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The moment Isak signed up…. as Even’s boyfriend.

I am 100% here for trashing Trump and punching Nazis.

And I am 100% mad as hell at the people who not only treated Barack Obama to their racist shit, but his wife and daughters as well. For two terms Malia and Sasha have been abused by so many shitheads, its sickening.

I am still, however, not here for dragging a 10 year old. Barron Trump is 10. He is innocent of his father’s evils. He has been visibly shocked and upset at the shit that happens at his father’s rallies. And he’s still a 10 year old kid.

Punch Nazis, sure. But if you punch down at children, I’ll punch you myself.

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what are your favorite blogs?? your mobile theme is gr8 btw

i’ve already answered something like this so i’ll try to tag some different people !


i actively stalk these blogs i 11/10 recommend

youngjae: *reading from the card* “say something in spanish”

jackson: “spinach??”

youngjae: “no, spa-nish!”

jackson: “oh. AMIGO! JOSE!”

Barry and Iris’ love story is the most beautiful, precious thing ever! 💜
—  Anonymous
How Are You A Reader and You Hate Google?

It’s always strange to me when I see folks (mainly white folks) ask book reviewers (mainly on youtube) things like “well, WHY is this racist?” “How is this ANY different for POC than for white people?” “I just don’t see how this is racist, can you explain it to me?” “Oh, so if this were to happen to a white character it would be okay????” in the comments.

Sis. You’re such a liar. Because you have “bookworm” or “reads” in your cute little youtube name but you don’t wanna read anything that people have already written about racism in literature? You don’t wanna consult my good sis Google who gives y’all ALL OF US answers for free? Like, if I come across something while reading that’s potentially offensive to a group I’m not a part of and would like to know more about the context that makes that thing offensive…my instinct…is…to READ about it. Because I enjoy reading. And you claim to. So why are you confused? Like, TONS of books have been written about racism in media and literature. If you don’t have time to read whole books, REVIEWS of those books have been written and are probably under 1000 words. Blog posts, youtube videos, fucking NUMBERED BUZZFEED LISTS. Fam, the internet is a goldmine of information, y’all have no excuses anymore.


The six poems I wrote for Cassandra that ended up having a lot more feelings than I was intending them to. Given a title, because Cassandra’s is amazing and she deserves it. <3 All the love for Cass, guys. 

cassandra de rolo, lady of the third house of whitestone, guardian of the woven stone

my nayme is Cass,
i’m juste a gyrle
but brother deere
feels lyke a churl.
whyle Whitestone runs,
he runs awaye
and i am lefte
i need to steye

for many yeers
i was alone,
and in that tyme
i’ve growne and growne.
i stend with pryde,
a leeder, talle,
wythe Whitestone back
i’m not so small

the dragon red,
the dragon whyte,
the dragon greene, 
give us such fryte
and tho we hyde
we stylle rebyld 
as Whitestone wythe
moore people fills

one dragon downe,
then two, then three
Vox Machina
comes thru our tree
wythe scare anewe 
and whyspers grey,
they hardly pause
for o’er a day

and so i sit
in castle whyte,
while empires falle
and troops take flyte
i wish thee well,
oh brother deere,
and wish your safe
return to here

and tho i hope
you’ll stay at home,
i understande
you lyke to roame
just promyse me
a monthe, a weeke
so we mite home’s
well-being seeke

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