if i wanted marriage that's the kind i would want

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I've seen you say it a few times, but do you think Fitzsimmons will get engaged or just hope?I know they were fast to sleep together (yay!) but that's quite normal for a relationship, especially when you've been in love so long. I kind of want just to see them date for a bit before they take that step but then I also 100% want a marriage! Shows sometimes spread out kiss/sex/marriage/babies for impact but AOS isn't taking that path so far? If they do get engaged, how would you want it to happen?

Hi Anon!

I have them getting engaged as a predication.   I think it was way back after the Sunrise ep I went out on a limb and said we’d see it happen by the finale. Because, really some of my more far out there predictions wound up being right on.

AOS shows Fitzsimmons more as a ‘real life’ relationship than a TV relationship which move at practically warp speed.  And I really relate to them on that level as I was friends with my husband for nearly a decade before we got engaged.   But what I feel was the turning point for Fitzsimmons was in The Team.   “Fitz, its been 10 years, we can’t waste anymore time.”   And boy they haven’t.   I love that they are talking about the steps they are taking, getting together, sleeping together, how it was the Event Horizon for them.   

For me they have been in love with each other for ages and now finally are in the relationship they wanted….surrounded by dangers.  ”….Its been 10 years, we can’t waste anymore time….”  I think that and the combination of them just being utterly in love will lead to it.   And I don’t know if its an engagement or a “We’re going to Perthshire” decision….away the two of them together.  

As for how I want it to happen…..

The halls of the Playground were quiet and empty in the predawn light aside from  two figures standing before the lone window in an isolated hallway.  The suns rays just starting to brighten the gray horizon.  The team was going to make their final stand against Hive today and before it all began they had wanted to take a quiet moment, just the two of them, needing the peace and serenity that the Sunrise would bring.  

Fitz stood in silence arms wrapped securely around Jemma waist as she leaned back into him.  Her head nestled against his shoulder as he cheek rested on her head.   Watching the sunrise together was nothing new, something they had done at least once a week since Fits had seen her videos.   And in the weeks since fully coming together it had turned from standing side by side to standing wrapped in each others embrace.  

The first golden rays now crossed the horizon, Jemma letting out a contented sigh at the sight.   Fitz kissed the top of her head, eyes still fixed on the horizon.   

“Do you remember what you asked me the first time we did this?” he asked softly.  

Jemma flashed back to the moment, when she had taken that first tentative step towards them.   “I asked you what you thought we should do about it and you said for now we should just watch the sunrise.  Have to say I was a little disappointed….I had something more like this in mind.”  Her voice was slightly playful, running her hands up his arms.   

Fitz dropped another kiss to her temple this time.  “To be honest this was all I wanted to do, from the second I brought you home, was hold you and never let go”.   

Jemma turned in his arms, the morning light beaming behind her like a halo, running her fingers along his cheeks, finding the feel of his stubble on her finger tips was one of her favorite things.  “I don’t intend on letting you go ever Fitz,” she said “Nothing will ever pull us apart ever again.”

“Never,” he agreed swooping down for a kiss that ended far too soon for her liking.   His hand cupping her fact to stop her as she tried to pull him in for another.   “I was wondering if I could change my answer?”

Jemma looked at him confused, their psychic link now stronger than ever.   “About what we should do about it?”.

He smiled again, his hand leaving her face, sliding down her arms as he lowered himself to one knee before her.   The sun halfway up, basking him in its golden light.   “Jemma, I love you, and I love you more and more every day.  And answer I want to give is that I want to spend each and every day of the rest of my life with you.   When the time is right I want it to be in Perthshire,”  

Jemma felt tears welling, but for first time in ages they were happy tears, her breath hitching in her chest.  As he continued “But until we can get there I don’t want to waste any more time.” His hand slipping into his pocket and pulling out a simple gold band she had no doubt was crafted by his own hand, “Will you ma…”

He never finished the question as he was yanked upward as she pulled his shirt and crashed her lips into with as much passion as she could muster.  Leaving him in a delighted daze as he fought to keep up.   

“Is that a yes?” He asked between breathless kisses, her lips finding his own once more, for a slower and gentler kiss, this one leaving them no less breathless.  Pulling away she rested her forehead against his own, her hands finding his “Yes,” she said with a wide smile.   

Without looking away he slipped the ring on to her finger before bringing her hands to his lips and kissing it one last time.   “I’d like to see the cosmos stop us now”.