. Then the droplets merged together and began to move. The Bennett witch broke the cloak over Elijah. She had a hold of him and she could feel him. She felt relieved that he was okay but then she hated that she felt that relief.  

The blood continued to move farther upward until it reached the pier.

"He’s there.”

Swishes were heard around her. The vampires and Freya left to rescue their brother and possibly kill whoever in their way. Bonnie didn’t particularly care. She needed to rest to replenish her magic.

Bonnie sat on the large cushioned chair by the fireplace letting the warmth of the fire caress her skin. Her fatigue quickly claimed her senses and in a matter of minutes she was asleep.


When Bonnie stirred awake the first thing she noticed was her magic was fully replenished. The second thing she noticed was her hunger. She can’t remember the last time she ate. Her stomach growled angrily at her, ravenous from the lack of food.

“You must be hungry.” Bonnie glared at Klaus walking from across the room to her. “Here.”

Bonnie stood tiredly from her seat and grabbed the four blood bags from his hands. “Thank you.”

Klaus let Bonnie have her fill as he crawled into his thoughts. He realized he would never get used to Bonnie being a witch/vampire hybrid. But could he call her that? Sure, she was a witch who died with vampire blood in her system, but he felt she was something more, something unknown, something dangerous.

It was something that wasn’t expected or planned. It just…happened. One moment Bonnie was alive and fine, then suddenly she was keeling over holding her stomach, blood soaking through her ivory blouse.

Klaus looked away from Bonnie as if he was witnessing it again. He pinched his eyes closed not wanting the memories to continue. It hurts. It hurts deeply to know they made her into this.

The sound of crumbling plastic caught Klaus attention. He turned around seeing a well fed Bonnie. “We didn’t have O negative. I know that’s your favorite.”

Bonnie shrugged. “It’s fine.”

Klaus went to say more but paused when he heard footsteps coming into the study. By the look of fury on Bonnie’s face, he knew exactly who it was.

“Niklaus, give us the room.”

Klaus noticed Bonnie flinch when Elijah spoke. He felt his dead heart break seeing the sight.

He closed in on Bonnie startling her. He placed both hands on the side of her face and placed a chaste kiss on her forehead. “Thank you, sister.” He whispered against her skin. With those parting words, Klaus vamped out the room leaving Bonnie and Elijah alone.

Elijah closed the door but kept his eyes on Bonnie. He swallowed the lump in his throat and fiddled with his daylight ring.

“Bonnie.” The taste of her name sent shivers down his spine. He hadn’t said her name in two years. He hadn’t seen her in two years. And yet he had the pleasure doing both at this moment.

Bonnie was shaking all over but kept her tone as neutral as possible. “Elijah.”

The silence in the room was deafening. They could only stand and stare. Someone needed to say something. Someone needed to do something. That something was Bonnie leaving.

The witch straightened her leather jacket and walked briskly towards the door.

Elijah breath hitched seeing her come forward. He didn’t want her to leave, not yet. He needed to do something. He needed to say something.

“Why did you save me?”

That got her attention. Bonnie eyes widened owlishly at the Original.

Elijah stared down at the little woman and by the gods she was beautiful. The last time he seen her, her hair was cut into a bob. It was now long, well past her shoulders, wavy in a richer chocolate hue. Green eyes as shining emeralds complimenting her almond skin complexion. Her high cheeks were dusted in rose and lips pink as petals. She wore immortality beautifully.

“I don’t have time for this, Elijah.” Her scowl deepened as the seconds passed by. “Let me out.”

“Bonnie…I…” Elijah rubbed his forehead. “I didn’t want this to happen…to us. I never…” He shook his head pinching his eyes closed. “I didn’t know they would bring you into this.” He finally said completely changing the subject. Shockingly that irritated Bonnie more.

Bonnie rolled her eyes. “It made sense.” She shrugged. “I’m a Bennett witch and my blood and yours are tied to one another. After all,” She smiled ruefully. “You are my sire.”

Her tone was dripping with venom and disdain. It was acid pouring on his chest seeping through his flesh eating at his bones and into his heart.

“Words can never come close to describe how sorry I am that I hurt you.” He shook his head. “I never wanted to hurt you.”

“But you did!” Bonnie bellowed. “I was dead, Elijah. I was killed in front of those stone steps outside the compound.” She breathed in heavily. “I should have stayed dead but I’m this.” She motioned to herself. “I told you and everyone else if I died, let it be. But you totally went against my wishes.”

Elijah shook his head seeing the images of Bonnie limp body on the stone steps bleeding out heavily. “I didn’t want to lose you.” He stepped towards the trembling witch. “I couldn’t stand seeing you motionless. I couldn’t stand being in a world without you.” He admitted. “It was selfish on my part -”

“Extremely selfish!”

“What would you have me to do?” The Original hollered loudly. “Bury you in your garden? Watch dirt pile on your coffin? Let you leave my life -”

“I expected you to respect my wishes! That was my choice, not yours, not anybody! It was mine and you took that from me.” Bonnie fingers clenched beside her. “What did you say before? You didn’t want to lose me? You mean lose me like after you turned me into this monster? Lose me like you and your family pushed me out!” Bonnie blinked back her angry tears.

“You had Davina, my own student, bring me back for a few moments. Just enough time to put your foul blood into my system to turn me.” Bonnie paced like a furious lioness keeping her eyes on Elijah. “I wake up confused and have the most burning sensation in my throat and this ravenous hunger. I wake up as a hybrid.”

“Bonnie -”

“You and Klaus hold me down and forced Davina’s blood in me, so I wouldn’t let myself die. That’s twice you ignored my wishes. It took months to even fathom the thought of being what I am.” Angry streaks of tears fall from her eyes. “When I semi get my head around what I am, you give me the cold shoulder?”

“It wasn’t like that.”

“No?” Bonnie scoffed. “So you didn’t ignored me for weeks then? You didn’t deny to touch me, to kiss me, to fuck me.”

“Stop this.” Elijah begged brokenly. “Please.”

“And then got everyone to turn away from me. Then kicked me out of what I thought was my home with my family!” A sob broke through her lips. “All of you left me alone. You had me to figure out what I am by myself. I had no one!”

A lone tear fell down the Original’s cheek seeing the aching pain and hurt radiating from her. “Bonnie…I have no excuse to what we did to you. We just didn’t want to cause you more pain. We thought…” He shook his head. “I thought you’d be better on your own. I was disgraced with my selfish actions. In the process of needing you with me and then never getting to chance to tell you…” He stopped himself.

Bonnie eyebrows pinched together noticing his silence. Then it clicked. “Don’t you dare.” Bonnie shook her head back and forth. “You have no right.” More tears fell down her cheeks. “I’ve waited for you to say those words. Don’t you dare fix your disgusting mouth and say it now!”

“But it’s true Bonnie.” He stepped closer to her. “I left you, pushed you, have my family turn away from you, because I love you. We love you. We couldn’t stand seeing how unhappy you were. We seen your anger, your resentment, your sadness, your darkness…and it was all our fault.” Elijah stood directly in front of her placing his hands on her tear stained cheeks. “I wanted you to have a good life outside of our family. We put you through so much. I couldn’t stand -”

“Exactly! You couldn’t stand it!” Bonnie ripped her face away from his touch. “Both decision wasn’t for me, it was for you. YOU couldn’t stand being without me. YOU couldn’t let me die. YOU couldn’t deal with my unhappiness. YOU wanted your pain to go away, not mine.” Bonnie chest heaved harshly. “Both decisions involving my life you made on your own and have me suffer both times because of your selfishness!”

Elijah eyes pinched shut as the tears broke through his long lashes. The truth was laid out for him. The truth that he refused to see for so long. Everything the Bennett witch was painfully true. He was selfish. His true nature broke through the flesh and fur of the noble stag creating a new monster.

“I love you, Bonnie.” He opened his eyes, brown eyes swimming with sorrow. “I love you. I stand here before you telling you this, here and now. I know I made you wait then -”

“Stop.” The witch held up her hand. “Just stop.” She wiped her cheeks. “I’ve been there for you for how long in my human days? You had feelings for me. I had feeling for you. We kissed, we loved, we couldn’t control ourselves but you never said those three words I longed for.” Bonnie smiled solemnly. “And now you say it after what you’ve done to me. Now is the time you say it? It took you this long?”

Elijah bowed his head raking his thick fingers through his hair. “I don’t let people in.”

“Because you never tried!” Anger coiled tightly within her. “I gave myself to you. All of me!” She jabbed her finger repeatedly on her chest. “You never did the same for me. You kept me at arms length at all times.”

“I was trying to protect you.”

“From what exactly? From me being hurt?” Bonnie jibed nastily. “How very sweet of you, you noble man you.”

Elijah turned away from Bonnie pinching the bridge of his nose. “What we had was not simple, Bonnie. It wasn’t simple to just be with you.”

“But it was simple enough crawling into my bed.” Bonnie ticked her crooked jaw. “Was it simple enough to get on top of me? Should I have opened my legs wider for you, sire?”

“Stop it!” Elijah whirled around in rage pointing towards her. “Don’t you dare demean my love for you.”

Bonnie shook her head sadly at the Original. “You did that on your own, Elijah. I only wanted to be with you.” Another flood a tears streamed down her face. “I loved you.” A sob escaped her lips. “I love you.” Elijah went to hold her but Bonnie stepped back. “But you denied me a chance to love. You denied me the chance to die. And you denied me the chance to live." 

The witch bit the insider of her cheek holding in her sobs. "You hurt me.” She hiccuped. “You all did.” She said to the rest who she knew were listening. “And I will never forgive you for that, any of you.”

“Bonnie…please let m -”

“Goodbye, Elijah.” Bonnie moved around the stunned Original and left out the room.

When he heard the door shut, Elijah closed his eyes letting his dead heart come undone as he heard the love of his life footsteps move farther away from the study. 

Bonnie kept her head down walking down the steps to the front door. She could smell their tears. She hear their sniffles. She could feel their heart breaking, but the witch didn’t couldn’t find herself to care to look. They deserved this. This was only a fraction of what she felt and been through.

Almost to the door Bonnie stopped. She cursed herself for the moment of weakness. Slowly, she turned towards them. 

Davina was tucked into Kol’s arms back towards her. Finn and Marcel sat across from each other but looking at nothing but space. Hayley holding Hope close to her chest rocking her slowly. She didn’t miss the wetness from her red flush cheeks. Freya sat on the arm of the couch next to Finn, blond hair curtained her face filled with regret and shame. 

And lastly, Klaus was standing on the right of her. He was the only one that was looking at her. Red and wet eyes, tears running slowly down his face. This hurts really bad, she thought. 

Bonnie turned away and opened the door letting the cold brush across her heated face. Before she stepped a foot out the door, she felt someone grab her hand. She turned back seeing it was Klaus.

Klaus squeezed her hand into his not wanting to let go. “We did love you, Bonnie.” Bonnie felt another tear roll down her cheek. “We still do.”

The witch looked around her seeing everyone looking at her seeing their love for her shining through. She could feel it. Bonnie’s eyes lifted to the top of the stairs seeing Elijah staring down at her. Chocolate eyes begging for her to stay. Eyes begging her to forgive him, be with him, love him.

But she couldn’t. She didn’t have the strength to love him, any of them. Not after what they did, she could never.

Bonnie broke her hand free from Klaus’ grasp and walked out the Mikaelson compound leaving her past behind and finally able to live in her present.

She didn’t know what was going to happen next in her life, but she knew she would find a way on her own. She was all she had.

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For @kylerinvention because best friend needed a sick!Derek story and seriously has read EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. So you fucking bean you, for all the beautiful art you do for people (including me) here is a fic just for you! :)


Shut Up and Cuddle Me

By: @nogitsunelichen

Wordcount: 2389

Summary: Stiles was such a mother hen when he wanted to be, if he wanted to be. Like honestly he was taking liberties people! “Operation Coddle The Shit Out of Sick Derek” was in full effect.


It was a Monday.

Stiles fucking hated Mondays, they are always so slow. It didn’t matter if he woke up at the same time as normal, it didn’t matter if he took an extra minute in the shower, it didn’t matter if he ate a PopTart for breakfast (which he totally did this morning). The day always seemed to go slower than the six other days of the week. He always caught himself looking at the clock and watching the hands move at a snail’s pace. He could probably learn to knit and finish three sweaters by the time it changed hours.

What made it the worst Monday though, was the fact actually nobody has talked to him all day.

It’s how he found himself just driving to the loft because someone was bound to be there and Stiles would probably find something to do with them. Well accept Peter…he’d turn tail and run as fast as possible away from that man. Even thinking about him gave Stiles the creeps. Like up and down the spine creeps someone gets from watching a horror movie.

The thought of Scott watching The Blair Witch Project is a very good example of how much Peter creeped him out. Also recalling how Scott actually cried into a blanket amused him.

A giggle left his lips at the memory, walking up to the loft door and sliding it open casually as his free hand had his keys spinning aimlessly on his fingers.

“Knock knock? Any wolves in the–?” Stiles called out, stopping short at the scene in front of him.

Tissues. There were fucking tissues everywhere, it looked like the Kleenex factory had a literal explosion in the middle of the loft. All crumpled up and strewn about without a care in the world. On top of that there was an abandoned blanket on the floor by the couch, and upon further inspection it had arm holes…it was a Snuggie. It was a goddamn Snuggie in the middle of Derek Hale’s loft.

Bottles of water, half empty (wait…or half full?) or barely touched were littering the coffee table and desk. A bowl full of something mushy looking sat on the floor between the Snuggie and the couch, looking like it’s been cold for quite a while. Much to Stiles’ surprise the TV was on for once (although muted), and to further his surprise Buffy The Vampire Slayer was playing.

His jaw hung open, slack, his chin practically kissing the ground at this point.

It took him a moment to comprehend the shuffling of feet to his left followed by a few sniffles. Stiles felt his neck nearly snap as he turned to the source of the noise finding it to be Derek.

Although it was Derek it wasn’t his Derek.

No no no; this Derek was wearing joggers, a sweater with fucking thumb holes, and to put the icing on the cake he was wearing mismatched socks. This Derek had a red nose that could put Rudolf to shame and raspy breathing that made his Jeep sound like an angel.

“Holy–what the fuck? Derek?” Stiles gasped, barely remembering to close the door before rushing to check him over. “Is it wolfsbane? Mistletoe? Something you don’t know? Should we be calling Deaton right now? Are you okay?” He babbled, running his hands over Derek to feel up any bullet, arrow, or freakin’ missile wound he may have.

Totally not copping a feel at the guy’s Adonis like physique.

Not at all.

Derek growled at him, eyes flashing blue for a second before weakly flickering back to their green…no blue…no kinda brown…whatever color they naturally were, the growl morphing into a wheezing cough that hurt Stiles’ chest just by it’s sound.

“N-No,” the older man huffed, looking at Stiles with his classic furrowed caterpillar brows, “just sick.”

“Sick? Like…me sick? Like human sick? You’re a freakin’ werewolf how are you sick!?” Stiles asked, placing his hands on his hips while simultaneously jutting his head forward to hear the impending answer.

Derek still looked unimpressed, “some strains of flu take longer for us to heal. I caught one.”

And…and that was a surprisingly simple answer. It made sense.

He took a moment, looking over Derek again before throwing himself into action. Grabbing the man’s shoulders he lead him to the couch, shoving him down until he was sitting. Of course he fluffed the pillows until they were what he would call “optimal fluffiness” before settling them in such a way which would keep Derek’s head elevated. Of course he proceeded to made it so the werewolf was laying down before grabbing the Snuggie and tucking in the guy like a little burrito, of course using the arm holes (because Stiles needed the mental image of Derek wearing it, it was necessary!).

By the time he was done Derek looked broody as usual but less green at the gills.

“I’m gonna get you water, then I’m gonna make you soup. Do you have stuff in your kitchen?” Stiles asked, pushing the sleeves on his hoodie up to his elbows. Though Derek kept glaring he sniffled and nodded, reaching out for a box of tissues. Of course being a gentleman Stiles pulled the coffee table within reach before unmuting the TV and handing Derek the remote as well.

He wasn’t out of the living space when he heard Derek say, “I like rice in soup, not noodles.”

“That’s just freakin’ adorable dude,” Stiles whined, a grin splitting his face as he entered the kitchen. It didn’t take long at all for him to gather up everything he would need, hell the man even had fancy spices to work with. Honestly up until this point he pegged Derek for a frozen meal kind of guy but then again this kitchen didn’t even have a microwave.

He chopped up onions, garlic (because honestly that was the best for sicknesses, his mother swore by it), herbs, and of course the leftover chicken he’d found in the fridge. Sure…it might’ve had a post-it on it with Isaac’s name scribbled out in chicken scratch handwriting, but hey Derek was sick. There were bigger priorities for this leftover chicken than to be shoved down that scarf wearing douche’s maw okay?

Stiles felt no remorse when he put the cubed up meat into the soup.

The longest part was the rice, but hey by the time it was done Derek finished his water and got through an episode. Carefully he ladled some into a bowl, grabbing a spoon from a drawer as well as a straw from the junk drawer before returning to the ill wolf.

“Alright,” he sighed and batted at Derek’s legs to make space for him to sit, once doing so he used the spoon and got some of the soup onto it, holding it up for Derek to eat.

“You’re not feeding me soup.”

Stiles rolled his eyes, “dude just open your mouth and eat the soup. You should rest.”

“I’m not a baby I can–,” Derek snapped, pausing as his eyes got puffy and watery. Stiles was about to get Deaton on speed dial when the werewolf let out a gnarly sneeze, face scrunching up and his snot spray literally going everywhere.

“Don’t die…I can’t have that, not after I made you really good soup,” he pleaded while grabbing a tissue and wiping at Derek’s nose where snot had almost begun to drip. The man groaned, his head falling back onto the pillows. “Yeah I know this isn’t fun, but hey…here comes the Stiles soup train!”

He held up the soup spoon again making a “choo-choo” noise to go with it.  

Derek growled, “shut the fuck up Stiles.”

Stiles narrowed his eyes and shoved the spoon to Derek’s lips harshly.

Thankfully Derek took the bite, humming as he ate the soup. After that it was a fairly painless process of silent “Stiles feeding Derek soup” time, Netflix filling the void of silence, and his fingers being burnt off by the heated ceramic bowl the soup was in. Eventually Derek ate all the soup, drinking most of the broth before saying he was full.

The bowl was abandoned on the coffee table and though he wasn’t asked he moved back on the couch so he was opposite of Derek, those cute ass mismatched socks on his lap. Stiles was taking liberties here people! He took the liberty of giving Derek a foot rub which was definitely something he didn’t get when he got sick.

Although…it was kind of hard not to think about the little moans Derek would make when Stiles dug his thumbs into a certain spot, kneading the tense part of his feet. He was a big boy though and he could do his best to ignore those noises and definitely not rock a semi right now.

“Why Buffy? I kinda figured you weren’t much of a TV guy, this was more of a thing for Isaac,” he asked when the credits for an episode rolled.

Derek froze, coughing a little before answering with, “Laura used to put it on when one of us got sick.”

Stiles nodded, focusing his wide eyes on finishing his foot rub. That…that wasn’t what he expected to come out of Derek’s mouth. The guy never talked about his family, like never ever never. He understood though, he hated talking about his mom. Hated when he had to use past tense when he did…

“Well,” he said with pep in his voice to get rid of this cloud that suddenly hung over them. He searched for something else he could do because he’s basically done everything. “Operation Coddle The Shit Out of Sick Derek” was pretty much done.

Step one: snuggle him up.

Step two: feed him soup.

Step three: pamper him a lil’.

He could make a step four, he was nifty like that. So when he remembered how touchy feely Scott got after Allison broke up with him the idea of cuddling Derek was too much to resist. Gnawing his lower lip he took a chance and kicked his shoes off, one of his chucks flipping under the couch in the process. Stiles flailed a bit (obviously, duh) as he wedged himself between the couch cushions and Derek’s side, wrapping his arms and legs around the guy like an octopus.

“Stiles,” Derek said, “what the hell are you doing?”

“Cuddling you, what do you think I’m doing?” Stiles barked, arching a brow as he craned his neck up to meet with the guy eye to eye.

“Why are you cuddling me?”

He rolled his eyes, “dude I know werewolves. They get all touch hungry when they’re sad or worried…and I assume sick too. Plus if you’re worried I’m gonna get sick from you, I won’t. Stilinski’s have pretty strong immune systems.”

“I wasn’t worried,” Derek deadpanned.

“Gee thanks Der-Bear–”

“Seriously shut up and cuddle me,” Derek said, his head falling back onto the pillows once again, leaving Stiles a bit taken back.

It took a moment but his brain went from highly malfunctioning to giddy and loopy in seconds, his head resting comfortably on the rock solid chest muscle Derek possessed. They probably stayed like that forever, like honestly Stiles had no way of telling time since this loft seemed to have no clocks. Hell his phone was in his butt pocket but his hands were feeling up Derek’s side so like…checking time wasn’t a priority for him.

Of course Derek relaxed after a while, eventually leaning into the touch Stiles was giving and man was that a good feeling. A really good feeling he wouldn’t mind exploring when Derek wasn’t an ill puppy and he wasn’t hyperalert for any medical issues at hand. At one point Derek sneezed into his hair and Stiles let out a very high pitched “oh what the fuck man?”.

Derek had flicked his ear in retaliation.

Now though, the sun was almost set, giving the loft a purplish glow as they finished season 5 of Buffy. Stiles was about to reach for the remote and press accept on the next season’s episode button when a yawn vibrated from Derek’s chest, a high noise coming from his mouth.

“‘leepy,” Derek groaned, rubbing his half lidded eyes.

Stiles wanted to kiss his eyelids….he’s also never had a weirder impulse in his life.

“Okay big guy, bedtime,” Stiles nodded as he peeled himself off Derek.

He stood up, turning off the TV before helping Derek up. Stiles had to support a lot of the guy’s two hundred pound dead weight muscle, sleep obviously was much needed here. The whole situation reminded him of the pool and how he had to support the guy then too. However this time they weren’t in eight feet of water and the possibility of drowning couldn’t happen. Crossing the room he settled the werewolf into his bed, pulling the covers …shit what is this egyptian silk?… back so he could once again tuck Derek in.

God the guy looked almost as pale as him when sick, eyes rimmed with dark circles, and his nose tinted the cutest red. Stiles was totally taken back but focused on making sure Derek was soft and warm and all tucked in.

“‘Nnghh,” Derek grunted with another yawn, burrowing into the blankets until his eyes barely poked out from under them.

“I’ll be right back,” Stiles said, wiping the matted hair off Derek’s forehead before making his way to the bathroom.

Upon looking through the drawers and cabinets he found what could be the smallest basket of medical supplies he’s ever seen. Honestly he had maybe one gauze pad but there was for some reason NyQuil was there. He didn’t question it as he pulled it out and looked at the back side for the measurements.

Wait…was it different with a werewolf? How much would he have to up the dosage? Stiles pulled out his phone, scrolling through before finding the right contact to call. After a few monotone rings the other line picked up and he sighed.

“Hey Melissssssa,” Stiles said in a sing-song voice, “how much NyQuil should you give a fully grown werewolf with the flu?”

“Are you kidding me?”

Pretty Woman


Spring time in New Orleans quite lovely . You hadn’t been here since you were young teenager visiting your with your mothers boyfriends family. Your mothers boyfriend was now your step father and you had been invited to his niece Ambers wedding. Your cringed at the thought , you didn’t much care for Amber or the that she was having some fancy smancy event to parade around .

Amber had a few good qualities one being she was all about charity , even if she did it for selfish reasons and to make herself look like kind soul. You knew better , you rolled your eyes dressing in your best clothes to attend her auction. Thankfully your sister Kim was at your side to make going at least bearable.

Part of the auction was auctioning off dates with you and a few other girls . Your were pretty plain , although you didn’t need much makeup not to toot your own horn (toot) you were beautiful just the same .

The place holding the auction was packed , you and and Kim signed in and went out behind the curtain to find seats. Everyone was so dressed up you felt like a very plain needle in a gold plated hay stack. You messed with the sheet of paper rolling it and un Rolling it nervously.

“You look beautiful y/n , And even somewhat dressed up” Amber clapped , blinking her false eyelashes and smiling showing way to much teeth . “Some nice young suitor will snag you right up… You haven’t had the best luck at relationships, I told Walters friend if no one bid to bid for me”

You smiled smugly getting ready to open your mouth and Kim nudged you trying to bite her own tongue as well . She whispered be nice with a chuckle , sitting down beside you.

“Oh wow” Kim pointed out behind the curtain

A few men and a woman came in sitting down out front . one in a suit hair slicked back neatly and the other dressed up but not overly done his hair was a bit more free and wispy short curls on top of his head . The girl came out back and joined the rest of you girls , you nervously smiled as she sat down on the other side of you.

“These things are ridiculous , if they weren’t for a good cause … Hi I’m Freya Mikaelson” she smiled handing me her delicate hand.

you placed yours in hers gently smiling “y/n and this is my sister Kimberly”


The auctioneer first auctioned off a few trinkets and donated items before Amber came out back and told you all to be ready and smiling .
The curtain opened and you felt hot, not like a good hot… like holy crap there were a lot of people here hot.

Each girl got auctioned off , Freya gave you a light tap whispering good luck as she had to go join one of the older men at the bar.

You stood up with an awkward smile standing up with the auctioneer . You tried to look down but caught Ambers eyes and her mouthing chin up and smile on.

“200$” one man shouted

“500” said another

“700” the first man shouted again

“800” said the other again

You were flattered but shocked listening to these two men going back and forth . You assumed the first one was ambers finances friend.

“5000” one of the men who came in with Freya stood up shrugging knowing he won , he smiled up at you cheekily

you looked back at Kimberly who motioned for you to go , you were in shock . You walked down over the steps carefully . Ambers jaw was dropped and looked at the auctioneer confused .

Then man met you at the end holding his hand out , you gave it to him as he knelt down placing a soft kiss on your knuckles .

“Hello love , my name is Klaus Mikaelson” he looked up you smiling .

You only ever heard of the mikaelsons they were like royalty around here , you never thought you would be meeting two in the same night , let alone Klaus.

“Y/n , I’m nobody really… I’m just here for cousin Amber” you blushed slowly taking your hand back

“Ah, Amber does know how to set up these quite miraculous charity events , of course they don’t hold a candle to my sister Rebekah’s . I didn’t know she had a cousin as beautiful as you” he held his arm out so you could link yours in .

“Well , we are not blood . My mother married her uncle” you smirked linking your arm in with his . God he smelled fantastic , and his accent made your heart flutter .

“So y/n, nobody really …” He mocked teasingly as you rolled your eyes playfully. “We are having a little charity event ourselves tomorrow night . As my date , That I generously paid for … Even though love I would have asked you if I knew you before you signed up to be dealt off like cattle…”

“Moo” you teased back , you walked with him over to the bar and he grabbed you two champagne .

Kim made her way over to you with a cheeky smile , standing beside you . Klaus looked at you and smiled at her obviously noticing the similarities between the two of you.

“May I steal my sister just for a minute “ She pulled you aside ,

Klaus nodded giving you a wink . You stepped aside with Kim looking confused on what she had to tell you right now , that she couldn’t tell you later on.

“ Amber is literally throwing a tantrum out back over how klaus Mikaelson picked you ! I guess he is kind of a big deal around here… And not to mention go you , he’s hot”

You blushed looking over in the corner of your eye noticing he was talking with Freya and the man he came in with peeking back at you raising his glass giving you a slight smile.

“ well , she is getting married … She shouldn’t be to jealous ?” You laughed rolling your eyes , you couldn’t stand Amber

“ well you enjoy the rest of your night, I need to go find my date… Some guy named roger” she motioned her finger to her lips pretending to gag .

You laughed giving her a gently shove , you slowly made your way back over towards Klaus .

“Well this must be the beautiful y/n” the man with Klaus smiled softly sharing the same accent bowing his head

“Y/n, this is my brother Elijah… And I’m sure you met Freya” he motioned and she smiled back at you

“Brother tells us that you are in town for your cousins wedding. Is this your first time in New Orleans?”

“No , my step father actually is from here… I haven’t been here in years though it’s just as beautiful as I remember ” you smiled , not sure what else to say …you were nervous enough as is .

“If you’ll excuse us brother , sister” Klaus set down his glass also taking your empty one out of your hands setting them on the tray of a server passing by. Klaus smiled offering his arm and you linked yours with his.

“It was nice meeting you” you smiled before walking off with Klaus .

“Let’s get out of this stuffy place , I would very much like to just talk to you without being interrupted ” Klaus stopped grabbed his jacket off the back of his chair.

You went outside a slight chill ran down your spine . Klaus un linked your arm and put his jacket over your shoulders and smiled at you . Your heart fluttered thanking him , re linking your arm in his .

You and Klaus walked around for a few hours , just talking about family and just foolish little things . Mostly you talking and him listening putting his two cents in everyone in a while . It got to the point where your feet were getting tired and it was late . Klaus walked to back to the hotel you were staying at with your sister . Who you knew would be spying on you through the peep hole .

“ I am very glad Freya talked me into going to the auction tonight love” he looked to your lips then looked right back up straight into your eyes

“I had a good time , I’m glad it was you and not those other two…”

You smiled taking off his coat handing it to him , as his eyes looked down to your hands taking the jacket in his own . you cupped your hand on his cheek giving him a soft peck on the lips turning facing the door getting to open it .

“ y/n , Ill have a car pick you up tomorrow evening . Your sister is more than welcome to come as well” he looked up winking at the peep hole .

“What exactly should I be wearing to this event?” You looked down realizing besides the outfit you were wearing you only had one other dress picked out for the wedding with you.

You turned back around noticing Klaus was no longer there , you sighed sliding the key in the door to Kim standing waiting for you with a huge smile on her face .

“So!?!?!” She hopped as you took your shoes off , and started to strip yourself of your dress tossing it in a ball slipping on your pjs.

“He’s charming , not bad to look at , and why me ? Out of all those girls up there with us tonight … He chose plain Jane awkward me…”

“Y/n you are beautiful , seriously you don’t give yourself enough credit … Five thousand dollars to just go on a date with you … That seems insane , but your worth every penny and than some”

You crawled into bed rolling your eyes and fell asleep dreaming of the night you just had


You woke up the next morning to a knock on the door , Kim groaned getting out of bed yawning opening the door . You sat up puzzled you weren’t expecting anyone , Kim backed away as two men one carrying a Vase of red roses and the other a long box ,setting the flowers on the dresser and the other box on the bed .

Kim looked at you eyes wide grabbing the card attached to the roses handing it to you . You opened up the card.

“ In case you can’t find anything to wear , this should do just fine . See you tonight y/n , nobody really – klaus”

You looked at Kim handing her back the card , opening the box on the bed revealing the most beautiful dress you had ever seen. You pulled it out carefully, the gown sweeping floor. It was sheer chiffon, lined with lustrous satin. pale champagne in color and a plunging neckline and V-shaped back, whilst an intricately embellished crystal waistband and rows of white sequins and golden microbeads.

You couldn’t help but gasp, Kim sat down eyes wide looking at the dress than at you.

“It’s just like pretty woman , except well your not a hooker… Oh my god y/n” she squealed .

You smiled to yourself looking the dress over , holding it up to your body smiling ear to ear .

The rest of the day consisted of Kim dolling you up , you weren’t much for makeup and updo’s but you wanted to look the best you could . Although you thought it would be impossible to out shine the beauty of your dress.

Kim put your hair in place and touched up a few spots on your face , helping you slide on the beautiful gown. She zipped the back and turned you facing the mirror . You barely recognized your self , you felt like a princess .

Kim hugged you wiping stray tears , looking beautiful even her self in her simple gown.
Another knock on the door you assume it was the driver two men stood there guiding you and Kim out side . They opened the door to a old fashioned carriage buggy.

“Y/n , you must have made a very good impression” Kim Squeezed your hand as the two men helped you in .

“This is all insane , pinch me” you flinched as Kim did giggling .


You arrived to a compound , you heard the music first getting out of the buggy . Kim following behind you. You glided in looking around the room decorated with string lights. You started fidgeting nervously as you were getting many looks from the rest of the guests . Kim spotted the bar and headed towards it . You sighed at the fact she just left you alone.

You turned almost running right into Klaus who was about to tap your shoulder . He looked at you like no other man had before . You blushed , as he took your hand from fidgeting .

“ you look magnificent in that dress” he twirled you onto the dance floor putting his hand on your lower back.

” you must be a pretty big deal, I can’t help but notice the looks you are getting”

“Oh love , they are not looking at me” he dipped you , you lay back gracefully

“Thank you , for all this …” You met his gaze as he brought you back to face him he smiled

“Y/n , a woman as beautiful as you should be treated like the princess that you are” his hot breath grazed your neck as he pulled you a little closer .

you looked around realizing everyone but you were dressed in either black or white , including your sister . Who was chatting it up with Freya at the bar , obviously talking about the two of you .

Elijah tapped Klaus , he excused himself and went to the side to talk to his brother . A stray hair fell , Klaus came back to you gently brushed it behind your ear .

“ something came up , family matter … I will return shortly make your self at home” he kissed your temple and left you standing there .

Making your way over to Kim , getting your self a glass swallowing it in one gulp. You were curious , and figured he offered so you decided to go for a walk around the place. The compound was huge .

You walked past the room where Elijah and Klaus were discussing killings that we’re going on ,

“Elijah , this is our city… we are the originals… The Mikaelsons Keep the wolves in check and I’ll have Marcel the rebellion vampires.”klaus’s voice beamed slamming his fist shatter a glass . His hand bled for a second before healing itself .

“Brother , I’ll handle it…”

Before listening to much more you kept walking, trying to find the bathroom. Vampires , You knew this was too good to be true .

You stepped into a room that clearly was a mans bedroom but was full of paintings , your jaw dropped in aw. Your hand graced a few and you felt you were not alone. You turned around and Klaus stood in the door way .

“I’m sorry , I was looking for the bathroom and…” You tripped your heart racing , his arms caught you raising your chin up to meet his face.

“Love , I told you to make your self at home … You don’t need to apologize”

“ did you … Paint these”

“Yes , it’s a little hobby of mine…” He smiled proudly

Your eyes twinkled looking all around you and back at Klaus . Who was just inches in front of you walked out on the balcony looking out into the city smiling.

“It is quite beautiful isn’t it”

“Yes you are love” klaus stood beside you , “ I need to be completely honest with you… I’m not exactly what I seem to be”

“I heard” you stepped back , “ you’re a vampire… Or a werewolf… Or whatever” you back now against the fencing of the balcony.

“Actually I am a hybrid , my siblings are vampires… Well excluding Freya … She’s a witch” he said softly , a little embarrassed noticing you became a little uneasy.

You sighed awkwardly fidgeting , not sure what to say noticing the smile klaus once had now in a line. He stepped toward you with his arm out, afraid you’d reject his touch at first, but placed his large hand on your wrist when he saw you wouldn’t jerk away.

You swallowed the lump of passion in your throat to muster enough strength in your voice to speak.

“ you won’t hurt me, if you wanted to you have had plenty of chances” You grabbed his face, pulling him down to you, his hands finding your waist. The butterflies in your stomach refusing to calm themselves.

You slowly pulled away , throwing your self back towards him as he picked you up wrapping your legs around his waist . Gently pushing you against the wall deepening his kiss , he pulled away kissing your neck.

You moaned wanting more pulling at his suit jacket and your tiny fingers unbuttoning his shirt . He wiggled it off tossing it on the floor . You had never had sex with a vampire before let alone a hybrid. You were a little nervous , but your lady bits didn’t care.

He spun you around gently unzipping your dress kissing in between your shoulders gently sliding it down your body . You turned wondering why he had stopped , he was looking you all over. Your fingers explored his chest, your fingers spreading to get the full feeling of his muscles.

He gently lifted you placing you on the bed . Sliding down his pants while kissing your lips, kicking them off revealing his constricted length . He climbed on top of you positioning himself between your legs . You reached behind you unclasping your bra throwing that to the floor.

Klaus laid you back smiling kissing his way down your body , pulling down your panties tossing them aside . He gently pulled your bottom half to the edge of the bed . he was almost drooling, diving in between your legs, his mouth devouring you. You squeaked, pushing his head further into you, his other hand holding yours tightly.

“Klaus” You whimpered as he licked and nipped your nub, you tugged on him wanting him inside you .

He stood up licking his lips , you sat up pulling his briefs down causing his length to spring up hitting him in the stomach. Your eyes were like saucers , klaus chuckled . You wrapped your arms around him pulling him back on top of you reaching down pumping him.

“ you are so god damn beautiful” he took one breast in one hand and the other in his mouth .

He spread your legs, slowly entered your core. You moaned, clenching your walls to get used to the feeling of how big he was. He definitely stretched you out, just that alone gave you so much pleasure.

“Is this ok , am I hurting you” his forehead on yours panting

You held him close , bucking your hips to get him to move . He started at a slow pace grinding and pumping in and out of you . You moved with every thrust wrapping your legs around him. Klaus grunted, feeling your contracting walls around him, squeezing him.
You kissed him again, thrusting your hips up at him to signal for him to move faster . He picked up his pace finding your g-spot . Reaching down rubbing your nub this sent you over he edge.

“Klaus…” You whined which spurred him on to find that spot again, his thrusts getting heavier and heavier.

Your stomach tightened and you lost all control . You were close and how sloppy klaus was getting you knew he was too. Your eyes rolled back, stomach jumping and legs shaking with pleasure as you came around him,he came watching you come undone muffling your cries into his lips .

He pulled away resting his forehead on yours both of you panting trying to catch your breath. He looked you over making sure he wasn’t to rough with you .

“Your guests are probably wondering where you disappeared to” you smiled still trying to catch your breath

“The only one that matters is beneath me” he slowly pulled out of you and both of you moaned at the loss he lay down beside you taking you all in leaning on his side propped up on one arm. “Just when I thought you couldn’t get anymore beautiful”

Your hair was a mess , your make up smudged and he thought you were still beautiful .

“I suppose we should get cleaned up and head back down like you said” he sighed sitting up

You smiled leaning up touching his face “ show me”

“Show you what love”

“Your face” you caressed his cheek , he held his hand on on yours shaking his head. “Please” you smiled placing your forehead on his .

His eyes turned yellowish gold and his veins strewed across his face , he then opened his mouth revealing his fangs . You smiled placing your lips on his , he closed his eyes going back to normal.

You climbed out of bed and into his personal bathroom cleaning up. Your hair was a loss cause so you undid the up do allowing your hair to fall onto your shoulders . You came back out sliding your underwear and bra back on , stepping back into your dress . Klaus came up behind you already dressed , helping you zip it back up. He kissed in between your shoulders ,fixing your straps .

He held out his arm to link with his and you playfully rolled your eyes heading back down into the compound. Kim gave you a knowing look and you shrugged giving her a cheeky grin. Elijah asked her to dance and she agreed waiting until he was back too and gave you the thumbs up .

“ have you ever thought of moving to New Orleans?” Klaus almost whispered in your ear your cheek pressed against his .

“I’ve never had much reason to stay here … Unless A certain someone was to ask ” you looked looked up at him before placing your lips to his cheek. you knew you had just met, but the way you were feeling made you want to stay and get to know him even better.

“ I’ll make the arrangements tomorrow, tonight I would much love for you to share my bed again” his hand lowered on your backside holding you close to him again .

“Well Klaus Mikaelson , I suppose that can be arranged” a you leaned up kissing his lips gently nipping his bottom lip .

Hunters on the Hellmouth


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Chapter 10: Demons

The wipers swished against the gentle summer rain, and Dean grumbled as they idled at a stoplight. “Lightning my ass. There weren’t even any burn marks. If this were home, I’d be leaning toward wraith; but who the the hell knows here. Wounds were too big for a wraith anyway.”

After visiting the morgue to look at the body of someone killed the previous night in what the newspapers were calling a freak act of God, the Winchesters were driving through the rain on their way to Buffy’s for a night of research with the Scoobies. Until they knew how to kill whatever it was, no one was going on patrol.

“Buffy said something about killing a pole dancer demon –”

“I’m pretty sure that’s not what it’s called,” said Sam, flipping through the case file once more.

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Love, Blood, and Fur : chapter 2

Summary: AU. In a world of mythical beasts, finding true love for an 18-year-old Vampire shouldn’t be too hard. But for Lucy, and her sudden attraction to a shy Werewolf, it just got harder. Especially when she can only feed on those she considers friends. Nope, not hard at all.

This was originally an ask, so here’s the fic ^^ Sorry it took so long

Chapter 1

“No.. that won’t work… too girly… when did I even get this? Ugh, there has to be something… aw man, that’s dirty!” Lucy threw the dress on the floor and plopped down on the bed.

“Why is this so hard?! It’s just a movie date..” it was a few days after the party at Zeref’s, and Lucy was preparing for her date with his younger brother. An extremely shy, and undeniably attractive Werewolf. The only problem? She hadn’t seen him since he asked her out.

“Mavis said he was nervous,” she said as she began to hang up the hundreds of clothes in her floor, “so I guess that’s a good thing. But I don’t want him to be afraid to talk to me..”

“Who ya talkin’ to?”

“GAH!” Lucy fell into her pile of clothes, “Oh, hey Cana, what’s up?”

Cana Alberona was a tall brunette who liked to wear as little clothing as possible and smelled heavily like booze. She was also a genius Elf, her magical abilities triumphed in fortune telling.

“What you mumblin’ about? Getting ready for yer date with the itty bitty puppy?” she snorted as she sat in Lucy’s desk chair.

“Don’t call him that,” Lucy finally got all her clothes in the closet, but still didn’t have anything to wear, and she only had.. “HE’LL BE HERE IN HALF AN HOUR?! CANA HELP ME!”

“Geez, don’t yell,” Cana raised the flask to her lips, she kept this one in her bra, “I’ll help ya, sweetie.”

“Yes! Thank you!”

“Here,” Cana dug through Lucy’s underwear drawer until she found a lacy black thong.


“Suuuuure,” Cana just winked at her.

Lucy glared, walking back to her closet when Cana asked, “So does he know yer a Vampire? A type 2, at that.”

Lucy ran her fingers down a scarf hanging on the door, “Probably not. The only way for someone to tell would be my fangs. And it’s not like I’ve been around him all that much.”

“Well that, and yer eyes.”

“My eyes?” she had dark brown eyes, a lot of people had brown eyes.

“Yeah, they’re red,” Cana took the flask out of her pocket and drank.

“..Red?” Lucy ran to her private bathroom to see, “Oh no..”

“Is something wrong?” Cana asked, leaning against the doorway.

“Not really.. it just means I need to feed soon..,” but Lucy’s problem really wasn’t that simple. In order for her to feed means that she has to be close to someone. Close enough to share her secrets with, close enough where she could walk around half nude around them. While she was growing up, she was told it took time for those types of bonds to form. Type 2 Vampires had a sixth sense about their bonds, and could tell the moment that someone became close enough to her.

Cana was getting there, but not quite. Levy was the one she normally fed from, but with her already budding feelings for Gajeel she was untouchable. Mermiad blood was too watery for Vampires, Lucy had never been able to drink from Juvia. Her other friends didn’t live close enough. At home her childhood friend Yukino, who was also a Pixie, was the one she drank from.


She snapped out her daze, “Sorry. Don’t worry about,” she tried to reassure Cana, but felt like she wasn’t doing a good job.

To be honest, Lucy was scared she really would have to go home or to Crocus to see Erza just to feed. How embarrassing.

“Type 2 Vampires don’t go crazy like type 1 when they haven’t fed in a while.. but don’t you get really weak?” Cana was much smarter than she looked.

“I will, but I still don’t need to feed,” she smiled at her reflection, it would still be a few days before she would feel the thirst, “now help me get dressed!”

*knock knock*

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