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Imagine Meeting Steve In The Past But Being From The Future

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Y/H/C- Your Hair Color

Y/E/C- Your Eye Color

Steve tried to keep up with Bucky and the girls. He wasn’t eager to get lost in another crowd for another one of Bucky’s double dates, not right before his best friend was going off to war while he was forced to stay behind. In his awkward rush, he accidentally ran into a pretty girl with Y/H/C hair and Y/E/C eyes.

“Sorry, miss,” he said quietly, and he averted his gaze. You gave him a friendly smile.

“It’s no problem, really. Hey, chin up, kid,” you said, and Steve looked up at you out of curiosity.

“Why?” he tilted his head and gave you a confused look.

“Because,” you smiled across the way at the recruitment office, thinking proudly of what you knew he was going to be someday, “good things are headed your way. I can tell.”

As he walked away, you reached into your purse and gripped your busted Avengers communicator tightly, and you hoped with all of your hopes that everything would still turn out as right as it had before.