if i were to believe the rumors about her

I Believe You

“I don’t know if there true.” Your friend says as she takes a sip from her drink. You and a bunch of your close friends were having a ladies night and they were constantly telling you rumors that they’ve heard about your boyfriend.

The night that you thought was going to be amazing made you feel like shit.

“I’m not sure about that rumor but I heard that he’s seeing that one chick from his music video and they meet at his studio. People have seen her by there a couple times.” You bite your lip feeling your heart break with each rumor.

“Ok ok..I think that’s enough. It’s just rumors and she doesn’t have to hear it.” One of your close friends Hye Jin said.

“As her close friends I think she should know. What if he is?” Nari says.

“And what if he isn’t? You honestly don’t know that. People say a bunch of shit.” Hye Jin says rolling her eyes. She turns to you. “Just ask him yourself. I hang out with him and the guys at the club all the time and he’s never looked at another girl before. Even when someone asks him about you his face lights up like a fucking Christmas tree because he gets so happy. So I honestly don’t believe them.” You nod and take a sip from your drink.

“I’ll just ask him when I get home.” You say and get up.


The rest of the night dragged on and you couldn’t wait to go home. Hye Jin was your ride home so you were grateful she had to leave early which meant you got home quicker.

“Don’t worry too much about it.” She said as she dropped you off. You nod and hug her.

“Thanks boo.” You said as you pulled away. “Let me know when you get home. We’re still on for our coffee date tomorrow?” She laughs rolling her eyes.

“Yes and please don’t be late!!” She says wagging her finger at you. You laugh and close the door.

“I won’t!” You say as she opens her passenger window. As you waved goodbye and she left your mood changes as you notice the living room light on in your apartment.

With each step your heart raced until you reached the front door. Unlocking it you take off your shoes and walk into the living room.

“Hey babe.” He says looking up from his laptop with a huge smile on his face. “Did you have fun?”

“Yeah.” You say walking towards him. You contemplated on asking him or just letting it go. But you wanted to know. You weren’t sure if he would tell you the truth but you just wanted confirmation from him. You prayed that it was all lies.

“Are you ok?” He says as you sit down next to him. He puts the laptop aside and pulls you closer to him. You let him as he holds you close. After a second you pull away ready to ask him.

“Can I ask you something?” You say and he nods with a confused look.

“Yeah you could ask me anything.”

“Does the girl from your recent music video come to the studio? Like do you guys keep in contact and still hang out?”

“Not really. She comes to the studio but it’s because shes working on her new album with me and the producers from my company. Why?” You felt the tears as you thought about the late nights he’s spent at the studio. Images of them two together kept popping up in your mind. No wonder why he spent so much time there lately. You thought to yourself.

“A-are you cheating on me?” His eyes widen and he shakes his head no.

“No why would you think that?” You let out the breath you didn’t know you were holding. You shake your head looking away from him as you bite your lip holding in the tears.

“The girls….they were telling me rumors they’ve heard about you….and I just….I don’t know.. you didn’t tell me about her and the late nights” You stuttered not believing him. He places his hands on your cheeks so you can look at him.

“Babe..Whatever they’ve heard it’s lies..I swear to you I’m not cheating on you and I’ve never cheated on you. Why would I go to someone else when I have you? You’re everything to me. Trust me you’re a million times better than her.” You bite your lip as a tear falls down. He wipes it with his thumb and pulls you in for a hug holding you tightly against him. “Don’t cry I swear it’s not true. I love you.”

You didn’t know why but you believed him. Yes if it was any of your past boyfriends you wouldn’t have but he was different. You’ve been cheated on in the past so hearing the rumors from your friends made you doubt everything. But being in his arms and hearing him talk made the doubts go away.

“I believe you.” You mumbled against his skin.

Interview with my OCs and their LIs.

Me: So, I hear you fell pretty hard for the Hero of Ferelden?

Alistair: Oh? Lucia and me? You could say it was love at first Blight.

Lucia Amell: It was the Fifth Blight, Alistair.

Alistair: Pfft, always so literal with you. She knew what I meant. You knew what I meant, right??

Me: About Anders…

Alessa Hawke: Anders? Who’s that?

Anders: *is hiding behind a lampshade*

Me: You know I’m not a Templar, correct?


Me: Cullen, I believe I heard a rumor that you were involved with Warden Commander Amell prior to her conscription. Tell me about that.

Cullen: *looks nervously at Adriana Trevelyan* Uh, I would… Wouldn’t you rather talk about the Inquisitor and myself?

Adriana: Cullen thinks talking about this upsets me. It doesn’t. We all had our young loves. *winks*

Cullen: *smiles and then does a double take* Wait… What? Who?


Me: Well, this was difficult to arrange, but I finally got you both here.

Solas: *tied to chair* Is this necessary?

Niamh Lavellan: Completely.

Me: Do I sense tension between the two lovebirds?

Solas: She is just upset. In time, she will understand.

Niamh: Can we muzzle the Dreadwolf please?

Solas: *sighs*

mintsprigg  asked:

Hey!! Can you tell me a little bit about your favorite book? I hope your day gets better!!

My favorite book would have to be 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher .

The reason I loved 13 Reasons why was due to the fact it depicted something that could happen today. If you haven’t read it or heard about it, the book was (I believe) in the view of Clay (main Character) who found a box addressed to him full of tapes recorded by a girl who had committed suicide. As she talked on the cassette tapes, she gave rules that were not to be broken about said tapes. She then went on to give 13 reasons why she committed suicide, each reason being tied to a specific person who did something to her (like spread a rumor). Each of the reasons were things that teenagers, adults even, would see in everyday life and think nothing of it, and the book just showed how much these little things could impact someone’s life. I don’t want to spoil it in case you ever want to give it a read, but the bullying and rumors that are mentioned are relate able (especially if in high school). All in all, the book was beautifully written in perspectives that most people would never see/hear. The fact that this book will be on netflix made me so happy since those that don’t like reading can still experience what I did. The overall theme of the story had to do with the snowball affect, and it was just amazing.

I tried not to ramble on too much, but seriously, you should give it a read if you haven’t.

Thank you @mintsprigg <3

Ideal Type

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REQUEST:  u guys do smut right? can i get an angsty yoongi smut? thanks



SUMMARY: You hear rumors about this model and Yoongi being together, although you know it’s not true, it really hits your self-esteem.

You sat on the sofa of your empty apartment, it always felt empty without Yoongi. The TV was on but you weren’t really watching, you were too busy reading an article about Yoongi and a model on your phone. She was exactly his ideal type, you however weren’t, he would go to her any day, but stuck around with you.

All these horrible thoughts, you couldn’t believe you were having all these thoughts, you weren’t doubting him, you were just kinda hurt.

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Dear Jezebel,
Please forgive me for everything I said about you in Sunday school. I believed all the rumors.
I never once tried to hear the words from your fire-engine mouth and I am sorry. I’m listening now. I hear your voice on the
wind. Some days you sing to
me. I am finally ready to hear your story.

Dear Jezebel,
I was thirteen years old before anyone ever told me
you were beautiful. The girl who taught me
smelled like spice and perfume and she had a Bible tucked
under her bed like a dirty little secret she was trying
so hard to keep. She only told me I was pretty when
she couldn’t see me but she told me your story with
the lights on. I don’t know if I should thank you
for her, or her
for you.

Dear Jezebel,
Before I was comfortable in my own skin, I always
tried to use your name as my own. I wanted the boys to think
I was a monster who could swallow their hearts. I
wanted them to think they could have wanted me
in the right light.
When I told them I loved them, I wanted them to imagine me
as you. Some days, when I’m feeling daring,
I still do.

Dear Jezebel,
It was almost three thousand years before my birth
when they fed you to the dogs. I’m sorry
they broke you like that. I’m sorry
I wasn’t there. I’m sorry I
couldn’t put the pieces back together. I’m still
trying to put the pieces together. I think it’s
too late. I think it always was.
I’m sorry I never said goodbye.

—  Letters to Jezebel 
by Auriel Haack

Still a bit reluctantly Nirmala decided to take a walk to explore her new homeplace. She couldn’t quite believe that she actually ended up here and the only person responsible for that was dead. It really was a dilemma, so the princess figured she’d rather get to know a few people to finally come up with a getaway plan.

“So, what is this place all about? I still seem to have my freedom”, she sighed rather to herself. “Don’t tell me that it all were just rumors and this place is actually normal. How boring!” The dark-haired leaned on a nearby tree, enjoying the green nature until she finally noticed someone approaching..