if i were a professor

my professors daughter and i were coloring tonight and when i couldn’t find a certain page in my book she said “don’t give up! you have to keep looking. if you give up too easily you’ll never find what you’re looking for.” honestly where is my child???? i literally shed a tear when she said that.

If I were a Hogwarts professor I would take Hermione aside and explain to her that she doesn’t need to prove anything, and that when I ask a question of the class, it’s not necessarily because I want someone to tell me exactly the right answer. She’s smart enough that she’d understand the teaching process and how pouring direct facts on a group of kids isn’t going to get them engaged or thinking about the material. I’d tell her that I appreciate her studiousness and enthusiasm, and that she could be a great help in assisting other students with arriving at answers through original thought and engaging with the material.


HARRY: Hogwarts will be the making of you, Albus. I promise you, there is nothing to be frightened of there.

JAMES: Apart from the Thestrals. Watch out for the Thestrals.

ALBUS: I thought they were invisible!

HARRY: Listen to your professors, don’t listen to James, and remember to enjoy yourself. 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Act I, Scene II - Platform Nine and Three-Quarters


Class assignment for this week, had to make a one page comic influenced by the underground comics back in the 80s! When assigned the work, I shamelessly asked, “Can I make a gay comic?” and our professor, without skipping a beat, replied, “Please make a gay comic.” 

  • AA Member: Welcome everyone to tonight's Alcoholic Anonymous meeting. We have a new member joining us this evening. Everyone please welcome Qrow.
  • All Members: Hi Qrow.
  • Qrow: I have a question.
  • AA Member: Go ahead Qrow.
  • Qrow: Why is it called Alcoholic Anonymous when I know pretty much half of the people in here? Honestly Professor Oobleck, I thought it was coffee you were drinking this entire time, you surprised me. And Glynda! Boy howdy! Does Ozpin know about this? Also I'm pretty sure that's Roman Torchwick wearing that fake wig, the eyeliner gave it away. I know this this guy next to me runs a bar and let me tell you he is not sticking with his step-by-step program! This woman I don't know but I would like to get to know over drinks! How about it, love?
  • AA Member: Now wait a minute!
  • AA Lady: Sure!
  • *Qrow and the woman leave arm in arm leaving the group staring after them in stunned silence.*
  • Roman: Did you all know it was me?
  • Everyone: Yes!