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Queens of Mewni & Their Cheek Symbol

So, I just thought to make the list of the cheek symbols of the Queens of Mewni for my next analysis (the significance of these cheek symbols). The first column were the image of the queens, second is their cheek symbols, third is symbolism’s meaning I got from the internet, and fourth is what traits I think you needed to get that symbol in the SVTFOE universe (in short, what the symbol signifies). 

SVTFOE Card Suite Symbolism speculation:

Heart - people with this symbol are very lovable and has a distinguishing “charm” that naturally attracts people and come to her side. They prioritize their relationship with others compared to anything else and usually let their heart dictates their action (emotional). They are often found as center of the group

Spade - people with this symbol wields strong and fearsome power, even more powerful than normal and typical queens.

Diamond - people with this symbol have the tendency to take the center of command and shoulder the burden and responsibility by their selves. They dress in jewelry and finery, conducting their selves as befitting of nobility.

Club - people with this symbol have the “common” mindset. They appreciate the values that works for the greater whole of society and hates anything that could destroy the social order they are comfortable and grew up in already.

Color symbolism speculation:

Shades of purple - elegance, nobility, regal

Yellow - bright, lively

Pink - lovely, feminine, 

White - harmony, power, everything (as it is combination of all colors of light. That’s why Moon said you must give everything if you want to “dip down”)

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I will love you until we turn to stardust,
And even then, I’m sure our orbits will cross
May the universe, the gods and the mortals judge in disgust
I can still feel your touch, fresh like that sea moss,
When the light still shone and the waves of the ocean
Planted summer kisses on your neck.
No, but darling you are more like a mountain,
Majestic, mysterious, but all I could see
You were drowning in oceans
And I couldn’t set you free.
My heart is still pounding, my eyes are ablaze
The love of our fire is coldly disgraced.
I hope you remember that cool summer air
When we sat by the sea moss, kissing with flair.
Happy 30th, Fresh Air!

Today (May 11) is Fresh Air’s 30th anniversary of being a daily, national program. That’s amazing. That also means Terry has been doing this longer than I’ve been alive.

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Like a lot of people my age, my first memories of NPR were in the backseat of my parents’ car. It wasn’t long before I became a fan myself. The road trip from my hometown in Massachusetts to Philadelphia, where I went to college, was about 5 Fresh Air interviews long. I distinctly remember picking out interviews with Sacha Baron Cohen, Lisa Kudrow, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Jack Black and loading them onto my pink iPod mini. 

After I graduated and was miserable working in restaurants and retail, Terry’s interviews kept me sane. She kept me company during a time in my life when I felt lost and directionless. I remember Caitlin Moran, Lena Dunham, and Matt Weiner, to name a few.

I started at Fresh Air in May of 2013. I co-write the Fresh Air webpages on NPR.org with the lovely Bridget Bentz, run the social media, and handle the podcast. 

In the spirit of our anniversary, I thought I’d mention a few of my favorite interviews since I’ve been here, behind-the-scenes. 

  • John Waters: I have listened to this interview so many times, I practically have it memorized. I love how hard he makes Terry snort-laugh with gems like, “In Baltimore, if you’re hitchhiking, you’re a hooker that doesn’t have the Internet.” 

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  • Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber: Some of my favorite interviews are ones where I’ve never heard of the guest before and then they totally blow me away. Pastor Nadia started a church for outsiders (junkies, drag queens, comedians) and has a really original and inclusive philosophy about faith. 
  • Joaquin Phoenix: I have a special place in my heart for this interview, because the day it aired was the day I was introduced in the credits for the first time. This show was completely bonkers. He was unpredictable and bizarre, but we were all having so much fun listening in while the interview was taping. 

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  • Lynsey Addario: While working as a bad-ass photojournalist in a war zone, Addario was kidnapped with two of her journalist colleagues. She talks about that harrowing experience in this interview. It’s riveting. Plus, as a web producer, putting together a slideshow of her work was a real joy. 
  • Michael K. Williams: Williams, known for playing Omar on The Wire, was a dream guest (open, funny, thoughtful) I love when he called Terry “T,” and talks about how the Rhythm Nation music video inspired him to pursue a career in the arts. His kindness radiates through the speakers.

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I’m sure I’m forgetting tons of other favorites, but those are the ones that came to mind. 

We’ve got plenty of exciting things coming down the pike. Thanks for listening, reading, following the show! We can’t wait to see what you pick as your favorite interviews with the hashtag #freshair30. 


Molly Seavy-Nesper, associate producer at Fresh Air 


THE MODERN OLYMPIANS (females & males)

There is something dangerous about a teenage goddess. These abnormal, peculiar youths. One possesses a skilled tongue, silky and delicious, yet so dangerous, curled in a pool of poison. Another only wakes at the howling of her huntresses and another could make the world quake, her wit as her only weapon. One is beautiful and indispensable, she feeds the world with lies and burning ashes. Another tie souls to each other, leaving them to rot and decay together until only one survives and another became so sad and overpriced that she became something no one could receive, no one deserved. These girls were queens, rulers amongst men and feral beings that slowly learned, by the centuries, how to tame their darkness.


Hello, humans of the Shelter Pet Project. It is I, Susie Surfcat, with an important favor to request. (The other cats here at the shelter told me to hold the “demands” until I was officially adopted.)

I found myself in a cage in a place called a shelter. I did not care for it. Fortunately, my Surfcat minions came and took me out of the cage, and assured me that, in order to be adopted, it was clear I needed more luxurious accommodations. They were very wise, and so I chose to adopt their name as my own until such a time as I can take the name of my new family.

They tell me I’m “lovable,” which I believe is what humans say when you purr and rub them with your head. (I admire your opposable thumbs and how you invented the Internet for the spreading of the cat video, so I say this with love: You people are easy.)

I enjoy being brushed, being worshiped as the Queen Cat, and living indoors.

My chief minion is Shana Mullin, and you can request an audience with me by emaling her at shanamullin@gmail.com.

Regally yours,

Susie Surfact
Surfcat Cafe and Adoptions
Oxnard, California

KBTBB: Eisuke - Unsteady


A/N: If you’re controversial and against negative vibes, please don’t read. If you continue to read and get upset, don’t get upset with me but with yourself for your own choice. Anyways, this is my first fanfic in a while, so I’m quite nervous. I hope you enjoy it though. Thank you! Tagging @levisaudrey for her encouragement and help!

All eyes were on me like I was in the center of the ring. The music slowly faded and came to an end. Phones and electronic devices were out ready to film the new show the Queen of Drama, also known as me, was about to start. I might end up being the next trending video on the internet. However, as dramatic as I appeared to be on the eyes of the audience, I was rather perplexed as to why my boyfriend was so angry with me. Throughout the silent ballroom, every single word he said echoed loudly– probably scaring the night as well since it didn’t dare to let creatures make a single sound.

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Young Volcanoes (groupfic) - MistressIndie

Indie A/N: Welcome to this beautiful superhero queen mess! We were going to title this Just Ass League, but then decided to be like mildly more serious for reasons.

Mistress A/N: This is gonna feel great. And not hurt your soul at all *grins evilly*. Other alternative titles included Her-HOES (like heroes) AvengHERS and Friendship is Magic (that one was never NOT a joke)

Summary: in a world where drag is it’s own superpower, many queens have been bestowed with superhuman gifts. Precognition, super strength, empathy, the ability to travel through time and space itself??!! These and more are the gifts of a few select queens. It’s all drinking games and interpersonal drama until a messenger shows up with grave inspiration.

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So I kinda started a trend for myself on Facebook. My friend Stephanie has a dog named Lucy, affectionately nicknamed Louie who absolutely adores the hell out of me and looks up to me in every way possible for a puppo. She was a rescue and never received much attention from Steph’s parents until she took over caring for Lucy. Steph, Tyler (my fiancé) and I all give her lots of love and attention but for some reason, she is drawn mostly to me. And she cries when I leave.

Well Steph and I were talking one night, in which I had a 6-11 shift on self scan. Steph reminded me that I was coming over the following day to work on cosplays and see Lucy and told me to “do it for her.” Hence how we started my motivational phrase “Do It For Louie” (which I tell myself every work shift). Remember, Lucy believes in you!

I don’t know, I felt like sharing it with you guys…heh

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Alya/Volpina: Hey guys! Let’s take a photo to commemorate our first victory together!

Adrien/Cat: Can I lean on you, my lovely lady? 

Marinette/Ladybug: Cat… just don’t call me lovely… 

Chloe/Queen Bee: Omygosh get a room you two! I thought superheroes were supposed to be cool… 

Hello people on the internet! I just needed to get this picture out of my system before I submerge myself in school work… sorry it’s kinda lame looking, did it today at school…

I was wondering whether Alya as Volpina will pull this Peter Parker/Clark Kent - superhero by night, journalist by day thing. :D I’m pretty sure she would take picture like this just to put it on her Ladyblog.

Also I tried to tag it so people who don’t want spoilers will be able to avoid it… please do the same.

The awesome @slothquisitor and @reaping-cain tagged me to make a mood board using just the pics on my phone. I was gonna do one solely of the Queen Floof, but figured what the hell xD

The Internet here won’t let me post it, so I took a pic to post from my phone xD 

tagging @rederiswrites, @brynwrites, @cometeclipsewriting, @queen-squids and @alwayscryingoverdannyb! No pressure if you don’t want to :3

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How the hell was Reagan racist? I don't remember him creating any racial tension like Obama.

[re: this post]

I think that your disingenuous question reveals some agency and just how little you seem to know about racism

If you seriously think that PBO actually “creates racial tension”…smh…if anyone lays ANY of the fault for so-called “racial tension” at his feet, well then, that’s a pretty good sign that they’re probably racist or anti-Black af, because the president hasn’t said or done one single thing thing to remotely make anybody think such fuckery

Were you not so intent on projecting White pathology and pretending that it is President Obama who somehow *creates* “racial tension” (by simply being president-while-black I guess), maybe you would have noticed a little something I like to call a fucking hyperlink that was included in the the original post

For anyone else who is actually interested, HERE is that link again. Please note the part where the link contains very easily verifiable ~*facts*~ like how

1. Ronald Reagan was against the Voting Rights Act of 1964 and 1965 — Reagan was against Black people having the right to vote — because, among other “totes not racist” reasons, Reagan feared that the law might somehow be “humiliating to the south“ (like, that’s what was shameful or humiliating, according to Saint Ronny. Not the soul crushing racism White people inflicted on Black people, not the beatings, not all of the “unsolved” murders and lynchings endemic of the south, but a law finally allowing Black people to vote…that’s what he thought might be humiliating for the south…go chew on that for a while)

2. Reagan very actively opposed ending the racist practice of Apartheid in South Africa, and he placed Nelson Mandela on a terrorist watch list, and even wanted him to remain jailed 

3. Reagan employed well known racist, Lee Atwater, and utilized his intentionally racially divisive tactics of racial code words and ‘dog-whistle politics

4. Reagan knowingly launched his political campaign a scant few miles away from Philadelphia, Mississippi, the very place where James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner were murdered for engaging in the Civil Rights struggle. He did not pick that place to heal any of America’s racial wounds. Reagan picked that place to show solidarity with “aggrieved” White southern men 

5. Throughout his campaign, Reagan frequently employed Atwater’s Southern Strategy in his stump speeches, by repeatedly using phrases like “lazy, Cadillac driving welfare queens” and “strapping young bucks” when referring to young Black women and men, and ofc he invoked the perennial racist’s anthem, “States Rights

I could go on, but I don’t think you are actually interested in the truth or hearing a real answer -this is the internet in 2014 and facts and answers are easily found and verifiable, without jumping into someone’s ask box to ask questions you likely don’t really want answers to. Such people are more interested in protecting White supremacy and a race baiter like Reagan…literally one of the worst, most economically harmful presidents in recent American history (and I won’t bother re-listing any bullet points, as they are also in the original post)

So I’ll just top off this post for any people who legitimately may not have known about “Saint” Ronny (because they do not teach this stuff in any schools)

Make no mistake…every single Republican president since the Civil Rights era of the 1960s has played some role in actively and knowingly undoing much of the racial progress and social justice which so many people fought and died for, but Reagan was arguably the most pivotal of them all. He and his protege, George H. W. Bush, bridged the gap and carried the torch from America’s Jim Crow era to today. They continued with planting the seeds for an exploding (asynchronously Black) prison population, with a so-called “War on Drugs” and the resulting criminalizing of Blackness and much of the Nixonian level corruption, and economic inequality we that are trying to survive today

Republicans, conservatives or Libertarians who literally try to whitewash and sanitize Reagan’s history, while casually alleging (with no examples, hint: there are none) that PBO is racially divisive, are not to be taken seriously

asokatanos replied to your post “asokatanos replied to your post “Important update: the fursona…”

Mine were glossy pink axolotl. it worships the moon. it is an internet famous scene queen. silver hydra. it has demonic wings. a golden halo floats above its head. Less exciting I think

And now I can’t stop looking at pictures of axolotls. THEY SMILE!!! THEY COME IN MANY COLOURS!!! SOME OF THEM ARE PINK!!!

What I’m saying is, embrace you axolotl fursona. It is adorable.

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I think Kennedy and Trixie are shoe ins for AS3. Jasmine Master's track record on the show wasn't good, but her internet success might get her on? Miss Fame would be another person from S7 who I would expect to see there. idk if Pearl would come back, but if she did I feel like she'd be an early out.

I think if Fame or Pearl were to be on All Stars, they would be eliminated pretty early, especially if they had queens such as Chi Chi, Kennedy, Milk, etc, to try and beat. Though, they are fan favourites, Fame has shown that her real strength is makeup, not necessarily dancing, acting, etc, and Peal showed the same. I just think they’d very easily be beaten by other queens who have strengths in performance, rather than focusing on visual art.

I have a feeling if Jasmine was offered a place on AS3, she wouldn’t accept it, maybe because she’s already built her brand, or because she got so much (and continues to annoyingly get) so much hate. But, I would love to see her come back, she’d be so hilarious and I think she’d really excel in a lot of challenges this time round, and I could definitely see her becoming a fan favourite. 

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Fics where lily is the heartthrob

This post has sexy/confident/flirty Lily, plus here are some other variations:

Title: Love and other Tragedies
Author: Fancyeyes
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 229,880
Summary: “We don’t deserve her,” the Head Boy answered thoughtfully. “None of us do. Not even me. Not because she’s perfect. She’s not. Sometimes I think she’s even more disastrously flawed than the rest of us combined. And not because she’s beautiful, even though she is. Certainly not for being lovely because she never was. We don’t deserve her because she’s so much more than we’ll ever be”

Title: Fairy Tale Robbery
Author: preciselypotter
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Crime
Chapters: 4 [WIP]
Word Count: 12,919
Summary: Meet James Potter: modern-day Robin Hood, con man, thrill seeker. He and his merry Marauders have been hired to steal from none other than the highest in the land. Meet Lily Evans: the Queen’s sister, activist, (likewise) thrill seeker. Lily Evans is James’ mark. James Potter is in for a few surprises.

Title: Something of a Note
Author: B.C Daily
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Smut, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 6,191
Summary: James receives a note from his girlfriend, asking him to meet her somewhere unusual. 

Title: Bloody Shangrila
Author: fabiansgoldwatch
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Friendship
Chapters: 26
Word Count: 132,926
Summary: “The way she babbled on about the place made it seem like some sort of promise land, but James knew full well that is was nothing of the sort. Sowsworth was a wasteland that comprised of seven shops, a pub, and the incredibly bored shadows of lonely people. It was not bloody Shangri-la.“ 

Title: The Sweetest Death
Author: Tarie
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Humour, Smut
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~
Summary: James accidentally stood Lily up and is certain she’s going to kill him.  But he never would have thought death could be so sweet.

Title: #Jily
Author: Chie (Chierafied)
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,991
Summary: Twitter seemed awash with the hashtag Jily. Lily blinked at in confusion, until she realised it was one of those silly couple monikers people had bestowed on her and Potter. …Though there was a small dissenting crowd following a tweet from Potter’s bandmate Sirius Black: Jily? Hah! More like LAMES.

Title: When She Wore the Seeker’s Sweater
Word Count:
He couldn’t understand why Lily Evans, Queen of I-won’t-date-James-Potter World, was standing in the Gryffindor stands wearing one of his old sweaters that said ‘Potter’.Her lips were a drug to him and the first taste gave him an instant high.

Title: Fireproof
Author: writingontheclouds
Rating: Teen & Up
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 5,977
Summary: This is based on hmionegrangr’s #jilychallenge prompt - “Was that song written about me? I think it was written about me (band or musician au)”.

Title: Key Limes
Author: cgner
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 24,695
Summary: In which Academy Award winner Lily Evans discovers the periphery of internet fandom and the existence of Prince James’s gold star system.

Title: For All My Life    
Author: highandlonelydestiny, LadyLai    
Rating: General Audiences
Genre(s): Muggle AU, Single Parent AU, Soulmate AU
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 13,094
Summary: When saving the bees ends in a happy family.

Title: Just Keep Your Eyes On Me
Author: crossingwinter
Rating: E
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 50,070
Summary: You’re not allowed to date your roommate. There’s practically a law against it. So James moves out.

Title: Foam Hearts
Author: Sleepinghookah
Rating: Mature
Genre(s): Muggle AU, Romance, Humour
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 6,655
Summary: Coffee shop AU. A story in which James and Lily are blind - both in entirely different ways.

His ex idol girlfriend disses you and idol you diss her right back (GOT7)

H/E/N: his ex’s name

JB: -anyone who knew you knew you’d fight back when his ex called you a ‘man stealing slut’ and Jaebum was worried for her for a second. You gave her ‘well as far as I recall you guys broke up cause you couldn’t keep your legs closed’- “Oh my H/E/N is going to die now. Should I stop Y/N…..nah”


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Mark: -’you know Mark’s only with you because you were the closest thing since I dumped him’ H/E/N said to you while Mark stood next to you with a hurt look ‘well actually he’s with me because I can please him in the ways you lacked. Which actually everywhere but the bitch part no one can do that better than you’- “you know it baby”


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Jackson: -live burn on a tv program the 3 of you were awkward until she opened her mouth ‘Jackson you must have downgraded Y/N looks horrible compared to me’ she said and everyone turned to you ‘only thing that’s a downgrade is that’s occurred is your wardrobe. Couldn’t you afford a real shirt or was it half off cause most of it was missing’- “well good job baby someone had to tell her”


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Jr: -she had dissed you more than once and all it really did is make her look worse. This is the first time she did it in person ‘wow Jr I didn’t know you got a cow, you must have fed her well she’s pretty fat’. But you bit right back ‘wow this is the first time I’ve heard you speak clearly, glad to know you finally got that dude’s dick out of your mouth’- “well ladies we can see the real winner Y/N I’m your prize take me home and celebrate”


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Youngjae: -it never really worked on you but when she got in your face ‘you should really cut out all the fatty food your eating your turning into a fat ass’  she said innocently to you. ‘I like food, food likes me its a great relationship. It’s a better relationship than your’s and Youngjae’s ever was’- “that’s my girl you keep eating as much you like don’t worry”


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BamBam: -she tried to diss you on your own stage but she was messing with the queen of sass. ‘Why don’t you get off the stage and let some real talent perform’ Y/E/N said. You gave her a look before laughing ‘good luck with that hun I sold out a whole stadium. Now a days you can’t even fill an auditorium sit down you’re killing the vibe’ BamBam clapped as he got on stage and looked at her- “good luck out there H/E/N you and your loser ass will need it” 


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Yugyeom: -dissing someone on Twitter was low ‘Y/N is such a talentless loser does she have any real fans?’ H/E/N posted and you responded ‘the 3.3 million followers I have is pretty awesome maybe you should check it out the page sometime and maybe your fans as well. They may see the light’. So many people were sending it to him anyway they can- “babe you are my queen and you killed it keeping your cool”


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Once more sorry if the gifs don’t work! The internet craps out -_-


When I was five and my eldest brother was 17 he snuck into my room after church one afternoon and decided that I needed to be showed how brothers and sisters “loved” each other.

Every Sunday.

Every night our parents went out and he was “stuck” babysitting his little sister. A movie and a blanket. A hand down my pants

Every road trip and we stopped for bathroom breaks, he volunteered to take me. To be a good brother. A smack in the face and smack on my ass for being a “good girl.”

At bath time, he would tell mum and dad that he would help me wash my hair. And would end up sitting with me in the bath. Naked. It’s taken me nearly a decade to take a bath again.

When I was six, we went to Virginia and there was a park behind my great grandparents house we used to go to. A little brown play house with green windows. He would lay me down and we would play “Mommy and Daddy trying to make a baby.”

When I was 10 years old I gained my first period, and lost my virginity to my brother. I remember yelling at him to stop, but it was muffled by his hand.

And every time I tried to stop him, my small body, my small voice, he would threaten my younger brother. As I got older, I could feel it was wrong and I could do NOTHING to stop it. And coming from the childhood I did, I never knew any better.

It went on, and on and on until I was 15. Our parents caught him and yet did nothing. Relationships have been strained, when the boy I was interested in would raise a hand to out his arm around me or to take my hand in his, I would flinch. If we were to be in a position to start an intimate act, I’d have a panic attack.

Multiple occasions have happened where I was not able to say no and stand by it because I was afraid hat I would be hurt for it. Courtesy of my brother. It is not okay. It is NEVER excusable. I wouldn’t care if you were the King or Queen of England. Much less a reality tv star.

“What were you wearing?”
“You probably tempted him. Girls your age can never control yourself.”
“He’s your brother, do you want to ruin his life? Your family reputation?”
“You probably deserved it.”
These are multiple things people in real life and over the internet have said to me.

I was five. I wore what any little girl would wear at that age. I loved the color blue, and princess Ariel was my favorite because of her red hair. Swimming was my favorite activity and I loved going to church because the old ladies gave me candy. But the minute that man touched me, was the instance I stopped caring about those things. I was a five year old never getting any sleep because I was terrified of what would happen if I closed my eyes.


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Yes,I hate Taylor Swift bc she's white, but I'm white too. How does that work? I'm jealous bc she's pretty?There ain’t nothing unique abt her flat ass. Wat does being American have to do w/ anything? The most beautiful nationality in the world, according to the internet, is Pakistani & wtf happened to “pitting women against women”? I thought we were supposed to be SISTERS!? They ain’t nothing but a bunch of racist bitches. I kno how their queen. Sorry, I'm angry

I don’t blame you - she basically said that those things are what everyone wishes they were, I mean WTF. 😡🤦🏽‍♀️

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Hi! I was just wondering if you knew when royal princesses started wearing any form of makeup? Just because I always see pictures of princesses during for example the Victorian era and they all look so stunning! Also, I've never seen any pictures of princesses during this time with bad skin either which is why I was wondering if they wore some sort of powder for example! Would OTMA have worn any makeup? Thankyou in advance, I love your blog!!! :)))

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh you want to know the secret of this perfect royal skin, such flawless, satin-soft, clean, viiibrant skin….

well it’s not thanks to their “blue blood” or their “divine rights” no it thanks to ©1800s Photoshop ;) !

Alexander Bassano took multiple photographs of the British Royal Family (he was even appointed in 1890 Photographer to Her Majesty) and British nobility. It seems that his popularity was also gained by the staff of retouchers he had in his studio. It was something very common you could find articles in newspapers, manuals on how to proceed, here is an excerpt of The Art of Retouching by Joseph Hubert published in 1895 : 

Do not on any account forget to touch ladies’ waists in a specially hearty matter, if you want to keep on good terms with them. You are always safe in cutting off an inch on each side, and in some cases, where corpulence is rather conspicuous, two or more inches will never be missed.” 

They were working on the negatives with lead pencils.

and it’s how you get this wax-like skin texture even though you are celebrating your Golden Jubilee at the age of 68 ;)  

Alix and Minnie who are known as the ever youthful sisters, indeed  were blessed with good genes. Numerous people remember how young they looked at an advanced age. Nonetheless their photographs were quite retouched. Here is the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna at the coronation of her son Nicholas II, she was forty-nine. You can compare both pictures…

The Victorian Era is fascinating by its double standard. It was a world where women were supposed to be naturally beautiful and yet ever-increasing numbers of creams, lotions, tricks were sold. In this rather “uptight” society the pale complexion was highly valued (one of their beauty tricks was to use blue pencil to trace their veins), I would even dare to say deadly white complexion. We know how literature was a driving force in construction of feminine beauty, here is an excerpt of Tennyson poem Maud, 1855 :

Pale with the golden beam of an eyelash dead on the cheek,
Passionless pale, cold face, star-sweet on a gloom profound;
Womanlike, taking revenge to deep for a transient wrong
Done but in thought to your beauty, and ever as pale as before
Growing and fading and growing upon me without a sound,
Luminous, gemlike, ghostlike, deathlik

The ideal representation of beauty was seen as intensely moral and emotional. To reach this ideal Victorian periodicals were filled with articles, advises, illustrations. Victorians values were firmly against artifice, in Good Society published in 1869 you can read about lipstick : “There is no man who does not shrink back with disgust from the idea of kissing a pair of painted lips” or women shouldn’t “change the colour of the hair by means of fashionable dyes. Practices of this kind are simply and strictly immodest.”

Their daily routine consisted in cleaning their skin with different kind of soaps then applying cold cream. The latter was a real business and you could find countless of recipes in newspapers and magasines. It is an interesting ride to go through Victorian recipes, some were stuffed with so many chemicals such as arsenic, mercury… Concerning blemishes such as acne or blackheads various cosmetics were dedicated to these.

Heated debates about those products were common within society. Some blaming the side effects of using such products (arguments could go as far as “leading to death”) while others were preaching the qualities. 
On another note, healthy lifestyle was also an important aspect of skincare and women were advised to sleep 8 hours each night, sit in well ventilated rooms, have specific diets…

But despite this disapproval it is clear that Victorian women employed cosmetics and at the end of the 19th century makeup was more or less more acceptable. There is no doubt that Queens and Princesses had powder, rouge pot, eyebrow pencils, papier poudre… It seems to have been always very subtle though.

Concerning OTMA I don’t remember reading in a book that they used makeup however on internet they say they did actually wear some during official photoshoot. I’m sure they had cosmetics as well as some powder but wearing makeup on a daily basis I doubt that :)

If the subject interest you I can recommend you :  Queen Victoria: First Media Monarch by John Plunkett |  Realism, Photography and Nineteenth-Century Fiction by Daniel A. Novak. |  Victorian womens magazines: An anthology |  British Victorian Women’s Periodicals: Beauty, Civilization, Poetry by Kathryn Ledbetter |

I feel really disappointed in All Stars 2. The whole thing was fabricated for Alaska to win, it was obvious from day one. She did really well but she was always given better parts in the challenges and favourable lip sync edits. Above all, what really gets me is that I don’t think any of the producers were prepared for Katya to be so amazing. I feel like everyone underestimated her. She shined in that finale and had so much dignity throughout the whole season. I’m glad there’s so much #teamkatya love on the internet because she deserves to know how amazing she is. I mean Alaska’s a great queen but I feel like she wanted it for all the wrong reasons. Katya showed the world how genuine and insanely talented she is and for that she is the true winner in my eyes 💗