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On the topic of top 10: what would be the top 10 reaction posts/revelations for the fans from Yuuri's tell-all book? (Among which I'm assuming are when he and Viktor got together and why he hated him so much!)

Top 10 Reaction Posts/Revelations From Yuuri’s Tell-All Book?

10) ‘Wow, they had a lot more sex than the Hollywood film lead us to believe’ referencing this and this post (which were the origins of the idea of Yuuri eventually writing a book to tell the world the truth) about the inaccurate Hollywood movie version of their lives and how different it was to the real story

9) A lot of ‘death to the conspiracy theories’ reactions because even though Viktor and Yuuri were married at this point there were still a small section of people claiming that one or other of them were blackmailed into it or that it was all publicity. After the book was released everyone was like ‘can you all just finally accept that they actually love each other now please?’

8) ‘Phichit/Chris are the best bros ever’ because Yuuri talked to them both to get an outside perspective when he was writing and everyone who read the book could see how vital they both were for support and friendship and also how much crap they had to suffer through while Viktor and Yuuri got their shit together. After the book was released they posted a selfie together on Instagram with the hashtag #longsufferingBFFs which started trending

7) A reaction from Clara_M @Katsukidon aka the person who saw them on a date in chapter 9 that can basically be summed up with ‘I TOLD YOU AND NONE OF YOU BELIEVED ME WHO’S LAUGHING NOW HUH’

6) A big discussion about anxiety both in sport and in normal life that Yuuri’s book prompted because he was very honest with his emotions and motivations and it was quite a shock for a lot of people to learn that someone so successful still felt like he wasn’t worthy a lot of the time in both his professional and private life


4) A multitude of reactions to the reveal of how the rivalry started, most of them being along the lines of ‘FINALLY WE KNOW’ and jokes about Viktor accidentally creating his own supervillain, comic book style. This is where the ‘creating your own Katsuki’ meme came from.

3) A line that someone tweeted and then became very popular saying ‘I can’t believe Nikiforov got fucked over in his home country and fucked in Katsuki’s’ referencing the fact that Yuuri first beat Viktor in Sochi, Russia and first slept with Viktor in Saitama, Japan.

2) I can’t believe Nikiforov and Katsuki spent 4+ years sneaking in and out of each other’s hotel rooms and no-one ever noticed (this one is actually wrong, quite a few people noticed but they were all people who were bound by confidentiality not to say anything)


Listen if you think for a second Sana would be on such good terms with Even if he’s the lying manipulative arsehole some of you think he is, then I think we’re watching different shows.
This is Sana. Sana who remembered the month and year and exact party where one of her friends got called a slut and still hadn’t dropped it a year and a half later.
Sana loves Isak. She considers him a friend. Which means that Isak is in this circle of people that Sana would do literally anything for. Sana would kill for her friends and would not stand by and watch any of them get hurt.
Sana would not be this content to see Isak and Even together if she thought Even was a bad person that would hurt Isak. If Even did something truly, genuinely horrible that made him a bad person, Sana would tell Isak. She would let him know. She would protect Isak at all costs.
Even is clearly ashamed about whatever happened between him and Mikael. More than that. I have no doubt Even blames himself for whatever happened (who knows, he could be to blame) and that he hates himself for it. And he’s fucking terrified of Isak finding out because I think he’s still living with that “I’m not good enough, people will leave me” mentality. That doesn’t go away over night. Sometimes it never goes away. Even isn’t magically free from this way of thinking just because Isak loves him. Which means yes, he will hide things that he thinks will make Isak hate him. Because he’s scared.
Anyway, my point is: whatever did happen, it isn’t something that Sana thinks Isak needs to know. It isn’t something so bad that she thinks she has to tell Isak. Most importantly, it isn’t something that has made her hate Even.

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Hey! Greetings from Argentina, I love the show and I am really looking forward to season 2. Question: How would you describe this season in comparison to the first?

Far more complicated and intense. The sensates are more connected in this season and visit each other lots more so we travel more, connect more and so doing each scene in each city that is same and yet different is a unique experience. So it was a very creatively challenging and fun experience!


I honestly think one of the absolute worst things about being an adult is that creepy old men feel as though they now have this right to talk to you and/or harass you because you no longer have the sex offender card. If they harass you under 18, it’s pedophilia and they can go to prison and spend the rest of their lives on the sex offender registry. But once you’re 18, you’re basically on your own because unless that person has directly harmed you, it’s not seen as an issue, Somehow, being a child is almost more comforting than being an adult when dealing with creepy old men.


£10 Icon/headshot commissions open!

Each will come with a variety of gradients and backgrounds and whatnot because I love stuff like that. So you’re getting like 5 images total.

You can edit and crop them at will, of course, and even give me color suggestions. 

I’ll do canon characters and ocs, preferably humanoid! 

IM me if interested! 

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Are you a Gold Star lesbian? (Just in case you don't know what it means, a Gold Star lesbian is a lesbian that has never had sex with a guy and would never have any intentions of ever doing so)

I’m aware of what it means but I hate the term. Whether or not I have had sex with guy doesn’t validate or invalidate my sexuality of being a lesbian. It wouldn’t make me, or anyone else, any more or less of a lesbian for doing so or not. Everyone realizes their sexuality at different ages. The woman who is middle aged with two kids just discovering her identity is just as valid as the teenager who knew right away.

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I am in LOVE with this show, especially from an acting point of view. Any tips for actors on here about working with an ensemble cast like yours? I especially love how sometimes you guys have to portray another character's personality though your body. What's your guys' process like when getting into different personalities other than your character?

first of all you have to be open and flexible to the directors vision, and of course to your cast members in order to understand and participate. To interact with each other and ummmmmmmmmmm everybody has a different process that you have to respect. When you are portraying another personality, its all about ummm listening to the directions you get, because to know the result would be to complex to understand. yeah, i dont know. 


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Hey neni, I remembered you made a picture guide to the different planes in Persona (like the Dark Hour and TV world and Velvet Room etc). I can't seem to find the post tho. ;w; Could you link me to it? (and btw where would you put the Palace and Mementos on said plane?) THan you!

While I still have that graphic, I don’t entirely agree with how I drew it back then anymore, and feel a new version is in order! Here I go:

For everyone who doesn’t understand what this is, this is an updated version of the diagram I posted back in THIS POST. (Link)

It’s supposed to be a rough approximation of how the unconscious world in the Persona Series are structured, and how “deep in” all the sections we’ve seen of it so far I believe to be, based on educated guesses. 

A reminder; The P3 Club Book, which contains some information from the series bible, states that all deities are actually archetypes born from collective human thought and emotion as a means to keep the Collective Unconscious stable (tho they often lose that balance as of late), while Shadows are born of individual, personal emotions. This is why I have the entities closer to the surface mainly labeled as Shadows and the entities closer to the center mainly labeled as deities. 

However, considering that the Persona Universe is based on Jungian ideas and Jung proposed that the complexes of the human soul usually “channel” archetypes, connecting to them, it makes perfect sense that the Shadows in P5 look and act like demons and deities; the distortion of the Palaces and Mementos puts them under the influence of their archetype, and they thus act it out 100%, being avatars of the deities they are “assigned” to.

Anyway, as you can see, I peg Mementos as fairly extensive, spanning multiple layers of the unconscious realms, but not going quite to the core. The reason I think this is spoilery, so follow me under the cut

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Would Sportacus like Robbie with long hair? I can imagine Trixie & Stephanie trying to braid his hair😂😂😂😂

!!!! yes 

(robbie might try to look annoyed but he very much enjoys the attention c: )

and yes, sportacus would also love it a lot !

We Can Have Our Cake

(or, Autism as a Neurotype, Disability, and Disorder)

Recently I have seen a lot of conversation about autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and whether it is a disorder, or a neurotype. The conversation usually starts with one autistic declaring that autism is not a disorder, and usually escalates when an allistic accuses them of not being a real autistic. Or it starts with, it would not be a disability if society accommodates us. And sometimes, it is a disability but not a disorder.

We’ve all had this conversation, or at least seen it.

Of course, it is a neurotype and a disability. That is the point of a diagnosis; to find what is different, to create what we sociologists call an outgroup. Consider, however, that this does not exclude autism being a disorder.

ASD is primarily a social-communication disorder; it describes a group of people in which there are difficulties with certain types of social interaction, including but not limited to delays or deficits social and emotional reciprocity, language, implicit communication, subtext, and more.

The thing is, no matter how much accommodation we receive, no matter how much and how well we cope, we will always be at a disadvantage in this regard. Society could be 100% accessible to us, but the fact that we must cope at all by making use of accommodations – even if society grants them whole cloth – will set us apart.


Because at the end of the day, humans have biological wiring to recognize patterns – it is what the brain does – and allistic people follow biologically driven patterns of all the things that make us disabled. There are patterns to emotional and social reciprocity; there are patterns to the subtext, to the language. Allistics learn these implicit patterns naturally because their wiring dictates it.

“Ah-ha!” you say, “Aren’t autistics wired for patterns?”

Well, yes. But not in the same way, that is the point. When I watch autistics interact in social groups with other autistics, removed from the context of allistic social standards, I don’t see many, if any of the social standards. It does not matter if the communication does not involve emotional or social reciprocity because that is the expectation. Our pattern recognition works just fine, there is just a predisposition to recognize different patterns naturally.

And yes, this supports the idea that we are being pathologized based on an arbitrary social construct. Yes, it supports the idea that society labels us disabled based on social standards that should not apply to us. Absolutely, these things are true, and I feel that allistic society needs to correct these issues.

But even if they do correct these issues, my brain will still be different, my brain will still see difference, and even if I am perfectly acceptable to society standards, I will still need help interacting with society. My brain is, and always will have more to overcome because the clear majority of the world simply does not even perceive the world the same way I do, and that disadvantages me.

Equity is a laudable goal, but it does not change the biological basis that affects how I see and interact with the world. People will always have to go out of their way – even when socially expected – or I will always have to go out of my way to achieve the same social accomplishments.

Think of it this way: as crippled person, I cannot run up the stairs and usually cannot walk up or down stairs. That is a feature of my biology. My body just works that way. Equity means that in an emergency, someone will show up to escort me down the stairs for my safety, or even carry me.

But an able-bodied person can also take the stairs on their own. In a fire, they do not have to have someone carry them down the stairs. In an emergency, they can run down the stairs to escape danger. I must either wait for someone to rescue me, or I must go very slow and very carefully, putting me at greater risk. There simply is no way around this.

It is the same thing with me and social situations. No matter how slow or careful (no matter how accommodating) people are with regards to my social disability, it does not change that I will always have the equivalent of being socially crippled.

What about the stigma? I do believe that there is more stigma attached to the word “disorder” than there is disability. However, I do not believe that changing the name of autism spectrum disorder to autism spectrum condition, or autism spectrum neurology, or any other number of things will lessen that stigma.

The stigma does not exist because of the word we use; the word is stigmatizing because it is the word society uses for us. Call it autism spectrum peanut butter cookies, and peanut butter cookie will become the stigmatizing phrase; society will use peanut butter as an insult because of the association with us.

As a sociologist, I love the idea of changing the prevailing view of ASD to be less stigmatizing, and I believe we can do that. I do not, however, believe that doing so should come at the expense of recognizing disability.

The good news is that we do not have to. It is possible to reduce the stigma with a primary focus on acceptance and secondary focus on awareness of realistic understandings of autism, and it is possible to do it without erasing the disability that is writ in our biology.

We can have our cake and eat it, too.

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So if you took Jyn and Cassian and aged one or both up to the actual age of their actor, how would that have effected the story and their relationship? (Age gap?)

I’ve thought about this quite a deal, actually, because when I watch the movie I see Jyn and Cassian as Diego and Felicity’s ages when they filmed it (so around 31 and 35 when they filmed) instead of as 23 and 26, which is what they are suppose to be.

While the story would remain the same, being younger or older seems to give them a different layer of tragedy depending on which way you look at it.

If they are their canon ages, the tragedy lies in how their lives were cut short and how they had spent those years pretty much just fighting and surviving. What could they have done if they had lived longer? That is the question.

If they are aged up to Diego and Felicity’s ages, then the tragedy is about how much longer they have been fighting, and all the trauma that goes with it the time in between. Can you imagine a Cassian who has been doing the terrible things in the name of the rebellion for another decade? How hollow would he be? What things would have have done in that time that he regretted? Who else would he have cared for and loved and lost? And Jyn–Jyn would have been wandering all that time scraping by, abandoned by everyone she loved and who once loved her for not 7 years but 17 years. She would not have seen her father for 25 years. Would most of her memories have slipped away? She wouldn’t have met her “found” family in Cassian, Chirrut, Baze, and Bodhi (and okay, K2SO, too) until then.

I think for me, Jyn and Cassian have to be close in age, whatever the age is, because for all the ways they are different, at the root of who they are, they are very similar. They’re mirrors of one another, and that includes how long they’ve fought, how long they have been alone.

And as for their relationship with each other, for Jyn and Cassian to not meet until they were in their thirties? Something about that makes me sad, that they would have lived so long and not had the chance to meet that person that made them feel that way until then, and then only to have the opportunity ripped away. Better to have had the chance than not, but to have gone all that time–it’s even more bittersweet.

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I mean it just wouldnt make sense? Like they do so much together and work together and theyve mentioned like “oh we’re moving to london” and “we arent taking this with us” and every time they speak about moving its like “us” and “we” and about them. So its highly unlikely theyre moving separately from each other. Plus its super expensive in London so if they got their own flats then itd be HELLA expensive. Not to mention they share most of their stuff. So its just highly unlikely and why would you move to different apartments if youre soulmates?

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Two of my main characters (they're twins) watched their parents being murdered at a very young age and I would like to accurately write how they deal with that in the rest of their lives (not the point of the story but still) while also showing how they deal with it in their own way. Do you have any tips/resources I could look at? :) Thank you!

There are a lot of things in this world that people react very differently too, depending on who they are. Death is most definitely one of those things. However, there are three main ways people tend to deal with death. I am going to dramatize them a bit, to hopefully get the point across more. I also suggest you not read this if you are a bit emotional on this topic. Death is not a toy, and the topic is not light, so please be careful when reading or writing these subjects. I am tagging this for the discussions of death, trauma, destructive tendencies and depression. Please be careful.

1. “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”. The things you go through define you. They help build your character. Everything happens for a reason, what you went through was fate. It happened to make you who you are. To make you stronger. It helped you build yourself emotionally and physically. It hurt yes and it probably still hurts if you think about it too much, but that pain has helped you grow. You’ve moved on as much as you can, you’re okay now. Life is normal. The past can never be erased but the future and the present are all that really matter.

2.“what doesn’t kill me, destroys me” your past haunts you. The things that happened to you hurt you. They hurt you everyday and they will always hurt you. What has been seen will never be unseen. You are probably reminded of it everyday and every single time it still hurts. It’s forced you to reevaluate life for the worse. Life is mostly pointless. You were destroyed and you’ve barely been able to rebuild yourself and when you do, it’s with walls ten times higher then they’ve ever been. Because you’ve been hurt, and you never want to be hurt again. You never want to go through anything like that again, so you rebuild your world so it wont. In your mind, any and all chances of happiness have been destroyed.

3. “What doesn’t kill me, never happened.” You are in denial. You either dont, or you try your best not to think about it. You don’t dwell on it. You move on. You push forward like you never had to go through that. You avoid talking about it as much as possible. But It still lingers, like a threat, waiting to drop on you and ruin you. You could very easily become the person who is destroyed by it, but you don’t want that, you are strong enough not to be that person, but you are also too weak to be the person that can rise above it. You are neither. You are stuck in purgatory,trapped in limbo, stuck dodging the memories of your tragedy until you can find a way to save yourself.

You can play with this ideas as much and as little as you want. Remember,like I said, everyone deals with death differently, these are just general ideas of what can happen. Please also remember that the outside doesn’t always match the inside. You may act perfectly fine in front of others, but there is nothing stopping you from feeling broken and destroyed when you are alone,in the privacy of your own mind. So play with your characters, and who they are, and play with the concepts of death and trauma. Do your research about depression and anxiety and ptsd. I hope this helps, and I wish you luck with your writing. If you have any other questions, or something isn’t clear, please feel free to contact me!

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Any idea why the fandom protect Harley despite her crimes, but shit on Damian even though he conflicted with two very different culture beliefs?

I wish I knew too.

That could be for a number of reasons, one: Harley is a woman (a white woman), so it’s obvious that she would have more sympathy for being abused than the average male character would, especially if the male character was a poc (And guess who is a male poc character?). Another factor would be that unlike Damian, we have actually seen Harley getting abused in front of our eyes without sugarcoating or downplaying things many times (both in the comics and animations), where with Damian we really only know bits of his childhood here and there, all of it was horrific of course, but because we haven’t seen as much of his abuse onscreen as Harley’s. So people would have a “If we didn’t see it then it didn’t happen” mentality to these kind of things and not be as sympathetic to him (Even though unlike Harley, Damian has been abused since the day he was born)

Also, and this might just be me, but Harley has what I would like to call the “J*nnifer Lawrence” syndrome, you know what I’m talking about. The ‘quirky’ cute white girl? The one that can’t do wrong in people eyes and everyone think she’s the face of Feminism (Even she’s an actual Villain)? Yeah that’s Harley. So People will always have more sympathy to characters like her simply because they are dead set on this image of abused victims, that they’re sad helpless mild people that you will get along with just fine if you didn’t cross any lines, and they fail to realize that sometimes abuse victims, like Damian, can be really hard around the edges? And they can be as feisty and hard to get along with even if you didn’t do anything to them. But because that doesn’t go with their idea of what abuse victims should look and act likes, they will just never consider Damian (and other characters in the same boat as him) as abused victims. 

Afternoon 🍐Today’s #AndySay [on exploring different aspects of Rick Grimes] “I mean, the thing that I’ve always been so thrilled about playing this role is the writers and the gang at AMC have always been very keen on pushing it in different directions and exploring different areas of who Rick Grimes is, which has been one of the great thrills. This has been one of the more unpleasant aspects of his psyche, this submissive version, but certainly the first eight would not be a pleaseant experience but it was a great challenge. A good acting challenge. And certainly I enjoyed having a bit more bite, bit more grit in my belly, sharing scenes with Jeffrey Dean Morgan."🐍
Comic book.com - April 2017
~ #AndrewLincoln #TWDFamily #TheWalkingDead #AndrewLincolnQuotes #thewalkingdeadfans #twdcast #RickGrimes #andylincoln #twd

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Thank you!!! All 4000+ of you!!

I did not think that I would ever see that number under this name, but here we are! A year and some months later! 

I also didn’t think that my blog would even get noticed, considering the “theme” of this blog and what I stand for. I’m so glad that I not only attract those who are very different than me, but those who are very similar and see eye to eye. The amount of love from total strangers and poc witches I’ve come across, especially my black witches, is astounding and I’m so ecstatic and blessed to be apart of this community. 

A bit of an announcement though (the real reason why I made this post), eventually I will be doing tarot readings! Finally~ I’m doing last minute tweaks to posts and my blog, so be on the look out!

But once again, thank you thank you thank you all for following me! I appreciate and care for every single one of you, so much! I hope my blog continues to not disappoint!

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If you could do like a dodgeball match (or some kind of gym class sport) of Nate and Harry, that would be awesome! Thanks!

Oh, dodgeball!
This is exciting sports. I like this!

Nate and Harry are different school students, so this scene is the practice matches with other schools.

but they don’t think that this is practice, they will play so seriously. cuz they hate losing!

Thank you for your request!

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Different anon. You know right that VHope used to be my OTP when I first entered the fandom (because Tae used to follow Hobi around like a lost puppy up until Boy in Luv/Danger)? With Hobi being my ultimate bias and Tae being, in my opinion, the dirtiest one in Bangtan, a VHope threesome would be to die for *puppy eyes* --- (Of course I'm kidding and I'd like to specify that no, you don't have to unless YOU want to). I hope you have a beautiful evening and thank you for your amazing stories :)

Then get ready for this!! I don’t know when it will happen, probably not soon since I need to work things out up until that point. All I’ll say is that all three of them are really dirty in this story, so get ready :) Have a great day, boo! Thank you for reading my stories! :’)

Part Two, Chapter Two: Tiuilip Bàn-Dhearg

October 1968; Scotland.

It had taken four different floral shops and as many days, but I finally had them. The final florist found them at a distributors in Edinburgh and we had arranged for me to pick them up at his shop this afternoon.

I reflexively reached out to my hand to keep them from sliding off the passenger seat beside me as I slowed to a stop outside the gate of Lallybroch. My gaze rested on the fragile, pink blooms of the bouquet of tulips, making my heart drop to the pit of my stomach.

She would have been twenty-three this past August, a grown woman.

I had told no one about Julia, the child of my heart. Her memory was too precious, too raw to share with Mrs Graham. I certainly didn’t tell Frank.

She was mine alone.

This certainly didn’t keep the feeling of her presence at bay. I may not have said her name aloud in twenty years, but I thought of her everyday. I saw her in Bree’s smile, heard her in the laughter of school children.

I moved towards the small burial ground behind the stone house in a fog of memories and pain.

The wind stirred the leaves on the ground beside me. It carried the sound of child’s voice with it, a single word spoken with all the tenderness a toddler poses: Mim.

I hesitated at the entrance of the sacred ground and called the visions of the past to play once more for me. I saw her auburn curls, bouncing with delight as she and Jamie spun around the master bedroom here at Lallybroch. Her blue eyes smiled at me as she giggled and threw her arms around my neck.

Being torn from Jamie was sorrow enough, but to have my child wrenched from my arms was the tipping point that catapulted me into the depths of despair. She was dying, had hours left to live. I had said goodbye on the chance she didn’t survive the trip thru the stones, yet it hadn’t been enough. I needed more. More time, more closure. Final thoughts and words and caresses would never be enough.

Jamie had promised me she would be laid to rest here with his parents if she could not come with me thru the stones. This knowledge kept me going when her absence made me weep. I had been alone, until Brianna came along, but Julia would never be. She slept with the protection of her grandparents and watched over me alongside her father.

Walking along the weathered stones, I read the names. Some were familiar, some foreign. I found Ellen and Brian’s right where they had been when I had visited them with Jamie. My heartbeat slowed as I mentally prepared myself to see my daughter’s headstone for the first time.

It wasn’t where I thought it would be.

Caitlin Maisri. Iseabaìl. Two small stones, monuments to children, but Julia was not among them.

The world seemed to tip and right itself as another stone caught my eye. It was a little distance away, but still near Jamie’s parents’. I stumbled over a tuft of grass as I walked over for a closer look.

Julia Ellen.
Beloved daughter of James and Claire.

My knees went out from under me and I collapsed beside her stone, reaching out with a shaking hand to trace the carved letters. The stone itself was partially sunk into the Scottish soil. Another line, presumably the dates of her birth and death, was obscured beneath the ground.

I dug at the unyielding dirt with my fingers, my heart needing the confirmation that she hadn’t lived long without me.

But I received none. The more I uncovered, the more obscured the chiseled text became.

I finally stopped, resting my forehead against the cold stone, and let my tears fall with abandon.