if i wasnt who i am today


Today, march 31st 2017, in honour of tdov, i went out the way i wanted for the first time ever. I went to the grocery store and bought some stuff for home made pizza. I wasnt wearing anything extremely fem just a crop top, some makeup and my girliest jeans. There were people i knew there and they saw me, some gawked and some just averted there eyes to avoid having to make eye contact but I didnt care. This is what i am, this is who i am. Witness me.

so here’s a traumatic story from my childhood that i just remembered:

the year is 2005, i am nine years old and i’m OBSESSED with hilary duff….i would’ve died for her honestly i stanned hilary duff so hard. i was still reeling from the 2004 ending of  lizzie mcguire and the great hilary duff-lindsay lohan feud of 2004. and my 11 year old sister (who was equally as obsessed with hilary) befriends aliana lohan, lindsay’s sister because ali was on my sisters soccer team. so i wasnt exactly.. . lets say as mature as i am today and i had like all posters from j14, tiger beat, bop and the like all over my wall as one does in 2005 but i SPECIFICALLY had one section of one wall in my room designated for celebrities i HATED and i would like draw mustaches and unibrows and blackout their teeth like a crazy person and, because i was a loyal hilary duff stan, i had like 4930029 posters of lindsay lohan with like blacked out teeth and stuff on this “wall of shame” as i called it. so ali is about to come over but i didnt know and it was the first time she’d ever come to my house and my moms like opening the door and i hear ali’s voice and i look at my sister and im liek…. oh my fucking god AND I HAVE TO SPPRRRIINTNTN up the fucking stairs before ali can even like think about going upstairs bc when yorue that young and having a playdate for whatever fuckign REASON THE PERSON GETS LIEK SOME GRAND TOUR OF THE HOUSE so ali is lITELRLALY about to go into my room where VANDALIZED PICTURES OF HER SISTER ARE LINING THE FUCKIGN WALL….BECAUSE IM A PSYCHO…. and i litelrlay,, int he most fluid of motions RAN ALONG THAT WALL AND RIPPED EVERY POSTER OFF OF THE WALL LIKE WALL OF SHAME PICTURE OR NOT and jsut sprinted to my bed posters in hand sHOVED THEM UNDER MY PILLOW JUMEPD ON MY BED AND PRETENDED TO LIEK. . IDK LIEK FUCKING READ OR SOMETHIGN i did this all in maybe 3 seconds and ali like pokes her head in my room to say hi looks around and is liek “:) nice room” and im sititng there….sweating like “:-) haha.. thx” and she leaves like literlalyl the whole encounter lasted .5 milsiencdos and i never ever ever had any posters on my wall after that bc i was so fucjing traumatized from STRATEGICALLY RIPPING DOWN the vandalized posters of lindsay lohan and every poster of hilary duff in case ali would find my stanning of hilary duff offensive…the end. i cannot stress how traumatizing this was lik e to this day i dont decorate the walls of my room because im so shaken from the experience it has been over ten years aaron carter basically nearly fucking ruined my life

sometimes i forget how disconnected i am from parts of my life. i hung out at a place i used to work today and someone asked “oh i didn’t know you were back in town!” (i wasnt out of town, i had to quit due to disability) and another said “are you coming back to work?” (no, im honestly doing worse now thanks to recent traumas). the kids who i took care of in the infant care room are now walking and talking. only four of them remember me. my old coworker/driver-to-therapy is pregnant. everyone there knows me but i didnt recognize 90% of them. i still float like a ghost through the halls decorated with my triggers.

Zen dating a feminist MC

SO, i love Zen to the moon and back but i noticed that sometimes he has a tendency to say things that are a little bit sexist. i know he means well but i also think that its important to recognize misogyny even if its just a small thing… so here’s Zen dating a girl who calls him out LOL

  • “how do i look, Zen?”
  • MC was getting ready for the RFA party but just finished and walked into the front room where Zen was waiting for her
  • she was wearing a red, form-fitting mermaid dress and black high heels
  • Zen takes one look at her and his jaw drops!!
  • he stands up, smiling, gently wraps his arms around MC’s waist and kisses her
  • “you look absolutely stunning, princess”
  • Zen rubs his hands on her bare shoulders and kisses them
  • “maybe…a little too good…”
  • MC’s face instantly scrunches up with disapproval
  • “Zen, what are you trying to say?”
  • Zen clears his throat and suddenly is really bad at making eye contact
  • “well its just that you look really beautiful and i feel like you might attract too much attention, if you just threw on a jacket-”
  • “but i dont want to wear a jacket”
  • “i know but even just something light-”
  • MC puts her index finder to Zen’s lips to shut him up
  • “do you realize what you’re doing, Zen?”
  • “trying to protect my beautiful girlfriend from blood-thirsty men..?”
  • “no, you’re trying to put your beautiful girlfriend in a box because you feel like she cant handle some random pigs. and trust me, even if i wear a jacket men will still act like idiots. so i’m just going to wear what i want, alright?”
  • Zen sighs, smiling a little and looking down
  • “you know i just want to look out for you, right?”
  • MC leans down, putting her face under Zen’s so he has to look at her
  • “I know, Zenny, but i dont need you to. i appreciate how protective you are, but just remember that i’m a human being, not a porceline doll”
  • Zen rubs the back of his neck and lets out another sigh
  • “youre right, as per usual. i’m sorry, baby”
  • MC kisses him on the nose, smiling
  • “i forgive you, and thanks for being so sweet”

  • after awhile it becomes very clear that MC is rubbing off on Zen
  • and he loves it
  • the most obvious place is in the chatroom
  • “god, you should have seen the woman my father brought to lunch today, she was dressed so indecently i could hardly take her serisouly” -Jumin
  • “wow, Jumin. i always knew you were a jerk, but sexist? this is low for even you” -Zen
  • “its not sexist, Zen, how am i supposed to respect a woman who doesnt even respect herself?” -Jumin
  • “for your information, Jumin, women dont have to be modest in order to be respected. and just because this woman wasnt to your liking doesnt mean that she’s not a respectable individual. grow up, dude” -Zen
  • ZING!
  • later in the chatroom:
  • “guys i met a girl who plays LOLOL today!! gaah girls who game are so hot, totally my type” -Yoo
  • “Yoosung, dont you think its a little lame to sexualize a girl just because she plays video games? lots of people play LOLOL, its a normal thing to do. it doesnt make her ‘hot’ it makes her a person who plays LOLOL” -Zen
  • “Zen, you’re so harsh T_T”-Yoo
  • “hey, Seven plays LOLOL. are you about to bust a nut over him, too?”
  • 707 has entered the chatroom
  • “YEA YOOSUNG, ARE YOU?” -707
  • MC has entered the chatroom
  • “hey this chatroom is pretty packed! sup, guys?” -MC
  • “i’m stomping out misogyny and Seven is flirting with Yoosung” -Zen
  • “oh, looks like i came at just the right time, then! Yoosung stop sexualizing girls who play video games for no reason, and sexualize Seven for being a sexy beast instead” -MC
  • “stop teasing me T_T” -Yoo


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youre an apollo kid?? ahh smtimes i forget youre into pjo!!! smh if it wasnt a pain to do on mobile id def type put a demigod au here an now.. -birb anon (whos a child of iris)

a demigod au???? i gotchu, birb anon(¬‿¬)

  • zen - tbh he’s probably an apollo kid too
  • yoosung - asclepius or pan
  • jaehee - i wanna say demeter or hestia
  • jumin - athena maybe 
  • 707 -  hephaestus or cronos
  • jihyun -  aether but also maybe demeter 
  • saeran -  hermes or maybe nemesis 

happy agender dayyy

i dont personally use the specific term agender (i prefer gendervoid or null) but i do identify with the general concept of no gender so ..! i will sit here on the bleachers in lowkey celebration

i realized i was nb when i was about 13 and it took 5 years to figure out what my gender was, or wasnt in this case. and im glad i stuck to it despite the abuse i faced . i may be closeted to most people but i know who i am inside and thats what matters most. i hope everyone else who is agender / without gender today have a good day and feel proud bc you deserve to!!

[Spoiler/Recaps] Sweet Moments Hakuouki SSL: Harada Sanosuke -FIN-

/YUSA KOUJI + HARADA SENSEI?! deaded by AWESOMENESS of this route/

So, since I cannot contain everything in my fragile otome heart! Upon finishing Harada Sanosuke SENSEI’s route, I just have to do this, recaps! Nyuuu my kokoro! Ne, eveerin hakuoukidream this is a spoiler but I wonder if you’ll be interested to read this? XD

And YUSA-SAMA!! (my fever is getting worse lol). I’d say, in whatever games/anime his Renai/Otome scenes/CGS are always one level higher than others. Even if the game is Cero B (like Hatsukare), the *feels* of his route is aaaaaaalways ‘special’ and 'HIGH level’ XD

You see, in Hatsukare as Mizuki-sensei, he brought 'me’ to his house. And in Hakuouki SSL as Harada-sensei he came into 'my’ house. HAHAHA *smacked*

Okay so lets start!?

'You are choosing me? Is that really okay? Of course it is not a trouble for me. Jya, from now we’re partner. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu’

(Yeesh, there’s no deep meaning to the line since this is just the 2nd chapter but my otome gokoro has its own way of reading it in a 'wrong but innocent’ way XD)

'I was just thinking that you’d make a good wife’

(Harada Sanosuke’s line in Hakuouki psp! *O* And please sensei, at this point, we are still Teacher/Student :p But he is already clearly trying hard to hide his feelings XD Aww senseii *mofus* akjshdakjsd)

’…try to understand how painful it is for me, wouldn’t you… Chizuru’

(THIS SCENE! He sadly 'talked’ to the Chizuru who accidentally fell asleep on his shoulder. And by this time, he has totally fallen in LOVE with CHIIzuru *smacked*. And he secretly calls 'Chizuru’, unlike the usual 'Yukimura-san’. Must be painful for you sensei *sobs* I am sorry I 'didn’t realize it earlier’ :p)

'Looking at someone’s back going away is a lonely thing, right? So, I’ll be here until you enter the house’
(Nope, still Sensei-Seito here :p In which sensei sent 'me/you/us/Chizuru’ home and refused to walk away first not till Chizuru enters the house’)

AND FINALLY HERE KOUKUHAKU!! (confession lol sensei please XD)


(In which I/CHIIzuru maji shockku here, because he suddenly called me by my name

Turns out that because Sano-sensei feelings were to strong, he can no longer stay as a sensei so he decided to go away and teach at all boys school. Chizuru is sad Chizuru why sensei why. And.. *KISSU CG HERE* HE.. HE CONFESSED WITH A KISS?! W/O SAYING ANYTHING XD akalkjsdas!!)

/insert JAW DROP CHIIzuru here/

'Only during the times we are outside, without wearing uniforms, we’re not Sensei/Seito but as a koibito’ /deaded/

'I’ll no longer be in this school and no longer your sensei but……. I AM YOURS’

/insert double JAW DROP BLUSHING CHIIzuru here/

(AND OMG SENSEII YOUR LINES! Are you even a sensei? Not that I am complaining though. That was Hijikata-san’s line in Hakuouki wasnt it? YUSA-SAMAAA!!!! Was bad for heart I’m glad I survived)

And I think this is also almost similar to Hijikata-san’s line? Because of the 'horeta onna’ O_O

'I am meeting her as a guy who fell in LOVE with her’

(; A ; byebye my kokoro. byebye. yaru naaa harada sensei teehee. hyun hhyun~)

And last but not least, FINALLY after sotsugyou - the so called 'Kirakira futari dake no epilogue (sparkly, our own epilogue? pfft)’

’…. From tonight onwards, we will no longer be [Sensei & Seito] you know?’

'Today is a special day since it is your graduation day. So I think it is okay if you be a bad girl for today?’

(OMG senseiii what are you gunna dooo? ///////// *smacked* EXCUSE ME MY OTOME GOKORO CANNOT!!!!)

More of Chii’s nonsense: Let me tell you, Harada sensei’s route is amaiii amaaiii sweet sweet since the first chapter. Oh this player sensei (no he is not a player :p But he’s good with words tsk!). I seriously roll roll roll on bed like a sushi because nghhhalkjshdkas senseiii why you so sweeet ; A ;

And unlike Hijikata-sensei the frowning bully that’s is so majime (serious), Harada-sensei’d do anything for the sake of 'Love’. (^______^)

Hahaha. sigh. My kokoro has successfully melted into unidentified substances! Nyuu *inserts kokoro in freezer*

You see, Harada-san + Yusa-sama’s voice = deadededed heart. /SARABA KOKORO YO moment here/

And I feel sorry for Hijikata-san, he is my bias yet. I am sowwwyyy I still love you (I’ve been repeating this 29834902834x :p) but Harada-sensei in SSL & Harada Sanosuke in Hakuouki is just too LOVE. 

薄桜鬼 ~SSL~ 原田先生ルート終った♪♥

うおおおマジマジヤバかった! 。゚(゚^艸^゚)゚。

遊佐さまの声と原田先生のカッコイイ姿もう心死ぬかと思った。今でもまだドキドキしますわ~ どーどうする?!

(実は土方さんは一番大好きだけど…でもねストーリ的には原田さんに敵わないよ。ごめん土方さんでも大好きだよ 笑)

p/s: I am sorry :p 

i’ve probably told this before but my url comes from the title of the song papercut by linkin park and i’ve grown up listening to linkin park they literally practically raised me and made me who i am today and i wouldnt be here where i am today if it wasnt for linkin park because they molded me into the shape i am today and made me find my own self. So today at work when everyone played linkin park playlists from their personal stereos instead of radio like they usually do i started crying because i realized linkin park didnt only touch the generation that grew up with them, the fans that love them and live for them, but other, general people that casually maybe listened to them too but were influenced by their music without actively listening to each song on each album and seeing them live and what not. They influenced everyone. They paved a path that will now be lined with gold.

And chester will be gravely missed.

I hope you’ll find peace and sleep well with the other bright stars surrounding you up there in the skies. We lost a legend.

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Hi I was wondering if you could help me.. I'm having a ridiculously hard time disciplining myself to do the things I want to especially after I slowly start seeping into slumps of depression. I don't have much confidence in who I am as a person but I do want to get better and become more confident as well as diligent in what I want to accomplish. Do you have any tips or advice on this? Please and thank you for your time..

Okay I’ve answered the discipline stuff before here\


But the confidence one I cant find so here we go. First things first Confidence is the Staple of all of this. It seems you weren’t confident enough to let me know you asking for help by being on so maybe we can remedy thisYou gotta believe in yourself man, you gotta know YOU are capable of great things.


Just so you know I wasn’t always the Strapping Hunky Gentleman i am today ;)I used to be a tubby anime fanboy all the way until Junior Year. I was this kid with an Afro who was practically mute and had a really Really REAAAAAAALLLLLY Bad stuttering problem, that I developed from years of being Bullied. And I wore Ridiculously Baggy clothes to cover up my flabby body like the rappers. I mean look at this goof

I hated my face and it didnt help that most hot girls used to tell me I wasnt much to look at when comparing me to their A-hole Zac Efron-esque boyfriends . Of course, I knew nothing was ever going to happen, unless I DID something about it. So I started Exercising consistently. Exercising Is Seriously the Best confidence booster I could ever ask for. Instead of slumping you start walking taller. People start asking you for advice. People who would test you before now don’t wanna F**k with you. I could write a 10 page paper on the benefits of exercise so just start if you haven’t already. When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.

Next Recognize your talents and Maximize them to their fullest
You may feel down when you have so many talented friends but think of something you can do that they can’t do. For example I’m pretty fast. My High School Mile time my senior year 4 minutes and 59 seconds and my 40 yard dash was 4.7. So thats a Fitness talent right there which is why I’ve made fitness my main Passion :) Also I my friends bet me I couldnt eat 8 Baconators in one sitting but I did and their frosties too ^_^ so I guess thats just a gross talent haha. 

Recognize something you can do, even if its small and make it your craft.

Aftrer that BE A DOER!! This is key. You ever just sit there some days and say to yourself. Man….I should do this today but life sucks and you waste it vegging out. Figure out what you want to do in life, find what it takes to accomplish it, and then F**KING DO IT, if you cant do it right away work up to being able to do it. Don’t be a Donter, Do be a Do’er. Get a Goal, Get a Plan, and GET UP OFF YOUR ASS! (for the record I love pain and gain)

Next Change your style/appearance. Now you don’t have to change your personality MUCH. because that’s what makes you you unless your kind of a wimp then yeaa, ya gotta fix that. but ya gotta keep what makes you intact. But changing the way you dress is just a fun way to reinvent yourself. Get a new haircut, shave.

Stay Humble. Trust me it may be fun to boast and say you are the shit at so many things but staying humble. Says so much more about your character. And if your character is great, then people will naturally call you awesome. Be humble in your confidence and courageous in your character.

Being comfortable in your skin. This kinda ties back into being more confident but its just you talking to yourself. This is gonna sound silly but Get BUTT ASS NAKED stand in front of a full length mirror and go HELL YEAH, This is what I got to rock with and GODDAMN Im gonna make the most of it. 

Love yourself! Your body is your home so take care of it and represent!

But all in all if You wanna make changes Act like it. Get up off your ass and get active. Stop being a slave to soda, alcohol, and all that BS and make changes in your life. You have friends cheering ya on and if ya dont ya have me cheering you on. And hopefully one day you can show me your true self



I’m sorry I’m making this so public, but I wanted to make this post to explain to you and to my followers, what it means to be trans and to be me. 

Yes, I am only 16, I know I am not an adult, but I know who I am. Yes there are always going to be aspects of me that change, but knowing that I am a man is not one of them. I do have so much self love. So so much, but before I realized I am trans all I had was self hate, I felt like I was a waste of space, there wasn’t a place for me on this earth. But now Im on top of the world.

Yes, Its terrible that butch women are looked down on in society. That they are killed for being who they are. Homophobia is wrong in every way. Everyone has a different self expression, and no expression is ever wrong. Everyone should just be who they are. Excuse me if I’m wrong but your blog shows that youre a lesbian? You make it seem that you are very very proud of being a masculine woman, and thats amazing. Im glad you are presenting the way that makes you happy. I dont want to assume, but you make it seem like you KNOW you are a woman and you KNOW that you are a lesbian. It is the same way for me in being trans. I KNOW WHO I AM. I know what I am getting into. Yes there are people who decide to detransition, but the people that do are few and far between. Theres nothing wrong with detransitioning. But I know that that is not for me. and No one else has any say over who I am, and no one can change me. I have been researching for years. Literally, about the trans community and all the legal and medical pieces to the puzzle. This is a very well thought out decision that has been a long time coming. 

I have so much support from family and friends and everyone around me. Yes, there were people who reacted badly, but they dont matter to me. If theyre uncomfortable with me, they dont have to be around me. I was uncomfortable with myself, and im stuck with myself for the rest of my life so I changed what needed to be changed in order to be comfortable. It wasnt a choice for me to just walk away. It has taken so much hard work to get where I am today. I dont know whats coming in my future. Yes, I plan to have surgery to remove my chest, and there is nothing wrong with that. But what I do know is that my life has not been an easy one so far, and I have made it through. Im tough. 

Im not hurting anyone by being trans. Im not making the lesbian community look bad by being trans. You know why? Because im not a fucking part of the lesbian community. There are masculine women, there are feminine men, there are people who dont identify with masculine or feminine. I am not apart of the lesbian community, but I am apart of the lgbt community. And if youre a lesbian, then so are you. So lets take a look at what these letters stand for:

L: Lesbian

G: Gay

B: Bisexual

T: Transgender

See how they are all in different categories? Yep thats because they are all different things. As members of the LGBT community, we are all discriminated against. And for many of us, our lives are made more difficult than they need to be due to peoples ignorance toward the way we present or the people we love. We need to stand together as a community and protect each other. Transphobia in the LGBT community is not okay, and I will not stand for it. By replying to this ask I hope that I have helped you understand a little better about what it means to be trans. And by answering it publicly I hope some of my followers will add what they think in a polite manner. Im sure this response is confusing and messy because i just rambled and ranted, but I hope you understand the grand idea. Please dont ever try and tell another person who they are. Thank you.


16 year old Hiro Hamada was taken aback by what he saw.. The numbers on his wrist suddenly hit zeros. 

“What could this mean?.. Shit! Am I going to meet the one today?”

He mumbled to himself, suddenly feeling self-conscious. 

Is my hair okay? Did I make sure to keep my clothes neat and tidy?

He felt like puking all of a sudden.

Oh God. Not now.

In a desperate attempt to avoid interaction, he sprinted towards the nearest public bathroom

when suddenly—


He bumped into someone and fell over.

“Oh God, Im so sorry I wasnt looking I—”

Out of everything she was in the mood for, finding out who her supposed ’soulmate’ was not one of them. Most people didn’t really find her charming, and who could blame them? Her usual sense of humor wasn’t exactly understood by everyone. Not that she easily allowed them any working space to get to know her. And now her clock was nearly reaching zero and she couldn’t deny that she was in fact worried. 

Exiting the lab, GoGo made her way into the bathroom. She needed to give herself a pep-talk, and doing that in front of everyone? Not a chance in hell. However, when she was finally reaching it      BAM! Thankfully she’d fallen in a not overly odd position, and rubbing her face, she shook her head. 

“S'okay. These things happen. Might want to be more careful there next time, though. I won’t like when it happens a second time.” She was about to lower her arm to steady herself and get up when the blinking numbers told her what she needed to know. He was it, she realized with wide eyes.

lmao so heres another tdov selfie because im vain!!! but wait! theres more.

so hey my name is jai and im genderfluid (they/them). ive honestly been through a lot finding my gender identity and ive tried things out and they never felt right.

i kind of constantly felt wrong and i felt like everyone else saw me as wrong, people would even tell me i wasnt right in who i am, and i could never feel good about myself and i felt confined or like i couldnt meet the “standards” of being trans.

but today posting my selfies and seeing the faces of so many more beautiful trans people i could look in thw mirror and say not only that im beautiful but that we’re beautiful. the community we have, the closest thing i have to a real family, were beautiful and strong and powerful.

i dont want to be another trans suicide statistic and i dont want anyone else to be either, and while on this day we mourn for our fallen community members who cannot be visible we also stand together and make a point.

i want trans people to see their beauty just like i was able to see mine, no matter how long it may take.

youre all fucking stunning. youre powerful. youre strong. youre valid as all hell. no matter what.

Jokes about shakespeare that are very very overdone and which i am bored of:

- romeo and juliet were dumb teenagers
- I’ll let you into a secret……….the comedies arent funny!!!
- shakespeare is boring/only idiot upper class people like it
- all people who enjoy shakespeare are only pretending in order to be pretentious/dont realise that they don’t understand it
- I’ll let you into a secret…….all the female characters are stupid and weak and upper class!!


i’ve been having Gender feels since i was little (that top photo is from when i got hit by some kid b/c i ”looked like a boy”) but i didnt know there was a term for it until my freshmen year in high school (second picture) and since then i’ve been coming to terms w my body and am so happy to meet and haven known so many other folks who share my my feelings. it is SUCH a great feeling knowing youre not alone and that theres even a term for what you’ve felt your whole life. im currently in my first year of college and while im generally more accepted there, it still sucks getting misgendered b/c of my high voice and small size. heres to hoping once i get on HRT it’ll help some of that! ofc, i dont know when that will be but im hoping for the best. its been a rough ride and i’ve still got a long ass ways to go, but i owe so much to everyone i’ve met along the way. i wouldnt be who i am today or feel as confident as i do w/ my body if it wasnt for knowing and having such great people in my life

happy trans day of visibility everyone!! 



Noshameday So i noticed the tag seems to be lacking latinx and ndns! But i go either Erica if idk you, and Doddle if we close. My pronouns if idk you or cofrable around you is them/they and she/her if i am.comfortable around you! I am a disabled (apraxia, autism,sd, ptsd, anexity, depression, dysgrpah, and more) bisexaul bigender (two spirit and demi girl) ndn ofthe choctaw and chickasaw tribe and (a hella mix race) latinx of collima, mexico who lives in Louisiana! No lie i wasnt going to post selfies today but i had to revault myself and ask why? I take part.in rctn selfie.tag, latinx tuesdays, tdov so why not noshameday? A simple yet complex answers. I am ashame of myself and my disabilities. I didnt want more hate on this blog than on my personal one. Im scare. Yet everythinf i am is because of my disabilities, every -isms and -phobias i faced were insecting ableism. My childhood sexaul abuse was racism and ableism combined because if itwasnt for my disabilities i wont have been abused. It was everything, in everything i every fave andwil l face. So i hope to G-d maybe if anthor disabled ndn, latinx, other gendered, csa, and/or other non privilege person like mesee. That i made it 16 almost 17 years sofar, they can makeit and m.uch more than i have. Because ik we don’t want to, no cant actually, belive it gets better, but i promise ill try to makeit better for yall. Because you matter andi f someonetold. Me this, i would feel loved and need too. And if no one does or you feel likeit. Im.here