if i were to believe the rumors about her

Forbidden Love Sentence Starters
as requested by anon. Feel free to change pronouns or anything else !
  • “We can’t be together…”
  • “What would everyone say if they saw us together right now?”
  • “I have to go home, or my parents will ask questions…”
  • “I wish this wasn’t so hard.”
  • “Don’t freak out, but…I’m engaged to someone. But you’re the one I love!”
  • “Let’s go out in disguises.”
  • “I’m sick of having to throw rocks at your window every night.”
  • “I love you…but I can’t be seen with you.”
  • “No matter how hard we try, this will never work out for us!”
  • “Did you hear the rumors?”
  • “I know you want us to go out and hold hands, and kiss in front of everybody, but it’s more complicated than that.”
  • “Are you ashamed of me?”
  • “I don’t want you to get hurt more because of me. Let’s break up.”
  • “Run away with me.”
  • “I can’t believe I’m saying this…I really, really shouldn’t be, but…I’m in love with you.”
  • “His/her/their hands were all over you! I can’t keep hiding like this!”
  • “No one understands us.”
  • “I might have told someone about us.”
  • “It’s a human thing…wanting what you can’t have.”
  • “I think the only reason you like me is because you’re not supposed to.”
  • “I know you’ll get in trouble for it, but…please stay with me tonight.”
  • “Flirting was bad enough, but now flowers and chocolates are just too far.”
  • “Someone found out about us.”
  • “I’ll tell them soon, I promise. But right now, you need to get in the closet.”
  • “Did I just hear a camera click?”
  • “Whenever you’re with him/her/them, I go crazy.”
  • “I’m supposed to get married tomorrow…”
Jonerys in 7.07 and Beyond :)

Okay so I have gotten a steady flow of asks both positive and worried after the finale so I thought I would just post one, big analysis of Jonerys in the finale for anyone interested in my take on things!

First of all I just want to establish that I loved this episode and it is my favorite of the season. There was much more to love than Jonerys here, but they are what I will focus on for this particular post, and I think this episode solidified their love in a major and lasting way. This is giant so I used a cut. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey you don’t need to answer this I just wanna let you know that I appreciate your blog and the info you put out. From what I see, you always credit sources. Keep doing what you’re doing ☺️

Thank you dear for being informed and not just jump to conclusions. That aside let me give the ones who do not know how I credit or are new to my blog how it’s done. I included recent posts because it seems even after seeing those some people can’t see it: 

There are many ways to credit, and I credit in different ways depending on the nature of the post. Tumblr has the option of adding the source of the post. That’s how Tumblr asks us to credit and that’s how I do it most of the times. because 1: it makes you find the original post easier as it redirects you to the original owner and thus you can then follow and support them. (post HERE)

I can add their page name + link when it’s an edit or a fansite (lately this is how I have been doing it)

When there are many people to credit I search and try to credit them all (post HERE)

Some people credit by adding links in the words in the caption. I do that usually when I make gifs but not commonly for other posts because Tumblr offers the option to delete a caption when you reblog so putting it in the source is the way I am sure the crediting will never be lost (post HERE

T.N: I learned long ago how to make my own gifs and I use other ones in posts that come from Tumblr’s library and use them legally with crediting

For news too I add the source. So how do we get the info like the one below? There is something called Media relations. It refers to the relationship that BIGHIT develops with journalists. Basically, the communication department in BigHit informs journalists that write an article and that’s how we know. Sometimes some journalist gets the info wrong or tries to gain bad fame by saying lies and make their post popular (yes I know, it’s sad. Some people can’t work hard on their own so they lie and try to use someone’s else name). As someone who gives you updates, I get my info from journalists or trustable armys that got the info from them. When it turns to be untrue, I make another post explaining that it was just a lie. 

This blog offer updates that mostly come from another source. It’s normal I am not the owner of it. It’s like you go to ALLKPOP and tell them, take off all your content it’s repost. Does that make sense? When I posts memes I make sure the name is not cropped away, that’s also the same way people on Twitter credit me (because A LOT of my content end up there too. And not just Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, weibo … ) many of my content end up being translated to many languages too and I get soooo happy when other ARMYs get to enjoy it.

AND For this part of the same person going around saying I am Kboo (they are like 3 people but got all the day to send hate asks. or they send ‘please tell me what is kboo, or they say ‘I heard mimi was getting hate what is it) 

So about this post this person contacted me and I told them the following 

But they still kept going around spreading fake rumors. At the time it was all over the American news that North Korea was going to attack. And Americans were joking about it. Now thinking about it, in the long term and out of that time and context it can be used the way this hater used it. As for the whole post many ARMYs liked it and for a looooong time no one found any problem with it until this person made its meaning turn this way (this is the post btw HERE At the time I received many asks from armys being nervous about BTS going to the bbmas and that’s how the idea came to me to make that post. So we can cheer up and say that everything will be fine )

Just after I answered them and edited my post they didn’t answer me again but they went celebrating saying they have an impact. And they felt important. They never felt bad for any race, they weren’t protecting anyone just wishing for someone to notice them here because no one knows them through their blog never made it. They have been talking about this day and night trying to plot how to bring hate

Their goals are to hate on everyone and make content creators delete their posts. The same content creators that make posts about BTS and updates to help this fandom. This is the one who started it even her name have “ANTI” in it. What did you expect? also she is HOMOPHOBIC (not just against ships) and hate JIKOOK shippers

When she found nothing to hate on and realized pple are seeing the truth she went to attack my dear followers aka a big part of the ARMY fandom in this blog 

Aside from Jikook shippers she says she wants to beat up all shippers. Seriously, guys, this is the person you have been believing. creating an account and turning all our fandom here into a war when we could be enjoying waiting for Mic Drop tmrw

After people called her out for her lies and why she bullies blogs and spread hate and thinks people are dumb to believe every screenshot she puts and paints another color. She changed her URL.That’s what she does. Start inner fanwars and then change her URL like nothing happened. If she was really honest will she do that?

For this post below, it was edited in a way to make me pass for a colorist or something. At the time haters started rumors about BTS saying they were colorists. I made a post explaining the situation. This person didn’t understand my point. At the time I wanted to keep the positivity, and the post who was trying to correct ideas took other proportions about the term so I decided to take it down. To not let the people in the comments feel ‘shut down’ I decided to contact them and told them ‘i will turn the article private/delete it if you want to discuss the situation more I will be glad. One of my followers was happy and we talked peacefully. Another one was no matter what I said had this idea that I was against them. I kept telling them I understand their point and that colorism is bad we should never judge someone on their skin or show favoritism. They used a definition that was not fitting if we wanted to talk about colorism is Korea. I told them I was very pale and was bullied for it in the past so I know how it feels to get treated that way. The discussion with that person was going nowhere, it was like I was talking a wall. So I just told them. I will end the discussion here. But that person took the discussion and edited out to make me look bad. If they read this I hope they post the whooooole thing. 

That person was using this definition. the first one that pops up on google when you write the term and said they did their research

I was trying to tell them that the term today is used both ways. For example in some countries, you are insulted for being pale. but they really edited that out to make me look arrogant. If I was arrogant will I even contact them to ask for their opinion? Why would I care about a comment if I was arrogant? My followers know how I always answer even replies when someone sends me a message I answer them too. Why is it easy to believe lies? That same person received a lot of hate because of that post because at the time people knew what I was talking about and people were telling them to stop their lies. Now they and the people above found each other and started this comedy. That person who edited the discussion was defending and saying how BTS are racist and colorists. Now, look at that plot twist!

Untrue: I made a post explaining the situation that antis used against our boys

I work hard on this blog and I never complain because I love seeing the smiles on many of my dear follower’s faces. I slept 1 hour a night lately because of the recent updates (but I am using a facemask now, that thing IS LIFE). I still had to carry my IRL schedule too. I am someone who loves to spread love. I always invite to respect all religions, races, cultures … I always felt proud to say how ARMY is so diverse and how the love to BTS made us hold each other’s hands no matter where we came from. I will continue being kind and refuse to hate anyone here. When I don’t feel like someone is worth it and I don’t want to see them in my dash I block them (easy peasy). It’s not mean to block someone, it’s mean to start fake rumors and try to bring down a fellow army who is just here to help. My parents thought me to not judge on words or faces or situations. And Just like I wished some months ago my dear Muslim followers ‘Happy Ramadan’ this time for anyone enjoying this beautiful day with dear ones: Happy Thanksgiving guys. I am happy to be part of ARMY and even the dark side of this fandom I embrace it fully, one day they will hopefully listen to BTS’ lyrics and message and learn that bullying is bad. BTS in the past were said to be racist. They were said that they copied all their concepts and music but look at them now. Good people end up going places, bad ones stay in a hole forever.

Ah, tomorrow in Mic Drop Remix right! oooooooh boi I will enjoy it! If you hear someone screaming in excitement tmrw it’s probably me HAHAHAH (this is how I laugh btw I never use KKKKKKK What even is that HAHAHHAHA. I am like a One Piece character IRL tho I have waaaaay better options I laugh in all different ways Hohohoho hihihihi GAGAGAGAG KOKOOOOKO KEKEKEKEEEEE PWAHAHA PWHIHIHI WTH is that HAHHAHAHHA It’s just laughing. OMG this whole situation is stupid - #LOVE YOURSELF #LOVE MYSELF #END VIOLENCE #DON’T BELIEVE ANONS HIDING BEHIND LIES YOU ARE A SMART PERSON USE YOUR BRAIN)

T/N: I have aaaaaall the receipts. I am an inspector ARMY and if you have seen my analysis you will know how crazy detailed I am. Once I start my research it’s insane (find my BS&T jpn vrs analysis HERE and Pied Piper HERE and Not Today that I made just when I created this blog HERE). So me not naming the ones starting those rumors is for two reasons: 1- I prefer to give publicity to artists, writers, amazing content creators … not someone who is untalented and mean. 2- I am into positivity and positive people. I talked to them, and took away all the content that they say made them angry but they still asked me to delete my blog then went after that telling their friends “oh wow look at my impact I made Mimi such a big blog delete” then gathered their 3 friends and wrote anon asks for blogs who unfortunately didn’t check the facts and jumped to conclusions. They also took my words out of context to edit them out just like in the past people did to BTS (the irony). These same people reblogged half of my posts and get all their updates from my blog but go ask people to ignore my content. Basically, they are using everyone, making this fandom fight each other and laugh it out loud.  Will you believe an anon hiding or a blogger that dedicates herself to this fandom? you choose dear ^^ either way. In my heart even now, I hold no hate just a tiny bit of pity toward the ones who live such a life.

I will keep spreading positivity and smiles. I have a very tight relationship with my followers and I believe fake rumors will not break it. LOVE YOU ARMY! LOVE YOU ALL! 

I want to add one little thing: I am a human too, I make my mistakes and that’s how I learn. I never intend or intended to harm anyone and I am remorseful if you felt that way. Truly. In the matters above. I now believe those topics are something I should not tackle easily and I will never make any remarks like that nor touch any of the subjects above. I am just someone who wants to love and help, believe me. I do much social work irl too that if you knew of you will laugh at these people accusing me. Thus, I will learn more and research more on the subjects above and try to educate myself properly on these various matters because I don’t want to be the person who thinks she never does anything wrong. Those people above attacked me and falsely accused me, but this is a chance for me to grow as a person and learn more about the subjects above. Thank you for anyone who is giving me great advice. 

And for the liars that don’t seem to have a life, I dedicate MIC DROP to you “There is no need to meet again (I already blocked you), this is my final goodbye. There is nothing to say, don’t even apologize. You will see you will end up like that. I am piecing, with my mutuals and followers like coke. Your corneas are shocked *MIC DROP* 


Vanish III

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Steve Harrington x Reader


The night of Sunday November 20th, 1983 had been the worst night for x-amount of people. The ripple effect felt through the town of Hawkins, Indiana felt more like a tidal wave when the news spread by the next morning that there was one more youth dead in the quiet town.

It seemed like the majority of the town showed up for Y/N’s funeral. It was obviously a closed casket affair, which seemed to make the whole thing that much worse for her family and Steve.

We need to tell him,” Nancy whispered to Jonathan from their spot across from Steve. Jonathan gave Nancy a hard look before shaking his head.

“We can’t,” Jonathan whispered back sharply. Nancy’s brows furrowed, her face confused.

We have to!” She pressed. Jonathan shook his head, his hands deep into his jacket pockets.

“We can’t until we’re absolutely sure. Hopper is still trying to get to the bottom of things, so until we can actually explain what the hell is going on, we should just…let him mourn. Just in case,” This time, it was Nancy that shook her head at what Jonathan said. She turned to face him.

“Just in case? Just in case what? Jonathan, Steve is absolutely torn up about this,” Nancy nodded her head in Steve’s direction. His darkly ringed eyes were starring unseeingly onto the shiny surface of Y/N’s casket as it was lowered. He stood alone, still somewhat exiled from almost everyone considering the rumors that floated around about how he was involved in Y/N’s disappearance. His parents stood a few feet to his left, and her family stood to his right. “He needs to know,”

“And what do we say? ‘Hey, your girlfriend might still be alive and that is 100% not her body in that casket’? Does that sound sane to you, Nancy? Because it was proven to us and I still can’t believe it,” Nancy’s jaw set and Jonathan could tell that she was biting her tongue. “Look, I’m not trying to be a dick. I know you’re trying to do the right thing, but how do you think he’s going to react to that?”

“It can’t be any worse than how he’s reacting now,”

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Tiny Receipt

Okay so I’ve been sitting on this receipt for a while now. I wasn’t even going to post it because I didn’t want to deal with like a thousand anti’s swarming my inbox calling me a liar. I have told this to a few people who I talk to regularly. Believe me or don’t I’m only posting it because people’s spirits are low because of the baby stuff. ANYWHO…

So a few months ago I went up to NYC to stay with my moms friend. I’m gonna put it out there, she’s rich. Like very very rich, penthouse rich. They live on the upper west side. Basically they have money. Anyways while I was there I was walking around the city with my mother and her friend who we were staying with. My mom is like high key tourist, she’s not a city person to say the least so she asked her friend, “do you ever see any celebrities walking around?” Her friend said that she wouldn’t know them even if she saw them, she doesn’t know who like any celebs are but that they did see jake gyllenhaal at a doctors office once with her daughter. Then she proceeded to say, “but ask (her daughter) because she knows them all”.

I Skyped with her daughter a couple weeks later for help with a resume thing and while we were chatting I brought it up, just curious to see who she had seen because her mom made it seem like it was a few people. She said a few names, one of them being one direction. She then said a few more but of course my ears only heard one thing. I calmly tried to ask questions without being too obvious. She’s a fan, not an intense fan like she doesn’t have a tumblr or anything but she knows who they are. She said one day about a year ago she was running and at the end of her run she was headed back towards her parents apartment when she saw two members of one direction. She’s like “Lauren unless you knew them you would never in a million years guess it was them. The only reason I knew was because I was a fan.” She said at first she spotted Harry because “he’s tall and he didn’t have a hat on but he did have sunglasses, so I could see his hair that’s how I recognized him”. She couldn’t tell at first who he was with. Only that it was someone small, as they were walking on the other side, farthest from the street, and Harry was almost blocking them.

Eventually she noticed that it was indeed Louis. And that they were both very dressed down. She basically said that they were walking down the street very close together, Louis was holding a cup in his hand, she said he looked very tiny and vey cute. They were in a conversation and that she could hear them laughing. At one point Harry took the cup out of louis’ hand and drank from it. She said they looked very sweet and very cozy, like they were in their own little world. I asked her why she didn’t go up to them and she basically said 1) she was gross from running and 2) she didn’t want to bother them because nobody had recognized them and they looked like they were just enjoying their time together uninterrupted. So yeah nothing major but a cute little receipt. Like I say believe me or don’t. I personally trust her, she has zero reason to lie she knows who they are but could care less about their lives. Up until then she thought Harry was legit out of the closet. I had to let her in on a few things. 🙂🙃🙂.

Chapter 7: I want to be with you // Shawn Mendes

Authors note: Is this the last part? probably. Im so emotional I could cry. Oh look, I am.

Chapter 6: https://welldamnshawn.tumblr.com/post/165723374471/chapter-6-i-trust-him-shawn-mendes

Chapter 5: https://welldamnshawn.tumblr.com/post/165682718231/chapter-5-is-that-really-what-you-want-shawn

Chapter 4: https://welldamnshawn.tumblr.com/post/165578764896/chapter-4-i-think-you-should-kiss-him-shawn

Chapter 3: https://welldamnshawn.tumblr.com/post/165507431011/chapter-3-for-a-walking-dictionary-you-can

Chapter 2: https://welldamnshawn.tumblr.com/post/165456105886/id-never-hurt-you-shawn-mendes

Chapter 1: https://welldamnshawn.tumblr.com/post/165397348631/you-might-need-to-buy-another-lock-shawn-mendes

Just as I’m about to exit the cubicle Peyton’s voice has me freezing in my tracks.

“There is something so going on there.” her shoes click as she walks into the bathrooms, another pair of footsteps following her. 

“You think so? We know that Shawn’s liked her forever, but do you think he actually made a move?” I don’t recognize the second voice so I fall silent, not daring to move.

A tap is turned on. “You didn’t see them together when they sparred the other day. Shawn has fire for Goddess sake. He could have burnt the little bookworm to the ground yet suddenly she’s the one winning? I think he grew a pair and now there’s something between them.”

Are they talking about me? 

“Did your story work? The one of Shawn killing his Mum?” The second voice asks and Peyton snorts in response. 

“He did look pretty pissed off when he heard. Steph told me she saw him storming towards the bookworm’s cabin. Apparently he didn’t leave until after dinner.“

“Do you think he blame’s her?” 

“I think she worked her way out of it and he believes her.” Peyton growls, the tap shuts off.

“What does he even see in her?” The unknown huffs and I clench my hand in anger. They were the one’s to spread the rumor about Shawn.

“Obviously enough to believe that she wasn’t the one telling everyone he burnt his Mother to a crisp.” her high pitched laugh fills the room and I slam my door open, the sound making them both jump.

“You conniving little pig.” I hiss, glaring daggers at both of them.

“Y/n, how nice of you to join us.” Peyton smirks, leaning casually against the counter.

“Go to hell Peyton.” I jeer, slinging my backpack over my shoulder.

“Only if you go first.” She returns, matching my glower.

“If I get to see you burn then sure.” I snap, my anger flowing in waves. 

She scowls and I don’t give her another second of my time, walking straight out the bathroom. I race down the hallway, intent on finding the inferno himself.

I poke my head into the cafeteria and when I don’t see him I make my way back outside.

There was only one place I could think of for where he might be. I follow the gravel path leading towards the cabins. After passing mine, I continue further into the denser forest where Hera, Hebe and Hephaestus cabin’s were located.

I’m on his doorstep, knocking persistently on the door until its opened. I push past Shawn, moving to stand in the middle of the cabin.

“Sure, come on in.” Shawn says dryly, shutting the door.

“I know who told everyone that you burnt your mother to a crisp.” I breathe and Shawn’s gaze hardens. 

“Who?” He scowls, his fire igniting at the tips of his fingers.

“Peyton, I was in the bathroom and she was talking about… you, and me,” I pause, biting my lip to stop myself from spitting out unnecessary information. Its just then that I realise I had barged in on a half naked Shawn.

His shirt is gone and the lean hard muscles of his chest are right where I can see them.

He notices my sudden silence and smirks knowingly. 

“It’s nothing you haven’t seen before Y/n.”   

I gape at him before regaining my composure.

“What I was saying was she made it up in hope of you getting furious at me and staying away.” I finish, playing with the hem of my shirt to distract me from the yern to reach out and run my hands down the smooth planes of his chest. “Which worked.” I mumble at the end and Shawn doesn’t seem to hear me.

“Why would she do that?” Shawn growls and small sparks shoot out of his hands.

“Cos she has this idea that you’re in love with me and she doesn’t like it.” I snap, his heated gaze meeting mine.

“Is that a bad thing?” He hesitates, a vulnerable look appearing in his eyes. “if I were to be in love with you?”

“Shawn, this isn’t the time to be asking pointless questions.” I avoid the topic, folding my arms over my chest.

“It’s not pointless and I want you to answer me Y/n. Would it be so bad if I am in love with you?” His sudden confidence has returned and he walks closer to me. As the distance closes the cabin feels smaller and all my brain can focus on is the way Shawn’s curly hair was falling across his forehead and the fond expression on his face.

“It would be a waste of time.” I mutter, taking a step back which he matches with a step forward.

“Why’s that, my little walking dictionary?” he hums, twisting a strand of my hair around his finger.

I scowl, pulling away from his hand. “You’ve already fucked me, you don’t need to pretend your’re interested in my feelings now. I kind of got that vibe from you avoiding me for the past couple of days.”

His smirk falls. “I wasn’t avoiding you because we slept together Y/n. I thought..” he sighs turning away from me and running a hand through his hair in a stressed manor. “I thought you were mad at me, or upset about what we did. Thought you felt like I used you so I decided to just stay away.”

“Wow.” I drawl out sarcastically. “That idea makes perfect sense.”

“I realise it was a stupid idea now.” Shawn blanches. “I was just so freaked out that you might hate me and the only thing I could think of to do was just give you space.”

“That’s the most absurd thing that you could have done!” I exclaim.

“I know.” he groans, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“It made me feel like all you wanted me for was sex.” I say quietly, looking down at my shoes. He’s at my side in a second, his burning hands cupping my face as he holds my gaze.

"I don’t regret a single thing I did with you that night; except for accusing you of what Peyton did but right now that isn’t important.”

“She doesn’t like the idea of you liking me.” I say, trying to blink back tears. I was getting so emotional.

“It’s not an idea.” He says boldly, his skin heating mine where it touches. “I like you. A lot.” Shawn blurts out and his cheeks are dusted with a pink tinge. “Enough to say that yeah.. maybe I am in love with you.”

I bite my lip, meeting his flame filled eyes.

“You’ve only known me for a week or so.”

“I’ve always noticed you though.” He smiles, and I finally allow him to hold me again. His arms wrap around my waist, pulling me into his embrace as my hands rest on his shirtless chest. “I saw you on your first day of camp and I thought that you were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.”

“Oh.” I mumble, moving closer to him. “So you’ve been like stalking me for the past three years?”

“God no, Y/n , I’m not like that.” He laughs, the sound echoing around the room.

“You make it sound like that.” I can’t help the grin breaking out on my face.

“I used to go to the library a lot and I’d always see you there. I realized that you must be daughter of one of the smart God’s so I didn’t approach you.”

“You thought that because I was smart I wouldn’t like you?” I ask, raising an eyebrow, my tone teasing.

“Kind of, I mean, I was some loner kid who everyone hated because they thought I was too hot headed.”

“You are kind of a hot head.” I beam, ruffling his hair to which he protests. 

“One of my few faults.” he smirks and I feel my stomach erupt in butterflies at the look in his eyes.

Neither of us say anything. I wet my bottom lip and the action draws Shawn’s attention.

“I don’t want to stay away from you.” He whispers after a moment of silence, moving closer so that our faces were millimeters apart. “Peyton and her jealousy can go fuck off.”

“Shawn!” I laugh, my forehead resting against his shoulder and he smells like he always does, wind and slightly of smoke.

“I don’t want you to stay away from me either.” I say, tracing a random shape on his chest with my forefinger.

He speaks again. “I want to be with you. I know we don’t have the most traditional of relationships but I really like you Y/n. I wish we could go back and redo this whole thing.”

I smile at him softly, shying away from the intensity of his gaze.

“You know how in class today Adrian told us how children of Athena never make rash decisions?” I whisper, finding his gaze again.

“Yeah?” he urges me on, his lips brushing against mine faintly.

“Everything I did in our relationship I thought about and pondered over 100 times until I knew it was the right decision to make. Nothing you or I did was a mistake to me.”

“Does that mean..?” He doesn’t finish his sentence. My hands move on their own accord to thread their way through his dark hair.

“I like how you make me feel.” I press a kiss to his lips and pull back to speak again. “I like how for once I’ve found someone who see’s me for more then just a bookworm. I’m just Y/n, not daughter of Athena.”

He grins, his hazel eyes twinkling in the orange light emitting from the fireplace.

“I like how you make me feel like more then just a hotheaded fireball.”

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White and Red

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Pairing: IvarxReader
Rating: Explicit
Words: 3,726
Warning: Smut

RequestThank you! I was thinking about Ivar being completely in love with YN who’s his total opposite, but they complete each other, always relying in one another. Just a romantic Ivar. What do you think?

Notes: Hey anon! Here’s your request. I really hope that you will like it and that it’s the Ivar you imagined. I’ve got a bit carried away with it and it came out way much longer than what I had planned but who’s complaining? I added a sex scene at the end, I hope it doesn’t bother you! Again, sorry if there’s any mistakes. Enjoy heathens!

You’ve always been the kind of girl who wears her heart on her sleeves. Always caring for everyone, and always here to help. You were well known for your kindness and your beauty and people loved you. You were the daughter of the blacksmith in Kattegat and your duty was to sell his products on the market. Your father’s work was really appreciated and the majority of the warriors came to you in order to buy their new weapons. That’s where you met the princes of Kattegat. You remembered the first time they showed up at your stall. Ubbe, Hvitserk and Sigurd were flirting with you and you blushed at every word they said. But the one who caught your attention was Ivar. 

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'The Last Jedi' director Rian Johnson on Carrie Fisher, his spoiler 'no-fly list,' and fear of a porg backlash

“I will say this: It’s a hell of a trailer.” That’s the extent to which writer-director Rian Johnson, speaking to Yahoo Entertainment on Friday, would reveal the contents of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer that premiered Monday night. Sure enough, the long-awaited trailer was one for the ages, showing how Rey’s journey toward self-discovery will take her perilously close to the dark side. The aging Luke Skywalker (who finally speaks onscreen!) is alarmed at Rey’s ability to harness the Force and seems concerned that she’ll go the way of Kylo Ren — a possibility that Supreme Bad Guy Snoke seems eager to exploit. Should fans be concerned that Rey is the next Anakin?

“What [Star Wars] is really about is the transition from adolescence into adulthood,” Johnson tells Yahoo Entertainment. “And a big part of that is navigating the relationship with your family, with your parents, with the people closest to you, with the people you most love, the people you’re most afraid of… For me, it’s about being a kid and going into the next phase of your life.”

Of course, all the characters surrounding Rey have their own demons to confront in The Last Jedi (Episode VIII in the series). Finn goes head-to-head with Captain Phasma, literally confronting his First Order past. Poe must fight a perilous space battle. And Kylo seems like he’s fighting through some inner conflict, probably related to how he killed his dad in The Force Awakens. (Just a wild guess.) On a lighter note, there’s a cameo appearance by a porg, one of those adorable birdlike aliens that Disney is heavily marketing for Christmas.

“Are you sick of them yet?” Johnson asks with a laugh. The porgs, he explains, were inspired by the actual puffins that inhabit Skellig Michael, the island off the coast of Ireland that served as the location for Luke’s hermitage. “I was like, ‘Oh, this is part of the island; we need to find the Star Wars version of this,” the director explains. “And then just story-wise — not that they play a big part in the story — but I knew I wanted to find any source of comic relief I could on the island. And so they were very useful in terms of that.”

Cute creatures in the Star Wars universe, the Ewoks in particular, have often received a mixed reaction from fans. Is Johnson concerned about a potential porg backlash? “It wasn’t until we got the actual puppets on set and the whole crew reacted with ‘Oh my God, they’re adorable!’ and also then a few people in the crew were giving them that suspicious side-eye of ‘These are cute, but are they too cute?’” Johnson recalls with a laugh. “But the overwhelming reaction on set was everybody loved the porgs. And I love ’em, so you know what? I get it if people are a little wary of cuteness in the Star Wars universe, but I personally love them, and I think they have their place in the movie.”

The trailer also gives viewers a fleeting but emotional moment with General Leia, who looks as if she may be in the literal crosshairs of her vengeful son Kylo Ren. The Last Jedi marks the final performance of actress Carrie Fisher, who passed away before shooting could commence on Episode IX. According to Johnson, who considered fellow screenwriter Fisher “one of my heroes,” the actress went to great lengths to make sure that Leia’s every moment was true to the character she had created in A New Hope.

“She was so conscious of the place that Leia had, not just broadly in the culture, but very specifically in terms of girls who grew up watching Star Wars when Leia was the only female hero on the screen,” Johnson says. “She really wanted to do right by that, drawing the character forward. That was something that she would always be pulling us back to. And for me it was fantastic, because besides all the other benefits of having a fantastic writer like Carrie there by my side while we’re making this movie, just having a voice that was like a compass needle that would always pull it back in the right direction of, This is what this character means and this is what we always have to make sure that she’s serving, with her strength and also with her weaknesses — showing a fully realized character who is going to be inspiring to the folks who grew up with Leia.”

As for any further details about the film’s characters or story, Johnson is careful to give nothing away. In response to a question about the mysterious object in a tree that’s been rumored to be the Journal of the Whills, he jokingly admonishes, “Don’t believe the internet, Gwynne! What are you doing?” When asked which sequences were shot with an Imax camera, he answers, “I can’t tell you specific scenes, because that would be describing the scenes by telling. And that would be telling!” But the director doesn’t mind keeping Lucasfilm’s code of secrecy for The Last Jedi, because he actually helped come up with it.

 “A year ago, maybe even more than that, my producer Ram [Bergman] and I sat down with the folks at Lucasfilm and said, ‘OK, this is what we’re going to reveal here and there, and this stuff we’re never going to reveal until the movie comes out.’ We came up with a ‘no-fly list’ of, under no circumstances is this shown or that shown,” says Johnson. “It is a fascinating process. It’s something that for me, just having been a fan my whole life, suddenly being behind the curtain and seeing how it works and seeing how deliberate it is, has been really fascinating.”

He will say that the gigantic Imax camera (“It looks like a shipping container”) was used for some of the footage taken on location at Skellig Michael. Because the camera is both unwieldy and too noisy to capture dialogue, Johnson explains, he and the crew “tended to pick our battles with it and look at the stuff that was going to have the biggest visual impact. So we brought them out to Ireland and used them in a few scenes, when we could really take in the scenic scope of everything.”

Now that the film has wrapped, Johnson can start thinking about other projects — perhaps a musical? “Oh my God, I would love to someday,” says Johnson (whose Twitter header is not Star Wars-related, but a photo from the 1960 Judy Holliday musical Bells Are Ringing). “I was a musical theater kid in high school. And so I looooove musicals. Someday, hopefully. Maybe a Star Wars musical!”

For now, Johnson is still in Star Wars withdrawal. “I’m just randomly wandering around the Walt Disney studios making pew-pew sounds, trying to direct people and nobody listens to me anymore,” he jokes. “I’m turning into a Force ghost. It’s a strange feeling.” (x)

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Okay I am super curious...what happened with Hamilton? I saw that post and felt like I left my body in search for understanding

Hokay so I dont know all of the exact details, since I’m staying far far away from Hamilton and everything to do with it (things that skirt the lines between fiction and nonfiction like that scare me //bricked) but basically there was a person named Isra who supposedly was a HIV-positive lesbian who lived in India with her also HIV-positive wife.  Due to this identity, she made a blog called hivliving and made a Hamilton au fanfiction where the characters were living with HIV.  She basically used this identity as a non-white trans lesbian living with HIV to justify her writing the fanfiction, because yknow, that’s how tumblr works.  You’re always insensitive and bigoted 24/7 no matter what you do or you’re completely incapable of being offensive if you’re part of the minority.

Anyways, this went on for quite some time; its only been since the callout post that it was in the major public sphere, but the person behind hivliving existed on the internet for quite some time.  “Isra” also had a main called allolesbean, and her supposed wife I believe also had an account (or it was a friend of hers, one of the two, im not sure which), also run by the person behind hivliving.  At first allolesbean claimed that she stole someone else’s life story, a friend of her friend’s or something, but eventually I believe the person who made the initial callout post determined that Isra didn’t exist and there was no one that this person based her personas off of.  It was, however, determined that the person behind these accounts was a white American girl going into college.  One of the things linking to this was the fact that she used a money donating system that wasn’t valid in India, despite the fact that there are plenty of systems for donating and transferring money that ARE valid in india.  Then some other shit happened, pretty sure the callout-er threatened to doxx her to get her to talk and/or refund the money she got from donations but I dont remember the exact details.  Oh yeah she took donations too, evident by the money thing I was talking about before.  I dont know how many donations she got, but the person who called her out said that she should refund the money.

But lets go back to the person who called her out.  There were rumors that the person who called hivliving out was not so innocent themselves.  There were distant memories of the person who called hivliving out writing a cannibal mermaid au Hamilton fanfiction.  Yup.  I believe some people also remembered allolesbean and her friends harassing said callout-er into deleting the fanfic since it was “insensitive”.  Which no shit, but anyways…

Someone went and searched for proof that callout-er had written this fanfiction.  To their surprise, it appeared the cannibal mermaid au Hamilton fanfiction was still up, but was also linked to a different account.  So the person doing the research decided to ask the person behind the fanfiction that was still up about the drama.  The person confirmed that they were indeed a different person, but that the callout-er HAD written a cannibal mermaid au Hamilton fanfiction and deleted it in the past, reiterating the rumors that had been floating around.  However, callout-er’s cannibal mermaid au hamilton fanfiction also involved a real-life person, the person behind the Hamilton musicals.

The person who was doing this research eventually pieced together that the callout-er made the callout post/did the research to get revenge on allolesbean and her friends for harassing them and forcing them to delete their fanfiction.  After this was leaked, the callout-er deleted their posts on the subject (and presumably deleted their blog entirely; the blog is still up and I never saw it down, however all posts were deleted and images/themes removed and the header changed to “CANNIBAL MERMAID FANFIC” so im assuming someone hijacked it for lols) and…well that’s about where we’re at now.

So basically, the main things to take away from this are:

1. a bored white girl faked being at least two separate people living in a completely different country and continent.  She faked a terminal illness to get donations, and she presumably faked her sexuality and gender identity as well.

2. another bored individual wanted revenge for said bored white girl cyberbulling them for making an extremely problematic fanfiction, so they doxxed her

3. at least one hamilton HIV au fanfiction exists

4. at least two Cannibal Mermaid Hamilton au fanfics exist

5. shit like this is why I have depression but its also one of the few things that can bring me joy anymore

6. hamilton was a mistake

And sources because I wasn’t even sure of half this shit until I did some half-assed research following up on some blogs I’ve seen posting about it:

about what hivliving/allolesbean did: https://ratspotting.tumblr.com/post/166850440970/wait-can-you-please-explain-in-a-short-paragraph 
(the confession links still work, however unfortunately their links to the original callout posts no longer work since, as i said, the callout blog was deleted.  I did see the callout posts when they were up though, so there was legitimate evidence backing up their claims.

about the callout-er: http://benepla.tumblr.com/post/166869386991/ive-read-ur-posts-on-the-allolesbean-thing-and-god
(not sourced since OP was the one who found this information out, but I’m hoping what they said was true.  I did google “cannibal mermaid hamilton fanfiction” and got a result, so at least that part of what they said was true, so I’m gonna trust them.)

PS: there’s something fishy to me about the fact that hivliving and alllolesbean admitted the errors of their ways and left their blogs active instead of just deleting themselves from the face of the internet.  She didn’t even delete one or the other, she just did the same thing on both, and even though its been a day or two she hasn’t deleted them.  Unfortunately, I dont have the time or energy to go down that rabbit hole.  If someone else would like to see if they can find a reason for that, I’d love to know what you find, but I wouldnt even know where to start with that can of worms.  I’m not a doxxer dude

A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 2

Okay okay!! You guys are chomping at the bit for more of this story! You can blame a lot of this on @outlandishchridhe who has become my plot monster for this. And thanks to @shortiemcbealle for some of your amazing ideas!

Part One

Claire wiped down the bar, scrubbing some stickiness off the polished wood. She hadn’t seen or spoken to Frank in three days, ignoring his calls and refusing to open the door when he came by. She hadn’t seen or spoken to Jamie in that time either. It wasn’t until she’d gone home after her classes that she realized she didn’t have his phone number or even know his last name.

If his schedule stayed as it usually did, he’d likely be by the bar tonight. Claire began mixing drinks for a cluster of women at one end of the bar when someone leaned close to her.

“Why won’t you answer my calls?”

No greeting, just a demand. How very like him.

“Piss off, Frank.”

“Claire, can’t we at least talk about this?”

“Talk about what? You fucking a girl who’s barely legal?”

His lips formed a hard line as he glared at her. But she wasn’t going to roll over and take it. Not after everything she’d given up for him.

“It wasn’t like that, Claire.”

“I don’t care how it was, Frank. The one thing I asked of you was for you to remain faithful to me. I heard the rumors at Oxford, before we moved, but I didn’t want to believe them. I suppose those were true too, weren’t they?”

“Now hang on, that’s not fair.”

She laughed and shook her head.

“Not fair? Please, Frank. Tell me how you’re the victim in all this.”

“I wasn’t looking for something with her,” he said, almost too quietly for her to hear. “But there she was. And, well…”

Frank looked her up and down, an almost sad expression in his eyes.

“Well what?”

“Well, if only you’d put a little more effort into taking care of yourself, I might not have been so tempted.”

Feeling like she’d taken a punch in the gut, her mouth fell open. How could he say such a thing?


The pain of Frank’s betrayal disappeared in that single Gaelic word she didn’t really understand. Heat pooled in her belly at the sound of his call. That night with him had been amazing, unlike any experience she’d ever had. She’d had dreams about him every night since they’d slept together, though none of them had been as intense as reality.


“Thank God you’re working tonight,” he said, his face serious.

Claire frowned at him, concerned.

“We’ve got your favorite beer two for one tonight,” she said, already pulling out a glass.

“You know his favorite beer?” Frank said, looking at Jamie with complete disgust.

After rolling her eyes, she filled a glass for Jamie and gave it to him.

“I’m a bartender, Frank. That’s my job.”

Suddenly Jamie’s expression changed and he looked between Claire and Frank.

“Frank… Randall?” he asked.

Belatedly, she realized that Jamie hadn’t ever met Frank and was only just putting together who he was. Something darkened those sapphire blue eyes, something deep and filled with rage.

“Yes, my ex-boyfriend.”

“Ex? Claire, I thought we could talk about this, work things out.”

Glaring at him, she shook her head.

“No. We’re done talking. I didn’t answer your calls for a reason. You slept with another woman while I was in class, and that’s not something I’ll get over.”

“I won’t see her again. I promise. And all you need to do is comb your hair a little and maybe wear some nicer clothes and-”

A loud thud had Claire spinning around, bottle of vodka in hand. Frank had disappeared and Jamie was shaking his hand.


“I heard what he said to ye a moment ago. I didna get here in time to hit him for it, but I could hit him for that. He shouldna speak to ye so.”

Frank staggered back to his feet, glaring.

“And who the hell are you to tell me what to do?!”

Jamie ignored him and looked at Claire.

“Sassenach, we need to talk.”

Frowning, she nodded to the other end of the bar. Jamie followed her, holding a piece of paper in his hand.

“Look, I’m sorry for skipping out on you the other morning, I just-”

“No, it’s fine. I ken you’ve classes that are important to ye. I only wondered how much of that night ye remember.”

Her face flushed deep scarlet and she busied herself with straightening the basket of pretzels in front of her.

“Well, ah… I remember… You… I mean we… That is to say you came over and-”

“I ken what happened when I came over. But before that. What can ye remember?”

Thinking hard, she realized it was fuzzy.

“I can’t recall.”

“Are ye sure?”

“It’s all fuzzy. I found out about Frank, came here, got drunk. You came and sat down and drank with me. We… We left, trying to find a cab, but we couldn’t. And then… We were in my apartment.”

After a deep breath, he slid the paper over to her. She opened it and her eyes went wide.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” she said.

“I dinna think it’s a joke, Sassenach. That’s a real certificate.”

“Of marriage?!”

“I’m afraid so.”

She stared at the bottom at her own signature, right beside Jamie’s.

“How many names do you have?!”

“Three,” he said abruptly. “Claire I’m so sorry. I didna mean to do… Whatever this is. I’m sure we can find a way to annul it or somesuch.”

“We’re actually married?!”

His hands spread on the bar, the fingers of his left twitching.

“Aye, it seems we are. I’m so verra sorry, Claire. I ken we were both drunk, but I shouldna ha’ taken advantage like that.”

“This… This can’t be legally binding.”

“Weel, it says here the man is licensed by the state o’ Nevada. According to some old Scottish customs, consummation is what makes it legally binding. And, ach… Weel, we did that.”

Claire jumped as one of the other bartenders brushed by her.

“Look, can you wait until my shift is over? We need to talk about this.”

“Aye, I’ll wait.”

“Take the beer while you wait. I’ll… I’ll be with you as soon as I can.”


Jamie sat in a corner and waited for her. The whole night she looked distracted, serving her customers with an absent smile. And why wouldn’t she be? She’d just found out that she’d married a strange Scotsman she hardly knew!

Finally, her shift was over and she came out from behind the bar. Frank, damn him, was still hanging about. He’d been drinking a bit, though Jamie had only had his one glass. As Claire made her way towards him, Frank got up from his seat.

“Claire,” he drawled, very drunk. “We need to talk about this.”

“There’s nothing left to talk about. Go off with whoever it was you were sleeping with.”

Jamie stood as well, preparing to leave.

“No! This isn’t over!”

Frank made to grab for Claire, long fingers reaching for her like talons. Jamie stepped in front of her, blocking Frank.

“Aye, it is,” Jamie said, bringing himself up to his full height. “I’ll thank you to keep your hands off my wife.”

“Oh piss off. This’s nothing to do with you.”

One of the security personnel approached them.

“Is there a problem here, Claire?”

“Hello Harvey, I’m afraid Doctor Randall here has had enough. Could you be sure he gets a cab home?”

Harvey nodded and glared down at Frank.

“You heard her, let’s go.”

With her bag over her shoulder, Claire nodded at the door and Jamie made to follow her out.

“Please Claire!”

Frank made a grab for her again, but Jamie grabbed his outstretched hand and twisted it behind his back.

“She’s asked ye kindly to leave her be. If ye wish to keep this arm attached to the rest of yer body, I recommend ye do as she says.”

Harvey took over after that and pushed Frank out of the bar, giving him a well-rehearsed lecture on treating women right.

“Thank you,” Claire said, wrapping her arms right around herself.

“I ken the situation we’re in is a bit… sticky. But I’ll no’ leave ye to deal wi’ him alone if I can help it.”

“Damn it,” she muttered, holding her keys in her hand.

Jamie walked beside her, waiting.

“He has a key to my apartment.”

“Ye can come and stay wi’ me, if ye prefer.”

“You move fast, don’t you?” she asked with a smirk.

His ears burned red and he looked down.

“Ye dinna have to stay, I just thought ye’d like a place where he’ll no’ find ye.”

“I would appreciate that, thank you,” she said quietly.

He drove them to his apartment and let her inside. Being late as it was, or early, he was exhausted and he knew she was as well.

“I dinna work tomorrow,” he said, locking the deadbolt on his door. “So you’re welcome to stay the night here if ye wish. I’ll take the couch.”

“But this is your home. I can’t take your bed from you.”

“It’s my home and I can do wi’ it what I wish. Please, ye need the rest. I’ll be fine.”

“Do you… Could I borrow a shirt or something to sleep in? I smell like work.”


Jamie rummaged in his dresser and handed her a shirt that would be far too large for her.

“Thank you, for doing this. Once we’re better rested, we can talk about what this all… means.”

“Aye. Rest well, Sassenach.”

Taking an extra pillow from the bed and the tartan blanket he’d brought from Scotland, he went out to the couch.


The bed was comfortable, but it smelled of him. So did the shirt she wore. The scent brought back memories of that wild night when they’d… Well, when they’d gotten married apparently. She tossed and turned for a while before slipping out of the bed. Walking quietly, she saw him on the couch, eyes closed. But his breathing wasn’t steady enough for him to be asleep.

“I can’t sleep,” she said quietly.

“Me either.”

“Would you mind if we talked for a bit?”

Sitting up, he patted the seat beside him. Easing herself onto the couch, she pulled at the hem of the shirt. Why she was so self conscious she didn’t understand, he’d already seen every bit of her.

“What would ye like to talk about, Sassenach?”

“I can’t be married to you.”

His brows rose.

“And why is that? I believe there’s a paper in my pocket that says otherwise.”

“I don’t even know your real name.”

With a dignified bow, or what he could accomplish while sitting on a couch, he met her eyes.

“It’s Fraser. James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.”

“Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp.”

She extended her hand and he shook it.

“Pleasure to meet ye, Claire.”

They fell silent for a time, his thumb making small circles on the back of her hand.

“Tell me about your family.”

Smiling, he took a deep breath and offered her one end of the wool blanket.

“How many generations back?”

Thankful for the extra covering, she settled into her seat.

“Your parents will do.”

They passed hours, just talking, getting to know one another for the first time. The more they talked, the closer they became. He told her of his parents, his older sister, his older brother who had gotten sick as a child and died. She told him how her parents had died, about being raised by her odd uncle. Neither of them explored how they’d both ended up in Las Vegas, but that didn’t seem to matter.

When her eyes began to droop, she heard Jamie laugh.

“Lay your head, Sassenach. Get some rest.”

Letting out a deep sigh she closed her eyes.

She woke the next morning with her head on his chest. His arms were comfortably around her and she realized abruptly she was laying completely on top of him. The woolen blanket was draped over them both, but the body beneath her was pleasantly warm.

For a moment, she watched his sleeping face. He was perfectly at peace, his mouth hanging open a little. Frank would never have done this, never stayed up late just to talk with her. Whenever he held her at night, it was always a little stiff, even in sleep. He was never perfectly comfortable with her. This odd intimacy she had with Jamie was beyond anything she could have imagined having with anyone.

His breathing changed as he woke and she smiled up into his blue eyes.

“Good morning to ye, Sassenach.”

“Morning, Jamie.”

“I didna get to say that, last time.”

She winced.

“Sorry about that.”

One corner of his mouth ticked up in a smirk.

“Dinna fash. I could fix ye some breakfast though, if ye like.”

“I’d like that.”

They moved at the same time, her trying to let him up, him trying to slide out from beneath her without dropping her on the ground. The result of their simultaneous action had something stiff pressing into Claire’s belly. Immediately red crept up Jamie’s neck, settling in his ears.

“Ah… Apologies, Sassenach.”

Her own cheeks burned and she moved off him, giving him the blanket as covering. Why did she feel so silly with him all of a sudden?

“It’s fine,” she said, unable to look at him for the moment.

“I’ll just be a moment. Then I’ll come fix ye some breakfast and we’ll talk about what’s to do next, aye?”

Daring a glance up at him, she gave him a small smile and nodded.

Coaster (Billy Hargrove x Reader) (Part 2)

AN: OMG THANK YOU GUYS FOR THE FEEDBACK, I legit suck at writing since English isn’t my first language lol. Anywho, hope you enjoy Part 2.

Summary: Billy was in love with the reader but she always turned him down, until one night where she gets wasted and confesses her true feelings and more.

Warnings: Violence, Alcohol/Drugs abuse, and Some Fluff.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Originally posted by cloudsongs

On the way, neither of you guys talked. Steve looked upset, but at what? You thought, after all this was his idea. 

As you guys arrived at the party, Nancy told you guys that she and Jonathan were going to get ahead, knowing that you guys needed some privacy.

After what seemed forever.

“You got to be kidding me (y/n)”-Steve said finally breaking the silence, as he looked at you from head to toe. “What? It’s a costume party?”-You looked at him confused, why the heck you mad for now. “I know, but … why?”-He threw his hands on the steering wheel, hitting his forehead against it. “Why what?”-You leaned your back on the door. “The whole school is here … and … I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”-He looked down.”Steve, remember when we were 5 and we were at the playground, and there were these kids picking on you … just cause you didn’t want to kill a bird?”-You tilted your head, slowly raising an eyebrow. “Yeah…”-He said smiling, raising his head looking ahead. “Who saved your tiny ass by throwing them the bird in their faces?”-You folded your arms and smirked at him, only making him laugh. “You … you psycho.”-”Exactly, now remember in 8th grade when Tina started spreading rumors about you, having this … I don’t remember, but just cause you didn’t wanted to date her … Who literally shut her mouth?!”-You leaned in, raising your eyebrows at him. “You … I can’t believe you actually punched her in the throat …”-He widened his eyes just by remembering how tiny you were next back then and yet managed to beat everyone’s asses. “Yeah … I had a lot of Detention because of you.”-You looked away. “And here you are … at her party.”-He laughed. “Yeah … cause of you, but that's not my point, Steve I can take care of myself.”-”But in all those cases you ended up getting in trouble …”-You scoffed and looked at him. “But it was worth it …”-You smiled at him, making him blush. He cleared his throat and shifted in his seat. “Well, I guess we should get going then!”-He quickly got out of the car. “Steve …”-You called him out, as you got out of the car. 

He was now standing next to you, offering his hand for you to take. “My Lady … Shall we?”-You laughed at the horrible accent he made. “What was that supposed to be?”-He turned to you, a hand on his chest, hurt by the comment. “French!”-He exclaimed, only making you laugh harder. “No wonder you didn’t pass that class …”-”Shut up!”-She stuck her tongue out. 


As they entered the house, everyone’s eyes went quickly to (y/n) and Steve. You looked at Steve who was looking at everyone.

Oh my god is that (y/n)!

Dude, she looks hot …

Wait, didn’t she punch Tina in 8th grade? Why is she here??

You heard every single person in the room. They all took one last glance at you and went back to what they were previously doing.

“Fuckers …”-You said under your breath.

You walked into the kitchen to find Nancy already drinking, with Jonathan by her side. You leaned on the counter, folding your arms as you looked at her over your shoulder.

“Damn Nancy, slow down … What’s in this anyway?”-You asked as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “Pure-fuel, I believe they call it, they spiked it …”-She said as she poured herself some more. For a moment you thought about it but as you were reaching over for a cup Steve grabbed your hand, you looked up at him, you got to be fucking kidding me, now what!

“Seriously??”-You exclaimed, making Steve laugh. “I’m kidding! Just be careful.”-He smiled and pat you on the shoulder, walking away. “Dumbass …”-You as you were about to pour yourself a drink you felt a hand sliding around your waist, and a slow whistle. OH MY GOD NOW WHAT! You turned only to be facing no other than Billy Hargrove. He had a black leather jacket and was shirtless, he reeked of alcohol and cigarettes, but he still looked damn fine. For a moment you stopped breathing, and he noticed making him smirk. You gained yourself back and cleared your throat. 

“What? Cat got your tongue Princess?”-He said in a low voice, sending you shivers down your back. “Stop calling me that, and put your hands off me …”-You pushed him, determined to get that fuel in your system. He placed himself behind you, his hands leaning on the edges of the counter, getting more closer to you than before. “I knew you were hiding something under all the over-sized sweaters but … damn, you’re far from what I imagined.” He whispered in your ear, his warm breath hitting you in your neck, precisely in the right spot

You took a deep breath, and turned yourself against the counter, finishing the drink. “Wow … You know, if I was somebody else, I would of have fallen for that one, but YOU and I both know that … that’s not the case.”-You smiled at him, placing your hand on his cheek. Now, he was the one that stopped breathing, you slowly leaned into his ear. “Now, if you excuse me … I need to find Steve.”- And with that you walked away, leaving him clueless about what just happened. 


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You walked into the living room, Steve and Nancy were dancing while Jonathan was watching them over the couch drinking a coke. Then …

Come on Eileen …

Steve quickly started to look around for you, and when he found you, both of you started to walk slowly over the other one with awkward smirks and immediately lost it. Hands were thrown into the air, your hips swayed side to side while Steve danced around you. This was the song that he would play for you when you were feeling down, only to become the song that made you guys jump from your seats and dance around without a care, every time you guys heard it.

Come on Eileen
Oh, I swear (what he means)
At this moment, you mean everything
You in that dress, my thoughts I confess
Verge on dirty
Aah, come on Eileen

He spun you around, wrapping his arms around your waist, both of you were laughing. You didn’t notice Billy looking at you both from the corner, his jaw clenched, looking away, two drunk girls quickly stood by his sides giggling, but he just walked away.

You noticed him and furrowed your eyebrows. Steve quickly noticed your expression. “What’s wrong (y/n)?”-He asked. You were so lost in your thoughts that didn’t hear him.”Huh?”-You quickly answered. “I said what’s wrong?”-He laughed. “Oh nothing, hey I’m a go get a drink you want some?”-You asked as you freed yourself from his embrace. “Nah, I’m good.”-He shook his head and went to the couch to sit with Jonathan.


As you were pouring yourself another drink, you heard somebody say damn, too loud. It was Tommy and his gang, they were all looking at you, whistling and biting their lips.

Gross, you thought.

 “Well you look at that, Ms. (y/l/n) finally decided to let herself go.”-He said followed by laughter. “Who are you supposed to be? A prostitute or something.”-Everyone Ohhh at you as he started to get close to you. “No Tommy, I’m afraid your mom doesn’t have great taste in clothing.”-You sipped your drink. “And by the way I see it … neither the looks.”-Everyone laughed, you started to walk away, grabbing a coke on your way out.

“FUCK YOU, BITCH”-You heard Tommy yell, but you only flip him off.

As you went back to the living room, you jumped into Steve, making him grunt. “Watch it!”-He yelled. Adjusting yourself, you sat on his lap, leaning on the edge of the couch. You drank half of your coke and left it the small table that was behind you. Some time passed, as you got lost in the random conversation you guys were having. You reached over to grab your drink when something was off, it didn’t taste the same, you gave it another sip and this time it was worse, you put it down. Steve noticed your disgusted face asking you if everything was fine, you only nodded. A couple of minutes passed and you started to feel nauseous. You got up and started to look for the bathroom. As you were in the hallway, your hands started to sweat and you your vision became blurry. 

You then felt a hand on your shoulder making you drop, you started to hear a muffled voice, you tried focusing your vision, only giving you a headache. You slowly started to drift, your breathing becoming heavier each time you fought back. Then everything went black. You felt two strong hands gripping your sides, carrying you god knows where.

Fuck … You managed to say before you knocked out.

To be Continued …

AYY, let me know if you guys like it so I can make Part 3, FYI the Tag list is Open!

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Are you gonna stick around and keep doing Swan Queen metas, even tho they're not endgame? (crying hysterically rn)

I haven’t seen anything that changed my mind in these last episodes. I just didn’t expect it to be quite as vague and ambiguous. My theories are all tied to OperationOUT and there was a lot of confirmation. The existence of the story realms was tied directly to the state of Emma’s mind, I’m not sure if they could have been more overt.

Then there was Emma’s tattoo that only appeared after Emma’s car crash, which I talk about here.

It was missing again in the asylum where Emma tried to step away from the fairy tales - even if I don’t think she’s actually in an asylum, the medical setting was realistic. In conscious reality Emma doesn’t have a tattoo.

There was another reminder both of the invite of the forbidden fruit, but also of the apple as a symbol of consciousness. I’ve been saying Emma and Regina’s story can only start to play out after Emma wakes up, so all these symbols of waking mean it can finally start to happen. We had the song “In my dreams” earlier this season with exactly the message that your dreams may come true, with then several scenes of Emma and Regina matching the lyrics.

Henry’s book told the story of Snow & Charming’s happiness and their family life and history. We thought it was the story of his parents, but he told his grandparents’ story with Snow even singing at the wedding that it was her long term wish coming true. The book we finished was that of the Charmings.

Now it’s time for the next generation… so maybe Lucy can tell the story of how her grandmothers met and fell in love. Henry’s book ended after the Final Battle, but in Lucy’s book, the celebration scene was clearly only the middle of the book. Hook is posed as Judas during the Last Supper, hinting he may soon be betraying Emma. Jesus died not long after the Last Supper, so the Premiere for the next season may turn the happiness on its head and show us why Lucy had to come and find  Henry to save his family. The cover of her book has a mirror and an apple tree, so it seems focused on Regina’s perspective.

Interestingly, I’d recently read the book the Writer’s journey and while reading I thought we were at the point of Resurrection for Emma - so I was pleasantly surprised to see the Last Supper reference - but I was wondering how they were going to do it. They really seem to be following the structure of this book, but it’s written with film in mind more so than tv. They describe it as a moment where the audience really needs to believe the Hero is dead. I was wondering how that would work on Once, because they’ve killed so many characters and revived them with TLK or brought them back later. In film a few seconds too long under water is enough to create the right effect but on a tv show that’s been going as long as Once Upon a Time, they’d need to do something drastic to emotionally put us in that same position.

…so when JMo announced she was leaving I was shocked and sad… until I realized that answered my question. I was feeling exactly how I was supposed to feel at the point before Resurrection. It was the answer to a question I’d asked myself before the news. We all have to believe that Emma is really gone for good otherwise the moment she comes back doesn’t have the same effect.

Which got me wondering about all the ways this could play out and they could continue to tell her story. 

  • Jmo comes back for the finale
  • The story is mostly told through other characters like they’ve been doing with the parallels
  • Initial part-time rumors were true and she comes back for the second half
  • The interviews are PR stunts to enhance the Resurrection effect
  • They bring back little Emma, teen Emma or another Emma at a different age
  • Lily comes back to play out her story, they merge and their experiences are suddenly shared
  • Emma is lost but sends messages to her family who follow the trail - voice overs
  • There are rumors about an 8th season, resurrection happens and she comes back

Another possibility I was wondering about is that they may have shot scenes throughout the years to be used now. These scenes in particular come to mind.

A huge set and a beautiful dress we never saw.

Season one showed us the fairy tales we thought we knew and showed us how our assumptions were wrong and it wasn’t the black and white world we thought it was. Now it seems like history is repeating itself… what if all along they planned to fill the gaps of their story? What if they’re doing the same thing to their own fairy tale? “Hah, you assume you know what happened? Well, no, this is what actually happened.” And Lucy’s book shows us scenes that are already shot, but they reframe everything we’ve just seen over the course of 6 years. Or even just starting at the Dark Swan arc, where we know for sure 3 weeks are missing and the writers let us know it was on purpose.

So to answer your question… unless I get bored or busy, I’ll probably still be writing these thingies, yes. I’ve only seen the finale once in bad quality, so this isn’t a coherent post, but just some of my initial thoughts I thought you might like.

Hold On

Draco Malfoy x reader 

It’s an imagine so no smut soz

I recommend listening to Hold On by Chord Overstreet while reading this.

Y/F/N = your full name

Warning: I cried a little writing this so idk how it’ll make you feel

Word count: 1623

Originally posted by dracoharry

You woke up to a beautiful day. The sun was brightly shining in through your window. You got dressed and headed down into the Y/H common room.

When you arrived you received odd looks from everyone. Some left the room when they saw you were there. You heard them whispering.

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Justin Foley x Reader: No more secrets

A/N: Hope you like this imagine I am pretty proud of it so I hope you guys like it. Also in this imagine Jessica never got raped.

Warnings: Mention of rape, Mention of suicide, Swearing

How could he do this to me? Why wouldn’t he tell me? That were just a few thoughts that were running through your head. You had found out what Justin had done to Hannah and you couldn’t believe it. You and Hannah were friends and your long time boyfriend was one of the reasons why she killed herself. You were talking to Tony when he had told you about the tapes Hannah never asked him to tell you something or give them to you but he felt like you needed to know why she did what she did. You were happy that you finally knew why she did it but you that still didn’t bring her back and then to find out that your boyfriend is one of the reasons you just couldn’t believe it. You knew that he would be at Bryce’s and even though you didn’t want to see or have anything to do with that rapist you had to put that aside because you just needed to talk to Justin. You knocked on his front door hard and angrily and stopped when he opened the door.

“Oh hey Y/N. What’s up?” Bruce asked with a smirk.

“Get out of my way Bryce I need to talk to Justin.” You said pushing past him.

You walked to the pool house and angrily stormed inside which startled Justin. He looked behind him and smiled when he saw you but that smile immediately dropped when he sad how angry you were.

“What the hell Justin!?” You yelled angrily.

“Wow babe what’s going on?” He asked confused as he stood up from the couch and walked towards you.

“I heard the tapes Justin.” You said angrily as you crossed your arm.

“L-look Y/N you don’t understand.” He said with a scared look on his face.

“There’s nothing to understand Justin. How could you do something like that?” You asked looking down.

“Now babe look you can’t believe her okay. She lied okay.” He said as he tried to take your hand.

“Don’t you dare touch me!” You said as you pulled your hand away from him.

“Why would she lie about something like that Justin. And I heard the rumors too you know so I know she’s not lying.” You said angrily.

“Y/N I’m sorry please I know you were friends with her but how was I supposed to know at that time what damage that would bring and also you can’t blame it all on me Bryce is the one who send the picture to everyone.” He said with tears in his eyes.

“You shouldn’t have taken that picture in the first place. And another thing why are you protecting Bryce he’s a rapist why are you still friends with him.” You said crossing your arms.

“I-I know that I never should have said that we did more then just kiss. I know I’m wrong I know that I killed her but there’s nothing I can do about it now. At the time it happened I didn’t think that it was that big of a deal. And about Bryce it’s complicated.” He said as some tears rolled down his face.

“What’s complicated about it? He’s a rapist he needs to be behind bars. I know he is one of your best friends and that you always stay with him when your mom and her asshole boyfriend are being annoying but you now you can stay with me too if you need to.” You said.

“Yeah I know but l-look Y/N just forget about it okay. I know that protecting him might seem wrong but. Look we don’t have any proof okay. He isn’t gonna admit to doing it and who is gonna believe a dead girl.” He said sitting back down.

“Look Justin I love you so much. But after finding out what you did and that you keep protecting him. I know that Hannah is dead but who would lie about getting raped. You just want to protect him and I can’t be with someone who does stuff like this Justin.” You said tears forming in your eyes.

“N-no no no, please Y/N please don’t break up with me. I love you so much.” He said as he stood up crying and freaking out because you were breaking up with him.”

“I’m sorry Justin but I-I have to.” You said also crying.

“No no please, please Y/n don’t do this to me.” He said crying.

“I’m sorry Justin. Goodbye.” You said wiping away some of your tears.

Justin just broke down he fell on the ground and sobbed so hard and so loud. You were crying and when Bryce started to ask questions about what happened you just ignored him and kept walking. That night Bryce had invited over the rest of the guys to cheer Justin up a bit but while the other were playing poker or playing video games he was just drinking and drinking. He was trying to drown his sadness. You were in your room trying not to start crying again so you decided to do some homework to distract you when suddenly your phone went off. You looked at the caller I.D. and saw that it was Justin.

“What is it Justin?” You asked harsher then you had expected.

“Hey Y/N uhh I uhh just wanted to say sorry again and that I love you and also I’m drunk and I miss you. Please come back to me and take me back I’ll do anything to get you back.” He said.

You could hear that he was very very drunk and even though you broke up with him you were concerned about him. So you decided to go to Bryce’s house to get him.

“Justin please just stop drinking. I’ll be right there to come and get you.” You said putting on your shoes.

You got into your car and drove to Bryce’s house you walked inside his house cause for some reason his door was open and walked to the pool house. You immediately went to Justin and he immediately hugged you.

“I’m so so so so so sorry babe please just take me back. I’m a mess without you.” He said hugging you.

“Come on Justin you’re coming home with me. Then we’ll talk.” You said taking his arm and dragging him out of the pool house ignoring everyone’s questions.

After a few minutes you arrived at your house and you went inside. You wen to your room and gave him some water to drink.

“I’m serious Y/N I’m a mess without you please take me back.” He said after he was a little bit more sober.

“I know that Justin and I wanna be with you to. But how can I know that you will never do anything like that to me.” You said looking at him.

“How? Because I’ve learned from my mistakes. I don’t know why I did what I did and believe me or not I feel horrible about it. But please you have to believe me when I say I will never ever do that to you.” He said looking into your eyes.

“Okay I believe you.” You said taking his hand.

“So does that mean you will take me back?” He asked a little excited.

“Yes I’ll take you back. But that means no more secrets okay.” You said with a smile.

“Promise no more secrets. I would kiss you but I feel like I’m gonna puke so I’m not gonna do that.” He said holding your hand.

“I love you Y/N.” He said with a smile.

“I love you too Justin.”

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My birthday is February 18. Could I have Smitty age gap please and thank you?

Originally posted by itadakimasu-letmeeat

Happy, happy birthday @aaltena26! To help you celebrate in style, the always incredible @booksrockmyface has written this wonderful bit of Everlark, just for you. Enjoy!!

Dream Come True

Rated: Explicit

Trigger warning: Brief talk of a four wheeler (ATV) accident and a resulting injury ending in amputation of a limb.

Author’s note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope this is all you were hoping for and that your day is THE BEST! Much thanks to thesaltywinteradult for helping me get this story figured out when I got stuck on a transition.


Peeta remembered staying up late when he was eight years old to see Katniss Everdeen compete in the final archery round in Athens. She had been a frontrunner from the start, especially since she’d just barely missed out getting into the games four years before. She was his first crush.

When he was put in charge of showing the Olympian around campus as the Student Activities Board president, he was beside himself with excitement. He’d get to talk to her. Get her settled into her hotel. Introduce her to the group of students that would gather to see her archery demonstration.

“Calm down, Mellark. She’s just a person.” He told himself as he bounced around in the parking lot waiting for her arrival. “A really hot person you’ve had a crush on nearly all your like, but a person nonetheless.”

A compact car that looked like it had seen better days pulled in and Katniss Everdeen emerged. She was even more beautiful that Peeta could have ever imagined. Her long brown hair hung in waves over her shoulders. The sign, “Dangerous curves” came to mind as she stretched and looked around. She removed her sunglasses and sent a smile Peeta’s way, causing him to suddenly lose his normal ability to talk as her grey eyes landed on him.

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Mi amor (Part 1)

Pairing: Rafael Barba x reader

Word Count: 1836

Warnings: None.

A/N: New to writing in this fandom, but I hope you enjoy. I would love some feedback and requests to help get me going on this new blog. Thank you and enjoy!

Originally posted by suspectsim

Rafael was catching up on some paperwork for a case SVU had helped him put away. He was always working hard, but due to a person he has recently come to know he was more anxious to get out of work to see her.

“Carmen, I will be leaving. Take my messages and only transfer the calls if it is an absolute emergency,” he said walking out of his office.

“Yes sir,” she responds promptly.


“Barba, I think we can get him on a few misdemeanors to buy us some time to get him for the real thing,” Benson said waiting for the ADA’s approval on her proposition. Her and Carisi were having this meeting with Barba to see if they could help convict a very clever and manipulative serial rapist.

“I think you’re right. I’ll run it by the judge in the morning because not even I would be so courageous as to wake a judge at this late of an hour,” Rafael said looking at his watch. Carisi and Benson nodded in agreement seeing as it was almost midnight.

Barba’s phone rang, he smiled as he saw who it was causing him to answer the phone rather quickly and exit his office. “Hola mi amor,” he said as Olivia and Carisi were right behind him.

He continued to speak on the phone, but realizing there were people in the room he began to speak in a hushed tone.

“No. I know, I know, mi amor. I’ll see you then,” he hung up his phone smiling down at it. Carmen cleared her throat to get his attention.

“Oh-uh, I need to be heading home. I will talk to the judge and get the warrant first thing in the morning,” he said grabbing his coat and heading towards the door.

Olivia and Carisi looked at each other curiously, having never seen the ADA even talk romantically about another woman they were shocked to say the least.

“Carmen, who is mi amor?” Benson questioned.

She leaned in as if she was sharing the world’s biggest secret. “I’m not exactly sure. All I know is that her name is Y/N, Mr. Barba has me send flowers and chocolates to her every week, she sends him coffee and his favorite pastries and that I have never seen Mr. Barba this crazy about anyone. I mean he has been leaving the office at a decent hour in order to meet with her,” she said.

“Barba is getting smitten with a girl?” Carisi let out a chuckle.

“I never thought I would see the day. Well thank you for information Carmen, see you later,” Benson said.

They exited the office, both still shocked about the news they had just heard about their friend and colleague.

“Wow, I can’t believe Barba actually has a girlfriend,” Carisi pointed out.

“I don’t know Carisi, maybe he got all lonely being so enticed with his work. I mean I have Noah to keep me company,” Liv said in Barba’s defense.

“Yeah, but it’s Barba. He’s very focused, I just didn’t think that there would be a place for anyone but his mom and his work.”

They nodded and headed to their respective homes for the night.


“You’re never going to believe this guys,” Carisi started telling the team, “Barba has a girlfriend.”

Rollins and Fin looked at him like he was crazy.

“No way,” Rollins quickly replied.

“You mean the workaholic ADA Barba? That Barba?” Fin asked.

“Yep. He was all ‘mi amor’ yesterday” Carisi said trying to do his best Barba impression.

“He’s on his way here to give us the warrant, we should invite him for drinks later tonight and see what he says,” Fin offered and they all nodded in agreement.

And as if on cue Barba entered the room carrying some files and a piece of paper, that is presumed to be the warrant they were awaiting.

“So here is the warrant that you guys needed,” Barba handed it to Liv as she walked outside of her office.

“Perfect. Fin and Rollins, you guys go and deliver it. Carisi, Barba and I are going figure out which witnesses we should put on the stand,” Liv ordered.

“Okay, sounds good,” Fin said and then Carisi shot him a look widening his eyes, “oh and before I forget. Tonight we’re all meeting at a bar to have some drinks, you know celebrate a case well done, if you wanted to stop by Barba.”

Everyone nodded in agreement with Fin’s plans, hoping he would take the bait.

“Thanks, but I kind of have other arrangements with someone else,” Barba responded being as vague as possible.

“Well bring them along too,” Carisi smiled. Barba nodded, knowing that the whole team would never take no for an answer.

“Fine,” he let out a sigh, “see you guys around 8.”

The day went by pretty quickly with all of the work they had to do. Making notes about the case and delving into the witnesses past so the ADA could deliver the best case possible. Liv took notice of Barba constantly looking at his phone for messages from this secret girlfriend.

“Well I think we are about done here, the perp is in custody, and I think Fin and Rollins are already down there waiting for us,” Liv said finally calling it a day after hours and hours of work.

“Alright.” They all nodded in agreement walking a few blocks to the bar. The cool Manhattan air made the walk seem faster as they were making small talk about Noah and the cases the was coming up to trial.

When they entered the bar, Liv noticed an unfamiliar woman with Fin and Rollins in a booth with them.

Barba’s eyes widened in astonishment. “Y/N! I see you met Fin and Amanda,” he said awkwardly. They stood up to great the ADA and detectives.

“Y/N? As in Y/N L/N?” Carisi said shaking her hand, “I’m a huge fan!”

“What is she a singer or actor that I don’t know about? I’m Olivia Benson,” she said shaking Y/N’s hands.

“No, she’s just a law school legend. She has her medical degree and her law degree and practices both. I mean I read some of the cases you were involved in and wow! I would love to get your advice on a case whenever you can,” Carisi said with an overenthusiastic tone of voice.

“Okay. Now that you’re done fangirling,” Barba interrupted, “mi amor, let’s sit down.” He kissed her cheek and gestured towards the booth next to them.

“Y/N was just telling us about how the defendant in a case she tried was also ended up in her ER the next day,” Rollins said, “talk about an ethic issue.”

“I want to know more about the Montgomery case,” Carisi inquired.

“I think we would all rather hear your worst ER story,” Fin said.

Y/N had just opened her mouth to begin her story, but Barba stepped in. “Okay. Okay. Enough with the fangirling on Y/N, I think she would much rather enjoy a drink.”

Y/N looked at him in the eyes and Rafael thought that she was going to rip him a new one.

“Rafael, déjame hablar. No soy tu títere.” And to Rafael’s surprise she said it calmly and softly.

“Está bien perdóname mi amor,” he said. So they all sat down in the booth drinking and telling their stories. Liv mostly about Noah and some of the brutal cases she has working, the team chiming in every so often and Barba plugging in details about how hard it was to try the case.

“Alright well I’m going to use the restroom and then get us all another round of drinks, be right back,” Y/N said as she got up.

“How did you two meet?” Carisi asked.

Barba looked down at his glass and then smiled.

“I was at this law conference that we are required to attend and they were doing a mock trial. It’s like a game for lawyers, you show off your skillset and learn a few tricks. She was the playing the prosecutor oand Buchanan was the defense on some serial killer and serial rapist case. Buchanan was like a pitbull, he pulled out every trick he had. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so scared when Y/N started to speak. She immediately caught my attention, I mean I heard rumors about her, but she was better than any lawyer I have ever seen. Myself included. Then I decided to approach her, I thought she was going to be some cold-hearted lawyer type and just blow me off. But when I spoke to her she looked me in the eyes and offered to buy me a cup of coffee while I asked her about a case I was interested in.” He took a sip of his scotch.

“So, what rumors are you spreading about me Rafael?” Y/N said as she passed the drinks out to the rest of the table.

“Nada mi amor,” he said, “I’m only telling them how we met.”

“Oh, you mean how he saw me in court and got the hots for me,” she smirked, getting a chuckle from everyone.

“I just can’t believe Barba is dating you, in law school I wrote papers on cases that you worked. You honestly were my inspiration,” Carisi said.

“Thank you, Sonny, but Rafael is a lot more than just an ADA,” she defended.

“Really? Please do enlighten us all,” Fin raised his eyebrows. Y/N looked towards Rafael for permission to continue.

“That’s my cue to get us some more drinks, just don’t overshare Y/N,” Rafael said getting up avoiding the answer Y/N was about to give the SVU team.

“So do share,” Rollins chimed in.

“What do you want to know?” she asked.

“I don’t know. What is the cold-hearted ADA like outside of work?” Rollins asked.

“First, he is everything but cold-hearted. One day I walked in from a long shift at the hospital and there was a trail of rose petals leading into the dining room where he is sitting there with my favorite foods. I’m talking full on lobster and then to top it all off he had a playlist of my favorite Sinatra and Buble music,” Y/N smiled at the memory.

“There is no way! This is some chick flick that you’re mimicking,” Carisi said laughing.

“Are you sure it was Barba and not Ryan Gosling?” Liv asked chuckling.

“I promise you, this was Raf. And sometimes he does little things whenever he can’t make it to dinner because of some case. You don’t know the Rafael Barba I know. He can be cold in court, but his heart is pure sugar,” she said.

“I really hope you aren’t talking about me whenever you said the words heart and sugar in the same sentence,” Rafael said sliding in next to her.

“Of course not mi amor, of course not,” she said.


bokunoheroes-stories  asked:

Could you write scenario where Katsuki and his girlfriend who is villain, they get caught going on a date by one of his teachers. ~Admin Spark ⚡️

First off, thank you so much for requesting! Second off, I am really sorry for how short this turned out. I anticipated it would be longer, but things didn’t really work out in my favor. ANYWHO, I hope you enjoy!


Katsuki dragged his fingers along the bear skin of your arms as you leaned against his chest. Alone, in the middle of the woods was your favorite place to be. More specifically, a secluded patch of grass, almost large enough to be considered a small field, which was conveniently covered by the large oak trees and bushes the littered the area. It’s a place you two had dubbed as your own. A place in which you could be with each other without the prying eyes of the public. Katsuki liked it because of the lack of “shitty retards,” as he so eloquently calls the rest of the human population. You, on the other hand, like it because it serves as a place for you to meet your hero-in-training boyfriend. Also, seeing as you were a villain, wandering in public with Katsuki would serve as detrimental to the both of you. Neither of you minded having to see each other in private, much. It was actually quite nice. Just being able to talk to him without prying ears or worries. You two typically talked about anything under the sun. You two confided in each other, and trusted each other with your biggest insecurities and secrets. All here, in your little patch of grass.

Katsuki stopped moving his fingers along your arm, instead dragging them along the length of your arm to intertwine your finger with his. “(y/n), why don’t you just become a hero like me? That way, we won’t have to see each other in secret anymore,” He tightened his grip on your hand as he shifted around searching for a more comfortable position, assuming this conversation was about to be a long one. Not that he minded, he is the one that initiated it after all.

With a sigh you pressed yourself closer to his chest, getting comfortable as well. “Katsu, you know I can’t. Not yet, anyway. The villain life style is the one my family chose for me, and the one I have to stick with until I turn eighteen. I don’t want to be a villain, nor do I like it, but I don’t really have much of a say on the matter…you know that,” you mumbled. You really didn’t dislike being a villain, despite what had said aloud. It was more so the fact you were forced to do it. If you had decided to be one on your own terms, you probably wouldn’t mind being a villain. No, it wouldn’t be your first life style choice, but if it was the one that provided the most then you wouldn’t lose sleep over such a thing.

“Just run away from your stupid parents,” katsuki mumbled, his grip on your hand tightening. “You can just report them, ya know? Tell someone about what your parents do. Then you don’t have to be one any longer. You can train with me! I’ll be the number one hero, and you can be the second! We will be the best heroes around! I’ll make sure of it.”

You rolled your (e/c) eyes, a small giggle escaping your lips. “How charming,” you sarcastically drawled out, before your tone took on a more serious note. “But about the whole reporting them thing….I can’t just do that. We are an unpublished villain group. Only the top heroes know of us, and that’s because they’ve fought us. Well, not really me, more so my parents and their colleagues.”

“Is that a confession?” A booming voice called from behind you and your boyfriend, causing you both to jump up and whip around to see just where it originated from.

All might, the number one hero, was standing behind you guys. His hands placed on his hips, his eyes shadowed over. “Young Bakugou, I had heard rumors that you were spending time with a female with (h/l) (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes. The description sounded familiar to me, but I didn’t want to believe it. My boy, I implore you to leave. You will be none too pleased with what’s about to happen. You’re girlfriend here must face the consequences of her actions, and I am here to make sure she does.”

I Believe You

“I don’t know if there true.” Your friend says as she takes a sip from her drink. You and a bunch of your close friends were having a ladies night and they were constantly telling you rumors that they’ve heard about your boyfriend.

The night that you thought was going to be amazing made you feel like shit.

“I’m not sure about that rumor but I heard that he’s seeing that one chick from his music video and they meet at his studio. People have seen her by there a couple times.” You bite your lip feeling your heart break with each rumor.

“Ok ok..I think that’s enough. It’s just rumors and she doesn’t have to hear it.” One of your close friends Hye Jin said.

“As her close friends I think she should know. What if he is?” Nari says.

“And what if he isn’t? You honestly don’t know that. People say a bunch of shit.” Hye Jin says rolling her eyes. She turns to you. “Just ask him yourself. I hang out with him and the guys at the club all the time and he’s never looked at another girl before. Even when someone asks him about you his face lights up like a fucking Christmas tree because he gets so happy. So I honestly don’t believe them.” You nod and take a sip from your drink.

“I’ll just ask him when I get home.” You say and get up.


The rest of the night dragged on and you couldn’t wait to go home. Hye Jin was your ride home so you were grateful she had to leave early which meant you got home quicker.

“Don’t worry too much about it.” She said as she dropped you off. You nod and hug her.

“Thanks boo.” You said as you pulled away. “Let me know when you get home. We’re still on for our coffee date tomorrow?” She laughs rolling her eyes.

“Yes and please don’t be late!!” She says wagging her finger at you. You laugh and close the door.

“I won’t!” You say as she opens her passenger window. As you waved goodbye and she left your mood changes as you notice the living room light on in your apartment.

With each step your heart raced until you reached the front door. Unlocking it you take off your shoes and walk into the living room.

“Hey babe.” He says looking up from his laptop with a huge smile on his face. “Did you have fun?”

“Yeah.” You say walking towards him. You contemplated on asking him or just letting it go. But you wanted to know. You weren’t sure if he would tell you the truth but you just wanted confirmation from him. You prayed that it was all lies.

“Are you ok?” He says as you sit down next to him. He puts the laptop aside and pulls you closer to him. You let him as he holds you close. After a second you pull away ready to ask him.

“Can I ask you something?” You say and he nods with a confused look.

“Yeah you could ask me anything.”

“Does the girl from your recent music video come to the studio? Like do you guys keep in contact and still hang out?”

“Not really. She comes to the studio but it’s because shes working on her new album with me and the producers from my company. Why?” You felt the tears as you thought about the late nights he’s spent at the studio. Images of them two together kept popping up in your mind. No wonder why he spent so much time there lately. You thought to yourself.

“A-are you cheating on me?” His eyes widen and he shakes his head no.

“No why would you think that?” You let out the breath you didn’t know you were holding. You shake your head looking away from him as you bite your lip holding in the tears.

“The girls….they were telling me rumors they’ve heard about you….and I just….I don’t know.. you didn’t tell me about her and the late nights” You stuttered not believing him. He places his hands on your cheeks so you can look at him.

“Babe..Whatever they’ve heard it’s lies..I swear to you I’m not cheating on you and I’ve never cheated on you. Why would I go to someone else when I have you? You’re everything to me. Trust me you’re a million times better than her.” You bite your lip as a tear falls down. He wipes it with his thumb and pulls you in for a hug holding you tightly against him. “Don’t cry I swear it’s not true. I love you.”

You didn’t know why but you believed him. Yes if it was any of your past boyfriends you wouldn’t have but he was different. You’ve been cheated on in the past so hearing the rumors from your friends made you doubt everything. But being in his arms and hearing him talk made the doubts go away.

“I believe you.” You mumbled against his skin.