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ooohoohoo i hope im doing this right ;v;“

i have a ton of stuff typed up for these redesigns!! i hope its not too much text aaaa ;o;

i got the okay to submit these so i hope its alright to go ahead and do so! these are the redesigns that i had asked about through anon (and have put on a texture and my watermarks :’D )

Just managed to finish a buncha Yandere Simulator Redesigns! these are all of the main protagonist, and the ten rivals.

I decided to do a simply designed uniform to display the characters in. I chose this kinda of dress because i had fun drawing it. and i like the colour green. I also kept it only one colour/hue + white, instead of blue and red, which are colours that strongly contrast each other. These outfits still display changes that could probably apply to many other school dress designs, these being in skirt length, sleeve length, whether they wear jerseys or not and also, how they tie their bows/ribbon things.

So below I will share with you my personal ideas/headcannons/suggestions for the Yan Sim rivals, both for their personality and appearance, along with their reasons for being rivals. Please keep in mind these thoughts are all for fun!

(Also before i begin i must apologise for the jumps and many changes in quality and the several mistakes in the artworks, there’s really no excuse for them but i really can’t be bothered to fix em! maybe later :’D these took about a week to complete anyhow! )

First we have Yandere Chan!
I actually found somewhere on the Tummler someone suggesting that Yan-chan, instead of dark grey hair, should have white hair! They said that this would make Ayano have a more unique look, as well as the fact that white is associated with death in japan. Very cool! I figured it’d be neat, and would also match my idea that i have for Ayano’s personality. (i made a version with her default hair/eye colour just for fun tho)

Recently Yandere dev posted a video on Ayano’s childhood. as everyone has been pointing out, the video is riddled with plotholes. not only that but i dont see any yandere in Ayano anymore. shes more like… a mix of yandere and kuudere. but without the -dere. she’s a Yankuu. KUUYAN im kidding. but anyway as a lot of people have been saying: the edge is strong with this video. and i feel like the edginess is too cringy. so lets remedy it!
i feel like having a yandere with a polite yet joking/sarcastic attitude would be pretty neat. Relating to her hair color, she would appear to be pure/innocent (referring to how white can be associated with purity), but should you choose to break this image by playing through the game violently, the hair colour would still relate! Back onto her personality and the idea of her being joking/sarcastic, if her insanity is getting low, she could make snarky/sarcastic remarks to her victims, either in the basement for the torture killing method, or possibly when outright killing them. maybe she likes to taunt her victims before killing them! i like the idea of her being headstrong with a kinda “these women have no chance against me” vibe. However the lower her sanity is, the more likely she is to vocalise these taunts, and maybe the lower it is, the more confident she becomes (in terms of killing someone as well, and possibly with killing them in front of others).

Next up is Osana!

This was basically me just fooling around with her design. There are some anime characters with hairstyles that just dont make ANY fucking sense whatsoever. be it that they make no sense in terms of gravity, or in terms of practicality. If the game is going to have several cliches sprinkled in, I want to put one in too! D:< I kid. But anyway- I did want to give her short hair. I felt like she would make a neat typical ‘tom boy’ kinda character. however, giving her short hair would neglect the sweet gradient she has going on, man! not only that but it also dismisses the kill method with the fan vent thing. i thought that method was pretty cool and i’d love to do it in game as well. ANYWAY i decided to give her these weird long bangs/side hair things.
and of course, for a hair accessory, she gets a small hair clip. one of those cheap ass clips that dont keep any hair back and only kids wear. (maybe its a little clip that senpai gave to her when they were younger! :‘3c ) I figured a small hair accessory would be adequate for her considering she is the first rival; it gives her a decently unique appearance, and keeps it simple at the same time. As the first enemy in the game, i don’t think she needs all that much detail.
and in terms of her stockings… yeah im not too sure. I changed the white spots because i personality didnt like the contrast, but her stockings weren’t bad originally.

In terms of her personality, she’d be a typical tsundere. of course. she isnt mean though, unlike how she’s being implemented to act; its more like she does nice things for senpai, he smiles and says thank you, and she gets all flustered and shy/embarassed and is denying she did it because she likes him, its just because they’re friends, of course! anyway senpai obviously knows she has a thing for him (i doubt hes that stupid to not notice). depending on how you eliminate Osana, he will react in a few different ways.

The first way, if you murder Osana, is that senpai will OBVIOUSLY become incredibly distraught. he will become depressed. how would you feel if your best friend since childhood was suddenly murdered? for seemingly no reason, too!

The second way, if you befriend Osana and convince her to not confess to senpai and instead let you do so, Senpai will notice that Osana has started acting differently. However, its not an extreme change, Osana just seems to no longer be romantically interested in him. and because they’re best friends, he will be fine with it. I mean, i hope he’s a good guy that would be fine with something like that.

The third way is similar to the second, however the cause is instead that Osana is paired off with another person at school. heck, why not senpai be supportive of the new couple! thats the best :D

Not all too sure of the other elimination methods so im not going to comment on them :‘3

Next up is Amai!

the feet can fuck off. i hated drawing them.
Of course, Amai here in her redesign is short and chubby. …kinda chubby. I actually had trouble with her proportions, at first she looked like a very long armed person with midget length legs. which did look kinda weird. anyway! I like the idea of her being kind and gentle etc. and i gave her a single tight curl in her hair, for the same reason as i did for Muja. ill explain why on the part for Muja though!

I didnt really feel like changing her personality much. she has a cute personality already! no need to change it :D

Next up, Kizana!
this is actually my favourite redesign ive made out of the whole group c’:

(the negativity i have in this part is mostly, if not completely, just my personal preference.)
In all honesty i figured the richness in color of her original hair/stockings were wayyy too much. in terms of saturation. ive personally never liked that colour of purple. its always been weird and way too saturated for me to use whenever ive had to design a character (be it a humanoid character or a different creature). so i decided to change her hair to a light lavender colour, and her stockings to a similar shade. speaking of her stockings… I felt like they were incredibly tacky xD they just had rose prints tacked onto the material! definitely not regal looking, if that is indeed the sought after look. instead, i changed her stockings to have thorned vines embroidered on them, which refer to not only the thorned stems of roses, but also her personality.
I also felt like it’d be a cute idea for her to have a poofy skirt! again, it could be considered a 'dramatic’ contrast to all the other rivals and possibly all the other students. She also had the obligatory gloves (drama club) and i like to think she wears a long sleeved version of the school uniform.

I feel as though she would have a perfect personality if she were to be sassy, often rude, but to also encourage creativity and originality. she could also be quite supportive of those with creative and unique ideas, which could mean she could poooossibly be paired with the art club leader? might be a stretch but i thought it was a cute idea that would make sense in this case :'3
I also changed the roses both on her choker and in her hair to a darker red, also due to the fact that i cant stand saturated colours. they also create a contrast to her lighter overall appearance, which can also be considered to be a dramatic contrast!
her eyes are blue due to the fact that i always thought the colour of royalty was deep blue. i once read a fact book for kids that was about some specific time period (i think it was based on like england or smth), which said if you were royal, you were considered to have blue blood. this was derived from the idea that royalty in the UK often had such pale skin you could see the blue veins under their skin therefore making people think they had blue blood in their veins.


The next rival is Oka!
I didn’t feel like changing her design much, other than the fact i feel like with her messy hair, one or some teachers may ask her to tie her hair back. I know they do so in my school, especially if your hair is unneat or unkempt! Of course, she has a longer skirt. I feel like someone who is shy and socially awkward like Oka would HATE having to wear a mini skirt/dress. i feel like she’d be the type of character to cover up as much as possible, which is also why i gave her a jersey! It may seem redundant with her gloves already covering her but maybe she gets cold easily! i also thought it’d be cute, along with the fact that her original design had a turtleneck sweater/jersey. yay, jerseys!

Personality: I think her personality is perfect how it is. shy, weird, socially awkward and head of a fucking occult club. neato.

Asu Rito is next!! ..ehkinda.
not sure what i did here. i just put her hair into a ponytail and made her sports pants longer.

i decided that Muja Kina could be an intern for nursing! She had just flown over from another country to do training to become a nurse :3 

Appearance: since she’s from another country, i felt that i could give her a uniform similar to the ones that nurses from South Africa wear, considering i live in SA! i just made it pink to match her overall colour scheme, and made her eyes green to contrast. as said earlier, i gave both her and Amai a little tight curl in their hair. this is because when i was younger and had really long hair, my hair was mostly straight save for a single random curl. i felt like this would add a little personal touch to the redesigns, and also add a bit of youthfulness to their appearance. also because i like drawing these kindsa curls :3

Instead of being a ditzy airhead klutz WHATEVER kinda person, she is a very caring and soft person, and tries her best to be strict and reprimanding but she just can’t do it, she’s too sweet by nature! she also tries her best to help anyone and can become too attached to her patients that need a lot of help. so that brings me to the topic of her relationship with senpai!
i feel like with her being a nurse that wants to save everyone, when she sees senpai she immediately calls him in and tries helping him throughout her week. i feel like she’d try to act like a therapist and give him meds like Rescue for stress and stuff like that. at the end of the week i’d say she’d have by then convinced him to maybe leave the school (if there have been murders in the past she could have convinced him that this school is too dangerous for him to attend) or to possibly leave dating or love and w/e for after school when he’s going to college (if the past rivals were all eliminated peacefully and senpai is feeling uuuu sorry for himself that any girl he likes lose interest in him)

Next is Mida Rana!
honestly before i memorised Mida’s and Muja’s names to their faces, i kept getting the two mixed up with each other. their names aren’t really similar, but… they’re too similar for me ):<<
Appearance: Overall i just changed her appearance to be less obviously a porn actress acting as a teacher who spanks the students or some creepy shit like that. no garter belt showing AND NO OBVIOUS BOOBAGE. the boobage is still there but its more believable or plausible to happen in a school environment /iguess/ since of course some women have such large breasts that sometimes the clothes they have can’t cover up their cleavage completely! and while that argument could have been used for her original design, i feel like that design was just made to be sexual and nothing else.

Personality: i think i read this somewhere else before but the idea for Mida Rana is that she is the new teacher for Senpai’s class. idk maybe the last one was killed or she resigned! or w/e. anyway Mida Rana will become a rival because WELL WHADDYA KNOW she’s the head teacher for the exchange program! she decides that because senpai is such a friendly and respectful person, he would make a perfect candidate for representing Akademi High by becoming an exchange student in another school! maybe this would make senpai decide to move to that country he became an exchange student in :0c either way senpai would be leaving the school for an amount of time so its basically oh noes for Ayano!

so next we have Osoro!
Appearance: for her design i went full derp bc i didnt really know what to do. i googled high school delinquents and its a japanese thing and i didnt… really know… how to redesign her. so i just made her a bit less caring to her uniform appearance and gave her one of those masks that some deliquents in google images were wearing. also darker skin because why not.

personality: i didnt really have much of a problem with her original personality so i didnt really feel like changing it.

NEXT is Hanako!

appearance: keeping her as little miss generic. upon transferring to the school because her parents felt it would be nice for her and senpai to be in the same school before senpai finishes high school, she was wearing the school uniform exactly as how it was described in the rulebook she had gotten before transferring to Akademi. however, after seeing all the other students wearing short skirts, with colourful hair, hair accessories and colourful socks, the second day she comes to school she decides to wear her favourite heart hair clip. ooooh what a rule breaker!!

personality: upon coming to school for the first day, she will realise that something is off. Hanako is not stupid; if she finds out that there have been murders at the school, she will immediately tell her parents who will proceed to transfer both senpai and Hanako out of Akademi to a new school.
if there have not been any murders, and senpai tells her of the girls that used to have crushes on him but have all suddenly become uninterested in him, she will conclude that someone is trying to sabotage all of his potential lovers, and similar to Muja, will convince him to not start dating anyone.

finally, Megami Saikou.
i always felt that the name Saikou sounds a LOT like Psycho. and i legit figured that, after seeing the name on Ayano’s cellphone, it was kinda punny engrish name that referred to Ayano’s yandere nature. BUT NO it seems like its the name of the random corporation thing. that got me thinking…

what if Megami was also a yandere? :3c she could be a serious kinda yandere; professional and very VERY secretive of eliminating those who mean harm to the one she loves. ofc since she’s supposed to be a mary sue, it will be very VERY hard to get by her because she is very good at keeping this a secret.

so yeah!! those are the ideas i had for the redesigns for the rivals and Yan-chan! hope some people like them /)o//v//o(\

Random Yandere Simulator Win Condition Speculation

So the latest update for YanSim came out today and Yandere Dev gave us this image briefly in it. If you haven’t seen it yet this is in the context of Yandere Dev talking about factors that will influence which of the multiple endings you’ll receive.

(Apologies if this is blurry as I had to screen cap it.)

Since I haven’t done a lengthy post in a while, let’s do some speculation, shall we? Most of these are fairly self-explanatory but I’ll touch on the ones I think are significant enough. Also: apologies in advance. I’m going to reference things I’ve heard from Yandere Dev himself through various social media throughout that I don’t have links to anymore.

Collecting Tapes
Using audio tapes is a fairly good way in games to get more of your story across. It lets the writer play around with characters who don’t have to be physically present in order to show plot information to players and has been used in many games in the industry, probably most famously in BioShock and its spiritual forefather System Shock (especially the sequel). So seeing things that will be about Ayano’s parents (Basement Tapes), Headmaster Shuyona (Headmaster Tapes), and Megami’s dad (CEO Tapes) isn’t suprising.

What is an interesting omission here to me is that the Journalist Tapes do not count towards what ending we will receive, which strikes me as odd given that while he won’t encounter him during the course of the game, he will be in 1989 mode as a main character. This says to me that this will be the background information we will be ‘spoon fed’ in the game (i.e., it will be gradually given directly to us as we advance in the plot); all the other material is effectively supplementary and it will be our job to discover it.

What is Yandere-chan’s relationship with Info-chan?

Way back when development on the game started Ayano was going to have to ultimately fight Info-chan as the game’s final villain who had been using you the whole time to eliminate other rivals for Senpai’s affection. This was ultimately changed - and for the better, IMHO, as it’s incredibly cliche - and Yandere Dev has stated before we can complete the final game without using her services at all though I assume it will be quite difficult.

One of the things I think we will have a little more leniency on in the final game, not that anything has been officially confirmed yet, is cleaning up after murdering our opponents or disposing of them in dishonest ways like expulsion. You won’t have to be 100% perfect at what you’re doing at first; it allows players a learning curve. However, the game will keep an invisible tally of what you’re doing and this will affect certain things such as increased security during Megami’s week or even the police keeping open tabs on you before her though they haven’t been implemented yet. Screw up enough and they’re going to crack down on you and I suspect Info-chan’s willingness to aid you in those situations can be affected as well. She’s only looking out for herself and I highly doubt she wouldn’t be willing to ratfuck Ayano if she knew it could save her own hide 

(Just remember snitches get stitches, Info-chan.)

Did Yandere-chan learn the secret of the cherry tree?

In a surprise to absolutely no one we learn that there is, in fact, some significance to the enormous sakura tree behind the school. Obviously, it was given that Ayano is obsessed with it and there are urban legends behind it but every story has a beginning and it does make you wonder: how did it gain the reputation in the first place for two people destined to be together to confess to each other under it?

The sakura is probably the most recognizable, physical representation of Japan you can find in media and it has ironic undertones in the story given that it symbolizes the fragility of life (’beautiful, but fleeting’ essentially). Though I don’t have much to back it up I suspect that it might be yet another way that the Aishi family could be connected to Akademi. It was stated at one point by Yandere Dev that the matriarch of the clan, Ayano’s great grandma, is alive and kicking in 201X (born in 1910) though what role she’ll play is unknown right now. I think that it would be rather fitting to have all the misfortune so many men (or women) have fallen under be the spot where the first Aishi woman had her confession accepted by her senpai.

Did Yandere-chan learn the truth about _____?/Did Yandere-chan discover the ____?

Though Yandere Dev recently confirmed that the demon summoning stuff in the occult club won’t factor into the story (it’s going to be non-canon, basically, unless you enter in codes at the start or something similar to unlock it) he has stood by implementing Phantom Girl into the narrative seemingly; she may or may not factor into a specific elimination method, even, probably Oka’s.

While it might seem superfluous to discover something at first to include discovering Phantom Girl’s identity given that Ayano will find out her mother is just like her I believe there is a deeper meaning to it. Headmaster Shuyona has currently been kept under wraps in regards to what his character is like. The only thing we really know about him is that he was once idealistic early on as headmaster but came to be a misanthrope over the years. Considering that 1989 is mentioned as the year he lost his faith in people I suspect it will be that Phantom Girl was his daughter and that the apparently high profile media trial surrounding Ryoba Aishi and her subsequent evasion of justice caused his sour disposition. 

Speaking of that trial… sort of weird that Ayano has never heard of it before, isn’t it? Especially since it was a big enough deal the whole country was reporting on it and more strange that the police aren’t fingering her as a suspect in the current crimes you can commit at school (disposition to insanity can be genetic, after all, and even while the whole thing has been made hush-hush to the public it seems rather weird the police wouldn’t have a tab on you).

Did Yandere-chan choose to delete the _____?

‘Delete’ implies that we will eventually encounter a file of some sort regarding ourselves or something. This could have one of two origins at the moment:

1) Info-chan. Though apparently a friend to Ayano I suspect that she probably has a back up data in case things start to go south as I previously mentioned to probably nail us as the criminal for our crimes in game. My guess would be is that the catch turns out to be a major plot detail that would give the player pause enough to decide if it would be worth it to continue existing as a threat over our heads or if whatever information it gives us isn’t worth the trouble having the possibility of being leaked to anyone in a position of authority.

2) Saikou Corp. This is the more likely option in my opinion given that in her first appearance to players in the builds Megami tells us over Not Skype that we’re not the only yandere that her father (and presumably grandfather before him) have kept tabs on. If this is the case then they must have the data stored somewhere at their corporate HQ. Given that they seem like they’re going to be big players in the finished plot it seems to me a similar situation where you have the choice to sabotage whatever they’ve been cooking up or allow them to continue going about their business.

Did Yandere-chan reject _____’s offer?

If I’m correct about the above then I believe it will be Megami’s father who we have the option of siding with. He seems completely fascinated with what Ayano is and has been seemingly aiding you enough that you’ve been allowed to continue what you’ve been doing for 9 weeks unmolested before Megami shows up. In an unrelated theory to this I speculated that Ryoba probably works for Saikou Corp. and that it might have been them who sabotaged the trial from 1989 in Ryoba’s favor (probably on the condition that she come under their employ; it would definitely explain how she and Ayano’s dad can leave for 10 weeks to go to a foreign country with little to no explanation). I guess the moral quandary will be for us when we discover that information is something to the effect of.

‘Now you know your family’s been a slave to these guys, perhaps for quite a long time: do you continue that line of work or do you strike it out on your own?’

Did Yandere-chan decide to punish _____?

What’s so interesting about this is the word choice. ‘Decide to punish’ means that whatever this event is is entirely optional; it is completely ambiguous as to just how significant it is to the overarching narrative other than it allows us to role play the sort of person Ayano is a little more. Are you the straightforward sociopath who uses others to further her own goals but doesn’t have much of a dog in Akademi’s affairs otherwise or are you a complete monster in sheep’s clothing?

Anyway, here’s a collection of the endings that have either been theorized about or confirmed/mentioned by Yandere Dev at some point.

Sabotage all interactions with your rivals: Senpai becomes misogynistic.

Do matchmaking for all your rivals: Senpai becomes codependent on others and fears he doesn’t deserve anyone’s love.

SNAP: Senpai is confessed to by another girl or rejects Ayano with a reputation of -100 (both speculative). Ayano kills herself and Senpai probably after a short chase sequence - the original idea for the game’s ending, by the way.

Kill all your rivals: Senpai believes that he’s cursed to bring others bad luck. People may speculate he’s a serial killer if your rivals die soon after they meet Senpai.

Of note: there was an interesting suggestion by someone on the game’s subreddit about a unique game over where Ayano could be taken in by the police for her own ‘safety’ if things got bad enough. 

Kidnap all your rivals: Unknown, but mentioned that Ayano would probably kill them at some point after the story ends, they would just be left to starve to death, or even become her ‘pets.’

“I’ve seen some shit”: If Senpai sees more than 5 corpses, not necessarily Osana’s and/or Hanako’s, he’ll become a vegetable which Ayano won’t care about (as long as he doesn’t reject her confession everything is gravy).

As of today, if he figures out somehow you had something to do personally with either Osana’s or Hanako’s death, it seems he’ll pull a reverse SNAP on us and off Ayano.

Kill ‘Em All: Apparently a joke ending we get if every student but Senpai is eliminated.

Kagerou Daze VI, Chapter 4: lost days — 3

Kagerou Daze 6 -over the dimension- masterpost

The room, located on the second floor, was pleasantly warm under the rays of the afternoon sun. 

After having been brought to the guest room that Ayano-chan said had been “originally prepared in advance” for my use, I began to enjoy some mild tea. Packets of biscuits were lined up neatly in the tray that held refreshments, which was placed right in the middle of the wooden table. The snacks, packaged individually, were luxury goods that were slightly hard to come by. 

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