if i was famous this would have a really inspiring quote over it~

So I went to the Bob Morley panel at Ottawa Comic Con (yes I’m still screaming internally) and based on what he said I doubt Bellarke is happening this season (meaning anything romantic being confirmed). I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think so. Bob was saying that especially after what happened in 4x11 their relationship/partnership is gonna need a lot of work to repair. And that Bellamy, in Bob’s opinion, needs the chance to find himself and develop his own strength before he can lean on someone else in a romantic sense. Bob doesn’t think it would be healthy for Bellamy to put that on someone else and hopes that Bellamy can find his own way to deal with what he’s done and who he’s become without having to lean on Clarke or have her around to be that person. And as much as I love Bellarke, I love Bellamy more, so I completely agree. Now he did joke around saying it’s hard to answer Bellarke questions cause he doesn’t want to give away too much, and when asked who he thought Bellamy had the strongest connection with/who influenced Bellamy the most Bob said Lincoln because their shared love for Octavia, but then said - Well there’s also Clarke, but kinda left it there. So that might just be Bob’s feelings, and certainly doesn’t dispel any Bellarke stuff from happening ie. love confessions or almost kisses (cause I totally want an almost kiss before anything real cause I love that slow burn) but that’s just the vibe I got.

Other things Bob said were:
- what he’s learned from/ found most inspirational about Bellamy (my question yay) is his persistence. His ability to go on even in the face of all the horrible things that have happened to him and all that he’s done. The fact that he keeps working to do what’s best for his people and to gain back Octavia’s trust is what is inspiring about him and when he (Bob) is doing tough scenes or is really tired he thinks about the fact that Bellamy probably hasn’t slept in days and thinks in comparison to that he personally doesn’t have it so bad
- His hardest goodbye on set, which took him forever to decide on, was Devon cause apparently they lived together and hang out all the time. So he said that although they’re gonna still hang out, Devon is off doing other projects so it’s going to be sad to not have him around all the time and on set
- Bob says the person that most influences his portrayal of Bellamy is his older brother. He said his brother had always taken care of his family and continues to put his loved ones first and that kind of passion is what he takes from his brother and puts into Bellamy
- Bob also said that in general the people that inspire him most of all are his family. He said specifically his brother and his mom, but in general his family. He said he never had posters of famous sports people on his wall, but apparently growing up his dad owned a gym and they had posters of Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger up on the wall. Professionally he looks to Scorsese, Woody Allen, and some others I didn’t write down sorry!!
- The hardest part of the job he said is that everything is so high intensity all the time and so when you’ve been on set for hours and it’s 4am and you’re exhausted its hard to remember that these are life or death decisions. He said it’s difficult to demand that level of emotion all the time and for hours on end.
- he said that he would bring back Wells just to see how different their lives would be. He said it would be interesting to see how Jaha was if his son was still alive. He also said it would be an interesting dynamic if Finn was still alive as well. To see the effect on Raven and Clarke and how that would change their journey. But he specifically said Wells, and was all dramatic saying he wouldn’t even know what the show would’ve been if Wells hadn’t died.
- Bob said that if he could play any character he would be Jaha, for a while he was choosing between Murphy or Jaha but then said Isaiah and Richard portray them so well and bring so much to their roles that their performances are what make them such compelling roles that he wishes he could explore. But mostly he wants to play Jaha to get into that mindset and figure out what motivates him to be so crazy
- some one asked what kind of father Bellamy would be and how his children’s lives would be different than his life on the ark. He laughed about Bellamy being a dad in a sort of ‘oh god no’ kind of way, but then said in a sort of, pretend their living off the land out of the bunker kinda of scenario, the next generation would have more respect for the earth since humanity is what destroyed it in the first place.
- Another question was what Bellamy wanted to be when he was 5 years old, and Bob said that because he didn’t know who his father was Bellamy would have liked to have imagined his dad was someone other people looked up to. So Bellamy would have thought that he could be a leader too, like captain of guards, or whatever he wanted to be. But as he got older that dream to be whatever he wanted was crushed by the harsh class system on the ark and he settled into the realization that he wasn’t special and that he was kind of stuck in a lower class life and that’s why he was so resentful of Clarke and Wells trying to take over on the ground
- And lastly cause I can’t remember anymore right now - He said in order to take on a new character he needs to really physically get into their head space and their physical space, so he will go around and touch the walls and makes sure he feels comfortable in that place. He said he needs to find where that character’s energy sits (which makes my actor heart glow with joy omg what an *artiste*)

Sorry this turned into a really long post, but it’s only been like 12 hours since I saw him and I’m still putting all my energy into not crying every second of the day. Also just a reminder I didn’t record this, I just jotted things down, so none of this is quoted from Bob word for word. This has all been paraphrased and interpreted by me!! I didn’t change any info, or answers, just reiterating.

26 list/page ideas for your journal

These are all pages and lists I have in my bullet journal. I’ve linked the pages I’ve posted pictures of. Hope you can get some inspiration from this :)

  1. Films I want to watch - When I sit down to watch a film I always end up using too much time trying to find a film. Therefore I have this list, its super helpful. Also, I always rate the films after I’ve seen them.
  2. My favorite films of all time
  3. Tv-series I’m watching/have watched 
  4. Books I want to read - Same here as with the films, if I stumble upon a book that looks good I add it to my list for when I’m looking for a new book to start.
  5. Books I want to read this year - This is separate from the other book list because it’s more of a challenge to myself, a list of books I’m gonna try to read in 2016.
  6. Countries and cities I want to visit (X)(1st pic)
  7. Countries I have visited - I like to see all the different countries I’ve been to, and its always exiting to ad a new one to the list.
  8. Habit tracker - I just started my first habit tracker in May, and I use it to track my training, water intake and when I last watered my plants. It’s really helpful!
  9. Quotes - I have two spreads dedicated to my favorite quotes, I love to have them all in on place. (x)
  10. Webpages - There are so many helpful webpages out there, but it can be hard to remember them when you need them.
  11. Places to visit in a specific city - I love London, and I often find places and restaurants I would like to visit next time Im there, so I write them down so I don’t forget them! (works with countries as well!)
  12. Grades - Keeping track of your grades is great, so you can see where  you have to improve next semester. I love this page because I like to be really organised and this helped me see where I needed to put more focus!
  13. Bucket list - A classic! (x)(2nd pic)
  14. Museums I’ve visited - I love museums, and my goal is to visit some of the best museums all over the world, so I keep a list over those I’ve visited so far. (x)(3rd pic)
  15. Things I’ve accomplished - I really like this one, because I’ve done so many cool things the past years, and its easy to forget them, so this list has really helped me be thankful and proud of myself.
  16. 100 things that make me happy - Makes you think and appreciate the things that make you happy more!
  17. Historical photographs - I love photography, so I have two spreads where I have put some of my favourite famous and historical photographs. (x)(8-9th pic)
  18. Concerts I’ve been to
  19. Themed doodle page - I have a ‘summer’ page full of everything I associate with summer.
  20. School calendar - A yearly calendar dedicated to schoolwork, so you can see when you’ve got classes and exams. Really helpful to have it separated form everything else. (x)(2nd pic)
  21. Anniversaries/birthdays - Always a good thing to remember your friends and family’s different anniversaries.
  22. Journal ideas - I can get some ideas for my bullet journal at the most random times, and I like to have a place to write them down. (x)(1st pic)
  23. Word of the day - There are so many cool words that we never use, and since english isn’t my first language, I think this is a great way to learn new words! (x)
  24. Packing checklist - I often pack a lot of the same things when Im going somewhere, so instead of making lots of checklists all over my journal, I’ve made one, reusable checklist! (x)(x)
  25. Instagram activity tracker - I like to track my Instagram activity (on my photography account), to see what kind of pictures are most popular and gets most response. (x)
  26. Future log - A place to write down important dates in the coming months or years. I think this is super helpful for when I make the monthly spreads, to go and check my future log so I don’t forget any important dates.  (x)
Jeff Hardy - “If he makes you happy”

Part 2 of “You broke me” - Part 1 here 
Warnings: None
Words: 1300+

Jeff’s POV 

“Bub?” I closed my eyes as Karl showed up “Everything okay Heard you yelling” I had to walk away. I couldn’t deal with the fact that she was his. 

“Yeah everything is just fine” I heard y/n say. I walked into the locker room that was just mine and Matt’s. They’d given it to us to hide us away from everyone. I threw my championship down on my bag and flopped onto the couch. 

“I take it seeing y/n didn’t go too well?” Matt asked coming out of the bathroom. I sat up quickly to look at him. 

“Did you know she was dating Anderson?” I asked 

“Yeah? Didn’t you? They’ve been dating for ages haven’t they?” Matt questioned 

“Almost a year” I said “Why didn’t you tell me?” 

“Oh really? That’s all? I thought they got together in Japan” Matt shurgged 

“How do you know all this and I don’t?!” I exclaimed. Out of the two of us I was always the social one, the one that kept up with all the rumours and going ons in the wreslting world. 

“You’d be surpised what I have known over the years” 

“…I really screwed her up didn’t I?” I sighed rubbing my face. 

“Nooooo…well I mean yeah you did. Your boyfriend just leaving out of no where and not replying to any calls or texts and leaving you to go into a downwards spirl causing you to loose your job only to find out he’s been in another wreslting promotion for a year and is doing really well…that would screw anyone up” Matt said 

“Gee thanks, making me feel really good about myself brother” I rolled my eyes and laid back down. 

“I’m not here to make you feel good about yourself. Just please don’t screw this up for us. We could have a really good run in the wwe again” Matt said moving my legs. 

That night I laid in bed at the hotel staring at the ceiling, think of y/n and all the crap I put her through. 

“Hey babe, just wondering where you are…it’s been 2 days and I still havent heard from you”
“Jeff are you okay? Please call me”
“Jeff I’m really worried now, please just let me know your okay”

That was just some of the messages she left me in the first week. I don’t know why I didn’t reply, there was also a hell of a lot of texts that went along with the calls. 

“Jeff, what did I do? Matt won’t tell me where you are. Just tell me what I did”
“There’s another girl isn’t there? Just tell me…I won’t be mad”
“Matt said you were okay…I just need to hear it from you”

I had to block her number after a couple of months. I couldn’t handle seeing her messages. Now that I think about it I should have called her, texted her even, explained what had happened but I just couldn’t. If I did maybe things would have been different. Maybe we would still be together, or I would at least have a chance in getting back together. Maybe we would be married by now with a couple of kids. We’d talked about kids. She wanted a big family, I only wanted one so we said we would compramise and have a big family. 

But instead of talking to her, I ignored her, leaving her to ruin her life. I ruined mine to but it was my life to ruin. Drugs and alcohol ruined mine, there was a cultprit, a substance. For her it was me but there wasn’t a true reason. 

I can only imagine what she is doing right now, sleeping soundly in her hotel room next to Anderson. His arms around her, his arm going numb from her lying on it. She would be stealing the blanket or if she had woken up in the middle night and he was asleep, she’d put her cold feet on his back to wake him up. That was her favourite thing to do to me…

I walked around backstage and smiled to myself, it hadn’t really changed. Well it actually had a lot. The regular crew had changed and obviously superstars had come and gone but the atmosphere was the same. 

“Get ready” Matt said slapping my head as he walked past

“For what?” I asked 

“We’ve got a match, Gallows and Anderson what their re match” Matt said “We’re winning but let’s have a good match” 

We walked past catering to get to the locker rooms. I stopped when I heard that familiar laugh. Y/n. She was sitting on Anderson’s lap at a table with Gallows, AJ and a number of other smackdown superstars. I hated that she was sitting on his lap, laughing at his jokes, being in his arms. I felt my blood boil. Matt grabbed my arm and pulled me along with him. 

Matt was right and we did keep our titles. The crowd was behind us, still on the high of last night. The monday after wrestlemania was always my favourite. I also got some pretty hard hits in on Anderson, harder then normal which felt great. I went back into the locker room to watch the rest of the show. I wasn’t really paying attention until the show until the womens match. It was y/n’s return tonight and she got an amazing reaction. I hadn’t seen her wrestle since 2009. And she had changed heaps. She was great back then but she was even better now. She now got the time she deserved and could really show off her moves. I smiled when she used a couples of moves I had taught her but most of her moves changed. 

“She’s killing it” Matt said looking over my shoulder 

“She always did” the bell rang and y/n’s team won “I’ll be back” 

“Jeff” he warned 

“Don’t worry. I won’t do anything stupid” I called 

“Famous last words” Matt mumbled. I quickly made my way to gorilla, hoping to beat not only Karl there but y/n. That way she wouldn’t be able to run away. It took a few minuets, she was engaging with the fans but finally she came back through. 

“Don’t Jeff” she pointed at me “I’ve had a good night and I don’t want it ruined” 

“Just hear me out, please” I pleaded 

“You have 2 minuets before Karl comes, wondering where I am” she rolled her eyes 

“Over bearing boyfriend?” I raised my eyebrows at her 

“Protective” she shurgged 

“You never did like protective guys” I pointed out 

“You’re right I didn’t.. but then I had a boyfriend who deserted me and left me cold hearted. Karl being protective is how he shows he loves me, you know as well as telling me everyday, replying to my calls and texts. Spending all his free time with me” 

“Okay” I nodded “I desereved that” 

“1 minuet” 

“Are you happy?” I asked her 

“Yes Jeff, I told you this yesterday” she sighed 

“100%? You are 100% happy? Because your happiness matters. If he makes you happy, then so be it. It’ll hurt like hell, but if you’re happy, I’m happy” I said. Her face chanaged. Before she was hard, like she had a wall up to me. But it changed. Her face softend and her stance changed. 

“Bub” I closed my eyes and looked to the roof, he had to show up. I opened my eyes and looked at him. Karl. The man that had the woman I love. AJ and Luke stood not to far away. “Is he a problem?” y/n smiled and walked over to him taking his hand. He took his eyes of me and looked at her. The way he looked at her was the way I looked at her, with awe, admiration and love. Only he got the same look back, I didn’t. 

“Everything is okay” she whispered to him, rubbing her thumb on the back of his hand. She turned and looked at me. “I am Jeff, 100%” 

“Okay then” I nodded “Gentleman” I nodded at the boys and headed off to find Matt. 

Inspired by this quote 

@outside-the-government - Welcome to the fandom! I absolutely ADORE your fic about Leonard rescuing the reader from a crippled starbase. Your writing is incredible! I’m so excited to get to see more from you. I hope I’m one of the lucky ones in your contest, too! I’d love to see a fic featuring Bones and the reader inspired by the quote “only the wounded healer can heal.” :)

Word Count: 3361 (WTF?!)
Author’s Note: This totally got away from me. I hope you can see the connection to your requested quote - it feels a little tenuous, but it really is there…

You drew in a deep breath before stepping into Medbay. You’d just transferred over from Yorktown, and you were nervous. Doctor McCoy, the CMO, was the most frightening son of a bitch you’d ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on. Everything about him terrified you, from his intense stare to the way he quirked his eyebrow, like everyone in the room was an idiot. You’d only encountered him the one time before, but you weren’t likely to forget it. At least you’d won that battle…

One year prior…

“What the hell kind of sad excuse of a Med Clinic is this?” You heard him muttering under his breath as he looked around, holding a makeshift dressing against his friend’s head. The tall man was easily identifiable as a doctor, even without the telltale Science Blue top. His attitude alone was enough to make you want to choke. The truth of the matter was, it was an exceptional Med Clinic. The best on Yorktown, and second in stats only to the MedBay on the Enterprise. So the condemnation made your hackles rise.

“What seems to be the issue, gentlemen?” You asked as you approached the pair. The doctor was scowling. His friend, a definite hotty in Command Gold, was squinting through a sizeable lump forming around his eye. He had blood seeping from under the compress, and his nose was bleeding. As a quick assessment, you’d guess bar fight.

“The man’s bleeding!” The doctor barked. “Can’t you see that?”

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Feature Friday! Toadallytickles!

FF:  We’re joined by the adorable @toadallytickles​ today! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

T: Aah! Well I’m Toad, online that is, after my favourite animal, not the Super Mario character. I get asked that a lot! I just turned 20 at the start of March, I live in Ontario, and currently in college to be a Fish and Wildlife Technician as I would love to work with animals and the environment in my future career! Even though I am very tune with nature, I also do Photoshopping, graphic design, digital art, and computer program! My computer programming teacher keeps my games and programs too to show them off to his future classes as I used Photoshop to design them! I am also very big on self-love, body positivity, sex positivity, sexuality, mental health, relationships, and life in general! I am very open with these topics myself, so I love discussing them openly with others without judgment, so if you need someone to talk to about anything, you’re welcome to come to me!

FF: Wow! What a kind and caring friend we have here! And so multitalented too!
Tell me, how long have you been a part of the community for?

T: I made my blog in December 2015, a few days after Christmas! So for a year and a couple of months now I’ve been in this community and ya’ll still tolerate me, ha-

FF: Tolerate you?? We love you! Don’t we folks? Of course we do! So tell me, what inspired you to join the community?

T: Oooh stop~ I literally do nothing in this community except complain about not being tickled and flaunt how much I am a ho for them bye-
HA OKAY- So like since the summer of 2015, I’d just scroll through thebest-medicine and fluffytickles’ blogs for the amazing fanfics and art, and that’s how I found out there was a whole community! And I had to join of course! I don’t know why I did it so late though!

FF: On behalf of everyone in the community, let me say…that we’re so blessed to have you!!! We love having such a great friend as you in the community.

So what are some of your dreams and aspirations, Toad?

T: Aaww~! Well thank you very much! I love being apart of this community, and I’m so happy you all accept me for who I am! There are soooo many amazing people in this community, and I can’t believe I get to call some of them my closest friends! So pure, I would have never thought of making forever friends on here!

Ah- this may conflict with what I said earlier, though I think my biggest dream would be to be really attractive, like beautiful to the point I fully believe it and feel it. Like, I love myself right now, I think I’m pretty, but I mean I could look so much better if I worked for it. I’d love to do photoshoots too one day. I would love to be famous too, or just be known by a lot of people. I’ve had that dream since I was a kid. Most of it is to get revenge on everyone who was brutally mean to me in school, in a way of “you didn’t stop me.” It would be all for good, I swear. Like for raising awareness to stop bullying by sharing my story, or how we need to be much kinder to nature, or me being so open about my sexuality and body it inspires others. And of course if I had money, I could spoil my moms!
Those are really big dreams though. Generally, I just aspire to be amazing in my future career, whatever it may be, and be happy.

FF: Well that’s truly inspirational. You’re a beautiful, powerful person inside and out and we’re all truly grateful to know such an awe-inspiring amphibian Amazon.
And what would you say is your favorite part of the community?

T: Oh- ​( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hm, well there’s a lot to like here. Though my favourite part of the community would have to be all of the people apart of it! We are all here because we all enjoy tickling, though we are just regular people with lives and families and friends and an education and talents and dreams, y'know? It is really comforting knowing that I’m not alone feeling ashamed for it when a lot of other people have the same interest, though from the outside and from knowing them, they’re just people who you’d meet at school, or at work, or on the street. It just makes it easier for me to accept the kink and myself rather than feeling ashamed and constantly stressing over it.
Also just how friendly everyone is. Its been real easy to gain confidence and love myself because a lot of people have been so supportive and kind to me when I post personal stories or share selfies or teasy gifs. Yeah.. a lot of compliments are given out and that’s definitely helped me believe and accept them! I really appreciate it all!

FF: Awww, that’s great to hear! There’s so much to like about the community!
Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers before we hop on to bonus questions?

I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who follows me and for being so kind to me through the months and being so supportive! I am really happy you guys like my blog and enjoy my company! Seriously, I would not be who I am at this very moment without your lovely compliments, support, and friendship. I suck at making friends in person and online so I am still very surprised a lot of you want to be my friend and are friends with me, though you never gave up on me and I am forever grateful for that because I have grown into a better, confident person. Thank you very very much for being so kind to not only me, but to fellow community members too. Kindness goes a long way, and I hope you are able to experience what I have experienced being in this community

I wish you the best of luck with whatever is upcoming in your lives, such as exams or job searching, or graduation, or prom shopping, or house searching, or college applications. Remember to be your very best self, though take it easy too!

FF: That’s great advice. Thank you so much.
So, an anon asks, what inspires you?

T: What inspires me? With work and self-esteem, it’s more of what drives me. I’m closer to my mum, and her side of the family lives a few minutes from us, so I grew up having to hang out with them and the cousins. Though, they are SUPER dysfunctional like- oh my god, the stories are horrible. Like my family at home is silly-crazy, we’re weird, but these people are just… ugh… I hate them. My family is nothing like them, and we’re keeping it that way. So that drives me to excel in school and go to college and get that career I want. With my self-esteem, I want to be good-looking and confident, so if I ever run into anyone from elementary and high school, revenge is served right there at the first glace.
I guess what inspires me though is my friends. I mean, I can’t believe people actually enjoy my company and friendship. I’m glad I have traits that attract them and I can make them happy. It reminds me on days where I’m down, they are always expecting to hear from me soon, or see me tomorrow in class. And if I shared my issues, they’d be there for me with open arms and be patient with me. Just thinking about how hurt and destroyed they’d be if I dropped out, or just vanished from their lives.. is devastating. They definitely inspire me to keep on living life when things are tough, and to continue being the amazing person I am!
Nature is also inspiring to me. I like all the big and little things it has to offer. It reminds me why I’m here in college and why I love it so much, that one day I’m going to be happy helping and working with it, hopefully making it better!

FF: Truly inspiring yet again!
And one last question.
What quote defines you?

“I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me… now I look around and wonder if I like them.”
— Rikkie Gale

FF: Ooh powerful!! Well, thank you for your time so much, Toad!

And if you want to be friends with this adorable amphibian aficionada, then go visit @toadallytickles!!

Galadriel is Not Your Moral Compass

As inspired by things I see on my dash, I am making a post discussing why I dislike the way in which the conflict between Fëanor and Galadriel (particularly the hair-giving request) is commonly framed as evidence that Fëanor is objectively a bad person simply because Galadriel dislikes him. To be fair, that interpretation is could be seen as supported by the text; on a moral scale, Tolkien certainly favors Galadriel over Fëanor. But I think that sticking to that interpretation - or really, using the concept of morality to frame the situation - is reductive, and flattens both of these characters.

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anonymous asked:

I'm hoping to study English Lit. in 6th form, and was wondering if you could recommend any texts worth reading before I start in September (I know it does depend on the exam board). Also, I'm revising for my GCSE's at the moment and your revision posters/notes are so inspirational :)

Thanks so much! I was hoping someone would ask me a question a bit like this! As you mention, it all depends on what course you are studying, but, there are some texts which I feel give you a basic grounding for any English Literature course, across the three genres of poetry, prose and plays.


  • A selection of Shakespeare’s sonnets, try 18, 116 and 130 to start with.
  • The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S.Eliot. It’s a bit tricky to get your head round, but once you master Eliot, you can master anything. 
  • World War One trench poetry can be very moving. I would recommend the two king pins, Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon, and also one of the only famous soldier poets who wasn’t an Officer, Ivor Gurney.
  • A Good Anthology I have is Penguin’s Poems for Love, Selected by Laura Barber. You can get it really cheap second hand on Amazon (hardback! eee!) and in general it’s a lovely collection spanning from, as it describes; ‘W. H. Auden to Shakespeare, John Donne to Emily Dickinson, Robert Browning to Roger McGough’


  • Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. This is my favourite book of all time. I love it. I find myself using it in every essay, not just because I love it, but because it crosses over with so many themes. You name it, Jane’s Eyre’s got it.
  • Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Dickens is always pretty useful at a-level as there’s so much info available on him, and he’s a brilliant story teller. This book is a good intro to him if you haven’t read him before.
  • Enduring Love by Ian McEwan is one of the most widely studied contemporary novels on the A-level syllabus, so it might be an idea to read it. The blurb might sound a bit weird, but I promise it’s really good!
  • Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy. I adore this book. Bathsheba Everdeen is a beautifully strong female character, and like Jane Eyre it’s got so many cross-over themes in it.


  • A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams is something a lot of people seem to do. The character of Blanche is an interesting one. Not one of my favourite plays I have to admit, but it’s very useful for exams.
  • King Lear or Othello by Shakespeare. I’ve seen both of these performed and they’ve immediately become a couple of my favourite Shakespeare plays. I haven’t personally done them at A-level, but I know a lot of others do.
  • The Changeling by Middleton and Rowley. Bit of a weird one. It has so many sexual innuendos (’thrusting his fingers / Into her sockets’ -believe it or not, he’s taking about putting his hand into his lady-friend’s glove that she dropped) that you’ll feel like you’ve read Shakespearian fan fiction by the end, but again, stuffed full of great quotes for the exams.
  • The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. A genuinely touching, funny and often thought provoking play. It can feel a bit like pantomime at times, but that’s what makes it so enduringly sweet. (It will also make you want to be BFFs with Wilde).

Try those and see how you get on. Best of luck with you GCSEs!

Why Gregory House is an INTJ

I’ll start by saying that House, as all fictional charaters, is harder to type than real people. Many type him as ENTP because of laziness and “p-vibe” he seems to have.

Let’s start to say that hating procedures and his always showing up late are not innate in him. In one episode of the 5th season he clearly says that he does that because of his bad relationship with is father – who, on the other hand, is always rigid and punctual – and because he didn’t want to become like him. I therefore think that, as it is something developed consciously, it should’t be taken into account.

Secondly, many INTJs are lazy when bored, and they are almost always bored. It’s not that House doesn’t want to work – when there are interesting cases he is really engaged and focused – he just is bored easily by routine work that doesn’t stimulate him enough.

Let’s then analyze the functions, which I believe fit best in those of an INTJ.


House certainly uses Intuition to solve cases. But does he use Ne or Ni?

Ne is the ultimate link maker, doing excellent job connecting ideas. However, Ne doesn’t think in metaphors, like House does.

His metaphors are so famous that if you claim he doesn’t use them, you were clearly not paying attention when watching the series.

Saying there appears to be some clotting is like saying there’s a traffic jam ahead. Is it a ten-car pile up, or just a really slow bus in the center lane? And if it is a bus, is that bus thrombotic or embolic? I think I pushed the metaphor too far.

(“Euphoria, Part 1”)

Ni is the one which makes metaphores your second language. This is the only true explenation of why House is not a Ne user.

Also, his “intuitions” are sudden and triggered by his Te or Se. But we’ll get to that.


House is quick witted and has an ready response for almost everything. He prefers logic over every everything else. Te + Ni make him always look for a bigger picture that includes all the symptoms, and he doesn’t believe in coincidences. The cause has to be logical, and to him he doen’t matter that it a usually unlikely cause. (Sherlock Holmes quote he quoted himself: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”)

He generates ideas when talking, not when thinking on its own (although he likes to think on his own - see down to the Se point). That is why he likes to debate the differentials with his team, or talk about his cases with Wilson or everyone really (in some episodes he does the differentials with random people) – because Te helps him trigger the intuitions.


Everyone knows that House has troubles expressing his feelings, but that would also fit a tertiary Fe user, not only a Fi user. He is a Fi user because of his total lack of empathy.

I’ve talked to an ENTP and he told me that even if he has difficulties to express is feelings he feels empathetic if in front of his eyes is a person experiencing strong emotions. House doesn’t.

When he sees other people showing emotions he hides more and more inside his shell, becoming also unusually quiet. (Unless he says something really harsh using is Te).


House is such an inferior Se user. Let’s think of his addictions: Vicodin, prostitutes, sweet food (oh yes, he is always eating something sweet – haven’t you noticed?). All signs of inferior Se. He is also a pianist, and appreciates the aestetics of things – like when he bought a motorcicle because it looked awesome. He also dislike change, like many fellows INTJs.

House: “It’s one of the great tragedies of life… something always – something always changes.”

He complained for weeks when Cuddy replaced his office carpet.

He has a thing for risky experiences – for example the many times he consciously risked his life and that of the patients, or just the fact that he rides a motorcicle. He also enjoys sports, as we saw when he could temporarily use his leg again.

Moreover, he use Se to help him with his thought process - when he thinks by himself, he usually plays with a ball or his cane, which means that using his Se helps him think and consequently help his intuition.

He is also very visual when doing differentials: just thinking about or hearing the symptoms is not enough, he has to write them down on his whiteboard.

Lastly, his character was inspired by Sherlock Holmes (the author of the series himself admitted that), who is an INTJ too. They have the same deduction pattern: they see clues, elaborate theories, and act on them. So, people who think he is an ENTP, I’m sorry.

Writing Immortal Characters

I see Immortal characters all over the place. I have seen them all over the place for so long. It’s not shocking, really, since death is the one thing that touches us all, and so naturally it is the one thing we dream of avoiding. 

Yet, a lot of these so called ‘Immortal’ characters tend to look, and act, like they are sixteen-years-old. I don’t understand why. Well… That’s a lie, I do. Because some authors want to transpose teenage feelings of angst and being lost onto centuries old beings for the purpose of making some loins ache. 

I’m going to try and break down what we are, as humans; and how they would effect an Immortal character. 

So, What is considered important in our society?

  • Finding love: Think of humans. By the time we are sixty, many of us prefer solitude. There is a famous quote; though I forget who it is by. But it goes something along the lines of ‘—that solitude that is so painful in youth, but so glorious in your later years.’ So this notion of the eternally lonely immortal being is likely not going to be universally felt. 
  • Having children: Continues your genes. Something you would no longer need to do. Yet something that can be done for companionship or usefulness. This is why, vampires, for examples, are not always as ‘loving’ of their ‘children’ as humans are. They can afford to lose them. 
  • Achieving something: Imagine how much you procrastinate. Yeah, me too, it’s embarrassing. And we have a very limited time here. We could die tomorrow. I hope we don’t. But… You get my drift? They could do whatever they want and never worry about time limits. 
  • Being respectful/respected: Why? Will they spend their entire life in jail, if they do something wrong? Nah. Probably twenty years at most. That’s nothing. Maybe they’ll sleep it off. And so what if you get a bad reputation? Everyone who thinks this will be dead soon. 

Now, what are the consequences of these things being unimportant? 

  • A lack of a need to find love creates a more confidant, and daring spirit. They will not need anyone’s approval; and in the same notion, do not need to impress anyone. The longer this behavior happens the more likely to become almost sociopaths in nature the person has. They see that, once you don’t need anything from people, they are very easy to read, use and/or avoid. 
  • As for not having children? Studies show that this leads to an increase in apathy for others; or your own race. It also leads to freedom. No responsibilities, bar the ones you have to yourself. 
  • Not having a time limit can be a very helpful thing. It can take away the stress and allow us to creature beautiful or daring things. However; because your character doesn’t HAVE to achieve anything for, say, a few centuries, they can feel unfulfilled and stifled, which leads to resentment of themselves or those that are doing amazing things.
  • The last point harps back to number one. They have no need of respect or a good reputation bar with others of their kind. This isn’t to say that they don’t want it, they just don’t need it. 


Remember that most of these things are not… sad things. The lack of love is not to be brooded over. It’s more of a fact. I look at the number of older people who have ever said the phrase ‘I don’t deserve to be loved,’ for example; and realize how small it is. No one I know has ever said that. I’m sure some elderly people do, and that’s horribly sad, for everyone deserves to be loved. But the fact is, It’s very unlikely an Ancient, Immortal being would feel that way just so your protagonist could show them how special they are. 

Many older people, however, seek companionship. They seek to teach, to give back, or to learn new things themselves. They seek people to accompany them on holidays, for example. They rarely, if ever, seek out love. If it finds them, that’s another story. See: The Doctor


Do you have a little brother or sister? Would it make you super angry if they managed to do something you couldn’t? Probably. That’s not innately bad. It’s just that we do not like to be outdone by those with less experience, by those who, by rites, shouldn’t do as well. This is why many Immortals have an arrogance - the same arrogance, you could say, we have towards Apes. They live far less time than us; they are only now learning to use tools…

Immortal characters will not see your Human MC as the same. 

They, might, however, be awed by them. What someone with such limitations can do might inspire them. 


  • Was your Immortal ever human?
    Obviously, the above really only applies to human psychology, and ever then it is not a blanket case. If your Immortal is of another race it will depend on that race’s psychology and/or how long they have spent around humans. 
  • What eras has your Immortal lived through? 
    And what morals did those eras leave upon them? Starting with their own life. If, say, we have a Proper Victorian Young Woman having been murdered; and now living as a Ghost. How long would it take those morals to die, if ever? Some people might be truly thankful for society’s change, others might hate it. 
  • How easy is it to kill them?
    Generally, we’re a pretty easy race to nail down. We want what we can’t have. Those beings that can’t ever die, or for whom it would be truly difficult, tend to crave death. Living, learning, taking in constant information, feeling repetitive feelings… It makes you TIRED
  • How do they view their pre-Immortal years?
    If you are looking for a more romantic-type Immortal; those that look back fondly or sadly on these times might be the way to go. Though; they likely had and lost their love way back when. First loves become a huge thing the more you’ve been alone. However, there are also those that will view this time with disdain. The MOST OBVIOUS answer that not many author’s go for is that the Immortal just simply can’t remember. 
playbill notes:  brooklyn – the musical

I Took One For The Team was actually the first song to be written.

When Lin Manuel Miranda starts writing his introduction for the playbill, he ends up talking about Betsy Greenberg, former WWII USO showgirl, the coolest old lady in their neighborhood and Hollywood actress, though, alas, Betsy never made it past minor supporting roles and hilarious B-grade horror movies.  Also, Bets might have been involved in certain hush-hush shenanigans that involved Peggy Carter and what would eventually become S.H.I.E.L.D.

Honestly, the fact that she was Steve Rogers’ first kiss was the least interesting thing about her, but hell, the way she told the story never failed to make Lin laugh.

“He was a darling, make no mistake about it, but I figured out pretty quickly he was completely gone on Barnes.”

“Well, it was illegal back then, wasn’t it?”

“There were some things people were stupid about then…. and still are now, to be honest.  But I always thought it weren’t anyone else’s business who you choose to fall in love with and so I sat little Stevie Rogers down and gave him some solid dick – you stop that laughing, young man, it meant something completely different back then!”

Nope, it wasn’t working.  Lin was still dying of laughter.

“You could say that I took one for the team.  Barnes better be damn grateful.”

This wasn’t the first time an attempt was made to bring Captain America to Broadway.  There was one that was all too obviously based on the comics version of Cap instead of the real life Steve Rogers and it only ran for one painful week.   

But to be honest, Lin kind of fell in love with little Stevie Rogers, in much the same way as he fell for Betsy and her sister USO showgirls and he could hear it already, the hints of ragtime and blues and jazz and swing, dance halls and the Lindy Hop and the more familiar sounds of the twenty first century – hip hop and rap and rock and roll and metal and before he knew it, he was done with the first song and on to the second. 

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9 Things We Learned From The Recent Persona 5 Famitsuu Article, That You Might Not Know Yet

…Hey, I’m allowed to have a click-bait title now or then too, alright!?

I wanted to make a video on this tonight, but I just realized I’m already too tired, so I’ll try record it tomorrow instead. 

For now, I’m giving you my script for that video, in order to share with you my summary on what has been learned this past week: 

1.) The heists

The targets of the party are malevolent, corrupted adults. The thief gang invade the inner worlds called „Palaces“ of these people to steal their „heart“ - here actually meaning their wrapped desires and ideals. Inside a palace, the host’s desires take the form of an item called „Treasure“. The party are trying to remove that „treasure“ from the target’s soul, thus forcing them to feel remorse for their actions and sins. However, since the target’s psyche usually has tons of defenses up against the Treasure being removed, getting to it is pretty tricky, hence the dungeons of the game.

2.) OtherworldNavi

The protagonists use a „mysterious“ Smartphone App called „OtherworldNavi“ to find their next targets and access their Palaces. From the description, it seems like „OtherworldNavi“ scans the hearts of people for corrupted desires and also opens portals to their inner Palaces.

3.) The Interrogation

We finally see the face of the woman interrogating the protagonist during the trailers. More on her later, in Makoto Nijima’s section. Personally, my theory right now is that this woman is a member of the Shadow Operatives, due to her demeanor and how unsurprised she seems by supernatural forces being involved. In the beginning of the trailer she threatened the protagonist with death if he doesn’t comply, meaning either that she is an extremist who would kill a minor for justice, or that the protagonist is under suspicions of murder at this part of the game and might end up being sentenced to death unless they bail him out.

4.) Makoto Nijima:

Previously called „Biker Girl“ by Fans, Makoto Nijima is one of the three female party members revealed in the new trailer. And yes, it annoys me a bit that her name is the same as that of the Persona 3 Protagonist in the movies. Anyway, according to the Famitsu article, Makoto is a third year student at Shuujin Academy, the same school the protagonist, Anne and Ryuuji visit. She is the student council president and very headstrong with a strong sense of justice, which apparently has been causing the problems of sorts. Her title in the article is „The Student Council President of Flawless Justice“ and her quote is „It’s true, I too am aiming for the Justice you guys speak of.“ According to director Katsura Hashino, she gets pulled into the events after the protagonist and Co realize that she is lonely and feels like she has no place to belong. Her Persona is called Johanna, and yes, Hashino confirms here that this „Johanna“ is in fact Pope Joan, the legendary female pope and inspiration for the images on the Priestess Tarot Cards. If you wanna know more about her, feel free to check out my video on the Priestess Arcana from a couple of weeks ago. (I had amazing timing there…) Her Persona is also capable of using Nuclear-Elemental Frei-spells for the first time since Persona 2, meaning that this game is not going to conflate Almighty and Nuclear Skills into the same category, but treads them as separate elements.

Interestingly, this character here, who’s name could be either Sae, Saya or Saeru, depending on the reading (Japanese names tend to be stupidly ambiguous with how they’re actually read) shares Makoto’s last name, Nijima, meaning that they’re probably related by blood. It’s gonna be interesting to see how an antagonist and a party member being related by blood is gonna play out here. (She’s the interrogator from the start of the trailer.)

5.) Futaba Sakura

We’ve already been introduced to her during the trailer, so I’ll keep this brief. Futaba’s title is „The Hikikomori Genius Hacker“, and personal quote is „…Navi. I will guide you to victory!“ Her characteristic is an extreme mathematical intelligence, which causes her to be a programming genius, but also incredibly awkward with social interaction. Due to that and a Trauma that caused her strong social anxiety, she stopped leaving her house and has been holed up in her room ever since middle school. The article doesn’t mention which High School she is enrolled in, if any, only that she should technically be a High School First Year, but has never set foot in there. Futaba is also a giant nerd; in one of the screen shots she even calls the protagonist outright “Protagonist”. If that’s how she refers to him in her navigation too, just “Protag”, I can die happy. And yes, Futaba is her given name. Sakura is her family name, not meaning „Cherry Blossom“, but „Helpful Storage“. By the way, Futaba means „sprout“. Again, her Persona is Necronomicon, and according to the director, its futuristic design is meant to symbolize Futaba’s technical genius. He also mentioned that Futaba is one of the most important characters within the party when it comes to the plot, so, look forward to that.

6.) Haru Okumura

Haru is a third year student in Shuujin Academy and, boy, does THAT confuse me. Despite Shuujin being supposed to be a correctional facility, Haru is characterized as a little princess, the daughter of the owner of a famous brand of take-out-food, and very rich and spoiled. She’s good at talking to people, but doesn’t really value others, because of her wealthy upbringing, that has rendered her rather naive to the harsh reality of the world. Her title is „The company Heiress who trusts nobody“ and her quote is „…I will commit myself to this. Whatever I can do, I want to do with commitment.“ Her Persona is Milady de Winter, an Antagonist of the Three Musketeers.

7.) The Velvet Room

According to Katsura Hashino, the Velvet Room this time is supposed to represent the protagonist’s own „Mental Prison“, and Igor is trying to lead him towards a „Rebirth into Freedom“. According to the director, Igor acting and sounding different to how he did in past games has been incorporated into the plot and likewise, Caroline and Justine being twins is plot-relevant as well. It’s also mentioned that Caroline and Justine don’t really have much respect for the Protagonist and treat him like a child.

8.) Day To Day Life, now including double-identity

While many mechanics have been brought back from Persona 1 and 2, a lot of mechanics from Persona 3 and Persona 4 make a return as well. You can still hang out with friends after school, date characters you like (the article only mentions girls, but who knows) and send your protagonist to part time work. There’s also gonna be a story event where they fly abroad, among other things. Hashino said he wants to place huge emphasis on the characters’ double lives here.

9.) Real Life: Morgana has taken over the official Persona 5 News Twitter. (Just a little bit of trivia)

This twitter page was previously hosted by Teddie from Persona 4 and had been written in-character in his speech style ever since it was first started in 2008, but starting last week Thursday night, it was permanently „taken over“ by Morgana of Persona 5. When asked about Teddie’s well-being, Morgana said, „Don’t worry about Teddie, the guy’s doing just fine.“ Fans responded to this with heartfelt farewell messages to Teddie in honor of his „Retirement“ and a lot of good luck wishes for Morgana in the future. Also, the Mangaka responsible for the Persona 4 Ultimax Manga (which, by the way is amazing and better than the game), drew a picture of Teddie and Morgana together, to commemorate the baton-pass.

The Language Of Tarot: How to Determine A Theme For Your Deck

What does it mean for tarot to have a language?

The “language” of tarot in this exercise refers to the way that the tarot communicates with the reader to highlight its message. If you own a deck, you may have noticed that amongst the traditional meanings there is often a deck-centric motif that ties the entire deck together.

The most basic traditional symbols come from the Rider Waite’s traditional meanings of each card (we’ll cover this regarding the major arcana during the actual challenge). Additionally, the four elements of the minor arcana are often incorporated into the major arcana (Cups, Pentacles, Wands, Swords - for the prime example, check out The Magician in many decks). The original RWS imagery is pastoral and reflects common human scenarios while still having enough mysticism to convey an otherworldly feel. It connects with the reader while still feeling as if it brims with great power. 

That said, many modern decks have worked with additional language to further enhance the reading. whether this is a very defined mapped concept to each card, (a tarot deck using famous goddesses to represent each card, a dragon tarot, a fandom tarot), and/or a stylistic theme (a deck stylized around victorian gothic illustration, the housewives tarot, a strongly geometric and abstract tarot) This adds an extra layer of interpretation to the basic Rider-Waite style meanings and an extra oomph of personality. 

Even Rider Waite clones thrive due to a theme - this is what makes them coherent. The Tarot Illuminati relies heavily on the RWS visual cues, but interprets them as larger than life, epic figures with extra texture and color - different cultural motifs are also used to represent each minor arcana suit (warm, flowing Arabic influence for the wands, severe, cold Elizabethan for the Swords) to further cue the readings even into the Majors. I’ve described reading with the Tarot Illuminati before as reading with a bunch of fantasy metal album covers - it achieves an epic, grandiose, over the top and severe feel even on top of the original pastoral imagery. 

This is what makes a good tarot deck so powerful - that sense of coherency and those symbolic handholds for grasping information. The original decks draw on pastoral scenes, human interaction, almost religious-esque imagery and common emotions to depict each card - these are things that can tap into intuition and the human psyche. Further variations on the cards in more modern decks play with these existing themes and symbols to add nuance and personality to the readings.

This sounds stressful!

This isn’t stressful or hard to achieve - in fact, beginning with a concept is going to give you the cornerstone of your new deck. If you start with a theme or concept to use in conjunction to the traditional RWS deck, you will find the pieces fall into place a lot easier. This is a lot like giving yourself a prompt - giving yourself a limited frame of reference can stop you from getting lost or overwhelmed. 

Now, you don’t have to use this method to create a deck by any means! If you have a vision in mind, if you prefer to work intuitively with the pre-determined theme really just being whatever your style is, or if you are just concerned that you’re going to get too locked into a framework, you can just go by feel or think about what you’d like to have. But if you’re stuck, here’s a place to start. 

What should my concept be?

Let me ask you another question - what do you care about? 

Your deck is going to be successful if you make it about something you can relate to and have passion towards. Put aside having any sort of commercial appeal or a need for deep mysticism or meaning for now. What do you care about? What do you connect with in your spiritual practice? What do you just connect with in life? What do you like?

The answer to these questions will be something that you as a creator and a reader will be able to connect with and find extra power in when you make and read from your deck. Even if you don’t think your theme is particularly “profound”, it will be relatable to you, and your readings will be that much more personalized for it. 

What should my deck be like?

Try answering these questions if you want a different kind of start: 

  • Do you like clean pictures or complex images?
  • Do you like big spreads or do you want to get a lot from one card? 
  • Do you want to mirror the rider waite, or do you want to reinvent many of your own interpretations?
  • Do you have a particular passion, interest or hobby that would go well with a tarot deck?

Once you answer these questions, you’ll have an idea of what kind of deck you’d like to have, and you can consider a practical theme accordingly.

How do I apply my theme and establish my language?

We will do this more in the challenge itself, but if you want to plan ahead, start by listing out all of the major arcana. Look through your own favorite decks online or in person to see what has been done with each card. Write down the impressions you get from each card. What aspect of your theme can you relate to what you’ve written down? What symbols in the card and concepts map to part of your own interests? 

Take notes for yourself. What feels like it could be wands - or what wands mean - to you? 

I am drowning in my theme. I feel stuck and uninspired!

Then drop it, my friend. Sometimes the best way to create is to get out of your own way. Was it working great right up until The Hanged Man? Do you feel like your Hermit is being forced? Do not feel married to your theme - if you get another idea, roll with it. Accept some cards might work better than others and you can always, always redo something later! 

Remember - this is a framework, and you can always, always break out of the frame. 

Can I get some general theme inspiration?

Sure the heck you can, sonny. 

  • Are you thinking of using your deck as part of a religious/spiritual practice? Honor your religious beliefs by theming your deck around your religion. Make each card a reference to a story or figure from a religious text, make a deck of deities from your pantheon, design a deck with a different spiritual quote for each card. 
  • Even if you aren’t religious, taking inspiration from fairytales, folktale and mythology characters and archetypes can be an awesome way to theme each Major Arcana card.
  • Even your favorite storytelling devices have archetypes and tropes that could spark cards in a majors deck (think of the common tropes of things like western comics, film noir, anime, horror flicks, musicals - what cards do those make you think of?)
  • And while we’re on it, go ahead and give in to the Pop Culture call and make a fandom deck - these are incredibly fun to make and share. Assign a concept or character from your favorite thing to each card, and drop in plenty of goofy, nerdy references. 
  • A simple idea: Try to make a deck where you use a different color per card. No repeats. This is great if you like color magic. 
  • One of my favorite things about the Shadowscapes tarot is that in the Major Arcana, there is a reoccurring red ribbon that is shown in different interactions with each card (the hermit hangs his lantern off of it, the fool lets it flutter in the wind, the devil ties his victims to himself with it). What would happen if you made a major arcana with just a series of reoccurring characters or a reoccurring item being treated in different ways? 
  • What’s your favorite place in the world? Set your deck there. 
  • If you are a type snob, this idea is either your dream or your nightmare - make a digital deck with different fonts for each card. 
  • Select imagery entirely from the same aesthetic. Moody and broody, bright and kawaii, southern gothic, high fantasy, modern solarpunk - think of a setting and work with the visual tropes from it. 

What’s your biggest takeaway advice for this post?

Be aware of language, but don’t try to master your language. Your tarot language has not yet been invented, and hence you don’t need to speak it for the deck before it even exists. Don’t worry and follow your instincts as you are planning and creating. 

If you’ve ever sat through a lit or art class and had to look at ~the masterworks~, you’ve had to deal with a teacher telling you about all the rich symbolism in a piece of writing or a painting that was fully intentional. You’ve probably had That Kid in your class go “but how do we know it was done on purpose?” You might feel incredibly overwhelmed as an artist by these masterworks, especially at the insistence of the teacher that the great master knew what they were doing. This might be what this feels like. 

It is a daunting thing to look at decks with great concepts and go, how did they think of that so far ahead of time?

I’ll give you a spoiler - they didn’t. The symbolism was both intentional and unintentional, in all of the above: the writings, the paintings and those tarot decks. In those fabled masterworks, the artist most likely started going by instinct or had one idea and throughout the process, more clever ideas clicked for them. They reread their work and saw an awesome chance for a larger metaphor that they then carved out in the rewrite. They smeared paint somewhere, created a happy accident, and developed a groundbreaking new technique. It is the human condition to unearth something larger of what already exists (just go ask all of religious mythos), and you can exploit that to create a rich, brilliant deck, rather than grow too focused on creating too much symbolism and theming off the bat. 

In your deck, you will find lots of amazing details and patterns you didn’t even intend, and you can enhance those and play with them in later cards or reworks of earlier cards. So go ahead, relax, keep a concept in mind just enough to start, be willing to go where your mind takes you, and make sure you have fun! 

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Taylor Swift Comes To Comics As A Girl Detective:

Curran have written an illustrated novel about a parallel world inhabited by Taylor Swift: Girl Detective, and now they have a Kickstarter campaign in place to fund a printing of the book. I jumped at the chance to interview the two creators, if only to see how the celebrity/young adult/detective/parody mash-up came to be. They were also kind enough to provide us with a special sneak peek of the first five chapters of the book.

Bleeding Cool: Where did the idea for this story originate?

LZ: The idea for Taylor Swift: Girl Detective originally came about when I was on a road trip with my sister. I always liked Ms. Swift’s retro-y dress sense, and realized while looking at a fashion blog that she really had an uncanny resemblance to Nancy Drew. It wasn’t just the clothes, but also the attitude – this can-do, well-put-together, unflappable energy of achievement and arched-eyebrow sass. So for about a year, I’ve been posting pictures of her looking (what I consider) detective-y and writing little captions under them. Basically, creating this alternative world very much like our own, except in it Taylor Swift is a modern-day Nancy Drew.

We wanted to create something that feels like it could be an endless mystery series, just like the actual Nancy Drew books. I grew up reading Nancy Drew, and so did my Mom, and I think it’s great (and hilarious) that this go-get-em female lead has stood the test of time. So this is our spin on that.

I’m also a mystery junkie in general. Kitty shares my lust for twisty narratives, jokes, and wordplay. We broke the outline together, I wrote the text of the book, and then we worked together to punch it up and shape things. We jam-packed the story with more feminism, puns, and feminist puns than the original.

It was also really important to us for the mystery to track, and draw the reader in. We want to give people a kick, make them laugh, and maybe make them feel like the pop star detective we all could be, if we tried.

BC: Have either of you ever published any other novels or comics separately? Have you two worked together before?

LZ: I haven’t published anything in book form, on my own or in a partnership. I do a lot of writing on my blog/s and always have, but my background is in video and theatre. I have more collaborative video stuff like that out in the world than I do my own writing, because so much of screenwriting only gets “published” if you actually make it into, you know. A thing on a screen. I’ve been working on a comic with my other writing partner, Joe Tracz, but he’s been a bit busy since he’s actually writing for the Netflix Lemony Snicket series! Kitty and I work together on many projects, but the one that got us together is actually another comics project…

KC: We got to be friends when working on a planned webcomic that fell by the wayside after the other contributors moved away/had a baby. We still hope to get back to that at some point, but for right now we’ve got a few too many other things on our plate. We also were finalists for an educational graphic novel pitch, and have a few other upcoming joint projects planned out. We also have made some zines together, including a disinspirational quotes zine – basically a parody of those motivational quotes you see on Pinterest. As far as personal work goes, I’ve had stuff published as part of a few comics anthologies based in Chicago, and done artwork for Upworthy and CNN amongst others.

3 Rewards_Stickers
BC: Have either of you ever run a kickstarter before?

LZ: Nope!

KC: I’ve been part of comics anthologies that were Kickstarted, but this is my first time actually organizing one. It is as intense as the bards spoke of.

BC: How long have you been working on this project already? Is it done?

LZ: I started the photo blog about right at the start of 2015, and by October of 2015, Kitty and I decided to join forces and make it an actual book. And by “join forces” I mostly mean, I said “it would be fun to make this an actual book one day,” and Kitty looked me dead in the eye, opened her computer, and said “let’s block it out, then.” And she made me start outlining it with her, that very moment. This is apparently the best way to ever achieve anything: have Kitty Curran tell you that you can, and demand you start, and also lend you her brain when yours stops working.

KC: I would have been a fan of the blog even if I hadn’t known the creator because it is a work of ludicrous hilarity. I also had a suspicion that we could make a decent go of it after I made a parody Taylor Swift: Girl Detective book cover for the blog, and people responded really well. We even got a cosplayer! So when Larissa talked about doing a book for real, I was obviously like “YES. WE ARE MAKING THIS NOW.” We blocked out the basic plot together, then Larissa worked on the prose while I did a few test illustrations and worked out how stylized vs. realistic the artwork would be. Then once she finished the first draft I got down to doing the rest of the illustrations. The book is now done and laid out in inDesign. We wanted to get that done before launching the Kickstarter, in order to avoid a “it’s been two years and people are still waiting” situation.

BC: As of this writing, your project already has almost all of its funding. Are there any plans in place for stretch goals?

KC: We looked into making the book hardback, but the options were either too expensive, or would take far too long to print for our liking. Instead we are now thinking about a potential mini adventure or booklet for all backers receiving a physical copy of the book, or new stickers and other goodies. We basically didn’t expect this to take off so fast, so we’re still working out potential stretch goals if we were to do them.

BC: I met you guys at the Denver Comic & Art Expo. Have you gone to any other conventions with this project? What has the reaction from the public been?

LZ: The best part of DINK was seeing people react to the work. Pick up the book, read a joke or let a scene register, and laugh. Or when they would double-take as they were walking past the images at the art. We’ve mostly been making things in one or other of our apartments, and though we have supportive friend-fans, we never got to see a reaction like that in real time before.

KC: DINK was the first time we tabled with this project, so after showing it only to friends and family (who are of course going to be encouraging), it was a big relief to see strangers react to it so well. We ended up having to do an emergency reprint of the teaser booklet of the first 5 chapters after the first day, which was a big surprise. It’s just been really exciting seeing the reactions of people who don’t have to like the project responding so well to it. As far as other cons, we will also be promoting it at Chicago Zine Fest at the end of the month. And should we get funded, we might have a signing/event potentially lined up at a Chicago comic store around June.

BC: What are some of your favorite mysteries?

LZ: I am a mystery junkie. I prefer the fun and arch stuff to the heartbreaking or gross stuff (no Dragon Tattoo for me.) So much genre fiction is just the strongest, most engaging fiction out there, to me. I love John Le Carre, PD James, and Tana French. I have a Nancy Drew tattoo on my neck, and I think my love of her adventures is obvious. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is divine. Hot Fuzz is the best. Broadchurch, the first season of the British one, is beautiful and tragic. I get too into following True Crime and am afraid of everything and get rageful and cry, so I try to avoid that. Often I can’t because it’s just too engrossing. I can’t tear my eyes away from the ID Channel if it’s on. But my absolute favorite mysteries are ones when a ragtag team assembles out of necessity to Get Shit Done. Veronica Mars, rest in peace.

KC: All of Larissa’s suggestions, plus I do have a soft spot for certain police procedurals too – especially Cold Case. Also the cozy British something-terrible-has-happened-in-the-vicarage type mysteries like Midsomer Murders and pretty much any Agatha Christie adaptation. I grew up on the Famous Five so I do have a lingering fondness for scrappy-kids-solve-the-case stories. The earlier Harry Potter books fall under this category, and recently I’ve got really into Gotham Academy.

BC: The art in this book is heavily reminiscent of other child detective novels (Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, or even Encyclopedia Brown). Was it difficult to adapt your own style into these retro-feeling illustrations?

KC: I really enjoyed it overall! Once I figured out the basic look of the art and how to make a celebrity caricature work in that style, it just became endlessly entertaining. Larissa wrote in some hilariously ridiculous scenarios, so I was doing a lot of chuckling to myself when working. There is no way Lorde taking down a suspect John Cena style will not be fun to draw.

BC: Taylor spends a lot of time in Starbucks in the preview chapters. Is it a place that you often find yourself when you are looking for inspiration?

LZ: I work at Starbucks. I spend a latte time in Starbucks. A latte. But even before I worked there, I ended up there quite a bit. Starbucks is this place that embodies the idea of “the third place,” meaning it isn’t home or work but is some place in between where people can hang out or get their own work done. In that way, it’s like a universal study hall with locations all over the world.

BC: The Nancy Drew series (which you quoted as an influence) was incredibly long running, with 175 novels in the original series. Are there any plans to turn Taylor Swift: Girl Detective into a series?

LZ: We definitely have two solid stories sketched out, should we do more books. They are very much in the vein of Nancy’s “field trip” sort of adventures. Nancy Drew solves a mystery on a farm! Nancy Drew goes skiing, and what do you know, there is a mystery in the snow! We’ve had a lot of fun working out how the real-life “characters” from Taylor Swift’s life would show up in the mystery-world narrative of her life, and what their roles would be.

We’ve also been confronted with concern for the legality of the parody we’re doing. We’ve been told by lawyer friends and our extensive research into the Right of Publicity and parody that we should be okay, since the work is transformative and has such clear art value independent of Taylor Swift, Starbucks, and Nancy Drew, but you know. We also live in fear of their wrath and love them all and hope it’s all taken in good fun.

KC: We did consider doing it MAD style – ie. “Saylor Twift and Starvucks Lovers”. But that way was just not as funny – a large part of the humour is how straight Larissa’s prose plays it. It actually really works as a YA mystery of a certain era, albeit a very weird one with multiple Taylor Swift gags. But I would really love to make at least a couple more Taylor Swift: Girl Detective books if we can. And hey, if an erotic novel starring Donald Trump can become an Amazon bestseller, I hope we should be ok!

BC: Lorde seems to be the sidekick on this mystery. Will she always be solving mysteries with Taylor, or will there be a rotating cast of superstar singers helping her save the day?

KC: Lorde fulfills the role George did in the Nancy Drew series – the tough tomboyish sidekick. However, without giving too much away, some other members of Taylor’s squad do make an appearance. I also think Selena Gomez would make an excellent Bess equivalent were we to do future mysteries.

What Dream Girl? - A Jiyong Fic

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Chapter 7

“Just come to me,” Taeyang sang from the booth where he was recording another song for his new solo album. It was probably the tenth time he sang the chorus, with Jiyong, who was producing, never being quite satisfied with any of them to the point where it was 2:30 AM and they were still working on that one part. Even so, Jiyong had trouble staying focused on the song he had written and instead was staring at the extra pair of headphones laying on the soundboard – the ones that you had worn months earlier.

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The way I’m supposed to love you >> Suga, You (Scenario)

-“I love the way you love, but i hate the way I supposed to love you back”

This can be a new kind of scenario or a small continue of ‘Don’t trust me’ until I write part 3 XD So, what I mean is that you don’t have to read don’t trust me first before it. 

Anonie~ This quote was so close to ma story so I hope you don’t mind~ 

“Let’s not meet each other again. It’s better if we kept a distance by now.” It was him, who said it so why was he drinking himself up again. Was a week without you that hard?

Yoongi thought that actually he was the idiot one. Not all people are the same after all, he should have understood it and he should have known how much you actually could mean to him.

Finding himself at your doorway, Yoongi sighed, feeling the alcohol working up his body and setting it on fire. He couldn’t remember how the hell he ended up here. But there was no returning back anyway.

He could feel the alcohol making him do things that his mind refused to do. He knew that when he sober up the next day he would regret what he was about to do.

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How to be the most creative person in the world

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If we assume the universal definition of what it means to be creative is: to produce something both valuable and unique, then we can build a foundation from which to evaluate the other components of the question: “How can I become the most creative person in the world?”

To be the most creative person, you would need to produce numerous ideas which are both valuable and unique. We’re talking global, revolutionary stuff here.

We can look through the history books to see who has done this feat before (producing multiple ideas which are of an original variety and provide some value to the wider group or society).

Albert Einstein undoubtedly was a remarkably creative person. To quote the Wikipedia page on Einstein: “He developed the general theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics)… is also known for [his] influence on the philosophy of science…. is best known in popular culture for his mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc2 (which has been dubbed “the world’s most famous equation”). He received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his ‘services to theoretical physics,’ in particular his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect, a pivotal step in the evolution of quantum theory.”

Other historically “great” creatives include Archimedes (a remarkable mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer who revolutionized many of these arenas with his ideas), da Vinci (who was a famous inventor, painter, sculpture, architect, scientist, musician, mathematician, engineer, writer, astronomer, and botanist), Elon Musk (who has helped propel reusable rockets into outer space as well as revolutionize the electronic automobile industry, in addition to other business and energy-efficiency related ventures), Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, on and on the list could go.

If we begin to look through the massive amounts of literature on the lives of these individuals, some surprising trends tend to bubble to the surface.

But before we touch on those similarities, let’s quickly touch on where original and valuable ideas come from in the first place. In his appropriately titled book, Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson explains the seven key elements that produce creative ideas. They are:

  1. The adjacent possible
  2. Liquid networks
  3. Slow hunches
  4. Serendipity
  5. Errors
  6. Exaptation
  7. Platforms

To encounter the most novel and valuable ideas requires each of these things in varying degrees.

The adjacent possible (1) simply means what is actually possible in the world of today; you could not, for example, have invented the iPhone in the 1920s due to the technical and resource limitations of that time.

Liquid networks (2) and platforms (7) are how ideas and information spread around and through us. The Internet is a great example of a liquid network, but only in certain contexts. A more solid example would be Quora, where ideas are free to spread, evolve, and reproduce.

This leads to exaptation (6), the ability for ideas to shed certain layers in order to evolve (or adapt) into something more useful.

Slow hunches (3) are just that: hunches that develop over time. The critical point of which is time itself. The best ideas, it seems, take time.

Serendipity (4) is something mostly out of our control. However, we can do things in our lives to prompt it (like involve ourselves in fluid networks and come to understand what adjacent possibles exist in our lives today).

Errors (5), of course, are typically a requirement for creative ideas because they allow ideas to evolve in the proper ways. What typically gets people hung-up about errors, unfortunately, is that it can sting to be wrong. Nobody wants to make a mistake, yet making mistakes is the best way to learn what works and what doesn’t. To quote the brilliant writer slash statistician Nassim Nicholas Taleb: “It is true that a thousand days cannot prove you right, but one day can prove you to be wrong.”

Now, if we go along with Johnson’s requirements for where good ideas come from, and if we start look at the list of historically “great” creative thinkers, we can more clearly see some trends that make a lot of practical sense.

Many of the thinkers on our list were exposed (either by fortune or misfortune) to adjacent possibles and fluid networks by sheer proximity. Archimedes lived in the literal hub of ideas, while Franklin surrounded himself with the most motivated of individuals, and Edison created a literal group for the purpose of producing ideas.

The number of errors each individual encountered through-out their life is high as well. Einstein, for example, is well-known for his countless mistakes (see: Einstein’s Mistakes: The Human Failings of Genius), his failed attempts at complex equations, and even years failing to become a successful educator.

Undoubtedly one of the most vital parts of each creative individual’s life was sheer serendipity: not only being in the right place at the right time (literally), but also being able to identify the moment when a good idea could be captured and explored.

What this tells us is that we must do whatever we can in our lives to promote each of these aspects of brewing good ideas however possible. Surrounding ourselves with intelligent and diverse people, paying attention to recent trends and breakthroughs, being open to mistakes and attempting got learn from them, giving ourselves time to develop ideas, etc.

But most importantly, I believe, to be the most creative person in the world is to be the most curious person in the world. Because for each possibility there is the ability to ignore it, to be blinded by the way we think the world should be instead of the way it really, actually could be.

To be the most creative person in the world you must have each of these things, but they will do you no good unless you are capable of observing your circumstance. The best way to do that, undoubtedly, is to be open to possibilities and the going-ons around you: to simply be insatiably curious.

It was Albert Einstein, after-all, who famously quipped:

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

[TRANS] The Celebrity - Woohyun

Woohyun expressed his confidence that he can feel the love from the fans through their gazes. Since he in particular loves his fans so much, when we asked him if there was a special event that he wanted to do for the fans, he answered that he wanted to build a small theater and hold a ‘one person talk concert.’ There he will sing and chat with the fans. Maybe make the concert three hours long and have a meal with them too. “Ah, would that be considered a dinner show?” he laughed bashfully and we were confirmed, once again, that Woohyun’s most important, number one priority is his loving fans, the receivers of his endless hearts and love. Some day, Woohyun will say this: “Love does return!” (T/N: a famous quote from ‘Stairway to Heaven’) - Editor Lim Joonyeon

Do you think you grew up well like how your nickname ‘Namu’ (T/N: tree) indicates? Which tree would you compare yourself to?
Aren’t you starting the interview too suddenly from the start? What kind of a tree is Nam Namu? Haha! (After contemplation) Gingko tree. Since gingko leaves fall and become fertilizer for earth over time, I’m reminded of the circle of life. As I age more, I feel like I’m growing mentally. And gingko trees live for a long time, and they’re good for blood circulation, right? Since it’s ‘eunhaeng’ (T/N: means gingko but also means bank), I feel like I’m going to make more money too. Ah, am I just busting out rhymes?

We think you can compete in <Show Me the Money>. Do you think you grew up well? Gingko Nam Namu?
Shouldn’t I mature more? I need to grow older. Gingko trees live for such a long time that they’re called the ‘living fossil’; I need to grow bigger and become more mature.

What is Nam Namu’s dream then?
A lot of people think that I’ve accomplished my dream already, but I still have much more to do. Since I’ve done a lot as a member of INFINITE, I need to show people something new. So while I train myself, I want to show different sides of me as much as I can. I thought about a lot of if’s before thinking about my dream. Like how I would react and what I could do if I were to come across many situations. Even though I do think that I’ll do well in everything if I try, it’s still hard to say.

Your picture from the Youth FC game was received well.
Youth FC has a lot of people around my age. I was able to feel how they live their lives to the fullest, and their  desperation and passion; I was very inspired. I almost cried. I was very touched because during the game, they had this determined facial expression, “This has to be it, not anything else.” I was able to empathize with them because a lot of them had to give up their dreams because of their personal circumstances. I’m a fan of Youth FC.

You compose a lot of songs. How many do you have so far?
Around 40~50? Maybe I’ll be able to publish them in a special album, sometime before I die. Hahaha! I’m preparing it with utmost care, so when our fans least expect it, it might come out, like ‘bam!’ (Laugh) I tend to write songs based on my personal experiences. “When I Close My Eyes” is about me and the woman I love the most, my mom. I wrote the lyrics based on what my mom said to me when I was little. “Together” is about my members and our fans, and I composed “Beautiful” because my love for our fans was overflowing.

You dyed your hair blonde this time. It really suits you well. Is there another hairstyle that you want to try out next time? (Kim Soyoung)
I wanted to change things up a little bit so I dyed my hair blonde; does it look okay? At first, I thought, “Is it too weird? Maybe I should’ve listened to my company,” and regretted dying it. Ah, my company was against me dying my hair. I think it looks okay now that I got used to it. I have no regrets. I wanted to try this hairstyle out…I didn’t really like dying my hair before because my scalp is on the delicate side. Next time, I’ll have to gather more courage to try another hairstyle.

I’m curious about what role you want to try out in a drama, if you were to get casted! (Yang Jihyun)
A villain! I want to widen the spectrum of my acting. If I were to try a lot of different things, i also want to try acting in a historical drama. Like a young prince, or the first son of the prince? I’ve been keeping up with my acting studies.

I heard that you’re a fan of Chef Baek. Have you tried any of his recipes? Please tell us your own recipe or any food that you’ve been into lately. (Ahn Jisoo)
Chicken! It was really delicious. I don’t know if you knew, but I am a man who can cook quite well. My main dishes are kimchi jjigae and braised spicy chicken; you can say that spam kimchi jjigae is my specialty. Everyone says that it’s good. My own recipe - Chef Baek also does this too - you need to put the pork meat into the water you get from the final washing of your rice and boil it for 35~40 minutes. That’s how you get a rich broth. You just need four ingredients: pork meat, onions, green onions, and kimchi. Sugar is a No, No. You can get the sweet flavor from the onions.

If you were to come out on <Take Care of My Fridge>, what would you request?
Something simple that I can make and eat on my own. I like rice and risotto. Ah, I want to eat~

CR: The Celebrity
Translated by: togetherinspirit7


Aaaagh, so it’s Logan Lerman aka my baby’s birthday today, and I cannot believe you are turning 23 freaking years old! But instead of doing what I usually do and make a speech about how inspirational and wonderful and amazing you are, I’ve listed 10 of my favourite quotes from Logan Wade Lerman:

1.) “I’d say a man is someone who is honest, strong-minded, moral, genuine, just a good human being.”

2.) “Life is a rollercoaster ride and I don’t indend on being the one screaming and hanging on for dear life.”

3.) “I just want to make sure I’m contributing good films to movie history rather than being famous just to be famous.”

4.) “I would add a little more love in the world. It’s ridiculous, I know, but it is one thing I would do.”

5.) “Everyday you wake up, just motivated to work a long day, and you go to bed that night, inspired to wake up the next morning and do it all over again.”

6.) “Acting has always been a part of my life and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. Making films is my passion.”

7.) “Love has no age.”

8.) “I want to be a good actor more than anything - someone you can respect.”

9.) “Some people don’t have an open mind, and when I was traveling to different places I think I found it hard to enjoy things. You know, I come from a great city where there are lots of things happening, and if you end up in a small town where you don’t have all those things you can feel the difference. Somewhere along the way, though, I think I learned to appreciate the difference.”

10.) “I’m not the kind of guy who got into this to be famous.”

Okay, so it was kind of inevitable, but……. I love you so so much and I can’t believe how far you’ve come. I am so proud of you and there is literally nothing I wouldn’t do to get the chance to meet you. We’ve seen you grow from a tiny baby in The Patriot to an adorable child in The Butterfly Effect, and a sassy yet hilariously cringey teenager in Meet Bill. We saw you get your big break in Percy Jackson, which was a shitty movie, but at least you gave me something to like about it. You were an awesome badass fighter in the Three Muskateers, and you REALLY know how to werk that long hair. We related to you so much in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, and you taught us that embracing your identity isn’t the worst thing in the world. You were amazing in Stuck in Love, and I can’t wait to see your incredible acting in Fury. I hope you have an amazing birthday, because I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. (actually I can, but thats not really the point :). I love you so much, and I don’t think I can ever say that enough.

Remember that fankind stick together.


How Aizen tried to "out" Gin as a good guy

As requested by anon. :)

Once upon a time, I made a list about how Aizen would ask out Gin, only there was a big typo in the title, so that the list actually promised to tell how Aizen would out Gin. This inspired an anon to ask me to write a list about how Aizen tried to “out” Gin as somebody who was secretly good. After all, we know that Aizen knew all along that Gin was secretly good and was plotting to murder him. But what if Aizen wanted Gin to slip up and show his hand early? Here are some things Aizen might have tried!

1. Asked Gin to help him shave.

Using a very, very sharp razor.

Aizen: That’s right, Gin. Just press the blade up against my throat and cut………….away all the hair.

Aizen: Or whatever else you might feel…compelled to do. 

Gin: Your tone is very odd, Aizen-sama.

Gin: Do you have a shaving fetish?

2. Told Gin that he had a terrible, deadly peanut allergy….and then asked him to make dinner.

He also conveniently left a bag of peanuts in the kitchen.

Aizen: This dinner is delicious, Gin.

Aizen: By the way, I noticed that bag of peanuts is mysteriously missing.

Aizen: You wouldn’t have accidentally put them in my food, would you have?

Gin: Nah, I gave ‘em to Barragan. He has an elephant, you know!

Aizen: …..right.

3. Invited Gin to a shooting range.

….the shooting range of Hueco Mundo, I mean.

Aizen: I feel like today is a good day for me to stand over here, defenseless, while you hold a high-powered rifle.

Gin: That’s nice.


Gin: Uh, Aizen-sama, is the target I’m shooting at you?

Aizen: Yes, Gin. Does that make you - feel anything?

Gin: Only that maybe you should have a session with Tosen about your self-loathing, Aizen-sama.

4. Mentioned Matsumoto’s name in casual conversation.

Just to see how Gin reacted.

Aizen: Sometimes I wonder who the people back in Soul Society are doing. 

Aizen: Like that old friend of yours. What was her name - Matsumoto Rangiku?

Gin: Don’t you have the place bugged?

Gin: I assumed you’d have it bugged.

Aizen: ….right.

5. Asked Gin’s opinion of a laser fueled by kittens.

To test how “good” his internal goodness really is.

Gin: I don’t know, Aizen-taicho.

Gin: If we are going with baby animals, then why go with cats?

Gin: Why not puppies? Or baby otters? Or actual babies?

Aizen: So much is now clear.

6. Asked Tosen to “read” Gin.

Because Tosen is very adept at seeing what is truly inside people.

Aizen: Here is a fun after-dinner game.

Aizen: Kaname, what do you see inside Gin?


Tosen: I see layers and layers of coldness and cruelty. But underneath all that…

Aizen: Yes?

Tosen: A solid core of evil.

Aizen: Oh.

7. Shoehorned famous revenge quotes into conversation.

You know, like, “Revenge is a dish best served cold” or the one about digging two graves. Just to see if mentioning “revenge” gets any sort of reaction out of Gin. 

Aizen: Gin, do you think it’s true that when you set out on a mission of vengeance, you should dig two graves?

Gin: Certainly, Aizen-taicho.

Gin: Not really much of a revenge plan, if there’s only going to be one body!

8. Asked Gin about his childhood.

To see if Gin might let something slip.

Gin: I hung out in the woods mostly. Thanks for showing an interest!

Aizen: …that’s it?

Gin: I was poor, Aizen-taicho. It’s not like I had a gameboy.

9. Forced all of his staff to perform “trust exercises.”

Mostly that one where one person falls and the other person has to catch him. Aizen paired himself with Gin, of course…after pairing Gin with a bunch of other people (as a control).

Aizen: Gin….you’ve deliberately dropped everyone. Even Luppi.

Gin: This exercise is very confusing.

10. Told Gin about his zanpakuto’s weakness.

Because let’s face it. No way Aizen accidentally let that one slip.


Gin: I thought it seemed too good to be true.