if i were her i would bite me oh my god

this picture is about hermione and draco in bite marks by provocative envy just in case yall were wondering



I’ve read two things of her today, in public transport. i had to hold my fucking self to not make ugly ass faces of joy because DAMN this woman can write about a trashcan falling in love with a lamp and i would buy it hardcover dammit. and don’t make me start on the smut oH SO F INTENSE???? im so glad i live in a country where most people don’t know english cause GOD DAMN GAL i was reading that on the bus lol omg i LOVE YOUR WRITING. IM A VERY SNOB BITTER LITERATURE STUDENT WHO READS OLD ASS BORING BOOKS BUT YOU. YOU. I LOVE YOUR WRITING. this is getting weird. i should stop talking like this. but i love her.

attica (same as provocative envy) is the kind of writer that the romance genre needs. she’s fresh, and honest in a beautiful way and she can do poetry (see yall how im trying to act more normal in this one??? uhhh????). i think i love broken yolk so much because of its concept. it’s dramione, and a very good one, but it could be anyone in the world. is like a romance novel, the kind of good shit im looking for where nora roberts’ books are in the bookshop. idk guys. i just love this too authors. the thing that makes me angry, tho, is that you attica my beloved didnt finish some of your fics and i never read unfinished fics BUT. BUT. for you, i’ll do it.

(i know i know but i don’t read very much different authors. sorry)