if i was in sydney i'd do this

  • Adrian Ivashkov: Really, Sage? A date?
  • Sydney Sage: Yes, Adrian. A date.
  • Adrian Ivashkov: A real date. Not, like, doing homework together. I mean like where you go out to a movie or something. And a movie that's not part of a school assignment. Or about something boring.
  • Sydney Sage: A real date.
  • Adrian Ivashkov: What's the lucky guy's name?
  • Sydney Sage: Brayden.
  • Adrian Ivashkov: Brayden? That his real name?
  • Sydney Sage: Why are you asking if everything's real? You think I'd make any of this up?
  • Adrian Ivashkov: No, no. That what's so unbelievable about it. Is he cute?
  • Sydney Sage: Gee, maybe I should just send you a picture to review?
  • Adrian Ivashkov: Yes, please. And a full background check and life history.

quantumghosts  asked:

imagine tommy running around the earth to celebrate new years in every timezone idk if he'd do that but i mean i'd totally do that if i had super speed

I know you’ve never read Young Avengers, so let me tell you right now that that is completely and absolutely in-character. He would super-speed himself into every news channel he can and call up his friends at seven like “hey guys tune into the the BBC I’m gonna buzz the cameras” and everyone tries to tell him no but he’s already done it to Tokyo and Seoul and Hong Kong and Beijing and Sydney and New Delhi and Moscow and St. Petersburg and Oslo and New Amsterdam and Athens and Cairo and Rome and Castle Doom and Paris and he’s going to keep doing it everywhere he possibly can until the day is over everywhere and he’ll get just a teensy bit more drunk each time.

He’ll even hit up Oklahoma for a bit, to see how Asgardia’s doing.

The whole time, Billy’s staring at all the feeds featuring Tommy’s ridiculous cameos on worldwide television with growing horror as the internet starts churning out ridiculous theories on who is doing this and why and it’s just Tommy being a douchebag.

There’s also, like, a 75% chance he took Kate or David or whoever his current significant other is with him because of how much fun he thinks it is.

anonymous asked:

if you were starting this comic over, is there anything that you would have wanted to do differently? writing is really intimidating for me and i'd never want to post anything bc there's a 500% chance that i'll want to redo everything

YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANON !!!!!! ME SCREAMS FOR 900 YRS I’d change the ENTIRE BEGINNING of the comic LOLOL well ok maybe not the *entire* beginning, but I think I would’ve liked to introduce Julian loving Sydney Morgan a little slower. I really like when stories jump right into the action (intros bore me, give me a reason to care, am I right???) but it was really clumsy, like, I would’ve liked to build on Sydney Morgan more–what their persona is, how many books they’ve written, what kind of books they write, etc.

I also really hate how ambiguous Landon and Julian’s relationship was in the beginning but a lot of that was inexperience writing the characters! I definitely feel like my comic-inexperience was spotlighted in that aspect… 

I actually fixed a lot of things that bothered me when I edited some earlier chapters in these more recent months (I’ll fix the later chapters soon too 😈), so I’m kind of “satisfied,” but it could’ve been stronger and, well, better. I’m really glad I did tiny, short chapters though because I feel like that saves it a bit LOL.

The “500% chance that I’ll want to redo everything” feeling is sooooo real… which is why I always say, I make TINF for all of you but, most importantly, for me! Do it because you like it. There are lots of smaller things I’m not wild about in TINF but if I included it, it was because I liked it at the time (PERRY THE PLATYPUS??? OK, NICOLE)–I WAS PASSIONATELY IN-LIKE! I STILL AM..!! There are some pages that make nooo sense, like, this last panel is strange, I didn’t introduce it in any way !?!?! WHY ? ? TO THIS DAY, I’M DISTURBED… but, hey, Past Nicole really wanted it, she can live her life, who am I to judge… it’s fine. It’s harder to regret things when you do it because you enjoy it. :D

A way to combat this feeling, I found out later on, is just to plan everything. I know that seems suuuuper daunting, but you can do it in an easier way, I promise! For example, I can break up TINF this way:

  1. Julian wants to find Sydney Morgan because Sydney Morgan is #1
  2. Julian starts caring more about his friends than Sydney Morgan
  3. Julian becomes aware of his feelings and starts growing up
  4. Julian finds out who Sydney Morgan is and ❓ 😉

Easy, right? Like, the first 2 ½ points are 600+ pages LMAO… 💦 having small goals to get to is good though and this way you can write your story to actually go somewhere. I do even tinier goals like this with my chapters too, like, plan out beginning ➡️ middle ➡️ end.

Another thing you can do is really, truly get to know your characters. I laugh about the asks I receive on this blog because they’re silly but, truthfully, if I’d answered those questions 5 years ago, my comic probably could’ve been a lot more cohesive. Chances are, if you know exactly what your character is going to do in a situation, you won’t regret what you write because you’ll know that’s where your character is supposed to go (or where they want to go).

(In fact, a lot of the reason why I know my characters so well is because me and my bff @thrynnie talked about them endlessly. She loves to ask me random scenarios how the characters would act or what they like? And then she helps me with them. IT WORKED LOL)

TINF is almost 6 years old, my characters are probably about 9 years old, like, ya, I’m gonna wish I did things different. But the things I’m uncomfortable with, I can incorporate them into the story later. For example, there’s a chapter coming up where they make a Sydney Morgan zine, so you’ll find out more about Sydney Morgan. Also, Landon and Julian talk about their relationship… so it all comes out and I get to readdress those issues. You can, too! You don’t have to die with your mistakes. Acknowledge them, problem solve them, make it better..!!!

The great thing about posting things online is it’s not for a publisher or certain audience–it’s for you. Have fun, be wild n free, and push through all the negative feelings, it’ll be worth it!!! DO IT and just get better for the next page/chapter/story! The bond/love you feel for readers who enjoy your truly wild lovechild of a story is amazing, trust me. It’s worth it… the passion I feel… IT’S REAL… gonna keep getting better 💪 learning at a turtle’s pace but it’s ok 🐢

The Boys on break:

  • Calum and Ashton: Going on adventures together, going to concerts with friends, updating their social media accounts.
  • Luke: Makes a public snapchat, hanging out with friends and family, being domestic, enjoying normal life.
  • Michael: ??? Maybe in Sydney with his family? No social media update except a tweet about sleeping. Listening to The Spongebob Squarepants Movie Soundtrack. 

anonymous asked:

Hey I never got around to telling you because I'm really lazy but I went to your stand-up show in Sydney ages ago and it was really really excellent. I traveled from Wollongong and the trains were down so I had to catch buses like 4 hours each way and I'd do it again.

you are a good person. thank you