if i was independently wealthy

i woke up with a brilliant idea for a Yuri on Ice historical AU set in like the 10th century, which would probably require me to get three Masters’ degrees in Japanese and Russian and European history before I could even think about starting it.

Viktor is a merchant from Rus who trades in rare books all over Europe. Yuuri is a poet from Japan who went travelling the world and got himself in major trouble in the city-state of Venice, where he runs into Viktor. It’s an epic that spans three years and two continents on horseback.

If I only had the time…

(I need to become independently wealthy or something to actually let me write these things instead of just dreaming about them.)

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Hello my love. It's kpopandlock with a special birthday request. I've been pondering over this forEVER. All I want for my birthday (besides being independently wealthy) is a little story written by you. With some Jongin, some sort of birthday tie in, maybe a little angsty. OOO did he forget me?! THAT JERK! Oh but maybe we make up? Oooh. I dunno. Maybe some cake? I do like cake. Angsty cakey birthday love. I know requests are closed for August but my birthday is towards the end soooooooooo...

Drabble! Jongin! 20 and 60! Um…I dunno about genre. Um… Dealer’s choice. I just don’t want to cry. Unless it’s from laughter. ily ❤️ kpopandlock

asfjafapsofjoi GORGEOUS. Happy Birthday @kpopandlock <3 i know i said i’d have this up tomorrow but i really wanted it up TODAY. on your ACTUAL BIRTHDAY. i put this all together with your 1K followers drabble request too because they seemed to work together. i know its 5000000x different from what i thought it would be, but this is your nini <3 

Prompt: 20: “It’s just rain, you aren’t gonna melt!” + 60: I said,” I HAVE AN IDEA!”
Pairing: Jongin x Reader (oc; female) (Nini’s name is never said though, so as I usually do with gifts, this can be read any day with any bias for whatever your mood <3)
Summary: It’s your birthday, but Jongin is thinking about three other days that mean just as much - if not more.
Genre: fluff; angst
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: references to sex; explicit language
Word Count: 1,271

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It’s three hours past midnight, so that means it’s your birthday. I’m sitting in this chair, the sweat and smell of you still dripping from my skin while you are fast asleep, arms stretching across the bed like you are growing wings. I could wake you up, but I won’t. I’ve already whispered it on your lips, ten times over and thousands more to come. I could do it again, I will do it again.

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Thor’s Day

It’s been a helluva week and I’ve pretty much been missing from any social media. But the boss lady isn’t in until noon today (Poor thing has worked 3 days in a row, she must be exhausted) so I’m taking advantage and catching up, at least with Tumblr.

I’ve not been able to bring myself to look at my daughter’s empty room yet. Her Dad was up there cleaning it out. Apparently she hasn’t cleaned since she was three. I told her we’re painting and such, but it will always be her room so she best bring her butt home often. She said “C’ya at Thanksgiving!”

Sixx is extremely happy that “Miss Bossy Pants” is gone but Fabio is missing her. She was his go-to person if and when he had issues at night.  I’m OK until someone asks how I’m doing … then the tears flow.

They did not change Fabio’s special ed teacher so he is stuck again this year with a woman who doesn’t want to teach. So much fun. If I were independently wealthy I’d stay home and teach him myself. Unfortunately, i’m not. So here’s to another wasted school year during which he will learn nothing and the teachers will pass out 60s just so he advanced to the next grade. We’re going to give the new prinicpal a chance, he says he knows IEPs, but if things don’t change we’re thinking of looking into an IEP Lawyer. That’ll be fun.

In other plans, back to school next week. Mornings will now be for me. Walking until I can run again. Evenings for my son, helping with classwork and homework. And weekends, well his little world is going to be opening up. We’re going to gently push him from his comfort zone and get him out and about with us. No more solitary hours on the computer and/or iPad.

Amazing how life changes, ain’t it?


s a n c t i m o n i a  v i n c e t  s e m p e r

– lucius/narcissa/draco –

–> it is often said of the Malfoy family that you will never find one at the scene of the crime, though their  f i n g e r p r i n t s  might be all over the guilty wand. independently wealthy, with no need to work for a living, they have generally preferred the role of power behind the throne, happy for others to do the donkey work and to take the responsibility for failure. they have helped finance many of their preferred candidates’ election campaigns, which have (it is alleged) included paying for dirty work such as hexing the opposition. <–

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Name: Juanita

Nicknames: Nene (but don’t tell no one)

Gender: female

Height: 5'7

Sexuality : heterosexual

Hogwarts House: I have no idea what this is?

Favorite animal: pygmy goats

Average hours of sleep: 5 if I am lucky

Current time: 11:13 am

Dog or cat person: dog because cats are too damn sneaky

Blankets you sleep with: just one right now because it’s still hot, cool weather I sleep with 3.

Dream Trip: Jamaica

Dream job: to not have to work because I was independently wealthy

When I made this blog: I honestly don’t remember

Followers: 46 I think. I am not that interesting and am terrible using Tumblr

Why I made Tumblr: someone suggested I needed one. Now I am happy to have it so I can bask in Richonne goodies

Reason for my URL: nothing special just used my online alias

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Name: Tyberius

Nickname: Tai

Gender: male

Star sign: Libra (very scorpio dominant tho)

Height: 5'4"🦐😭

Sexuality: Demi-sexual/bi

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Favorite animal: Cat

Average hours spent sleeping: 7 - 8

Dogs or cats: cats

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2 right now, sometimes just a sheet, sometimes up to 4 blankets

Dream trip: Japan

Dream job: being independently wealthy

When I made this account: march 2017

Number of followers: 410

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Hey, you seem like the sort of person who could give me a straight answer. I want to put together an early-bird anti-Zuckerburg protest, and put together itemized lists of all the bad shit he's done to pass out. But I'm seriously worried that, if I raise enough salient points, I might bet blackbagged. Is this a rational fear? Can he do that, being independently wealthy as he is? Should I wear a mask or something?

I don’t think you should wear a mask, honestly. This would only open you (and your protest up) to infiltrators. Keep the details of your protest between yourself and your close compatriots who are helping you plan. Don’t release anything substantive until you’re ready to march and get the word out to others to join you. You want this thing to be planned so far out that by the time anyone else hears about it, there’s no opportunity for them to try and subvert you.

I would not worry about Zuck black bagging you. If anything, he’ll just censor protest news on Facebook.

What I should be doing: laundry

What I’m actually doing: sniffing my clothes because they smell like sunscreen and beach and summer and it’s distracting me from the fact that it’s already too damn cold. Fall’s barely started and I’m itching for spring.

I clearly need to magically became independently wealthy so I can travel/live wherever it’s sunny and high 70s/low 80s. Either that or find a time machine, which is about as likely lol.

I spend like $30 on some nice, Bluetooth earbuds, and our new housemate just used them without asking or saying anything… and he said he was just borrowing them because his had broken, but like??? What do I do??? I want to sanitize them, but I’m having invasive thoughts that it will hurt my ear if I use sanitizer on it.

Living with people is difficult. I need to be independently wealthy, so I can afford to not live with someone.

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I had a sleep-deprived thought: if you became independently wealthy and started a dog rescue, you could call it Auggie's Doggies.

@yawpkatsi I feel like you need to know about this immediately!!!!! JC, you’re a true visionary. Someone write me the business plan.

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name: dallas
nickname(s): dallie
gender: cis female
star sign: aquarius
height: 5′3″
sexuality: aroace lesbian
hogwarts house: ravenclaw
favorite animal: wolf, husky
average hours of sleep: ~6
current time: midnight
dog or cat person: doggos
blankets you sleep with: ~4 excluding the comforter
dream trip: disney world tbh and also back to dc so i can actually visit the library of congress i was cheated ok
dream job: independently wealthy, travelling & sleeping & playing video games for the rest of my life
when i made my blog: like a week ago idk i remade 
followers: like 40? idk i don’t keep track
why i made a tumblr: idk i’d heard about it and figured i’d check it out ho o boy what a mistake that was
reason for my url: im ffxv trash and ‘duscaen orange’ was the ingredient on my mind at the time

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@idesofjuly I tried to tell her to not spend money on anything to thank me, but she’d already ordered them - I’m so touched! I mean to be fair what I helped her with was a pretty damn big deal, but still. I’m convinced that the only way anyone who isn’t an independently wealthy cis straight able-bodied neurotypical white man with a wife at home doing the unpaid domestic and emotional labor in his life and a previously-established financial safety net that’ll last for at least 5 years gets through grad school is to occasionally get help from friends on major things, so I’m happy to be there when my people need it.


Good: owned by them 

Better: own them 

 Best: be them

my romantic dream: have enough funds to give my partner the seed money to become independently wealthy


I throw away so many potions

Revives get to stay because I need to restock those too

how do you not have enough revives but too many potions

To have the soothing morning start I want (i.e. Wake up slowly, have a proper breakfast including a black tea drunk at a proper pace not gulped, shower, do my hair and get ready) I would have to wake up at 4 am.

I already have been trying to wake up at 5:30 instead of 6 so I can make better lunch choices but it’s so hard!! I wish I could be independently wealthy and wake up at 7 every day to start my daily activities by 8 or 9 am.

The Gladiator & The Arrow

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @akai-echo this my humble gift to you for your Birthday. I hope you like it. A little Gladiator Everlark Romantic adventure! Thank you for all that you do in the fandom, and for creating amazing banners, videos and for being super sweet! Un-Beta’d all mistakes are mine.

Rated: M **Trigger Warnings**

CAPUT I (latin for Chapter One)

“What do you want Katniss?” Peeta’s grave voice answered from the corner of the room. It was night, there were giant pots lit not only for light but to emit fragrant scents. Katniss detected lavender but she also could smell cinnamon and dill.

She said nothing.

His voice wrapped around her like silk, “Come kitten what do you want?” He had an accent, as he spoke Latin, a clue as to his Germanic heritage. Peeta lived alone off the coast of Panormus on an island called Panem. “Have you come for a night of frivolity?”

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Game Industry Roles: Something of a Guide

I randomly feel like doling out advice for game industry aspirants. This article is going to shoot from the hip. Let’s go.

  • Programmers are better paid than artists or designers because there are fewer of them and the barrier of entry is high. Lots of assholes think programming is the right job for them, and then try to play up their assholishness because they think it will fool people into thinking they are great programmers. It won’t. Programming is a team effort. You don’t have to be some sort of extroverted cool kid but you do have to be able to effectively communicate and cooperate with your coworkers. 
  • If you program in a newer, more managed language like C#, Python, or Java, there are plenty of open positions and you can get paid well, but you’ll get sassed by crusty old C++ programmers and their elders who program in PASCAL (and get paid a fucking fortune if they can find the work.) You might also face some awkwardness when the old C++ programmers climb down from their thrones and deign to program some C#, because they’re likely to be absolutely fucking terrible at it compared to your junior codemonkey ass.
  • Technical Director is usually what the top of the engineering department is called (but it varies a lot.) The head of engineering tends to be a bigger cheese than the art director, if anyone cares about that kind of shit.
  • Character Artist is one of the most highly competitive positions in the entire god damn industry. The problem is that even a huge assed team only needs a few character artists, and even if you’re crazy amazing, there’s a whole conga line of crazy amazing kids nipping at your heels. This causes the pay to be nothing special, cause you’re so easily replaceable. I hear it’s pretty fun, but the other art departments often sass the character art department for whatever reason.
  • Environment Artist is a bit easier to break into because fewer artists make environment art for fun and most artists (being dumb students) just make portfolios out of art they did for fun. I’ve never seen a character artist hired without a stellar character art. I have seen environment artists hired without a stellar environment art (myself being an example).
  • Animators are like character artists in that the competition is unforgiving, though there’s a higher barrier of entry and the film industry siphons off tons of the top animators. In my experience, animators have more autonomy than other art disciplines, with some studios considering it almost a separate department like audio.
  • Concept artists wield the most power of all the art disciplines. On all the projects I’ve been on, the lead concept artist has a more direct impact on defining the artistic vision of the game than the art director. It takes a lot more than “being good at drawing” to be a successful concept artist. You need good people skills to sell your concepts, you need good concepts (!), and more than anything you need to be able to crank work out. Maybe at some studio the concept artists can be precious about their drawings, but at all the studios I’ve worked for the concept artists produce at inhuman speed.
  • Technical Artist is the job I personally like the most. The six faces of a techartist are 1.) Tools authoring 2.) Content creation pipelines 3.) Technical asset creation (like shaders) 4.) Artist support 5.) Technical animation (motion graphs and rigs, ect.) 6.) Content Auditing (for performance etc.) Techart is the most fun because it varies the most and affords the widest girth for creative freedom. It’s hard to say whether techart is the easiest discipline to get into or the hardest discipline to get into, because there’s a huge barrier to it but the barrier is illusionary. Basically, you have to see through the preposterous bullshit about “art” and “programming” requiring different skills. Only a few people in the world see that they require the exact same skills. If you’re one of these people, congratulations. Welcome to what I argue is the most fun job in the industry. Techartists generally get paid a bit more than other artists but less than programmers, because they’re part artist part programmer.
  • Art Directors are selected by non-artists, which has very complex implications irrelevant to entry level people who are not going to be hired as art directors of major studios. this is the top of the artist career path.
  • Designers don’t get paid that well, because there are lots of wanna-be designers and there’s a low barrier of entry. Programmers have to pass somewhat hard tests to get their CS Degrees. Artists have to build a pretty portfolio. Designers tend to range wildly in their story of how they got into design. 
  • Creative Director is not a position every project has, but it’s akin to the commonly understood movie director’s role. Basically, the guy who gets to “hold the vision” of the game. The technical director and the art director positions tend to be slightly less powerful than the creative director.  
  • Producers are like the Arch-Viziers of the game industry. Producers are really easy to pick on because they’re basically people with no skill other than self-confidence, but I’ve always been fortunate enough to genuinely like my producers. I’ve seen developers that didn’t like their producers and run them off, and it’s an ugly scene. Producers make mad bank because it’s basically their bank. 
  • Project Managers are just waiting to be promoted to producers. PMs won’t correct confused artists/programmers/designers that call them producers, but producers will.
  • Audio guys can’t listen to music through their headphones while they work all day. Seems rough to me. Audio people are also, in my experience, the hippest department.
  • Writers tend to be contract. It was a full time position at Bioware but Bioware is special. I’d have a hard time recommending a career in writing to anyone that wasn’t independently wealthy. I mean, every field is hard, but at least with the other fields once you break through the barrier it’s pretty smooth sailings. This is less the case with writing.