if i was your stylist

Omg! I pulled a Cress today and cut my long hair! ^.^

I always wanted to have shorter hair but the last time I asked a hairstylist to give me a longbob, they made me look like:

Yikes. (Sorry, Dan but we know it was for a role and therefore not your best look)

But now I look like this (minus Keira Knightley’s annoyingly pretty face obviously):

And now I can’t stop fluffing my hair and hum:


Hi anon!! Thanks for the nice message!! By biggest piece of advice for improving is to just take a break from more stylized/cartoony art styles and to really go to the basics. Drawing from life (and going to figure drawing sessions) really really helps. Knowing how to draw anatomy realistically really helps your stylistic drawing too!! I’m not at home rn, but if you want any recs for good anatomy books, hmu a little later. Hope this helps!

anonymous asked:

could you make a video about finding your 'voice' as a writer? like stylistically? i love your writing videos!

There actually isn’t really a way to find your voice other than to write, write, and write some more. I don’t think writers can make conscious choices about their voice (short of weeding out technical errors), I think it’s just something you find and uncover as you gain experience. You will reach a point in your work where you will go “That’s it! That’s my voice!” For me it took three novels to start feeling I had a voice, and it wasn’t until my sixth novel that I felt my voice had solidified. Now I feel like I know my voice so well that I can describe it’s makings, workings, and tones–that took a lot of writing to get there. And, it took hearing some other people’s thoughts on my voice for me to realize where it was going. 

└ Cut it out Masaki!  You’re too devastating distracting already! Mou~~ (^_^;;)

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