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Legends of Tomorrow | 2.13

Doctor Palmer, it’s very nice to see you again.

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I'm trying to be serious, and warn you. The bible says: You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination. (Leviticus 18:22) If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them. (Leviticus 20:13) Homosexuality is revolting. I like your art. I wish you'd stop condoning such awful things when you have other brilliant things to bring forward. Please take my warning from God.

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I was playing McCree the other night and my friend was Hanzo. (Note: I had the Blackwatch McCree skin and he had the Young Master skin) I made a comment about McHanzo and he told me to keep my “cowboy claws” off of him. So naturally for the rest of the match I made it a point to blatantly flirt with him which he continued to dismiss. When I finally decided to stop because he was flustered/frustrated (flustrated if you will) he went silent for a second before quietly saying “Is that a revolver in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” And I couldn’t even respond because it caught me so off guard.

Leonard McCoy does not read

Oh, he reads medical journals - he’s up to his eyeballs in those. He’s up to speed on the latest and greatest surgical techniques - hell, he’s published a quite a few of them.

But Bones is not a literary guy.

Jim’s a little tipsy after a mission very-nearly-gone-disastrously-wrong.

He whirls dramatically, bottle in hand. ”Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age.”

Bones rolls his eyes. Spock raises a delicate eyebrow.

Jim raises both hands. The brandy sloshes dangerously. “Does nobody understand?” he asks sardonically.

Bones does not understand.

Spock gives the captain a long-suffering look. “James Joyce,” he says. “The Dead.”

“Thank you, Mr. Spock.” 

Huh, thinks Bones.

He spends the rest of his days believing that The Dead is an Old-Earth western film, starring hot-shot gunslinger James Joyce. 

Ok, so not only are Goodnight and Billy 100% in love and married, but they have the most amazing meet cute ever??

I mean, Goodnight’s supposed to bring Billy in but he takes one look at him and immediately falls in love (I appreciate the deliberate pause when he says “befriend”).

And the first long conversation he has is telling the story of how they met to Faraday. I bet he tells that story all the time and Billy just rolls his eyes and looks at him fondly.

I just cannot get enough of their secret smiles and close proximity and worrying about each other and the open fondness they share between them.

Their love is so real and I am dead.

Headcanon #129

While in the training room, Hanzo had asked if McCree was willing to do some sparring with him. 

McCree: “No need ta ask darlin’, ready whenever you are.” He punched his metal arm into his flesh hand to pump himself up.

While Hanzo was getting into his fighting stance, McCree turned around and started to head to the exit.

Hanzo: “I thought you were going to spar with me, cowboy.”

McCree: “And I will, but first…” He raised his right hand and showed that it was all purple and swelled up. “I gotta find Mercy.”

Hanzo: “Dammit Jesse, this the fifth time this week!”

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I had a dream about cuddling with McCree and we were just whispering about how we love each other. Do you think you could write that please?? Thanks!!!

((A/N - it’s not even funny how much I love McCree lmao))

Jesse had forbade you from falling asleep.

“I jus’ want to talk to ya.”

You were lying on his chest, your head tucked into the crook of his neck and his arm underneath you lightly scratching your nape.

“You’re not the one that has to be awake at 6am tomorrow morning.”
You felt his chest move heavily, a sigh escaping his mouth.

“Let me love you.”
“Jesse. I do.”
“Yer holding me back from my treasure.”
“I thought you were a cowboy, not a pirate?”

He shifted underneath you.

“Be quiet, doll.”
“I thought you wanted to talk to me?”

You felt his jaw tense. You were hoping if you annoyed him enough then he would let you sleep. He pulled his arm out from underneath you, pushing you off his chest.


His eyebrows raised. In an instant he had moved so both of his hands were on either side of your head, him crouched above you.

“Darlin’, yer doin’ my head in.”

You smiled cheekily, your fingers tracing along his furry chest.

“I love you.”

He grunted with an oof, flopping down on top of you.

“I love ya too. Ya’ beautiful, elegant and charming. Can talk for the world though.” His voice was muffled from lying in the covers.

Your fingers wiggled inbetween your bodies, making Jesse chuckle.

“Doll. Stop.”

You managed to maneuver your hands so the were free of their confines, placing them on your boyfriend’s back.

“You’re squishing me.”
“But I love ya’.”
“But Jesse-”
I love ya’.”

You squeezed out a chuckle.

“I love you too.”

That seemed to be the trigger for him to slump off of you. You turned onto your side, brushing his brown locks out of his eyes. He caught your hand, bringing your knuckles to his lips. Kisses were peppered over your hand.

“You should sleep; it’s late.”

You tutted at him. You leaned forwards to peck him on his soft lips.

“Goodnight, Jesse.”

“G'night, (Y/N).”

McHanzo #45 from the drabble meme for @unlimitedpoptarts​ - “Tell me a secret.”

“Hey, Hanzo?”


Jesse rolls over to face him, the thin sheet that covers them dragging down across his hips, and Hanzo leans over to trail his fingers across the bare skin that’s exposed there, just because he can. Jesse shivers, but says resolutely, “Tell me a secret.”

Hanzo considers him, half his mind on the question and the other half on the possibility of luring Jesse into another round. He doesn’t think it would take much convincing.

“What kind of secret?”

Jesse rolls his eyes. “The secret kind.”

“I do not have any secrets,” Hanzo says with a smirk.

“Well if that ain’t the biggest load’a crap I ever heard.” Jesse nudges him onto his back, running a hand across the planes of Hanzo’s stomach. “C’mon, tell me. Just one.”

Hanzo thinks about it, distracted by the path of Jesse’s hand up his chest. “Hmm…you remember when we first met?”

“‘Course I do. You said that your first impression of Overwatch left much to be desired. And then you demanded to ‘see what I could do.’” They both laugh, and Jesse continues, “And just so you know, I never asked to be your welcomin’ committee.”

“You were not the first person I met on base.”

At Jesse’s confused look, Hanzo adds, “The first person I encountered was Hana.”

“No kiddin’? And here I always thought I was special.”

“You are,” Hanzo says softly, honest words that roll off his tongue more easily than they once would have. Jesse’s eyes light up, and he steals a kiss before Hanzo can continue, a kiss that turns into two, and three, and four. Hanzo finally pushes him back, laughing. “Do you want your secret or not?”

Jesse seems to be weighing his decision against the prospect of more kisses. Hanzo pushes him further away.

“Alright alright, I’m gettin’. So you met Hana first?”

“Yes, and you know how she is. She took one look at me and said, ‘You’re the brother, right?’ I was preparing myself for a lecture of some sort. What I got instead was a promise.”

“A promise?”

Hanzo nods. “That she had heard what some of the others said about me before I arrived, and that she would ‘have my back’ as long as I had theirs. I thought she was crazy.”

Jesse laughs. “Well, she kinda is. Good kinda crazy.”

“As most of us are, I would wager,” Hanzo says, smiling. He settles his head on Jesse’s chest, relaxing into his arms.

“And then you met me, and probably regretted agreeing to that, huh?”

“No. I met you, and you told me that you were ‘the friendly neighborhood cowboy, manning the front lines.’”

Jesse shifts beneath him, and Hanzo knows that he’s thinking, trying to find the connection. It doesn’t take him long, and when he does, he wraps his arms around Hanzo even tighter.

“You wanted to see what I could do, so you could have my back.”

“And as you know, I quickly became quite fond of what I saw.” Hanzo tilts his head and presses a kiss to Jesse’s chest. “But I may never have asked you if I had not spoken to Hana first.”

“I already owe that girl my life and now I gotta owe her my love life too? You’re killin’ me, darlin’.”

“Well, you did ask for a secret.”

Jesse huffs a laugh and says, “I was hopin’ for some kinda secret fantasy!” Hanzo laughs until he can’t breathe, clutching onto Jesse for dear life.

Ishida Akira (Yakumo/Kikuhiko) x Hayashibara Megumi (Miyokichi)

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/karice.wordpress.com/2017/01/07/p554/amp/

Interview and text: Maeda Hisashi

—The two of you have acted together on many different shows, beginning with Slayers where to you played Lina and Xellos, and Neon Genesis Evangelion where you were Ayanami Rei and Nagisa Kaworu. How did you feel when you found out that you would be acting together in this show?

Ishida: When I found out that Hayashibara-san would be my counterpart, I was like “Oh boy, what a frightening partner…” In a variety of ways.

Hayashibara: What’s this? Where? And how come? …like this, you mean? (chuckles)

Ishida: Oh, no no (chuckles). As everyone is well aware, you’re an incredible actor, right? Such a person is probably strict with themselves, and also with those acting beside them. At least, that’s what I figured.

Hayashibara: “That’s what I figured”…could you make sure that’s in large, bold font? (chuckles)

Ishida: Like, should I try to fake it, with my level of ability, you’d see right through me. You’d see through me no matter what I did, so I put myself on guard right from the start.

Hayashibara: Say what?!

Ishida: It’s especially true for this anime, but even for the other shows we’ve worked on together, I’ve always thought that you’re someone who makes the people you are acting with rather tense, no matter what the atmosphere of the studio seems like on the surface.

Hayashibara: Is that so…how interesting!

Ishida: “There’s so much pressure just in the fact that I have to do rakugo…and on top of that, I’ll be working with Yamadera (Kouichi)-san and Hayashibara-san, huh? Good heavens…” That’s pretty much what it felt like (chuckles).

Hayashibara: As for me, I was offered the part only after Yamadera-san, Ishida-san and Seki (Tomokazu)-kun had all been confirmed. So somewhere in the back of my mind, I feel that, if it hadn’t been you and Yamadera-san in those roles, then it probably wouldn’t have been me either. I’m not sure what it is, perhaps the balance of our voices, or our mentalities, or perhaps the wavelength we’re on, or our bonds in our previous lives (chuckles), but we just match, somehow. It was the same when I did Cowboy Bebop. Ishizuka (Unshō)-san and Yamadera-san were chosen first, and then I came in as the voice between them.

—After you started recording, could you tell us about what you sensed and took from each other’s acting?

Ishida: It was like Miyokichi was moving the story along at my pace, in a good way. Or perhaps, I felt that it was good that they met when the story was moving along. And just as I was becoming comfortable with the atmosphere of the studio where we were recording Rakugo Shinjuu, Kikuhiko was becoming comfortable with Miyokichi—this is probably something that men tend to do, but it felt a bit like a part of me was standing somewhat above her, looking down on her. I’m really glad that there was such an overlap, where the way that my character became familiar with his partner reflected my own experience in the studio.

Hayashibara: As for me, rather than being able to ‘take from’ Ishida-san’s acting, it was all I could do to try and grasp who Miyokichi was. I’m sure that Ishida-san and Yamadera-san both struggled with and spent a lot of time thinking about their own characters as well, but from my perspective, they were already Kiku-san and Sukeroku through and through. Just how could I slip into the space between them as Miyokichi? I wasted a lot of time during the recordings for the first half of the series trying to figure that out.

____Was Miyokichi a difficult character to play?

Hayashibara: Just the other day, I saw the latest episode on TV, and even then I found myself reflecting a little, like “Oh dear, was this correct…?” Which is really unusual for me (chuckles). There’s a line where Miyokichi says “I’m stupid, so…” but what I took from it was “This girl is no idiot, is she?” How much of that is just her acting out the part, and how much of it is real idiocy? It was pretty difficult treading the fine line between the two. And Kiku-san probably loves that idiocy in the way that a man loves “a woman who is just a little more broken than he is.” Whatever he says, he sees through the way she acts and what he finds on the other side, he loves even more. Or something like that. In playing Miyokichi, I was caught between the two (acting vs. real idiocy). It was in that episode 9 scene with Sukeroku that she finally settled on one side. That line of “Did something happen? I’ll hear you out…”—at first, I was directed to play it more listlessly, as if I’d lost everything. But Kubota Haruko-sensei, the mangaka, was actually at the studio when we recording that episode, and she said: “That line actually represents the point where she starts taking her revenge.” With that, the direction changed again, and I thought to myself “She really is no idiot.” It was then that I finally felt I’d grasped Miyokichi, just a little. Nevertheless, I honestly believe that there are points where her actions are motivated purely because she’s in love, and it’s precisely because she’s a woman who’s almost impossible to grasp that Kiku-san, too, is captivated by her. That’s right, a woman that Kiku-san would really fall in love with—just what kind of woman is that? In pondering that very question, I definitely used parts of my brain that I’d never used before. …hey Kiku-san, what exactly do you love about Miyokichi? (chuckles)

Ishida: (chuckles) Well, if I pick up the thread from what Hayashibara-san has just said, then Kiku has probably never thought that Miyokichi was an idiot. He knows that she’s someone who has used a range of wiles to survive, to get to where she is now. And because he sees her in this way, what he feels for her for her isn’t the kind of romantic love held by the average, modern high schooler who’s in love with his or her classmate. But when she’s there beside him, he finds himself responding to her allure. He’s a pitiful guy, after all. In that way, he lets himself be influenced by her, but at the same time, he’s cooly looking at himself, saying “This isn’t romantic love.” And he probably thinks of himself, of this person looking on so cooly, as “a real slime-ball,” too. But he is simply unable to throw away that feeling of comfort that he gets by being by her side. He’s a weak guy…or rather, an unfair one. In episode 8, he gets angry when he comes back from the regional tour and sees Sukeroku and Miyokichi in an embrace, doesn’t he? Personally, I don’t think he was that angry, not really (chuckles), but I also kind of understand why he was upset. Even though he didn’t regard himself as being in love, he gets irritated at the thought of parting with her. So, I also have to reflect on my performance, just like Hayashibara-san. That scene where Kiku says “I am (being a man). This is the greatest lie of my life”—when we recorded it, I went into the scene taking those words quite literally. But now that I think about it, it’s not like Kikuhiko was prepared to keep their relationship going—that kind of thought was probably in the back of his head, too. Hence, I’m sure that those words that he said to Sukeroku were, at some level, a lie aimed at deceiving himself as well.

Hayashibara: There are so many emotions on the other side of “I love you” that we no longer know which of them are right and which of them are wrong. In particular, in the middle part of the show, I felt like I was waiting for the directors’ guidance with regards to what was coming out of me naturally at that time. But if we think about it, that’s what real romantic love is like. It’s not like you’re reading out a love letter that expresses everything clearly in a set number of words. The attitude your partner takes at any particular point also changes the words you use, and it’s not as if it will play out the way you have planned. In that sense, even those elements of my performance that I thought may have been incorrect, may have been right as far as results go—I’ve been trying to think about it along those lines without trying to justify myself. Beyond that, all that remains is to leave it up to the viewers to decide how they feel about it.

—How do the two of you perceive Sukeroku?

Ishida: He’s someone who is real to the bone, with no artifice.

Hayashibara: Yup, I’m with you there. And that’s why he gets messed up (chuckles). Miyokichi envied him, just because he and Kiku-san got along too well. Something may have happened in Manchuria as well, but she simply has no interest in a guy who foolishly tries to woo her, so openly, too, despite knowing that she’s his master’s mistress (chuckles). In the end, a man like Kiku-san is more appealing to her—someone who fights to restrain himself, thinking “I can’t touch her because she’s my master’s,” but who gradually loses that fight and lays his hands on her. Hence, if Kiku-san hadn’t gotten involved with her, I don’t think she would have taken any interest in Sukeroku.

—And that did not change even after she took him back to her hometown?

Hayashibara: Because this was her revenge. But since Sukeroku just has so much warmth about him, I think that being with him may have felt comfortable to her. In that sense, she may have felt at times that he was causing her to forget (what she wanted). With Kiku-san, he’s so cold that she feels that she has to warm him up, but Sukeroku is just warm, unconditionally warm. Like the stomach of a golden retriever (chuckles). That kind of warm, comfortable feeling.

Ishida: I think that Kikuhiko has always been frustrated and envious of how Sukeroku found success with his completely different way of living, but if you ask me whether he felt something particular when he saw Sukeroku and Miyokichi’s together, then I suspect that he probably didn’t. In fact, given that he was, at that time, thinking that it wouldn’t be a good idea to keep dragging things out with Miyokichi in that way, it was like a godsend to him. Not that he’d say it, but I suspect that he probably felt something along the lines of “Thank you for creating the opportunity for me to break up with her.”

—As for Kikuhiko and Sukeroku, it was like they had a shared fate through rakugo, but it was ripped apart because of Miyokichi. How have you interpreted that aspect of the story?

Ishida: Kiku probably wouldn’t have ever imagined that, as a result of him dumping Miyokichi, that she would move to the countryside with Sukeroku. And there’s no way he would ever have wanted such an outcome.

Hayashibara: But if I look at it not from Miyokichi’s perspective but simply as a viewer, whether Miyokichi had been there or not, I feel that it would have been difficult for Sukeroku to continue doing rakugo in Tokyo. He would probably have distanced himself from Kiku-san, don’t you think?

Ishida: I suspect that Kikuhiko probably didn’t think of such a possibility. Sukeroku was getting a lot of backlash because of what he was doing, what he was aiming for, and a lot of problems were arising as a result. But fans were also full of praise for for his amazing performances. Hence, whilst it would have been best if Sukeroku did not cause any problems, but if he did, then Kikuhiko intended to continue backing him up. And I think there still was quite a way to go before he ran out of patience.

Hayashibara: I see…then Miyo-chan did indeed take Sukeroku away… That girl really is no idiot. The “revenge” that Kumota-sensei spoke about was that very act.


Austin Nights - Part 8

Pairing: Single!Jensen × Reader

Word Count: Around 3500

Summary: The reader lives in Austin and unknowingly runs into Jensen at a bonfire and sparks fly. Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Warnings: Implied Smut, Fluff

Obviously I intend no hate or ill wishes to him or his family. This is purely just for writing and wasting my time.

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions!

@misguidedconqueress, thank you so much for your help on this one! You are extremely helpful and hopefully some day your tips will actually sink into my brain. And not just with the technical stuff too, but encouraging me as well.


You woke up the next morning with Jensen’s arms wrapped tight around you. You nuzzled in closer, stirring him awake. He squeezed you tighter.

“Mornin’ sweetheart.” He mumbled still sleepy.

“Mmmm.” You hummed into his chest.

“How you feeling today?” He asked you with a hint of concern.

You sighed. “Better…. You?”

“A little sore.” He rolled his shoulders out softly chuckling. “Been awhile since I roughed it.”

“And I thought you were a real life cowboy…” You smirked.

“Nah, I’m not that cool.” Jensen waved off. “You ready to get back to civilization?”

You buried your head back into his chest and shook your head no.

“Come on babe,” He coaxed and rubbed your back. “From personal encounters, I know nothing can stand in your way.”

“I’ve been thinking…” You ventured, but stopped - unsure of how to continue.

“Yeah?” He inquired.

“I think I want to open my own nonprofit.” You confided.

His eyes brightened up. “That sounds awesome.”

You smiled from his excitement and continued to explain your idea. “I want to start something for teenage girls and women, those who weren’t able to finished high school for whatever reason. I want to give them a place where they could work on getting their GED and be connected to resources. Also, we would have like a cafe where they could work to get some income and a barista’s certificate. If they have the barista’s certificate, there would be a better chance they could become employed at Starbucks because Starbucks has a pretty great college scholarship program.” You rambled as you looked through your journal, trying to piece together the details.

Jensen lowered the journal away from your face. “You continue to amaze me, Y/N. I want to be a part of this. Will you let me?” He asked; given your past stubbornness.

You nodded. “But I’m going to have to do a lot of paperwork before we can actually physically begin planning. I think I’ll be able to get one of my old professors on board to help me out. Like signing off on grant proposals.”

“How about we take the first step and get you back home?” Jensen suggested.

You sighed again. “Fine…. Angie’s going to be so mad at me.”

“I’m sure she will understand. I think she was just worried.” Jensen reassured.

Jensen helped you pack up, rolling up the tent, and securing things down in the truck bed. You did your best to destroy the evidence of the fire pit assuming it was probably against the park rules. Your truck easily got back on the trail. The rental however was another story. The car’s front tire had partially sunken into a soft patch of mud. You tried to hide your giggles as you watched Jensen unsuccessful try to reverse it out. You ran over, pushing the hood of the car, squealing with laughter as mud splattered all over you.

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