if i was fame

Get it together kids.

Pray tell, why must there be an overwhelming amount of people who do not understand the concept of tagging? Specifically when it comes to kpop groups. I get that half of these people are 12 (and no I’m not pulling the “everyone younger than me is 12 card” there’s hella young people on this site) but chillllllll. I don’t care for your relatable kpop memes. That, and whatever other nonsense you’re tagging incorrectly. You tag the groups you’re actually talking about and we can all live in a slightly less hellish tumblr world.

anonymous asked:

☕ i hate alaska. i hate violet. AND I HATE miss fame. okay hate is a strong word but y'aaaall

i disagree but i would like to know why you think this anon

Love is a losing game
It will drive you up the wall insane.
Love is a losing game
Should I choose you
Or this everlasting fame?
Can you feel the excruciating pain
It is to love someone you simply cannot find?
When we’re together we’re so lame,
Although I can see you,
I’m losing my mind.
But they say
Love is a losing game
It is a fate resigned.
I simply want to speak the words
To make you mine,
But those words are lost
And them I cannot find.
If love is a losing game
Then why do we always play?
Love is a losing game
This regret will fill my veins,
I don’t want to play.
—  Love Is A Losing Game; C.D.

Inspired by Amy Winehouse