if i was an ancient times norse woman

Anti’s Whispers

Okay so I know I just made a post about this bUT:

We just got the newest “glitch” in the #overnightwatch live stream accompanied by some quiet, glitchy whispers and honestly, the first thing it reminded me of was back when Jack played Senua’s Sacrifice.

So for those of you who don’t know (or forgot) Senua’s Sacrifice is a game about a woman named Senua in ancient Norse times who experiences schizophrenia and is therefore constantly hearing voices on her journey to avenge her dead husband. One of the key features of the game involves the use of binaural audio, in which the sound of the voices feels like its coming from inside of the player’s head.

When Jack first played this game, a lot of people had the idea of how cool it would be if he used this for Anti, like if he edited the audio so that it would feel like Anti was behind us or next to us or where ever he was in the room. This audio, however, sounded similar, but a little different.

It sounded like it was coming from inside our heads. So, what if that’s where Anti is? After all, he got us to stay up late, desperately watching for him, constantly theorizing, glued to our screens begging to see him… isn’t he already in our heads?