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do you have anywhere specific you look online for fashion inspiration? every time I just browse pinterest or instagram like every single ~fall outfit idea~ is skinny jeans + earth toned boots + cardigan + scarf and I'm SO BORED.

YES I KNOW THAT LOOK, the white girl in fall look; it’s not a bad look, but it’s a very predictable look, and I totally understand wanting to move away from that. I too moved away from a look that wasn’t bad, yet was also literally and figuratively stifling. so, how do you find inspiration? 

what I do is follow individual style bloggers + and street style blogs/accounts. 99% of this takes place on instagram, so get ready to download the app. if you’re going to use pinterest, make sure to search “street style”, not “style”. street style is what you call photos that are taken at various fashion weeks, of models and influencers and designers and average people who wanted to dress up and see the shows. it’s a great way to eyeball trends and to find things you can mix and match for yourself. often you’ll see a person whose look you really like, and it only takes a reverse image search to find them on instagram. nine out of ten times they’ll have a style blog of their own. if that sounds like a lot of work, it is. so here are a few of my favorites to get you started:

street style on tumblr: my only stop is 15x20. it showcases a huge variety of trendy, inventive looks, all put together by people who want to be eyecatching. one of my absolute go-tos. I get the germ of most of my outfit ideas here.

style on instagram: @lookbook is a solid account. mostly it’s images tagged #lookbook by bloggers or would-be influencers, and they’re all real people, so a lot of times you can follow them back to their style pages. one issue is that they usually don’t give details of where to buy the items of clothing they wear. also skews a little younger. 

fashion bloggers I follow on instagram:

@daniellevanier: really inventive, takes risks, is a pioneer of “it doesn’t have to be fitted” imo, and has introduced me to one of my favorite brands ever, ASOS White. sporty, femme, she can do it all. love her. 

@lolitamas: bang on with trends, she always seems to know what’s coming in the new season. she does a bunch of lifestyle blogging too, but her fashion posts are what I’m there for. she’s very sweet, very feminine, and a lot of her looks nail high-fashion casual, which I appreciate the hell out of. 

@masha: does the coolest things with layers and sneakers, and she really brings a lot of texture to every outfit. she looks great all the time, which is probably a curse when you’re that pretty, but she pays it forward by religiously cross-linking her outfit posts so you can track down where she got what.

@mamacaxx: just the most bright and exciting wardrobe; she knows how to make one garment do a million different things. pretty sure she and I bought our lavender frilly shirt dresses on the same day. 

@hhasselhoff: I am smitten by her beauty all the time, and I’m so all over the silk boudoir look she always seems to have going. someday I’m going to find out how she, someone with similar proportions to me, is able to hide her bra straps in all those satin dresses. 

@nicolettemason: femme, queer, and constantly doing awesome things with patterns. this was an immediate must-follow from me, and she’s just come out with a really trendy plus-size clothing line called premme, if any of you ladies out there are interested.

@asos_debbie: SHE KNOWS COLOR THEORY, and knocks it out of the park every time. she’s a buyer and stylist for asos, so she also has the inside scoop on new items that are dropping. also, incredible shoes, always. 

@aspensdottir: I just started following her, and it was the best decision I’ve made all week (and not just because she immediately liked every picture of my cats that I’ve ever posted). she’s incredibly inventive, and recycles various items of clothing in the most refreshing way. I’ve actually tossed a few things in some shopping carts because of her, and even though she’s half my size, the outfits she puts together are super adaptable to anyone. a++

the more you poke around instagram, the more you’ll find new bloggers that appeal to you specifically! it took me about a year to round up the 250 fashion accounts I follow, but it was worth it. now whenever I lack inspiration, I grab my phone and start seeing what clicks for me. good luck! 


If there is one thing Boyang unequivocally and undeniably smokes the rest of the competition in, it’s his banquet suit and fashion game 👀🔥🔥🔥 (sources: X, X, X)

just your assistant

request: Can you do one where the reader has social anxiety and at one point Tom has to help her calm down because she has an anxiety attack? Could you include her feeling like burden to tom and her telling him so and he convinces her other wise?
words: 2.4k
summary: you are the assistant for your boss, Tom Holland. the two of you fall for one another after a one-night stand and things go from there.
warnings: panic attacks and self hate
an: i didn’t follow the request that much but still…

tag list: @helplessholland & @frxdweasle

You jiggled with the cool metallic doorknob that was connected to Tom’s office. Your keys were wrong and you barely had one hand to use since one of them was holding his coffee and someone’s résumé as well as someone’s bag of muffins. You would die for coffee and muffins at this point but, you ate two hours ago. You fumbled with the keys before finally pushing in the correct key and unlocking the glass door before opening it as wide as possible. The purse you had around your shoulder bounced against your side as you huffed out a breath. You wanted this day to be over already. It wasn’t going the way it normally did.

You normally brought Tom his coffee before he arrived and then brought Glenda, the front desk lady, the muffins she always wanted. His coffee was always black with two sugars and a creamer and her muffins were always wheat and blueberry.

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Yoongi x Stylist!Reader

Min Yoongi Smut



(This imagine is complete filth, read at your own risk, enjoy anon!)

People bustled around busily, readying outfits and makeup and hair products as the boys hurried backstage. The beginning of the concert was quickly approaching, and the boys had to be as presentable as can be in the short amount of time you had left. You hurriedly fixed Jungkook’s hair, shooing him out of your seat before looking to see who’s left.

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She is Beauty (Tom Holland x Reader)

Tom Holland x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: You’re one of the starring roles in Avengers: Infinity War, and your current mission is to make it to the premier on time and not make an idiot of yourself. Minor problem…you’re new to the movie business and clumsy as fuck. 

Warning: I love swearing, okay? Fuck.

Words: 1,397

“Holy shit,” You muttered to as you watched the lady through the mirror making your hair into a messy bun like it was the easiest thing ever. “Holy shit, holy shit, I’m going to be late.”

“…And done!” The lady exclaims, stepping back and smiling proudly at her creation. You twisted around to see the various angles, internally gasping at how perfectly casual the bun looked. The lady twirled your chair slowly, letting you admire the new look.

“Is it good?”

You can only nod, smiling brightly and bouncing up and down in your seat..

“Oh thank god.” The hair stylist sighs, placing a hand on her chest in relief. “I was afraid it was too simple. Nothing on you miss, but isn’t a messy bun easy to make? Why not do it at home?”

“I’m kind of-well, really bad at doing hair and stuff.” You explain, jumping out of the chair and rushing to get your things all while trying not to ruin the bun.

“I’m also going to be late for this event,” You say over your shoulder, fumbling with your bag. “And it’s not the kind of thing you can be late to, so… “

One hand holding your bun in place you whip around and sling your bag over your shoulder. “There’s actually a movie premier happening down the road in an hour or so…” The stylist says, starting to connect the dots. “Are you-are you going?

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Jimin as your stylist

Okay so I saw this video of Liza Koshy and immediately thought of Jimin being a stylist and saying all those cheesy pickup lines 😂 

Originally posted by senpai-sisters

- You meet him at a party and your first thought of seeing him was literally “Wow..!”

- He’s not just good looking, he’s really stylish and also kinda flirty

- You two hit it off and decided to hire him as your stylist

- He didn’t have to work for you but low-key has this gigantic crush on you 

- Him being so embarrassed about it, he can’t act normal in front of you at all

- Low-key acting like a fuckboy because he thinks that it’ll make his crush more discreet

- Tries to control his flirting but can’t

- “Y/n..here..wear this”

- “ Jimin…you didn’t hand me anything…?”

- “Exactly ;)…”

- Realizes what he had just said and blurts out a nervous laugh “hAHAHA wear this!!”. Throws a dress at you

- Low-key staring at you with a mochi smile on his adorable face

- “Um..Jimin..do you mind?” 

- “No go ahead I don’t mind at all”

- “Jimin I’m gonna take my cloths off to try the dress!!”

- “Yeah..so?”


- “oH OKAY”. Puts his hand on his face, opens his eyes and looks at you through the cracks between his fingers

- His pants starting to get tight. He turns into a tomato then decides to stop looking at you changing but can’t seem to close his eyes.

- Tries to recover from flirting with you by telling you how bad you look

- “How do I look Jimin?”

- Thinks really hard of something mean to say..

- “Ay somebody is gonna turn heads”

- “Oh really?”

- Realizes that he wasn’t supposed to flirt. “Yeah somebody else will, you look ugly just take it off”. “Here try this”. Throws a jumpsuit at you. 

- “How do I look now Chim?”

- “Oh my you’re dressed to kill!!”

- “So it looks good!!”

- “let me finish, you’re gonna kill anyone who’s gonna look at you wearing this hideous jumpsuit..”

- “Chim..what am I supposed to do now!! This is hard…can you put yourself in my shoes!!”

- “No thanks those are ugly too…”

- “That’s a little below the belt don’t you think -.-”

- Thinks he’s saying it in his head but he’s actually saying it out loud. “There’s a lot below my belt..”

- He flush red. You laugh at how cheesy he was. He gets even redder. Basically fifty shades of red featuring an embarrassed mochi.

- “oKAy I have tried to aCT CoOL but apparently it didn’t work i lIKE YU okay plz don’t kill me”

- “I know, I like you too Chim and…breathe you’re turning purple..”

- Becomes this smiling mochi then all of a sudden asks. “How did you know tho? I was being an asshole to you.”

- You just look at his crotch then back at him and smile

- Another fifty shades of red featuring Jimin with embarrassed giggles 


pairing: park jimin x reader
genre: smut
word count: 1.1k
drabble prompt: seeing the other dressed up + “No, no, no. I know where this is gonna lead. We don’t have the time for sex.”
a/n: I may or may not have gotten a little carried away…

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ladyknighttime  asked:

Do you have any general tips for finding pieces like how you do for you fashion consulting?

my only recommendation is to be a massive fashion hound like I am. that’s super unhelpful, but like–I follow tons of style bloggers, so I watch what they wear and where they get their looks, I’m in the “new in” section of asos at least three times a week, I have the accounts of fast fashion sites like topshop and zara followed on instagram, and I haunt upscale stores like allsaints, fluevog, and max mara looking for pieces that I can save up for. (note: buy something expensive that’s flexible, and you can wear it with dozens of outfits. then you have dozens of expensive-looking outfits, even if you bought most of it at h&m.)

use instagram, that’s the best place to start, hunt through the #styleblogger tag looking for someone you like. follow them, then follow the clothes they tag. it’s a treasure hunt. 

Too Blind to See

Josh Dun x Reader. Requested: Yes. Word Count: 1,678. Josh Dun and you break up, but six months later your friend tries to set you up on a blind date with him.

A/N: sorry if this is a little off the beaten path of what you wanted. I’m a little rusty as I am getting back into writing. 

You scrolled through your twitter timeline only to see another tweet about Josh and Tyler. No matter what you did to avoid him, it’s like he was everywhere. Don’t get it wrong, you were proud of the band, you really were. They had just won a Grammy and you knew how hard they had worked for it and how much they deserved to be recognized on this scale. But his face was everywhere and his name was always coming up in conversation. You couldn’t go on social media without seeing that tousled mess of yellow hair and that bright smile. Whenever you were at a party, someone always seemed to mention “the drummer from Twenty One Pilots.” Sometimes you rolled over in the morning and almost expected him to still be there, lying next to you and kissing your forehead. But the last morning you had like that was a six month old memory. Josh had broken up with you, and you remember that night clear as day.

“Josh. I’m trying here. I just won’t be able to come see you on tour this time. I know we were planning for me to visit at some point but my hands are tied. I can’t get out of this hole I’m in at work.”
You stood in front of Josh, desperately trying to explain to him that you couldn’t come visit him on tour this month. It was the night before he was supposed to leave and bad news had just been dropped in your lap by your boss. He sat you down at work and firmly told you that you “could not afford anymore vacation days this quarter.” He made it clear that the company’s success was dependent on having all hands on deck for the next month or so. You had just recently taken some vacation days to go visit your best friends from high school anyway, so he emphasized how your presence at work was needed. “Just please be here this month,” your boss begged. It sounded like a question, but you knew it was a demand. Josh just stood there and shook his head. “Y/N I feel like you just can’t make time for us anymore. You know I can’t go a whole month without seeing you. I can’t have this relationship be standing on a foundation of a few quick texts a day. I need YOU.” All you could do was ball your hands into fists and squeeze your eyes shut. You worked so hard at your job and all of a sudden your boss restrained you from taking a few days off. You had urged him as best as you could to let you work while on the road. It would just be 5 days, you would bring your laptop and all the papers that you needed to look over, and you could make calls. Heck, you would pay for a whole other months worth of cell service if that’s what it required, but he refused. So now Josh was furious and there was nothing you could do. “Josh. I promise I will call every day. I really care about us, you know that. I really want to make this work.”
Josh’s face twisted slightly with anger. “Really Y/N? Because if you really wanted to make it work, you wouldn’t have used up all of your other vacation days on going back home to see your old friends instead of saving them for tour.”
“How dare you criticize my priorities? If I want to go every once in a while to see my friends back home , that’s not for you to judge!”
Josh’s fist came down on the counter top with a thud. “Jesus, Y/N! I come back here to see you more than I go back to Columbus to see my own family! You don’t know how hard my job is too.”
And then you said something you forever will regret. Through gritted teeth you spat, “Oh I’m sure it is Joshua. Playing music in front of thousands of adoring fans seems really damn tough to do.” Your mouth snapped shut as soon as you realized what you had said. Josh looked hurt, but definitely more angry than hurt. “I’m sorry my needing you is so inconvenient. Call me when you get your priorities straight,” he mumbled and stormed out of the door.

Long story short: you never called, and he never came back through your door. It seemed stupid now, the reason you broke up, but you felt insulted by Josh’s anger about a situation you could not control, and he felt hurt by what you said… especially because you knew he still got anxious about performing. After the past 6 months of ongoing heartbreak, you just wanted to start fresh again. You wished you could start dating again without meeting some guy at a bar or a club. That scene was never really your favorite atmosphere for meeting new people.

“C'mon Y/N, how about a blind date?” Your hair stylist asked as you sat down her chair. At first you rolled your eyes at the idea. Blind dates seemed like a rather desperate attempt to you. Your hair stylist, and confidant of two years, sensed your uneasy feeling. “Relax Y/N. It’s not as nerve racking as you would think. Just think of it as setting high standards for who you go on a date with… that you like your men to come recommended and thought highly of. I could set you up.” You glanced at her through the mirror and sighed. “Okay, okay. I’m putting my trust in you on this one. Don’t let me down.”

— Time Skip —

As the clock ticked closer to the time of your dinner, you felt the nauseous feeling in your stomach grow more intense. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea to have your hair stylist set you up with someone. Even though, she told you he was “a super cute sweetheart with a charming smile” and set the date at one of your favorite Mexican restaurants. You adjusted your hair in your car mirror and sighed. Josh and you had always loved this restaurant… that is, when you convinced him to go somewhere nicer than Taco Bell. You contemplated pulling away from your parking spot and driving home. You could say you got sick at the last minute and reschedule, but it was already 6:30 and the little voice in your head was forcing you to leave the safety of your car. You owe this to yourself to try. You owe it to yourself to give love a second chance.

Your phone buzzed. It was your hair stylist: 

 Hey girlie! I told him to sit at the last booth by the far window. Have fun ;)

You opened the door of the restaurant and gazed down the rows of booths and tables for two. That’s when your eyes landed on an all too familiar mess of yellow hair. “Josh?”

Oh no. You didn’t even realize you said that out loud. He immediately recognized your voice and his head whipped around. “Y/N?“ 

Suddenly everything made sense. As your eyes met Josh’s, you swore you could see it all click in his mind as well. The yellow hair. Your hair stylist. She knew Josh. She had helped him re-dye his hair yellow. She had always loved you two together, so when she saw you both were missing each other as much as you did, she tried to set you up on what was supposed to be a “blind date.”

Josh shyly waved you over. “Come sit, Y/N. It’s been a while.” Your legs started to shake as you walked over to his booth and sat down across from him. “Josh, I didn’t know she would… ya know… us… together…” He looked up at you and bit his lip. “I didn’t either… but I may have mentioned a few times that I’ve uh- I’ve- umm… missed you.” He scratched his head and tapped his fingers on the table out of nervous habit. Oh how you wished you could just reach over and grab his hand and calm his anxiety. Truth is, you still wished you were with Josh, but you were at a loss for words. Your silence made him regret his prior confession, so he quickly changed the topic. “So… you wanted to start dating again?” he questioned.

“Well didn’t you want to start dating again? I mean… I suppose you expected to see a stranger here as well.”

He leaned back and his seat and shut his eyes. He squeezed them shut and shook his head just like you did the night you broke up, but not angry this time. He looked focused, like he was formulating immensely important words to say.



“No Y/N. There has always been a part of me that hoped we would cross paths again, just like this, like something out of a movie. I guess going on a date was me trying to distract myself. But it’s you. It’s always been you.”

You were shocked. Stunned beyond words. Josh still loved you too.

“I’m sorry Y/N if you don’t feel the same way, I- I mean I know it was me that walked out that night, but that fight was so stupid. I should’ve just come back to you. I shouldn’t have left in the first place. I regret it all the time I-”

You took his hands in yours from across the table and jumped to interrupt him. “No. Joshua. I’m so sorry for that night too. I think I always knew you’d find me again. You always do.” That signature smile of his crept onto his lips. “Well then. Is this a date?” You giggled at his gesture and nodded your head. “Yeah. I guess so. We can take this slow again though Josh. I don’t want you to rush into this and bite off more than you can chew.”

Josh opened the menu and scanned the options. “Don’t worry. I chew a lot.”


Idol: Jeon Jungkook

Word count: 1,774

Genre: Angst…?(idk you tell me)

Request:  Can I get first angst and then it turns into fluff scenario with jungkook (BTS) (I really really like school scenarios or when you are working with then or like he is an idol and you’re fan) 💕❤

A/N: I don’t know if you  could tell…. but i got a little too carried away. But i hope you like it! and sorry if there are any typos, its like 2 in the morning and i was too lazy to re-read everything.

Jeon Jungkook, the most popular guy in school, every girl wanted him and every guy wanted to be him, even the teachers loved him. With his jet black hair and breath taking smile. He can sing, dance, and rap, what the hell can’t he do, he was perfect, not to mention that he was a mastermind with the ladies. Everyone loved him.






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A While Now | Oh Sehun


Word Count1.2k

Summary - In which you are EXO’s stylist noona and the boys are constantly trying to hint Sehun’s huge crush on you.



Originally posted by wooyoung


“Noona! Baekhyun took my chicken again!” Jongin belted from across the dressing room as I spotted Baekhyun next to him with a smug smile and a finished chicken bone.

“Y/N ah! Kyungsoo punched me again” Chanyeol wailed, clutching onto his injury while I stood there contemplating my life choices. I’d gotten a job as SM’s head idol stylist a few months ago and never in my life had I worked with a group this disruptive yet so weirdly wonderful. The boys were always open with me whenever we’d be together before shows or other events, especially because I was older than some of them so it made it easier for them to share things with me. With the exception of one obviously,  Sehun. He’d never exactly been the type to talk to me rather than when he had to tell me how hot the water was and what not. The lack of conversation didn’t particularly irk me, but it wasn’t too pleasant that I got to talk to all of them besides him.

“Guys for the last time, I’m your stylist. Not your babysitter!” I pointed, putting the last bit if hairspray in Junmyeon’s hair and ruffling his locks, smiling at him through the mirror before making my way to the wardrobe.

“But you’re our favourite stylist! So we like complaining to you” Baekhyun insisted, walking up behind me and lightly tickling my sides. I rolled my eyes at his not so subtle attempt at flirting, and lightly smacked his arm.

“Baekhyun stop messing around” I heard the very rare sound of a certain maknae’s voice. I slowly turned to look at his slightly annoyed demeanour, looking somewhat comical with the strips of foil in his hair.

“Okay grumpy” Baekhyun mumbled, going back to his chair. My breath came out slightly ragged as I heard the timer go off; looking around for an assistant to wash out Sehun’s hair dye.

“Noona! It’s time to wash out Sehun’s dye” Jongdae sing-songed from his chair, flashing me a cheeky grin.

“I am highly aware Jongdae” I replied with an equally cheery tone, sarcasm lacing each of my words. I let out a small breath before I walked towards his chair, watching as his eyes instantly darted towards his phone.

“Um do you want to come over to the sink?” I offered, taking out a towel to wrap around his shoulders

“You bet he does” Baekhyun winked from beside his beagle accomplice, high-fiving Jongdae as he managed to get a tint of pink onto Sehun’s cheeks. I rolled my eyes at their antics for the nth time before walking over to the sink where Sehun was not so patiently waiting to get his hair dye washed out.

“You really like having your colour washed out don’t you?” I giggled at the satisfied sigh that left his lips as the warm water came into contact with his scalp.

“Mmhm… I don’t really like the smell of it” He scrunched his nose up and I lightly laughed his explanation. “Plus, I really like it when your small fingers run through my hair” He subconsciously mumbled, his eyes instantly snapping open at the realisation of what he’d confessed.

“Please forget that I ever said that while I go die in a hole” He pleaded, his eyes tightly shutting in his embarrassment.

“I’ll definitely want to forget this for you, but do you really think our little spies over there didn’t hear you?” I quipped, pointing over at the hugging pair who was watching us with hopeful eyes.

“It’s okay, I’ll make them forget. Kyungsoo hyung said he’d help if it needed anything” He happily informed, smiling with his eyes.

“That… That’s nice” I chuckled ruffling the towel through his wet hair. I placed the wet towel across his shoulders once more as he got up to sit at his chair, waiting for me to dry his hair.

“Sehun do you like your brown hair?” Minseok asked him, sounding almost childish with his tone and choice of words.

“Yeah” He simply replied, going back to his phone as a sign of ‘do not disturb me’

“That would be because Y/N ah dyed it” Junmyeon decided to join in on the long reigned joke of Sehun’s infamous crush on me, which definitely was not the case.

“Hyung…” Sehun whined, eliciting a round of laughter from the boys in the large room.

Turning the hair dryer off, I ran my fingers through his soft newly dyed hair. I absolutely loved it when it was brown and especially when I styled it in his classic middle parting.

“I mean you could try and create a new style but I don’t think simply running your fingers through my hair is going to get you anywhere” He chuckled at me through the mirror. I abruptly stopped my repetitive actions, smiling nervously back at him.

“I uh- I’m sorry. I just really like… The new conditioner I used on you” I covered up, walking to the cart to grab a can of hairspray but being stopped by his light grip on my wrist.

“Do you like this colour on me?” He asked looking serious as ever. I was more taken aback by the fact that Oh Sehun was actually talking to me, rather than his actual question.

“Um… I think it looks very good. You look really mature and I think you really suit the shade” I spoke honestly, my voice slightly shaking at the sudden conversation

“Your voice doesn’t really sound confident” He pointed, his fingers still wrapped around my wrist.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that we don’t usually talk” I admitted chuckling at my nervousness.

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that” He smiled at me again, as I walked towards the front of his chair to fix his fringe.

I leaned up slightly to fix his parting, still thinking about why he’d be apologising about us not talking often.

“Noona!-” Jongin called for me once more as I suddenly snapped out of the trans I didn’t realise I was in, causing me to lose my balance and grab onto the first thing I could so I didn’t fall over; which happened to be Sehun’s shoulders. The snickers really started to show when Sehun’s hands flew up to steady me by my waist, hearing Baek and Jongdae high-fiving in their glory once more.

“Yes… Jongin?” I muttered through gritted teeth as I slowly looked over at him.

“Oh nothing I figured out the zipper now” He flashed me the most innocent smile he could produce.

“Wonderful. That- that’s wonderful” I huffed, turning back to Sehun. “Do you want me to do anything for you? It’s a pretty long performance” I pointed, running my fingers through his hair once again.

“Can I have your number?” He suddenly asked; the whoops and hollers that filled the room at his question suddenly felt a bit overwhelming.

“Um… Yeah sure” I smiled down at the ground, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “How long have you waited to do that by the way?” I asked, placing my hands on his shoulder’s again as his arms snaked around my waist; a cheeky yet shy smile taking over his face.

“A while now” He shook his head.

A/N: I hope the anon who requested, liked this :) Thank you all for reading <3

~Shazz xx