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I Love You. (Chanyeol x Reader)

NOTE: Hello everyone! This is going to be my first fanfic ever, please share your both negative and positive comments about my writing, so that I can improve my skills. Oh and this story contains SMUT and a little bit of ANGST, because I looove angst and smut ewe.

Hope you will enjoy it!

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You were waiting for Chanyeol outside of the restaurant, that you two promised to meet and you had been waiting for an hour now, but there was no news from him. No texts nor calls, nothing. You knew the cons of dating a popular idol, but tried to avoid them since you were in love with one. You checked your phone one last time and saw your lock screen with no notifications, there was only your a photo of you and Chanyeol. You caressed Chanyeol’s face on the screen and locked screen. You felt your eyes getting teary. ‘30 more minutes then I will leave.’ You said to yourself and inhaled.

An hour passed and still there was nothing from Chanyeol. You sighed heavily and wiped your tears away from your face. You let out a long sigh and left the meet-up place with a huge disappointment and sadness. On your way home rain started to stream down. You cursed yourself, chanyeol and everything about two of you. Luckily you saw an empty cab and got in to it. You turned your phone off while you were in the cab.

You opened your home’s door and threw yourself into the shower immediately. You were crying, shouting and coughing as the water streaming down from your body. You were sad not because he was late, rather than that you were sad because he left you with a huge disappointment on your birthday. He talked to you about his plans for your birthday, but in the end didn’t fulfill any of it.

You got out of shower and wore your comfiest panties and sweatshirt without a bra. “Where is my phone?” you asked to yourself and tried to figure out where your phone might me.You remembered how you threw your bag on your bed and got into shower. When you found your phone, you turned it on and saw 15 missed calls from Chanyeol and 30 texts from him, about how sorry he was about making you wait and sad on your day. You didn’t call nor text him back. You didn’t even read all of his texts just one or two since they all were the same. You threw your phone on your bed and went to kitchen to get something to eat. You opened the fridge and there was nothing to eat. “Oh right, I was going to re-stock it tomorrow. Because today I was supposed to have dinner with Chanyeol.” You talked to yourself. Luckily there was a coke and some leftovers from your favorite sandwich.

You placed yourself on the most comfortable couch you had and took a sip from your coke and a bite from your sandwich. You opened the tv and while passing the channels you saw Chanyeol’s interview. You wanted to pass it, but you couldn’t. During the interview you fell asleep.

You slowly opened your eyes as the constant door knocks got louder. You yawned and turned the tv off. Before opening the door then looked through window. ‘It’s raining harder than earlier.’ You thought and opened the door. Your body temperature decreased when a wet body embraced you tightly.

“Im so… sorry.” His voice was trembling. You didn’t see his face, but recognize him from his deep voice and smell. It was Chanyeol. His clothes were too wet. You pulled him in your apartment, then closed the door behind him. “How long have you been knocking the door?” You asked him while dragging him to the bathroom. “I don’t know maybe 15 minutes? You didn’t answer my texts nor calls and when it said the number was unavailable I got anxious and went to the meeting spot. But you were not there, at first I thought someone kidnapped you because I was so fucking late and didn- couldn’t answer your texts nor calls. Before losing my mind I came to your home and relieved when I was the lights on.” While he was talking you were drying his wet hair. You didn’t talk him back, and kept rubbing the towel on his head. “Babe, Im so sorry. I couldn’t answer your texts, because my phone was out of battery and got late. Our manager didn’t let me leave the dorm because of the rumors about you and me. Even though today was your birthday I fucked it up so badly. Im so sorry.” You, again, didn’t said anything to him, but this time tears started to fall down from your face.

Drops fell on Chanyeol’s hand. He was sitting on the toilet for you to dry his hair easier. He threw the towel on his head and raised his head to look at your face. When he saw your teary eyes he cupped your face and wiped your tears away from your eyes with his big and rough thumps. “Y/N.. Why are you crying?” He pulled you closer and embraced you tightly. “Im sorry for not showing up. Im sorry for fucking your birthday up.” Your madness disappeared as Chanyeol kept talking. You didn’t want to make him feel guilty more than he already was. You cupped his face back and pressed your lips against his softly. “I love you..” You whispered while your lips were on his. He moved his hands from your cheeks to your neck and pulled you closer for a steamier kiss. You moved your hands to his hair.

He stood up and lifted you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist. You started to kiss his neck while he was taking you to your bedroom. He placed you softly on the bed and pulled himself back from you for a second. The moonlight was hitting on him. You licked your lips and raised your body to take his shirt off. You did it slowly. When you took his shirt off, you admired his body for a few seconds, then place your hand on his collarbone to his nipple then his stomach. “Damn-” He hissed when you finally touched his happy trail softly and moved your hand down and tapped his jeans’ zipper. He held your wrists and knocked you down to the bed. Kissing you passionately on the lips. He lowered his head to your neck and sucked your neck, then collarbone. He took your shirt off and stunned when your body was exposed with no bra. He moved his kiss to your left nipple and teased the other one with his hands. You remembered how much you missed sex with Chanyeol. It has been more than a week since you two last had sex. Both of you were busy. You breathed heavily when he moved his hand slowly to your stomach, then to your vagina.

His hand was inside your panties. He moved his index finger between your major lips and inserted it in your vagina. You let out a moan when he inserted it in. Then he started to tease your clitoris with his thump. You covered your mouth with your hand, but when Chanyeol saw it he raised his head from your chest and leaned to your ear. “Do not cover your mouth, I want to hear your cute moans. I want to hear you enjoying your time with me.” He whispered and nipped your earlobe. You moved your hand from your mouth. You kissed Chanyeol passionately when you saw the lust in his eyes. “I want you inside me.” You said between the kiss. You felt his smirk on your lips and stood up quickly. Unzipping his jeans, taking his underwear off. You bite your lower lip when you saw how hard his member was. You placed your hand on it and started it to move your hand up and down, slowly. When you were about to suck it Chanyeol pushed you down. “Today Im the giver and you are the receiver.” He said with his husky and aroused voice.

He removed your panties slowly leaving kisses everywhere your panties touched. When he took it off he placed your legs on his shoulders and before inserting his hard member in your wet vagina he lowered his head to in between your legs. Every Time he licked your clitoris you moaned with joy and pulled his hair. You arched your back and moaned “I-I’m c-close.” When you finally managed to finish your sentence Chanyeol didn’t stop, actually inserted his index finger in your vagina while stimulating your clitoris with his tongue. You were really close but didn’t want to cum all by yourself. You pulled Chanyeol’s head from your vagina and kissed him, tasting yourself on his lips and in his mouth. You touched his forehead with yours. “Together. I want to cum together.” You said while breathing heavily and pushed him down.

You placed you vagina on his member and started to ride him. “Y/N” Every time you heard him groaning and moaning your name you felt even more in power. He raised himself from the bed and stared to suck your nipple. The room was filled with his and your moan. He changed the position and now your back was on the bed and he was on top of you. He was thrusting his hips too fast. You placed your hands on his back and dug your nails on his back. “Chanyeol, Im about to cum.” You said while moaning to his ear. He kissed you and the lips and said, “Me too baby girl me too. Let’s cum together.” And started to move his hips faster and faster. Your high pitched moan met his loud groan.

Both of you were breathing heavily. He threw himself next to you and pulled you in his arms for an embrace. “I love you so much and very glad to have you in my life.” Before finishing his sentence he opened the drawer next to your bed and took a small jewelry bow from there. “Happy birthday baby.” He kissed your forehead and gave you the box. “How did you- when did you put it in there?” You were both happy and surprised. He chuckled and kissed you on the lips. “Not telling you, it’s a magic.” You chuckled and kissed him back. You placed the box on the drawer on your side before opening it.

“How about I give you a present as well?” You said with a smirk on your face, he was entertained by your offer and licked his lips. “Sure go ahead.” You took something out from the drawer and asked him to close his eyes. “Why am I closing my eyes?” He questioned. “You are going to love it, just do it will you?” You replied. He sighed and closed his eyes. You placed the cock ring on his penis and when he felt the cold thing on his penis he opened his eyes instantly. “What the hell is the meaning of this Y/N??” He asked with a really loud and surprised voice. You kissed him o the lips and winked “This is your punishment for making me wait, babe.”

Healing My Cancer Like Castiel: how Misha Collins touched my forehead and my heart

I had a heartwarming experience with Misha at a con recently, so I thought while my memory was fresh I would jot it all down. I rarely ever post on Tumblr, but I thought you might enjoy a firsthand account of what an angel Misha really is.

Dallas 2015 was my first con, and my daughter and I were attending to celebrate: it was her 13th birthday, and I’m in the process of kicking cancer’s ass. I’m still in treatment, but I think every day that I wake up and function constitutes kicking its ass, right? So I decided to treat myself to a Misha Meet & Greet.

I got to “meet” Misha before I met him: we had several solo photo ops before the M&G. He laughed when my daughter handed him a little toy to wear as a “wormstache”; he didn’t even flinch when I gave him a poster with my gishwhes team’s logo and asked him if he’d lick it; and when I posed alone with him, I immediately apologized for “asking you to lick my stuff.” Our photo is consequently him biting back a laugh and me cracking up. It was a blast.

Before the M&G began I approached the Creation staff member who was taking our tickets. I let her know that I have cancer, and that because of recent surgery I can’t walk terribly far. I know Misha likes to take his guests out and about, and I was concerned about holding up the group. I really didn’t want Misha to know that I’m sick.

Apparently the employee told him, so when he came into the room (there was a collective gasp – the man really is beautiful) he said he was hoping to take us outside to a nearby field so we could go cow-tipping. (He was kidding, of course.) He turned to me and asked me how far I thought I could walk, or if I wanted to try. I think he must have sensed my embarrassment, because he immediately said, “Actually, let me rephrase: how do you feel about piggy-back rides?” =D I laughed, buried my face in my hands and shook my head. He noted that Creation really should make golf carts available to us for just such occasions, and he was quite serious about that. He said, “I’ll go wherever you want to go.” I couldn’t speak, so the other ladies in the group were kind enough to bail me out and say that it was hot outside so we may as well stay where we were and enjoy the air conditioning. Misha pulled up the blinds on the floor-to-ceiling windows to see what the weather looked like, and there happened to be two fans sitting at a picnic table right next to the window. Their faces were comically surprised – their mouths were literally giant Os when they saw him – and we howled laughing. Misha grinned and gave a hugely exaggerated roll of his eyes. 

We laughed a lot during the next hour or so. He joked about how he kind of forgot what was going on with Cas at the end of Season 10, so he was really hoping that he pulled off his performance in the first few episodes of 11. We talked a bit about guest directors and why he wasn’t inclined to direct this season (he is trying to take things off his plate). Somehow we talked about how people often refer to him as “the short one,” and he insisted that Jensen is barely an inch or two taller than he is. He pointed out that wardrobe always puts Jensen in boots that are basically “high heels,” and Cas gets stuck wearing “pretty much slippers” so their height difference is exaggerated on the show. That struck us all as hilarious. Also, he’s never been cow-tipping, in case you were wondering, but he did throw rocks at wild chickens in Hawaii once until he realized he might really hurt a chicken if he hit one, and he didn’t want to do that. XD We spent a lot of time talking about gishwhes, and how somehow it only recently just occurred to him that HE would like to participate, too, but he still hasn’t thought of a way to do that. We suggested he create a team with 14 pseudonyms so he could gish by himself, win, and then go on the trip alone. Hahaha! 

I told Misha my team got the CNN story about gishwhes on the air, and he was thrilled. We talked about how many meteorologists didn’t want to dress up for that challenge, and I laughed at his surprise – really, Misha, you can’t imagine why professional television personalities don’t want to be superheroes in drag? LOL But I told him I did that challenge myself (I’m the faculty advisor for a collegiate broadcast newscast), and I dressed up as “BatBoobs.” He wanted to see pictures of that, so I vowed to bring one to the autograph session.

At the end of the M&G each of us got to pose next to Misha for a group photo taken with our own phone. While the Creation employee struggled to unlock my phone, I leaned in to Misha and whispered an apology for keeping the group indoors. He squeezed my shoulders a bit and whispered back that he was proud of me. I’m not sure what he was proud of, but the moment touched my heart anyway. I left the room crying happy tears.

When my daughter and I went for autographs Misha recognized us immediately. I brought a collage of pictures from my team’s gish entries for him to sign. I pointed out “BatBoobs,” and he laughed so hard he put his head down on the table. He studied the rest of the pictures for a while, so I took the opportunity to thank him again for his kindness earlier. He knew exactly what I meant; he reached out and held my hand and asked me how I was feeling. He wanted to know where I was in my treatment, when I was diagnosed, and what my prognosis was. My daughter piped up and said “we’re all scared of chemotherapy.” Misha took her hand in his other hand, then squeezed our four hands together. I was worried that I was holding up the line, but he didn’t seem to care a bit. He has this remarkably intense gaze that is almost disconcerting; it’s easy to forget you’re not the only person in the room when he’s talking to you. 

Anyway, Misha stood up and with a little smile said, “I wish I really had angel healing powers. Come here.” I leaned forward, and while we all laughed he made his best intense-glowy-eyed-Castiel face and touched two fingers to my forehead. He promised to keep trying, and my daughter was still howling laughter. She said “yeah, good luck with that!” He high-fived her, and we walked away… that was probably the first time my daughter and I have ever been able to talk about my cancer and laugh. I’m grateful to Misha for that moment.

I had a Jensen/Misha duo op on Sunday. We posed – yes, I was grinning like a baboon – and as I walked away Misha caught my arm. He made me promise to let him know when I was in remission, because he expected to see me again at another con soon. I was so startled that I’m not even sure I responded to him, but I think I nodded. I know I cried.

Our last op was Sunday evening with Misha and Kathryn. We were at the tail end of the line so we weren’t being rushed. My daughter chatted with Kathryn for a moment – they compared their Grumpy Cat stuffed animals, and my daughter told her she named hers “Grumpy Cas.” After the photo we started to walk away, but my daughter turned back to hug Misha quickly. As she pulled away, he caught her head between his hands and made her promise to take care of her mom. I think she was caught by surprise because she couldn’t speak; her eyes welled up with tears. He stroked her hair and her cheek, and as she walked away he said  “I’m counting on you!” She still can’t talk about it without getting weepy. Frankly, neither can I.

I’ve always heard what a sweetheart Misha is. Everyone says he’s genuinely kind and that meeting him is a pleasure, but I wasn’t prepared for his warmth. I don’t have adequate adjectives and adverbs to describe the authenticity of his compassion, the sincerity of his concern or absence of pretense. To me, Misha will always be a big of an enigma. How can a person so beautiful on the outside also be *that* beautiful on the inside?

TL;DR – Misha is awesome.

Read this.

The very first time I’ve ever been to a con was in the beginning of this year I went to wizard world in Madison. I don’t have a lot of money so I wasn’t able to go and buy tickets for any of the actors or anything.
The one person I wanted to see was James Marsters. I have loved him since I was a kid and he was on Buffy still.
I waited for hours just to look at him in person but I thought I never would be able to meet him.
Right when the booths were closing and all the guest stars were leaving I accidentally ran into James and immediately started crying tears of joy, I told him how much I loved him and how big of a fan I was, I reached out to shake his hand and he said “come here, oh thank you so much I love you too your amazing for my self esteem thank you. I needed this.” And hugged me as tight as he could well I cried.

Its funny how many people criticize him because of characters he plays when honestly he’s probably one of the nicest people Ive ever met.

Meeting Karl Urban

Had the most phenomenal day meeting Karl Urban at Oz Con yesterday!

I was cosplaying as Eowyn for the day, and we went to get a pic with him. To begin with, he stopped to chat with us properly in the photo booth which was crazy unusual - asked where we were from, and he was lovely! Never seen that done before so I was already melting inside.

Then, later, it got better. We were queuing to get his autograph, and he walks across the floor to go to his autograph table. I caught his eye and waved AND HE CAME OVER TO ME and asked how our photo turned out, and i showed him. I said I was going to get him to autograph it in a minute, and he pointed to the huge queue and said, “It’ll be a long minute!” Then he went straight back to the table without talking to anyone else.

At this point I was so excited. He’d actually come over to specifically speak to me for no reason, walking quite a distance out of his way to say hi.

But it gets better.

As we neared the front of the line, he made eye contact again and pointed at me and said, “It’s still been a minute!” While he was signing someone else’s pic.

Finally we got to go right up to him, and he grins at us and goes, “time for a break I think. We’re done here, right?” Then he laughed and said he was kidding and signed my pic and asked my sister and I what we were up to for the rest of the day, and we had a grand chat before we moved on.

To top it off I got to ask him a question at the panel. It was basically perfect, and I was blown away he bothered to come over to me individually for no known reason. Made it the best first Comic-Con ever!


Meeting @thatsthat24 at GeekyCon2015 and GeekyCon2016 ✨
Again, he was the kindest person I’ve ever met. I walked up to him and he said “you look familiar!!” And I explained that I was Scarfy last year and he totally remembered me!! He said he loved my outfit, and even more when I explained that I was Aladdin!!
And, in case you were wondering, he gives THE BEST hugs!!!
He’s the nicest person, and I wish him luck with his upcoming tour (which we got a preview of and is AMAZING!!)


My Paul McGann encounters:
In the first photo, I wasn’t there. My friend Sandra was at a convention in London and had him sign my sketch for the “Butterfly” version of Eight. (I didn’t have the finished version done in time. :( )
Then I actually got to meet him at the Phoenix Comic Con (I was terrified enough, and Colin Baker, who was the first Doctor I ever met, was sitting nearby )
My hands were shaking so badly as I gave him a copy of my Time War Eight. Then I nervously asked if I could take a picture with my stuffed wombat. (#Wombat Friday— it’s a fun Pre-Raphaelite thing!)
He pulled ME into the picture and then I got a big unexpected KISS. Sooooo, yes, I floated around for a couple days after that.
Best Wombat Friday EVER.