if i were ever to meet him at a con

Guys I met Chris Claremont a few years ago at con. He was the sweetest, coolest guy I’ve ever met, but one thing stood out. We were at a panel and I got to ask a question (and yes, I was fangirling, but I kept it inside- conceal don’t feel) and this was the point before Laura Kinney stabbed her way into my heart, where Illyana was still my #1. (NOW SHES TIED FOR #1, DONT YOU WORRY, I STILL LOVR MY BABY). Anyway, I asked him something along the lines of “Why did you guys decide to chuck Illyana into hell and make her a sorcerer??” And he goes “It was because Kitty… Kitty really needed a friend. So we gave her one.”

Illyana was made into a mutant for the sole purpose of giving Kitty a friend. That’s it. She became who she is today BECAUSE OF KITTY. DO YOU HEAR ME. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. IM SCREAMING

Healing My Cancer Like Castiel: how Misha Collins touched my forehead and my heart

I had a heartwarming experience with Misha at a con recently, so I thought while my memory was fresh I would jot it all down. I rarely ever post on Tumblr, but I thought you might enjoy a firsthand account of what an angel Misha really is.

Dallas 2015 was my first con, and my daughter and I were attending to celebrate: it was her 13th birthday, and I’m in the process of kicking cancer’s ass. I’m still in treatment, but I think every day that I wake up and function constitutes kicking its ass, right? So I decided to treat myself to a Misha Meet & Greet.

I got to “meet” Misha before I met him: we had several solo photo ops before the M&G. He laughed when my daughter handed him a little toy to wear as a “wormstache”; he didn’t even flinch when I gave him a poster with my gishwhes team’s logo and asked him if he’d lick it; and when I posed alone with him, I immediately apologized for “asking you to lick my stuff.” Our photo is consequently him biting back a laugh and me cracking up. It was a blast.

Before the M&G began I approached the Creation staff member who was taking our tickets. I let her know that I have cancer, and that because of recent surgery I can’t walk terribly far. I know Misha likes to take his guests out and about, and I was concerned about holding up the group. I really didn’t want Misha to know that I’m sick.

Apparently the employee told him, so when he came into the room (there was a collective gasp – the man really is beautiful) he said he was hoping to take us outside to a nearby field so we could go cow-tipping. (He was kidding, of course.) He turned to me and asked me how far I thought I could walk, or if I wanted to try. I think he must have sensed my embarrassment, because he immediately said, “Actually, let me rephrase: how do you feel about piggy-back rides?” =D I laughed, buried my face in my hands and shook my head. He noted that Creation really should make golf carts available to us for just such occasions, and he was quite serious about that. He said, “I’ll go wherever you want to go.” I couldn’t speak, so the other ladies in the group were kind enough to bail me out and say that it was hot outside so we may as well stay where we were and enjoy the air conditioning. Misha pulled up the blinds on the floor-to-ceiling windows to see what the weather looked like, and there happened to be two fans sitting at a picnic table right next to the window. Their faces were comically surprised – their mouths were literally giant Os when they saw him – and we howled laughing. Misha grinned and gave a hugely exaggerated roll of his eyes. 

We laughed a lot during the next hour or so. He joked about how he kind of forgot what was going on with Cas at the end of Season 10, so he was really hoping that he pulled off his performance in the first few episodes of 11. We talked a bit about guest directors and why he wasn’t inclined to direct this season (he is trying to take things off his plate). Somehow we talked about how people often refer to him as “the short one,” and he insisted that Jensen is barely an inch or two taller than he is. He pointed out that wardrobe always puts Jensen in boots that are basically “high heels,” and Cas gets stuck wearing “pretty much slippers” so their height difference is exaggerated on the show. That struck us all as hilarious. Also, he’s never been cow-tipping, in case you were wondering, but he did throw rocks at wild chickens in Hawaii once until he realized he might really hurt a chicken if he hit one, and he didn’t want to do that. XD We spent a lot of time talking about gishwhes, and how somehow it only recently just occurred to him that HE would like to participate, too, but he still hasn’t thought of a way to do that. We suggested he create a team with 14 pseudonyms so he could gish by himself, win, and then go on the trip alone. Hahaha! 

I told Misha my team got the CNN story about gishwhes on the air, and he was thrilled. We talked about how many meteorologists didn’t want to dress up for that challenge, and I laughed at his surprise – really, Misha, you can’t imagine why professional television personalities don’t want to be superheroes in drag? LOL But I told him I did that challenge myself (I’m the faculty advisor for a collegiate broadcast newscast), and I dressed up as “BatBoobs.” He wanted to see pictures of that, so I vowed to bring one to the autograph session.

At the end of the M&G each of us got to pose next to Misha for a group photo taken with our own phone. While the Creation employee struggled to unlock my phone, I leaned in to Misha and whispered an apology for keeping the group indoors. He squeezed my shoulders a bit and whispered back that he was proud of me. I’m not sure what he was proud of, but the moment touched my heart anyway. I left the room crying happy tears.

When my daughter and I went for autographs Misha recognized us immediately. I brought a collage of pictures from my team’s gish entries for him to sign. I pointed out “BatBoobs,” and he laughed so hard he put his head down on the table. He studied the rest of the pictures for a while, so I took the opportunity to thank him again for his kindness earlier. He knew exactly what I meant; he reached out and held my hand and asked me how I was feeling. He wanted to know where I was in my treatment, when I was diagnosed, and what my prognosis was. My daughter piped up and said “we’re all scared of chemotherapy.” Misha took her hand in his other hand, then squeezed our four hands together. I was worried that I was holding up the line, but he didn’t seem to care a bit. He has this remarkably intense gaze that is almost disconcerting; it’s easy to forget you’re not the only person in the room when he’s talking to you. 

Anyway, Misha stood up and with a little smile said, “I wish I really had angel healing powers. Come here.” I leaned forward, and while we all laughed he made his best intense-glowy-eyed-Castiel face and touched two fingers to my forehead. He promised to keep trying, and my daughter was still howling laughter. She said “yeah, good luck with that!” He high-fived her, and we walked away… that was probably the first time my daughter and I have ever been able to talk about my cancer and laugh. I’m grateful to Misha for that moment.

I had a Jensen/Misha duo op on Sunday. We posed – yes, I was grinning like a baboon – and as I walked away Misha caught my arm. He made me promise to let him know when I was in remission, because he expected to see me again at another con soon. I was so startled that I’m not even sure I responded to him, but I think I nodded. I know I cried.

Our last op was Sunday evening with Misha and Kathryn. We were at the tail end of the line so we weren’t being rushed. My daughter chatted with Kathryn for a moment – they compared their Grumpy Cat stuffed animals, and my daughter told her she named hers “Grumpy Cas.” After the photo we started to walk away, but my daughter turned back to hug Misha quickly. As she pulled away, he caught her head between his hands and made her promise to take care of her mom. I think she was caught by surprise because she couldn’t speak; her eyes welled up with tears. He stroked her hair and her cheek, and as she walked away he said  “I’m counting on you!” She still can’t talk about it without getting weepy. Frankly, neither can I.

I’ve always heard what a sweetheart Misha is. Everyone says he’s genuinely kind and that meeting him is a pleasure, but I wasn’t prepared for his warmth. I don’t have adequate adjectives and adverbs to describe the authenticity of his compassion, the sincerity of his concern or absence of pretense. To me, Misha will always be a big of an enigma. How can a person so beautiful on the outside also be *that* beautiful on the inside?

TL;DR – Misha is awesome.

GOT7 - Would You Rather

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Would you rather:

- Go surfing with Jackson OR Lay on the beach with Jaebum

I’m not a big fan of the ocean (because there are sharks and jellyfish in there obviously) and with my uncoordinated ass, I would probably hit my head on a reef or something. I’ll lay on the beach with Bummie. :)

- Decorate a christmas tree with Yugyeom OR Buy christmas presents with Jinyoung

I wanna decorate the tree with the giant maknae and tickle his tummy when he reaches to put the star on top. ;)

- Go to a cool NYE party with BamBam OR A cozy night at home in front of the fireplace with Mark

Sign me up for that fireplace with Markiepooh please!

- Breakfast in bed with Jaebum OR Out for brunch with Youngjae

If me and Jaebum are in bed, I can promise you we ain’t ever leaving. There better be room service. Defsoul gonna have to learn to work from home.

- Pet cafe with Jackson OR Fancy bar with Jinyoung

Bleh fancy bar. Give me the pet cafe with a puppy Wang.

- Cuddle with Yugyeom OR Kiss Jaebum

Why can’t I have both? Give me both. What kind of kiss are we talking? Is it like a pity kiss on the cheek or is there tongue? Sorry I’m not giving up my cuddles.

- Get tickled by Jackson OR Tickle Mark

If Jackson were to tickle me he gonna need those fencer reflexes because my fists start swinging when I get tickled, it’s not my fault. It’s a survival response. I learned that in psych. I’ll tickle Mark instead.

- Citytrip with Youngjae OR Roadtrip with BamBam

Roadtrip with the dab boy. He not allowed to drive though. Probably nae nae so hard he’d run us into a ditch somewhere.

- Go shopping with Jaebum OR Go to the movies with Yugyeom

Ooh, tough one. How about I go shop with Jaebum and then I’ll meet Yugie at the theater later? Yep let’s go with that!

- Go to a comic con with Youngjae OR Bingewatch your favorite series with Jackson

Oh my goodness I would go to CC with Youngjae. What would we dress up as? I would dress him like Khal Drogo and I would be khaleesi and that would be the cutest thing ever! I wonder if he watch GoT? He’d probably scream every time there were boobs on the screen. Which is every two minutes. :P

- Go on a variety show with Jackson OR Star in a romantic MV with Jaebum

Definitely a variety show. I’m a horrible actor and can’t melodrama. Jackson and I would have a riot with our antics. Aries stick together!

- Go iceskating with Youngjae OR Go for a walk in snow covered nature with Jinyoung

Walk in the snow with Jinyoung, because there would definitely be hand holding so neither of us would slip and fall.

- Get lost in the middle of a forest with Mark OR Lose your paddles in the middle of a lake with Yugyeom

I’ve grown up in the woods. I can find my way out. I’d probably be the one to make Mark think we’re lost just to see how he reacts and to make him stuck out in the wilderness with me for a while. ;)

- Hug with BamBam OR Hold hands with Jinyoung

I want to hold hands with Jinyoung. He my bias. He my love. I’d probably break his fingers on accident from squeezing too hard in excitement. Whoops.

- Work out with jackson OR Go wall climbing with Yugyeom

I love wall climbing! And I’d have a great view of the booty. :P

- Go for karaoke with Youngjae OR Bowling with Yugyeom

Karaoke! I hate bowling.

- Have a candlelight dinner with Jinyoung OR Late night picknick with Jaebum

Oh god not JJP. Gotta go with the bias on this one.

- Get a love letter from Mark OR A love song from Youngjae

I’d die to know what Mark would put in a love letter. I’d probably faint.

- Go snowboarding/skiing with the maknae line OR Après-ski with the hyung line

I pick hyung line by default. Sorry, my babies!

- Go to a famous museum with Jinyoung OR Stay in bed and order roomservice with Mark

Have mercy. I would go to the museum with Jinyoung. I’d just listen to everything he had to say about everything. He’s dreamy. I die.

- Go to a music festival with Yugyeom, Youngjae and Jaebum OR Survival camp with Jackson, BamBam and Mark

Hell yes survival camp. I am all about that.

- Play video games with Yugyeom OR Go to amusement Parks with Youngjae

I am such a gamer. I would love to crush the maknae. Hehe.

- Get spooned by Mark OR Spoon Jackson during a nap

Yeah, Mark can spoon me while I spoon Jackson. There we go.


- Get a striptease from Jackson OR Strip for Jaebum

I would strip for Daddy because he told me to ;)

- Whiny Youngjae OR Rough Jinyoung

Rough Jinyoung is what my dreams are made of. I have to go now. *screams*

- Edge Yugyeom OR Overstimulation by Jackson

Oh my gosh. I’m with Jackson on this one. I’m a big fan of that shit.

- Dom Jaebum OR Sub Mark

Yes, daddy!

- Long makeoutsessions on the couch with Youngjae OR Steaming quickies in the kitchen with Jaebum

That boy better bend me over a kitchen counter or else I got better things to do. :P

- Get carried to the bedroom by Jackson OR Swipe everything off of the dinner table with Jinyoung

I would probably get off just from the sight of Jinyoung shoving everything off the table oh geez I have to stop this is not good for me

- Get blindfolded by Jaebum OR put a blindfold on BamBam

I would put a blindfold on Bambam, tie him up, and then raid his closet to be honest. Haha

- Have angry sex with Jaebum OR Make up sex with Jackson

Angry sex with JB? I melt at the thought. He the only member of GOT7 that could intimidate me. 

- Suck hickeys into Mark’s neck OR Get hickeys from Jinyoung

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. Me.

- Ride Jackson’s thigh OR Have BamBam kiss down yours

Not gonna lie. I would ride the shit out of his thighs. He got sexy thick thighs. Damn.

- Perform oral on Jaebum OR Have Youngjae go down on you

Jury still out on this one.

- Ride Yugyeom OR Get bent over by Jinyoung


- Get your hair pulled by BamBam OR Get spanked by Mark

Hm, how many spanks we talking though? I only like the occasional slap on the ass. If he trying to pull me over his lap and spank me a couple times, I would have to retaliate.

- Get tied up by Jaebum OR Handcuff Yugyeom

I don’t like getting tied up. Come here, giant maknae.

- Markson threesome OR JJ threesome

If you’ll excuse me I’m needed at church.

- Have sex backstage with Youngjae OR In the dorms with BamBam

Nope. So much no.

- Get teased under the table at a dinner by Jaebum OR Tease Jinyoung

I would love to tease Jinyoungie to see how he’d handle it.

- Play never have I ever with Jackson, Yugyeom and BamBam OR Spin the bottle with Jaebum, Youngjae, Mark and Jinyoung

Bring me the bottle.

- Do body shots with Mark, BamBam and Jackson OR Get lap dances from Jinyoung, Jaebum, Youngjae and Yugyeom

Shots! Shots! Shots!

Read this.

The very first time I’ve ever been to a con was in the beginning of this year I went to wizard world in Madison. I don’t have a lot of money so I wasn’t able to go and buy tickets for any of the actors or anything.
The one person I wanted to see was James Marsters. I have loved him since I was a kid and he was on Buffy still.
I waited for hours just to look at him in person but I thought I never would be able to meet him.
Right when the booths were closing and all the guest stars were leaving I accidentally ran into James and immediately started crying tears of joy, I told him how much I loved him and how big of a fan I was, I reached out to shake his hand and he said “come here, oh thank you so much I love you too your amazing for my self esteem thank you. I needed this.” And hugged me as tight as he could well I cried.

Its funny how many people criticize him because of characters he plays when honestly he’s probably one of the nicest people Ive ever met.

Okay but Italian!Remus headcanon is my brand new obsession because cussing in Italian is probably one of the best things in the entire world and also because cussing Remus is my favorite thing on earth.
Ps: Please, notice that unfortunately I don’t speak Italian and it’s probably not so grammatically accurate so inbox me if you’re an italian beauty to correct me.

  • Remus cussing in Italian all the time because he’s not a polite boy at all and just english is not enough for this cussing baby
  • At some point the other boys give up to understand what the hell Remus is saying and learn how to identify when he’s swearing just because of the tone he uses
  • Sirius Black finding himself secretly very hot for Remus everytime a dirty Italian word comes out from Remus’ lips
  • Remus taking advantage of his knowledge to talk about things that he occasionally can’t supress in front of the others anymore.

Sirius asking how he looks like in his new robes

“Sei bellissimo, Sirius.” (you’re beautiful, Sirius)
“Fuck off, I’m trying to study, Black.”
“I’ll take it as a compliment.”
“Sei il ragazzo più bello che abbia mai visto, stupido.” (You are the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life, stupid.)

Sirius nervously asking if he looks good enough to meet his parents

“I don’t know why I even try. They’ll think I’m a waste of time anyway.”
“Eri un bellissimo spreco di tempo.”  (You were a beautiful waste of time.)

Remus comforting Sirius in Italian without even notice and Sirius not interrupting him because, honestly, just Moony’s hoarse and very Italian voice is enough

“Senza di te non posso più vivere, voglio sempre essere con te…tutto sarà bene. Io sono con te sempre…Fuck, I’m sorry. I was saying that I—”  (I can’t live without you, you’re everything I want…everything is gonna be okay. I’m always with you.)
“Doesn’t matter, honestly. I know, Moony.” 

  • Sirius secretly starting to study Italian
  • Sirius finding out what all those Remus’ whispers to him mean

“Potrei guardarti tutto il giorno.” (I could watch you all day.)
“Sono pazzo di te.” (I’m crazy about you.)

  • Sirius and Remus fighting and Remus starting to swear in Italian (as always) and Sirius’ rage slowly being replaced by incredulity when he’s actually understanding what Remus is saying, and among all those “Ma’va te ne a fanculo” (go fuck yourself) he’s already so used to, he caught a “Cazzo, la cosa peggiore è che ti voglio baciare!” (Fuck, the worst thing is that I want to kiss you!)
  • Sirius staring at him and slowly answering “Anch'io. Dammi un bacio, Remus.” (Me too. Give me a kiss, Remus.)
  • Remus blushing more furiously than he has ever in his life.
  • James and Peter frantically flipping through a giant Italian Dictionary in the background.

“What the actual fuck, did he just said “kiss?”
“Of course he didn’t what are you OH MY GOD WHAT ARE THEY DOING, WORMTAIL?”

  • PLUS Sirius and Remus eating Spaghetti with “Bella Notte” playing in the background because, according to Sirius, nothing in the entire world would be more italianly romantic (don’t tell me that Lady and the Tramp isn’t the most romantic thing you’ve ever seen tbh):

(Not my fanart, please inbox me and I’ll give you the credits immediately!)

ravenofawesome  asked:

Do you know/have any youtuber fics?like one or both is a youtuber?

we have a youtuber stiles tag and a youtuber derek tag (please check our tag page guys! almost everything is on there and is updated daily)


Just In Case by LittleRedEmissary (1/1 | 1,624 | G)

Stiles is a youtube gamer, and Derek is his alpha who walks into the room while Stiles is filming a video. Just a little getting together fic for Sterek Week 2015

YouTube Killed the TV Star by nerdyderekhale (1/1 | 2,407 | PG13)

In which the Internet (and maybe Derek’s sisters) conspire to bring a popular vlogger and his biggest fan together.

I’ll Be Your Robin by mikkimouse (1/1 | 3,277 | PG13)

“You’re sitting in my background!” Stiles waved behind him. “Can’t you just scoot to the left by, like, two feet? Or go to the library until I’m done?”

Derek scowled, and really, that angry look shouldn’t turn Stiles on as much as it pisses him off. “I don’t have room to scoot two feet to the left. And the last time I left the room while you were recording, I ended up getting stuck outside until midnight.”

“I had to do multiple takes!”

Derek’s scowl didn’t lift. “You yelled at me when I came in here to go to bed.”

Traditionally Non-Traditional by Angelwithwingsoffire (13/? | 41,739 | NR)

Stiles Stilinski has been looking forward to two things his entire life: Going to San Diego Comic Con and cosplaying his favorite characters ever and meeting his soulmate, the person he is destined to meet and either fall in love with or be best friends forever with. He hopes its the first option. But he never, in all those years, thought it both of those would happen at the same time, or that he’d be one of those lucky/unlucky people who are soulbonded to a celebrity.

AKA This is the story of a Youtuber and an Actor who have a long journey ahead of them before they figure out just what destiny has in story for them.

Of Green Beans and YouTube by nerdfightingwhovian (1/1 | 6,306 | PG13)

Stiles has a YouTube show that is essentially Hannah Hart’s “My Drunk Kitchen” where he cooks food drunk but actually pretty well. Derek is a serious chef on YouTube. He has cookbooks that you can buy in actual stores and stuff. He’s the real deal.
Stiles’ video-block is fixed when he stumbles across Derek guest-starring on a Food Network show. In a rush of inspiration he starts a new series where he cooks Derek’s recipes drunk. Derek finds out about the show and instead of being angry, he’s intrigued by the guy cooking and throwing things around his kitchen while drinking too much alcohol.

^^ this one is youtuber stiles and youtuber derek


One Hale of a Review by clawstoagunfight (2/2 | 4,807 | NC17)

Based off this post on tumblr.

“a fic where derek earnestly reviews sex toys”


The beautiful Alyssa King (aka Joker’s Harley), Anthony “The Most Perfect Man Alive” Misiano (aka Harley’s Joker) and my ugly self at La Mole Comic Con. (Mexico. March 14,15 & 16, 2014)

This was seriously one of the best moments I’ve ever had at a con.
I waited for ages to meet them, I spammed the con’s FB page with stuff like “Bring Anthony Misiano! Please! He’s the best, I love him!” or “bring Alyssa King! I NEED to meet her!” and many messages of the “Guys you only bring girls for the cosplayers alley, so please do it” kind. And one day they heard me. This was seriously awesome. They were so kind to me, we had a great talk and they hugged me and told me I’m awesome. AND ANTHONY FUGGIN KISSED MY HAND!
I’m still crying about this and I don’t think I’ll stop anytime soon, I just love them so much.

I Love You. (Chanyeol x Reader)

NOTE: Hello everyone! This is going to be my first fanfic ever, please share your both negative and positive comments about my writing, so that I can improve my skills. Oh and this story contains SMUT and a little bit of ANGST, because I looove angst and smut ewe.

Hope you will enjoy it!

Originally posted by daenso

You were waiting for Chanyeol outside of the restaurant, that you two promised to meet and you had been waiting for an hour now, but there was no news from him. No texts nor calls, nothing. You knew the cons of dating a popular idol, but tried to avoid them since you were in love with one. You checked your phone one last time and saw your lock screen with no notifications, there was only your a photo of you and Chanyeol. You caressed Chanyeol’s face on the screen and locked screen. You felt your eyes getting teary. ‘30 more minutes then I will leave.’ You said to yourself and inhaled.

An hour passed and still there was nothing from Chanyeol. You sighed heavily and wiped your tears away from your face. You let out a long sigh and left the meet-up place with a huge disappointment and sadness. On your way home rain started to stream down. You cursed yourself, chanyeol and everything about two of you. Luckily you saw an empty cab and got in to it. You turned your phone off while you were in the cab.

You opened your home’s door and threw yourself into the shower immediately. You were crying, shouting and coughing as the water streaming down from your body. You were sad not because he was late, rather than that you were sad because he left you with a huge disappointment on your birthday. He talked to you about his plans for your birthday, but in the end didn’t fulfill any of it.

You got out of shower and wore your comfiest panties and sweatshirt without a bra. “Where is my phone?” you asked to yourself and tried to figure out where your phone might me.You remembered how you threw your bag on your bed and got into shower. When you found your phone, you turned it on and saw 15 missed calls from Chanyeol and 30 texts from him, about how sorry he was about making you wait and sad on your day. You didn’t call nor text him back. You didn’t even read all of his texts just one or two since they all were the same. You threw your phone on your bed and went to kitchen to get something to eat. You opened the fridge and there was nothing to eat. “Oh right, I was going to re-stock it tomorrow. Because today I was supposed to have dinner with Chanyeol.” You talked to yourself. Luckily there was a coke and some leftovers from your favorite sandwich.

You placed yourself on the most comfortable couch you had and took a sip from your coke and a bite from your sandwich. You opened the tv and while passing the channels you saw Chanyeol’s interview. You wanted to pass it, but you couldn’t. During the interview you fell asleep.

You slowly opened your eyes as the constant door knocks got louder. You yawned and turned the tv off. Before opening the door then looked through window. ‘It’s raining harder than earlier.’ You thought and opened the door. Your body temperature decreased when a wet body embraced you tightly.

“Im so… sorry.” His voice was trembling. You didn’t see his face, but recognize him from his deep voice and smell. It was Chanyeol. His clothes were too wet. You pulled him in your apartment, then closed the door behind him. “How long have you been knocking the door?” You asked him while dragging him to the bathroom. “I don’t know maybe 15 minutes? You didn’t answer my texts nor calls and when it said the number was unavailable I got anxious and went to the meeting spot. But you were not there, at first I thought someone kidnapped you because I was so fucking late and didn- couldn’t answer your texts nor calls. Before losing my mind I came to your home and relieved when I was the lights on.” While he was talking you were drying his wet hair. You didn’t talk him back, and kept rubbing the towel on his head. “Babe, Im so sorry. I couldn’t answer your texts, because my phone was out of battery and got late. Our manager didn’t let me leave the dorm because of the rumors about you and me. Even though today was your birthday I fucked it up so badly. Im so sorry.” You, again, didn’t said anything to him, but this time tears started to fall down from your face.

Drops fell on Chanyeol’s hand. He was sitting on the toilet for you to dry his hair easier. He threw the towel on his head and raised his head to look at your face. When he saw your teary eyes he cupped your face and wiped your tears away from your eyes with his big and rough thumps. “Y/N.. Why are you crying?” He pulled you closer and embraced you tightly. “Im sorry for not showing up. Im sorry for fucking your birthday up.” Your madness disappeared as Chanyeol kept talking. You didn’t want to make him feel guilty more than he already was. You cupped his face back and pressed your lips against his softly. “I love you..” You whispered while your lips were on his. He moved his hands from your cheeks to your neck and pulled you closer for a steamier kiss. You moved your hands to his hair.

He stood up and lifted you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist. You started to kiss his neck while he was taking you to your bedroom. He placed you softly on the bed and pulled himself back from you for a second. The moonlight was hitting on him. You licked your lips and raised your body to take his shirt off. You did it slowly. When you took his shirt off, you admired his body for a few seconds, then place your hand on his collarbone to his nipple then his stomach. “Damn-” He hissed when you finally touched his happy trail softly and moved your hand down and tapped his jeans’ zipper. He held your wrists and knocked you down to the bed. Kissing you passionately on the lips. He lowered his head to your neck and sucked your neck, then collarbone. He took your shirt off and stunned when your body was exposed with no bra. He moved his kiss to your left nipple and teased the other one with his hands. You remembered how much you missed sex with Chanyeol. It has been more than a week since you two last had sex. Both of you were busy. You breathed heavily when he moved his hand slowly to your stomach, then to your vagina.

His hand was inside your panties. He moved his index finger between your major lips and inserted it in your vagina. You let out a moan when he inserted it in. Then he started to tease your clitoris with his thump. You covered your mouth with your hand, but when Chanyeol saw it he raised his head from your chest and leaned to your ear. “Do not cover your mouth, I want to hear your cute moans. I want to hear you enjoying your time with me.” He whispered and nipped your earlobe. You moved your hand from your mouth. You kissed Chanyeol passionately when you saw the lust in his eyes. “I want you inside me.” You said between the kiss. You felt his smirk on your lips and stood up quickly. Unzipping his jeans, taking his underwear off. You bite your lower lip when you saw how hard his member was. You placed your hand on it and started it to move your hand up and down, slowly. When you were about to suck it Chanyeol pushed you down. “Today Im the giver and you are the receiver.” He said with his husky and aroused voice.

He removed your panties slowly leaving kisses everywhere your panties touched. When he took it off he placed your legs on his shoulders and before inserting his hard member in your wet vagina he lowered his head to in between your legs. Every Time he licked your clitoris you moaned with joy and pulled his hair. You arched your back and moaned “I-I’m c-close.” When you finally managed to finish your sentence Chanyeol didn’t stop, actually inserted his index finger in your vagina while stimulating your clitoris with his tongue. You were really close but didn’t want to cum all by yourself. You pulled Chanyeol’s head from your vagina and kissed him, tasting yourself on his lips and in his mouth. You touched his forehead with yours. “Together. I want to cum together.” You said while breathing heavily and pushed him down.

You placed you vagina on his member and started to ride him. “Y/N” Every time you heard him groaning and moaning your name you felt even more in power. He raised himself from the bed and stared to suck your nipple. The room was filled with his and your moan. He changed the position and now your back was on the bed and he was on top of you. He was thrusting his hips too fast. You placed your hands on his back and dug your nails on his back. “Chanyeol, Im about to cum.” You said while moaning to his ear. He kissed you and the lips and said, “Me too baby girl me too. Let’s cum together.” And started to move his hips faster and faster. Your high pitched moan met his loud groan.

Both of you were breathing heavily. He threw himself next to you and pulled you in his arms for an embrace. “I love you so much and very glad to have you in my life.” Before finishing his sentence he opened the drawer next to your bed and took a small jewelry bow from there. “Happy birthday baby.” He kissed your forehead and gave you the box. “How did you- when did you put it in there?” You were both happy and surprised. He chuckled and kissed you on the lips. “Not telling you, it’s a magic.” You chuckled and kissed him back. You placed the box on the drawer on your side before opening it.

“How about I give you a present as well?” You said with a smirk on your face, he was entertained by your offer and licked his lips. “Sure go ahead.” You took something out from the drawer and asked him to close his eyes. “Why am I closing my eyes?” He questioned. “You are going to love it, just do it will you?” You replied. He sighed and closed his eyes. You placed the cock ring on his penis and when he felt the cold thing on his penis he opened his eyes instantly. “What the hell is the meaning of this Y/N??” He asked with a really loud and surprised voice. You kissed him o the lips and winked “This is your punishment for making me wait, babe.”

NYCC Days 2 and 3 - Kishimoto Signing, Boruto Movie, Vin Diesel, OH MY!!

Continued from here.

I think I can combine my write ups for these actually.  Friday was the big day for the Kishi signing!  In addition to the usual gang I got to hang out again with Sawyer some more which is always cool.  Never thought I’d ever meet him let alone befriend him.  Cons just bring people together I guess, lol.  But yeah I had an extra ticket to the signing and decided to let him use it. He actually shares the story about it in his latest review (I’m the Erika he’s referring to btw ~_^).  


But long story short, they were so strict about the ticketing that he and a couple others couldn’t use them even though they were legitimate tickets.  In the end we got stuff signed for him at least. Besides, he already got to meet Kishi (as he so interestingly describes). 

But with that disappointing fiasco aside it was a pretty cool moment to meet Kishi. They had a lady there that converts your name to katakana. When I told her I was Erika she was like “whew”, clearly relieved to have such an easy one for once, lol. There are Japanese Erikas (as well as Erikos) if you didn’t know.  

I had a fan question that I thought I could ask during the Thursday panel, but for the signing I’d been planning to talk to him about my trip to Japan and how I visited the exhibition etc., so in the end I just stuck with that since it could spark a little more conversation. Since I speak some Japanese it was a little surreal to talk to him.  They asked where I got to see it and I told them Osaka.  I had quite a few items that he could sign, but they limit you to one personal item. So in the end I had him sign my Michi book from the exhibition. We also got those commemorative posters you see on the right.  He signed it with a golden sharpie. Top left is my name in katakana. There’s a big poster we got too but it’s rolled up and I’m to lazy to whip it out right now. 

The translator and the store’s staff were oohing and ahhing at my Michi book because apparently it’s EXTREMELY exclusive.  His translator was telling me that she couldn’t make it out there in time to see the exhibit in order to get one for herself, but she definitely wanted one.  

After me, CommanderKuruma was up next and he gave Kishi a portrait of the Uzumaki kids drawn by Gabzilla. He smiled from ear to ear when he saw it.  

I couldn’t stay much longer afterwards, so from there I went to the Blade Rave. I actually bought sharingan contacts thinking they’d double nicely as vampire ones.  I think it worked out:

By the end of the night I was covered in “blood” and others got drenched (much like in the film) but I don’t have the group pic atm.  Surprisingly enough it’s not as messy to get off which was a relief, lol.

Saturday - Day 3

Saturday was about the Boruto movie.  I joined my friends in line balls ass early (though they actually camped the whole night).  I was happy to at least don my favorite birthday shirt of Agent Carter (I’m a fanatic if you didn’t know).

The Hammerstein Ballroom was really nice

They interviewed Kishi and Junko for a few minutes and I was able to upload it

Anyone who attended the con knows how strict they were about people getting pics with Kishi. Even the people who lined up Thursday for a Kishimoto signing Saturday afternoon probably couldn’t get a pic with him.  Well, this guy here might be the only exception.  This is honestly one of the best Kisame cosplayers I’ve ever seen and I’ve been going to cons for over 10 years. I’m really glad he got the chance to meet Kishi. He said it was an honor that Kishi wanted a pic with him and of course they let him do the same. 

As for the movie. It was nice seeing it in Japan but seeing it with nearly 2,000 narutards in North America brings a whole new energy.  I think I enjoyed it even more this time around.  Everybody was so enthusiastic about the scenes. There was so much cheering from character intros in the beginning, to badass action sequences, even to the end with SasuSaku’s shot (the fangirls represented, I must say lol).  I believe Kishi and Junko stayed to watch the film with us so I wonder how they felt with a considerably rowdy crowd compared to how it is in Japan. 

I did a brief interview with TV Tokyo so who knows where that’ll show up if at all, haha.  They asked who my fave was of the new group and I said Sarada. The reporter said she was extremely popular so far (no surprise), lol.    

After that I went back to the convention center for The Last Witch Hunter panel with Vin Diesel and Elijah Wood.  Love those guys. Unfortunately I left my camera back at my friend’s place so I had to make do with my phone, but I did get some pics and videos:

The movie looks like it’s going to be really cool.  I’m actually slotted for a screening of it this Tuesday (movie critic over here), but I totally plan to see it again and that decision was further supported through Vin announcing that they would be  giving us all FREE tickets for when it’s released!!  Thank you, Fandango! Thank you Vin! He was definitely the most popular there getting most of the fan questions. I started to feel a little bad for Elijah and Rose but they seemed okay. 

I had to head back after that to finish a homework assignment, but all in all it was a fun con!  I don’t believe its claim that it’s bigger than SDCC. SDCC definitely has more people.  In general it’s still not at SDCC’s level as far as I’m concerned, despite Vin saying Main Stage looked bigger than Hall H. HA! No.  Not even. He’s just being nice. Even the local NYCer next to me shook her head because she knew better, lol. I do like that they offer wristbands for panels and I think they do a better job at hyping the crowd before a panel (there was a DJ and a hype man there), but since SDCC doesn’t do room clears and seating throughout the day, they don’t really need to.  They fit more panels in that pay anyway.

Not sure if I’ll be there next year. It will depend on what’s going on but I did have a nice time hanging out with old friends, making new ones and making new memories.  I’ll end with with a couple of fantastic costumes…and avelociraptor , just cuz.


My Paul McGann encounters:
In the first photo, I wasn’t there. My friend Sandra was at a convention in London and had him sign my sketch for the “Butterfly” version of Eight. (I didn’t have the finished version done in time. :( )
Then I actually got to meet him at the Phoenix Comic Con (I was terrified enough, and Colin Baker, who was the first Doctor I ever met, was sitting nearby )
My hands were shaking so badly as I gave him a copy of my Time War Eight. Then I nervously asked if I could take a picture with my stuffed wombat. (#Wombat Friday— it’s a fun Pre-Raphaelite thing!)
He pulled ME into the picture and then I got a big unexpected KISS. Sooooo, yes, I floated around for a couple days after that.
Best Wombat Friday EVER.

Connor Imagine.

I prepared myself for the surprise dinner for Connor. (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=127716416)

I texted Connor; Hey babe, I’m on my way to pick you up. Be ready! :)

Connor thinks that this is going to be one of our usual dates,  but it’s not. All of his best buds are going to be there, only because today was a big deal for him. He finally relieved himself of Our Second Life. He feels as if he let everyone down, when in reality everyone is so proud of him.

I arrived at his house and honked, he looked so down. He got in the passenger seat. I leaned over and kissed him. 

“Now give me your phone.” I said, he handed it over. It was our rule. Whose ever turn it was for date night had the phones.

I tweeted off of my phone; if you live in LA area, meet up at The Little Door, too show Connor y'all still love him!

 Con and I held hands on the way there. I had the radio blasting so when we arrived on site he couldn’t hear his fans.

“Okay Con, close your eyes! No peeping!” I said excitedly. As I pulled in the parking lot, there were so many people waiting. The five other guys were standing in front, waiting for Connor’s arrival.

I parked and got out. I hushed the crowd. I went to Connor’s door and opened it. 

“Watch your step babe.” I smiled. I took his hand and lead him in front of the crowd. I counted down from 3 with my fingers. As I put up one, everyone screamed. We Love You Connor! Connor’s eyes burst open. He looked at me.

“Did you plan this all for me?” He smiled.

“Yes Connor, we are all so proud of you! Even if you left O2L, you have so many fans who love you for you, not for O2L! I love you.” I said, hugging him. He was crying, which made me cry.

It's Not A Thong part 3

It’s not a Thong (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)

For the Full Dean Series Click Here

So I may have got a little carried away. Sorry it’s so long, but I was thinking last night how great it would be to see how Dean is feeling. Happy Easter Everyone. xx


We pulled up at the graveyard, getting out of the impala Dean turned to me.

‘You and Sam start digging, Ill grab the rest of the gear.’

I raised my eyebrows, ‘Are you friggen kidding me? How about you boys dig and I’ll grab the supplies.’

‘Play you for it?’ he offered, getting his fist ready for rock, scissors, paper.

Sam groaned, grabbing a shovel and went to work.

‘Screw playing for it, how bout I flip you for it?’

Dean looked confused.

‘First to knock the other on their arse wins.’ I stated.

‘You Aussies are nuts,’ he laughed, I grinned and shrugged.

‘Nah, practical.’

‘You know I’ll kick your sweet arse,’ he warned.

I grinned. ‘Probably, but it’s worth a try. Besides I never win at rock, scissors, paper.’

Dean moved out into the open and I approached him, he got into a defensive stance. I smiled cheekily at him, causing him to look confused. I walked straight up, grabbed him behind the neck and kissed him deeply and passionately, hearing him groaning softly. Biting his lip gently, I pulled back, he looked at my gobsmacked. I then kicked his legs out from under him, sending him flying onto his arse.

‘Looks like you’re digging, Winchester,’ I smirked over my shoulder as I walked to the car, dropping the shovel next to him I grabbed the salt, lighter fluid and cigarette lighter, I headed over to Sam.

‘Where’s Dean?’ he asked.

‘Getting the shovel,’ I smiled, Sam raised an eyebrow. Dean walked over mumbling something about playing dirty.

‘Shut up, Winchester, you’re just a sore loser,’ I laughed. ‘Besides you never asked for the rules.’

I sat back on a headstone and watched the boys dig, once the bones were exposed we salt and burned them, before filling in the hole.

‘Do you ever feel like maybe we should try and con morgues into salt and burning all the dead before they bury them?’ I queried out loud.

‘Our lives would be easier,’ Sam laughed. Dean grumbled, still annoyed. I pouted at him.

‘Stop sulking, you’re just sour you didn’t think of it first,’ I laughed.

‘I wouldn’t need to trick you to put you down,’ He growled. I laughed,

‘You’d love to think that, wouldn’t you? I’ll meet you at the car.’ I walked off, listening to the boys.

‘What happened?’ Sam asked

‘She made out with me so she could knock me off my feet. There’s no way she would have done it if I wasn’t distracted,’ Dean grumbled.

‘Don’t count of it,’ Sam stated, explaining what had happened that morning.

I turned to face them as I reached the impala, Dean was staring at me his face full of curiosity and questioning. I laughed and sat in the backseat. We headed back to the motel, Dean constantly looking at me. It was making me nervous, his eyes had changed no longer was he curious, now there way a mischievous glint forming. I bit my lip. This was not going to be good.

We got the motel, the boys showered, by the time I got through I managed enough hot water to wet my body before it went stone cold. ARGH! Next time separate rooms.

I came out and turned to face the beds, instead of the boys sharing like they had the night before. I found Dean in my bed. I stopped at glared at him.

‘Well sweetheart, I figured seeming as you are so keen we may as well bunk up,’ he grinned, I grinned back biting my lip.

‘Really?’ I asked, Sam was already asleep on the other bed.

‘Really,’ he confirmed.

I walked up to the bed, leaning over him, my long Y/C/H bunching up next to his head. I kissed his jaw, he turned his head towards me, I nibbled his lip, kissing back up his jaw to his ear lobe.

‘Mmmmmm,’ I whispered in his ear, he groaned, I smiled slightly and yanked the pillow out from under his head watching him fall backwards slightly. Pursing my lips together as he swore.

‘It’s a sweet offer, but you can’t handle me standing what makes you think you can handle me in bed,’ I winked, and climbed in to share with Sam.

Grinning, I liked Dean a lot. But be stuffed if I was going to be just another one night stand. If he wanted to be with me he can work for it. I rolled over to face him, grinning like an idiot. He was staring at me, before a sly smile appeared on his face.

‘Game on!’ he whispered

‘Challenge accepted,’ I agreed with a soft laugh.

‘Night, Y/N’ he sighed.

‘Night, Dean, Sweet dreams, baby,’ I said seductively, at that point I could have sworn I heard him mumble Bitch. I grinned again.

 I woke up the next morning to see Sam blinking at me, I immediately felt guilty.

‘Morning. Sorry for gate crashing.’

‘Dean kick you out?’ he asked, I shook my head.

‘Never got in to start with.’

He looked puzzled, next thing we knew Dean was walking through the motel door.

‘Breakfast.’ He offered holding up a coffee and a bag of food.

‘Oh wow, that smells good,’ I groaned, Dean smiled.

‘I’m surprised you are up this early, Dean,’ Sam stated as he got up and headed to the bathroom.

‘Couldn’t sleep,’ he stated.

‘If you wanted a cold shower,’ I offered, ‘last night after me would have been ideal.’ Dean shot me a bitch face and I blew him a kiss.

‘Next time you can get your own damn breakfast,’ he grumbled.

‘Aw don’t be like that. I am grateful, really I am.’ I took a sip of the coffee and a bite of the bacon and egg sandwich he had got me.

‘I mean if this is what it takes to have you bring me breakfast each morning,’ I grinned ‘I am happy to repeat last night.’ Sam walked in on the last part of my statement and froze.

‘I don’t want to know,’ he said disgusted. I laughed and jumped out the way as Dean tried to take back my sandwich.

‘Hey, no take backs,’ I complained. Dean came up, stood in front of me and took a huge bite. I frowned.

‘It’s repayment for me getting breakfast,’ he said, his mouthful.

‘Ewww’ I said ‘In Oz it’s called GST,’ I sniggered. The boys looked confused, I sighed and explained.

‘GST is a tax the Government charges on goods and services. Basically most things you buy or jobs you outsource charge you 10% of the total fee. Most times it’s added on before you get the bill.’

We finished out breakfast and decided to head out later that morning, back to bunker. Before we headed out I text Trooper Matt, All sorted, report sent to headquarters. Not further investigation required at this point. Thanks for everything, sorry we didn’t get that drink. I got a text from him 5 minutes later, I can spare 20 minutes now if you want to have coffee before you go. *smiley face*

I smiled, it was tempting, Dean walked past and read the message over my shoulder.

‘No time we are leaving now.’

‘Dean, we are not even packed,’ Sam said.

‘So pack,’ he snapped, Sam and I looked at each other.

‘Think we can spare 20 mins?’ I asked looking at Dean, his jaw tensed up again and he looked away.

‘Awww Dean, I’m just stirring.’ He turned back to me, relief on his face. ‘I can skip coffee and meet him in a closet, I’ll only need 10.’ I grinned, Sam who was watching shook his head and laughed. Dean grabbed his gear and stormed out. I replied to Matt, telling him I was sorry and we were leaving. I then sent Dean a text, Game on? You’re making this too easy. I expected more. Where’s the challenge. Xxx I looked at the car as I walked out the door, watching Dean type. You’re right two can play this game.

‘That’s better’ I smiled as I got in the car. Dean looked at me in the rear view mirror, his eyes challenging. He grinned, at that moment I knew. He was taking it to the next level.

Dean’s Version

This case was a typical salt and burn. Y/N went off to go over the police files from previous cases, I have to admit having her skills as a medical examiner was brilliant. It made for a great excuse to get her to stick around. By that point I would have used any excuse.

The woman drove me nuts, all in a good way. The way her smile reached her eyes, her useless facts that she come up with, her accent alone was a turn on and when she said my name it almost sent me over the edge. Her body was amazing, it wasn’t a stick like most and she had curves, womanly curves. She was toned and athletic, but curved. She can hold her own in a fight and a drinking contest and eat like it’s her last meal. And yet she is still concerned about balance in her life. She is happy to be sober driver or to drink and let Sam take on the role. She challenges me constantly, not being one to let me push her around, but also knowing when to back off and let me take control.

What got me the most was her accent, her wording, so much is lost in translation. For us it’s the car’s hood for her it’s the bonnet, her it’s a pub, for us it’s a bar. Last night’s incident was embarrassing, she had asked me for her thongs. It was a weird request, firstly her asking a bloke to grab her underwear and secondly she used a plural. But still I did as she asked, I struggled to say no. It wasn’t until she came out the bathroom horrified I realised my mistake. Thongs apparently are flip flops, not the black lacy boy shorts I was holding.

This morning Sam and I were off to interview McTiller, whilst Y/N went to the station to review reports. By the time our interview finished, we headed to the station, walking in to find Y/N laughing and having some sort of lunch date with a Trooper. Anger rose up in me, jealousy at the way he looked at her, wanting her, hanging on to her every word. Laughing at trying to explain things. I know I was rude but I couldn’t help it. The Trooper eventually left and I started to calm down, only to have him come back in, another suicide.  I wasn’t happy. I knew what this meant, I wouldn’t see Y/N again until late tonight. She would help with the crime scene and examining the body. It would be draining on her, physically standing for so long, moving the body, bending over, helping with the autopsy etc. Mentally she processes everything in her mind, like there is no one else there. She has to, she can’t rely on the legitimate investigators, they don’t look for what she does. EMF, sulphur, weird injuries, staged crime scenes and certain smells. Not seeing her until late, when she was exhausted made my mood drop.

At the crime scene there was a witness, this surprised us all. Sam went to talk to him. It made sense he has an amazing amount of patience and empathy.  I went off to look for EMF and Y/N went with the local medical examiner. I walked up the stairs checking the readings, my meter was going nuts.  I stood at the top of the stairs looking around, resting my eyes on Y/N, her eyebrows where knitted together, she was taking in the scene. I headed back down checking the windows and the spot where the love birds had set up their blankets. I looked over and watched her. Y/N long hair pulled into a pony tail. I knew she hated it up, she preferred it long and flowing. I walked up behind her, able to smell her perfume. Placing my hand on her back, watching as she turned in my direction. The gesture, didn’t even startle her, it felt normal, natural.

‘Anything?’ she asked, her voice soft.

‘EMF, through the roof.’ I mumbled in her ear, smelling her hair while I got the chance. Strawberries, her favourite shampoo. She shivered.

‘The knot in the rope on the bannister,’ she pointed, I nodded looking up ‘It looks complicated, time consuming?’ she muttered.

‘Yep.’ I said, knowing what she was getting at. How did she have time to tie and hang herself, with people trying to stop her? She frowned, tilting my head and looking at the girl.

‘Dr Y/L/N? Could you please help me cut the victim down?’ Dr McCullum requested. Y/N nodded and walked over. I left to talk to Sam, still enchanted by her smell.

Late, was an understatement, by the time she got back the motel. I offered her a beer and pizza, listening to groan with pleasure as she took off her shoes. She asked what we found, it took me a couple of seconds to realise I needed to respond.

‘McTiller said he was out when Ruth went off the rails, literally. The kid was shot, left in the yard and Ruth hung. They found the gun near the stairs.’ I said taking a drink of my beer.  ‘At the house EMF everywhere.’

‘Troy, the kid who witnessed Sarah’s suicide, said she was screaming and dragged up the stairs, by a woman. She strangled her before throwing her over the edge. When the Trooper asked why he didn’t stop her he said he couldn’t move, his feet frozen. The woman disappeared and he could move again.’ Sam told us. I watched her take off her jacket, eyeing off her figure, God that blue shirt looked great on her.

‘Works in with what I found, each victim shows strangulation marks, not consistent with a hanging. I doubt she killed the boy too,’ she commented.

‘So we have a pissed off dead woman,’ I confirmed.

‘Looks that way,’ Sam agreed. I watched her sit up straighter and roll her head.

‘Sore neck?’ I asked, concerned, I hated seeing her in pain.

‘Stiff,’ she replied, I went to give her massage, try and ease it, but felt awkward so I sat back down. ‘What now? Salt and Burn?’ she asked.

‘Looks that way. We’ll head to the grave yard tonight,’ I declared.

 When we got the graveyard, I watched as Y/N got out the car, she had changed into more comfortable clothing. Jeans tucked into riding boots and a singlet. I knew down the sides of those boots where knives, one her own style demon knife. In the belt of her jeans were small throwing knives made of silver.

‘You and Sam start digging, Ill grab the rest of the gear,’ I said, jokingly.

‘Are you friggen kidding me? How about you boys dig and I’ll grab the supplies,’ Y/N retorted, she was tired and grumpy.

‘Play you for it?’ I offered getting his fist ready for rock, scissors, paper. Sam groaned, grabbing a shovel he went to work. I had every intention on digging, she was too exhausted to do it, but I wanted my fun first.

‘Screw playing for it, how bout I flip you for it?’ she said, I must have looked confused.

‘First to knock the other on their arse wins,’ she stated.

‘You Aussies are nuts,’ I laughed, she grinned and shrugged.

‘Nah, practical,’ she replied.

‘You know I’ll kick your sweet arse.’ I warned, I was worried I would hurt her. There’s no way she would be on the top of her game.

‘Probably, but it’s worth a try. Besides I never win at rock, scissors, paper,’ she said, I moved out into the open and watched her approach me, I got into a defensive stance. She smiled cheekily at me, Damn that smile. Next thing I knew she had walked straight up, grabbed me behind the neck and kissed me deeply and passionately, I groaned softly. She bit my lip gently and pulled back. I just looked at her, this was completely unexpected, and hot. Next thing I knew she had kicked my legs out from under me, sending me flying onto my arse.

‘Looks like you’re digging, Winchester,’ she smirked over her shoulder as she walked to the car. I couldn’t tell if I was shocked, turned on or proud of her little game. All I think.

I approached her and Sam mumbling something about her playing dirty.

‘Shut up Winchester, you’re just a sore loser,’ she laughed. ‘Besides you never asked for the rules.’

I dug, listening to her and Sam talk, still grumbling. I was more confused about the kiss, than being knocked on my arse. Playing dirty wasn’t fair either. She looked at me and pouted, Oh God those lips.

‘Stop sulking, you’re just sour you didn’t think of it first,’ she laughed.

‘I wouldn’t need to trick you to put you down,’ I growled back,

‘You’d love to think that, wouldn’t you? I’ll meet you at the car.’ She walked back to the car. I just glared after her. Not knowing what to say.

‘What happened?’ Sam asked.

'She made out with me so she could knock me off my feet. There’s no way she would have done it if I wasn’t distracted,’ I grumbled.

‘Don’t count of it.’ Sam stated, ‘I accidentally scared her this morning on her run. She knocked me on my arse with ease. I have a bruise on my chest to prove it.’

I was impressed, she could handle herself better than I thought. Although there was still no excuse for her playing dirty. Payback’s a wonderful thing. I kept watching her in the car, trying to figure out my options.

Once we got back to the motel, Sam jumped through the shower, leaving me to sit with Y/N. After he got out, Sam went to bed. I jumped through, enjoying the steaming hot shower as it burnt my skin. Once I finished Y/N went through. Looking at Sam, he was fast asleep in the bed that we had shared the previous night. The guy was all arms and legs, and with his ginormous size took up most of the bed. It was not my best night’s sleep. Next time, separate rooms or beds. I decided tonight I would bunk up with Y/N whether she liked it or not.

Y/N exited the bathroom and glared at me in her bed.

‘Well sweetheart, I figured seeming as you are so keen we may as well bunk up.’ I grinned, she grinned cheekily back at me, biting her lip. I could see she was thinking about it.

‘Really?’ she asked.

‘Really,’ I responded.

She came up to me, leaning over letting her long Y/C/H fall down around my face, the smell of her shampoo was intoxicating. She kissed my jaw, I turned my head towards her trying to kiss her mouth, she nibbled on my lip, kissing back up my jaw to my ear lobe. It was amazing, I wanted her so bad.

‘Mmmmmm’ she whispered in my ear, causing me to groan involuntarily, she smiled at me, making my chest pound, and then whipped the pillow out from under my head. Causing me to fall back. I was not expecting that.

‘It’s a sweet offer, but you can’t handle me standing what makes you think you can handle me in bed.’ She winked, and climbed in to share with Sam.

I was left turned on and in shock. This was not going to plan. She was playing me, and well I liked it. It was frustrating as hell, but it made it more interesting. She rolled over and looked at me, with a massive grin on her face. She knew she had me, she had countered my move well. I smiled back.

‘Game on!’ I whispered to her.

‘Challenge accepted,’ she laughed softly.

‘Night, Y/N’ I sighed, this was going to be interesting.

‘Night, Dean, Sweet dreams, baby,’ she said seductively.

ARGH! She was a tease, and this was torture. I muttered Bitch under my breath with a grin on my face. Hearing her call me baby, sent me into overdrive again. What I would give to be holding her right now. A pang of jealousy hit, as I watched her lay next to my brother.

I woke up early the next morning and showered, I never really slept. Y/N had got me too agitated. I spent the night watching her sleep. I decided on a coffee and breakfast run.

‘Breakfast.’ I offered holding up a coffee and a bag of food. As I came in the door of the motel room, seeing both of them still in bed. My heart sunk a bit.

‘Oh wow, that smells good,’ Y/N groaned, I couldn’t help but smile. The neediness in her voice was cute.

‘I’m surprised you are up this early, Dean,’ Sam stated as he got up and headed to the bathroom.

‘Couldn’t sleep,’ I stated.

‘If you wanted a cold shower,’ Y/N suggested ‘last night after me would have been ideal.’ I shot her a bitch face and she blew me a kiss.

‘Next time you can get your own damn breakfast,’ I responded grumbling at her.

‘Aw don’t be like that. I am grateful really I am.’ She took a sip of the coffee and a bite of the bacon and egg sandwich I got her, knowing it was one of her favourite breakfasts.  

‘I mean if this is what it takes to have you bring me breakfast each morning,’ she teased smiling at me ‘I am happy to repeat last night.’ Sam walked in on the last part of my statement and froze.

‘I don’t want to know,’ he said disgusted. I tried to steal back Y/N’s breakfast but she jumped out the way.

‘Hey, no take backs,’ she complained. So I walked up slowly and took a massive mouthful.

‘It’s repayment for me getting breakfast.’ I said, whilst chewing.

‘Ewww’ she complained ‘In Oz it’s called GST,’ she sniggered. We must have looked confused so she I sighed and explained.

‘GST is a tax the Government charges on goods and services. Basically most things you buy or jobs you outsource charge you 10% of the total fee. Most times it’s added on before you get the bill.’

We decided to head out later that morning, as we were finishing breakfast, Y/N sent a text to the Trooper who had been flirting with her to state our job was done. It fine until he text back, I got up and pretended to walk past reading the message over her shoulder. I can spare 20 minutes now if you want to have coffee before you go. *smiley face* I watched the smile form on her face, whilst it didn’t reach her eyes, there was no way she was going out for coffee with him.

‘No time we are leaving now,’ I said grabbing my gear, putting it into my duffel.

‘Dean, we are not even packed.’ Sam said.

‘So pack,’ I snapped, annoyed.

‘Think we can spare 20 mins?’ Y/N asked, my hand clenched closed, jaw tensing up. She has got to be kidding me!!! I turned away trying to hide my anger.

‘Awww Dean, I’m just stirring,’ she said sweetly, I turned back to look at her, relieved. ‘I can skip coffee and meet him in a closet, I’ll only need 10.’ She grinned, Sam who was watching shook his head and laughed. He was not helping, he knew how I felt. This was not helping, the 10 minute comment only made it worse. I did all I could to not yell, I grabbed my gear and stormed out.  Once in the impala my phone went off it was from Y/N, Game on? You’re making this too easy. I expected more. Where’s the challenge. Xxx I glanced at the motel, before replying. You’re right two can play this game. This girl will be the death of me, the more she played the game the more I wanted her. I am just hoping she feels the same.

‘That’s better’ she smiled as she got in the car. I smiled back at her in the review mirror. If she wanted a game I would give her one.

So.... I met GOT7???

I wanted to wait until today to make this post just so that I could try and process everything that happened yesterday :’) So as most of you know I went to the GOT7 fanmeet yesterday in Toronto and seriously had the best day of my life!!! I met up with my favorite internet friend ever @jiminsbean ♥♥♥ and im so sad to be leaving her today :’( we got split up during the concert because we had seats in different sections; I was in a wheelchair, so I bought a ticket with wheelchair accessibility (I was seated in the very back left corner of the orchestra level). I bought a hi-touch ticket, and had been hearing from volunteers all day that GOT7 would come to me for it, as the previous night a woman with photo op had VIXX come to her. By that point i was freaking out like???? They are going to come to me???? So I ended up waiting through all of hi-touch and all of photo op, as I assume they didn’t want people still in the auditorium when they came off stage. I started FREAKING OUT when I saw them pointing up to me then start to run off stage. Jinyoung literally booked it up the stairs, so I talked to him first. I waved at him and said hi as he came up to me, then we shook hands and he said something like, “So yeah that’s that.” And i was like???? ok???? HAHA so the rest of them were still walking up, and Junior was behind my right shoulder (seriously right in my face I WAS DYING HE IS SO HANDSOME) and asked how the stage was and I told him that they looked amazing out there. Yugyeom at that point was really close (can i just point out how tall that boy is, holy tree) and I like grabbed his hand and held it or something haha? and he was looking at me all worried and asking “ok? ok?” (I assume he was referring to my knee brace) And i reassured him that i was really fine (because i was??? i was surrounded by seven hot men??? LSHDHSJA) BamBam was next up the stairs and I greeted him the same, I think I shook his hand and maybe he asked if I was ok?? This is where I started getting REALLY overwhelmed because they were all just coming at once at this point, but I remember waving at and greeting Mark (cries) and Jackson but not JB or Youngjae as they came up the stairs. They all started crowding around me (and Jackson somehow ended up sitting right next to me? Idk) He looked me like dead in the eyes (HIS EYES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL WHAT THE) and asked if I had eaten (I hadn’t, I ate like 12 hours before that lol), so I told him no and he looked at me like he was upset and touched my leg. Then he was like, “We should take a picture.” I wasn’t expecting a picture (because I only paid for hi-touch lol) but I was like!!!! Ok sure haha!!! And they were trying to find someone with a camera/phone and Jackson asked me if I had my phone and I said yeah and started to pull it out of my pocket and Mark was like “No, she has her phone, she has her phone” and then i looked at him omg he is so beautiful okay :’) So i was trying to unlock it and as I’m going to open the camera app but Jackson took my phone out of my hand and was asking if we should take a selfie. Another one of the boys was like “Oh, selfie?” And Jackson was turning my camera to the front camera, but one of the other boys said “No, no, group photo” So Jackson handed my phone over to one of the crew members that came up with them and he took a picture of all of us:’) I honestly couldn’t believe any of it was happening and it all happened so fast, but once the pictures were taken, they started getting up and I was thanking all of them for coming up to me because it meant so much to me and they didn’t have to do that! I tried to thank all of them but I remember just bowing my head at JB lol that is EMBARRASSING like i didn’t even say anything to him haha… but they all told me to get better and thanked me for coming (they were seriously all so sweet) and BamBam hugged me as they left. That’s about all I remember :’) In short, it was so amazing and I am so grateful that they were willing to do that for me (but an ever bigger thanks to TKC for having them do that, and I can’t thank the volunteers enough for setting that up and helping me so much! 

(Photos under the cut)

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My Time Knowing Justin Carmical

It was 2010, and I had literally just gotten off a plane from Japan after having already traveled for two weeks, and already I was boarding another plane to Reno, Nevada to participate in the two-year anniversary movie for ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com, “Kickassia”.  When I arrived I was tired, hungry, and gross, with hardly any clean clothes.  Everything I carried was two weeks worth of clothes I’d already worn, and I had no idea how the next week was going to pan out.

I found myself surrounded by people I’d met in the previous year’s anniversary video, and found new faces.  One of those faces was that of JewWario.  The notable thing about him was that you could never really tell how old he was.  And when he revealed his age (at that time he was in his late 30s), everyone was blown away. His face, his character, and his demeanor suggested that he was a man at least ten years younger.  But age clearly meant nothing when it came to us all being together.  We all bonded so well.

When you’re all producers for the same site, you of course already share a bond.  But I think Justin and I quickly bonded because of more closely-related interests.  When he learned that I had literally just gotten off the plane back from Japan that very same day, we were immediately able to discuss both of our experiences in spending time there.  We bonded over great food and interesting cultural experiences, and from that point on, every time we met it was like we’d never separated.  That first meeting, he was just such a joy, and he re-energized me after I thought I was too tired to go on.  He was also one of the first people to ever really strongly comfort me or give me advice when it came to me dealing with my mom as I was slowly losing her to breast cancer.  I’m not sure any other producer has ever hugged me so deeply to this day.

Filming for To Boldly Flee was fond, also.  I can remember walking around with Justin and Hope (JesuOtaku) trying to find food and further bonding over similar interests and experiences.  

And I can remember us talking about making our costumes on Suburban Knights.  I told him that I was thrilled that he was Jareth from The Labyrinth and that I was supposed to be fawning over him because I could recall legitimately fawning over the character originally in the movie.   He kept me upbeat, we kept each other happy, and, heh, I can remember being outside in that stupid San (Princess Mononoke) skirt, freezing cold, and Justin kept me warm in his Jareth cape between shoots.

I remember fondly our trip to Guelph, Ontario to attend Con-G.  Our plans were crazy in-depth, meeting up with Conal MacBeth (Doctor Holocaust) to film an exciting fight sequence together.  I’ve seen most of the footage.  Only a smaller trailer ever went up.  But I’m pretty sure it’s always been Conal’s intent to finish it.  I remember flying into Buffalo, NY and meeting with both Justin and Kyle Hebert.  We were then shoved into a car to cross the US/Canada border in the dead of night, in the middle of winter.  I remember stopping at a Wendy’s over the border, where we made fun of how Canadian the Wendy’s was because the apostrophe in the name was actually a maple leaf.  Justin and I shared a room that weekend.  I remember I enjoyed spending the time with him, but felt funny waking up to realize he was only sleeping in his underwear the whole time.  It was so great watching his reaction when “Featherweight” handed him the personalized FamiKamen Rider Famicom-themed sword as a gift and just how excited he got, and how excited I got for him seeing something so cool beginning to come to life.  That weekend we trekked through the snow across to the mall and marveled at things, bought delicious donut holes, etc.  Riding in the car back over the border was an interesting trek, too.  Convincing the US Border Patrol that we weren’t up to no good was an amazing experience. 

Helping him work on FamiKamen Rider was quite the experience.  Julien (SadPanda) had composed the backing track, and Justin had asked me to write the lyrics and sing them.  So, with a little bit of help, those lyrics to that song that play in his FamiKamen Rider reviews, as well as the singing voice, was me.  And I feel so thankful that he felt me to be valuable enough to want me to be involved.  And when he was starting to get his stuff together to make the FamiKamen Rider mini-series, we were talking about how I would get out there to Colorado and be a character in the series.  Admittedly, it seems like there were struggles in making that happen.  And if it was frustrating to me, how much more frustrating must it have been to Justin?  I know he felt bad about things falling through and not making good on promises and commitments.  Perhaps this was part of a much bigger issue that I was never really aware of.  But it’s too late for that now…

There’s all these crazy things, all these plans… I JUST hugged him a few weeks ago.  I JUST helped him with his MAGFest Pub Quiz again for the second year in a row.  He was JUST telling his audience that he was looking forward to fine-tuning it for next year.  Josh and I were supposed to join him and Nash on a trip to Japan together.  He’d JUST started that Patreon thing up.  I thought things were happening.  I thought things were going somewhere.  And just like that, it’s over?

I want to be hurt, maybe a little angry.  And after having gone to a GriefShare class this past year for the loss of my own mother, I’ve learned that those are actually normal emotions.  Even feeling guilty about feeling that way is normal.  But the truth is that feeling that way is only going to do so much.  Because we can’t go back now, and we can’t change it.  Hindsight is 20/20.  If any of us had ever thought there was a problem, I’m sure we would have done things a whole heck of a lot differently.  

My dream would be to be able to somehow figure out how to help him finish FamiKamen Rider. I think we’re talking about how feasible that would be.  I can’t say anything more than that.  But I know it was big and important to him.  What I wouldn’t give to see that finished.

This is really all I have to say for the time being.  It’s unbelievable that I just saw him, with no idea that I wouldn’t see him again.  It’s beyond understanding.

Goodbye, Justin, my friend.  I can’t claim to understand.  But I’m so glad I had the time with you that I did.

Wow. Just wow. Not enough good things I can say about this guy. One of the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet. For those of you that don’t know, this is Evan Peters of American Horror Story fame. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet him at Indiana Comic Con this weekend, and there is a story to go with this photo.

I was enjoying myself at the Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) Q&A, and I heard the dreaded announcement, “There are only 16 Evan Peters photo-op passes left!” I flew out of the panel room, and over to the back corner where the autographs and photos taking place. Sadly, I fell short, and they were SOLD OUT by the time I got there.

In the last few moments of one of Evan’s autograph sessions, I tried to improvise with the ticket lady, trying to somehow purchase a selfie with him or something. But she said there was nothing she could do. I was heartbroken and naturally got a little teary eyed. But THEN I remembered there was an exit right behind him, and I thought maybe I could approach him while he was moving to photo-ops.

“Hey, you’re back!” he said enthusiastically (I had gotten his autograph earlier). Then he noticed I was on the verge of tears. “What’s up?” he asked, sounding genuinely concerned. Shakily, I told him his last photo-op was sold out, and asked if he had time to take a quick one. “Yeah, of course! Don’t be upset!” So his moderator or assistant took this photo, and he smiled and said, “There ya go!” I thanked him, told him that it really meant a lot to me, and went on my way. So, long story short, BEST DAY EVER.

Jared Padalecki DC CON Meet and Greet Tidbits

Okay so Jared is legitimately just a giant ray of sunshine and there’s no way to ever look at him and NOT be smiling.There’s just no way. So while we were all smiling stupidly at said giant ray of sunshine, here’s some overviews of the things he told us. I’ll post some of the more personal bits about Kiki and I and Jared at the meet and greet later. 

  • Genevieve and the kids were in DC with him and they went to the zoo. He talked a lot about the kids in the beginning and the things that Thomas was doing that was uber adorable for a child his age including refusing to believe that a Woolly Mammoth wasn’t just an “elephant”. Shepherd eats like Jared already and is growing up body wise to be his twin. 
  • After we talked about the kids for a little bit, Jared got asked about the New York Times article and said that he hoped everyone realized he and Jensen were kidding when they were joking around about the show being all about the hair and “400 pounds of dude” because he realized some people might not get it. We all laughed hard at that because who WOULDN’T get it?
  • He said he used to want to have a big movie career but now he’s older and says he would be proud to say that Supernatural was his last acting job if he never worked another day once SPN ends because this is his and Jensen’s legacy. And they’re proud of it. We talked about how it’s the fans that make the show. 
  • We talked about Gil Mckinney for a minute really randomly I’m not entirely sure how we got on that conversation but I told Jared he was Prince Eric in Once Upon a Time and all the ladies were like “he’s a legitimate Disney prince!” and Jared had no idea and now says it all makes sense xD
  • I asked him about horrible audition stories and he gave me three that stood out. It seemed like he’d had many of them but there wasn’t one person in that room that wasn’t cracking up at this horrible actor misfortune. Poor babe
  • He said there is no storyline that he would want for Sam at this point because he’s done so much, but that ultimately the most important thing in the show is the brothers and their relationship so he hopes that they get on the same page and make up soon.
  • We all talked so much with him on just a few questions that after all of that, it was time to say goodbye. He left on the note that we should all be very excited about what’s to come on Supernatural. 
  • And much like any angel, he blew us kisses on the way out. 

Okay guys I’ve finally calmed down enough to tell you about meeting the love of my life Mr Jensen Ackles. So me and my friend (I’m on the right) decided to wear our costumes of Dean as a gym teacher because we wanted to stand out. The whole time I was in line I was freaking out and basically not breathing. I was dangerously close to fainting when we walked into the room. And let me tell you when I heard him say “Hi” to some people a couple turns ahead of us I almost fell over because it was HIS VOICE. Which meant it was actually him and not a hallucination of him I had created. So anyways it’s our turn and I’m literally walking up to this man with my hands over my mouth in utter disbelief and he just got the biggest smile on his face and said “I love your outfits!” He was so happy! My friend basically ran into his arms while I was only capable of slow walking. When I finally got up to him I asked if we could do a big bear hug and he said so excitedly “yeah get in here!” Then he pulled me in for the biggest hug of my life and I basically just held on to him for dear life. After the picture was taken I was still holding him while looking up into his eyes I just kept saying over and over again “I love you so much, I love you, we love you so much.” And he smiled said we were adorable and then we had to leave. The SECOND we turned around I instantly started crying. This was the man who got me through the darker days of my life. The man who was there for me when no one else was. The man who saved me and didn’t even know it. When I say I cried for 20 minutes after meeting him I’m not lying. Jensen Ackles is the sweetest, kindest, and most humble human being I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and I’m counting down the days to Pittsburg Con next year to meet him again. Thank you Jensen Ackles for saving me from myself. You will always be my hero.

2016:Shut Up And Olicity

*The credit goes to Italia Ricci for the title of this fic. She made Shut Up And Olicity a thing!*


For all of us that are members of the arrow fandom, a lot are members of the Olicity fandom. What a better way to start off the year than with amazing multi-chapter Olicity fics? I couldn’t think of one either. Here’s a list of Olicity multi-chaps that I highly recommend. Most of them are on ao3. I put a link to the fic, the fic writer’s ao3, and the fic writer’s tumblr. Please check all of them out! I also gave you guys a small summary of the fic in my own words. See what catches your eye, and please comment on the fics. Writers love to hear feedback, it’s what keeps them motivated and driven. Please keep in mind that though it may take five minutes to read a chapter, it may take up to an hour or more to write it…and that’s without writer’s block. Please be patient! Please reblog this so other Olicity fans can enjoy these amazing fics as well. Share them with your friends. Okay, so enough babbling from me…I present to you…Olicity. Enjoy!

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Meeting @thatsthat24 at GeekyCon2015 and GeekyCon2016 ✨
Again, he was the kindest person I’ve ever met. I walked up to him and he said “you look familiar!!” And I explained that I was Scarfy last year and he totally remembered me!! He said he loved my outfit, and even more when I explained that I was Aladdin!!
And, in case you were wondering, he gives THE BEST hugs!!!
He’s the nicest person, and I wish him luck with his upcoming tour (which we got a preview of and is AMAZING!!)

Hey guys! So I have decided to share my NJ Con 2015 experience with all of you who wanted to know how it went! It was an amazing weekend, one of the best ever tbh. I had so much fun and I got to hang out with the awesome samsweetchester

So here is a summary of the highlights of the con, after the break:

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