if i wanted to make stickers out of these

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Hello! Are you going to be at anime expo in la next week?

Yep :3c I’ll be attending (not tabling but probably helping at my friends booth)

If time allows I want to make stickers and hand them out to voltron cosplayers!

Mimosa was very worried when her sister Mai Tai was at the vet’s getting a boo-boo checked out. She puttered around the house for a while, then I heard her making her little beep-beep distress noises, and come to find this. I guess she wanted to let us know she was feeling fragile.

I don’t know where she even found that sticker.


Pride bubble teas!
I wanted to make an ace one for myself & then thought it’d be cute to do some of the other pride flags. Does anyone else think these would make cool stickers/ have more flags to add to this tasty order of drinks?

Check out the Redbubble link on my profile for stickers.

Day One Hundred and Three

-The first guest of my shift placed their babbling, giggling newborn on my conveyor belt for me to ring up, instantaneously paving the way for a bright and joyous day.

-I became ecstatic to find a roll of fresh, new, spring-themed stickers the size of my face at my register. The sticker renaissance shall now commence.

-I rang up an intimidating biker with a wizardly beard for his purchase of one single Dr. Seuss book. I now consider him a close friend, as I stand by my lifelong belief that not a soul who reads Dr. Seuss can do anything wrong.

-Shortly after the discovery of my spring stickers, I came to the realization that they were, in fact, a heretofore undiscovered strand of Christmas stickers that we had not previously had on hand. I do not understand why we have such a large and untapped stock, but I am prepared to make the most of it.

-A man in his sixties, phenomenally spry and smooth-skinned for his age, purchased forty dollars worth of dried prunes. I believe he may have uncovered the secret to immortality. While I appreciate the scientific progress this man is making, I will embrace whatever final form nature has in store for me so long as I do not have to give up my crunchwrap supremes.

-A mother asked her child if he wanted his shoe back, pulling one single Croc out of her purse. I am not sure what he may have done to lose his shoe privilege in the first place, but I am glad to see that he is earning it back.

-After I gave her a sticker, a mother told her daughter, “Say thank you.” In a brilliant moment of word association, she peacefully replied, “You are welcome.” I consider myself blessed by this small person and will live out my life in bliss.

-I befriended the kindest and most eloquent child named Bennett. We shared a lovely conversation, touching on such topics as how nice our respective names are, his recent go-karting accident, his subsequent recovery, and stickers. I believe I may have found my Best Man.

-A woman in her seventies attempted to run her husband over with her cart, gleefully yelling, “Beep beep beep!” Hopefully, I have just received a glimpse into my future.

-I have adopted a new motto in life, and that motto is as follows: “You have never seen true purity until you have seen an infant in glasses." 

Wanted to make a little update pertaining to stickers! My friend and I finished cutting them over the course of last week and mailed them out Monday. For those interested they should hopefully be available soon but now its in Mystery Skulls hands!
In the meantime here are some sketches I did of the MSA fams haha I’d realized I’d never drawn them before and thought they might be a fun challenge

How to be Little in Public

❤️ be playful and silly, your friends and family are probably more familiar with your little side than you think. Joking around and being goofy is a great way to let your little side out

❤️ where something that makes you feel cute. My little side really likes pastel colors, my puppy side really likes black. So I have been incorporating those colors into my wardrobe.

❤️ have a cute water bottle with you. Drinking water or juice out of cute bottles is a very simple way to feel smol. I recently got a unicorn bottle at Walmart and no one looks twice at it, except to say how cool it is and I feel very cute when I use it.

❤️ Listen to music that makes you feel little, or listen to an audio book. I have a little playlist of a bunch of Disney songs and other music that makes me feel little. I also LOVE audible! It’s like someone is reading me a bed time story.

❤️download some cute little apps. Tumblr is great, but may be a little obvious. I love the game Neko Atsume, it’s a virtual yard that cats come to and play. I also like My Boo Album, it’s a sticker collection app.

❤️ eat food that makes you feel little. When I’m out in public I like to eat fruit, especially if it’s cut up. I also like juice boxes, cheese sticks, graham crackers, teddy grahams, gold fish. Just about any snacks will work, but I would not eat actual baby food out and about. If you want something similar apple sauce is a great alternative.

❤️ fidget toys or other main stream stim toys. They are cute, stylish and fun, all while helping with anxiety and stress are inconspicuous.

❤️ bring a small toy or stuffie with you in your bag. It is a big comfort to know that you have a soft friend with you wherever you are

Hello pals <3

So, crazy things have happened and I´m literally ONE FOLLOWER away from 2k, therefore I thought it would be time to share some of the love I´ve recieved from all of you in the last couple of months. Thank you for liking, reblogging and commenting on my art, it honestly means the world to me!

So, here´s what we´ll do:

The winner will get to choose 2 Stickers and 3 Postcards from my Redbubble for free! Shipping is on me as well! Follow this link if you want a sneak peek on what could be yours very soon ;)

♥ like, comment and reblog the hell out of this if you want to, every single note counts! The winner will be chosen by a random number generator :)

♥ you have to be a follower to win! This is about mutual love in the end ;D

♥ don´t reblog with a give-away tumblr please. I tried making this look as pretty as possible so it´ll go with your cute theme ;)

The Giveaway will end on Sunday, 11. 06. 2017 at 8pm (UTC+01:00, Germany)!

Please check your Inbox as I will send you a message on tumblr! The lucky person has 48 hours to reply before I´ll pick someone else, so please keep that in mind :)

Have fun, I wish you all luck <3

Now that im totally rested i want to thank everyone who visited me at my stand in the artist alley to say hi, get some hugs, buy stickers, charms, prints and commissions ;0; It surprised me how many people knew me and wanted to meet me in person, i was really nervous but you all made my day!, a bit tiring experience because conventions that last more than a day are exhausting in general but it was nice!

i want to highlight this ow highschool au commission i had to do! It makes me really happy to know that people enjoy my stuff 😭❤

also im out of stock of almost everything! but soon i will start with the online re-stock so you guys can get all the stuff i showed you days ago

Ha Sungwoon deserves better.

He learned the dance for Never in a day and danced it so well that even the teachers said they will be able to do well with Sungwoon on the team (sob). He then was voted to go to other teams and appealed himself actively in every room he went to (singing ‘Yeoreojeo’ in Open room). He has to stand there and listen to people discussing whether to take him in and get rejected AGAIN and sent to the Showtime room. (Shoutout to Moonbok who also took it in his stride and smiled like an angel throughout this weird selection process T_T)

He wanted to be center of Showtime since he needs it for his ranking and competed for it without reservations even though he just came into the room and had no idea what the dance for Showtime is. When he didn’t get to be center, he didn’t pout but just made a joke by sticking Jisung’s discarded Center sticker on himself and saying, “Ah, I finally get to feel the sticker on me at least!”

Making his sadness into a joke. But I want to CRY. Oh and then he learns the dance for Showtime in less than a week and just knocks it out the the park. He is a true star and people should STOP SLEEPING ON HIM.

NCT Reactions ~ When You’re Scared Of The Dark (Hyung Line)

Request: Could you do an NCT reaction (any subunit) to their s/o being scared of the dark and panicky at night? Thanks loves!


Moon Taeil will use his angelic vocal strings to sing you to sleep, to take your mind off the torture of the dark room. He’d also be making sure you were fast asleep before spooning you <3 (i want a taeil now)

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Will reassure you that nothing will happen to you, as long as you’re safe in his arms. If you’re lucky enough he might sing to you in Chinese as you fall asleep ey ey

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Just- Go to someone else for comfort bc Jaehyun will just cuddle you and try not to laugh at how you’re scared of the dark or he’ll make fun of you and make your fears 1000000x worse.

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Be the type of guy to get loads of late night snacks for you both so you could curl up and watch a movie until you fall asleep, then he’d carry u from the living room floor or the sofa and tuck you into bed; making sure not to wake you. (where can u buy a taeyong thnks)

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Actually tries to do parrot impersonations to help distract you, but you just give in; try to ignore Johnny Seo and the dark and sleep. 

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Like that little shit jaehyun, he’d make poke fun of you too but not as much; Ten would make sure that he didn’t go too far with his teasing and try and make the room as comfortable as possible so you could both sleep peacefully.

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W Ould go all out on buying loads of fairy lights, cute little glow up ceiling stickers and a nightlight (probably glow sticks too). Try to make sure you weren’t in a world of complete darkness (i wANT A HAKUNA YUTATA)

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Will roll his eyes at how you’re complaining *war flashbacks to Vroom Vroom Show* but take care of u so much, like he’d make you some hot chocolate and tell you some stories and spoon u from behind; telling you that he loves you a lot.

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Fe tch me some water bc this boy would make some pillow forts with loadsa fairy lights, set up his laptop with netflix and order a takeaway for the both of y’all ok but he’d be so cute just- cuddling and helping you get over your fear.

*ur uTah* *altho i highkey ship those two*

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wee bab wouldn’t know what to do so he’d just hug you to death and tell you everything would be okidoki; he’ll turn his phone torch on even if that means draining and burning his battery but he’ll do it for you; saying ily in chinese and being cu te ok i’ll stop

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hope u likey likey

- admin kai


Overwatch Papercraft Project: Lúcio

I’m still going don’t you worry! I hit a bump in the road when I started picking out the paper for Lúcio because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do for his hair, but once I finally I realized it was like an epiphany! And I really enjoy how he came out so win-win! Based on the in-game “Grin” spray.

Approx time: ~ 5.5 hours
Paper, glue, music note stickers

Speedcut video. Watch me cut out Lúcio in high speed. [xx]
Masterlist of finished characters

Zarkon lives for the Aesthetic AU

So @wlwvoltron​ and I decided that Zarkon runs a pale grunge blog

  • The reason why he’s destroying the universe is so everyone can be a part of his ~aesthetic~
  • He runs a blog called pastelgalraempire
  • Title:  🌸welcome to my twisted mind🌸
  • Haggar is the photographer
  • Bio:  zarkon//cishet//age is just a number ;P//anti voltron//anti social justice//pro galra empire//alteans don’t follow//just an old soul with childlike dreams of ruling the world//anti cisphobia//anti heterophobia//pro world domination//call me out idc
  • You bet your ass he took a picture of himself getting charged up with quintessence he captioned it: Watch out you filthy voltroners uwu
  • posts: {original} 👑lmao weird how some people will claim to hate you but then use gac (something you created) at a space mall      
  • tags: #voltron #call out #anti voltron 
  • posts: {reblogged from haggar} sending out love to the galra empire. the vjws (voltron justice warriors) on this site like to oppress you, but you’re amazing. tags: #awwww~ #galra positivity #anti galraphobia
  • He is the KING of those flower crown edits and buts those pastel stickers that say cute and stuff all over it
  • He put a flower crown on Donald Trump and captioned it: ~my biggest fan deserves an edit :3~
  • [puts a flower crown on putin] ~lol best pres eva ;3 vjws don’t interact~
  • He gets anon hate everyday all the time
  • [takes a picture of a newly conquered planet] ~welcome to the galra empire ;o~
  • When sendak disappeared/haxus died he made a funeral post and decorated it with cat stickers and pixel angel wings
  • Whenever someone in his empire makes an edit for him he reblogs it and writes “owo what’s this Owo”
  • Call out posts for Voltron,, so many call out posts
  • Allura: block @pastelgalraempire he’s an anti vjw go under the cut for more receipts
  • Zarkon: if you interact with @princessallura or @teamvoltron unfollow right now!! i don’t want hate in my empire nwn
  • Zarkon: lmao why are yall hating on @princelotor?? sexism doesn’t exist anymore~
  • zarkon: [picture of lotor destroying a planet] oh how the time flies!! my son finally conquered his first planet XD i’m so proud

I can’t believe we’ve made a post about this so long but TL;DR Zarkon is the biggest pastel grunge ho there is

Babydoll (Jerome Valeska x Reader)

Not sure how good this is but here’s a kind of creepy Jerome thingy. I tried to keep it gender neutral this time around. 

Tagging : @queencobblefreezestuff  @aya-fay  @awordwhichmeans  @multi-villain-imagines  @moaningvaleska

Setting :Basically, Jerome kidnaps the reader to keep them safe. At least that’s his take on it.

Contains creepy Jerome, I’d say Daddy kink in the sense he keeps referring to himself as daddy to get the reader to call him that. Not a forced kiss, I’ll say dubious consent, closer to non-consensual, hints at wanting to do more with the reader. Implied masturbation, implications of further dubious and Non-consensual in store for the unfortunate reader.  If I missed something let me know.

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